The Postracial Elite

Stephen Marchie, Esquire, October 18, 2012

My best friend in high school—I’ll call him John Lee—had generous and loving parents who insisted on only one rule: John was going to marry a nice Chinese girl. The Lees were certainly not racist in any way that I could detect—John’s father helped teach me how to play xiangqi, and when I came over after school his grandmother, who spoke no English, would dole out endless bundles of sticky rice wrapped in banana leaf and gingerly pat me on the head as though I were a curious specimen of large dog. But the Lees did keep a small book in the house with a list of every gift they had ever given their children; all they asked for in return was Chinese grandchildren. Needless to say, I spent about three years covering for John, because the only women who interested him were white. I don’t pretend to know why the Lees craved that racial and cultural purity, but twenty years later it’s become evident that they were wrong, and not just in some vague, politically correct sense. John’s children would be richer if he married out rather than in, a part of the new emerging postracial elite.

Cultural and political mouthpieces have been forecasting—or warning about—the mixing of race via marriage for decades. And a recent study by the Pew Research Center indeed showed a marked rise in the number of intermarriages in America, from less than 7 percent in 1980 to more than 15 percent in 2010. The 2010 census showed an even sharper acceleration in the trend, with interracial couples constituting nearly 10 percent of American married couples, a 28 percent jump since 2000. But what nobody foresaw was the power and influence mixed families would wield. According to Pew, couples who marry out tend to be slightly wealthier and more educated than ones who marry in. More generally, biraciality has become a signifier of currency and prosperity. Just look at Mark Zuckerberg and his new wife, Priscilla Chan. Or Rupert Murdoch’s Wendi Deng, with her sweet right hook. Or George Soros’s fiancée, Tamiko Bolton. {snip} Now the percentage of Americans who feel that the rise of intermarriage has been a change for the better is 43 percent, with the number increasing to 61 percent for the under thirties.

It’s a shocking transformation when you consider the context: Being of mixed race, for most of American history, has been the ultimate state of pariahdom. The products of illicit relationships provided unimpeachable evidence of common humanity, violating the fundamental categories of blood and soil. They didn’t fit in the little boxes of antique society. But it is exactly those same realities today that mark the biracial as members of the new elite. They are inherently the product of the world between worlds, divorced from blood and soil, living proof of the postracial and even postnational state that we are morphing into at an ever faster rate.

They make a mockery of racial purity, which has been one of the world’s most toxic ideas even as it has been one of its most easily exploded. The wonderful PBS series by Henry Louis Gates Jr., particularly Faces of America and Finding Your Roots, have been extended demonstrations that virtually every identifiable group in America has always been in everybody else’s beds. The Anglo-Saxons are, even in their name, a mongrel people, comprised of the various tides of Celts and Danes and Angles and Saxons who charged around northern Europe massacring and screwing one another for a few centuries. Americans are the mongrels bred from these mongrels.

{snip} The number of people identifying themselves as belonging to more than one race jumped 32 percent over the past decade. The number identifying themselves as both black and white rose by a staggering 134 percent. That rise isn’t so much attributable to the rise of mixed-race people as it is to the number of people who choose to identify themselves as such. Biraciality is a desirable status. They know they are the future.

{snip} Japan, which has basically locked the door on outsiders, is now the world’s first geriatric nation: a nation of old Japanese men and women, with nobody left to care for them or to work. They are a warning to the world. The future—where we all will live whether we like it or not—is not closed. It is an amalgamated mix. Anyone too prejudiced or too stupid to deal with this fact will be left behind.



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  • “Anyone too prejudiced or too stupid to deal with this fact will be left behind.”

    I love thinking like this– it makes me giggle. People rant and rave about populations dying out, or if it’s not that, they’re wringing their hands worrying about populations exploding. But they always forget that we aren’t living in a static bubble. Get a lot of people into a small space, and then you have to factor in disease, war, famine what have you. The Earth always balances itself out. Take plague for example– it wiped out much of Europe not that long ago. Hit our ancestors like a wave. Thank goodness, we, their children likely have a decent immunity. Someday, something similar will rage through non-European nations, and whoops. Non-white nations are not exactly known for their cleanliness and high-tech medicine.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       You are unfortunately, very much incorrect.  No wonder you have so many likes, people want to hear this!

      The facts are much more stark.  The one thing you said that is true is that nature always balances itself.  But it corrects to counter excesses.  The human race has been operating outside of the natural order for at least a couple thousand years, but the acceleration of that imbalance has been exponential during the past 200 years.

      Issac Asimov and the think tank once called “The Futurists,” which in 1980 provided a mathematical model based on the fact that the earth is a closed culture.  That is, the earth, exactly like a petri dish in a lab,  receives no outside material for sustaining life and no exit for wastes.  In such a closed culture the formula of life, growth, stability, toxicity decline and death is the same.  Asimov and the Futurists demonstrated that the human population is on the very edge of its stability period, poised for a sharp decline or complete extinction.  Asimov and the Futurists made a number of predictions regarding the 21st century, mostly focused on how the human population with fare and the earth will be changed.  So far, everything that was predicted is coming true, wars for resources, migrations for the simple basics, wars over resources (he said that wars over things as simple as water will develop) along with changes in world climate, including the melting of the glaciers (most of which will soon be gone), etc., will causes the burgeoning world populations to fight and fail.  What he wasn’t sure of was whether any human life would be left or not.  But any amount left would be very small.

  • sgmpalm

    Before I finished the first paragraph of this anti-White propaganda, I suspected the author was Jewish. And behold, Stephen Marche is a Jewish Canadian author. Why am I not surprised? A simple review of his writings will demonstrate his hatred towards White society. No further explaination is necessary regarding his tirade against Whites.

    • JustaWhiteMom

      The Jews are dying by their own poison.

    • JohnEngelman

      He posts facts and you think he is hostile to whites. This is as purblind as those who think that telling the truth about blacks is evidence of hatred of them. 
      I guess someone has to lie before you think he is on your side. 

      • .

        It’s not the facts that are the problem but the spinning of the facts. This article suggests its better to mix because it brings in more bucks. But the data doesn’t support that conclusion.

        Perhaps its a self selective group of whites and asians who mix? From my experience, most of the white / asian couplings are comprised of asian women who went to school to get their Mrs Degree. Well, yeah, if its disproportionately college educated folks mixing then it would skew average earnings upwards regardless of what those people would have earned had they stayed with their own. Perhaps those mixed couples earning higher incomes would have earned just as high or even higher if they had not married out?

      • 5n4k33y35

        Wrong, Engleman.

        “They [mixed] make a mockery of racial purity, which has been one of the world’s
        most toxic ideas even as it has been one of its most easily exploded.”

        Those are value judgements. He’s not just hostile to whites. He’s hostile to the concept of racial diversity. He’s a moron.

        “The wonderful PBS series by Henry Louis Gates Jr., particularly Faces of America and Finding Your Roots, have been extended demonstrations that virtually every identifiable group in America has always been in everybody else’s beds.”

        A small minority have done this, historically. The author is clearly trying to promote interracial fornication with his hyperbolic exaggeration.

        “The Anglo-Saxons are, even in their name, a mongrel people, comprised of the various tides of Celts and Danes and Angles and Saxons who charged around northern
        Europe massacring and screwing one another for a few centuries. Americans are the mongrels bred from these mongrels.”

        More value judgements. Mixed ethnicity “mongrels” are quite different from mixed race “mongrels”. He’s very enthusiastic about rubbing whites out through racial assimilation.

        You can see he’s gleeful about denigrating the ancestry of the most powerful people the world has ever known. He’s jealous. Like I said, the guy is an idiot.

        • Dr. Möbias

          Whites breeding with other whites is not race mixing.

          • potato78

            Based on your mind, true blondes will be disappeared in the next 500 hundred years on earth.

          • 5n4k33y35


          • There was an article in the print edition of AR that predicted that the last blonde would be born somewhere in Scandinavia in the early 22nd Century, if current trends hold.

          • JohnEngelman

            Hair color is determined by a single gene. The gene for blond hair will not disappear. 

          • pc must go

            Hey, Engelman, I saw an Asian woman on the street today with her hair dyed light reddish/blond… 

            Interesting… a lot of them do that… 

      • You miss the point their Sminklewitz.  Flooding All and Only White countries with Non-Whites is Genocide.

        • JohnEngelman

          That is only true if the non whites kill of the whites. That is not happening. 

          • The Verdict of History

            Earth to John!

            You ought to define genocide somewhat more loosely.

            The wholesale and overwhelming saturation of Western culture by  non-European peoples is culturally suicidal and the very height of voluntary displacement.  

          • JohnEngelman

            You and others here ought to stop indulging in hyperbole. The white race is not in danger. Nevertheless, those without well educated, high grade intelligence are being stressed by economic changes. This is more of a problem for blacks and Hispanics than whites. 

          • US_Eurolad

            Sorry sir, but you are a moron. If an alien population is outbreeding you to the point where you won’t be “available” in the near future, you have been bred out of existence. So because they are fucking their way to victory it is ok? No thank you sir…

          • JohnEngelman

            US_Eurolad’s comment should be removed because of the obscene word. 

          • A lot of his comments are having to be removed for obscene words. Comments with those words should be diverted into the moderation folder. Another Disqus gremlin.

    • Exactly, well said.  Check out White Rabbit Radio.

    • Net_Drifter

      I hate to acknowledge the fact that there are Jews who plainly have it out for whites. But, when I see those names come up so often I can’t deny what I see. 

      It’s hard to admit because my family knew and were friendly with Jews who seemed part of our community, even our circle. 

    • I would be surprised if he weren’t.  It’s gotten to be a game to guess an author’s ethnicity from his or her views- and a stacked one, when you consider the actors involved.

  • JohnEngelman

    And a recent study by the Pew Research Center indeed showed a marked rise in the number of intermarriages in America, from less than 7 percent in 1980 to more than 15 percent in 2010. The 2010 census showed an even sharper acceleration in the trend, with interracial couples constituting nearly 10 percent of American married couples, a 28 percent jump since 2000.       
    – Stephen Marchie, Esquire, October 18, 2012        
    This trend will accelerate. In the future there will be one race on this planet. The only question is: how soon? 

    • Yes, as much as there is one race in Brazil. I don’t get your projections. You’re reasonable re numerous issues, but when it comes to certain topics- you’re mentally a liberal adolescent living in a la-la land.

      • JohnEngelman

        I am looking ahead several thousand years into the future. When there is one race it will have a higher average intelligence than even the Ashkenazim, because superior intelligence is becoming increasingly necessary to earn a decent income. 
        Nevertheless, the process of miscegenation is accelerating. As it accelerates the intellectual requirements of the international economy will too. That is why I expect China to dominate the world. 

        When there is one race it will have genes from all of the existing races, but the Ashkenazim and the Orientals will be represented more than the other races.

        • MerlinV

          Most of us here are dedicated to keeping the White race alive and well. Thanks for your support.

          • JohnEngelman

            The white race is not in danger of displacement or genocide. Nevertheless, as time passes it will merge into the other races, and only the most intelligent will be represented in future generations. 

          • crystal evans

            I saw a show on CNN on tuesday night that stated that Asians are the new whites due to their high immigration rates and low white birthrate.

          •  Propaganda for miscegination in every White country and only in White countries is genocidal.  The anti-Whites are trying to genocide the White race, and only the White race, out of existence.

        •  I am looking ahead several thousand years into the future.

          And you expect to be taken seriously ?

        • Howard W. Campbell

          Wouldn’t the future more closely represent “The Marching Morons” by C.M. Kornbluth? However, I suspect that the 3 million intelligent people would have long since engaged in their own version of “Atlas Shrugged”.

        •  No.  Miscegination is only demanded and accelerating in White countries.

        • Gary Jenkins

          Jewish s…c…u…m

      • John Engelman is a race-realist but also a hardcore statist. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a race-realist sing praises to Karl Marx before.

        •  some race realist he is, confused as he is about where race-mixing is encouraged and occurring.

          • JohnEngelman

            I am realistic enough about races to recognize that miscegenation is accelerating. I doubt very seriously that the trend will reverse. 

          • 5n4k33y35

            It will slow down quite a lot. It has been the official doctrine of western society all my life. The next few decades won’t be like the last few. 

          • JohnEngelman

            The movement from right to left is not inevitable. Nevertheless, from 1958 to 2011 support for interracial marriage has increased from 4 percent to 86 percent. 
            The reason is obvious. There is no rational reason to disapprove of interracial marriage.   Those who do not want to marry someone of another race do not need to. 

            America is not dedicated to white supremacy, but to freedom and competition. The superior of all races will prevail.

        • JohnEngelman

          Any political thinker should be read for insight rather than doctrine. This is true for Karl Marx. He did not claim to be infallible. When he learned that others were claiming infallibility for him he said, “I thank God that I am not a Marxist.” 
          I am a statist and a collectivist. I believe that the government has an important role to play in society.

          • That sure is a shame. 

        • The Verdict of History

          There is no reason why statism and race realism should be incompatible. 

          Assuredly, the achievement of  race realism’s goals necessitates the implementation of an exceedingly state-centered approach to regulation and restriction of interracial contact, of all types. 

          Statism is the only means by which race-realism can become social reality.

          (Although voluntary separation, of an un-coerced fashion, might very well manifest itself through non-statist means.)

          • Wow. You are severely deluded. It is incredibly immoral and unenlightened to force the separation of races in any form (and likewise to force integration). Race-realism is merely the acceptance of inherent biological differences among races and perhaps the theory of ethnic nepotism (though I’m not sure). This does NOT necessitate a state-centered approach to our race problem. People will naturally separate even more so than they do now once the truth about race is accepted. However, if we reach that point and people still want to live with diversity (would be a minority) then that is entirely their right to do so. The problems we have today are largely a result of government control over race relations. Having a government with so much centralized power opens the door for oppressive policies down the road even if its seem benevolent in the present. The more decentralized the power is in the world, the better. 

    •  > one race on this planet

      No.  Mass immigration and force integration happens only in White countries, and is required of every White country.

      It’s simply genocide, of Whites.

  • JohnEngelman

    The only thing that surprised me is that white Oriental couples earn more than anyone else. I expected Oriental Oriental couples to earn more than anyone else. 

    • Sorry to say, but you’re almost tragically predictable.

      • JohnEngelman

        How is it tragic to agree with Professor Rushton that Orientals tend to have lower lower rates of crime and illegitimacy and higher IQs than whites? 

        • IstvanIN

          tragically predictable in so much as you always side with the Orientals.

          • JohnEngelman

            I admire Orientals for reasons I have explained. 

        • It would take a long essay to address your dogmatic assumptions. I’m not interested. Just, I’ll say 1-2 things:

          1. you constantly talk about SAT scores, IQ, Rushton and crime. Well, your view of life is seriously limited. You never addressed culture, history, various cultural traits & ethnic-religious allegiances, as well as numerous psychological tests that clearly show the difference between whites and Asians (East). Read Nakamura’s book from 1960s, it is enormously richer than all your SAts and IQs and crime.

          2. you always- ALWAYS- conveniently forget to answer- why have we (first as the Greco-Roman world, then as post-Renaissance & post- Reformation societies) constantly surpassed those Asians, despite their longer civilizational periods. We created global world, not them . How so ?

          I can understand your fascination with East Asians & Ashkenazi Jews (which I do not share), but you have been & are found lacking in serious answers. You just ceaselessly repeat your favorite themes (Rushton, crime, IQ,..) and I can just say- we are not impressed. Recently I’ve had some discussion with a Chinese guy at Huff puff & he, although more knowledgeable than you, didn’t show much more:
 (page 4. of comments)

          • JohnEngelman

            A comparison between the Han Dynasty and the contemporaneous Roman Empire would be difficult. They were both advanced civilizations. The Chinese were clearly ahead of the West during the Dark Ages. 
            Because Orientals have higher average IQs than whites, and fewer social problems I expect them to surpass the West and the United States in this century. 
            Right now the only Caucasian countries that are doing well are Israel, Australia, and the Scandinavian countries with their social democratic economies.
            For the second year in a row, 24/7 Wall St. examined the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s report on life satisfaction in the developed world. Economic prosperity, health and a strong social support network continue to correspond highly with happiness. Once again, the United States fails to make the top 10 happiest nations in the world, while countries like Australia, Israel and all of the Scandinavian nations do.

          • Clueless. This is just science & the Chinese are far behind. The true index of creativity is H-index in last column.



            USA               1229
            China            316
            UK                 750
            Japan            568
            Germany       657
            India              256
            Australia        450
            Taiwan           229
            Sweden           448    

            Israel               368
            Denmark        373             

          • gemjunior

            “Right now the only Caucasian countries that are doing well are Israel, Australia, and the Scandinavian countries with their social democratic economies.”

            One thing that people forget is the reason Caucasian countries are NOT doing well –  the undertow and high levels of immigration.  How can these countries excel when the whites are always carrying the non-whites (except Orientals) on their backs?  It’s impossible.  Scandinavian countries are not going to last as social democracies either – when the indiginous whites are bled dry to give away the rightful inheritance of their people to strangers, their systems will collapse.  Unfortunately, the self-hate of these whites predicts that many of them will die before uttering a word (datz rayciss!) in their own defense, will convert to Islam or intermarry with the Somalians forming entirely new pigin languages and lord knows what else.  It’s very disturbing.

            When you look around you, here in the USA – at any fallen city or crime-ridden neighborhood, they all have one thing in common:  the population of non-whites who are housed, fed and clothed by the overtaxed whites.  It seems to be the very same in any other formerly white country the effect is the same.  Just look at Malmo and Rinkby – no-go areas for whites.  Also look at the culture of rape these freaks have brought with them.

  • And White-Asian couples have 50% higher divorce rates. And Whites in this case are disproportionately Jewish. And … apart from a few “true love” instances- what life is it when you’re married to someone so different ?

    • potato78

      Why White Girls Prefer Black Guys – White Women and Black Men Dating!

      This is american culture.

      Obama is the result of white woman marriage with black man.

      White men should not deny these facts.

      • Ca. 3% WW have something with black men. Not more. And you’re a pathetic worshiper of whites’ leftovers.

        • potato78

           This is a factual basis.  What I can say.

          Please watch the video. 

          “Ca. 3% WW have something with black men. ” will be increased along with time, 100 year to 1000 years in US.  By then, can you picture that picture?

          • Very accurate depiction of the general female population. 

          • Bad_Mr_Frosty

            Take away welfare and affirmative action and the black man falls back to the lowest link on the food chain of civilization. We can’t pay for blacks for another 100 years, hell, I doubt we can keep this illusion alive for another 100 months.

          • 5n4k33y35

            No kidding. Our government is subsidizing these bozos. To hell with Feminist government!

          • 5n4k33y35

             Take a hike bozo.

          •  Since I have a minumum of respect for every commentator, I’ll respond.

            Do you think that WW who despise blacks would go so far to make a video & post it on Youtube ? Or that such a video would be accepted ?

            Bearing in mind all stats, it’s evident that WW as a rule are not interested in blacks. For instance, marriage stats show that:

            So, WM marry BW 0.3%, and WW marry BM 0.7%.
            Other stats show that cohabitation & casual sex with blacks,  when white females are concerned, is 3-4%.

            WW who sleep with Blacks are:

            * mentally instable & having a low self-esteem
            * “experimenting” during college years- this is stupid, no need to elaborate
            * in the heart of hearts, sluts
            weirdos, since Black race is viscerally repellent to Whites, from
            bodily odor to facial features (as has been said of reaction to rats or
            * desperate middle aged lonely females
            * whorish disoriented young women without developed moral personality, probably abused in childhood or abusing some substances

            sum- Blacks (Black males) are physically, mentally, emotionally,
            morally, socially, spiritually,…absolutely “other”- and a repugnant
            “other”- so that women who enter in physical (romantic relationship with
            Blacks is an oxymoron) relations with them are either nutcases or, if
            it happened once or twice, has to be swept under the rug and judged as
            temporary insanity.

          • potato78

             Marriage is not very important now. 

            So many WM/BF and WF/BM have had been producing a significant number of mixed babies together in US and around the small world within and without marriage since the first WM/BF or WF/BM had a human experimental baby.

          • potato78

            So many WM/BF and WF/BM have had been producing a significant number of mixed babies 

            I’ve given stats re mixed W-B births before: it’s annually around 3% in the case of White mother & and 4% in the case of Black mother- the figure is stable for 15 or so yrs.

            Here it is:

      •  why white girls occasionally go for black guys:

        a massive, generations-long propaganda campaign

  • Does this control for IQ? I’m guessing it doesn’t.

  • FinnyMac

    The article is nonsense of course, because it does not confront the fact that the Asian/white pairing is sub-consciously motivated by a common desire for flight from the black culture.

    A few additional observations:

    Notice how the author’s liberal Jewish woman’s identity is in a tacit state of panic and anxiety that must not be named; I have occasionally noticed the same tone in my liberal Jewish female friends when they discuss their competition with Asian women: they subconsciously feel vulnerable on every side. The white Jewish male / Asian female coupling, which is everywhere, is a genuine threat to their mating future; but at the same time, they’re committed to liberalism, which can’t rationally criticize race mixing even when it is against one’s own interest. The intensity of this inner-torture can be discerned, when you consider the exceptional desperation required for a liberal to defend a new biracial elite that will judge all other races by its own standards. But if that’s true then the author must admit that the liberal dream of aspiring to a color blind society is just a fantastic delusion.

    I would also like to proffer some advice to young white men suffering from an the Asian fetish: go back to white women. The best women around today are religious white women with strong faith: with them you find both the surpassing beauty of the white western look, but in a personality that is less tainted by liberal corruption.


  • frederickdixon

    Not long ago I had the pleasure of listening to the great Arthur Kemp address a meeting in London on the prospects for the survival and recovery of the white race. He urged that racially aware whites should have many children because white liberals, with their low birthrate AND TASTE FOR MISCEGENATION, are going to disappear. When that happens and – crucially, on condition that there is still a racially aware white leadership cadre –   the remaining whites will then fall in behind that leadership.

    An expanded version of Kemp’s argument can be found in the last chapter of the latest edition of his magnum opus “March of the Titans – The Complete History of the White Race”.

  • whiteyyyyy

    I prefer to be prejudiced and stupid. When people call u smart u usually have something to worry about.

  • Because men are not likely to initiate divorce, and Asian females are happy with their white spouses.
    White women need White men, period.

  • crystal evans

    One reason for the success of white/Asian couples is that for the most part, Asian women are not stay at home moms. They tend to have professional careers such as doctors, dentists, lawyers and the like. If they have children, they usually have the grandparents watch the kids while they work.

  • Jews are overrepresented, but they’re not the only ones with yellow fever.
    Be as it may, Hispanics are Whites’ most likely spouses, apart from Whites:

    Out of the ALL mixed marriages in 2010:

    White-Hispanic 43.3%
    White-Asian 14.4%
    White-Black  11.9%
    Other mixed 30.4%

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      Yeah, people go nuts over the black-White thing, but really it’s the latino-White mixing that is the real issue.

    • Fixed it for you, Bad_Mr_Frosty: Yeah, people go nuts over the black male-white female or white male-Asian female thing, but really it’s the latino-White mixing that is the real issue.

    • You couldn’t help yourself promoting your mongol fetish again “CA-WASP”, couldn’t you ?

      Sorry junior, but a threat is a threat is a threat .

      Two, three ,or four wrongs don’t make a right when it comes to White genocide in the US through miscegenation.

      The Bay Area where we both resides is now being completely taken over by asians at an alarming rate for the last 20 years, and you’re obviously to young to understand how outrageous this is for White natives over 50 like myself. Your own town of San Ramon has gone from 15 % to 35% asian in only 10 years between 2000 and 2010 for God’s sake ! :,_California#Demographics

      The West Coast, California, the Bay Area, San Francisco were not built by asians who mostly came way after 1965, and still have a foreign-born majority because of constant “family reunification” and “illegal immigration”.

      You want to sleep with the enemy, be my guest, but don’t you tell me, or anybody else here, that we have to agree simply because blacks and browns are worse.

      The “priority” is to defend and preserve the hegemony of the White race, not to make compromises with other non-Whites who surely will backstab us later on. These two-faced are in the same boat when it comes to race replacement and have long figured out to play nice to achieve their goals. Even my sons’ chinese classmates have repeatedly advised them to kiss the White teachers’ asses to get the best possible grades while they bash them constantly in their language during class. It’s the same in the workplace, stores, and everywhere mongols gather together, and most of them truly look down on Whites.

      You have much to learn about how cunning mongols are, but it wouldn’t surprise me the least if you were simply one of them in the first place…

    •  Caracal, thank you for telling AmRen readers you are unable to set priorities among risks of different likelihoods and magnitudes. To high IQ AmRen readers: “A word to the wise is sufficient.” You now know all about Caracal you need to know. Nothing more need be said.

      But to Caracal, as far as where I reside: you incorrectly assume it is San Ramon, a place where I have never lived in my life.

      As far as my age: well, let’s just you’ve made another a false assumption and leave it at that.

      Last, you seem unable to focus upon the topic of this article — the income (and “college education” rates), of various intra and interracial marriage combinations in America. I am not the topic of discussion. I have never presumed to tell you or anyone else whom to “sleep with” or whom to marry. I hope I haven’t become an obsession with you….

      All in all, Caracal, you’ve once again shown AmRen readers that your posts are not worth wasting their time reading — they have a low signal-to-noise ratio and what facts they do assert are often based upon false assumptions. 

  • potato78

    White men always are paranoid and jealous to white women for dating black men.

    Why Black Men Love White Women

    Please accept the fact in the real world.

    • You’re just pathetic.

    • 5n4k33y35

      I’m not the least bit paranoid. I know a lot of black dudes are seething with hatred for and jealousy of white men.

      With the help of cynical, non-observant Jews, embittered American blacks had managed to gain and hold a psychological advantage over white society for most of my life. That’s gone now.

      You know what your problem is? Blacks never had any real power beyond the psychological, and that psychological advantage never could have existed without solidarity from the cynical, non-observant Jews.

      Still, the white man has the power. It’s not merely psychological power of the mind. It’s the power of power. No amount of porn with black stooges and white slags can diminish the real power.

  • FinnyMac

    Excellent observations. However I disagree with your analysis of the white-male / asian-female coupling as being fundamentally motivated by economics. The psychic reality is much more profound and complex and disturbing.

    Let me introduce my theory: I believe the white male sexuality attempts fulfillment through a kind of masochistic surrender to the illusion of the Asian female personality. In my view, the white male is primordially violent and dominating and creative, like a descendant of the great men of classical antiquity. But when this primordial force of the European male becomes transported by our time into constraining modern institutions, the result is not only tamed behavior and effeminacy but a kind of subliminal crisis of identity and shock to the entire system, which *seeks refuge in blindness*, or what is the same, a kind of fulfillment through masochistic escapism. Now the Asian female personality provides this escapism, and radically so, not only because she is exotically non-western-looking, but because she is more tolerant of white men who act girlish and secretly desire inversion of sexual roles. Her self-image as Asian arriviste in the west disposes her to thrill in controll over the white male phallus as no white liberal woman can, since the latter knows her own feminist type has arlready won the battle of the sexes. So I would hazard a guess that in bed, your white neighbor is playing the woman’s role and is permitted the perverted delight of seeing himself as woman before the mirage of the conquering Eastern asiatic phallus in quasi-transexual form. And it may be said that this sexual exchange would be perfect if it were not so disgusting and a betrayal to our true European heroic origins: for it permits the white male a surrender to a form of blindness that soothes him and is socially acceptable, but also represents the final death of western genius.  

    Oh, and for the record, I am an Aryan and I love only Aryan women.

    • 5n4k33y35

      FinnyMac: That was a load of pure homosexual drivel of your own imagination.

      Once I became quickly besotted with a Chinese woman. I smelled the sheets she slept in. Eventually I moved on.

      When you’re so consternated as to write something like you’ve just written, it’s damn near homosexual of you to be so weirdly disgusted with Asian women. Then again, you’re probably a woman yourself.

      The fact is, a lot of Asian women are fine, with their silky hair, and slender physiques, and some of them are quite refined and lovely.

      Once I was infatuated with a mulatto woman. I thought about her quite a lot.

      And then I saw this white girl, who made me feel sentimental about the idea of parting ways with my race. Eventually, I realized it wasn’t just sentimentality she had evoked. She is something much more than that. She restored my sense of devotion to white females.

      Only a girl could have done that. Not white woman could have touched my heart like her. My heart is like a soldiers leather boot after all these years.

      This is why I’m determined to squash Feminism, because it precludes any opportunity for white men to marry white girls. Feminism is anti-white. Feminism is about as bad as the bubonic plague for its decimating effects on white civilization.

      • Dr. Möbias

        Anti-white feminism, diversity and multiculturalism, were forced on white society and only white socieity by non-white outsiders such as Boas, the Frankfort School and Freud with a singular goal of destroying white western civilization. Their agenda for white destruction has become the prevailing wisdom throughout the white western world and the results have been spectacular as whites become minorities in America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and anywhere else whites dwell.

        • IstvanIN

           Very true.

        • Freud was not feminist nor multiculturalist. You got him wrong.

      • FinnyMac

        You need to take a long walk and cool down. I’ll tell you why you’re so afraid of what I wrote: either you yourself are a closet queer or you’re just too uneducated to understand a single thing that I said. Go take a long walk and cool down; don’t embarass yourself again by commenting in a hissy-fit.

    • Dr. Möbias

      You “theory” is a load of new-age psychobabble with no basis in science or reality.

    • Not convincing. Hero who mutated into a whiner. There is no psychological theory that would corroborate that.

  • There are these things called averages. 

  • I guess an Asian American woman is too American for them. I think they see Asian women from other countries as very traditional, submissive stay at home wives who are not interested in careers as American women are.

  • The reason why Asian women date white men is simple. White men in the media have always been seen as handsome, masculine, good family man etc. Whereas Asian men have been seen as evil, servile, ugly, etc. It is no secret that a successful Asian woman has a white man on her arm.

    • Net_Drifter

      Are you successful yourself? Why did you marry your white husband?

  • How can that happen when Japan has an extremely low birth rate? In around 2050 or sooner, there will be more elderly living in Japan than young people. The Japanese have refused to their credit, large scale immigration of third world people.

    • IstvanIN

       You are assuming that the Japanese population won’t stabilize at some point.  The idea that a population must always increase is insane.  Adapting to a lower population level may be painful for a bit but in the long run the Japanese will be better off.  A huge population certainly hasn’t made India better.  or Egypt.  or Brazil.  Or….

      • rightrightright

        Japan is overpopulated.  There is literally no room for expansion.  It only works as it is because the Japanese have a culture of politeness of which self control and quietness form part.  It is in their best interest to reduce their numbers, to keep foreigners out and to maintain their integrity as a people.  Good luck to them in today’s world of predatory multiculturalism.  

        • 5n4k33y35

          I don’t know enough about Japan to agree or disagree on over population.

          But to this: “Good luck to them in today’s world of predatory multiculturalism.”


  • IstvanIN

    Jewish men in particular may go for Oriental women because Jewish women, who were the leading proponents of hostile feminism, in my limited life experience, are the most difficult to get along with. 

    Can you imagine being married to Ruth Bader Ginsberg or Betty Friedan?

    • ViktorNN

      Take it easy there, brother, you’re going to give me nightmares.

    • 5n4k33y35

      Yep. I’ve been saying, the Feminists in the Jewish society are ill with hatred of men. They put the President of Israel, Mosh Katsav in prison for seven years for nothing but a lying rape liar. Jewish women have near absolute power over their men. It’s sickening how far Feminism has gone there.

  • IKantunderstand

    Mr. Marchie, why don’t you direct your ire to the Chinese? Perhaps they permit a few more Africans to move in than the Japanese, but they certainly need a lesson in racial purity. So do the East Indians.  And, of course, by a lesson in racial purity, they need to get over it!!! White people intermarry more often with the “Other” than any other race. For example, what is the percentage of Chinese men marrying Black women?  How about the number of Hindu women marrying Black men? Or, what is the number of Hindu women marrying Chinese guys? Seriously, dude, get a grip. The major concern in this world is White people marrying out of their race. Why don’t you come out and say it, you lying dumb S.O.B. NOBODY cares about being truly postracial, except where it involves White people.  Dude, admit it, EVERYBODY in the world wants to be White!!I guess you figure better to be some percentage of White, than NONE. 

  • 5n4k33y35

    Back in 2009, I took issue with Barack Obama’s inauguration speech which said “The lines of tribe shall soon dissolve”.

    I said not so fast. If diversity is so wonderful, why are so many “anti-racist” ideologues in such a hurry to eliminate diversity through racial assimilation?

    They need to knock it off, and stop acting like they’re better than unmixed folks. It’s aggravating how racist the mixed people can be against the unmixed. After all that complaining about racial purity zealots, now they’re proclaiming superiority? GTFO.

  • 5n4k33y35

     I won’t have anything to do with a woman who has gone through any “phases”. I don’t want a woman who has been defiled by any man.

  • 5n4k33y35

    Someone will draft a study which says that marrying within your race is tantamount to incest.

  • potato78

    American men treated  american women like “used cars”.

    “Dating or being married to an American woman is like driving a beat-up
    Ford Escort. If you are only used to driving a beat-up Ford Escort, then
    you have no idea what it feels like when you drive a Bentley or
    Ferrari. You need to at least test-drive a Ferrari, so you’ll have a
    reference point on what a real car feels like.”

    Should we boycott american women or white women?

    • Yawn. Even OKCupid  tells a different story:

      How Your Race Affects The Messages You Get

      Black women write back the most.
      Whether it’s due to talkativeness, loneliness, or a sense of plain
      decency, black women are by far the most likely to respond to a first
      contact attempt. In many cases, their response rate is one and a half
      times the average, and, overall, black women reply about a quarter more
      often that other women.

      White men get more responses.
      Whatever it is, white males just get more replies from almost every
      group. We were careful to preselect our data pool so that physical
      attractiveness (as measured by our site picture-rating utility) was
      roughly even across all the race/gender slices. For guys, we did
      likewise with height.

      White women prefer white men to the exclusion of everyone else—and Asian and Hispanic women prefer them even more exclusively. These three types of women only respond well to white men. More significantly, these groups’ reply rates to non-whites is terrible. Asian women write back non-white males at 21.9%, Hispanic women at 22.9%, and white women at 23.0%. It’s here where things get interesting, for white women in particular. If you look at the match-by-race
      table before this one, the “should-look-like” one, you see that white
      women have an above-average compatibility with almost every group. Yet
      they only reply well to guys who look like them. There’s more data on
      this towards the end of the post.

      Men don’t write black women back.
      Or rather, they write them back far less often than they should. Black
      women reply the most, yet get by far the fewest replies. Essentially
      every race—including other blacks—singles them out for the cold shoulder.

      White guys respond less overall. The average reply rate of non-white males is 48.1%, while white guys’ is only 40.5%.
      Basically, they write back about 20% less often. It’s ironic that white
      guys are worst responders, because as we saw above they in turn get the
      most replies. That has apparently made them very self-absorbed.

  • 5n4k33y35

    NYB wrote: “In the battle between the sexes, some white males may have a loathing for surrender to a modern white feminist.”

    Loathing is a good word for it. Still, it is an understatement. I’d rather die. Surrender is not an option. The moment a man surrenders his critical faculties to his love for a woman, she instantly feels repelled.

    Women who insist on relating to men this way are like the preying mantis’ who devour their mate. The way the Feminist devours a man is by cheating on him and eventually dumping him.

    Consuming his status and his dignity can only satiate her briefly, and she moves on. Or else she does this repeatedly, drawing sustenance from his misery and humiliation.

    A wise man knows his role, and that is never to lose himself in love with his woman, and so as never to be fully consumed by her, and then discarded.

    And thus, she will be the one who loses herself in love, because she has never been granted a more than a glimpse of his soul. If you ever let her take your dignity, you’re finished.

  • I am a beautiful white/jewish woman

    I like your modesty & humility.

    • 5n4k33y35

      That’s American women for you. They’re almost all delusional.

  • JohnEngelman

    I too have had much experience with Asians. They have been pleasant experiences. I do not find them bland, but fascinating, and very intelligent. 

    • Now I’ll say something I’ll be sorry about because it is essentially unkind toward another person whom I actually don’t know. But, judging from your posts- there is no fire in you, John Engelman, no spark, no what Hebrew term “barakah” or Greek “charisma” mean: the abundance of life beyond the limits of time.
      Your vision of life is ordered, by the book, safe, secure, “progressive”, rational hedonism & planned good life….. and ultimately boring & bland.

      • JohnEngelman

        What would be “fire?” Hostility toward non whites? 

      • Gary Jenkins

        Maybe Engleman is a ‘chosen one’. It only takes a tiny few to turn a nation on its head.

        Never trust a . . W

    • MikeofAges

      You’re snow blind, dude. You figure out what it means, in c0ntext. Well, what it means is that what is around you is reflected back at you from every direction, and in the end you can see nothing.

    • newscomments70

      There is good and bad in any group. You generalize though. I have been to Asia several times. There are some very intelligent, decent, hardworking people there. There are some beautiful women there as well, if that is your type. Most of the countries, however, are very third world. Communist China, which is now thriving, has brutally tortured and murdered tens of millions of people in Asia.  Southeast Asia is rife with human-trafficking and sexual slavery…especially with children. I would say that is even worse than black teens on the street corner mugging people.

  • JohnEngelman

    It will not happen in your lifetime, but your descendants will be part of that race, if you have any several thousand years from now. They may have blond hair and blue eyes, because these characteristics are determined by single genes, but they will also have tawny skin, because skin color is determined by a number of genes. They will also be descended from Orientals and blacks. 

  • Japan the second biggest economy in the world with higher GDP per capita ,lower crime, less poverty and whole host of other positives  than America is a warning to world. OK. And by the logic of this article Brazil is the way to go.OK.

  • potato78

    “Caro says:
    I have no attraction to other Asian men and honestly, prefer white males. Why? I
    think it’s cultural difference – being Canadian born, English is my first language and I’ve grown up very liberal. All the Asian men I’ve met are not liberal. They’re conservative and they’re looking for a house wife to pump out children. Not me. No way. I find it’s easier for
    me to be in a relationship with a white male because there’s less pressure of being forced to get married, of meeting family, etc, which I don’t want! In the past, I actually was attracted to Asian men more than white men in the past but after getting to know them and realizing
    their interests don’t lie with mine…*shrugs* And I find that Asian men
    are just too effeminate, more effeminate than I am sometimes! I’m a very tough chick and I want a man who can handle my crass humour and open-mindedness. Just my two cents…”

    Asian men are too effeminate and Asian women are the most effeminate women in the world.

    White men are too average of effeminate and emasculate and white women are the most average of effeminate and emasculate women in the world.

    Black men are too emasculate and Black women are the most emasculate women in the world.

    Asian women = high IQ.
    White men = high IQ.
    AW/WM babies = high IQ.
    Black men = low IQ.
    White women = high IQ.
    BM/WW babies = low or mid IQ.

    • Net_Drifter

      I can’t think of a single thing that an ‘asian’ woman would bring to a marriage or relationship. 

  • IstvanIN

     True, they are not us and will take what we have built if given a chance.

  • FinnyMac

    Interesting points.

    I haven’t read the Middlesex book. Does it cover this theme in an insightful way or is more PC and stereotypical?

  • Pre-nups are an efficient tool.

  • bluegrass91

    This article reeks of anti-whiteness. 

    Particularly this liberal trope:

    “The future—where we all will live whether we like it or not—is not
    closed. It is an amalgamated mix. Anyone too prejudiced or too stupid to
    deal with this fact will be left behind.”

    Liberal pathology is ultimately prophetic and faith-based: there is a future which is certain, it will inherently be better than our present (all past is traditional and therefore evil), and you will receive none of the benefits of this “great leap forward” unless you adhere to the “progressive” dogma of the current age.

    Our current American liberal elite are showing ghastly similar parallels to the early communists.  The idea that we must sacrifice ourselves of racial identities today in order to facilitate a post-racial future is the American Cultural Marxist’s reiteration of the communist’s criminal attempts to produce the “worker’s paradise.”

    In the eyes of Stalin, the starvation of 6 million Ukrainians was necessary for the cohesion of the Soviet state and the mechanization of Agriculture.

    In the eyes of our liberal elites, the eradication of European racial existence is necessary for the achievement of their post-racial nation.

    Mongrel societies are inherently weak.  The Elite will belong to a racial caste system, obsessed with their genetic makeup relating to the “higher groups”, and despise the mixed lower group underclass below them.  If I were the elite and my peers and family are entirely of a Eurasian ancestry, what blood kinship would I share with the mulatto masses below me?  None, noblesse oblige would be all but dead.

    Horrendous wealth gaps, class-warfare, heartless individualism, racial caste systems, Bremer walls between rich and poor: is Brazil 2.0 truly the liberal utopia?

    Anyway, here is Steve Sailer’s (a writer of Alt-Right disposition) take on interracial marriage.

  • This is a white liberal “thing”. I’d say that average Joe is not interested in such a behavior, and white educated people with moral & cultural spine know very well where they belong.

    As I say: West is the best.

  • bluegrass91

    The deferment of higher intelligence classification to Asians and Ashkenazim Jews, with Europeans in general third place, is just to defend against accusations that Jared Taylor is espousing White supremacy. 

    Its trying to simplify our argument against incessant defamation.  We must fight the: “White Identity=Future White Violence” trope that anti-racists have used as a common calling card. 

  • Notice how the author only gives data for the 3 minority racial/ethnic categories of marrying either one of their own kind or a white. Assuming the stats are correct and putting aside any racial agenda to just look at the numbers and interpret the data:

    1) It looks like every non-white benefits when marrying a white, but whites only benefit by marrying an Asian.

    2) Notice how the author does not go into more detail re the other possible combinations: Does a Hispanic gain or lose by marrying a black? Does an Asian gain or lose by marrying a Hispanic or a black? To me, that the author chose not to show this other relevant data shows his bias/agenda.

    3) If the title is “It Pays to Intermarry,” then: (a) why the data re “college educated” (college graduates?) in addition to annual income rates?  (b) Why no info. re. divorce rates, incarceration/felony conviction rates of spouses or kids, bankruptcy rates, HS drop out rates of kids, welfare rates, illiteracy rates of kids, etc.

    My safe GUESS is that it almost never pays for whites or Asians to marry NAMs, but it almost always pays for NAMs to marry whites or Asians.

    • The title is both realistic & irritating. “Pays”, “elite” …
      Life is supposed to be much, much more.

    • pc must go

      Yes… although the half mexican or half black children can at least go to college for free. Affirmative Action!

    • pc must go

      Because this man who wrote this article lives in a little white bubble world where the only “diversity” is an asian wife or two… 

    • And I sure noticed how you just took this opportunity to again associate Whites and mongols by concluding that ” it almost always pays for NAMs to marry whites or Asians.”

      No, marrying mongols or hindus doesn’t pay for Whites and further contributes to White genocide in America.  Even more so now as these NON-WHITES  have now surpassed hispanics as the largest demographic moving into the U.S. since about 2009.

      Their invasion of the US and their displacement of Whites for JOBS, EDUCATION and HOUSING is now in full throttle and anybody arguing in their favor like yourself is nothing but an advocate for White genocide.

      You have been exposed repeatedly by myself and several others now for the last few weeks, and don’t expect to get away with your asian propaganda anytime soon.  If you want to marry an asian go, or should I say go back, to Asia. 

      Asia is for Asians and White America is for WHITE AMERICANS.

    • k8

       They probably can’t find a sample group big enough for Asian-Hispanic or Asian-Black couples to make any kind of conclusion about it. I think Asians are much more racially aware, even if they don’t talk about it

  • All thats happening: is Whites are getting rid of the unfaithful that shouldn’t be in the Genepool anyway.  L’Afrique aux Africains, l’Asie aux Asiatiques, les pays blancs pour tout le monde.  Anti-Racism is a codeword for Anti-White

  • Now, seriously:

    1. I think that under normal & healthy circumstances people will marry and live productive & fulfilled lives with spouses who are similar to them- physically, emotionally, mentally, morally, … Sure, some difference is good to add “spice”- but not too much. In case of hardly compatible religions or cultures, one spouse has to denounce their heritage and part of their identity. This is not healthy, although I’m aware people do this all the time.
    In case of different races, men-or most men-will want their progeny, especially sons, to look like them. Perhaps women, too. Say what you want- this is perfectly natural.

    2. that said, there will always be a fraction (1-5%, I’d say) of any population who would like to “marry out”. They may be “race-traitors”, “religion-traitors”, whatever …, but these people are genuinely attracted to someone profoundly different. IMO, they are in the small minority, but are here to stay, like homosexuals.

    Just, I don’t see as something healthy & good:

    * marriage based almost exclusively on sex fetish/deep craving or money. In time, attraction wears out & money… well, it’s not what life is supposed to be.

    * spouses who are racially significantly different & men see their sons as belonging to a different racial tribe. No good, no good …

    * world-views too different. Radical atheist married to a religious firebrand. Even if it lasts, there is something squeaky about it. And then, what about children ?

    Of course, I’m talking about normal circumstances  & a stable, healthy environment. Not about war-torn countries or extreme poverty or something similar.

    • pc must go

      Spouses/men/women once they hit 30, will want their children to look like them.

      Some of these white women who date black men WANT  a mixed race baby, kind of like an accessory. 

  • potato78

    Not insulting to all races at all.

    After another 5000 years, we should set up a program for studying why “white race” disappeared, why “Chinese”, “Japanese”, and “Koreanese” disappeared.

    Brown/brunette color skin people with a full of black hair are filled in the world.

  • Net_Drifter

     “And by allowing the race-replacement enthusiasts to do this means that the Jared Taylor has lost the debate.”
    Or has compromised a little too much for some people.

  • Net_Drifter

    I find it really difficult to view whites who have, so-called, intermarried within the race as mongrels.

  • Net_Drifter

    Ah, the thin physique that looks to be in early puberty much of the time…

  • Net_Drifter

    Britain is more than halfway there.  But I think their extreme form of hard-headed insanity won’t spread that far. Nobody can hate themselves like the white Britons.

  • bluegrass91

     “Than Jared Taylor is allowing the race-replacement enthusiasts…the
    folks who are violently agitating for the violent persecution of Native
    Born White Americans…to define the terms of the debate.”

    That’s water under the bridge for we long ago lost the war of semantics. To complicate our problems we’re completely at the mercy of our modern master’s of discourse.

    What makes Jared Taylor so effective is that he puts forward a pro-white message in the context of an inherently anti-white system of discussion .  He speaks for White interests in a surprisingly P.C. manner, which forces the anti-whites to show their hateful and aggressive tendencies.

    If you feel Jared is too soft, there are many alternatives to go to.  However, most of these alternatives, no matter their purity vs. Mr. Taylor’s message, are simply too anathema to the system to get even the small inkling of media attention that Amren has comparatively received.

  • Net_Drifter

    I can’t begin to understand how anyone that is white can look into those faces and relate to them. 

  • DelmarJackson

    The ending of the article with a warning not to become like Japan was amusing. Japan does have a serious demographic problem. Regardless of how they solve or do not solve it, at the end of the day they will be still japanese, and outside of an unknown biological problem, will still be able to procreate and further their people should they begin making a lot more japanese babies.
     On the other hand, nations embracing and worshipping multiculturalism and diversity will see the dispossession of their own culture,language,etnicity and history for having given their nations away. It will not be reversible outside of a time machine. Good luck with that.

  • potato78

    “Now the percentage of Americans who feel that the rise of intermarriage
    has been a change for the better is 43 percent, with the number
    increasing to 61 percent for the under thirties.”


  • Barrack Osama

    Militant feminism has all but destroyed the western woman.

    • US_Eurolad

      Absolutely, and part of what lots of people here seem to be missing. White women are the gold standard of beauty by all people on planet earth. You needn’t look farther than advertising, some well documented studies of people “Selecting faces”, and just casual observation of how men interact with them -particularly- in foreign lands where they are not the norm. However… all that being said, the majority in Western cultures are left leaning, entitled, princess complex btches. And White western men have reached the capacity of their ability to tolerate crap. Hence, the great desire for any woman not poisoned by feminism. A large majority of these women come from Asiatic regions.

      If you have to pick between some feminist white chick who will constantly berate you for white male privelege as has been pumped into her tiny brain for her entire life, or a woman that hasn’t drunk the kool-aid so deeply. What will you pick?

      Asian women are usually quite intelligent, very conservative and into a classic no-BS relationship with normative gender roles, and hyper feminine. Petite, thin, minimal body hair, etc.

      Do I prefer European looking women? Yes I do, but I would never tolerate a life of misery with some uppity western bitch. Eastern Europe, former soviet-bloc countries are the safe horse to bet on, followed by South American places like Argentina/Chile with majority white euro descendants, and Asiatic countries last. Western women are poisonous beasts, particularly the US and UK.

  • The Verdict of History

    Beauty in human facial aesthetics is not entirely subjective — you are right.

    Social Psychologists confirm that there is a genetically ingrained preference for symmetrical features (ie European peoples).

    Do verify, though!

  • So much for Taylor’s contention that kids of mixed race couples have it worse. Mulattos do better than blacks, Eurasians and Jewasians do better than Asians, not least because their parents do better.

    • Mulatto children do better than blacks because they get a white genetic upgrade. As far as white/asian couples doing better than asian/asian ones, it is entirely possibly and very likely that whites and asians who intermarry (or at least one of the partners) tend to be of higher iq than the aggregates of their respective ethnic groups. I don’t believe that was ever taken into consideration in the article. 

  • A bit OT, but not too much. Some time ago I read an article- I think 4 pages long- about difference in perception between Whites and Asians. It was in British popular science magazine, “New Scientist”.
    Summary would be that Whites perceive world in analytic-synthetic way- hence science – and Asians in a holistic, more intuitive manner.

    I’ve found only a part of it on the Web, I guess subscribers can read the entire article.
    Maybe it’s the same article, maybe not, but it’s about roughly the same subject.

  • k8

     Yes it is; traits that look attractive in females aren’t necessarily attractive in men. For example. women aren’t attracted to men who are skinny, or have small noses, or small chins, but the reverse is true for men.  Unfortunately, all of these traits are typical physical characteristics of Asian people of both sexes. Think of it this way – the men have to work extremely hard (harder than any other race) to build up any kind of muscle at all, whereas the girls can pretty much do nothing, and have the body of Jessica Alba.

  • IstvanIN

     You don’t get it, do you?  Only white people can make white children.  When a black mates with an Asian, who cares, there are plenty of both that it won’t make a difference.  There are not that many of us and each one who leaves the gene pool is a loss for us.

    Personally I do not care if east Asians are smarter or not.  I wouldn’t care if whites were the dumbest people on earth, I would still want my people, with our genetic makeup, our diverse hair, eye and skin colors, our skull and skeletal characteristics, to carry on.  The societies that we built to survive.

    Perhaps there needs to be a “Eurasian” nation for people like you and yours.  I have no objection to that.  Or perhaps you should reside in an Oriental country.  I don’t even care about you being a Federal felon, which you throw in our faces as if it matters to the discussion at hand.  I personally wish you all the best, but you are not on our side, especially since you want us in shackles.

    Don’t take the conversation so personally.  Or don’t visit the site at all. We are talking in generalities here.  Although the situation is dire.

  • Take it easy. It’s your personal life. If your family & daughter are not anti-White-and I suppose they aren’t- they’ll end up as whites. Just- we don’t need liberal anti-European bashing, be it from “pure” whites or mixed people.

    I’m not extreme race purist; more, I understand that a person’s life may have unexpected turns. I do not judge you, nor do I – God forbid- would look down on anyone in your family.

    But, as I said:

    * you’re on our side if you’re not against us. One white-Asian marriage doesn’t change much. 2 million such marriages- well, they do.

    * personally, I think your life is- your life. On the other hand, ideological Asiaphiles & race-mixing pushers are clearly against us. They are ideological enemies.

    But, I don’t think you are. And, American Indian thing is…

  • You’re wrong. Bizarre it may sound, even within Whites, there are cases where women are, generally, attractive & men—hm, not so. And vice versa.

  • I’d say that there is a bit of overreaction about these mixes. Actually (I’m talking about Whites):

    * media have manipulated numbers, so people frequently overlook that most Whites marry other Whites- females more than males- at the rate of about 96%. This is now, not overall numbers.

    So, in 2010- WM married WW 94.7% and WW-WM 95.6%. WM marry Asians 1.4% and white Hispanics 1.6%. WW marry white Hispanics 1.6% and Asians 0.5%. As for blacks- WM marry them 0.3% and WW 0.7%. Both WW and WM marry American Indians 0.3%.

    Looking from white Hispanic & Asian angle- AW marry WM 18.8% and AM -WW 7.5%.
    White Hispanic women marry Whites 18.9% and Hispanic men-WW 16.4%.

    So, marriage-wise, not a big deal.

    What about birth rate & miscegenation ?

    Here you have rows as mother’s race & column as father’s race. Both in absolute numbers & percentages. I suppose “not stated” includes brown Hispanics, some Asian Indians or various mixes.

    • OsRazor

       Thank you so much for getting those numbers. 

      They are devastating. 

      For 2010, only 80% of births by white women are confirmed as white babies.  Nearly 3%  of such births are confirmed black and 16% are unstated.  Even if we assume that half of the “unstated” births are white babies, which is a dubious assumption, then approximately 10-12% (but probably more like 15-18%) of births by white women are of non-white babies.  If we also assume that “white” here includes non-European middle-easterners and SW asians (e.g. Indians), then the number are even more horrific for the future of whites in the US.

      We’re done.  When a people lose control of their women’s reproductive outcomes, they are finished.

      I know Bardon you talk about the low rates of interracial marriage among whites, but given that illegitimacy among white women runs greater than 20%, the numbers you provide above are much more indicative of where we’re heading. 

      It’s a tragedy beyond imagination.

  • Net_Drifter

    The only problem with that is that so many people believe that only applies to one-side of the argument.

  • Net_Drifter

    You apparently want people to do handstands and clap their feet because you married an Oriental..?

  • Net_Drifter

    Most of the men in my .white. family were in every war you can name, on the front lines.  White people like us aren’t going anywhere.

  • That’s my favorite theme. I expect genetic “bleaching” in next 50 yrs.

  •  Yes, you’re right, but that’s not the issue. Read the text. It’s about fundamental differences in perception.

  • Of course you’re right. But people are touchy due to demographic changes that threaten Euro-American position in the US. You have to look at the big picture.

  • Exactly. However, it is also wrong to force people to associate (like Net_Drifter is hinting at). Once race-realism is accepted and people understand that its ok to discriminate against others out of their self interest, then we will be home free. 

    (note: By discriminate I do not mean denying someone their natural rights. )

  • IstvanIN

     I say that everyone has a God-given right to be with whoever they darn please.

    But is it everyone’s God given right to be with whomever they wish?  Miscegenation used to be illegal.  Marriages used to be arranged.  Gays used to be forbidden to congregate in bars.  Interfaith marriages were strongly condemned.  India had the caste system.  It wasn’t always so.

    • Only if it is a mutual interaction. If I want to live with you but you don’t want to live with me then you have the right to deny me access to your property. 

      • Hm…. mutually consensual incest ?

        • If people want to do that then you have no right to stop them. Though people these days who do are EXTREMELY RARE and/or don’t understand the consequences of it. The Westermarck Effect takes care of the problem almost entirely. 

    • The myth of freedom is just that, a myth.  As social animals, we are socialized to respect certain protocols.  Nobody can just do whatever they want all the time.

  • IstvanIN

     You have a chip on your shoulder.

  • What Stephen Marche does not mention is that ONLY White countries are being forced to accept tens of millions of non-White immigrants.  No one is flooding Africa with tens of millions of non-Africans and writing about the benefits of intermarriage. No one is flooding Asia with tens of millions of non-Asians and writing about the benefits of intermarriage. What Stephen Marche does not tell his readers is that this is GENOCIDE according to international law. Marche is not anti-racist, he is anti-White. I’m sure he has heard by now that anti-racist is just a codeword for anti-White.

  • Net_Drifter

    I can’t remember ever seeing such symmetry in a black face. That idea is coming out of nowhere. The scale and shape of facial features also matter. Blacks usually look like ogres.

  • That would be technologically complicated. And what about mother-child bond ? Hmmm….dunno.

  • Net_Drifter

    You should brush up on reading comprehension. I may not even a passing remark about total purity.

  • Net_Drifter

    He’s constantly either feeling sorry for himself or making a bizarre defense of his family whom nobody cares about. This shouldn’t be the place for him to expect approval of his misguided decisions. In more than one way. 

  • Net_Drifter

    I believe you’re probably one of Mike’s other unhinged trolls.

  • Net_Drifter

    I’m sorry, but you appear to be senile.

  • k8

     If you look at a list of the world’s most desirable women, there are very few women with anything above a D cup. Even Venus de Milo and Bottecelli’s Venus have relatively small boobs. I think the giant boob thing is just a fetish.

  • kerrysmith

    I can’t see anything better than building a long, long history with the same person – the good, the bad, the whole enchilada.

  • kerrysmith

    Mr. Scott, you really should consider writing a book.

  • kerrysmith

    With respect, Rosebud, you sound like a teenager. It’s not a question of rights, but of what’s best. St. Paul got this one right: “‘I have the right to do anything’, you say–but not everything is beneficial. ‘I have the right to do anything’–but not everything is constructive”.

  • Net_Drifter

    Oh, you know, some in my family only gave their lives and limbs. True, nobody managed to sink a ship…

  • HJ11

    A race is a subspecies.  

    A subspecies is a group of individuals on their way to being  a separate species–if there is no gene transfer from the species from which they had begun to diverge.  

    If there is gene transfer, then those lines of the subspecies that receive the gene transfer will merge back in with the old species and won’t continue to evolve as a separate species.

    Miscegenation is stopping White evolution into a new species which eventually will not be able to breed with other humans.  Many of us believe this is a good thing and something to be sought.