Success Used to Live Here: What the Fall of Gwinnett County Means for White America

Paul Kersey, SBPDL, September 11, 2012

There’s an apocryphal story involving Andrew Young, former mayor of Atlanta and President Jimmy Carter’s ambassador to the United Nations, and an address he gave to the historically Black college Atlanta University in the 1980s. While addressing the subject of the eroding tax-base in the city and the fear of a diminishing amount of resources (funds) to allocate, Mr. Young addressed white flight with this ominous warning:

No matter where they go, we will follow. No matter how far away they move, we will follow. They can’t escape us.

Andrew Young is correct; no matter where white people fled to – from the crime, crumbling business sector, private property devaluations, and poor school systems that accompany a majority Black area – creating thriving communities in the process, the Black Undertow followed. DeKalb and Clayton County went from being thriving majority white counties to, well, majority Black counties that resembled the Atlanta that whites had fled from in the first place.

The declaration of war set forth by Mr. Young proved true: no matter where whites went, Black would follow; importing the same problems that whites had tried to flee from when an area went majority-lack and eventually overwhelmingly the social capital created in the community to the point of breaking all communal bonds that whites had amassed.

Such is the state of Gwinnett County now, which was 91 percent white in 1990, but is now majority-minority [Will Immigration Turn Gwinnett BlueGoverning, Josh Goodman, December 11, 2009:

In 1990, Gwinnett was 91 percent white. Now, it is a different place altogether. “Gwinnett as a whole,” says Bannister, “is becoming a majority-minority group of people.” In fact, it already is one. In the U.S. Census Bureau’s most recent American Community Survey, released this fall, the white population was down to 49.9 percent. Marina Peed, an affordable housing developer who works county-wide, says that “there’s no lily white anymore anywhere in the county. I doubt if there’s a single all-white subdivision in the whole county.”

Today, Gwinnett has large populations of blacks, Hispanics and (perhaps most surprisingly) Asians. The county has substantial populations from Indian and Vietnam, as well as people of Asian (especially Korean) descent who are from elsewhere in the United States.

Not only will immigration turn Gwinnett blue – from a solidly Republican county – it will turn all of Georgia blue in a state where Blacks vote in a monolith for Democrats [Shifting Population could help Democrats in Georgia, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Aaron Gould Sheinin, September 2, 2012]

In January 2001, Georgia’s electorate was 72 percent white and 26 percent black, while Hispanics made up less than two-tenths of 1 percent, according to data compiled by the secretary of state. As of Aug. 1, those numbers had changed dramatically.

Blacks now make up 30 percent of active registered voters while whites are at 60 percent. Hispanics make up nearly 2 percent of the electorate after seeing their registration numbers increase from just 933 in 2011 to 85,000 as of Aug. 1.

Thus, Gwinnett County serves as the perfect microcosm for America: whites were able to build a thriving community – replete with crime-free streets, schools (almost with almost all-white pupils) boasting average standardized test scores that made the system one of the tops in the nation, rising property values, and an abundance of the type of social capital that makes opening and being successful in business almost a guarantee – that became the envy of the region. And just as Mr. Young said, “we” (Black people) would follow, early attempts to break the Whitopia in Gwinnett County with the public transit system of MARTA were met with racial resistance [Racism called regional transit roadblock, Atlanta Journal Constitution, July 3, 1987]:

David Chesnut, chairman of the board of MARTA, said Thursday he fears a regional transportation system is a long way off and “the reason is 90 percent a racial issue.”
While Gwinnett and Cobb counties experienced their initial growth from the white flight from Fulton and DeKalb counties, said Chesnut, “I am very disturbed when I hear young professionals tell me they are going to form NNIG – No Niggers in Gwinnett.”

MARTA never came to Gwinnett County, but a wave of Hispanics immigrants did. You see, white people want cheap housing – which requires cheap labor to keep costs down – so they had no problem having Hispanics build their new homes in areas devoid of Black people.

But guess what? Black people, following the prophecy set by Andrew Young, followed too [Blacks, Hispanics lead metro population growth, Atlanta Journal Constitution, March 18, 2011]:

The last 10 years saw a boom in the number of black, Hispanic and Asian residents in metro Atlanta, while the number of white residents fell in four of the area’s five biggest counties, according to U.S. Census figures released Thursday.

The surge in minorities as a percentage of the population also occurred at the state level. Georgia added 1.5 million people, an 18 percent increase. The Hispanic population grew 96 percent, followed an 81 percent increase in Asian residents and a 26 percent increase in black Georgians. The white population grew less than 6 percent statewide.

Because Atlanta has no natural boundaries (save unsafe neighborhoods that are 100 percent Black), the spread of suburbs can continue in a 360-degree radius. And where ever whites go and setup communities (remember, in 1990 Gwinnett County was 91 percent white after being nearly 100 percent white in 1980), Blacks do follow.

And the demands for political power won’t be far behind [Face of Gwinnett’s Leadership Slowly Changing, Atlanta Journal Constitution, August 22, 2011]:

Though ‘white club’ still dominates, signs of diversity taking place.

Gwinnett long ago made headlines as a majority-minority county, a reality that is readily observed on the streets of the county’s southern and eastern communities. Diversity is reflected in the faces of the men and women passing by. Among the children on school buses. In the signage lining some populous corridors.But there’s at least one area in Gwinnett County where that cultural and ethnic diversity is noticeably absent: the county’s leadership. The Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners is all-white and home-grown, and most county department heads are white as well. The same can be said for the county’s Board of Education, many city councils and the various chiefs of police.”It’s been a white club out there,” said Harvey Newman, a Georgia State University professor of public management.

In theory, as the districts of all elected officials are redrawn to reflect the population shifts revealed by the 2010 census, minorities should gain greater opportunities to elect the candidates they favor. The Voting Rights Act protects minorities from being disenfranchised by having their populations split among several districts. Where concentrations of minorities exist, political districts should reflect those concentrations.

“It would be a travesty that if after redistricting, the entire County Commission and school board is Caucasian — it would tell me that something went wrong,” said state Sen. Curt Thompson, D-Tucker, who grew up in Lilburn.The math is complicated, however, by the fact that minorities often do not vote in proportion to their share of the population. Gwinnett looks to be no different.In 2010, white people made up 44 percent of Gwinnett’s population but 59 percent its active voters; black people were 23 percent of the population and 22 percent of active voters; Asians were 11 percent of residents and 5 percent active voters; Hispanics were 20 percent of residents and 4 percent of active voters.

It won’t be long until the new majority-minority is permanently a Democrat stronghold, with the once all-white, all-white Republican county just another reminder of a past where racial socialism didn’t reign. And not one white Republican (oxymoron, right?) will dare speak out on this, a tragic reminder that Gwinnett County is but a microcosm for the nation at large.

And with the drop in the overall white percentage of the population, the inevitable drop in the standard of living (a regression to the mean) has occurred in Gwinnett County [Atlanta property taxes: Gwinnett is Foreclosure Central in metro Atlanta
AJC special investigation: County’s appraisals have dropped, but not enough, Atlanta Journal Constitution, December 24, 2010]

Two decades ago, Rebecca Carlson’s subdivision in Lawrenceville bustled with hard-working, middle-class families. At Christmastime, neighbors lit up their homes with colorful displays. At night, people could walk their streets without fear.
Then subprime mortgages flooded the market, and Quinn Ridge Forest changed. Some new residents let their grass grow 3 feet high, Carlson said. Others let broken windows stay broken. Many longtime homeowners have sold their properties and bolted.

Now, Carlson said, the house next door is filled with renters who come and go. The police have been called to two nearby homes, one for prostitution, the other for illegal drugs.

“I won’t let the kids go outside by themselves,” said Carlson, 45.

The decay of the neighborhood tracks closely behind the collapse of the housing market. Gwinnett County has become the foreclosure capital of metro Atlanta — 44 percent of its 10,301 home sales in 2009 were bank sales — and that foul wave washed over Quinn Ridge Forest, too. At the moment, three of the 12 houses on the market there are bank sales.

The county looks no better in 2010: with 26,502 foreclosure notices for the year, Gwinnett surpassed Fulton, DeKalb, Cobb and Clayton counties, according to Equity Depot, which tracks foreclosure and other real estate trends in metro Atlanta.

And yet, no one ever dares ask the important question: what are the costs associated with Andrew Young’s declaration coming true? Well, here’s your answer [Gwinnett County’s dramatic demographic shift illustrates question: “Who are We?”, David Pendered, Saporta Report, September 5, 2012]:

The notion that Gwinnett County is home to a population that’s predominately white and affluent is as out-of-date as the idea that two painted water towers along I-85 in Norcross still proclaim: “Success Lives Here.”

The 40-year-old towers were torn down two years ago. In the decade before their demolition, 40,000 whites had moved out of Gwinnett. Now, the county’s population is predominately non-white, and less wealthy and less educated than it was in 2000.

The demographic shift in Gwinnett speaks to the broader question of “Who are We?” That was the topic Wednesday, at the quarterly meeting of the Atlanta Regional Housing Forum.

Out of the entire two-hour program, the most stunning report was provided by Lejla Slowinski, executive director of the Lawrenceville Housing Authority.

Slowinski provided a snapshot of Gwinnett’s population that gave some real heft to the demographic report on the metro Atlanta region that was delivered by Michael Rich, an associate professor of political science at Emory University who heads Emory’s Office of University-Community Partnerships.

Slowinski prefaced her remarks by saying she would talk later about ways in which Gwinnett’s civic and government leaders are leveraging the county’s diversity. But first, she said, she wanted to provide a bit of context about Gwinnett.

Speaking without any visual aids, such as a PowerPoint slide show, Slowinski riveted the audience’s attention with a cascade of nuggets derived from the 2000 and 2010 Census reports. The data shows that Gwinnett isn’t just changing – it is a changed community:

  • Per capita income has fallen by $7,000;
  • The proportion of whites in the overall population has fallen to 49.3 percent from 67 percent;
  • No single Census tract has a white population of greater than 90 percent;
  • 32 percent of households speak a language other than English;
  • 61 percent of students in the county school system are non-whites;
  • High school graduation rates for non-whites rose to 70 percent from 50 percent;
  • 25 percent of Gwinnett commuters spend at least 45 minutes a day in the car.

Sources other than the Census provide additional insights:

  • 18 percent of Gwinnett’s children live in poverty;
  • The county’s poverty rate rose from 5.6 percent in 2000 to 13 percent in 2009;
  • The number of foreclosures in Gwinnett has topped Fulton since 2009 (Fulton formerly had the region’s highest number of foreclosures).

One relevant point is that Gwinnett’s government and school board are trying to serve the human needs of this population with an ever-decreasing amount of tax revenues.

At the Piece by Piece annual meeting last week, Gwinnett County Commission Chairman Charlotte Nash said the county’s digest has dropped 25 percent during the past five years. That decrease has reduced the amount of property taxes collected by the county and school system, which is the main source of funding for both governments.

“The population has continued to diversify,” Nash said. “According to the 2010 Census, Gwinnett was the most diverse county in the southeast. That very different from what it was 20 years. It’s created language considerations, and the demand for additional types of flexibility in terms of how we deal with the community.”

Slowinski said the Gwinnett County Chamber of Commerce works diligently to reach out to, and serve, the minority business community. The number of firms owned by Hispanics and African Americans is still a small proportion of the overall mix, but it’s growing, she said.

Success no longer lives in Gwinnett County; diversity does.Those water towers that came crashing down in a controlled demolition boasted about the climate of the county when it was brimming with white families; now, the social capital is all but gone; the great social experiment in diversity continues unabated.

And a county created by “white flight” from Black people, now see “white flight” from what silence on racial matters (yes, it is white people that are responsible for “good schools,” and “safe, crime-free subdivisions”) will wrought [White Flight in Gwinnett?, Atlanta Journal Constitution, November 15, 2005]:

Mary James, an empty-nester from Snellville, craves the in-town bustle. Michelle Forren is tired of planning life around rush hour in Duluth. And Louise Stewart is fed up with the Spanish-language business signs, backyard chickens and overcrowded homes in her Norcross-area neighborhood.

Though their reasons vary, all three women plan to join an emerging demographic: whites leaving Gwinnett County.

In what might surprise metro Atlantans who remember the nearly lily-white county of old, Gwinnett’s non-Hispanic white population declined for the first time last year, according to the latest estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau. The drop of about 1,500 whites came even as Gwinnett, the state’s perennial growth leader, added more than 27,000 residents.

One year doesn’t make a trend. And some observers question the census estimates. But the figures offer more evidence that the number of whites is at the very least leveling off in Gwinnett, adding a new dimension to a lightning-fast demographic shift that has transformed a once-uniform suburb into what one Washington think tank called a “mini-Ellis Island.”

The number of Hispanics in Gwinnett is now more than 12 times what it was in 1990, according to the latest census estimates. The Asian population has increased more than sixfold. And the black population has grown sevenfold. Until recently, the white population was growing, too, just not as fast. The county is now 57 percent white, down from 90 percent in 1990.

Louise Radloff, a member of the Gwinnett County school board for more than 30 years, said the additions have enriched her district between Norcross and Lilburn. It’s the subtractions that hurt. Many schools in the area are now less than 10 percent white.

“It’s called white flight,” Radloff said. “There is a perception that with the diversity, there is low-income and there is crime. We need to learn to cope with these issues and decide that all men are created equal.”

Bart Lewis, chief of the research division at the Atlanta Regional Commission, said any “white flight” from Gwinnett is limited. It’s a far cry, he said, from what happened a generation ago in parts of Atlanta and DeKalb County, where neighborhoods changed practically overnight as white families moved to outlying areas such as Gwinnett.

In fact, Lewis finds it hard to believe that the number of whites isn’t still rising in Gwinnett. Accurate racial breakdowns are difficult to estimate, particularly at the county level, he said.

Lewis sees the shift in Gwinnett as driven more by economics than race, anyway. Lower-income families scouring metro Atlanta for an affordable house or apartment are landing in the aging neighborhoods of western Gwinnett. Most of them happen to be minorities, Lewis said.

“What I think you’re really seeing is an evacuation of more-affluent households of one race replaced by less-affluent people of another race,” he said.

For those paying attention, Gwinnett County is the apt metaphor for modern America. And, wherever white people go, wherever they create thriving communities, the warning set-forth by Andrew Young remains:

 “No matter where they go, we will follow. No matter how far away they move, we will follow. They can’t escape us.”

Success can’t live again in America until people dare say the reason Gwinnett County was once the fastest growing county in the nation, and why it now is failing.

Four letters. One word. Race.

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  • Hirschibold

    “No matter where they go, we will follow. No matter how far away they move, we will follow. They can’t escape us.”

    This sounds like the kind of threat that the monster in a slasher flick like Michael Myers or Freddy Kruger would issue to the fleeing teenagers, which, when I think of it, is a pretty good analogy for the situation we face. 

    I remember in his famous “Open Letter” Tim Wise excoriated old whites as the bad guy snatching at the heels of the heroes in a horror movie. Mayor Andrew Young’s words make it painfully clear who is dragging who down.

    • 5n4k33y3s

       Nice retort to Tim Wise.

  • TachyphagiaOgonek95


  • Ulick

    Articles like this that show what happens to white neighborhoods and schools when diversity creeps in are a great way to start white parents and home owners down the road to race-realism.  Yesterday, I cut-and-pasted this article in an e-mail and sent it to several friends who have young kids and their first home.  Though, I’ve never discussed race-realism with most of them before, I actually got some positive responses back.

    If you make it about the well being of their children, you can convert mothers.

    • NorthernWind

      A significant number of Whites are more receptive to race-realist ideas than is believed to be the case. This is especially true for parents who want safe neighborhoods, schools, and a livable future for their children.

      • JohnEngelman

        Even white liberals do not send their children to black schools. 

    • Whites will very soon be prevented from voting.  Already white absentee votes are discarded and not counted.   Will whites be able to fight for their own Tribal Homeland here in North America or are we destined for dead endism in a FEMA camp shower?  Most whites do not want to think about what is happening and do not want to think about what they must do just to survive.  

      • Puggg

        …are we destined for dead endism in a FEMA camp shower?

        I’m not dropping the soap. Oh no. Then again, if our FEMA camp is only white people, I might not have to worry about that.

        Seriously, I’ll repeat what someone else said here a few weeks back when this subject matter came out: If whites are interred in prison camps for racial or political reasons, it will be the only reason blacks and Hispanics will try to break into. Or that the actual “prison” will be outside the prison, but hardly anyone will think of it in that fashion.

        • Puggg
        • refocus

           I’m not dropping the soap. Oh no. Then again, if our FEMA camp is only white people, I might not have to worry about that.

          What ?  Are you kidding?

          If it were not for the white traitors, queers,and compromised freaks we would not have any problems.

          • Puggg

            FEMA probably wouldn’t put them in a concentration camp.  It’s only for white people who don’t support Obama or for right wing white people who spitefully support Obama because of either frustration with Republicans or wanting to “get it over with” so we can rebuild.

        •  You will not be put into prison camps because you are white, but rather because you are yellow, and have been for a couple of generations. 

  • currahee1911

    Get the list of Section 8 housing units in your community.  Find a member w. title search engine, any escrow or mortgage co.   Publish the names of the owners.  Picket their businesses.  Expose the bloodsucking traitors who ruin our communities for profit.

    Other options may be available.

    • curri

      Be prepared to catch a lot of heat, including denunciation by the “international community” and numerous USG investigations. 

    • refocus

       All apartment projects since the mid eighties must be at least 30% section 8.

  • These is so much honesty in this piece that I had scroll back to the top and find out the source.

    Stuff Black People Don’t Like

    This piece needs to be disseminated to every white community so they know what they’re up against.

    One small quibble: “And not one white Republican (oxymoron, right?)”

    I might be missing an obvious jab but a white Republican would be a tautology, not an oxymoron. If I’m missing the joke, feel free to enlighten me.

    • Ulick

      Paul Kersey, the author and creator of SBPDL, thinks it’s absurd that the GOP panders to minorities because (like many here) Kersey realizes that minorities aren’t going to vote for the GOP.  Kersey’s statement that Republican is synonomous with white is likely a jab at the GOP for their fruitless minority pandering rathering than sticking up for their base. 

  • Sardonicus

    Not only will immigration turn Gwinnett blue – from a solidly Republican county – it will turn all of Georgia blue in a state where Blacks vote in a monolith for Democrats” I think this November will show how far the country has traveled down the road to diversity. I believe the population replacement plan to assure a permanent liberal-minority-feminist ruling coalition may have reached critical mass. A majority of whites can vote for Romney and he will still lose the election. In truth, Romney is a weak candidate for white interests. A chaotic leftist Latin American future may already be upon us. Get ready for a grim, corrupt oppressive Brazil del Norte—a Brazil without the fun.

  • Defiant White

    “We, therefore, the People of South Carolina, by our delegates in Convention
    assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our
    intentions, have solemnly declared that the Union heretofore existing between
    this State and the other States of North America, is dissolved, and that the
    State of South Carolina has resumed her position among the nations of the world,
    as a separate and independent State; with full power to levy war, conclude
    peace, contract alliances, establish commerce, and to do all other acts and
    things which independent States may of right do.

    Adopted December 24, 1860 ”

    Fellow whites:   if opening our sovereign borders for the express purpose of allowing non-whites to flood our country just so they can then be recruited to vote for a certain political party, doesn’t constitute a “breaking of the compact” that states like South Carolina used as a reason to secede . . . I surely doen’t know what does!

  • NorthernWind

     On the bright side, the coalition of people which supports the democratic party will collapse once their archenemy, the Republican party (essentially White males), dies. There is no way that in the absence of a threatening boogieman the blacks, Hispanics, homosexuals, liberal atheists, feminists, and so on will remain united. They cannot stand each other.

  • radstl

    Now at the same time they claim that they are just as good as the whites they are replacing. Why then, has every city, every county they have moved into become nothing more than a stain? Has anywhere they moved into and became the majority become better than it was? One place that ended with better property values, less crime, higher education scores, less social welfare?
    NO. Name one city or county and I’ll shut it up. Problem is you can’t, there has never been a place like that.Build it and they will come, they will tear it down, they will let it rot, set it afire and blame the whites for moving out to nicer places. 

  • IstvanIN

    All the positive statistics that accompany increased diversity never fails to amaze me.  No wonder our betters want to reduce the percentage and absolute numbers of whites in the US.  I hear prosperity knocking at the door right now.

  • Ed_NY

    Andrew Young just confirmed what we already know.  Blacks are nothing but leaches, sucking the blood from Whites.

  • My husband and I lived in Norcross in the early 1990’s. We rented a duplex where the other residents that shared our duplex were white and we got along great. Next door to us was a bunch of Mexican men who repaired cars and drank beer and played loud music. Things got so bad that we told our landlord about them and he even heard them and talked to their landlord who said that he would talk to them. Apparently, these guys worked for their landlord. The best thing that happened is in July 1994, I believe, it rained for the whole month and it was quiet and these guys could not work on their cars. Also in our neighborhood was an apartment complex that was filled with illegal immigrants. Immigration used to raid the place every so often and you could tell when they had been there because there were  families there that had gotten evicted. I remember when I would drive to work, I got so scared because I would almost got hit several times by these illegals who had no idea what yielding the right of way was.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      Yield and right of way are completely ignored by Illegal Mexicans, they can’t even grasp the concept.

      • crystal evans

        That is so true. I was glad that I had uninsured motorist insurance coverage on  my auto policy.

      • schmenz

         In my experience blacks are far worse at this sort of thing than Mexicans.  And I don’t think the color “red” at a stoplight means a whole lot to them, either.

        • Up to my neck in CA

          Stop lights and road signs are merely suggestions to the eternal rule breakers. The blacks in Oakland drive in a style they we refer to as “make it up as you go”. Rules be rayciss!

  • bbshaw

    Since blacks have finally realized that they will never elevate themselves to a white, civilized, pleasant life style: their jealousy  dictates they deprive whites of living a white life style. 

    • Rebelcelt

      Exactly, top, bottom and middle. They hate us because of our success. 

  • John Hansen

    No matter where they go, we will follow. No matter how far away they move, we will follow. They can’t escape us.

    Absolutely right, Mr. Mayor.  Up to a point.  Beyond that point, may God have mercy on you.

    You may think that blacks defeated whites in South Africa.  No, that did not happen.  Whites defeated whites in South Africa.  Without massive external pressure, including from the US and Europe (whites), Apartheid would still be here and South Africa would still be a segregated first / third world country.

    In the US it won’t be that way because no country can apply external pressure to us, and whites are still a majority.  Well, the Chinese could pressure, but they have no common cause with blacks, and they probably are wondering why they are lending money to us so we can pay our blacks to have babies and wreck our cities.

    At some point whites will be tired of moving every ten years and getting nowhere, while paying ever-increasing portions of our income to keep you alive.

    • IstvanIN

       They are flooding every white section of the country so that we are so surrounded that there will be no place to go.  Maine, Wisconsin, you name it.  The government is in pincer mode right now.  NJ Republican Governor Christie is all for putting section 8 in every town in NJ to help the underprivileged.

      • ncpride

        Then he should set an example and put up section 8 in his neighborhood first.

  • potato78

    “Whites can’t escape us.”

    Sounds like Black ghosts are chasing Whites.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      I believe they are known as “spooks.”

  • Dean_Wormers_Hot_Wife

    Occassionally you hear funny stories coming out of Gwinnett’s rich White neighborhoods that are experiencing Diversification.    “Too White” is a thing of the past; “really scared” is right now.

  • Davidalbert

    I moved to Gwinnett  County in 1986. My wife and I had a nice apartment just off of Jimmy Carter Blvd. We later moved to Stone Mountain and managed apartments on Memorial Drive. Both places have gone so far down hill that the skiers can’t keep up! I later moved to Dallas (GA) but it is also suffering from “diversity!”
    It’s sad that you realize late in your life that you couldn’t get away!

    • crystal evans

      I thought Forsyth County is where the majority of whites from Gwinnett and other areas now live. Is it still predomintely white?

  • IstvanIN

    Blacks are like ants: leave a trail of sugar and they will follow.  Now if only blacks were as productive as ants, but that is another story.

  • potato78

    The true reason of diversity:

    Are human beings ‘hardwired’ to find different the faces of different races attractive?
    have discovered that white people tend to choose other races when asked
    to rate which faces they find most attractive.
    scientists discovered that white men prefer the facial features of
    Asian women while white women go for the faces of black men.
    Read more:

    • 5n4k33y3s

       Again? The conclusions of that study are wrong.

    •  I think it’s because we are hard-wired to skirt around in-breeding: the girl os the next village always looks cuter.

      Worked well as long as they were all the same race. Now we are trapped by our genes.

  • JDInSanDiego

    “We need to learn to cope with these issues and decide that all men are created equal.”  
    In other words we need to accept their crime and violence and decay while at the same time brainwashing ourselves into thinking we’re all equal.  As Michael Savage says – Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • Blacks are parasite race, they survive by feeding off others.

    • Ed_NY

      They are parasites that mainly feed off of Whites

  • crystal evans

    I wonder if Andrew Young himself would like to live next to some of the ghetto blacks that show up in formerly all white neighborhoods?

  • BaronBaal

    I actually lived in Gwinnett county for several years but got out by 2003. Yes, there is an Asian community but the real reason whites began moving is because of the soaring (mostly illegal) Hispanic population. Most blacks still live in downtown Atlanta and Decatur county and very few whites live in those 2 areas.  The wealthy whites live in their own communities while the middle income and lower income whites are pushed farther and farther out up north I-285 and north I-85 to places like Kennesaw, Stone Mountain, Gainsville, etc. 

  • KenelmDigby

    ‘Marina Peed’.

    Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

  • Ed_NY

    I am afraid so!

  • jackryanvb

    How about a little less gloom and doom on Amren?

    The Black African American population decreased by 200,000 in my Chicago from 2000 to 2010.

    The Cold War in Europe is over, all those former Whites in Central and Eastern Europe are now are allies.

    Only the most clueless Reagan Conservatives still see the Russians as our enemy.

    • BaronBaal

      You have a point, Jack. Whites need to marry young, have 3,4, or 5 kids, and the future will settle itself. Again, I agree with you. Whites need to eat healthy foods, have more sex and the babies that go with that, and most importantly, stop giving a damn what “minorities” think about them. It’s that simple.

  • They will follow you where ever you go, I was saying that Fifty or more years ago, glad to know others are now seeing that awful truth. Something else that as yet people don’t see.= When white people leave town to get away from persons who are not of their stock to places where they are in the over riding majority, what happens?. What happens is this, white Liberals[libtards] follow them also, you see, libtards who are always in the forefront of spreading Multiculturalism  are now afraid to walk the streets, to send their kids to school and to do and say all manner of things. These libtards always worm their way into the Politics of the Town and infect all with their Multicultural poison but the poison becomes so bad that they leave town with you and as I have said follow you to those Towns and Cities that are populated by folk of your kind. What happens?. What happens is once again the libtards busy them selves with the politics of the Town or City and again spread their Multiculturist poison and so as before persons of a different complection flood in and in doing so persons not of their stock flood out. A posible answer is, make it plain to the libtards to stay put in those Towns and Cities that they have Buggered up and enjoy the fruits of their poison, other than that not much can be done.

  • No matter where they go, we will follow. No matter how far away they move, we will follow. They can’t escape us.

    In a a post-crash society, where everyone looks out for theirs and there is no money for elaborate police protection, it might become a fatal way for them bros/hoes to become entraped by stepping onto the gluey “fly-paper” of “neighborhood watch.”

  • Sloppo

    If your dog gets a really bad load of parasites (fleas, ticks, intestinal worms, etc.), it’s probably the best thing to just abandon the animal kind of like white people do with their civilizations.  

  • currahee1911

    go here:

    any landlord can apply for a section 8 permit whereby  govt. subsidizes owner for providing a specified cheap rent.  owner still retains all of his tax write-offs and depreciation benefits.  no worries about skip rents and other deadbeat black behavior as govt. pays.

    mortgage companies, escrow offices, banks have title search engines to find the owners of listed properties.  only way to hide is nevada  or foreign corporation status.  for the hidden owners, probably the richest: alternative methods of demonstrating outrage may be explored.

    this is all public info. and these bastards should be exposed and persuaded to come to

    have you noticed all the new blacks wandering around your town?  the mestizos hate them and are killing them back in the hood (no white guilt bullshit to stay their hands).
    so the blacks are fleeing to white areas via section 8, where they know they are safe.

    when their numbers increase, depredations will begin.

    this is a good way to start the fight, you greatest enemy is not the idiot darkie; but the white traitor.


  • Hispanics vote Democrat, but they utterly despise blacks.

  • refocus

    How right you are ! 

    Just this afternoon four young black gentlemen followed me into the wash room of an all one can eat roadhouse and started singing ’bout gittin dat cracka ona groun an a punchin ana kikin his sorry white ass…

    Why just think how deprived I / we would be not to have these merry minstrels singing such harmonious pleasantries in such unusual places.  

    Man it just makes me feel good all over!

  • It’s interesting to listen to people talk when you’re alone with them.  One new friend “can’t stand those f’ng mexicans and then he shifts to knee-groes and then stops himself and says, “I shouldn’t be talking like this but I can’t stand the f’ers.  OK, now I’ll shut up about it.”
    He seems to be afraid to talk like that around me as if I’d turn him in.  But I share his sentiment in the fact that I don’t want to live around them either and really don’t like them much.  That’s my reality!

  • 1gravity

    I was able to get through 2/3 of Mad Max’ U-Tube Video before I had to turn it off.  Conversations in which people just try to bait each other distress me.  It is obvious that there has been a lot of water under the bridge in this neighborhood.  The black lady did not have a child seat, probably, because she could not afford one.  Threatening to call Child Protective Services is, IMHO, just out of line, as is ramming a video recorder into someone’s face.

    If the point is that moving a black sect. 8 family into a white neighborhood reduces the social capital of that neighborhood, I agree.  But this video is a case study in how not to respond.

    Let me tell you my sect. 8 story.

    A black female head of household, with three teenage sons, moved in across the street in our urban neighborhood, zoned single family residential. [I assumed, without asking, that this was a sect. 8 tenancy.]  There were also one or two adult black women who moved in.  The teenage sons came and went carrying a basketball from time to time, but did not interact with anyone that I could see.  The female head of household adopted the practice of sitting outside her front door on a chair on the sidewalk.  I would say hello from time to time, as I did to one of the adult women, who I came to understand was a relative.

    There were no incidents until one night, perhaps nine months after they moved in, I heard what sounded like firecrackers coming from the street.  I went outside and saw a car blocking the street at 45 degrees, with its front passenger door open.  There was a woman lying on the street on the passenger side of the car, screaming, “I’ve been shot.”  Inside the car, and stretched out behind the steering wheel, was the lifeless body of a man.  I saw a man and a woman walking away, the man smiling.  I put my sweatshirt under the woman’s head, and assured her that 911 had been called. [The paramedics later told me I should not have moved her head.]  I recognized her as the adult woman from the sect. 8 house.

    The female head of household later built a small memorial on the sidewalk, consisting mostly of candles and empty liquor bottles.  I went to the man’s memorial service.  When I told the preacher that I had seen the shooter, he immediately asked me if the shooter was at the service.  I responded that I did not get a good enough look at the shooter to remember anything but a broad smile.

    I was told that the woman who was shot recovered.  The sect. 8 family moved out shortly after this incident.

    There was one earlier incident related to the sect. 8 family, although I did not realize it at the time.  There is a nearby traffic intersection in which the streets intersect at 135 degrees.  This intersection is controlled by a traffic light.  For large vehicles, like buses, and unskilled drivers, making a 135 degree left turn can be very difficult.  I had adopted the practice of stopping at this red light a car length or so back from the intersection itself.  This would earn me many thank you waves from bus drivers and others making the 135 degree left turn.  One time, while waiting for the light to change, a car abruptly passed me on the right, and swerved into the car length I had reserved for left turns, jerking to a stop with its front end in the intersection itself.  That car was the same one in which I discovered the dead man the night of the shooting.

    Section 8 tenants clearly bring with them numerous social pathologies, which middle class white neighborhoods are unequipped to address.  The officials who run this program probably know this.

  • Melanie

    Because they know, amongst themselves, that actually whites are not the evil oppressive monsters they try to make us out to be. They simply keep the “race” card as their all-purpose ace in the hole whenever they need a handy excuse for their failures and misdeeds. The “race card” covers a multitude of sins-higher crime rates, lower academic scores, much higher degrees of social dysfunction and pathologies, constant and eternal failure/inability to build thriving, cohesive, secure, safe, attractive, flourishing communities (or to even maintain those which whites already built-see South Africa, Detroit, anyplace where whites built flourishing societies only to leave them to the black undertow after “white flight”. The newly-arrived blacks have everything already in place-the infrastructure, etc. All they have to do is to maintain it, but just that much is beyond their capabilities). Naturally, they can’t admit to others, much less to themselves, that they are NOT equal, or capable, so they are forced to hold tight to that “race card” and pull it at all times. They will destroy the community which they took over when whites fled, then follow whites to the next place which whites build into safe thriving communities. It’s the “white flight dance” and it never ends. It will have no choice but to end when the EBT cards stop working (or are worthless to merchants in exchange for actual goods).