There’s a possibly apocryphal story featuring longtime Coca-Cola President Robert Woodruff—although the direction Atlanta took afterwards seems to confirm it.

In the early 1950s, in a smoke-filled room at the exclusive Piedmont Driving Club—the all-white club for the Atlanta WASP elite that   Jay Gatsby couldn’t  have bought his way into—Woodruff supposedly made an announcement: the Old South was dying. Integration was coming. There was no use resisting the end of segregation,Woodruff supposedly said. Capitalism must be colorblind—to ensure that Atlanta led the way for the “New South.”

Looking around the room, he asked that a vote be taken by public show of hands: those for integration, and those opposed.

The men who raised their hands in opposition had their names jotted down by one of Woodruff’s Coca-Cola flunkies.

Woodruff’s goal from that point forward: to ostracize them—to see that their businesses and commercial endeavors failed.

This story is unconfirmed. But it is indisputable that, for example, Woodruff strong-armed Atlanta’s white business community into attending (white) Mayor Ivan Allen’s banquet in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. upon King’s being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in1964. Realizing that if respectable Southern society didn’t attend, the national Main Stream Media would embarrass Atlanta, and, by extension Coca-Cola, Woodruff made it known through his subordinates that he favored the dinner. [For God, Country, and Coca-Cola, by Mark Pendergrast, p. 282.)

Woodruff and Atlanta’s white business elite aimed to stay wealthyby protecting the image of the city “too busy to hate”—fostering outside investment and attracting talent to staff the Fortune 500 companies that called the metro area home.

Secure in their upscale economic gated community, they simply did not care how inept and corrupt the black-ruled city of Atlanta became.

Six decades later, and almost forty years   after the election ofAtlanta’s first black mayor, the charade continues.

Exactly one year ago, it emerged that the very white Atlanta Chamber of Commerce was complicit in covering-up the very black Atlanta Public Schools (APS) cheating scandal—the systematic falsification of test results that involved teachers, principals and apparently even APS Superintendent Beverly Hall. Farcically, Hall had been named 2009 National Superintendent of the Year by the American Association of School Administrators’ National Conference on Education, largely after being hyped by over-eager white business leaders hoping to promote an image of Atlanta that would be inviting to outside investors.

The scandal had been first exposed in the Atlanta Journal Constitution and was finally confirmed in July 2011 by a special investigation ordered by Georgia’s then-Governor Sonny Perdue after he rejected the district’s own whitewashing report. (Investigation into APS cheating finds unethical behavior across every levelby Heather Vogeil, July 6, 2011. For more AJCcoverage, see here)

Prior to Hall’s fall from grace, the Chamber of Commerce in Atlanta had been touting Superintendent Hall as the Superperson that black children had patiently waited for. white business leaders from Delta Airlines, Georgia Power, GE, UPS, Home Depot, and Coca-Cola all considered Hall a great investment who would help bridge that notorious “racial gap” in achievement—and, more importantly, continue Woodruff’s policy of keeping the pig that is Atlanta’s race relations slathered in lipstick.

In a devastating follow-up story, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Alan Judd showed the extraordinary lengths members of the respectable white community went to cover up the scandal:

In February 2010, some of Atlanta’s top business leaders realized they had a problem.

For a decade, they had aligned themselves with Beverly Hall, the superintendent of Atlanta Public Schools. They willingly accepted Hall’s story line of rebirth in an urban school system. They promoted and sometimes exaggerated Hall’s achievements — for her benefit and for their own.

State officials, though, were suggesting gains by Atlanta schools resulted from widespread cheating. Suddenly, the deal between Hall and the business community took on Faustian overtones.

The way business leaders responded underscores their complicity in creating the façade of success that hid a decade of alleged wrongdoing, an examination by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution shows…

The city’s chamber of commerce and another business group took control of the district’s investigation last year into irregularities on state-mandated tests. Executives at the Metro Atlanta Chamber set the parameters of the inquiry and largely selected the people who ran it. Later, they suggested ways to “finesse” the findings past the governor.

Business leaders published opinion pieces and letters to the editor defending Hall before cheating inquiries were complete; calls for the superintendent to resign, they said, could undermine the district’s progress. And just as they had lobbied almost a decade earlier to give the superintendent more autonomy from the Board of Education, this year they sought new power for the governor to remove recalcitrant board members.

A memo drafted by a chamber executive on Feb. 15 last year laid out the hazards that a cheating investigation might unloose:

“This issue has serious implications—on Dr. Hall’s reputation and career, for the principals and administrators who perhaps let lapses occur in testing procedures, and most importantly for the children who may be missing out on critical remediation,” said the memo, obtained recently by the AJC.

But, the document continued: “It also has implications on the business community, many of whom … are heavy investors, and on the economic development community who touts the superintendent and school board’s recent awards as best in the nation”.

[Major execs invested in Hall, July 17, 2011]

(For more on how the white business community was complicit in hiding the embarrassingly black APS scandal: How biz community dealt with APS scandal by Maria Saporta, Atlanta Business Chronicle, July 15, 2011, and leftwing loony John Sugg’s The ‘Atlanta Way’ failed a generation of children: The city’s business elite were complicit in Beverly Hall’s con, Creative Loafing, July 20, 2012).

The enrollment of APS is currently 79 percent black and 12 percent white. (Needless to say, the sons and daughters of Atlanta’s white elite going to private schools like Marist and Westminster). The teachers, school administrators, and principals behind the cheating scandal were virtually all black.

Jim Goad commented on TakiMag:

Principal Diane Quisenberry noted that the investigation seemed to be targeted exclusively at African-American schools. Principal Carla Pettis suggested the whole kit ’n’ caboodle was a cynical front to conceal white folks’ racist urge to retake the predominantly black city of Atlanta.

Since they—and not I—were the ones who brought up this culturally touchy subject, I will note that every picture I’ve seen of every educator named in this report is of African ancestry. And many of the teachers’ names—lively handles such as SuJuana, Raqketa, Chynel, Tremelia, Denethia, Lucious, Lashaine, Sheretha, Cernitha, Kwabena, Tiffonia, Lesma, Ketchia, Letrecia, Tabeeka, Cawanna, Lucrelia, and Jamesia—likewise suggest that sub-Saharan genetics are involved.[See the official report, PDF 828 pp.]

It was overwhelmingly Atlanta and other majority-black counties that showed testing irregularities.

[Won’t Get Schooled Again, July 11, 2011]

But a year after first being reported, the Great Atlanta School Scandal has completely disappeared down the Orwellian Memory Hole. (See The Nation’s Biggest Cheating Scandal A Year Later, Questions Still Remain, by Rose Scott, WABE, July 5, 2012). No-one has been prosecuted. Twelve of the accused have just been allowed to return to work, provoking former state Attorney General Mike Bowers to say of APS: “They haven’t learned a thing.” (Special investigators question APS teachers’ reinstatementsBy Bill Rankinand Jaime Sarrio, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, July 1, 2012.)

Meanwhile, the Atlanta Journal Constitution investigated other extreme test score swings in major cities, finding signs of cheating in Baltimore, Dallas, East Saint Louis, Detroit, Los Angeles,Houston, and Mobile. [Cheating our children: List of cities that show high probability of cheating in schools, by AJC Staff, March 24, 2012]. The AJC calls these “urban school systems.” But of course they are all overwhelmingly black.

And last month, Birmingham School System (98 percent black enrollment) was taken over by the state of Alabama because of corruption. Like Atlanta, virtually all the teachers, administrators, and those on the district’s governing board are black.

Nevertheless, the scandal in Atlanta has evoked barely a murmur from those who still expect Superman to appear and magically save American education—which, curiously, only needs to be saved for Non-Asian Minorities [NAMs]; whites and Asians are doing just fine.

What the APS scandal teaches us is not that black children can onlyclose the “racial gap” by cheating or that black institutions tend to be corrupt: that much was already known.

Instead, what the APS scandal teaches us is this: the descendants of those white elites who signed on to Woodruff’s vision of Atlanta, and the white businessmen who moved to the city and run Fortune 500 companies, are irrevocably wedded to a governing philosophy that excuses black failure and black wrongdoing in any manifestation.

And the APS scandal further teaches us that this elite will, with calculated malice aforethought, cover-up any such black failure and black wrongdoing.

These are the people who fund Conservatism Inc. for the political cover it provides them—which is why no Conservatism Inc.mouthpiece that I can find has discussed the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce’s disgraceful role.

Only one year later, the biggest test cheating scandal in American history can no longer be mentioned—for it is a proof that Establishment educational policy, and much of our current social order, is based upon a lie.

But, in the proud tradition of Coca Cola’s Robert Woodruff, we can just cover up this fact and smile. Better yet, have a Coke and a smile.

That’s the Atlanta Way.

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  • MekongDelta69


    Say it with me boys and girls:


  • The__Bobster

    Chambers of Commerce are not friends of traditional Americans. The only thing that matters to them is the almighty buck.

    • JohnEngelman

      The Republican Party is the party for rich whites. The Democrat Party is the party for non Asian minorities. I wish there was a party for the rest of us.

      • SintiriNikos

        The Dems are also the white elite party. The DWLs who preach diversity and multiculti in every public arena, before retiring to their crime-free lily-white neighbourhoods.

        We need to consign the Republican-Democrat meme to oblivion. Two sides of the same wortless coin.

      • The__Bobster

        Asian minorities vote overwhelming for Democrats, so I guess it’s their party, too.

        • JohnEngelman

          So do well educated whites, and so do I. I am displeased with what has happened to the Democratic Party since 1964 however. 

  • JohnEngelman

    Only one year later, the biggest test cheating scandal in American history can no longer be mentioned—for it is a proof that Establishment educational policy, and much of our current social order, is based upon a lie.                                                                                           
    – Paul Kersey, VDARE, July 11, 2012              
    Elites throughout the West are living a lie, basing the futures of their societies on the assumption that all groups of people are equal in all respects. Lie is a strong word, but justified. It is a lie because so many elite politicians who profess to believe it in public do not believe it in private. It is a lie because so many elite scholars choose to ignore what is already known and choose not to inquire into what they suspect. We enable ourselves to continue to live the lie by establishing a taboo against discussion of group differences. 
    – Charles Murray, from “The Inequality Taboo”           

    • mikejones91

      Kind of off topic0 John–_Have you read “The New Jim Crowe” or do you know anything about it? Its a book.

      • JohnEngelman

        No. Tell me about it. 

        • mikejones91

          Well one of my teachers told me about and its basically an “explanation” as to why blacks are the way they are. 
 Just seeing if you knew anything about it.

          • JohnEngelman

            Thank you for that website. I did not read all of it. “The New Jim Crow” seems to be a book complaining about the large number of black men in prison.
            I have been robbed at gunpoint, and mugged several times. I have friends and relatives who have been robbed at gunpoint and mugged.  Blacks did it, every single time.
            I am not bothered by the large number of black criminals in prison. I am bothered by the large number of criminals of all races who are out of prison.       
            During the 1960s the prison population declined. The crime rate doubled. Since 1980 the prison population tripled. The crime rate has declined by one third.
            The increase in the prison population is one of the few social experiments in the United States that has actually worked. 

          • Anonymous

            Well…right.  Ask your professor why you aren’t reading about the ‘Color of Crime’ or learning about the black african barbary pirates that kidnapped millions of whites and sold them to muslims or the 700 years of Muslim dominance of Southern Spain or the murders of white farmers in South Africa, etc.  Point out to them blacks are in prison because they commit more crimes.  If that doesn’t convince them, point out black neighborhoods have the most crime compared to other areas.  Again, it’s just more delusional, anti-white nonsense from your leftist instructors.  Call them out on that, even if it costs you a grade.  We can’t keep making excuses for not combating anti-white bigotry. 

  • Church_of_Jed

    Part of our problem is that we have patriots like Paul Kersey who only go so far and can’t imagine the next step.  Race Realists aren’t blessed with genius, just racist insight, which is pretty good, but not good enough for our crisis.

    He should have made phone calls to the Woodruff Foundation and asked them for an official statement, and the White Chamber of Commerce.

    Failing to give the DWLs a chance to show the world how they really are is another PK Whitey Fail.

    Next time, get something in their own words. When they flee and hang up on you, that’s the news…

    If they don’t want to talk about feral Diversity Tendencies, then at least get their refusal to talk about it on the record.

    • HenryHolliday

      I’m not going to fault anybody for not sticking their necks out politically, intellectually or physically, if they can’t be sure at least a few good people have their backs. Bless those that do! A lot more people are going to have to rediscover their spines before  this movement gets any real traction and starts getting the corruptocrats’ attention.

  • SintiriNikos

    That Woodruff is a special kind of scumbag. May he and people like him rot in hell.

  • Bo_Sears

    Sorry the story contained the well-known derogatory “WASP.”  No criticism of AmRen, but I wish we could send the link to our regular contacts.

  • How long before whites figure out that throwing in with the blacks is always a losing proposition?  Nothing can be fixed until whites insist on making the rules and tell blacks they can leave if they don’t like it.

  • BornReb52

    I am waiting for the latest news to be featured which features the Memphis City School system former employee guidance counselor that allegedly used MCS employees to take teacher certification tests for $$$ that began in 1995 and allegedly ended in 2010. This  scheme allowed unqualified teachers to get teacher certificates that then got work in Memphis and maybe other places that obviously felt they weren’t smart enough to pass the test on their own. One can only imagine their methods for educating children.

  • “The City Too Busy To Hate”

    Ya gotta love a city slogan that includes the word hate.

    If the meeting of elites did take place, it goes to show that money is colorblind (and detrimental to whites).

    The elites will always sell us out for their financial gain. The Mexican invasion is only a recent example.

  • Michelleski99

    The sad truth of the matter is this: This country has bent over backward to accomodate people of color, who were not capable of gaining or keeping a job w/o gov. intervention. We have suffered because of this. Our news broadcasts contain spelling errors on screen the likes of which I have never seen before. We put up with people who know nothing in service jobs, but if we complain, we’re racist. Signs in stores are misspelled. “Bargins in isle 3”. (This was a sign in a store for the “Book Section”). There are power outages constantly. Seriously, I get at least one a month. What the hell is going on with my country? I was always a committed capitalist, until I realized , pure capitalism no longer exists in this country. Being smart, doesn’t help.  If you are black, well, if you can write your name, and respond in monosyllabic answers, YOU ARE HIRED!!! We don’t care if you are smart, can spell,  can add, can do anything, really. As long as you are black, well, we are delighted to have you. We sincerely hope though, that our White employees who just got passed over will (please dear God) stay with us. Because we were forced by the government to: 1) Hire your lazy selves.2). Promote your (I managed to actually show up for work for 3 years) lazy selves. Who the hell in the real world gets rewarded for doing what everybody else assumes is the regular thing to do? Correct answer: (did you answer correctly?) black people. 

    • ncpride

      Hmm… It’s funny you mention power outages, because we had the same problem for two years or more. It was infuriating to have the power go out 2 or 3 times a month at the slightest breeze, or no apparent reason at all. It took a petition from our little neighborhood to the power company to get any action. They sent out crews who spent at least a month working around town on the power lines, so I’m not sure exactly what the problem was, we had just had enough. It’s gotten much better now, but it’s a shame we had to put up with it that long to begin with.

      • I dont know if this is relevant,but in the south suburbs of Chicago there are now gangs that go up on rooftops of public buildings and steal the A/C units! We’re talking about $10,000 units! They use hydraulic  lifts of some kind to move the units after taking them apart.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          These days, anything that isn’t bolted down and can be sold for quick $$ is being stolen:

          Thieves bust through wall of Chicago store to steal $230,000 worth of hair extensions

  • On a sidebar, but a somewhat related note, Mitt Romney has Condoleeza Rice on his list of VP candidates.

    Talk about white businessmen crawling in bed with AA Bantus – all of a sudden it’s like the Republicans are trying to out-Bantu the Democrats. The Democrats have a Bantu president, so the Republicans have their own African pet, Codoleeza Rice up for VP consideration.

    If Romney selects Rice as his VP running mate, game over. Obama wins. Rice will be shredded from pillar to post, by the media, conservatives, evangelicals, Hollywood, and independents, among others.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    No Coke.  Pepsi.

    • The__Bobster

      Pepsi is the McDonald’s of soft drinks.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Exactly one year ago, it emerged that the very white Atlanta Chamber of Commerce was complicit in covering-up the very black Atlanta Public Schools (APS) cheating scandal.

    Someone was covering up something.

    From the hearing of a black 4th grade teacher whose school a had wrong-to-right erasure rate from three to 21 standard deviations above the norm:

    It’s impossible for her to have hovered over each child and given the correct answers for a test she didn’t know the answers to.

    Well, doesn’t exonerate the black APS elementary teachers? How could they possibly be held to account or expected to know the answers to a 4th-grade level test?

    Then, there was this:

    GBI investigators couldn’t find the tape on which they say Williamson admitted to testing improprieties. In previous interviews, Williamson had maintained her innocence.

    How many other tapes or damning evidence were disappeared?

    If this were a White school district with a White superintendent do you think those tapes would have disappeared?  

    Do you think the media would be silent?

    Or the teachers allowed to keep their jobs?


  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    There’s also been a concerted effort that started during the “Civil Rights Era”  to reduce the White population.

    During the VietNam era, the expression went like this;

    War is good for business!!  Invest your sons!!

    (White sons, that is).

    Ditto Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq…


    • Anonymous

      Not to mention feminism, removing bans against interracial marriages, integration, encouraging white women to be on the pill, black on white violence, etc.  That reduced the white population more.  Oh, but I can’t say that.  That’s “hate”!

    • alastairabbacle

      This is like snow in a glacial landscape.  There is something archetypal about how Whites are thrust continually into the most difficult environments possible.

       In the Ice Age, Whites had to overcome glaciers, saber-tooth tigers, and furious blizzards.

      In the Modern Age, Whites have to overcome Sterilization, Feral Minorities, and Massive Financial Attacks.  

      Could it be that the surviving Whites will be the toughest breed ever made? Eventually, this surviving remnant of 5% of the world population in 2o50 may get together, and decide to rebound by 3050 to 25% of the world population.  Thereafter, Whites may rebound to their original numbers of 35% of the world population by 4000

      .There will be many Glacial Sterilizers, Saber-toothed Tribal Rivals, and Blizzardine Financial Attacks before  The Remnant rises.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

     I wouldn’t take any racial advice or views from your teachers. 

    Or Wikipedia for that matter.  
    See here:  

    Wikipedia Follies, by Nicholas Stix (about cover up of black-on-White crimes):

    Wikipedia on Race, by Nicholas Stix:

    From the article:

    When it comes to race or politics, the definition of ‘reliable source’ is anything reliably left-wing. Sources can include liberal college newspapers and even what amount to fundraising letters from the Southern Poverty Law Center or the Anti-Defamation League. Wikipedia articles almost never cite the one medium that actually employs fact-checkers: magazines.


  • Asians eat sh*t!!!

  • Do they NEED to? How many teachgers of white kids are feminist? Trying their best to give boys a 3rd rate education and favor girls? Feminism is  child abuse on the Jerry Sandusky level. Feminist are the scum de la scum.

    • alastairabbacle

      To make men and women equal in career achievement, you need to suppress men.

      The ruling men have an interest in suppressing contesting men. 
      The ruling men, the state, develops an unhealthy interest in suppressing competition. 
      Suppressing men to “equalize” women leads to an oppressive, ossified, and over-regulated government.

      An oppressive, ossified, and over-regulated government makes Communal decisions on the basis of the wishes of this ruling class of men.  
      These men must be sociopaths, because they must lie compulsively to tow the party line, and maintain Communal Ruling-Class Men decision making.  

      Gender “equalization” through “feminism” is a pillar of Communism.   
      The USA is again under attack by Communism, this time from within.

  • alastairabbacle

    This is like snow in a glacial landscape.  There is something archetypal about how Whites are thrust continually into the most difficult environments possible.  

    In the Ice Age, Whites had to overcome glaciers, saber-tooth tigers, and furious blizzards.

    In the Modern Age, Whites have to overcome Sterilization, Feral Minorities, and Massive Financial Attacks.  

    Could it be that the surviving Whites will be the toughest breed ever made?

    Eventually, this surviving remnant of 5% of the world population in 2o50 may get together, and decide to rebound by 3050 to 25% of the world population.  Thereafter, Whites may rebound to their original numbers of 35% of the world population by 4000.

    There will be many Glacial Sterilizers, Saber-toothed Tribal Rivals, and Blizzardine Financial Attacks before  The Remnant rises. 

  • alastairabbacle

    The White Race needs to survive the Modern Ice/Sterilization Age.

  • dukem1

    It seems to have taken a year, but it looks as though the good citizens of Atlanta have found a way to blame whitey for their  problems.Good for them! 

  • alastairabbacle

    “Segregated from the brutal reality in increasingly fortress-like communities, sending their kids to private schools where they will only be exposed to well behaved, exceptional curve blower individuals of the minorities in question”

    The White Elite only sees the magical negroes.

  • alastairabbacle

    This is so crazy, this “whatever” attitude. Yeah, “so what whatever – people who sympathize less with than kin will surround me.”

    Nihilists. The Great White Suicide Cult.