‘White History Month’ Flier on Mercer University Campus Causes Outrage

Tyler Kingkade, Huffington Post, October 17, 2012

A flier being circulated in the Mercer University residence halls declares November and December as “White History Months,” and students are not big fans. Around 40 students rallied on the Macon, Ga., campus Tuesday to show their outrage against the flier, WMAZ reports.

“Since there is too much white history to squeeze into one month, we will settle for two,” the flier reads. It also complains there are no white student groups on campus:

There are African American societies, black student organizations, and Indian heritage associations; however, there is not one white society of engineers, white student organization, or Caucasian heritage association. Why? Because if there are, various individuals will say this is racism.

Students referred to the flier as evidence of persistent racism and a bad attempt at satire.


In an email to the Mercer community, university President Bill Underwood said the flier “demeaned efforts to promote education about people of diverse races and cultures and their contributions to our society. The ignorance reflected in the poster is a reminder of the imperative of these efforts.”


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  • MekongDelta69

    Did Towson start a trend?

    I hope to hell so…

  • WmarkW

    We don’t need a white history month.

    You can’t ignore white history 92% of the year.

    • robinbishop34

       You mean the deliberate misrepresentation of white history 100% of the year.

    • The__Bobster

      Bantu history can be covered in a day.

      • Franklin_Ryckaert

         One minute at most.

      • 5n4k33y35

        To say it in a more neutral way, Bantu history can be covered in the time it takes to hear all of their historical songs. There are a limited number of tribes, languages, and a limited number of historical songs. It’s still a drop in the bucket compared to white history.

        • anonymous_amren

          I don’t think most Bantus really have “songs” the way we think of “songs”. For example, I always assumed that “Bring Me My Machine Gun” was supposed to be some sort of proper song with lyrics. But really it’s just them saying the same stupid sentence over and over.

          • Black Swan

            That “stupid sentence” repeated mindlessly by blacks calls for the genocide of whites in South Africa.  

          • 5n4k33y35

            That’s Bantu pop culture. I specified “historical songs” because pop culture hardly counts as history, and there’s a lot more of that. If you take all the historical songs of every African language, that is African history. They don’t have a written language. Beyond that, they only have what literate races have written about them.

      • zWsA

        Bantu cultures never recorded their history. They have an oral history which is really more mythology than history. Bantu “civilization” had no concept of time. Most of what we know about Bantu history, ironically, was recorded by the European colonists who were on the African continent during the last two centuries.

        • Franklin_Ryckaert

           History is by definition recorded. No written records no history. Oral traditions do not count as history, ergo Bantu history doesn’t exist.

          • zWsA

            Yes, information must ultimately be recorded one way or another to qualify as a historical record. But history does not begin on a piece of paper. It happens in the physical world where it is observed by people who often go on to tell others what they experienced and finally, if the story is compelling enough, it is eventually written down. It isn’t uncommon for decades or centuries to pass between the event and the earlier record of that event. The New Testament is an example of a recorded oral tradition since it was passed down orally and wasn’t written down until the period spanning 50AD-150AD, with much of the writing taking place long after the direct followers of Christ has passed away.

            The problem is that oral tradition and myth often get mixed together. This is one of the most complicated aspects of history that makes authenticity of information a huge challenge for historians. The record of Bantu history exists precisely because Europeans  finally wrote it down. The absence of records is not the absence of events. And, no, history (in the broad sense) is not “by definition” recorded; hence the separate and distinct term “recorded history.” Much of human history simply wasn’t recorded. And sub-Saharan Africa recorded the least.

            The meticulous recording of information is a hallmark of civilization.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Opened a high school history textbook lately?  

      Here’s your White history:

      The most widely used history textbook in U.S. public schools is A People’s History of the United States by Howard “I stand to the left of Mao” Zinn.

      Zinn’s books are based on the premise that the (White) United States has been an oppressive society from the start and that it needs to be thoroughly transformed on a redistributionist model. Zinn rejects the concept of American exceptionalism and urges teachers to present the U.S. as ‘just one other nation in the world.’

      Zinn’s influential textbooks portray Whites as violent, barbaric slavers with no redeeming qualities who stole the North American continent from gaia-loving, peaceful, “diverse”  Native Americans.  America is described as an oppressive White-controlled nation  “built on the backs of blacks and other non-Whites.”  

      Such White-bashing textbooks are designed to pound a powerful sense of “guilt” into White children about the “evils” of their ancestors; IOW, the only way to end “racism” and “colonialism” once and for all is to end the White race.

      No other racial or ethnic group is asked to atone — in perpetuity — for the perceived sins of a nebulous past, only Whites.   Attributing “unique evil” to White people is a sign of historical ignorance, or evil intent.

      Atonement” means flooding and destroying White homelands with destitute Third World non-Whites  and redistributing White wealth in order to punish and destroy Whites and White civilization and culture. 

      This anti-White agenda needs to be hammered away at mercilessly and criminal, nefarious anti-White narratives like what I see in high school textbooks need to be constantly exposed.


      • 5n4k33y35

        My middle school was among the first with this history book as curriculum. Now I’m ready to go over his work with a fine tooth comb and pick it apart as well as I can. No way do I want to endorse that historical guilt trip. It deserves a full audit for historical accuracy.

      • Buckle up, it’s irony time.

        The “Fusion Center” based in Boston has Howard Zinn on their hit list.

        Yes, this is the same milieu of “fusion center” that may or may not have hatched the nonsense “link” between AR and the Nutbar of Tucson.  Though last we heard, it was either ACTIC, the Arizona fusion center, or DHS in D.C. itself, and that they were passing the hot potato off to each other.  I guess I’ll be an old cogger before the truth of that is found out.

      • quote: “Such White-bashing textbooks are designed to pound a powerful sense of
        “guilt” into White children about the “evils” of their ancestors; IOW, the only way to end “racism” and “colonialism” once and for all is to end the White race.”

        Exactly.  There’s little difference in intent between the anti-white propaganda in school textbooks today and the anti-Semitic material in Nazi German textbooks in the mid-1930’s. In both cases, the goal is to prime the general population for the eventual extermination of those being attacked.  In our case, once our relative numbers get small enough due to open borders immigration and affirmative action and other anti-white policies. 

        However, despite their 24/7 efforts, I’m doubtful that the anti-white Left will ever be successful in their ugly goals, as we’re just too numerous to be Auschwitzed, especially given that many Jews, Muslims and Hispanics also fit in the “white” category.  A number of minorities also realize that the Japan these totalitarians are promising once the whites are gone will instead be a Haiti with North Korea-style restrictions on freedom of speech. 

        It was quite possibly white hatred that caused those chanting lefties to shut down Tancredo’s Chapel Hill speech opposing in-state tuition to illegal aliens ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aaTkGgE-hXA ) as they realized that that benefit provides a strong magnet for more illegal immigration, facilitating the demise of non-Hispanic whites.  (That said, the Marxist Left may instead like open borders because it brings about crushing poverty and, from that, their hopes of socialist revolution in the US.)

      • US_Eurolad

        “The most widely used history textbook in U.S. public schools is A People’s History of the United States by Howard “I stand to the left of Mao” Zinn.”

        I have no problem with Zinn being a despicable revisionist but can you source this statistic for me? I highly doubt that his book is the most widely used textbook in classrooms today. Particularly in non-urban areas. I.E. I’m calling your bluff. However… on our current trajectory, I do not doubt it could easily become that.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

           I’m calling your bluff.
          The most widely used textbook in U.S. public schools is A People’s History of the United States by the late Howard Zinn.

          Phyllis Schlafly, What’s Happened to Public School Curriculum 


          Why don’t you “call out” Phyllis Schlafly and her fact checkers.

          A People’s History has sold more than a million copies, making it one of the best-selling history books of all time. The book is so popular that it can be found on the class syllabus in such fields as economics, political science, literature, and women’s studies.  Zinn also brought out an , multi-volume comic book version for use in elementary schools.



          “I wanted my writing of history and my teaching of history to be a part of social struggle”

          –Howard Zinn


  • I love it. Black history month is fine, black entertainment tv BET is fine, black studies and student unions are fine, but a White History Month flier causes “Outrage.” Makes a lot of sense (if you’ve recently had a lobotomy.)

  • Obama started the trend. 🙂

  • IMHO . . . 

    Ethnic history has it’s place . . .  providing we don’t ignore or skew the broader narrative with confirmation bias or revisionist nonsense. 

    For example, see: http://www.amren.com/news/2012/10/book-rise-of-gender-and-ethnic-studies-programs-helped-bring-about-decline-of-modern-academia/

    • robinbishop34

      “providing we don’t ignore or skew the broader narrative with confirmation bias or revisionist nonsense”

      Oh come now. We all know that the blacks built the pyramids, out aced the German Luftwaffe, and pioneered advanced mathematics.

      • TeutonicKnight67

         …and won the civil war, ww1 and ww2, built America, blah blah blah

  • I think that the resistance to a White history month comes from the fact that it would so overshadow and embarrass blacks and mexicans,  probably to the point of riots.   So while blacks and mexicans are allowed to trumpet their “achievements” and display their exaggerated sense of pride, (and whites are obligated to  gush in obvious displays of reverence),  Whites must  sit back in silence, or worse,  fabricate scenarios where it was actually a black man who invented the light bulb or was the uncredited hero who won the battle.

    • 5n4k33y35

      Mexicans have some significant Aztec monuments. Olmec, Toltec, Aztec, Inca, Maya – they actually do have significant stone monuments left behind.

      This is why the descendents of sub-Saharan Africans are so adamant about Egypt, where they actually had a small role. The overwhelming majority of lords and ladies of Egyptian society were Egyptian, not Nubian.

      •  let’s be honest, the pyramid is the simplest of structures  requiring little or no engineering

        • anonymous_amren

          Not simple enough for most black people.

          I still think the Ancient Egyptions deserve a lot of credit for their pyramids.

        • 5n4k33y35

          Jean Deux, if you have ever done anything in your life other than talk, you would recognize the Pyramids are a formidable monument. The only contribution of sub-Saharan blacks would have been slave labor, if any.

          You can see it on the Tomb of Horemheb, the Egyptians wore clothes, and they had naked black Africans taken captive as prisoners of war, to be slaves of the Egyptians.

          The Pyramids were built before the first arch or Roman aqueduct. They were built before the first ziggurat in Assyrian Empire. They were the most advanced monuments of their era.

          •  A personal attack? really? I thought we were bigger than that here.
            I never speculated on the role of blacks in building pyramids or anything else, I recognize them for what they are, draft animals, nothing more. My point is simply that pyramids are the simplest of all structures to build.

          • gemjunior

            A personal attack? really? I thought we were bigger than that here.

            You’re right, that was stupid.  It also annoys me when people do that to each other on these comment pages – we ought to always cultivate very cordial relations with each other.  We are a very small group – a very necessary one.  In a weird way, we’re all we have that are trying to find small ways to save an entire race.

        • Tim_in_Indiana

          The pyramids weren’t all that simple; they had all kinds of hidden passageways and burial chambers, some of which resisted discovery for thousands of years. It’s beside the point anyway.

        • zWsA

          The Great Pyramid is still the most massive structure ever built by man. It is not only massive, but miraculously precise. Most civil engineers agree that current construction technology would be insufficient to built the Giza Pyramids. We still don’t know how they did it, much less how it was done 5,000 years ago. It is one of the great mysteries of all time.

    • odama.husaine.the.muslium.idiot.won.the.peace.prize.FOR.WHAT?

  • Tim_in_Indiana

     university President Bill Underwood said the flier “demeaned efforts to promote education about people of diverse races and cultures and their contributions to our society  

    He said, demeaning whites in the process. 

    What he’s really admitting is that white accomplishments are so glorious that their brilliance overshadows those of all other races. Either that or whites are uniquely evil and don’t deserve their own month. It’s gotta be one or the other.

    These people get away with this nonsense because whites have let them get away with it for so long.

    • Franklin_Ryckaert

       When group-X talks all the time about ” X-pride” but is dismayed at group-Y talking about “Y-pride”, then that means that group-X is suffering from a severe INFERIORITY COMPLEX toward group-Y. Fill in for X  : all non-Whites, and for Y : Whites and you get the picture.

      • Jed Sant Devi

        You give them the benefit of the doubt, which is fatal.

        They don’t feel inferior, they feel empowered to crush White privilege, so they keep at it because it works.

        • white.history.month.well.make.a.list.of.people.all.minorities.murrdered.

  • NYB

    Not only should there be white student associations, there should also be white associations of professionals, business people, politicians, and athletes.

    • Black Swan

      It is morally wrong, if not repugnant, that nonwhites are allowed and even encouraged to organize along racial lines for but whites are not.  

    • Jed Sant Devi

      In these debates, we never hear a White person ask the complaining blacks, “Why are you scared of Whites organizing on the same identity lines as blacks do”?

      The only answers they can give will demonstrate vile racism- that because of the evil we inherited with our Whiteness, we can’t be trusted to use our organization to promote Diversity.The prejudice against Whiteness is the most powerful social force in operation today, and it’s rewarded and encouraged.

      Whites must really be angels, given all the hatred against us that we tolerate without lashing out as our ancestors would.

      Gettysburg was a greater loss than we knew…

  • Barrack Osama

     They mainly talk about the same few figures. MLK, and various “first black” astronaut/world circumnavigator/nascar driver types, who are essentially only famous for being black and first.

  • Franklin_Ryckaert

     You have to be kidding! My professor in Afro-Centric Studies tells me we need at least one month to cover ( among other things ) : Black pyramid builders, Black Cleopatra, Black Hannibal, Black Athena, Black Socrates, Black Beethoven and.. and.. and…

    •  Realistically, we can study the Mali empire, the vanished Zimbabwe culture, the slave trade, and more recently what SBPDL has named the Black Undertow.

      Should be enough for a week or two.

      • Black Swan

        Also, white children should be well schooled in black assault and murder rates against whites and the dangers blacks and mexicans pose to them and white socieity.

        The Color of Crime should be required reading of all whites, especially white children.   To not warn white youth of the imminent threat of physical violence from blacks is to leave them vulnerable to black rape, assault, robbery and murder.  

        Blacks talk endlessly of what whites did to them during slavery.  Whites needs to repeat the stories of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, the Wichita Massacre, The Pearcy mass killing in Arkansas until it becomes ingrained in whites that blacks target them for murder, rape, robbery and assault.

  •  with a lot of Black invention hoaxes, and a lot of anti-White hatemongering

  • First they tell us how great Martin Luther King Jr. was; maybe even the greatest person to ever live.

    Then they lie about how great diversity is and how we”re all better for it.

    Then they tell us about the first black man or first black woman who did something hundreds of white people had done years before.

    Then they lie about how black people invented everything. Here’s the list of black invention myths:

    The most common myths I see cited are Peanut Butter, The Traffic Signal, Heart Surgery, The Gas Mask, and discovery of Blood Plasma to name a few common claims.

    Often local news stations run a ‘story of interest’ about a famous black person or a alleged black invention. TV sitcoms and dramas often slip in a lie in their story line.

    • Jed Sant Devi

      Diversity is our greatest weapon against White privilege, and Diversity Leadership is our most effective battle tactic.

      It’s not by accident that we are seeing Diversity promoted to leadership positions. 

      You even see it in TV, print, and online advertising.  Look for the leading role, and most often it’s a buck nasty voodoo Diversity, and the Mexicans are close behind, and the Whites are way behind.

      The saturation of Diversity imagery goes into the heads of children who are now trained to affirmatively seek out Diversity friendships. Schools can institutionally discriminate against Whites Only friendships while rewarding Diversity Mixing with attention, promotion, preference, privilege, and grants for “travel and study” and scholarships.

      If you become aware of what’s going on, when you see the rare Whites Only photograph, you cringe because you know a Diversity Enforcer also saw it and is now making big plans for “empowering youth activists to fight against racism and White privilege by campaigning to empower youth activists to create changes that will interculturally transform society toward justice and equality.”

      Whites who are shown in all White photos now must worry that somebody deems them a racist and will explicitly target them for punishment and retraining.   Even after they earn their anti racism diploma, they’ll still suffer under BRA Diversity, so where is their hope for a better future?


    • TheAntidote

       Hey man, don’t forget the other important negro inventions: the paper bag, the candy apple and the automatic locomotive oiler—yes, known to technical history as “the real McCoy.”

      • Major

        Sheesh…don’t leave out the “doo rag”….I saw one on a black kid the other day who couldn’t have been more than  4 yo!!

        Along with droopy trousers and checked boxers t0 entice the…errrr….you know.

        • The Worlds Scapegoat

           Isn’t a doo rag something you use to pick up dog poo from your lawn?

  • I’m a bit torn on this one.

    While I see this as a way to make a point about whites being marginalized, whites have created the modern world. We shouldn’t be reduced to one month and the achievements of our race certainly can’t be documented in a mere 30 or 31 days.

    I appreciated calling attention to our accomplishments but I certainly don’t want to be reduced to their level of proving how great we are.

    Just look around the room you’re in right now an marvel. The Chinese may have invented paper, printing, and gunpowder but we used them to change the world.

    • anonymous_amren

      That’s why they didn’t reduce it to one months… they had to have 2.

    • ViktorNN

      I agree, it’s a tricky question.

      As a tactic, I think it’s a great way to get attention and raise the profile of white racial consciousness among white college students. Getting them to think about it, perhaps for the first time.

      On the other hand, arguing for a diminished place as just one identity group amongst a soup kitchen line of other identity groups sounds, well, weak. This is our land. Demoting ourselves to just one minority group among the rest makes it sound like this WAS our land and isn’t any longer.

  • TeutonicKnight67

     How about an entire century? It is beyond sickening.

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    asians and hispanics have their very own history months too so NO, us Americans DO NOT have eleven months.  “We” don’t have any Month.  “We” don’t even get to claim a Day for ourselves as all our so-called Days are all President, War and Holiday Based and those Days are not just for us White Folk.  Everyone claims them so, “We” get nothing.

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    I will never Respect any non-white or white person until The White Peoples are allowed to be Proud and are given the exact same privileges every other ethnicity gets.

    demeaned efforts – They mean they can’t have The Truth Spoken for it would undermine and “demean” their “efforts to promote” White Genocide via the Genocide of White Identity.

    non-white contributions – This lie must be torn down.  It’s blatantly false and things like Architecture, Art, Music, Science, Medicine, Philosophy, Religion and Infrastructure, etc. proves it.

    ignorance and imperative – Yes that’s right, shut us down and ramp up your Evil Agenda.  These people are scared to death ’cause they know, deep down, no matter how deeply The White Peoples Sleep, they do Wake Up and when they do, there’s no amount of brainwashing they can do that will ever make them fulfill the Suicidal Agenda they have planned for us.

    • did.you.see.that.comurcial.were.a.africian.is.telling.us.his.shoe.size.is.digger.than.car?

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    I’m not a “European-American”.  I’m American so what do I get besides getting to pay Taxes in America?

    • Jed Sant Devi

      You get the benefit of not being in Europe for the fast approaching WWIII, but also the privilge of watching their horrors on TV  become the future in your neighborhood…

      • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore


        My Husband, Mother-in-Law and I were speaking just this very evening about Germany and the rest of Europe and she said, “I can never go back” and I told her I wouldn’t let her.

        She’ll never be able to die with what very little, if any Peace she has.  She’s a War Torn Child (ww2) and for her to see what is there now would just kill her completely.  To clarify:  her Family ran from the russians and mongolians.  At any rate, I prefer her to keep her memories of her Beloved Germany intact and devoid of any of the “changes” Poor ‘ole Germany has been forced to endure.

        As for me and America, I’ll be fighting to the Death for My Country and Fellow Americans.  God, Country and Family and in that order.  That’s the American Way.

        • Black Swan

          she said… ‘I can never go back’ 

          I’ve heard these exact words spoken by elderly American whites about once- beautiful and safe American cities that have been completely overrun and ruined by blacks and mexicans.

          • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

            We have a small area that hasn’t been run down by asians and hispanics and the very few blacks that are there don’t live within Town limits and they’re actually American so we’re good.

        • US_Eurolad

          Except that Germany is the backbone of the Euro due to the industriousness and intelligence of native German peoples, and they are an incredibly homogenous culture and society (read: White) still unlike Great Britain and France. So, you are giving bad advice… Europe is a continet, not a country. I’m sure you know that though…

          • Jed Sant Devi

            Since Germans are genetically superior, they must hate Multicult Diversity more than anyone else.  Their backlash against the demise of Germanic Whiteness may be the spark we’ve long needed…

          • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

            You must be a “new german”.  My advice is excellent and right.  There are mosques in germany but since you’re a “new german”, you probably think those things belong there.

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    Because they (majority of congress) thought, like so many failed times before, this would finally shut them up but of course, it didn’t.  It only served, as with all non-whites, served to give them greater power/importance over us.

    And, with each and every single exception/privilege/recognition/acceptance and God Forbid, change “We” get “used to”, the more Set in Stone it becomes and Stone is Hard to Break.

    • appeasement has not worked. What we have found is that a multiracial society is not possible.

      • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

        I’m American and I know what goes on in my Country.  I know what works here and what doesn’t work here.  I was merely answering Sylvie’s question. 

  • Harumphty_Dumpty

    I finally watched the disgusting Huff Post video just above.

    The black host is sitting there surrounded by television cameras while he’s viewing Jared Taylor and other guests on a large plasma screen, he has a laptop computer sitting in front of him, he presumably was transported to his studio in some kind of motorized vehicle and maybe also made a telephone call or two en route, and maybe sometime soon he’ll take a trip in an airplane.

    And he’s asking Jared Taylor, “What IS White culture, Mr. Taylor, can you please just tell us what IS White culture?”

    Beyond surreal.

  • IKantunderstand

    Actually, everyday is White people day. You know, turn the switch on, light. Turn on your computer. Use your cellphone. Turn on T.V. Drive your car. Hell, take the damn bus or commuter train.  Live in a Democracy. Have freedom of religion. Have freedom of expression.  Fly on an airplane.  Hells bells, be able to live in comfort and safety, without worrying where your next meal will come from. White people day.  Hello? White people month. White people year. White people decade. White people century.White people  millenium. Ah, geez, let’s just say it, “White people since the beginning of time on earth” And, frankly, if there were people who did sh– before WHITE PEOPLE, THEY SHOULD HAVE INVENTED WRITING. 

    • 5n4k33y35

      The oldest European writing I know of are Icelandic sagas, of which Beowulf is the best. European whites have a common linguistic origin with Aryans of India, and their Sanskrit is older than Icelandic Sagas, if I am not mistaken. Chinese writing is also older.

      So whites do have some historical representation in our Aryan brethren of India which goes back further than European recorded history.

      But whites sure came out on top, finishing out the last several centuries by pulling way ahead of the pack on technology.

      • IKantunderstand

        5n4… I understand your desire to be equal to White Europeans. I understand your desire to identify with same.  Let’s be perfectly clear: you cannot  be a European American, no matter what you do. Also, regardless of previous contacts with europeans,, the lightest skinned Indians are still NOT EUROPEAN.

        • 5n4k33y35

          If I weren’t white, I’d be on another forum. I am of European ancestry and none other.

          Regardless of what color you are, you’re gullible and easily persuaded by that Feminist sock-puppet pretending she is a man.

          • IKantunderstand

            Dear 5n4blah, blah…I find your response quite illuminating.I’m thinking, someone who is not really 100% European. And, thus, extremely defensive.  So, you are part dotcom Indian.  And, by the way? I’m only speaking for myself, but ,  I don’t care who you are.  And , to be fair? You don’t need to know who I am. 5, I think you’ll be more successful in life, if you are less defensive about being non-white.

          • 5n4k33y35

            That wasn’t for you. I don’t care what one particular stooge or another thinks. My reply was for the everyone else.

            Even after people see my pale skin, and red beard some would say: “Well… he doesn’t look like a great specimen of a white man.”

            And they may also say: “He is only from Scottish and Anglo stock. He probably has impure bloodlines, not the noble blood of the superior Aryan ubermenschen.”

            Well, I don’t care. Tell me when you find a more powerful white man, or a more powerful man of any race, for that matter.

            My power is so great, I am praised for being handsome, even by those who may secretly consider me to be ugly. (I could use to whiten my teeth. I went bald years ago. I have a short beard.)

            Nevertheless, tell me the man whom you believe I should fear, and I will tell you, to the contrary that he is wary of me and I am fearless of him. Indeed, as far as I know, I am “The One”. No man is more feared and admired.

          • you.sound.like.a.hero.would.love.it.if.you.wote.something.for.children..you.seem.like.that.kind.of.teacher.perhaps.

          • celedrate.your.africian.ral.history..MURDER.GANG.RAPE.HOLOCOST.OF.EVERY.RACE

  • Jed Sant Devi

    Did Towson start a trend?

    Yes, and the trend will be called “virulent,” so look for more MSM reporting on the “dangers of the Internet” as a prelude to “demands from every corner of society” to place limits on certain kinds bigotry, blasphemy, and extremist attacks on “our most vulnerable”.

    Are there any of us still doubting that we will see severe restrictions on the freedoms (loans of social capital) that we enjoy now?

    • think.of.all.the.people.africians.sold.sezslaves.and.millions.murdered!.no.one.hears

      • someone.start.a.page.of.how.many.minorities.murdered.whites.

        • were.getting.murdered.from.every.race.they.teach.there.children.to.hate.us

  • 5n4k33y35

    I feel like Gimlee from LOTR!
    (I feel joyful like this, except without the gay insinuations from the voice-over.)

  • “university President Bill Underwood said the flier “demeaned efforts to
    promote education about people of diverse races and cultures and their
    contributions to our society. The ignorance reflected in the poster is a
    reminder of the imperative of these efforts.””

    That is hilarious. It does tend to remind me of the idiom “hoisted by ones own petard”.

    The double standard approach is deliciously sweet and it makes “University President” Bill Underwood look like a prize chump. 

    So Bill, you can promote diverse races and cultures and their contributions to the world and society….just as long as whites are left out of the picture (or demeaned as part of the process?) lol.

    You would think that a “University President” would know better logic than to be condemning ‘efforts to promote education about diverse races’ by attacking a group which seeks to promote education and celebration of a racial group.


  • One of only two times I ever disagreed with Sam Francis (RIP) was over the question of White History Month.  He thought it was a dangerous proposition because it was reducing white people to a month, and reducing our dominant position to that of merely one out of many races.  That would be okay if lamestream history education didn’t bash and trash us all year long.  We need something, anything, even if just a single day of every year, for white people to start thinking racially.  Once that happens, then the other 364 days will take care of themselves.

    • 5n4k33y35

      I agree. 

    • Harumphty_Dumpty

      “We need something, anything, even if just a single day of every year, for white people to start thinking RACIALLY.” (my caps)

      You are 100% right!

      And just imagine if we had only a White History DAY, in which we could point out that Whites created the modern world…transportation, communications, science, technology, democracy, etc. etc.  Black History Month would soon become a joke! As would White History “Day”!

      Sam Francis…thought it was a dangerous proposition because it was reducing white people to a month, and reducing our dominant position to that of merely one out of many races.

      Either this was very very long ago, or Sam was out of touch with the reality that in many people’s minds, we are not only no longer dominant, we are less than other races!

      If you post on a main stream site where the question of “inventions” comes up from time to time, you find that most people have no understanding at all that whites created all the things that surround them, including the computer they are typing away furiously on to tell you indignantly how OTHER races invented the really important things!

      We need to get a foot in every door we can pry open!

      • Harumphty_Dumpty

        I wonder if Sam suffered from the psychological malady that so many of us whites suffer from (I can feel the malady inside myself), which is that we feel that we are still dominant even though in very important ways we no longer are.

        Studies have shown that people form their sense of the world during their childhood, and then superimpose that childhood sense of the world on the world they live in as adults, whether it fits or not.

        • Sam was 57 in 2005 when he died too soon, so he was born in 1948.  He was 17 years old when the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was signed, 18 years old when the Voting Rights Act and the Open Borders Act of 1965 were passed.  His childhood and young adulthood was one where white people still mattered.

          Meanwhile, I see those stickers in quickie marts about how you have to be born on this date or before in a certain year to buy cigs or boose.  It’s 1991 for booze and 1994 for cigs this year.  Tempus really is fugiting.

          • Harumphty_Dumpty

            I was born in 1941, so I probably have more of the malady (of feeling that whites are dominant even when we aren’t) than Sam may have had.

            I’m conscious of still feeling absolutely stuffed full of “white privilege,” even though I can see clearly that in my present circumstances I have less than none at all! Ha!

            With the single exception I can think of of not being stopped by cops as much as some other races probably are when driving. A privilege my race has earned by not being as criminal as some other races.

          • Harumphty_Dumpty

            When posting in the mainstream from BUGS, we get a lot of yammer from anti-whites about “white privilege.” Our replies are usually along the line of,

            “In Japan, all the important positions are occupied by Japanese. Is that  ‘Japanese privilege’?”

            Hm, do you suppose Japanese would be allowed to have a Japanese History Day in Japan?

          • gemjunior

            ” I was born in 1941, so I probably have more of the malady (of feeling that whites are dominant even when we aren’t).”

            When that elderly couple were attacked in their Oklahoma home by a feral, savage young black man, this crossed my mind.  I wondered what these people in their 80s were thinking.  As this violent savage raped the lady and beat the husband near to death – during much of their lives, even to middle age, blacks were peaceful under Jim Crow because they knew there were severe penalties for their natural antics and behavior – their savagery and violence.  They didn’t dare act the way they do now.  They  hardly insulted whites in Oklahoma 80 years ago when these people were born, let alone rape and murder them.  So I wondered what this poor white helpless elderly pair were thinking – if they were conscious of the mistake it was in treating blacks like equals.  Or if they were kind of DWLs who supported the Civil Rights Act, only realizing the mistake when it was too late. 

            Either way, this is terrorism against us, and our elderly whites – who are helpless.  What a nightmare that attack must have been.


          • Harumphty_Dumpty

            When posting in the mainstream from the site I work from, we get a lot of yammer from anti-whites about “white privilege.” Our replies are usually along the line of,

            “In Japan, all the important positions are occupied by Japanese. Do you denounce Japanese in Japan as having  ‘Japanese privilege’? Do you denounce Koreans in Korea as having ‘Korean privilege’?

            No, you only denounce whites in white countries as having ‘privilege’!

            You say you are anti-racist, but what you are is anti-white!

            Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white!”

            Our opponent’s response to that usually sets us up to point out that he’s an anti-white who supports white genocide.

            But back to the topic: Do you suppose Japanese might be allowed to have a Japanese History Day in Japan?


      • Commenter

         We could just point up at aeroplanes and smile, and say: “We did that”.

      • even.martian,king.day..joke.they.voted.for.skin.not.content..sowed.how.racist.all.minorities.really.are.you.shue.showed.us.dirty.white,crackeres!

  • Jed Sant Devi

    In an email to the Mercer community, university President Bill Underwood said the flier “demeaned efforts to promote education about people of diverse races and cultures and their contributions to our society. The ignorance reflected in the poster is a reminder of the imperative of these efforts.”So there you have it. 

    Suggesting that Whites be given the same Identity Awareness as is given all others “demeans” efforts on behalf of all others.  Just looking at the contributions of Whites is demeaning to “the Other”.  Whites wanting to look at Whiteness on our own terms is now hatred.Whiteness must only be discussed in terms that the academics deem permissible.  Any other discussions are “ignorant”.  Ignorant of what? What is it that we are supposed to know about Whiteness that we are ignorant of? We are White, so don’t you think we know something about Whiteness already?

    This really is frightening and has consequences.  What message does it send to the Diversity students when they feel permitted to harass and punish Whites just for Whiteness?

    WE WHITES ARE THE REAL HATED, OPPRESSED, MARGINALIZED!  No other group suffers under systemic bias, institutional racism, and structural inequity is we do. Are we supposed to agree that our victimhood is good for us? 

    White students are taught that Whiteness itself is Hatred Incarnate.  What kind of soldiers will they make in the coming race war? 

    Let me revel in my hatred and ignorance, and if you are a Mercer student, put your professors to the test with this ignorant and hateful question:

    “If we are supposed to feel guilty for the bad things White people have done, then shouldn’t we feel pride in the great things White people have done?”



  • IstvanIN

    At my job we usually have a huge black history display.  Most of their accomplishments seem to fall into one of three categories: 1) agitating for civil rights from whites; 2) the entertainment (including sports) and beauty/cosmetics businesses; and 3) jobs, such as astronaut, that they played no part in creating and that wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for whites.  You know, the typical “first black in” thing.

    They have a rather sad lack of accomplishment compared to everyone else.  Even the most backward of today’s Asian and Latin American nations had some notable achievements if you go back far enough.  Even if it is just stone temples.

    • 5n4k33y35

      Sad but true. I wouldn’t want to rub it in, except they get so high on their manufactured self-esteem, they look upon the most accomplished race of humanity as peasants. That raises my hackles. 

  • Captain Amurrika

    “Students referred to the flier as evidence of persistent racism and a bad attempt at satire.”

    Being against the flier is evidence of persistent racism towards whites, even by some self loathing whites.  And the only satire was what the  university president emailed  out to people.

    “university President Bill Underwood said the flier “demeaned efforts to promote education about people of diverse races and cultures and their contributions to our society. The ignorance reflected in the poster is a reminder of the imperative of these efforts.”

    What a jackass and a  spineless, self loathing white.

    • trovon.said.why.do.whites.say.its.racist.to.wear.HOODIES..madee.if.kkk.was.walking.in.there.neighdooh.theyd.understand

  • KD_Did

    In any honest intelligent discussion of western culture whites accomplishments always dominate the conversation because our intelligence and ingenuity have changed the world exponentially more than any other culture. Black, Hispanic cultures have to be propped up and in many cases made up in order to have anything to discuss other than entertainment.  As a middle school teacher I was forced to play along. I would NOT allow reports on entertainers (including athletes…which is only entertainment). That made the students truly think of genuine accomplishments of their races. It was a short list.

    • Michael C. Scott

      One of only ones I could think of for post-Columbian, Hispanicized Mexicans was a General Mondragon who developed the world’s first truly effective, reliable semi-automatic military rifle, named for him and developed in the 1890s.  At a time when other inventors were trying to scale recoil operation for rifles, Mondragon picked gas operation, which is still the most common system used in automatic rifles today.  No facilities could be found in Mexico to make these, so SIG in Switzerland manufactured them. 

      The Mexican army still uses them in parade units, because like other products of Switzerland, they’re beautifully made.

      The clincher, though, is that Manuel Mondragon was not a little, round brown guy.  His aquiline nose, thin face and slightly wavy hair make him look completely white in the picture in one of my firearms books.  He was “thanked” for his service to Mexico by being exiled to France in 1914, where he died in 1922.  I think he made a good trade, even though unwillingly.

      His green-eyed daughter, Carmen became a famous painter and poet.

      “Hispanic”, certainly.  Mestizo?  Certainly not.


    • they.murdered.my.parents.when.I.was.in.school.for.there.fair.shair..sorry.cant.spell

      • they.took.everything.away.from.me..I.was.a.foster.kid.REAL.AFRICIAN.HISTORY


  • 5n4k33y35


  • Harumphty_Dumpty

    On MLK Jr. day, I used to post in the mainstream, “This is that wonderful day when I am so moved by blacks expressing their gratitude to whites for our being the first race in the history of the world to outlaw slavery.”

    Alternatively, I identified the day as, “The day on which we commemorate and mourn all the persons shot to death during the preceding year on streets named ‘Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.'”

    Please feel free to plagiarize when MLK Jr. day rolls around.

    But hey, I don’t have any problem with any race celebrating its own heroes. 

    I have a big problem with MY race celebrating anyone who has made a major contribution to white genocide.

    • they.voted.for.scin.not.romney.christian.CONTENT..WHO.IS.RALLY.RACIST.?

    • go.to.CHICIGIO.HOMICIDES.2012..were.getting.eztermated!

  • Tom_in_Miami

    And when are we going to get a nationalist party here that can pick up the kind of votes that will make it a force to be reckoned with?  Are we whites too polite to vote for such a party or to mention the achievements that define our heritage?

  • Commenter

     Men of Harlech stand ye steady…. 11 Victoria Crosses on one day. Bravo sir.

  • I hear that every month in America is Holocaust Awareness Month.

  • Jed Sant Devi

    Use the editorial trope of “what ___________ tells us about ____________.”

    “What the Knoxville Horror should tell White people about Diversity”.

  • Michael C. Scott

    I have a little girl who in clear light at 50 feet would be called “white”.  What you are saying is correct, and this is why I want her notion of what it is for her to be be both white and Japanese to be unshakable.

    Of course “White History” includes villains.  It includes Adolf Hitler, but also includes Theodore Roosevelt who wasn’t a villain.  Ariadne asked this evening why Julius Caesar had Vercingetorix executed.  There are a lot fewer villians in white history than in those of other folks, but he had to satisfyRome that a rebellion would never start up in Gaul again.  Vercingetorix was too good a general to be exiled and left alive. 

    What a complete pity!


  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    Why do you have to be so stupid?  You still mad because I won’t let you push your asians on us?

  • Guest

    I don’t need a silly student club or a token appreciation month. I want liberation, justice, and revenge. I want my country back. 

    • anonymous_amren

       Silly student clubs and token appreciation months are how they stole your country from you, so don’t underestimate their power.

      • Africians.are.GODS..princess.prince.kings.africian.queens.and.odama.is.Jesus.christ

        • on.TV.whites.are.stupied.and.crazy.africians.are.heroes.they.fly.planes.upside.down

    • stop.making.people.americians.get.elligals.off.our.streets.make.americia.great.again!

    • if.they.call.themselves.Africians.why.dont.they.live.in.Africia.and.stop.LYNCHING.US!

  • US_Eurolad

    There are some real cunts running this website. Just sort of pick who you want information you want to appear here? Bunch of fucking nancies…

  •  maybe that explains the current state of that country

    • odama.will.stall.iran.nuke.isreal.and.destroy.americia.for.72.virgins.watch

  • I think a white history month is a most excellent proposition!  At Tarrant County College we just had a Hispanic history/culture month:

    and Feb is reserved for blackness.  I wrote a response asking when we might have a whiteness celebration but they didnt seem to want to print it?

    Richard.Railey says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    September 24, 2012 at 2:05 pm

    Ain’t that sweet?

    How come TCC does not have a WHITENESS culture celebration? This
    schools instructors and administrators seem obsessed with Blackness and
    Hispanic-ness but scoffs with disdain and contempt when it concerns
    anything to do with whiteness?

    I’m white, I’m proud to be white, I like being white, and want others
    to join in celebration of whiteness and white culture. White peoples
    have a proud and distinguished history of advancement of the human
    condition, music, science, religion, and the arts.

    When is the white culture/history celebration scheduled for? Expand
    your horizons, meet new white peoples and experience the diversity of
    white traditions and culture. Petition for a White history month. Ms.
    Hadley? Ms. Faulkerson?

    Ms. hadley is our Chancellor:
    JOHNSON HADLEY, ERMA [[email protected]]

    and Ms. Faulkerson is our Campus President:
     ([email protected])

    Send them an email, they say they are always open to new ideas and diversity!  grin

    • Harumphty_Dumpty

      Good work! We have to keep those types aware that the number of whites who are white and normal is growing!

      • our.presedent.said.”vote.for.REVENGE”..they.sure.did!

        • how.much.revenge.do.you.need.youve.gotten.whites.trillions.of.times!

          • you.murdered.my.white.parents.i.was.in.32.foster.homes.you.got.college.i.got..0

  • anonymous_amren

     Are you Pat Condell?

    BTW, I’m going to England and France next month. Is there anywhere or anyone worth visiting there, or places I should go? And where should I avoid going because it’s no longer safe?

  • Pat Kittle

    If whites were as “privileged” as they’re claimed to be
    they wouldn’t need “permission” to have their own “history month” now,
    would they?

    The fact that anti-white hypocrites have the power to dictate how
    whites are allowed to meet makes an utter mockery of their own

    • ive.worked.for.68.years.theyve.worked.to.LYNCH.US.JACK.US.or.to.DREED.or.for.CRACK!

  • Ray

    This should’ve happen a long time ago.

    • we.need.everyone.that.they.LYNCHED.to.come.out.with.candles.every.year

      • end.our.slavery.no.free.housing/cars/college.food.stamps.ill.keep.my.check!

        • Africian.inventions..AIDS/CRACK./CAR.JACKERES/FLAS.MODS?HIP-HOP/GANGS..PROSTUTION?..Whites.invented.everything.you.see!

  • We’re here, We’re white, We’re right, We’re bright, GET USED TO IT!!!

    • jack.like.a.gangster.kick.someone.drains.in.get.killed..then.call.africian.pantheres!

  • They’re there, they’re black, they’re slack, they attack, They jack, KEEP THEM BACK!

  • what happened on this day in “black hiss-ree”?— answer -NUFFIN!

    • murdered.every.race.more.than.holocost..invention.of.crack..or.AIDS!

    • they.LYNCHED.A.FEW.TRILLION.WHITE.PEOPLE.if.they.can.talk.adout.it.we.can!


  • White history month would force people to look at the contrast between the achievements of white people versus the achievement of black people. These so called “progressives”, in their refusal to allow that contrast to be shown, are admitting that the contrast is HUGE!!!!!!

    • africian.history:.inventions..CRACK..talk.to.the.hand…..2murdered.every.race.more.than.holocost.including.own.race..sold.jews.they.were.forced.into.euroupe..yes.they.were.jews..owneres…3..infected.the.world..4..invented.jehaud..hamas..alcitia..muslium.drother-hood..murdered..over.6.thousand..americiAn.solderes..7..911.terrest.attack..8..underwear.domder….9..had..americian.for.slaves.free.food/wick/housing/college….we.go.to.work.they.have.children…..10..owns.children.from.all.over.the.world.in.sez.slaves…………..11.treets.whites.like.trash….12.tries.to.get.all.racist.agains.us….13..throws.race.card……24/7.days.a.week….14..king….some.africian.lady.on.dus….16…own.sports.teams….17….make.sure.whites.look.crazy.stupied.on.tv….END.OF.AFRICIAN.HISTORY..who.will.they..LYNCH..MURDER.THIS.YEAR.A.WHITE.CRACKER.OR.MEZICIAN.LITINO.ASIAN..WHO?…..ps..my.key.pad.is.not.working..no.money.for.new.one.got.to.go.to.work.now.so.africians.can.get.FREE.STUFF..HEY.JEWS.WERE.YOUR.SLAVES.SO.WAS.AMERICIANS..WE.MADE.ALL.OF.YOUR.INVENTIONS.SO.NO.WHITES.ARE.NOT.STUPIES.EVERYTHING.YOU.TOUCH.WAS.INVENTED.FROM.US.WHITECRACKERS..YES.WHITE.HISTOR.MONTH..JAN1st.DEC1st..in.closing.you.like.my.spelling.?.you.murdered.my.parents.when.I.went.to.school.I.never.finished.highschool.or.got.free.college..you.went.first.your.always.first.I.have.children.that.are.not.racist.and.all.colors.of.friends..you.took.my.everything.from.me.you.took.my.kids.grand.parents.my.future.away.I.pay.for.africian.history.every.single.day.I.live.you.murdered.every.race.more.than.holocost.and.had.slaves

    • Africian.inventions.LYNCHING.of.every.race.more.than.holocost.every.year/crack/

      • also.theve.had.us.for.slaves.when.we.go.work.thy.get.a.check!

        • they.have.also.sold.our.children.into.slavery…the.pimps.are.everywhere!

  • it’s anything that is more advanced than a single story mud hut and a blow dart gun. It is the wheel, it is written language, it is literature, it is any musical instrument more complicated than a hollow log, it is multiple story dwellings, it is construction materials other than mud and straw, it is science, it is technology, it is ocean going vessels, it is machinery, it is sanitation, it is any medicine that is more complicated than wearing a mask and jumping around shouting, one could go on all day.

  • blacks only weapon has been white libbbbbbbbbbrrrraaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhssssss. The roots, the breeding grounds for those white libbbbbbbrrrrrrraaaaaahhhhhhhhsssss is and has always been academia. Striking them at the roots is the way to get rid of them. Of course blacks are scared, they can’t do anything themselves, they have always relied on white people.

    • Hal K

      Don’t just blame white liberals.  Very few white conservatives speak up for whites.

  • When we retake academia, our victory will be assured. Academia, then the media and judges. That should be the game plan. Or all three simultaneously if possible. We are taking the internet, and the old media is dying, it has become a joke. The new media is ours, academia will be too.

    • our.own.white.uiversities..sport..teams…white.sports.cars..whiteshoes..like.them!

  • Sherman_McCoy

    It’s sort of like that leaflet in the movie “Airplane: Great Jewish Sports Legends.”  Only this one is called “Black Accomplishments.”  It just shows how vapid we Americans are.  We can stretch out a minute’s worth of material into a whole month. 

  • Harumphty_Dumpty

    I have to disagree with you. I don’t think we should help anti-whites repeat their terminology. Their big bad R-word is pre-loaded against whites, and we want to drive it entirely out of white minds.

    Just call our enemies what they are, “anti-white,” until that term sits in all white minds in the place that the big bad R-word once sat.

    • question.was.minorities.getting.suppresed.when.millions.voted.for.jesus.christ?

  • Harumphty_Dumpty

    To anti-whites, it’s whites that are the “problem.” Anti-whites want us gone.

    • if.you.call.yourself.africian.cudin.mezician..homes.not.in.americia..go.home

    • we.want.Africians.to.return.to.there.own.nation.get.off.our.land!

  • Franklin_Ryckaert

     Inferior people need “protection” from superior people. Otherwise they cannot compete.

  • Jed Sant Devi

    Tells us about their worldview.

  • Jed Sant Devi

    BECAUSE, when Whites are avoiding blacks, they aren’t allowing themselves to be enriched through attacks on their White privilege.

    Racism is ineradicably inside of all Whites, and while we can never make it go away, we and diminish and eliminate its harmful effects on the beloved community of color by destroying the benefits of White privilege.

    • i.lived.on.streets.for.8.years.never.was.I.privieleged.and.i.have.no.money.for.christmas


  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    I didn’t read your garbage and since this is the last time I’m coming here (only here to answer last few posts), you can now safely promote miscegenation to your fellow “white” people in “peace”.

  • A flier being circulated in the Mercer University residence halls declares November and December as “White History Months,” and students are not big fans. Around 40 students rallied on the Macon, Ga., campus Tuesday to show their outrage against the flier, WMAZ reports.”

    The fact that even the mere mention of a White History Month causes such “outrage” clearly
    demonstrates why we need a White Student Union on every campus. Diversity hates
    Whites and this again proves it.

    • We.want.same.thing.they.have..sports.teams..white.sports.shoes..white.cars..Free.college.funds..and.our.own.month..sounds.great!

    • minorities.hates.whites.thats.why.were.getting.LYNCHED.every.day.and.night.in.streets!

  • 5n4k33y35

    You don’t have to enjoy anagrams to easily solve them anymore. You can just use a program.

    Anyway, I only care to have a modicum of privacy online. I tend to disclose my identity every so often. And why shouldn’t I? Almost everyone loves my opinions, with very few exceptions…

  • if.the.africian.did.not.try.to.kill.the.mezician.hed.still.would.de.alive!..RACIST.people.when.they.called.pantheres!

  • the.murder.of.every.race!

  • question.did.africians.have.jews.for.slaves.that.went.to.urope?..cant.spell.im.sorry!

  • question.arent.africians.killing.our.americian.solderes..are.they.africian.from.trides?

  • is.jehauad..sheria.law.taladen.alcitia.muslium.drotherhood.humas.are.they.from.africian.trides?

  • white.people.are.getting.lynched.every.day.people.need.to.hear.our.history!.and.all.they.killed

  • we.celedrate.africian.history.day24/7..every.race.gets.lynched/murdered.sezslaves!

  • the.supressed.adused.voteres.showed.us.when.they.voted.for.husaine.jesus.christ!


  • MARTIAL.LAW).go.to.odama.husaine.will.colaspe.dollor.civial.war.take.guns!


  • I.held.door.open.for.africians.46.minites.not.1.thankyou.or.smile..not.one!

  • odama.wont.fund.that.he.funded.solor.units..ha.ha!

  • on.internet.people.are.talking.adout.Civial.war.for.whites.freedom/education/treetment

  • just.rape.of.children.murder.gangs.thats.were.they.came.then.come.here.do.it.to.us.

  • you.know.minorities.will.murder.our.families.off.of.this!



  • they.voted.for.skin.not.content.and.now.americia.is.screwed.we.are.

  • it.is.now.racist.to.say.eligal.aliens..WOW.

  • Americia.can.clearly.see.that.minorities.are.racist.they.all.voted.for.odama..and.are.not.fair.and.Whites.are.in.GENECIDE..we.are.getting.lynched.from.every.race

  • they.are.africian.queens.kings..gods.and.odama.is.Jesus.Husain.there.leader

  • they.are.africian.queens.kings..gods.and.odama.is.Jesus.Husain.there.leader

  • when.a.white.does.somethng.its.top.news.our.picture.is.everywhere

    • if.an.Africian.does.something.they.are.called.suspects.no.picture

  • they.ezpect.there.free.share.the.trickel.it.down.efect.dont.workwere.there.slaves

  • didnt.the.show.us.how.racist.they.were.voting.for.odama.the.ANTICHRIST!

  • the.race.card.is.played.out..they.will.(RIOT2013USA)


    • if.we.hire.non.whites.they.sue.us.take.our.company.everything.we.worked.for

      • They.play.that.sick.twisted.left.demecratic.race.card.24/7


  • odama.HUSAINE.the.ANTICHRIST.is.getting.our.guns.for.a.white.lynching!

  • non.whites.will.(RIOT2013USA)..will.kill.whites..(DEATH.TO.WHITE.PEOPLE)see.veidioes.on.pages.