White people are less likely to be gay, according to what could be the largest ever study to calculate America’s lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender population (LGBT).

The Gallup survey, released this week, was based on interviews with more than 121,000 people, and showed that 3.4 per cent of adults considered themselves a member of the LGBT community.

According to the survey, conducted between June and September, 4.6 per cent of African-Americans were LGBT, along with four per cent of Hispanics, 4.3 per cent of Asians and 3.2 per cent of Caucasians.

Overall, a third of those identifying as LGBT are non-white, the report said.

Demographer Gary Gates, of the UCLA School of Law’s Williams Institute, said: ‘Contemporary media often think of LGBT people as disproportionately white, male, urban and pretty wealthy.

‘But this data reveals that, relative to the general population, the LGBT population has a larger proportion of non-white people and clearly is not overly wealthy.’

The survey found that there was a slight gender difference, 3.6 per cent of women identified as LGBT, compared to 3.3 per cent of men. Younger adults, aged 18 to 29, were more likely than their elders to identify as LGBT.

However, among those aged 18 to 29, 8.3 per cent of women identified as LGBT, compared with 4.6 per cent of men the same age.

The survey also asked about political preferences and found that 44 per cent of LGBT adults were Democratic, and 13 per cent were Republican.
Seventy one per cent of LGBT registered voters support President Barack Obama in this year’s election, and 22 per cent support Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

In contrast to some previous, smaller studies, the Gallup survey found that identification as LGBT was highest among Americans with the lowest levels of education.

A similar pattern was found regarding income groups. More than five per cent of those with annual incomes of less than $24,000 identified as LGBT, compared to 2.8 per cent of those making more than $60,000 a year.

Regarding family status, 20 per cent of LGBT individuals said they were married and an additional 18 per cent were living with a partner.

Among non-LGBT Americans, 54 per cent were married and four per cent were living with a partner, the report said.


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  • I love studies like this, because gays love to throw around the 10% figure. That is nonsense. They can wield power at 10%, but 3%– that’s just freakish. In order to get up around 10% they would have to be passing on those genes, and they can’t.-Gayness is an evolutionary dead end. Am I saying that homosexuality is genetic or environmental? I think it’s a little from column A and a little from column B. Either way, it’s probably closer to 1%.

    • Ben Cottom

      I know straight people who vote Democrat because they know someone who is gay. That’s how they do it. 

      • 1911ThePunisher45

        cry a little more.

      • Why do you want the comment deleted?

    • mistermark123

      If you think 3% is freakish, then you must think the Jews are bigger freaks than gays.

  • The real question is how has a group of people that represents less than 5% of the population managed to twist so much of our politics and culture around a gay agenda that is at best a distraction from much more important issues and  at worst contributes to the degradation of our society?

    • The__Bobster

      They’re highly represented in the media.

      • The entertainment media does speak of the ‘gay mafia’.

        I recall that at an award ceremony, a gay man was putting a red AIDS ribbon on all the people before they went on stage. One person refused the ribbon and the guy flew into a shouting, ‘you’ll never work in Hollywood again’, rage. 

        It certainly is odd how often gay men (and mixed race couples) are popping up on cable ‘reality’ programs. The high number of both defies the odds. It’s clearly deliberate.

      • John Bonham

         Yes by the likes of Rachel Maddow .. Openly manly on the tube …

    • Germanacus

      Another simple question. They help to reduce the White race. Feminism, racial pride and solidarity for everyone except Whites, 3rd world immigration, liberalism, massive coverup of black on White crime, virtually anything that reduces the number of White people and their traditional culture is to be approved of.

    • Because WOMEN have the right to vote. Gay men present themselves to women as innocent victims of brutish straight males. This arouses in  women, especially single women without children, a “mother”or “nurturer” response. They hold out on their men until the men start singing a different tune. Women ALSO relish the fact that some men are feminine and non threatening. Women are attracted to masculinity while at the same time they have a dislike for it. So they always try to feminize their men to some extent. When women did not have political power, they could not twist society as they have done.

      • Xanthippe2

        I find any man who is obviously homosexual to be repulsive — so do many other women.  Stop getting your ideas about how women feel from the media!

        • Net_Drifter

          Thank god! 

          I have to admit that some women baffle me in their support of gay men. At least there’s somebody here, especially good that it’s a woman, that isn’t afraid to say they are repulsive people. 

          Whether they act out flamboyantly or not; their sexual practices are disgusting and unhealthy. 

        • Svigor

          I know women who find homosexuality repulsive, but still like homosexuals as people.  Women tend to like eunuchs around, once their own relationship needs are tended to.  Homosexual men are “safe” men.

  • WmarkW

    I don’t believe this poll.

    All minorities are more likely to live in urban environments where there’s some LGBT presence.
    Rural and small-town areas with almost no gay activity are overwhelmingly white.

    Hence, minorities are more likely to think of themselves in terms of the surrounding environment in which gayness is not uncommon.   But in any particular surrounding, it’s whites that are most likely to experiment with an alternative lifestyle.

    • MerlinV

      Disagree. As someone who has lived in an inner city amongst large numbers of blacks, I can tell you the “down low” is fairly common. Also in prisons.

      • crystal evans

        A lot of people in prison are gay for the stay and straight when they get out.

      • 5n4k33y35

        I was arrested for fare evasion while living in NYC. There was this black guy who was “sagging”, meaning his underwear were exposed, and he was laying on his belly in the middle of the cell in Riker’s Island. He was blatantly advertising his homosexual interest. Yeah, it’s a pretty sick environment.

      • gemjunior

        I believe this is due to the black male’s impulsivity.  Even if a man is heterosexual, if he’s black he will have more homosexual liasons because of a) jail b) impulsive sex with another nearby or conveniently located black man whose urgency for immediate, anonymous intercourse with anyone is similar.

    • Disagree, white people are not hyper sexualized the way blacks are. Black culture is also very anti-gay. Gayness, is not accepted at all in the black community. it may exists, but it is often met with violence and brutality when it is openly expressed.

      • crystal evans

        There is a lot of resistance to homosexuality in the black church. But the majority of music directors in the church and choir members are gay and the church tolerates that because the choir sounds good and black people tend to go to church for the choir rather than to hear what the pastor says. Black gospel music performers are predominately gay.

        • yes,this is the exact same phenomenon as in the muslim world. They preach one thing, and practice the opposite. The one thing that is common in both cultures is that femininity in a male is a worse sin than actual male on male sexual activity.

      • MerlinV

        Your brain has been washed. Your knowledge is derived from what you’ve gleaned from Hollywood. You are confusing effiminate behavior with gaydom.

    • crystal evans

      I agree. It seems that everytime I see a Gay Pride parade, there are more white males than anyone else.

      • They are the only one who can afford to build the floats

      • Now, in many cities, it’s referred to as the “Pride parade”, the “Gay” being dropped.

        Just like the “Women’s Liberation Movement” became the “Women’s Movement”.

        When I worked part time at a movie theater years ago, the gay pride parade route was past this theater. I was surprised at the number of Bantu gays  marching in the parade.

  • Stentorian_Commentator

    I think it points to homosexuality as being the result of substantial dysfunction.  I think some adopt homosexuality as a response to childhood sexual abuse, as if to make the rape suffered as a child “OK” because the victim is gay.  I recall that is how they tried to brush off Congressman Gerry Studds of Massachusetts getting a 16-year old boy drunk and then sodomizing him.  I also recall that a Massachusetts teacher got a suspended sentence for the same thing with a 15-year old boy and the judge credited the same excuse.  Perhaps it cannot explain 100% of homosexuality, but I think abuse of children is perhaps a breeder reactor for homosexuality.  And where are the kids most vulnerable?  Where they have no daddy, and instead have the mother’s boyfriend, who might just as well prey on them.

    • It could well be that the theory of a distant or nonexistent father and an overbearing mother is a very valid theory about the origins of homosexuality. how many black kids even know who their father is, let alone have him in the household.

      • phijona9

        Then how do you explain the fact the 4.3% of Asian respondants identified themselves as members of the LGBT community? If anything this study only served to reveal who is more honest about their sexual orientation and who more likely lie. 

        • SLCain

          “Then how do you explain the fact the 4.3% of Asian respondants identified themselves as members of the LGBT community?”

          That numer surprised me too.  However, one must remember that the term “asian” covers a lot of ground – everything from Pakistan to Samoa.  Homosexuality is pretty openly tolerated in much of the South Pacific region.  My guess is that people from Oceania contribute proportionately more to that figure than do people of chinese and japanese origin.

          • SLCain

            Correction: I should have written “disproportionately” – not “proportionately.

        • A father being present does not mean the father makes an emotional bond with the child. A father that spends all of his time, energy, and focus, outside the family, on business or other achievement, being a provider , would effectively be just as absent and emotionally inaccessible as a “baby daddy”.Asian cultures consider raising children to be “women’s work”, much more so than European cultures do.

  • Homosexual behavior has, historically, been more widespread in Africa & other communities with no strong sexual taboos. Also- and I don’t know why- there seems to be an increase in homo- and bisexual types of behavior among mulattoes- see Brazil.
    As for US Black “anti-gay” stance, this has more to do with Christianity & self-preservation image of “manly” types as a sort of compensation for inferior social status. “Genetic homosexuals” are, across the world, perhaps 2-4%.

    • what makes you an expert on black america and gays?

      • This is a comment section, nothing more. Plus, I’ve read ca. 8-10 books on Black sexuality & maybe 100 on sexuality.
        If you wish to explore the topic by yourself- feel free to do it. I’ll watch from safe distance.


        • TeutonicKnight67


          Please don’t respond to this agent provocateur. You only encourage its ridiculous contrarianism. It is clearly a troll looking to generate excitement in its otherwise worthless life.

      • mistermark123

        Why not? You act as if you’re an expert on the subject of homosexuality, so why do you not approve of others doing the same?

    • Persephone Gray

      Agreed. Social taboos obviously have an inhibiting effect not only on honesty about deviant sexual practices but also on the prevalence of the behavior itself. I think this is true of many behaviors besides the sexual. We are, after all, social creatures. The sexual drive is such a powerful one that its allowances and prohibitions must be clear and strong; if they falter, it takes a remarkably short time for people’s behavior to degenerate.

  • The__Bobster

    Moolies with a down-low lifestyle don’t classify themselves as gay or bisexual, so I suspect the number is far higher than 4.6%.

    • This is true too. They NEVER classify themselves as gay unless they are so effeminate that they can not escape the label.

  • I would have expected the exact reverse. 

    • MerlinV

      The media has had its effect then.

  • Detroit_WASP

    “3.2 percent of whites say they are homosexual, compared to 4.6 percent of blacks.”

    That’s interesting because when I was in graduate school a gay instructor tried to tell the class that 10% of the population was gay.  I told him the 10% figure was wishful thinking…lol.  The instructor had been married to a woman, then “came out” and was “married” to a man when I met him.    

    He also said that most child molesters were “straight men”   I asked, how he knew they were straight.  He replied that they were married to women.  I replied, that makes you straight too….”since you were married to a woman.”  

    He was actually a good professor and I enjoyed the class.  I’m sure my correcting him made him even better.

    PS, I have nothing against gays as long as they aren’t leftists.

    • Sarge

      >>>He also said that most child molesters were “straight men” 

      If 3% of the population is homosexual and the other 97% is “straight,” then for obvious reasons that’s highly likely. But it’s also entirely diversionary. 

      • John Bonham

         Agreed… As in the case of more  whites being on food stamps than blacks .. Blacks and white liberals LOVE to say that there are more whites on food stamps than blacks, but they NEVER take into account the percentage .. Blacks overwhelmingly surpass whites in that case .. Even THOSE numbers can’t convince them otherwise.. Hence , Michael Savage : liberal is a mental disorder..

  • LOL, where do you live?! I hardly ever see a he she

    • CoweringCoward

       Totally agree, there are more black “lady boys” than any other version.

  • This lends credence to the theory that an absent, disinterested father and an overbearing mother are the cause of homosexuality. We are talking about blacks here, most black children have “baby daddy” and that is the very definition of a disinterested, absent father.

  • MekongDelta69

    I love the way gay activists rant on how homosexuality is ‘normal’ and heterosexuality is ‘abnormal.’

    If that were true, none of us would exist. ‘We’ would still be protozoa swimming around in the primordial ooze because gays can’t procreate.

    Homosexuality is a biological abnormality (and for those who (also) believe the ‘environmental’ influence – fine. It’s still abnormal.)

    • MerlinV

      Very true. Thread winner. Standing ovation.

    • mistermark123

      What?! I’ve been homosexual my entire adult life, and I’ve never heard another homosexual say that heterosexuality is “abnormal”.

      Some of you come up with some pretty entertaining stuff. I have to wonder what world you’re living in. It seems like it’s all make-believe.

      • SLCain

        “What?! I’ve been homosexual my entire adult life, and I’ve never heard
        another homosexual say that heterosexuality is “abnormal”.”

        How about the use by many homosexuals of the term “breeder” to describe heterosexuals  – a not so subtle attempt to imply that heterosexuals (i.e., what we used to call……normal people) are akin to farm animals and merely bestial.

  • puffdaddy

    I appreciate your thoughtful comment.  Thank you.

  • crystal evans

    I agree with you that there appears to be more black transgendered people than any other race.

  • crystal evans

    Many women also get HIV from bisexual men who have unprotected sex.

    • 5n4k33y35

      That’s why the word fag is such a point of contention. It refers to either homosexuals or bisexuals. A fag can deny that he is a fag by saying he is not homosexual. That’s unfortunate, because bisexual fags are worse than homosexual fags. They’re always in the closet too, because no woman wants them.

      (Moderator: please don’t delete this because it’s meta-discussion of the word its self, not being used to insult.)

  • Johnny Clay

    A lot black men I see have effeminate mannerisms, sing with high voices like women, and use hygiene products made for women (Secret deodorant, clear nail polish, face cream, etc.).  Gay?  I don’t know, but I’ve seen gay white men who don’t act this way, too.

  • SirMarlowe

    Barack Obama has been and is currently a practicing homosexual.
    Obama & Rahm Israel Emanuel –
    Members Of Same Chicago Gay Bath House
    By Wayne Madsen
    First Published 5-24-10
    President Obama and his [former] chief of staff Rahm Israel Emanuel are lifetime members of the same gay bath house in uptown Chicago, according to informed sources in Chicago’s gay community, as well as veteran political sources in the city.
    The bath house, Man’s Country, caters to older white men and it has been in business for some 30 years and is known as one of uptown Chicago’s “grand old bathhouses.” WMR was told by sources who are familiar with the bath house that it provides one-year “lifetime” memberships to paying customers and that the club’s computerized files and pre-computer paper files, include membership information for both Obama and Emanuel. The data is as anonymized as possible for confidentiality purposes. However, sources close to “Man’s Country” believe the U.S. Secret Service has purged the computer and filing cabinet files of the membership data on Obama and Emanuel.
    Members of Man’s Country are also issued club identification cards. WMR learned that Obama and Emanuel possessed the ID cards, which were required for entry.
    Obama began frequenting Man’s Country in the mid-1990s, during the time he transitioned from a lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School to his election as an Illinois State Senator in 1996. Emanuel, reportedly joined Man’s Country after he left the Clinton White Hosue and moved back to Chicago in 1998, joining the investment firm of Wasserstein Perella and maintaining his membership during his 2002 campaign for the U.S. 5th District House seat vacated by Rod Blagojevich, who was elected governor.
    Reggie Love: Obama’s personal trainer
    [Reggie Love was quietly terminated in December 2011 in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky sex scandal. Obama and Love’s relationship was becoming too obvious. Love was asked to leave by Democratic brass – over the objections of Obama. Love’s salary was $104,000 annually; he was given very generous severance pay: they don’t want him to talk or write a book.]
    Reggie Love, a former Duke basketball and football player and unsuccessful National Basketball hopeful, currently serves as Obama’s personal trainer and White House “special assistant” — he has been called Obama’s “body man” — who receives a salary of $104,000 a year. Love is also reportedly one of Obama’s regular gay sex partners. Love joined Obama’s Senate staff in a senior staff position in 2006.
    Media General’s tabloid, the National Enquirer, proffered a story last year about Michelle Obama being furious about the relationship between her husband and his “body man.” The Enquirer’s sister tabloid, The Globe, later floated a story about Obama having a relationship with a Democratic campaign official named Vera Baker. WMR has been told that this relationship was a clever ruse to throw off speculation about Obama’s actual past sex partners. Baker has apparently left the United States for relatively more obscurity in Martinique. Media General’s tabloids have scooped the mainstream media on sex scandals involving Bill Clinton and Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky, Tiger Woods, and John Edwards and Rielle Hunter.
    WMR’s Chicago sources believe the Secret Service records of presidential candidate Obama’s activities in Chicago would show that Obama regularly arrived at Love’s Chicago residence at 9:00 am and departed at 9:15 am. Sources told WMR that while 15 minutes is much too short for a personal training exercise, it is ample time for fellatio.
    Men who have reportedly had sexual relations with Barack Obama
    §  Donald Young, TUCC Choir director
    §  Larry Sinclair, gay escort
    §  Reggie Love, White House presidential assistant and Obama’s “body man”
    §  Artur Davis, US Representative from Alabama and gubernatorial candidate
    §  Bill Frist, former GOP Senate Majority Leader
    §  Deval Patrick, Governor of Massachusetts

    The Clear and Present Blackmail Threat

    Leading secret alternate life styles, Obama and his chief of staff provide classic blackmail threats.

  • over exposed too

  • nope, women have been the driving force in the feminization of America.

    • robinbishop34

      Men created feminism, and feminism demands effeminate men.

      • 5n4k33y35

        Loose, defiant women created Feminism to shirk their responsibilities and take advantage of men.

      • I did not say “feminism”, I said “feminization”. Once women were given political power  they have increasingly feminized  society. 

    • Svigor

      The idea that women are a driving force merits scepticism.  Women are largely followers.

      • gemjunior

        Women did not create feminism, men did.  It was part of the plan of the Frankfurt school, in combination with the plan to destroy the family and reduce the number of white children born to couples.  In addition, another salary could be taxed, allowing for the transfer of even larger amounts of $$ from the middle class. 

        Most women were too busy caring for their children to participate in suffrage or bra-burning ceremonies put in motion by a few upstart jewesses.  Had the political will existed, the idea could have been crushed before it even began.
        MEN of a certain political and ethnic group were responsible for the introduction of feminism, partly to destroy the family but also the partriarchy, weaken Christianity, and numerous other reasons.  To suggest women “grabbed power” is ludicrous, similar to suggesting that black slaves protests ended slavery, or blacks marching and MLK were responsible for civil rights – these were convenient small groups that were politically expedient for the cause of destroying white men and the power they held – legitimately – as the creators of the USA and all advanced western civilization.

  • exactly

  • Antoine— BWAH HA HA HA HA HA ! I think he was more upset that the person who broke in didn’t try to rape him but went for his sister instead; “Oh no you dih’in just try to leave hear without puttin some junk in MY trunk!”

  • anarchyst

    The homosexual lobby has been successful in distancing itself from the homosexuality of Catholic clergy. This was done with “help” from the so-called “mainstream media” which incorrectly called homosexual “chickenhawk” behavior, “child sexual abuse” and “pedophilia”. For those of you who are unaware, a “chickenhawk” is an adult that “recruits” young boys into the depraved practice of homosexuality. Boys as young as 7 years old are “ripe” targets as their sexual “mores” are not fully developed and can be easily swayed into thinking that homosexuality is “normal”.
    The “lavender lobby” in the Catholic seminary system purposely denied the priesthood to “straight” candidates while promoting their depraved “lifestyle” to suitable (homosexual) candidates. What better “cover” for a homosexual than to be a Catholic priest–the “targets of opportunity” (young boys) are almost endless.
    It may be interesting to know that predatory homosexual behavior is not limited to priests, but is rampant in the teaching “profession” as well as clergy of other faiths.

    • TeutonicKnight67

       Pedophile priests were long kept in check by intact nuclear families where a strong father was present. Only in the age of the “empowered” single mom and the absence of involved fathers did the abuse proliferate.

    • mistermark123

      For someone who reviles homosexuality, you sure do know a lot about it.

      • anarchyst

        Loooks like I hit a nerve.   I have friends that were “screwed up” by “going along” with homosexual perversion.  What does a poor 10-year-old kid know when an adult homosexual showers him with “gifts” and possibly gives him “attention” and “false friendship” in return for “playing around”?
        I stand by my statement that homosexual “recruitment” by these “chickenhawks” is responsible for much of the perversion and misery that is part and parcel of the homosexual “lifestyle”.   Homosexuality starts with pedophilia . . .
        I REFUSE to use the term “gay” to describe homosexuality . . . there is nothing “gay” about it. 
        Best regards,

  • anarchyst

    I don’t care what homosexuals do and am quite able to “live and let live”. 
    That being said, their “in your face” attitudes and demands for acceptance do much more to stifle tolerance than just about any other action. 
    “Tolerance” does not mean “acceptance”.  One can tolerate a particular class, race, or what have you without accepting their behavior. 
    Homosexuals would be better off if they crafted “civil unions” (contracts)” instead of insisting on “marriage”.
    The “nature vs. nurture” arguments will be with us for a long time. 
    It is refreshing to see the backlash from black groups decrying the “homosexual community’s” use of the old, tired, worn-out “civil rights” canard. 
    As a group, homosexuals are more affluent than just about any other “group”.  It would seem that they have very little to complain about . . .
    However, homosexuality and pedophilia are inextricably linked.

    • mistermark123

      You’re wrong on all counts. The survey even says that homosexuals have lower incomes than heterosexuals.

      And regarding the so-called “backlash” that you talked about, keep in mind that the NAACP has endorsed same-sex marriage, and support for same-sex marriage in the black community has increased significantly since Obama came out in favor of it.

      • anarchyst

        The survey is wrong . . . it is to the homosexual “community’s” advantage to portray themselves as being a part of an “oppressed” group, just like the so-called “civil-rights (for some)” crowd.  In this way, they can demand “special rights” just like blacks and other “oppressed” ethnic groups . . .

      • John Bonham

         Funny, when did Obama become in favor of  gay marriage ?  Oh well, it was about the time he started needing their votes ..
        He was against it for most of his term .. Do you really believe he is in favor of gay marriage? 

  • youhavetherighttoremainsilent

    TRIED to find a related topic but… did anybody but me notice that romneys campaign picked up greatly just when michael went off the air?…scary . i hope its just a coincidence

    • Michael as in Savage?
      If that’s who you’re talking about, then it is just a coincidence.  It has to do with those kinds of things I can say what I know but I can’t say how I know it.  And what I know is that Savage and his people behind the scenes are contrarian jerks and hard to work with.
      As far as that goes, the once upon a time open warfare between Savage and the host who sounds like Groucho Marx’s grandmother after a hysterectomy is all over, because Savage’s new syndicator is the same as that host’s and also Sean Hannity’s.  Savage will have the three-hour time slot after Groucho Marx’s grandmother.  Before, they had the same time slot but different syndicators, which explains their hatred of each other.  Now they’ll have the same syndicator but consecutive time slots, so now they’ll be best friends.

  • Bad_Mr_Frosty

    When did you realize you were gay? A gay guy I used to work with said he knew something was up when he was 5. He apparently used to “play doctor” on all the boys in school. 

    I used to throw live ants in girls’ hair when I was little. Picking on them eventually turned into liking them, so I guess I knew I was straight since about 6-7 years old.

    I’m of the opinion that sexual orientation is something we are born with, but I’m always curious about people’s individual realizations. 

    • Persephone Gray

      Sexual/gender abnormalities often seem to manifest early in life. The little boy next door, for example, likes to dress up and play princesses. In these games he behaves exactly like a flamboyant drag queen, right down to the annoying “Valley girl” voice and mannerisms. His favorite TV shows are the girly teen shows. He drives me absolutely nuts. I don’t know whether it has had an influence or not, but his mother died when he was little, his father is a criminal and he lives with his aunt and uncle. His aunt is a gentle, laid-back soul, and his uncle is a bearded, gun-loving, car-fixing, ATV-riding, ex-military outdoorsman, very masculine. It would be interesting to know if these dynamics in the little boy’s life have anything to do with his effeminacy.

  • Xanthippe2

    There are some great comments including some stats here: http://tinyurl.com/9gscsxo

  • IKantunderstand

    Well, that explains the MSM’s obsession with gayness. They must have known about these statistics all along. No wonder they have all these crappy primetime sitcoms celebrating homosexuality. (With White men). They are trying to soften  mainstream White America to accept this abomination by making them think it is primarily their fellow co-ethnics who are primarily gay. Caught in a lie once again! Although, once again, White people have to come to the rescue of incompetent Coloreds.

  • IstvanIN

     Unlike many on here I do not hate gays or call them names so please take this as an honest question and/or assessment: I think we have to differentiate between gay people, people with an exclusive homosexual orientation, who are no doubt 3 to 5 per cent of the population, and “bi-sexuals”, who are people who can function sexually with either sex.  If someone can truly go either way, shouldn’t they be considered heterosexual?  They are the ones with a “choice”, not the homosexual or the heterosexual, who are operating as God, nature or whatever made them.

    Bi-sexuals are probably the messed up ones sexually because they do not have a definitive orientation.

  • KenelmDigby

    The extreme black aversion to homosexuals is just another example of black hypocrisy/denial.

  • 5n4k33y35

    Tee hee! More good news for whites! (Also, there are not as many gay-sexuals as the mainstream media was suggesting.)

  • Blacks are insecure about their masculinity, hence such crimes:


    Victoria Carmen White’s Accused Murderer Acquitted

    Victoria Carmen White’s acquitted killer is likely strutting the
    streets of his neighborhood bragging that he beat a murder rap. (I’ll
    come back to that.)

    So how did Ms. White’s accused and acquitted murderer walk? They used
    fear and intimidation during the murder trial itself. The key
    prosecutor’s witness changed their testimony from their original
    testimony at the grand jury trial. Why? Because on that day the
    courtroom was suddenly packed with many known, nefarious associates of
    the accused murderer. The prosecution got the message loud and clear.
    The message was fear and intimidation. So prosecution’s witness was
    afraid to go home and face these people if they told the truth.

  • haroldcrews

    Haven’t studies of rats shown that in high density populations tend to possess a number of social pathologies including homosexual orientation/behavior?  If it also applies to people then it is reasonable to believe that you would encounter a homosexual tendency even if only slightly higher in high population density areas such as ghettos.  It would also explain at least in part for the higher homosexual tendency (if this article is correct) in Asians located in the US since those populations are more apt to be urban than whites.

    This is not to say that there isn’t a cultural factor in the different susceptibilities to homosexuality among the different racial groups but only that biology also plays a part.  

    • Of course. For instance, China’s one child policy has resulted in sex imbalance- there are ca. 100 million more Chinese males than females. Just, as you said. you have to consider cultural factor, too:


    • IstvanIN

       I read many years ago that over crowding among rats increased aggression, then increased homosexual behavior and eventually ended with females killing their own off-spring.  But rats are not humans and their psychology is not directly comparable to ours.  I would say rats are more distant from whites psychologically than blacks are.

      • FourFooted_Messiah

         Actually, they’re probably not that far off from us as you think.

        Look at the way the human population has climbed, and look at how violence increases with population density.    I think the rat studies might be good for ALL mammals, including humans.

        Mammals are not meant to live in swarms like insects.

        • IstvanIN

           I agree with you for the most part.  We are mammals, and share similarities with other mammals, even blacks, but we are not the same.

          Whites generally prefer their space, this is true.

          • FourFooted_Messiah

             No, of course, not the same in all respects.  That comes with being different species or races.  But the crowding thing, I think it’s universal among mammals.  No mammal crowds itself like humans do, and when they do, they suffer major population losses to get things back into balance.

            I do believe humans are facing such a natural readjustment in the future, whether through war, disease, or general psycopathy.  Evolved humans simply cannot live in high-density conditions any more than any other evolved mammal can.  If certain humans can hack it, well, that just states their primitiveness to me.

            Even RABBITS will reabsorb the young in the womb if there are population pressures in the warren!

          • Humans “crowd” because humans build sanitation systems , food production and delivery systems, and high rise housing. If you were to take the square footage of the living area of a city into the calculation then you would find it is not so “crowded”. It can become “congested” at times and places, but this  is not the same thing as putting rats or bunnies in a cage together where they always experience the same amount of congestion. You may be shoulder to shoulder with someone on a subway for the duration of the ride, but when you get home, you have a place to yourself. When you go to a store, park, or any other destination, the chances are that you will not experience anywhere near the same degree of crowding as you do on a subway ride. When you are stuck on a freeway, you actually are not crowded at all. You have your whole interior of your car to yourself. Your problem is that you can not move at the rate you wish too, but once again, it is not analogous to the situation of lab animals packed tightly in a cage for study.

        • Black Swan

          One of the tactics that the Left… is the idea that cities don’t have to spread OUT, they must spread UP

          This was a tactic the Soviets used to dispossess The People from the land.

  • John Bonham

    Yes, but the 90 some odd percent of the rest of us are supposed to bendover backwards ( excuse the pun) and  except the LGBT community, else were racist homophobes ..
    We are supposed to support the teaching of this perversion in schools to our children to satisfy just a very few of the population.. It really is sicking if you ask me..

  • John Bonham

      30 %  ??   WOW !! That is a little overboard, I would say ..

  • John Bonham

     You don’t sound like a conservative with use of words “homophobic ” homophobes” .. Just what exactly is homophobic ?? Here is the definition: Homophobia ,
    (a person who fears or hates homosexuals  and homosexuality.)
    So in your mind if someone disagrees with homosexualty they are a homophobic ..
    There are several reasons to disagree with homosexuality as in religion .. So  if they believe in a religion that shuns homsexualty they are hateful and fearful ..
    You sound exactly like a  liberal ,no question about it .. If you want to claim conservatism you have to get notions like that out of your head , completely ..
    I’m a conservative .. You can live your life the way you choose.. I have nothing to say about it  to you at all ,But I don’t agree with that lifestyle and nothing you can do will ever change that .. I will tell you this, I am neither fearful nor hateful towards you or any homosexual .. That is what conservatism is …
    You may be a liberal and not even know it .. Course it doesn’t matter to me if you’re a liberal But I don’t approve of liberals .. Now am I  liberalphobic ??

    • IstvanIN

       You sure sound like a “homophobe”, you simply hate gays.  Disagreeing with homosexuality is like disagreeing with Downs Syndrome.  A small percentage of people are born with a defect, doesn’t mean they should be harassed or tormented.  Or made second class citizens.  I say when set of rules for all.

      • SLCain

        “Disagreeing with homosexuality is like disagreeing with Downs Syndrome.”

        Yes, it would indeed be foolish.  Equally foolish would be to rearrange society so as to accomodate the every whim of people with Downs Syndrome and to make them feel that they were no different than anyone else in any way.

        I realize that homosexuality is largely (though not entirely) genetic in origin.  I have no particular dislike for homosexuals, provided that they don’t befoul public places with their sexual escapades (in the case of the men) or try to sexually prey upon young people and convert them (in the case of both men and women), and – yes – I do believe that some homosexuals are interested in that very thing.

        However, I object to them demanding that the rest of us turn our culture on it’s head in order to accomodate their deviant life-style, simply so that they will feel less different and strange.  If you want to call that “homophobia”, then fine, call me a homophobe.  Some things are feared for good reasons.

        • John Bonham

           Excellent post.. Well said and a much better explanation that mine ..
          Just one question , do you hate homosexuals ? I think this guy is confusing hate with beliefs .. Just curious ..

          • SLCain

            I don’t hate homosexuals.  But homosexuality is a deviancy and it ought not to be normalized.

        • yes, let’s give the down syndrome people jobs where they build our bridges and do our air traffic control. It will make everything  eeeeeeeeqqqqqqqquuuuuuuuaaaaallllllllllll!

      • Net_Drifter

        Defects should never be normalized.

      • John Bonham

         Sorry, but I don’t hate anyone .. They can choose the life they want ( as stated in my first post) But I don’t have to agree with it .. You’re confusing hate with beliefs .. If a knowingly gay man or woman was smashed by a car in front of me I would do everything to help that person that I possibly could .. If I hate them
        I would walk over them and not even turn around .. I hate snakes and if I saw one get crushed by a car I would even bat an eye, but a squirrel ??  I would get out and see if it’s ok and see what I can do to help it..

    • Net_Drifter

      There are commenters here that still want to think of themselves as sophisticated and urbane at least as much as they want to help whites. They hate the idea that they might be mistaken for someone with slightly more middle american values. Or values they believe to be less than ‘progressive’. 

    • mistermark123

      Okay, you’re just anti-gay then. Feel better now?

      • John Bonham

         Duh , quote :You can live your life the way you choose.. I have nothing to say about it  to you at all (first post)..
        You need to start absorbing what you read, this is twice you did this in as many posts .. I’m not anti anything , I’m not on a street corner with an anti gay sign, fool ..  Gay is  something I wouldn’t choose to be.. YES it’s a choice, how do I know ? There are plenty of “gay ” men that marry have sexual relations with women and even father children yet somewhere along the line they are gay and even sometimes come out of the closet.. I know one thing, there isn’t ANYTHING in this world that can make me lay down with another man peer pressure or not, it’s a choice.. You know it,  they know it, everybody knows it..
        Stop pretending , and for the love of God please read my posts, absorb them and THEN comment .. By the way, you wouldn’t happen to be gay are you ?
        Seems like it seeing how bent you get over the subject..

  • Captain Amurrika

    That doesn’t surprise me. Who’s the first group of people to go homo in prison?   Blacks lubs to rape. So in prison without any white wimminz, they turn to white men.

    • IstvanIN

       They don’t go “homo”, as you put it, they are simply, for the most part, sexual.  A small percentage of gay, a larger percentage are straight, most are simply sexual opportunists.

      • Captain Amurrika

        Everybody is sexual. So, I am not sure what you mean. I believe that homosexuality is a choice.  In prison they choose to become homosexual.  They have no problem with degenerate sex.  They already rape white women, so adapting, and raping white men is not that big of a deal for them.

        • IstvanIN

           Homosexual acts, are of course, a choice.  A homosexual orientation is not.  And yes, human beings are sexual, most have sexual urges or desires.  Most white people have sexual desire for the opposite sex.  A small number are attracted to the same sex.  Blacks, however, seem to have a different sexual psychology.  Most black men will pursue a woman first, if a woman is not available then a male will do.  Not because they are gay, but because they are sexual and and will take what ever opportunity is at hand.

          I truly believe their psychology is inherently different from ours in any number of ways, from sexuality to “wishful” thinking or the believe in magic.  If we can believe that IQ is  different between groups, why is it is so hard to believe that sexual orientation, for lack of a better term, is also not different among groups?

          • IstvanIN

             Wow, thank you.  Everyone should read this.

          • IstvanIN

             Wow, thank you.  Everyone should read that.

          • FourFooted_Messiah

             I think Indians (the native north american type) are that way, too.  A woman is preferable, but if there are none around at the time, anyone will do.

            An old Cree man I knew (he has since passed) let that slip in a fit of alcoholic pique, as he was yelling at his son and nephews.  There was a definite air of uncomfortableness in the air; however, their culture is not mine, and none of them did me any harm, or made any unwanted advances (and me being female), and that’s really all I care about.

            Really, I do wonder if sexual mores are more than religion-deep at times.

            After all, I’m not religious, but am inhibited and kinda prudish, just out of the way I am, and there’s no way I even want to touch another woman, and I know I’d die of alcohol poisioning before “swinging that way”.

          • The act of drinking alcohol is a choice. The condition of being an alcoholic is not. 

          • Esmithton91

             however, if you know you have alcoholic tendencies or addictive tendencies, you can choose to limit your use or exposure, as in stay away from bars for example.  Also, with the above knowledge you can narrow your search for help.
            and if all you think about is sex, perhaps you should rethink your values system and what you are working towards in our life.

          • Cannot Tell

            “Most black men will pursue a woman first, if a woman is not available then a male will do. Not because they are gay, but because they are sexual and will take what ever opportunity is at hand.”

            Blacks in Africa have been known to rape babies. Young blacks in the U.S. have been known to rape elderly women. I completely agree with you that blacks will take whatever opportunity is at hand.

  • Guest

    There are many studies on this, and most come up with similar results:

    “Groth and Birnbaum (1978) studied 175 adult males who were convicted in Massachusetts of sexual assault against a child. None of the men had an exclusively homosexual adult sexual orientation. 83 (47%) were classified as “fixated;” 70 others (40%) were classified as regressed adult heterosexuals; the remaining 22 (13%) were classified as regressed adult bisexuals. Of the last group, Groth and Birnbaum observed that “in their adult relationships they engaged in sex on occasion with men as well as with women. However, in no case did this attraction to men exceed their preference for women….There were no men who were primarily sexually attracted to other adult males…”

    There was alot of child molestation in my family and community. Most child molesters I’ve known in my life were married with children. They molested boys and girls. The one molester I knew who was “homosexual” pederast did not identify as gay. He was our  assistant boy scout leader. He was actually a semi-professoinal boxer and a policeman…not the interior decorator type. Gerry Sandusky was a football coach, married with children. Father Porter, on of the most infamous, ended up marrying a woman and having children, after the church defrocked him. The list goes on. 
    I’ve spent alot of time in urban gay areas and suburban straight areas. Both sides have their share of inappropriate comments and behavior. I remember a common phrase amongst heterosexual men… on sports teams I played on, the gyms I frequented (straight), and in my college fraternity: “if there’s grass on the field, play ball”. This expression means that it’s ok to be with underaged girls. Some were joking, and some were serious. It is a common expression. I have also heard many straight men raving about the underaged “prostitutes” in third world countries. 

    Your comments about gays are based on hatred, not on facts or life experience. 

    •  Your comment is realistic. But, still, I find it hard to understand why pedophiles and child molesters statistically more frequently molest male children, and not female children. I find it puzzling.

      • Net_Drifter

        Because they are homosexual pedophiles. It’s the simplest explanation and the clearest. The rest is rationalization. A man who molests boys exclusively is still a homosexual who has no attraction to grown men. The end. 

        I won’t make common cause with homosexuals. 

  • 1Forced_Registration

    The decline you note is a real effect of some people “aging out” of the experimental phase, and getting over their lifestyle problems such as substance abuse (my beloved works in this field, and she tells me often that over half of her female clients identify as bisexual, and virtually none of the men do; perhaps they aren’t honest about it or perhaps its trendy for women to be bisexual at the moment.), but another part of the story is that the gay lifestyle is inherently unhealthy, and dramatically increases mortality at earlier ages.
    Almost every new STD variant develops, and is first documented in the gay community. While many STD’s are easily caught, and relatively easily treated by the thoughts of western medicine — there is a growing school of through that some of these STD’s do morph into L-form bacteria where they end up doing damage to the heart, increasing risks for cancer, and other health problems. Some of the STD’s are nearly symptomless, and can become symptomless while still doing considerable damage to the body. One of the reasons that pelvic inflammatory disease is so hard to treat with a single course of antibiotics is the adaptability of the multiple species of bacteria involved in causing it to shed their cell walls and become L-forms that simply parasite existing cells (there may also be a viral cause to some PID cases). Even when the bacteria do not morph into L-forms, many of the STD’s themselves cause direct damage to organs. In addition to viruses such as the AIDS virus reducing lifespans, viruses such as HPV are also prevalent and do pose an increased risk for cancer.  There are certain diseases, and cancers which are largely absent in the straight community. It is not just gay men that have higher rates of STD’s, gay women also have substantially higher rates of STDs. This is because all gays on average have more frequent partners, start sexual relations younger, have shorter lasting relationships, and have less frequent practices of monogamy. Gays also suffer higher rates of depression, other mental health disorders, substance abuse disorders, and have higher suicide rates. All told the mean lifespan reduction for gay men may well be as high as 30 years, and is certainly as large as 20 years due to these factors.

    Some groups have gone as far as to call being gay the “gay deathstyle” rather than a lifestyle because of these problems. I make no moral judgement about the issue, but I do recognize its an inherently unhealthy choice, and I personally feel it is a choice for a large percentage of those who do identify as gay or bi-sexual rather than something that is innate.

  • Brendan

    Funny. I asked my old father what he thought the gayest race was, and without hesitation, he said “blacks”. I had actually been convinced that whites were the gayest, possibly because whites seem most pro gay-marriage, as well as due to the suggestions of nonwhite men.

  • MerlinV

    Which of you played the female role?

  • From a social standpoint, I agree with that statistic, but from a
    biological standpoint, I would estimate about 10-20% of the population
    is gay or bisexual.
    Uhuh, that’s way too much. Here in ex-Communist Europe it’s not much of an issue, but I find it hard to believe it’s even 3-4%. 10% is simply unbelievable.

    • John Bonham

       Yes at 10 – 20%  of the American population .If you just sit and think about it they’re are trying to convince us that there are more gays in the U.S then the total number of
      blacks living in America ..

  • IstvanIN

     Because blacks hate whites.  They hate gays.  A double win for them.

    • Esmithton91

       except we seem to be finding out that blacks have a larger % of gays than other races?

      blacks seem to have a larger % of lives in turmoil?

      • Blacks also have HIV rates that are several times higher than whites.

  • SLCain

    I’ve heard that “10%” figure for years.  It is complete and total nonsense.  In the early to mid 80s, San Franciso was about 10% gay.  This is a city that openly identified itself as gay.  Homosexuals from all over the country uprooted themselves and moved there, so as to live among their own kind (and, I imagine, so as to maximize their hook-up chances).  San Francisco was (and still is) an attractor in gay-space – if it’s population was 10% gay, it follows that the homosexual fraction of the population at large could not possibly be that large.

    To argue otherwise is like noticing that the population of Vatican City is > 50% ordained churchmen, and concluding therefrom that half of all Italians are catholic priests.

  • SLCain

     Just like the blighted, delapidated, urban war-zones we call “inner-cities” are always referred to as “communitites”.

  • Robert

     ” I’m actually surprised at the Democrat-Republican ratio because I know a lot of gay Republicans, and most of them are silent about their political affiliation in group settings, because of the bigoted, left-wing militants”

    Are you not being intellectually dishonest here? Liberals and left wingers tend to be very open (in fact that aggressively promote) gay and lesbians. It seems that those gay conservatives like yourself tend to be quiet  about their sexual orientation due to the hostility that often emmanates from the political right.  

    • Perhaps, being conservative, the gay republicans face up to  the reality that sexuality for the purpose of self gratification is inherently immoral. Sexual behavior, outside of a marriage is sex for the purpose of personal pleasure and self gratification. It does not matter that each party involved is using the other party, it is still USING a person as a THING. People say it is a victimless crime but that only operates on the assumption that one victim cancels out the other victim so the sum is zero. It is the same as saying you hit me and I hit you so everything is OK. 
            A marriage is for the purpose of creating a family structure to support OFFSPRING. It is about creating life and the continuation of values, culture, and ethnicity. . Sexual attraction has it’s place in bringing a man and a woman together to create something. Outside of that place it always leads to bad things. Even INSIDE a marriage, when sex is not dealt with correctly, it leads to bad things. It is no accident that divorce rates were much much lower before the “sexual revolution”.  When a man treats his woman like a hired sex toy, when he acts like she is just a piece of meat on a plate, she becomes disgusted with him. When women ENCOURAGE men to treat them that way in order to manipulate the men into giving them what they want, they also become disgusted with the men for not only their piggish behavior, but also their stupidity and weakness.

    • There is a quote that is relevant to, and explains the  silence of “gay republicans”

      “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. ”

      One can take this one step further- “degenerate minds discuss bodily functions and sex is nothing but a bodily function”

      A republican, being a “conservative” is a person who has values that they consider more important than their wants. Such people are not “degenerate” and will not be prone to discussing their sex lives or desiring society to be re ordered to accommodate their sex lives.Their main identity is not “gay”, it is the member of a community and the welfare of that community is their first priority.

      • C_C_Conrad

        “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. ”
        Great minds discuss the ideas – that guide the average events – that help elevate small people. 

         www. jackswar. com

    • Esmithton91

       I don’t see the hostility from the right.

      I do see reasonable questions about the healthiness of anal sex and other unnatural acts.
      I do see reasonable questions about gays being allowed to teach/monitor children activities.
      I do see reasonable questions about the unnatural aspects of homosexual acts.
      I do see reasonable questions about the underlying psychological problems of homosexuals.
      health questions on gay lifestyles, etc etc

      • mistermark123

        And I see an awful lot of hostility in your one post.

        • John Bonham

           By reading and ABSORBING, you’re the only one on the thread that is hostile .. 

  • IstvanIN

     Nobody said monopoly, but there are racial differences, on average, in sexual behavior and mores.

  • Net_Drifter

    Is this out-of-control hypersexuality or truly homosexual behavior? Blacks wear their libidos on the outside of their zippers and everywhere else. They may take any opportunity to feel satisfied if they feel like they are in control. Some of it could be a form of really primitive acting out,  wanting to feel dominant. 

    Then again, homosexual men are often oversexed too; hard to tell the difference sometimes.

  • Net_Drifter

    Women seem to have a more fluid sexuality than men. They will experiment with each other much more than men will.

  • Net_Drifter

    Fine, but keep your agenda to yourself. I don’t want your sort of society foisted on me anymore than I want a black one, etc, etc. 

    If you believe in gay marriage, gay couples adopting children you have an agenda.

    • mistermark123

      I’m gay too, and no, I won’t keep my “agenda “to myself. Just as you obviously have an agenda of your own, sir.

      I know it must suck to have to deal with people who are different from you from time to time, but that’s the world you live in. Deal with it.

      • Net_Drifter

        No ‘sir’. 

        You will deal with the truth about your sexuality.  There are still plenty of people who think of you as abnormal. Live with that and absorb the message.

        I do not care in the slightest about your needs or wishes and I will not tiptoe around your sensitive feelings.

        • mistermark123

          I accept that many people think homosexuality is abnormal.

          You are obviously entitled to your opinion, but you cannot stop society’s growing acceptance of homosexuality. This country is becoming more libertarian, especially on social issues. I see no signs of this abating.

          • Net_Drifter

            I lump you in with the entire Left. I don’t care that you may choose to describe yourself as ‘conservative’ like the other poster. You’re wholeheartedly supported by leftist militants. 

            Because of you and so many like YOU; I don’t recognize my country anymore! I’m not close to old enough for the changes in society to be part of a natural course of events over a long period of time. These changes are too sudden and severe.  It’s all being forced and engineered and you’re as much a part of that as anybody else. 

            I never actually thought of myself as socially conservative before, but I have to do so now as an act of self-defense. I see no reason to be overly polite to people who are attempting to change everything I’ve ever known at a very fundamental level. 

            I’ll ignore the gay garbage being promoted here from now on(along with a few other things).

          • John Bonham

            Really, you should get out of that circle you hang tough in..
            It’s hard to see reality when you only hang around the same people all the time talking about the same issues ..
            The country is overwhelmingly heterosexual and just a few that choose deviance as the norm .. You’ll never change all those peoples minds no matter how hard you try… Why would you think that in California, an overwhelmingly liberal state, would reject gay marriage ? Hmm , makes you wonder doesn’t it ..
            Of course some gay judge overturned that against the majority of the voters, but that’s for another thread .. I’m sure you’re happy that he just threw out all those votes and made a decision because he thinks he knows best, eh ?

  • Net_Drifter


  • 5n4k33y35

    The reason, Brendan (or is it Brenda?), men like bisexual women is for the menage a trois with two women simultaneously. Having a bisexual woman can drastically enhance your opportunity to meet and seduce more women.

  • 5n4k33y35

    The critical distinction among women, is whether or not a woman is homosexual. Bisexual women are effectively straight.

    Conversely, the critical distinction among men is whether or not a man is straight. Bisexual men are effectively homosexual.

    Notice how the contemporary vocabulary in “polite society” has banned the word which starts with F, ends with G, and has the letter A as the second letter.

    Bisexual men put women at risk for diseases they pick up from other non-straight men. Bisexual men wish to remain invisible.

    Bisexual women are the center of attention with no shame. Bisexuality in women is seen as a value-added feature, meaning she will be amenable to menage a trois, and she will also help to seduce other women.

  • John Bonham

      i did not want to be the central cause of a divorce or the breakup and
    tearing apart of two  young  families or any family for that matter.
    That would have torn at my conscience. 

    All this and yet you were willing still willing to get involved with the guy .. You would think that by not getting involved with a married man in the first place would save you all this time and worry .. I find it funny that you would get involved with a married man with children but then on the other hand, claim you have some type of morals that you wouldn’t want to break up the marriage..
    I don’t know, it must be my way of  thinking ..

    • mistermark123

      Leave it to a homophobe to criticize a gay man for trying to do something good.

    • 5n4k33y35

      For all we know, he could be anybody. Who cares what he says? I’m irritated that he felt so comfortable that he would drop his homosexual baggage off in this comment thread.

  • scott81

    I’d say the numbers are even higher among blacks because alot of black men are on the “down low”. As in they’ll have “encounters” with other men even though they identify as straight. Which also explains the rate of aids among black men. It just seems white people are more likely to be gay publicly, whereas non-whites seem to keep it out of the public.

    • blacks are ruled by impulse much more than whites are. The primary impulse is to just put it in a hole, their only concern is the act. People on a more human plane of existence are more concerned with the qualities and attributes of the human in which it is put. People on a higher human level are more concerned with the act being meaningful.

      • truevoice4real

        Then why is beastaility such a white boy pastime…it is also legal in about 20 states…

  • It has been my experience that some women flirt with and flaunt lesbian behavior even when they are not really lesbians.They do this for two reasons, one being that they are bitter about a rejection by a male in their past or most men in general and two, as a desperate attempt to entice and tease men. Such women are usually very different in temperament that actual lesbians. They usually have drastic mood swings and are constantly telling everyone about their relationship problems, Very dramatic,manic personality, high maintenance types that dress and act in outrageous ways, then turn around and complain about people being intolerant for reaction to them. These are the ones with the purple hair, dressed in black, often with fishnet stockings, even on cold winter days and even black lace elbow gloves,  and covered with multiple piercings and tattoos. Actual lesbians are usually rather plain, seem to have a deep seated but muted dislike for the whole world Even so they  manage to be grudgingly polite, then bitingly sarcastic.They also are strangely childlike. They are the women with clipped haircuts who manage to make any outfit, no matter what it is, look like boiler suit, who have an apartment filled with stuffed animals.

  • Freud was a total fraud.

  • Male sodomy  ( male on male penetrative sex) is a disaster for heath. I have heard that it only became widespread amongst gays after the gay liberation movement of the sixties and seventies. I remember hearing in some TV show an old gay man talking about the “old days” and that in those days most gays shunned  what they called “sodomites”. I guess the “sodomites” were what we would today call  “the hard core” of that community. One very famous gay author- Noel Coward, is known for his disdain for that practice and it’s adherents. Not long after  male sodomy became widespread amongst gays AIDS emerged.

  • Svigor

    Sailer’s written some good stuff on the topic of “lesbians aren’t gay.”  Lesbians are far more likely to just be women who have given up on men for a variety of reasons (forefront among them their own unattractiveness) than homosexual men are to be men who gave up on women.  To an extent, homosexual men are born, and lesbians are made.

  • The Verdict of History

    He is a scholar.

    Also, he recognizes that the subject has implications for the safety of European peoples in western countries. 

    This is no secret. 

  • The Verdict of History

    Why wouldn’t we want to know our enemy?

    • 5n4k33y35

      It is better not to suggest that people are inherently your enemy because of immutable characteristics.

      Anti-white ideologues are our enemy, not blacks in general. Excessive immigration is our enemy, not immigrants themselves, unless they take up the anti-white ideology.

  • Not true, there is mountains of data that gays have magnitudes more depression and mental illness, rates of substance abuse, suicide and violence “partners” abuse and battery. An alcoholic does not choose to be an alcoholic, but he can chose to indulge his compulsion, and it always injures the alcoholic to do so. Gays do not choose to be gay, but they do choose whether to indulge their compulsion. The evidence is that it is always very damaging for them psychologically, let alone physically. Such damage is also NOT a result of “being in the closet” nor is it a result of “prejudice”. The degree of mental illness and suicide is proportional to their sexual activity and participation in that subculture. The newcomers to that world always are healthiest, mentally and physically, when they enter it. They very quickly end up in a downward spiral soon afterwards.

  • 5n4k33y35

    There’s a reason for the double standard. You can’t compare apples and oranges. There will never be gender equality. And the whole gender neutrality campaign by the Feminist and LGBT runs contrary to biology.

  • nymphas

    Another Useless Government Study..where liberals spend other peoples money: their favorite pastime.

    • you need to read the book “The Pink Swastika”. The NAZI party was founded in a Bavarian gay bar. It originally was all gay. Most of the SS were gay, and failure to be gay was definite block to advancement in that organization. The Nazis never rounded up gays. There was a mass arrest on “The night of the long knives”. This was a power struggle between the brown shirts loyal to Roehm and the regular Nazis loyal to Hitler. The brown shirts, or “Sturmarbteilung” were all gay. Most of the gays ever incarcerated in German concentration camps were the SA that were arrested on the knight of the long knives. Some of the SA who could be trusted were allowed to become SS. The only other gays EVER arrested in nazi Germany were gays who were arrested for actual sex crimes, such as having sex in public , or arrested for other crimes. The nazis had no problem with masculine homosexuals but they despised the effeminate ones. They never had any “antigay” “aktions” in Nazi Germany. It is more likely that a gay man, aside from the SA, would be a concentration camp guard in Nazi Germany than an inmate.

      • Persephone Gray

        That is the biggest load of shyte I’ve ever read in so few words. I know you really don’t like Nazis, but this kind of obviously falsified defamation is just ridiculously unnecessary. The Pink Swastika is a joke. Leftists don’t even have to prove the accuracy of their anti-Nazi stories; there’s little resistance, so they can just make up any kind of malicious absurdity, then publish it, all to indulge their childish desire to malign the National Socialists in any way possible, no matter how silly.

    • mistermark123

      How was it a government study? The survey was conducted by Gallup.

  • 5n4k33y35

    Tolerance for the openly gay doesn’t necessarily correlate to a higher percentage of homosexuality and bisexuality.

    There are many more who are not straight than there are homosexual. And among homosexuals, there are more who are not out than those who are openly homosexuals.

    Also, Bardon Kaldian is probably right about primitive culture’s weaker taboos, and mixed race men whose ancestry is from those primitive cultures.

    The higher levels of homosexuality in men of mixed race and lower social status would be due in part to the broken family structure. There is obviously a higher rate of single motherhood in mixed race parentage.

    This Gallup poll has a large data set, but regardless, the question was asked, it was not fully objective. It would be more objective to actually know who was truthful, not merely to ask.

    The good news is that the percentages were much lower than the LGBT organizations would have us believe.

    The differences between the races were within the margin for error, or discrepancies of a cultural origin. It’s nothing to freak out about. But this adds a couple of status points to the white’s column. And it’s probably irritating to aggrieved anti-white ideologues.

  • C_C_Conrad

     Not to worry.  It’s good for these defectives to stop breeding, breed themselves out of our race or simply die off.  It’s natures way of clearing the deck for the next generation. 

  • 5n4k33y35

    The distinction among men is straight versus not straight. Just because a man is not homosexual, doesn’t mean he’s straight.

    Tolerance for those who are openly homosexual doesn’t mean there’s more homosexuality.

    What it means is that lots of men who are not straight don’t admit they are not straight in the societies which do not tolerate those who openly declare their homosexuality.

    Tolerance for homosexuals may actually have an inhibiting affect on homosexuality among men who are not straight, because they don’t want to be “outed”.

  • C_C_Conrad

     An interesting perspective but it seems to indicate a mental disturbance or unbalance all the same.  As all sexual deviations also reveal.  

  • 5n4k33y35

    “Something like 7-8% of men are attracted to men and
    2-3% are attracted to men and women.”

    That can’t be right. Homosexuality isn’t only about men who are attracted to men. It’s about men who are attracted to males of any age.

    There are a lot more than 2-3% of men who don’t meet the criteria defining straightness if the question is of attraction to other males is not limited to other men, but males of any age.

    Regardless of how masculine the man may appear, if he is indiscriminate enough to be attracted to boys, he is more degenerate and ‘faggy’ than a boy who merely lacks obvious masculine characteristics.

    Straightness in men is not only an inherent property of masculinity. It
    also depends on men being discriminating enough to not be attracted to
    males, regardless of their age.

    Straightness in men also depends
    on the morality of a man, not to dwell on the admiration of any males
    whose appearance or demeanor are ambiguous. Ambiguity of gender is not

    This is where morality and culture help to reinforce the gender
    roles in a healthy society. Feminists and LGBT are always attacking this
    kind of reinforcement.

    Feminists and the LGBT are so aggressive in policing heterosexuality, they’re weakening the gender roles, causing more sexual frustration, even discarding traditional morality, without which, inherently masculine identity cannot be honed to such a high degree of straightness.

  • 5n4k33y35

    The real focus should be on straightness, not homosexuality. What percentage of men are truly straight, and how is straightness defined? Feminists and LGBT ideologues are always trying to obfuscate the reality.

    Straightness in men is not only an inherent property of masculinity. It also depends on men being discriminating enough to not be attracted to males, regardless of their age.

    This strict definition of straightness contradicts the LGBT who like to declare men who sexually abuse boys are somehow straight because they were married to a woman. LGBT ideologues also will say that men in prison who choose homosexuality in prison are actually straight. As if the deprival of women excuses homosexuality.

    They are wrong. Straight is as straight does.

    Straightness in men also depends on the morality of a man, not to dwell on the admiration of any males whose appearance or demeanor are ambiguous. Ambiguity of gender is not inherently feminine.

    This is where morality and culture help to reinforce the gender roles in a healthy society. Feminists and LGBT are always attacking this kind of reinforcement.

    Feminists and the LGBT lobby aggressively police heterosexuality, undermining gender roles, increasing sexual frustration, dismissing traditional morality, without which, masculinity cannot be honed to a high degree of straightness.

    There are more men of indiscriminate curiosity, than there are men who are indiscriminate in their actual sexual activity. There are far more who are indiscriminate in their sexual activity than those who are fully homosexual.

    The only way to correct the trend of deviant inclinations of the homosexual variety is to ease restrictions on what are considered to be deviant inclinations of the heterosexual variety.

  • John Bonham

     mistermark123 You’re a funny dude . I did laugh when I read your comment .. I’ll have to remember such humor when I’m out and about..
    5n4k33y35 .. My post could could be directed at anyone male or female it wasn’t about “gay” per see, it was about morals.Surprised you missed the whole point..

  •  my question after reading many of these comments;

    Do you ever suspect that there are things more important and more interesting than being obsessed with sex? 


  • Net_Drifter

    Thanks for the laugh. +1

  • Persephone Gray

    Bingo. Gay men – at least the brash, flamboyant type – are nothing but a mocking caricature of all the worst female traits. The “femininity” they portray is the shallowest, ugliest kind, which is also the kind of femininity being promoted and taught to women themselves these days in the media. I don’t think that’s a coincidence; it’s part of a deliberate attempt to lower the social estimation of womanhood, just as the boorish, bumbling portrayal of men in the media is intended to lower the social estimation of manhood. The only women who could possibly like “feminine” men and the way they “imitate” us are the women who behave that way themselves and are thus unable to see how degrading and pathetic it is.

  • Persephone Gray

    No. They’ve come to the realization that sex sells and most people are little more than animals. Titillating your congregation and encouraging them to indulge their physical appetites is a great way to show how “progressive” your church is. These guys are just desperately trying to compete against a sex-saturated, hedonistic and materialistic culture that is luring people away from the church like flies to honey. They no longer have any faith that maintaining the standards of centuries past has any chance of attracting or keeping people in the church, so with each new desperate innovation they are sliding further and further along the line of convergence with modernity. The church’s motto should now be, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”

  • Persephone Gray

    Bollocks. It’s perfectly natural for males to be attracted to a pubescent girl. Age of consent is an arbitrary designation that differs from country to country. Yes, there are good reasons for teenage girls not to be sexually active, but those reasons are based on rational reasoning, not on instinctive behavior. A man can know intellectually that it is “wrong” to pursue a sexual relationship with a girl below the age of consent, but that doesn’t mean his instinctive attraction to her youth and fertility suddenly switches off. The age of consent in New Zealand, where I grew up, is 16. Here in the US, it’s 18 (which strikes me as absurdly old for *legality*). Does that mean that men in New Zealand who have sex with a legal 16-year-old are okay, but men in the US who merely *fantasize* about having sex with a pretty 17-year-old are “mentally sick”?

    There’s the law, and there’s nature. The two often disagree.

  • Net_Drifter

    If you’re that desperate for friends as an adult, Renee….

  • Thelight

    Know your history. This is a bogus, agenda driven study. www. realhistoryww .com

  • CaveJohnNYC

    More Likely, does not mean More People…If the Poll was done, to reflect the same Percentage of each group, out of the 121k people polled. Then The Black American ( non Hispanic) population is 13%. White Non Hispanic is 63%. Thus , based upon US Population, 40 million Blacks and 195 million Whites. So, the Poll, should have reflected the same whole numbers, roughly 15 thousand Blacks surveyed and 76 thousand Whites surveyed. I am not even going to touch on the income for now. In any event, yes, there will be a more LIKELIHOOD of the percentage of the race. This goes the same for wealth, education, and etc. However, there will still be MORE Whites , where 2432 of the sampling would be gay Whites and 630 would be gay Blacks. Now the total of all minorities , combined, would still be less than the total of Whites. The article could have simply said, higher percentage of other groups report ( the key word is report), however White’s have more in numbers.
    Again, more likely of the group, however not of the total population… This is a play on words and percentages, in an attempt to further distance the White Population , from what many , ignorantly or not, consider to be a stigma in Homosexuality and to place Blacks under further , attacks and scrutiny..

  • reXual

    Everywhere That You go, Across the Planet the Gays are the Highest RATE and Highest % of The Aids infections

    Homosexuals are Liars who HIDE the Facts that They are the Highest Percentage and RATE infected with The (HP Virus),? Bacterial Meningitis, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Liver Diseases, Hepatitis A-, Urethritis, Proctitis, Pharyngitis, Prostatitis, Chlamydia, Herpes, Genital Warts. The Homosexual Community is the Smallest Population Group on the PLANET

    Gays Keep Spreading the Aids.

    The Red Cross and Food and Drug Administration BANS, all Blood From Gay Men Here in the USA and The Soviet Union and China.

    Child Adoption BY – the Gay Comunity is a Crime against Children. Homosexuals are Frauds who Pretend that their Lifestyle is no Harm to themselves. AND MUCH More of a Crime,.. it is a Harm to the Planet.. Because they HIDE their Behavior and Pretend that their actions are Healthy. Never hurt Gays.. BUT Dont be Deceived by their LIES.

    We don’t Want To Hurt Gays… but we don’t pretend.

    The Fact is The Homosexual Community is the Smallest Population Group on the PLANET.

    Yet they Keep these Diseases Alive and STRONG and Keep these DISEASES Spreading to the Straight Community… Putin is a man Who LOVES Children and Knows that Gays are USING Children to Propagandize their Lies.

    Why Would Someone Who is Banned From Giving BLOOD

    Who is BANNED FROM Donating Organs.. Want to ADOPT and teach a Child and Put the Child at Risk. ?

    Homosexual men and Women are not Very much into Babysitting .

    They are not Trusted or allowed near Children, Because they have an Eternal History Of MOLESTING and Perverting Children, That is their KINK..

    jUST.. because they/ are not Allowed and not Trusted and not sexually Attracted to WOMEN of the Opposite seX. Does not Change the Facts.

    Society Knows…./ NATURAL instinct .. Tells You… Do not Trust A Gay person with Your Children…

    The facts are the Facts

  • Andreas Meyer

    Ah, make it someone else’s problem to go find a source. Or is it just another hit and run?