Mexican Inmates Start Riot over Prison Treatment

Fox News Latino, August 13, 2012

Undocumented immigrants started a riot over poor food, medical care and what they say are disrespectful guards at a Mississippi prison.

One guard was killed and 20 people were injured in the May 20 riot at the privately-run Adams County Correctional Facility in Natchez, which holds undocumented immigrants convicted of crimes in the United States.

The leaders of the Mexican inmates, known as the Paisas, demanded to take a list of grievances to the warden that day and told others in the group to disobey orders from prison staff, according to the FBI affidavit. {snip}

Correction officer Catlin Carithers was beaten to death during the riot, which officials have said involved as many as 300 inmates and left the prison badly damaged. {snip}


FBI spokeswoman Deborah Madden said Paisas are a loosely affiliated group within the prison, without ties to organized gangs.

“The Paisas were further instructed by their new leaders to destroy the prison if staff made any attempts to break up the riot,” the affidavit said. It says damages to the prison are estimated at more than $1.3 million. “In addition to destroying the prison, Paisas planned to assault the correction officers.”

At one point, the inmates gained access to a section of the prison by telling the warden they wanted to go back to their cells, but they ended up taking more hostages once they got into that part of the facility, the affidavit said. {snip}

The affidavit describes a chaotic scene in which inmates were picking up tear gas canisters and hurling them back at guards. Some guards locked themselves in safe rooms, but the inmates used keys taken from other officers to get into the rooms. They also looted the kitchen and commissary.

The affidavit is part of a criminal complaint that alleges that Juan Lopez-Fuentes was in charge of a group of inmates who took hostages in one section of the prison. Lopez-Fuentes allegedly forced one of the hostages, a prison guard, to relay orders for tactical teams to drop their weapons and back off.


The prison holds nearly 2,500 low-security inmates, with most serving time for coming back to the United States after being deported. {snip}


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  • Send in Sheriff Joe. Problem solved.

  • When are Mexican illegal invaders going to be deemed the hostile enemy combatants they truly are and treated accordingly!   How many Americans have been murdered at the hands of these hostile invaders?

  • IstvanIN

    Another white American killed by dieversity.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    “Undocumented immigrants started a riot over poor food, medical care and
    what they say are disrespectful guards at a Mississippi prison.”

    The d-word again.

    Powerful enough to warrant murder, rape, robbery, etc…

    The diversities least worthy of respect are the ones who demand it.

    On the other hand, the punishment for coming back into the United States after being deported for being in the United States illegally is a roof over your head, food, clothing, and medical care provided for you inside and by the United States?

    • The diversities least worthy of respect are the ones who demand it.

      Qouted for truth, as the kiddies these days say.
      As I noted above, I spent over 20 years working in various prisons in my state, and that whole demanding “respect” is complace amongst the criminal class.  It’s laughable.  I told one little gang thug who was making noise about my not respecting him “Son, you have to be respectable before you can get respect”.

      I always prided myself in being polite and professional when dealing with inmates.  (when they behaved themselves that is….trouble makers are a whole different matter)  But I never actually respected any of them by nature of their position.  One can be “respectful” without actually respecting someone.   Being a jerk for no reason is just asking for trouble…something many new and/or poorly trained prison staffers don’t realise.

    • joewest666

      The Multi Cult kills again.

  • Note that one of the primary reasons given for the riot was that staff were being “direspectful”.  You have to love that charming hispanic “machismo” culture were any perceived slight should be met by violence.  Talk about a screwed up perspective….
    On another note, I am an ex-correctional officer and have had alot of dealings with these kinds of private contract prisons.  Without expection, they are poorly run, with badly trained, and lack-luster staff.  (you get what you pay for after all..)   I could tell you all sorts of horror stories about interacting with Wakenhut and CCA staffers who lacked even basic security skills.   I hate to blame the victim, but I suspect that this riot was at least partially caused by bad security procedures at this facility.  The blurb above about the rioting inmates taking more hostages after promising to return to their cells would tend to confirm that.
    I’m a conservative, and am all for privatizing industries were possible.  But there are some things that should never be farmed out to the lowest bidder, and corrections is one of those things.

  • Chimp Master Rules

    At what point did we become the kind of insane people who would allow convicted criminals to riot and kill with impunity?

    In most so-called “less advanced” countries, companies of heavily armed military police would have stormed the prison and gunned down hundreds of inmates in an uninterrupted orgy of blood.  Eventually, officials would call them off, but by then, the floors and grounds would be covered with bodies.  It only takes two or three such responses to change the attitude among all inmates forever.

    Yet here, we foreigners to riot, kill  and cause $1.3 mil in damages and yet not a single prisoner appears to have been killed or even seriously injured.


  • I was wondering if this was one of those private prisons run by CCA or GEO that contract with state and federal governments to hold their inmates.

  • A prison should never be taken over by the inmates. 

    This is the result of AA prison guards, including women. 

    Shoot to kill.

  • Sloppo

    Out of respect for our Mexican prison population, we should extend the same hospitality to them that Mexico extends to Guatemalans who illegally cross their southern borders.  Mexicans should have the same rights here that Guatemalans have in Mexico.

  • how pussy do the guards have to be to let the prisoners take over?  How does one guard die and none of the prisoners?   They needed better weapons than tear gas.

    What do you bet when they find out who beat the guard to death, they tack on five to ten years to his sentence, and let him go early.

  • KenelmDigby

    Good ol’ Ronnie Reagan and good ol’ George W. Bush strive might and main and did everything in their power to bring as many of these ‘family valued, natural Republican voters’ into the USA as possible.

  • KenelmDigby

    Just looking at the photos of the horrible short, fat, squat, flabby, brown bodies with their shaven heads and horrible scrawled blue tattoos all over their bodies ade me think that ‘pest control’ and not ‘correctional facilities’ would be the more appropriate private agency to contract this ‘work’ to.

  • Pat Kittle

    Illegals should be put to work cleaning up the literally (litterly) TENS of THOUSANDS of TONS of garbage they leave in our wild borderlands when they sneak in here.

    THEN deported!

    And they should never be given an opportunity to commit more violence.

  • joewest666

    But but but they are peaceful loving peoples only coming here for work…

    Just watch Border Wars on NatGeo….