Posted on October 19, 2012

‘White History Month’ Flier on Mercer University Campus Causes Outrage

Tyler Kingkade, Huffington Post, October 17, 2012

A flier being circulated in the Mercer University residence halls declares November and December as “White History Months,” and students are not big fans. Around 40 students rallied on the Macon, Ga., campus Tuesday to show their outrage against the flier, WMAZ reports.

“Since there is too much white history to squeeze into one month, we will settle for two,” the flier reads. It also complains there are no white student groups on campus:

There are African American societies, black student organizations, and Indian heritage associations; however, there is not one white society of engineers, white student organization, or Caucasian heritage association. Why? Because if there are, various individuals will say this is racism.

Students referred to the flier as evidence of persistent racism and a bad attempt at satire.


In an email to the Mercer community, university President Bill Underwood said the flier “demeaned efforts to promote education about people of diverse races and cultures and their contributions to our society. The ignorance reflected in the poster is a reminder of the imperative of these efforts.”