Race Differences in Intelligence

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, August 10, 2012

The evidence for a genetic contribution is very strong.

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Jared Taylor

Jared Taylor is the editor of American Renaissance and the author of White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century.

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  • The Verdict of History

    Finally!! I have been waiting for this for so long!

    • The Verdict of History

      This video ought to go viral, and needs to be posted to forums across the web…

      It is just THAT important.

      Harsh, but so critically important to admit.

  • I would fee a whole lot better if this video ended with, “I’m Jared Taylor, and I approved this message.”

    Sorry, it’s just the last few months and the next few months getting to me.

  • Anan7

    I would try to post this as widely as I can, but I can only really send this to about 5 people or so.  Well 5 more views is better than none.

  • WmarkW

    Ok.  Now what’s the distribution plan?

  • Wow! Hard hitting facts that are sure to make the elites cringe. It will be interesting to view the comments on Youtube. Thanks Jared

    • Anan7

       send out an email to people you think would appreciate it!  I did it.  I think I got 4 more views… not much but every little bit helps I suppose.

  • JohnEngelman

    This lecture is about as startling as hearing the boy shout, “The Emperor has no clothes.” Everyone looks at everyone else thinking, “I thought I was the only one who noticed.” 
    It is unfortunate that most people can endanger their careers by agreeing publicly with Jared Taylor.  Nevertheless, Jared Taylor may overestimate the length of time since the split between Negroes and whites. He estimated at least 100,000 years. Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending, whom Jared Taylor mentioned, estimate at least 50,000 years.  

    Also, although the black Nubians learned civilization from the white Egyptians, they had cities, and writing before the time of Christ.  The Bantu never developed writing and mathematics on their own. Nevertheless, they developed iron age technology, and domesticated crops and animals before their contact with the Europeans.

  • JohnEngelman

    During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.                     
    – George Orwell

  • haroldcrews

    Excellent video presentation Mr. Taylor.  Truly excellent.

  • This is why I always cringe when I see a beautiful blond girl with a black or hispanic. Breeding together would be like deliberately taking your Windows 7 computer and downgrading it to DOS 1.0  (I’m being generous) We breed animals for all sorts of positive traits, but not humans. We can’t even SPEAK about breeding humans responsibly, and we’re not supposed to even think about it.

    • I hear you, it’s like taking a dump in the gene pool

    • Detroit_WASP

      Not all blonds are smart, and some Spanish girls are.  But I do see your point about the black dudes.  There is an epidemic of white women pairing off with black men.

      I was in a restaurant the other night and saw a nice looking young white woman with a black guy.  I noticed that she pulled out her purse and PAID THE BILL as De Andre sat there with a stupid look on his face.  LOL  

      Sad but true.  

      • 1proactive2

        Some emotionally ill women are very attracted to high-risk males, and a white woman, especially an attractive one, bonding with a black man is the ultimate demonstration of this pathology. 

        • SomeRandomDude

          First I’m against female oppression, but, Feminism has a lot to do with this behavior. Does not take long for a male to realize the leaders of the feminist movement cares nothing about equality, but, wants to harm and bring down anything male orientated and especially white male orientated. It and the minority movement is almost a mirror image of each other, especially the African minorities.

    • MBlanc46

      Unfortunately, although blacks score lower than whites in IQ, they score higher is measures of sexuality such as testosterone level, fertility, and age of onset of sexual maturity. Those are the features that make the black male attractive to white females.

      • SomeRandomDude

        Actually most of this statement goes against biological encoding of choosing mates. You just have to look at how African males abandon their kids and their inability to be a provider and protector to find this act highly violates the genetics of choosing mates.

        I think it has more to do with a mix of what @Marlin B. Newburn and my reply to him. Although I think your statement could fall in a category of my reply.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    Nice to see England second from top in the IQ/cranial capacity chart, even though our cranial capacity is, apparently, slightly behind the French and Scandanavians.
    Personally, I have a MENSA tested IQ of 117; average white guy=100, minimum Mensa requirement=132 (if I remember correctly, open to correction).
    I quite like that – I’m a working class half-genius!
    I found the graphs presented to be quite fascinating, but really they just confirmed what I have observed of Blacks in this country and abroad. I don’t need to be “half-genius” to believe the evidence of my own eyes! (last years London riots were but the latest confirmation of Blacks general propensity towards violence, indicating a lower IQ, for example). 

  • Jupiter7

    And exactly what does this have to do with the number one issue facing Native Born White Americans which is very rapid race-replacement? Answer:0.

    Jared Taylor, is it your intention to publicly lecture your felllow Native Born White Americans that science has shown conclusively that Asians are more intelligent than Native Born White Americans?

    • JohnEngelman

      Just because you think that is “the number one issue” does not mean that most of us do. 
      Yes, that is precisely what Jared Taylor’s intention is, although Mr. Taylor is speaking in terms of averages.  

    • Ni123

      “And exactly what does this have to do with the number one issue facing
      Native Born White Ame.ricans which is very rapid race-replacement?

      Actually, it’s not that difficult to understand. The message goes somewhat along these lines: “Don’t you dare to call us racists. We cannot be racists since we welcome Asian immigrants. What we’re objecting to is not the color of skin, is the levels of intelligence and violence”.

      Do you really believe that there is a person out there who will be capable to shut down the borders? And if such person does not exist, we need to pick between two evils. And the lesser of evils is Asian immigrants. They are a lot less violent  than Hispanics, and they are a lot more intelligent than the latter. And there are not enough of Asian peoples in the far right end of the Bell Curve to get us worried.

      • The Verdict of History

        How about we keep immigration pure white, eh?

        • Ni123

          “How about we keep immigration pure white, eh?”

          Oh, I don’t think this country needs any more immigrants at all, no matter white, yellow or brown. Not at least until the damage that has been already done will be repaired.

          It’s just that it is not a matter of what you or I think, it’s a matter of what is likely to happen.

    • Mudmed

      You missed the point entirely. Mr Taylor is very clear that the need to discuss racial differences in intelligence is critical to explaining that differences among racial social outcomes are due differences in average intelligences amongst the races and not due to racial discrimination.
      Race replacement of whites is not the only threat to Europeans around the world. They are threatened by accusations of racism against NAMs. Recognizing innate average racial differences shows that different outcomes between blacks and whites, just like different outcomes between east Asians and whites are not due to racism but different average IQs between them. He further mentions differences in average racial IQs (along with temperaments) as yet another reason why integration. Of different races causes conflict and social problems because non Europeans cannot function in European based societies. Watch the video again and focus.

    • IanJMacDonald

      Watch the video again. There are observed discrepancies between black and white performance. Political correctness blames this on “white racism,” and huge numbers of our fellow whites have been persuaded to swallow the guilt pill.    The evidence, however, shows that blacks on average under perform whites because of their inherently lower IQs.  In other words, stop blaming us.  They have an average IQ because that’s how God (or Mother Nature) made them. 

  • holyflower

    The Norwegian journalist Harald Eia, whose 38-minute video on race was posted on Amren two weeks ago, cannot match the condensed power of Jared Taylor’s 16-minute presentation above.  Nonethless, Eia’s format —he interviews four “environmentalists” and four hereditarians [including such notables as Charles Murray, Richard Lynn and Greg Cochran] and uses his Ipod to get them to view and respond to each other’s arguments— makes for compellilng viewing. 

    If you missed it, google “Harald Eia” and “Race”.  Eia has produced several other worthy 38-minute productions, most especially “The Inequality Paradox” about gender differences.  Once again Eia interviews ardent environmentalists and also convinced hereditarians and lets his viewers weigh the arguments and evidence.

  • WmarkW

    Could this be copied to some other site that isn’t commonly blocked (like AmRen is at my office.)

    It would be convenient to link this from some commenting sites.  I often get called “ignorant” for saying I believe in race differences, and I’d like to give them the opportunity to honestly look at the issue for 16 minutes.

    • haroldcrews

      Can’t you just share the link directly from YouTube?

  • Great work.  Thanks Jared and AR.


  • crystal evans

    What would be the best way to educate blacks and hispanics if they are supposidly not as smart as whites? Put them all in some sort of trade school, so they can learn something to make a living at? Part of the problem with some Hispanics is that they are illegal immigrants that have no access or means to further their education. Even if the Dream Act were to pass, states can still determine whether they pay in state or out of state tuition. They would only be eligible for College Work Study and student loans. States would have to determine whether they will be able for state funded financial aid.

    • The Verdict of History

      If they are to remain in our society, then they ought to be consigned and confined to the permanent underclass rank.

      Repeal ALL civil rights laws and anti-discrimination employment laws. 

  • So, does anyone know an elite mercenary team we can pay to take over a TV studio and broadcast this nationally?

  • currahee1911

    Pass this, the power of  the internet is the only way to disseminate such information.  Soon, the day will come when this issue can not be ignored by the general public.

    The cultural marxists will go in completely, incoherently insane.  It will be fun.


  • Athling

    Though East Asians on average score higher on IQ examinations they have not historically achieved real-world accomplishments in applied science comparable to Caucasians. They are good test takers to be sure.

    • Detroit_WASP

      I personally believe there is an “invoation gene” which Asians lack.  They are great followers, not leaders in math and science.  Much of the technology they “developed” was actually stolen from the west.

      • Michael Harreskov

        Despite Asians higher IQ’s for Numbers they like Blacks seem drawn to societies that are Authoritarian in nature were as whites seem to embrace more Liberaterian societies.

  • Just got home. Only watched 1/2 of it earlier (last night).  It’s almost 1:00 am but felt I had to post this ASAP.

    When dealing so openly and directly w/such a controversial and “politically incorrect” topic, you must have rock solid evidence to support your assertions.

    IMHO, what AmRen should do is embed into the YouTube a link which will direct viewers to a webpage that will be, essentially, end notes for the video. It will have the assertion/s made (before contact w/outside world, no (sub-Saharan?) Africa society had developed the wheel, written language, etc.), in the order made followed by the complete citation/s in proper form (acc to whatever manual of style AmRen uses).

    While the video itself could convince a lot people re. AmRen’s position, providing complete references will make it far more powerful for the academically inclined, and provide it  a stronger defense against AmRen’s opponents.

    •  I just finished watching the video and see that there is a biography at the end. While it does not have numbered notes associating each assertion with each source, some are obvious by title or author/s (which Mr Taylor often mentioned), or both.

      Thank you on another excellent presentation, AmRen and Mr. Taylor.

  • Jupiter7

    Rational Being

    Hispanics and Africans should be kept out of America because they are not our racial kind. Letting them in has created a very high fertility political voting block for Native Born White American race-replacement. The whole point of having borders is-was to prevent this from happening in the first place. Moreover, the ecological and economic consequences of importing hostile non-white racial foreigners-for Native Born White Americans-are going to be over-the-top lethal.

    If White Racial-Tribal interests define the terms of the “debate”…we win. So, a very compelling case for shutting down non-white immigration to 0 and deporting the various non-white racial fifth columns exists already without getting into a never ending, mind numbing debate about IQ test score psychometrics. We don’t need science to justify our racial preference for our  own kind.

    I am opposed to making this issue more complicated than it needs to be.

  • Cultural Marxism + Blacks = End of Western Civilization

  • Who says black people are not intelligent ?

    The African Aircraft Industry, 


    Comedy Gold

    • No wonder it fly, it’s made of aluminium shits…. 😐

  • Dan

    Excellent video! We are very fortunate to have a man like Jared Taylor helping our cause. I imagine there’s going to be a lot of butt hurt lefty’s over this information.

  • HenryWWolff

    Mr. Dihes, please send an email to [email protected] and I will forward you the transcript.

  • crystal evans

    You have to look at Asian cultures individually and not collectively. The Chinese community eat such things as shark fins, turtles and dogs. The Japanese community eats none of these things. The Japanese American community has successfully assimilted into American society. So much so that when given the chance, many young men volunteered for the All-Japanese 442nd Regimental Combat Battlion and the 100th Infantry. Granted, many young men that were in the Relocation camps refused to be drafted, but this was not the case for everyone.

  • IQ is, as I’ve said earlier, overrated. Or misinterpreted. Most people automatically equate it with creativity, intelligence in old, informal manner.  Slightly more than average IQ people (Henri Poincare, Richard Feynman) have been creative geniuses. So- what’s IQ ? Perhaps what’s originally considered: ability to adapt to unexpected circumstances.
    High IQ people- aside from psychos- tend to do well in their lives & are good in maintaining functioning modern societies. They’re not trailbrazers, heroes of intellect, fountains of creativity. They are, generally, interesting and good low maintenance citizens.

    • well, do you think the IQ of Africans has anything to do with the fact that they never built a structure above a single story. They never developed a WHEEL, they never made a sea worthy vessel, the never developed writing, their languages are missing words for a whole class of  concepts called “abstractions”? It really did not require a genius to develop the wheel. It just required people with a degree of intelligence that is higher than borderline retardation. The average IQ of Africans is 70, in AMerica, that is at the level where we consider institutionalizing someone. 

  • AmRem

    I made some nerds cry with this video

  • The Verdict of History

    This is so eloquently clear and well-delivered that it makes the truth of the subject seem, in itself, bewilderingly self-evident. 

  • Things are way more complex. As I’ve pointed earlier:

    1. there are 1.3 billion Chinese and 1.2 billion Asian Indians. Together, around 2.5 billion people, inheritors of ancient & complex civilizations. Compare this with 320 million Americans, ca. 65% Whites. Any rational analysis can tell that with modern mobility of individuals, effective school systems, motivation to escape from poverty… there are way, way more highly intelligent Asians than Whites- and I’m not talking about greatest geniuses, but about high status capable people who can take responsible positions in a society.

    2. it is true that most CEOs of various companies are White. But- everybody knows that it’s not military or industry that create intellectual climate that somehow models societies’ norms, but academia, media and public intellectuals. And politicians are obliged to dance according the tunes set by media imposed set of rules that define right and wrong.

    3. Asians in the US are rather prominent in academia, will be even more prominent in the world of finances (the richest “Briton” is Asian Indian, Mittal), then media and- voila ! It won’t take long until “permanent foreigners” will have become if not dominant, but in any case strong enough influence in the public discourse, demanding even further changes in, say, immigration policy, hate speech, media contents, imposition of views of history that will be Asia- centric & anti-Western etc. etc.

    IMO, you simultaneously overestimate & underestimate various Asians.  They were & are far behind everything European  & White American re genuine high creativity; on the other hand, their sheer numbers in their homelands & “export” of great numbers of high IQ elite individuals and groups (they have huge reservoirs to choose from) into the anglophone countries will have resulted in race-replacement in some of the most important fields in the life of a nation, especially those that require high cognitive ability & reshape ideology and value hierarchy.

    And they will, don’t you doubt, retain their individuality as foreigners in a country whose basic historical, emotional, ethical or cultural values they don’t share.

    • you are lost in a world of rhetoric, circular arguments and gobbledygook. Your aim is to keep going around in those pointless circles in order to avoid seeing truth. You have nothing. Your arguments basically boil down to a childish “nuh-uhn!”

  • JohnEngelman

    Last year, Zhao Bowen was part of a team that cracked the genetic code of the cucumber. These days, he’s probing the genetic basis for human IQ.
    Zhao is 17…

     Zhao came to BGI on a summer internship last year to work on cucumbers. Now a full-time employee while continuing his studies, Zhao is turning his attention to a topic Western researchers have shied away from because of ethical worries: Zhao plans to study the genes of 1,000 of his best-performing classmates at a top high school in Beijing and compare them, he said, “with 1,000 normal kids.”…
    In 2007, Chinese geneticists discovered vast differences in the genetic makeup of Africans, Asians and Caucasians. 

    • Bantu Education

      Read that link – it doesn’t elaborate on what you posted, but it does say this..

      “FBI officials allege that there is a large-scale operation in the United States to pilfer American industrial, scientific, technological and military secrets. In the past few years, dozens of Chinese have been convicted of stealing American technology and shipping it to China.”  

      If they are truly smarter than us why do they need to do this?  

      • JohnEngelman

        Dishonest people exist in every country. The biological superiority of the Chinese nation cannot be denied. 

  • Mark Schmidt

    I have long heard this, but have not seen any reliable sources, to date, to support your assertion. I would be interested if you could provide some links to support your claim. Thank you.

  • IanJMacDonald

    Whites tend to be more adventurous and entrepreneurial than East Asians.  East Asians place more value on conformity. In English we have the expression “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.”  In Japanese they have an express “the nail that sticks up gets hammered down.”  

  • I disagree.

    1) curves are after 140 virtually indistinguishable:

    2) Orientals can produce great civilization. I won’t delve into historiosophy
    of Western greatness- just read Murray’s: “Human Accomplishment”,
    pages 32- 42.

    • Bantu Education

      I’ve read it and so doubtless have many others here.  The Asian contribution to civilisation overall is no more than 10%.  The other 90% is white.

      • I wrote many times on the issue & one simply cannot quantify it. West is the best, no doubt. But, when pondering causes and effects and deeper recesses of history, things become confusing.

  • IanJMacDonald

    “No genes for human intelligence have been found. Not even close.”

    1) The evidence shows a genetic basis for intelligence. It is not necessary to identify a specific gene or cluster of genes in order to support the theory that there is a genetic basis for differences in intelligence. For example, Gregor Mendel published his laws of inheritance in 1865. That was 88 years before Watson and Crick discovered DNA. 

    2) You appear to be wholly unfamiliar with the work of Bruce Lahn (cited in the video) or of Davies et al. (2011), “Genome-wide association studies establish that human intelligence is highly heritable and polygenic,” Journal of Molecular Psychiatry.  Review and absorb the science on the question and you can avoid making such embarrassing statements that scientists are “not even close” to identifying a genetic basis for human intelligence.

    “Jared Taylor should have made a video about this instead.”

    Why don’t YOU go make that video? All I see from you is anonymous sniping from behind your keyboard.  Every time that AmRen publishes something or holds a conference, a bunch of anonymous cowards along the side lines moan and complain about how Jared Taylor supposedly isn’t doing it right.  And whenever I suggest to them that they hold their own conferences the response is……….

  • Detroit_WASP


  • AmRem

    So far I spammed this video to over 100 IM people

    Many people messaged me back saying they enjoyed the video

    I had four successful arguments out of it too

    One was a funny Ted Talks watching regular. This guy believed that humans had the biology like a plant would, and epigenetic phenotypes were the primary cause of intelligence. It doesn’t make sense to have the same development as a plant because we are mammals, and mammals leave their environment for better places to adapt rather than attach to a stationary land mass like a plant would. The whole thing was ridiculously funny and all I really had to do was push out some NIH links. He said the evidence for epigenetic intelligence will be revealed “someday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    funny stuff

    This other Australian called Jared Taylor a biased racist crackpot and every word in the book and refused to watch the video. He gave me some old NIH studies and I gave him a couple that were newer. He eventually grew silent and I just told him to watch the video with an “open mind :)”

    I had an argument with an Asian friend of mine also, and he eventually agreed and became a race-realist. He’s fine with being a a different race and being a realist because he appreciates genuine values. 

    Im afraid this Irishman I know is too into Marxism to listen to anything I say. He just spams causation =/= correlation over and over. 

    Thanks again to Amren for making this video. I am not a scientist, I am more of a painter, but I try my best where I can. 

  • JohnEngelman

    Liberals try to make a moral issue out of this because the lose on the scientific merits. 

  • Bantu Education

    There was a panel discussion on BBC yesterday fronted by Gavin Essler and his usual posse of sickeningly self-righteous suspects.   Someone brought up the issue of the “fantastic” Olympics opening ceremonly and proceeded to attack the odious Tory MP who called it “multi-cultural crap” (and then grovelled and back-tracked of course).  Well you should have seen these hypocrites competing amongst themselves to froth about the wonders of multi-culturalism, ad nauseum. 

    This morning a BBC News front-woman was interviewing (via video link) someone in Singapore what they thought about the opening ceremony and he indicated that Singaporeans were less than enthusiastic (“confused” was the word he used) about the message it conveyed about Britain.  When the BBC woman asked him to elaborate he started to mention “NHS nurses jumping on beds” – she immediately cut him off saying they were “out of time”.  She had asked him the question and he barely got out one sentence..!!      

    I know plenty of people who SHOULD listen to this – the problem is that those people dont WANT to listen to racial logic – it makes them feel uncomfortable, dirty, evil, and RACIST..!    If I were to send them this I very much doubt they would watch the entire video and even if they did they would only do so whilst uttering the stupefying mantra “I am not a racist like this man, I am not a racist…..” as a defence mechanism in order to avoid the awkward truth.    As a society we have really painted ourself into a tight racial equalitarian corner and there seems no way to get out of it without a very bloody and destructive civil and racial war with a majority of our side batting for the opposition..!!     

  • Bantu Education

    Asians (NE.Asians specifically) may have a few points higher IQ “on average” (not 10 points though) but they almost certainly have a lower variance of IQ – ie, they are more clustered about the mean.   Above IQ115 (or 120 at most) Europeans outnumber them increasingly.  This is the simplest (Occams Razor) answer to the paradox of whites being great original inventors, whilst Asians specialise in copying our inventions and (sometimes but not always) improving.  

    Also FYI – African blacks have an IQ of 67, “slightly” more than 10 points less than us..!!        

    • Michael Harreskov

      After the Reneisance I would agree with you about white surpassing Asians in innovation but the Chinese did Invent Paper, Gunpowder, Printing Press(non metal), Repeating cross bows, rockets, and many other things before whites.

  • Sardonicus

    I don’t agree that you can accuse Jared Taylor of closing off the race replacement issue. Immigration reform seems to be a major focus of articles posted to American Renaissance.  I get the impression that Mr. Taylor is not an open borders enthusiast, who wants to flood the country with people from East Asia and India. I believe that preserving the traditional white majority and European culture is the “sine qua non” of the race realist movement. I’m personally for a “time out” on immigration until unemployment stabilizes, and after that, immigration should be self=supporting and very limited.

    • JustaWhiteMom

      Are you kidding?  Jared Taylor has stated repeatedly that he does not want whites to be replaced by any other race, even if they are superior.  He even BRAVELY took a stand against race-mixing with Asians, even at the risk of alienating a good friend.

  • Bantu Education

    Of course there were…

    Elephants – black-patronising Liberals like to make the excuse that only the Asian elephant can be tamed, but this is obviously wrong because African elecphants were famously used by the (white) Carthaginians during Hannibal’s invasion of Italy over the Alps. 

    Zebras could have been selectively bred for riding, pulling carts (ooops sorry forgot the blacks hadnt invented the wheel).   I’ve seen a old photo of Belgian colonists seated on the backs of apparently tamed Zebras, so they obviously made an effort to domesticate them but ran out of time.

    Buffalo likewise for ploughing fields (ooop s they didnt have the plough either, neither did they have “fields” as we would understand it).

    It is also not at all inconceivable that Rhino could have been tamed and domesticated.   In “Guns Germs and Steel” the toadying anti-white Jared Diamond fantasises that Bantu troops mounted on Rhinos “could have invaded the Roman Empire if rhinos were domesticable” which he of course assumed were not simply because the blacks had made no effort to do so.    

    • they had a stick and yams. That was the height of their agriculture. Dig a hole with a stick and plant/dig up yams. Meanwhile, in less than 100 years, the Europeans developed seeds for grains that would grow in Rhodesia. Jared Diamond has been the one to advance the idea that Europeans only developed great societies because of “Luck”. One of his arguments is based on the fact that grains need thousands of years to adopt to different latitudes yet the Europeans turned Rhodesia into the breadbasket of South Africa in only a couple generations. He also states that only Europe and Asia were fortunate enough to have animals that could be domesticated, and he claims this is based on the herding instincts of animals. Africa has many animals that run in herds, so that argument is not valid. It was the lack of ability of the Africans, the lack of foresight, innovation, the inability to delay gratification. 

  • Bantu Education

    Ultimately (but sadly) Jared Taylor “speaks the truth not to convince those who do not know it, but to defend those that do..!”   (William Blake) 

  • currahee1911

    There is no more morally cowardly inidividual on earth than a libertarian. 

  • JustaWhiteMom

    Jupiter you are just completely wrong on this issue.  Almost everyone agrees with you that race replacement is the number one issue facing white people all over the world.  The problem is it is nearly impossible to make the case for white self-preservation without reference to iq. 

    I also would prefer to avoid the issue altogether, and I think JT also would prefer to  avoid it.  The problem is that we cannot even articulate a collective identity without people saying, “who’s white?”  One response to this is that other groups have identities, but they say that is cultural or religious and not racial.  They claim that race is not real.  Genetics and psychometrics are a crucial part of the response that lie.  The 1965 Act itself was explicitly based on the assumption that the races do not differ in intelligence.  Destroying that premise will be crucial to restoring a sensible immigration policy. 

    At the very least, race realism could very well discourage race mixing.  Do you think that young women in their twenties would ape what they see on MTV if they knew that racial egalitarianism is a lie.  I don’t think so.  I think that if they knew that whites are unique, they would choose other whites for mates much more reliably than they do now.

    I am NOT saying that whites should not appeal to the naked economic self-interest of other whites in opposing immigration.  I’m just saying that we should use ALL tools at our disposal, not just some and not others.

    Now please stop repeating the same objections over and over again on this site.  It is really getting old.  Can’t we just agree to disagree?

  • Detroit_WASP

    Great job as always.  

    Next time mention Detroit, East St. Louis, Flint, Pontiac Michigan.  Point out that whites build cities and blacks cannot maintain them and even destroy them.

    There isn’t a black city anywhere in America that isn’t a disaster.  IQ of nations…IQ of cities ! 

  • Good work Jared, I am really appreciating what you are doing with this video series so far.

    Well reasoned, well presented, well articulated and concise pieces (like those which have been done so far) help reduce repetition, help sell a bigger picture and help reinforce those arguments which we all have at the back of our minds but often struggle remembering all the details. 

    I was going to say they will also be timeless….but seeing as time is not particularly on our side, I hope they will not be ‘timeless’ in that regard!

    Race and IQ is a tricky subject to bring up with ordinary people. I admit I do not ordinarily find it practical or a good avenue to take a discussion (I tend to stick to ethno-nationalism, anti-globalism, societal policies and self-preservation etc) – but there are always those occasions where it does come up, and those occasions where you need to explain to people why you have concerns about what is likely to happen in a society (or a nation) when the ethnic composition is dramatically altered.

    For those kind of arguments or point propositions, I am sure this kind of video will be helpful.

    I also liked the little rationale at the end – that it would be better for all involved to admit to all our differences, so that we can really mutually improve our situations.

    This helps shift the onus onto the opposition that they are the wrong-doers for denying this difference and enforcing their ways on us all, whether black or white. I strongly believe that trying to gain the moral high ground and putting shame onto the current established order has an important potential for changing that established order. It is much better than people having an off-putting rant or rave about these kinds of issues.


  • The good thing is that hardly anyone reasonable can seriously question the fact that something called IQ is mainly biologically rooted & predictably distributed along races. So, liberal myths go down the toilet.

    The other important questions seem not even to be addressed. I don’t know how to formulate them, because they are a blend of history, geography, culture, biology, climate, …everything.

    How come East Asians have been, historically, pragmatic- but somehow averse to abstraction & “adventure” or exploration ? Why do they disdain “creative chaos” ?  Why did they retain Bronze Age political world-view ? It cannot all be blamed on Confucian traditionalism. They were successful in many inventions, but never did achieve a true breakthrough.

    Why they (and Asian Indians, in a completely different way) haven’t given birth to a rational, free thinking individual ? They simply remained bogged down in static world-views, where masses and not individuals are the norm.

    And- can these racial-cultural features be essentially changed in a short time, like during this experiment in globalism.
    As American anthropologist, Joseph Campbell, has pointed out:

     In the European West, on the other hand, where the fundamental doctrine of the freedom of the will essentially dissociates each individual from every other, as well as from both the will in nature and the will of God, there is placed upon each the responsibility of coming intelligently, out of his own experience and volition,
    to some sort of relationship with—not identity with or extinction in—the all, the void, the suchness, the absolute, or whatever the proper term may be for that which is beyond terms. And, in the secular sphere likewise, it is normally expected that an educated ego should have developed away from the simple infantile polarity
    of the pleasure and obedience principles toward a personal, uncompulsive,
    sensitive relationship to empirical reality, a certain adventurous attitude toward the unpredictable, and a sense of personal responsibility for decisions. Not life as a good soldier, but life as a developed, unique individual, is the ideal. And we shall search the Orient in vain for anything quite comparable.
    There the ideal, on the contrary, is the quenching, not development, of ego. That is the formula turned this way and that, up and down the line, throughout the literature: a systematic, steady, continually drumming devaluation of the “I” principle, the reality function—which has remained, consequently, undeveloped, and so, wide open to the seizures of completely uncritical mythic identifications.

    • Carney3

      There was a feature article in AR within the last few years that examined this issue in detail but I haven’t been able to find it.

  • OUT-FRIGGIN-STANDING ANALYSIS!  The studies of Shockley and Jensen have been truly vindicated.  One of the reasons we as a nation are failing is because we push those without the ability to perform at subpar.  Finally someone with the “stones” to tell the truth!!!

  • Carney3

    Yes yes, but when you do measure them as a group, the results fit the fact that overall they are of heavily Indian descent, with some black and white admixture.   Most Hispanics in America are mestizos (Indian and white) or pure Indian.

  • Mr taylor’s strength is that he clearly, calmly and rationally  explains the truth. He does so in a way that is basically neutral, so the left can not reasonably disqualify him as a “hater”. They have to dispute his points, and the fact is, they can’t. If he had used pejorative terms and or heated rhetoric, they would point to those things and decry them so loudly that many would be intimidated from examining the facts or listening to the truth. He is very stealthy, and it seems to come from a faith in the fact that truth and justice will prevail in the end. We should all learn from his example. Of course, truth will prevail in the end. The old beliefs about equality are quickly being discredited. The failure of black societies, countries, neighborhoods, cities is just too big to be ignored or swept under the rug anymore. Detroit, Haiti, Zimbabwe. They all have one thing in common. That common denominator has NEVER, not ONCE in all of human history, created a successful society or nation. It has ALWAYS created places just like Detroit, Haiti, Zimbabwe.

  • No, you do not understand the term “hispanic”. It  is not a classification by language. In contemporary media it is used to refer to people of mexico, Central America and South America of Indian and Mestizo ethnicity. There is no one authority on it’s meaning, but “hispanic” generally does not refer to people of European origin. 

  • “Harvard”- in other words liberals with an agenda. When you have something real get back to us.

  • The importance of Jared Taylor is that he breaks through a kind of brainwashing that has destroyed white people’s will. Yes, white people have the intelligence to overcome all of the obstacles they face today. What has been missing is the WILL to survive. They have been brainwashed by a media that has told them they should be GUILTY for the failures of others and GUILTY for their own successes! Our governments today exist solely for the advancement of the black races and most white people are afraid to even think this is wrong, afraid to even recognize this. It has become harder and harder to maintain this spell though. With each new youtube video of a flash mob robbery of a store, a video where all the individuals are involved are black. It is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain this hypnosis over white people everywhere when all of the violence and intimidation is black on white . The old video footage of civil rights protestors facing a fire hose looks pretty darn tame to what we are seeing today which is countless white people being targeted by blacks for violent attacks. One can see a youtube video of a white female soccer player being viciously attacked for no reason by a black player. Once can see videos and read stories of black beating and robbing whites all over the place.It is a daily occurrence and white people are basically living in a state of fear and intimidation. That is NOT what this country was founded for!

  • Thank you for this video. You are a true white patriot!

  • Europeans created ocean going vessels. Not one was ever created in all of africa. The success of Europe was due to just such intelligence. The ocean going vessel is just ONE example but lets see what came of that. Europeans explored the African COAST and the New WOrld. ONE of the things brought back to Europe was the POTATO. The potato, which could be grown where wheat could not be grown, led to a huge population explosion in Europe, and that helped fuel the industrial revolution. Another development that Europeans made that Africans never did was a water supply system and a sewer system, which enable huge cities to come into existence. Africans also never developed a system of writing. Not one African culture developed a system of writing yet there are countless alphabets throughout the rest of the world-check them out on omniglot.com. While the Europeans had boats, libraries, cities, sewerage systems, universities etc, all that africans ever had were witch doctors and juju houses and massacres of neighboring tribes with rituals involving such killings.

    • Michael Harreskov

      Madagascar a very large Island that is Very close to Africa was settled by Malays from Borneo 350-550 CE, The Batus did not arrive til around 1000 CE after the Arabs 700-900 CE.

    • Ben Vadeboncoeur

      Actually Ethiopian Empire, Egyptian and Native Berbers did have writing systems. I believe you’re referring to Bantus. In that case you’re spot on.

  • Thanks, I already have it in pdf.

  • deep thinker

    Very interesting but poorly substantiated claims.
    If indeed whites are more intelligent than blacks, how do you explain the following:
    1. The most well educated groups of people in the US are blacks—specifically Nigerians. See http://www.bet.com/news/national/2012/03/20/survey-nigerians-most-educated-in-the-u-s.html
    2. Criminal African blacks repeatedly fleece Americans of their hard earned money through the advanced fee fraud. I mean, repeatedly, over several years. Smarter people should not be repeatedly outsmarted that way. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nigerian_scam
    3. Foreign trained doctors (most of who are black) routinely outperform American trained doctors in board pass rates and even in getting patients better. See http://content.healthaffairs.org/content/29/8/1461.abstract also http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/12/health/12chen.html
    This statement is particularly significant:
    “…the researchers discovered that patients of foreign-born primary care physicians fared significantly better than patients of American primary care doctors who received their medical degrees either here or abroad….”

    4. Haiti was forced by France to pay billions of dollars in penalty after the country’s independence. This much needed money should have been used to build the young country during its critical early years. Failure to do this most likely led to the Haiti that we have today, riddled with poor infrastructure and corruption. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haiti_indemnity_controversy  The remainder of this unrealistic debt was only canceled by France 2 years ago.

    5. Several White authors have shown conclusively that talent (or innate ability, which is a reflection of so-called intelligence) is nothing more than environmental. When you place anyone of average intelligence in the right environment, they can deliver outstanding performances. See “Talent is Overrated”:  http://www.amazon.com/Talent-Overrated-World-Class-Performers-EverybodyElse/dp/1591842948/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1345399197&sr=1-1&keywords=talent+is+overrated
    And  “Greatness is Grown, Not Born”:   http://www.amazon.com/Talent-Code-Greatness-Born-Grown/dp/055380684X/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1345399197&sr=1-2&keywords=talent+is+overrated 

    And http://www.amazon.com/Bounce-Federer-Picasso-Beckham-Science/dp/0061723762/ref=sr_1_5?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1345399197&sr=1-5&keywords=talent+is+overrated

    I think the notion that the presence or absence of melanin in the skin, somehow has anything to do with the level of intelligence, is silly. When you  correct for socioeconomic factors, education, and religion, you won’t be able to tell any major differences between the races. 

  • Today I reviewed the latest TR35 group, Technology Review’s annual list of 35 top innovators under the age of 35. Not all were white; East Asians were well represented. Only one black person made the list. I suppose the same is true of past years. 


    Today I reviewed the latest list of the top 35 offenders on North Carolina’s death row. 17 of the offenders were listed as black. Let’s call it NC35.


    By percentage, less than 3 percent of the TR35 group is black. 49 percent of the NC35 is black. 

    How does one account for disparity?

    Consigning the difference to extrinsic influences defies the fact that the disparity is universally present:  geographically, culturally, and over time. One would think that if such external influences existed, such as    education opportunities or racism, there would be ample exceptions to prove the rule. There are no exceptions. 

    That leaves intrinsic influences and that, in turn, translates into genetic predispositions. The conclusion is that blacks are generally not genetically equipped to excel academically while Caucasians and Asians are more likely to excel. Likewise, the over representation of violent black male criminals points, again, to a genetic predisposition. 


    LET ME BREAK IT DOWN TO A FACT IS A FACT. I did not undertake a “mickey-mouse”
    Humanities degree that seems so common among University students these days. I undertook a B.Sc(Hons) followed by a PhD in the Physical Sciences. My major was chemistry my sub majors were physics and mathematics. THERE IS NO WAY YOU COULD ACQUIRE SUCH QUALIFICATIONS UNLESS YOU HAD THE ABILITY – CALL IT WHAT YOU WILL; IQ, NATIVE INTELLIGENCE OR ABSTRACT REASONING ABILITY. It would have been just too hard to get such a qualification unless you understood what you were doing – period.

    I am now old and retired but in my youth I travelled the world and met
    many people in my profession. How many African-American or Hispanics did I meet
    in my profession, well very few. How many African-Americans or Hispanics did I
    meet sporting a BA in sociology, well far too many. I come from a time when a
    University degree meant something, but not so these days. We have made
    university entrance too easy for too many and in the process diluted the value
    of a “college” degree. I am happy to say that the hard core subjects like
    chemistry and physics still attract bright people, but these days a BA means very
    little compared with what it did some 50 years ago.

    What does this have to do with race difference, well simply this: to
    meet the needs of the less gifted we have destroyed the intellectual integrity
    of our Universities and now gifted people are finding it increasingly difficult
    to find a university place because of liberal quotas designed to favour the
    not-so gifted.