Democratic Candidates Pitch Dream Act for Platform

Kevin Freking, Associated Press, August 9, 2012

In an appeal to Latino voters, three Senate candidates in the Southwest are calling on delegates to the Democratic National Convention to make support of a bill to help young illegal immigrants gain citizenship a part of the party platform.

Rep. Martin Heinrich, the Democratic nominee for a Senate seat from New Mexico, is leading the effort and said that formally supporting the immigration proposal would provide voters with a clear choice on an issue that many care deeply about.

“I think the time has come for the DREAM Act to be part of our identity as a party,” Heinrich said in a telephone interview.


The DREAM Act would give young illegal immigrants who attend college or serve in the military a path to citizenship.

The Homeland Security Department, under a directive from President Barack Obama, has stopped deporting illegal immigrants who would have qualified for the DREAM Act, but that policy does not provide a path to citizenship. {snip}

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  • Platform schmatform.  Boob (sic) Dole called the Republican platform “a meaningless piece of paper,” and he was right.  Does DREAM Amnesty (the parts Obama hasn’t implemented by EO) need to be in the Democrat piece of paper platform for most Democrat politicians to want it?

    • The Verdict of History

      I must ask,

      Have you realized that you have made the most posts of ANYONE (of us)?

      I joined earlier this summer (early June)… and have noticed that you seem to be one of the primary posters, in terms of both LIKES accumulated and consistency…

      • Rocky Bass,

         He is a commenting ENGINE, I have mentioned him before. A real realist asset.

        • The Verdict of History

          Unquestionably… and thankfully…

      •  Yes.  But not as much lately, in the days and weeks leading up to primary day this past Tuesday.  I have a few days off, so enjoy me while you can, because a three month combined marathon/sprint is going to begin for me on Monday.  Look on the bright side:  It will give a chance for everyone else to catch up.  Maybe one day here soon we’ll click the community box and see “The Verdict of History” on top of both counts.  Take it as a challenge.

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          haha thanks… you’re awesome for the cause, keep us motivated and are thought-provoking…

          I don’t know what you “expect to happen”… but I have little doubt that we’ll have HUGE shoes to fill…

          Good luck sir.

          •  I’m not disappearing into thin air!  If you’ll miss me that much, just click on my nickname.

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  • Rocky Bass,

     If these idiot repubs want to win they need to announce “Operation Wetback II”. They give us NO reason over to vote for them at all. Obomunisim or Romunisim isn’t any choice, and if voting could change anything, it would be illegal.

    • The Verdict of History

      The entire system is thoroughly contaminated with a spirit of contempt for honor, honesty (and racial heritage)…

      Vote — nevermind… there is quite seriously no use. NONE.

      • Rocky Bass,

         Long ago, settlers in the old west would burn down their old shacks when moving on, as it was easier to collect the nails dragging a magnet through the ashes than tearing the thing down.
        I am ready to vote Obango, and get the magnet ready!

        • The__Bobster

          Nails were very expensive and hard to come by. Community organizers are a dime a dozen.

  • So it’s only a DREAM to come to the US?  What about China or Africa?  Sounds pretty racist to me!

  • potato78

    Under the such platform, who will have a eager dream to come US?  Around the current world, poor people are a majority and middle wealthy people are a minority.  People with high IQ are a minority.  So I believe the majority would like to come to US and enjoy the benefits provided by US government.  Republicans are no longer used to be Republicans and now like idiotic people with low IQ.

  • BannerRWB

    That the DREAM Act is even part of the political discourse tells me that America is already a lost cause. There is nothing on our current path that shows us maintaining a White majority, nor anything that leads me to believe that Western Civilization will hold in the long run.  Should the DREAM Act pass, it will only open the flood gates for millions more uneducated, poor, culturally-oppositionist, and primarily non-Whites to enter the U. S.   More appropriately, it should be called the NIGHTMARE Act, and be filled under the general subject of “Warfare and takeover by other than military invasion”.

    • The Verdict of History

      It won’t change, because the majority of whites have voluntarily abdicated their duty to preserve their cultural heritage — the most dynamic and important one for the progress of humanity — and have almost entirely succumbed to the fantasy of”racial harmony” and utopian egalitarianism…. It is depressingly undeniable. 

      We are witnessing the destruction of a civilization… one that our ancestors toiled desperately to sustain and develop to maturity….

      But liberalism betrayed us.

      ….and many in our own race (leftist diversity peddlers and proponents) are at the forefront of this process of…


  • OT:

    Are any of you having problems with AR being offline intermittently this evening?

  • OT:

    Are any of you having problems with AR being offline intermittently this evening?

    • The Verdict of History

      All clear.

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        • The Verdict of History


          I actually had noticed that the response time was somewhat slow.

          Thanks for clarifying.

    • Epiminondas

      Go for it.

  • Detritus0

    Republicans In Name Only are called RINOs, but Romney is a WINO, White In Name Only.

    • The Verdict of History

      And the vast majority of HISPANICS are —


      Americans In Name ONLY.

    • The__Bobster

      Maybe he’s a SINO, Straight In Name Only. Five years ago, he supported poofters in the Boy Scouts.

  • The White liberals cannot give this country away fast enough to the brown invading hordes, in exchange for their votes of course! There are plenty of so called “conservatives” who are more than willing to do the same.

  • currahee1911

    People, we need to talk about this election.  Please don’t tell me about third parties.  This movement is in its infancy and it is too soon to show our hand. 

    I am thinking that I must vote for Obama (and probably vote Republican on the congressional/senate races).  The only way that whites will wake up and stop this kumbaya Christian crap is for them to feel real fear. 

    Obama can bring this.

    Also, we just don’t need another bullshit war to kill our boys and drain our treasury: Romney, in case nobody noticed, told the Israelis that he will go to war with Iran.

    The Democrats will split along racial lines eventually; and our armed forces will also divide ( I mean how much fem-homo-multiculti nonsense can real warriors endure?). 

    This will be the time  when a poliltical/insurgent movement can occur.

    As I said in an earlier post: Obama will be embolded to make a serious gun grab in a second term.  This will unite whites in ways we can not imagine.

    Yes I know that Romney has a pretty family and that the Obamas are perfectly loathsome. 

    But can anyone give me a reason to vote for Romney?

  • The Verdict of History

     Haha yea…

    Back in the Gilded Age…

  • The Verdict of History

     I can think of a social psychological reason. If Obama is defeated, and his legacy is identified with failure, perhaps many in the younger White generation, MY GENERATION, will come to conclude that his downfall is indicative of the ALL blacks, who cannot be trusted in positions in leadership, and are unworthy of White respect and consideration…

    • Epiminondas

      Dream on.  I’ve been waiting on whites to snap out of it since the sixties. The only possible way out is economic and societal collapse which would render the federal government impotent. Then and only then could regional, state and local communities forge a new consensus without the interference of federal authorities.

  • currahee1911

    Interesting, good points.

    The young whites are racially brainwashed/braindead. Only extreme conditions will cure them of that (and then things will change with lightning speed).

    So much is broken, that repair seems unlikely.

    My God, look our feminized, diversified, homosexualized military (read some of the stuff issued by contemporay general officers).

    50% of the population pays no taxes.

    A major blackfuxation in response to Obama’s defeat could do some good.

    Thanks for moving me toward undecided. Still……

  • This is the last ditch effort for Democrats, I have a good friend who works for the Houston chronicle, she tells me that the left wing media wont report whats really going on. She told me that a few weeks ago they received information about the upcoming school year and the demographic numbers, the info they got would shock any Democrat. The hispanic student population dropped 7% from last year and this is in Houston, but the kicker is they did not want to report it. Why you ask, the paper feels if they say less hispanics are enrolled in HISD it will cause them to fell more pressure or some line of bs. The left knows that and they do not want anyone to question there future goals