The DNA Olympics—Jamaicans Win Sprinting ‘Genetic Lottery’—and Why We Should All Care

Jon Entine, Forbes, August 12, 2012

Segregation was on display in London over the past two weeks—which, surprisingly, should spark no concerns and may even help educate us all about the wonders of human biodiversity. Let me explain.

Led by 100-meter world record holder Usain Bolt, Jamaican men swept the sprinting events at the London Olympics. It was a stunning feat for the small Caribbean nation. But as part of a broader trend, it’s hardly surprising. Runners of West African descent are the fastest humans on earth.

For decades, a bushel of developing countries—Jamaica, Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago, Saint Kitts, Barbados, Grenada, Netherlands Antilles and the Bahamas in the Caribbean and Nigeria, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Namibia in western Africa, as single countries, have each produced more elite male sprinters than all of white Europe and Asia combined. Yet West African descended runners are laggards at the longer races.

Remarkably, the story of East African runners is the mirror image of the West African success story. While terrible at the sprints, runners Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and Somalia, along with a sprinkling of North and Southern Africans, regularly dominate endurance running.


The trends are eye opening: Athletes of African ancestry hold every major male running record, from the 100 meters to the marathon. (Although these same trends hold for female runners, the pattern is more dominant among male runners. This analysis focuses on men because the playing field for them is far more level, as social taboos remain that restrict female access to sports in many parts of the world.) Over the last seven Olympic men’s 100-meter races, all 56 finalists have been of West African descent. {snip}


What’s going on here? The most frequently heard explanation is that African athletes just work harder at running. {snip}

National Public Radio recently carried just such a speculative piece on Kenya, and CNN had its own version on Jamaica. Never did the word “genetics” find its way into the story. It’s all nurture, they concluded—the long since scientifically discredited tabula rasa theory of human achievement that attributes all success to individual effort and societal “forces.”

No one outside of the most politically correct circles really believes that. {snip}

Here are the facts. Athletic achievements, like success of all kind, is a bio-cultural phenomenon. Yes, Usain Bolt earned his victories. He may have been born gifted but he has worked his tail off to achieve greatness. He and he alone is responsible for his gold medal haul. But humans are not blank slates. {snip}

Genetically linked, highly heritable characteristics such as skeletal structure, the distribution of muscle fiber types (for example, sprinters have more natural fast twitch fibers, while distance runners are naturally endowed with more of the slow twitch variety), reflex capabilities, metabolic efficiency and lung capacity are not evenly distributed among populations. {snip} Slowly, geneticists will link human performance, including sports skills, to our DNA and more specifically to our ancestral roots—populations.


Yet the subject remains a prickly one to many journalists and the ‘liberal’ chattering classes. {snip}

{snip} Sports ability, like IQ, is the product of many genes with environmental triggers influencing the “expression” of our base DNA. {snip}

Why touch this third rail of race? After all, as UCLA’s Jared Diamond has noted, “Even today, few scientists dare to study racial origins, lest they be branded racists just for being interested in the subject.”

As I explained in Taboo: Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports and Why We’re Afraid to Talk About It, athletic achievement has long been a Catch-22 for blacks in general and African Americans in particular. In the early part of the 20th century, when blacks first got a chance to compete in sports, every defeat encouraged simplistic, racist beliefs that blacks were an inferior “race,” too frail to handle extreme physical challenges and not smart enough to plan a race strategy.


The hard truth is that we cannot avoid confronting the fact of our patterned human biodiversity. Over the past decade, human genome research has moved from a study of human similarities to a focus on population-based differences. Such research offers clues to solving the mystery of disease, the Holy Grail of genetics. So why do we readily accept that evolution has turned out Jews with a genetic predisposition to Tay-Sachs, Southeast Asians with a higher proclivity for beta-thalassemia and blacks who are susceptible to colorectal cancer and sickle cell disease, yet find it racist to suggest that Usain Bolt can thank his West African ancestry for the most critical part of his success—his biological possibility?

“Differences among athletes of elite caliber are so small,” said Robert Malina, a retired Michigan State University anthropologist and former editor of the Journal of Human Genetics, “that if you have a physique or the ability to fire muscle fibers more efficiently that might be genetically based … it might be very, very significant. The fraction of a second is the difference between the gold medal and fourth place.”


{snip} Asians, on average, tend to be smaller with shorter extremities and long torsos—evolutionary adaptations to harsh climes encountered by Homo sapiens who migrated to Northeast Asia 40,000 years ago. China, for example, excels in many Olympic sports, for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons, according to geneticists, is that they are more flexible on average—a potential advantage in diving, gymnastics (hence the term “Chinese splits”) and figure skating.

Whites of Eurasian ancestry are mesomorphic: they have larger and relatively more muscular bodies with comparatively short limbs and thick torsos. No prototypical sprinter or marathoner here. These proportions are advantageous in sports in which strength rather than speed is at a premium. Predictably, Eurasians dominate weightlifting, wrestling and most field events, such as the shot put and hammer. At the London Olympics, with the exception of North Korea, the top lifters come from a band of Eurasian countries: China, Kazakhstan, Iran, Poland, Russia and the Ukraine. Despite the image of the sculpted African body, no African nation won an Olympic lifting medal.

What about West Africans and North American, Caribbean and European blacks who trace their ancestry to the Middle Passage? They generally have: bigger, more developed overall musculature; narrower hips, lighter calves; higher levels of plasma testosterone; faster patellar tendon reflex in the knee; and a higher percentage of fast-twitch muscles and more anaerobic enzymes, which can translate into more explosive energy. Blacks in general have heavier skeletons and less body fat—key genetic hindrances when it comes to such sports as competitive swimming.


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  • Ernest

    Glad to see this but can we also expound about other differences or only those that are positive?

    • Dan

       I found the article refreshingly candid and thought it was right on the money. Who in their right mind wouldn’t trade off a fast sprint time for 20 IQ points?!!

      • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

        People who are minus 20 IQ points.

  • Detroit_WASP


    “What’s going on here? The most frequently heard explanation is that African athletes just work harder at running. ”  LMAO !!!!!

    Quote: “Even today, few scientists dare to study racial origins, lest they be branded racists just for being interested in the subject.” Well, at least that part is true.

    Weight lifting, all white males!

    • WhiteGuyInJapan


      “What’s going on here? The most frequently heard explanation is that African athletes just work harder at running. ”  LMAO !!!!!”

      Yeah, bad logic.  Sprinters generally have more leisure time on their hands as repeated practice does not really improve performance.

  • GravitonX

    There is no genetic lottery.  Different ethnic groups simply have greater efficacy with respect to certain sports.

    As mentioned before, I’m Spaniard.  We are competitive with AfricanAmericans in basketball now both physically and mentally.  We studied the game and let go of silly superstitions about ethnic ability and thus progressed.  In fact, we’ve progressed moreso than most other European nationalities.  It also helps that we are richer than we were a few decades ago when I was a child.

    • Rocky Bass,

       Genetic lottery eh? More genetic “Scratch off” if you ask me, as in
      civilization there is little call for bullet like sprinting, low
      intelligence and high tendency for anti-civilized behavior.   These are all things that make you less useful to any civilization save as an Olympic competitor maybe.

    • WarLord 74

      The sports achievments of Spain are admirable, with regard to their moderate population and unimpressive height (177,3 cm).

  • JohnEngelman

    When an article like this gets into Forbes we can tell that the constraints of political correctness are becoming less constraining.

     Although professional athletes often make large incomes, there are few openings in professional sports. In order to become rich as a professional athlete it is not enough to be good; one needs to be one of the best in the country. 

    There are far more job opportunities for people with IQs above 120, and far more people who are able to take advantage of those opportunities. Because blacks are much less likely to have IQs above 120, discussing their dominance in many sports is a sensitive subject.

  • SarahConnor

    Calling Jason –Race IQ game over–I think it is just beginning.

  • Very interesting article. No mention of why Ashkenazic Jews tend to be at the high end of the IQ scale, and sub-Saharan Africans at the bottom. But the writer obviously wants to differentiate how races are different — while trying to simultaneously downplay the existence of race. His article was also a little scanty about the strengths — and weaknesses — of European and European-descended athletes, like White Americans.

    • WhiteGuyInJapan

      Another good point.  I think that we should celebrate excellence in all its forms, including physical achievement.  Still, jumpin’ and jivin’ doth not a civilization make. 

      I happen to like this author and read his books.  He touches upon controversial issues yet also recoils from some of the implications or even plausible inferences.  Trying to have your cake and it, too.  Sort of like Pinker, I suppose.

  • Rocky Bass,

    Seems to fit the “smash and grab” survival strategy employed by so many from the dark continent. A flood the field with low investment genetic material, in hopes that some survive to carry on, breeding scheme nicely completes the profile doesn’t it?
    Being able to get your competition to feed your genetic flood, at their expense, is also a plus for folks of this stripe.

  • I’m just proud Italy did so well in fencing and shooting; the gals practically swept the folio.  Forza!  The take away:  don’t get into a fight with your Italian wife/girlfriend/mistress when she’s in the kitchen near long knives.  🙂

    • rosy14

      Thank you, Sir!
      An Italian woman

  • Chimp Master Rules

    We’re all the same.   That is the fundamental lie that will eventually bring down liberalism just like it brought down communism.

    If some are hard-wired to run faster, then maybe they’re hard-wired to rape, kill and act the idiot in a classroom.  Maybe they truly are more violent.  Maybe they’re hard-wired to be less effective verbally, spatially and creatively.

    Communism fell primarily from internal rot.  Humans never lived up to the marxist ideal.  Productivity was nil, corruption was high and quality disappeared.

    I recommend rubbing the nose of every white lib you know in this article.  It won’t make them change their minds but it’s always good to turn up the heat on our enemies.

    • Under communism, children with athletic talent were brought to sports schools and their parents receieved a stipend from the government. One of their tactics was doping. Their athletes were unaware of what they were being given. When questioned, their coaches told them that it was vitamins. The government saw these young athletes as expendable guinea pigs that they were experimenting on.

  • …suddenly when its gold medals for Timbuk and matter of african superiority, genetics is an acceptable topic. ….go ‘head, lets start down that road…

  • WhiteGuyInJapan

    “Basketball is a game of both skill AND athleticism. ”

    Good point.  In the first half of the 20th century, when 5’10” Jewish guys played pro basketball, you could see a much better game and stronger display of teamwork. 

    Now we have those freakishly tall players like Rodman and Shaq (I’ll include Larry Bird to be fair).  Sure, they can jump high, but the quality of the playing has gone downhill.

    • That game you talk about does exist today in women’s basketball. Women’s basketball is based on the fundamentals of basketball moreso than the men’s game is.

      • ed91

         chick ball is so painful to watch……..

  • ed91

     ok, so blacks don’t have to work harder to be the best runners.

    I think I had already figured out they weren’t going to be working harder.

    which brings up another difference between the races.

    but you dwell on it and see if you can figure it out, my race already has.

  • From what I have read, Usain Bolt now wants a tryout with the Manchester United soccer team. I hope  this will not the same mistake that the San Francisco 49ers did in 1982 when they signed world champion hurdler Renaldo Nehemiah to become a wide receiver. Nehemiah had the speed. After all, he was the first man to run the 110 meter hurdles in less than  13 seconds and was a world record holder. Nehemiah had problems catching the ball. He was released in 1985 when the team signed Jerry Rice.

  •  I watched with more racial awareness than I ever have. I was happy to see how many events had almost exclusively white contestants. Anything involving water were dominated by whites. almost all upper-body strength (wrestling, weight lifting, shot put, javelin) sports were also dominated by whites. All hand-eye coordination sports, such as trap shooting, archery, were also exclusively white. Even the decathlon was heavily euro- white. Those genetic differences may come into play when some people are running fast and others are aiming.

    • Not totally true. Women’s weightlifting is dominated by the Chinese. With the Decathalon, Ashton Eaton, who is African American won that event.  In fact, one of the medalists in the men’s shot put was Reese Hoffa, who is of mixed race (black and white).

      • WarLord 74

         “With the Decathalon, Ashton Eaton, who is African American won that event. ”

        This is a thing that I wholeheartedly despise on Americans. Everybody, who has a drop of African blood, is “African-American”? When I look at this man, I would estimate that he is not more than 25% black! The same applies for Hoffa.

        • The one drop rule was set up plantation owners and is the rule concerning mixed race African Americans. Also Bryan Clay looks more Japanese than African American.

  • What should be considered regarding the Decathlon is the formulas for scoring heavily favor track and not field events. The negro worship Olympics of 2012 have been rigged to favor. 
    Notice column C of the scoring methodology is higher for certain events.

  • IstvanIN

     Foreign born Spaniards?  You must mean foreign born citizens of Spain.  A South American may be a subject of your crown but is he truly a Spaniard?

  • WhiteGuyInJapan

    While we’re at it, why do East Asians do so well at table tennis?  I am not sure genetics plays a role in this one, perhaps high population density and the relatively small space needed to play are more crucial factors. 

    • You forgot the sports of diving. women’s weightlifting and gymnastics. These have been dominated by the Chinese. The reason is that the Chinese athletes are successful is  that they are sent to Soviet-Style sports schools, where they train for 8-12 hours a day beginning at an early age. Those who are successful end up on world and Olympic teams.

      • WhiteGuyInJapan

         Not trying to be snippy, but I didn’t forget gymnastics as it was already mentioned in the article.  I didn’t watch much diving, but the Japanese did very well in swimming events.  No gold, but a total of 11 medals. 

        • Actually Kohei Uchimura won the men’s all-around gold medal in men’s gymnastics.

      • Vil

         I think that China has more athletes to choose from, because they have an a little larger population than most countries, say Luxemburg. People that have a 1 in a thousand skill or whatever are ‘probably’ more frequent in China.
        But yeah, the Soviet-Style sports schools play a major role as well.

        • But that may be changing, due to the one child policy, there will be fewer children in sports schools. The majority of those in these schools are from poor families in the countryside.  The parents get a stipend from the government because they have given their child to the state to represent the state in athletic competitions. These sports schools have been blamed for abuse and neglecting the education of their charges.

        • WarLord 74

          The average height in China is about 170 cm. In sports requiring height above 185 cm, their potential is not fundamentally higher than in European countries like France or UK.

          •  One thing that the Chinese did is that they concentrated on sports where they would have to compete against blacks. They knew that they could not win against blacks. This is why there are few Chinese sprinters and long jumpers.


      The reason that fascists and communists love sport is, of course, that
      sport has no linguistic content. Totalitarians hate language and wage
      constant war against it — another thing Orwell taught us. Sport is
      therefore the ideal lowbrow entertainment from the point of view of
      jealous power elites, just as ballet is the ideal highbrow
      entertainment. The old Soviet Union poured huge resources into both.

    • Den

      Asians seem to have faster reaction times

      • ed91

         no they don’t

  • .

    You make a good point about the boxing. It may well be that blacks have some advantages. I don’t know one way or the other. But boxing is a bit more complicated than simple running or lifting. And boxing is a poor man’s sport. Generally, only poor people engage in it. Today, boxing gyms all over the US are going out of business as whites and hispanics go into MMA and blacks go into other things like basketball. That’s why you had a wave of poorer East European countries coming on strong instead of West European or American whites. As East Europe becomes more prosperous they’ll abandon boxing for something else, too.

  • To Conan: The Same goes for white boxers in the use of steroids. Next, Klitschko brothers, who are excellent boxers, got their ideas from studying the moves of Mohammed Ali/Cassius Clay. Also, the manager of these two is a black man, named i think Davey Moore. I can be corrected on the name if wrong. Next, why don’t you people please end this genetic arguement for it’s totally silly. True, genetics may have some shape in dealing with people’s ability. But, it’s mostly hardwork with opportunity that makes these athletes successful. You talk about black sprinters being dominate because of ” genetics” . Well, what are you going to say next, that olympic gold medal track star of the seventies and eighties, Bruce Jenner, had “black afro-carribean genes” !?! (LOL)!!
    Have a good morning.

    • eerr….wrong.  Klitschko brothers fight nothing like Cassius Clay did.  These guys fight smart and use their height/reach advantage.  No rope-a-dope for these fellas.  They fight in a traditional European style verse the American African flash murray style.  Many boxing fans in the U.S. cannot stand them because of this.  They are accused of being safe and boring but yet they dominate their opponents. They may not have huge KO’s but regardless they are successful.  Bruce Jenner competed in decathlon which is composed of a variety of events.  To compare him with a standard 100meter sprint is too much.  The Jamaicans have a lot of opportunity to evade drug testing (Olympic Commission would have to fly to Jamaica to administer the test unlike in Europe and U.S. where testing facilities are quite abundant) and combine that with their genes and hardwork, yes they are successful.  LOL you have no idea what your talking about.  LMAO ASAP PBR DDT ABC 123!!!!

      • Dan

         The Klitschko brothers have one of the highest KO percentages in the history of boxing. Both of them have also competed in kick boxing at an early age and I’m sure that has helped with their boxing training. The first thing I noticed about their fights was once they clipped an opponent with a good shot he often seemed reluctant to engage with them.

        •  Do you mean KO as in Knocked Out or TKO where the opponent could not go on stopped by the ref? 

          • Vitali Klitschko is known for his powerful punches and durable chin. With a
            86.96% knockout percentage rate, he holds the second best
            knockout-to-fight ratio of any champion in heavyweight boxing history,
            after Rocky Marciano’s 87.76%. He has never been knocked down in any professional boxing bout and has also never lost a decision.

            Wladimir Klitschko has 58 victories with 51 KO’s.  I don’t know where all of this “they don’t knock people out” nonsense comes from.

    • Well his stepdaughters have a lot of African in them!

  • Syracuse

    Its only the ex-slave descendant African black head case nutbags  who try to analyse all this living in the white man world playing all the white man invented sports including the Olympics.
    Africans invented nothing but then again they dont sit around and show low IQ with such BS knowing whites simply dropped out and began doing other things like winning 10 times more gold medals in swimming, diving, cycling, gymnastics etc.

    Blacks have one single sport in the Olympics and its track and field. American blacks do terrible so they try to hop on the African bandwagon using some genetics BS.

     The bragging is endless obviously showing their inferiority complexes but dont forget that every single black African slave who came to the west was sold off as rejects by their own tribal chiefs to the white man. Furthurmore whites completely abandoned their own sports like NBA and the NFL because they did not want to be associated with blacks especially in intimate settings like shower and locker rooms.

    Blacks have one track brains and dont have the intelligence to understand diversity of sports and how the European does it all. The East Germans and Russians dominated the world in all sports until 1989 because they were required to train vigorously under their system or face punishment.
    It is hilarious to watch the media salavate over the black gymnast Douglas while ignoring completely the white much superior white females who also won gold but this proves their clear agendas are anti-white in everything. The brainwash of the tv cable 24/7/365 satellite systems are doing their jobs as it clearly evident.

    • The reason why the East Germans and Russians dominated sports is because of doping. Their female athletes looked like men with broad shoulders and had deep voices. Gabby Douglas performed the best that day and deserved that gold medal.

      • WarLord 74

        And US white women, who broke the old GDR world record in the 4×100 m relay, were natural talents?

        • Yes they were. There is no evidence that they were doping. They trained hard. These women do not look like the GDR swimmers of the 70’s and 80’s who looked more like men.

          • WarLord 74

             What’s the stuff you are smoking, my friend?

          • I recommend you go back and take a look at the female swimmers from East Germany. In the 1972 Olympics one American woman swimmer followed one of the East German swimmers into the bathroom and thought that it was a man.

  • Wolf

    You’re right.  Lemaitre did go under 10 seconds.  That’s one white man.

    • GravitonX

       And there would be more.  Your problem is that you cannot come to grips with the fact that everyone has the same potential for human achievement because to accept such would mean that you’ve wasted many years living a lie.

  • Wolf

     With political correctness clamping down on any talk of genetic differences between races in the mainstream media, this is an important article.   It’s been awhile since I’ve since something like this published in something like Forbes.  How can the “nurture is everything” camp keep believing the lies when the evidence that the races are different is right there in front of their own eyes.

    • Laika, The Space Dog

      Correct and this is why Holder and his people will try to pass laws in the US if Obamao is reannointed  that censors and limit speech, calling it “hate speech.”   Certain types of speech will be verboten and punished harshly like it is in the UK and Canada.  Stating that the races are different is already considered hate speech in some circles and will be soon here too.

  • rightrightright

    Slightly off topic.   The Daily Mail published this article today:–Neanderthals.html
    It seems to have become politically incorrect to allow that Europeans and North East Asians carry some Neanderthal genetic inheritance (weight lifters?) and Africans (slim runners?)/Southern Asians don’t.  

  • GravitonX

     I was born in the United States to Spanish parents and raised all of my life in Spain, just like Pau Gasol.  I can assure you that we are “REAL” Spaniard, more than you will ever be.

  • GravitonX

     You are welcome to your “genetic limitations” and baggage.  No wonder you white Americans are falling behind at everything.

  • GravitonX

     I guess you didn’t see the Olympic Gold medal championship game. WE lost to the best American players by only 7 points.  Allow me to clear up the confusion once and for all.  It is YOU not WE.

  • GravitonX

     I agree, as long as they don’t fall into this American nonsense.

  • I’d sooner have brains than brawn any day of the week,  After all, age comes upon all of us and who wants to be  a has been athlete with nothing to show for anything except a bunch of pieces of metal in a drawer?

  • I doubt anyone had to stare at anyone’s anatomy for this article to come to the attention of the AR webmaster and eventually the decision to make it a story yesterday.

  • Other winners of the event include Rafer Johnson, Daley Thompson, Dan O’Brien, Bryan Clay and Ashton Eaton. So not all winners of the Decathalon have been white. O’Brien and Clay are of mixed race. O’Brien is Finnish and African American. Clay is of Japanese and African American descent.

  • True. They have dominated in women’s weightlifting. The concentrated on this sport three years before it was added to the Olympic program.

  • The Kenyans have extensive training programs for long distance and their talent pool is deep. In fact, some of their average runners would be fast enough to represent other countries in the Olympics and other championships.

  • Le Gaulois

    FYI, I didn’ t say nor argued that it would have in my reply.

    I only responded to the quote that “NO White man has ever run a 100 m under 10.0”, to inform “The Man”  that Christophe Lemaitre as indeed done so.

    You’re barking at the wrong tree here…

  • Laura White

    Slightly O/T : 

    Remember the Thorntons? (Cookie and Omar). 

    I think we might have a female version about to go postal in New Orleans :

  • Well since everyone is using the ethnic card, which is something i reall hate using for it’s time to live in the 21st cent. Anyway, The overwhelming majority black U.S. basketball team,literally, made mincemeat out the majority white European and yellow Asian teams during the olympics. Have fun everybody!!

    • WarLord 74

      The fact that the majority of the best basketball teams come from the smallest nations of European descent should cure you from your delusional thinking very quickly. The same applies even for volleyball. It doesn’t look that these sports would attract the top global talent, really. But it is understandable, because they belong to the most height-demanding sports activities on the planet (only discus throw actually comes close) and 95% population is excluded from competing at the very beginning. These sports need specific culture to become widely popular.

  • WarLord 74

    The problem is that he is very biased and cherrypicks data. He still doesn’t understand, what’s going on in today’s athletics, that the participation rate in the industrialized world has been declining for almost 3 decades already. He didn’t bother to compile historical statistics, despite that he had a lot of time to do it. Picking up anecdotes is much easier, obviously.

  • WarLord 74

    The doping in Jamaica is not a matter of discussion. It is very strange that after the Marion Jones’ fiasco, Entine is still writing about “natural talent” of black athletes like if they were saints, who don’t touch doping.

  • WarLord 74

     “Actually the Olympics 2012 was a crude racial laboratory as was the
    Olympics 1936, and a better one because of the current range of
    biological competition. ”

    The current range of biological competition in athletics is a joke, which a simple comparison of available anthropometric data can unequivocally show. The most bizarre thing is that the athletically most gifted regions on per capita basis (e.g. the Netherlands, former Yugoslavian states) ignore athletics almost completely.

  • WarLord 74

    First of all, West African nations are of very small height (ca. 170 cm), and their statures have been decling since decolonization. This means that their sports potential will hardly increase in the future, despite population explosion. Further, you should note that international medals in track are usually won by countries, where soccer is not the most popular sport. This especially applies for the Caribbean, because the athletic potential of this region is very small both on per capita and in absolute numbers (in fact, documented height averages are only within 172-174 cm). Similarly, Kenyans dominate long distances that fit their small, skinny body type, but they also excel in middle distances that require 10 cm taller statures. This is mindboggling at first glance. The situation that we see in today’s track has no rational explanation, unless the participation rate in the industrialized world is very, very small.

    • IstvanIN

       This is still nominally the US, use US customary measurements: 170cm = 67 inches, 172-174cm = 67 3/4 to 68 1/2 “.

    •  East Africans are short and do well at long and middle distance races. West Africans are taller with narrow hips and large muscles.

  •  I wonder if this is because Pearson is seen as a novelty and she is also not American, which means that she will not get the star treatment that American gold medal winners get.

  •  You may be sevens are going to debut in the 2016 Rio Olympics. Who knows, he may be on Jamaica’s rugby team.?

  • Actually the Chinese dominate diving. In the recent Olympics, they won all of the diving events except the men’s 10 meter tower event, which was won by David Boudia. The Chinese and Japanese dominate men’s gymnastics. Kohei Nishimura of Japan won the men’s all around artistic gymnastic gold medal.

  •  Judo and Taekwando were invented by Asians, not Europeans.

  • Christophe Lemaitre:  Withdrew from the 100, finished 6th in the 200 final in spite of having the third fastest qualifying time in heats, and his French 4×100 relay team finished 4th, 0.04 seconds behind the bronze medal.  I always thought that 2012 London was “too soon” for Lemaitre, because he’s only 22.  Unlike 22-year old blacks, 22-year old whites will get noticeably stronger over the next handful of years.  His better chances to medal will be 2016 Rio or 2020 wherever.

    Decathlon:  I have noticed that mixed race men are doing really well in decathlon:  Ashton Eaton, Bryan Clay, Dan O’Brien.  One of the “Canadian” decathletes in London looked to be mixed black/white.  Clay is mixed Japanese/black.  I think that’s not a coincidence, because you have to understand what decathlon is, it’s a mix of ten events.  You have to do well enough in all events to win, but you don’t have to be world beating in any one event.  (Hint:  Usain Bolt doing a pole vault would be comical, and the best pole vaulter doing 100m would also be funny.)  In mixed-race decathletes, the black provides the speed and the white or Asian provides the nimble athleticism for the field events.  Also, decathlon is a mental game as much as a physical game:  Ten events over two days means that you have to play mind games with yourself and pace yourself:  That’s where the white and Asian DNA helps.  You will also notice that decathletes are a bit older on average than the typical sprinter, and that’s because experience helps immensely with the mental game of the decathlon.

  • WhiteGuyInJapan

     Yeah, it is not the most exciting sport for most of us.  I live in Japan and my students talk about it constantly.  Table tennis stars are all over TV. 

    Like this two-time Olympic medalist:

  • Also:

    Comparing Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt?


    In eight total timed live events, including qualifying heats and finals, Usain Bolt ran fewer than 100 seconds (1:40) on his way to three gold medals.  I cannot give you an exact time, because participants in track relays are not given split results, because of the variable nature of the baton handoff.  But the sum total of his timed events is 89.48 seconds, so assume he ran his relevant leg of the 4×100 in ten seconds, which is way on the high side, and you still have 99.48 seconds.

    Michael Phelps swam a total of 14 live events, and by “swam,” I mean treading liquid water.  He qualified for the 200 Butterfly with a heat time of 1:55.53, meaning 115.53 seconds.  Therefore, Phelps swam a longer time in one heat for one event than Bolt ran during the whole Olympics.

    The only way Bolt as a sprinter could be comparable to Phelps as a swimmer is if he won gold in the 100, 200, 400, 4×100, 4×400 and a field event, and did it for three straight Olympics.  Even then, I’d still pick Phelps because treading water is physically demanding, and Phelps had to do a lot of it.

    Bolt will never be an NFL wide receiver.  He may be a lout, but he’s not dumb.  He makes $15m a year just for running in straight lines and semi-ovals, without getting hit at all much less hard, and without having to run routes and learn playbooks.

  • David Ashton

    Comparative bone density?

  • A Swain

    Well, something that hasn’t occurred to anyone is the fact that on the question of IQ,  those of White European ancestry are being continually held down and thwarted all over the Western world by the Marxist Liberal/Zionist regime and have been for the past 40 years just so non-Whites particularly Blacks can enjoy an unfair advantage  (headstart)  in the academic and employment fields.  

    In the horse-racing industry, it’s called handicapping. 

    Since Whites are being deliberately handicapped and held back both in the academic and employment fields worldwide on IQ grounds so as to enable Blacks, so then shouldn’t Blacks be subjected to handicapping in the key sporting events they naturally dominate in order to enable non-Blacks equally.