Shaking Hands with the Devil

Jon Harrison Sims, American Renaissance, July 13, 2012

The perverse consequences of foreign aid.

Linda Polman, The Crisis Caravan: What’s Wrong with Humanitarian Aid?, Metropolitan Books, 2010; $24.00, 229 pp.

What’s wrong with humanitarian aid? The short answer to the question posed by Dutch reporter Linda Polman in the subtitle of her book is “everything.”

When Smedley D. Butler called his 1935 pamphlet War is a Racket, he knew what he was talking about. He had fought as a Marine Corps officer in Nicaragua, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Cuba, and concluded that he had been nothing but a “high-class muscle man for big business, for Wall Street, and the bankers.”

Likewise, Miss Polman knows what she is talking about when she says foreign aid is a racket. She has tramped through countless refugee camps in Africa, interviewing aid workers, refugees, African government officials, and rebel leaders. What she found is one of the biggest con-games of our time.

That there is genuinely terrible suffering, disease, poverty, and violence across much of Africa and Asia she does not question. That western humanitarian and development aid is the answer, or even part of the answer, she does question. She thinks all it does is perpetuate poverty, fund corruption, and foster dependence. To the question “So we should do nothing then?” she answers that that would be better than what we are doing now.

Miss Polman is not the first reporter or chastened aid worker who has come to that conclusion, yet every year the money spent on humanitarian and development aid increases—she says the idea of donor fatigue is a myth—and what she calls “the crisis caravan” rolls on. Why? The short answer is money.

The biggest players in the aid game are the international non-governmental organizations, or NGOs, which get money from governments and private donors. There are tens of thousands of them; no one knows how many. On average, 1,000 of them descend on a humanitarian crisis zone, along with 10 United Nation agencies, and at least twice as many government aid organizations. With their flags and tents, and white Land Cruisers, relief camps are like a traveling circus.

Each year governments spend $120 billion on humanitarian and development aid, but an average of 60 percent never leaves the donor countries. It’s called “phantom aid,” and is spent on salaries, conferences, publicity, transportation, and contracts for Western businesses that make or deliver aid supplies. Miss Polman says the Americans are the worst offenders; an estimated 70 to 80 percent is phantom aid.

The outright stealing begins after supplies and money reach the target country. Corrupt local governments “tax” aid, by demanding payment either in cash, or in relief supplies, which they sell on the black market. In Somalia, aid organizations paid warlords 80 percent of the value of all aid supplies. In Aceh, Indonesia, after the tsunami, they paid 30 percent to the Indonesian Army. Sometimes officials or rebel commanders tax aid organizations according to the number of patients they treat or people they help. These deals are often made with the very thugs who are committing atrocities and mayhem. This is called “shaking hands with the devil.”

Aid workers also must bribe soldiers and officials just to move about in a relief area. There is “no access to war zones without payment, whatever form it may take,” writes Miss Polman, “especially if you’re a humanitarian.”

Aid organizations also provide jobs, and disburse lucrative contracts to local companies, which are usually started up for the sole purpose of getting aid money. The scramble for this business is called “contract fever.” The aid agencies keep poor records of how their money is spent, and when the local economy becomes wholly based on aid—which it usually does—it is called NGOism.

Because the agencies are independent, and compete for money and publicity, they cannot take a common position against corruption. If just one agency refuses to pay off a corrupt general, another 10 will step in and grease his palm.

Miss Polman says that most journalists cannot be trusted. Often their travel expenses are paid by NGOs, and they are wholly dependent on aid workers for food, lodging, transportation, and protection. As a result, their reporting is superficial and biased. Miss Polman calls their work “churnalism;” they just churn out what they are told.

The refugee camps in Goma,Congo, that operated from 1994 to 1996 were subject to the typical whitewash; the media covered them as an epic humanitarian response to a flood of Hutu refugees who fled war in neighboring Rwanda only to be stricken with cholera inside the Congo. In fact, this flood of Hutu included the entire Rwandan Hutu army and militias that had just helped murder more than 800,000 Rwandan Tutsis. They were fleeing from a Tutsi army that had invaded Rwanda from Uganda, and Miss Polman calls them “refugee warriors.” She gives other examples of soldiers and fighters posing as refugees in order to rest up before resuming the killing.

The Hutu refugees continued their campaign of murder right in the camps. The Hutu doctors and nurses who staffed the camp hospitals would murder any newly arrived Tutsi patients, as well as Hutus suspected of disloyalty. They would dispose of the bodies, and bring in Hutus to fill the empty beds. A common Hutu saying was “Crushing a cockroach [a Tutsi] isn’t murder, it’s a hygiene measure.”

One aid worker estimated that the Hutu militias stole 60 percent of the aid that went to Goma, which they sold for cash or traded for arms. One aid worker called Goma “a total ethical disaster.” The truth was never reported in the Western media.

Miss Polman was in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, in 2001. The United Nations Development Program had just declared it the poorest country on earth. That meant the crisis caravan would soon arrive, and everyone was celebrating. As Col. Vandamme of the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) explained, “The white man are soon gonna need drivers, security guards, and houses. We’re gonna provide ’em.”  He added that “NGO wifes” (“wives”—aid workers are seen as submissive wives) had already arrived and wanted to count how many children and sick people were in the area. He said aid workers would have to pay him before they did that.

Miss Polman also spoke to the leader of the RUF, General Mike Lamin. His men had been battling the government for ten years in a brutal civil war that left more than 200,000 dead. His troops were long known for scorched-earth tactics, but only recently for “amputation squads,” which hacked off the arms or legs of women and children.

General Lamin confirmed the rumor Miss Polman had heard: The sole purpose of the amputations was to attract media attention and aid. He explained that although the war had gone on for a decade, “you people looked the other way all those years.” He said he had not tried to negotiate a cease fire with the government because “there was nothing to stop for.” As he explained:

Everything was broken and you people weren’t here to fix it. All you cared about was the white man’s war in Yugoslavia and the camps in Goma [Congo]. You just let us go on fighting . . . . [But] when we started cutting hands, hardly a day BBC would not talk about us. Without the amputation factor you people wouldn’t have come.

As she left the interview, a young RUF gunman shouted a question: “White woman! Do you know what war means?” “Fighting and killing?” she offered. “Wrong! Waste All Resources! Destroy Everything! Then you people will come and fix it.” Miss Polman calls this the “logic of humanitarian aid.” Since suffering brings aid, and more suffering more aid, why not wreak havoc in order to cash in?

While Miss Polman was in Sierra Leone, she discovered that Americans from religious organizations with names such as Gifts of Limbs and Noah’s Ark were taking children and teenage amputees from the camps, driving them over the border to Guinea, and flying them to the United States for adoption. Here, too, she found the same deceit, corruption, and perverse idealism that characterize all foreign aid.

First, the organizations were telling donors that the children were without prostheses, did not have medical care, and were orphans. None of this was true. The children had custom-fitted European prostheses, regular medical care, and at least one parent. Miss Polman found out these groups always left the children’s medical records behind, to make the children seem more pathetic and their actions more heroic.

Why was the American embassy in Freetown approving visas for children who had parents and were getting medical attention. “For political reasons,” explained an embassy official:

Amputee children have been politicized. Recently I had some member of Congress on the phone from Washington demanding I tell him what the fuck was the problem with the visas for a group of amputee children. Pretty remarkable, since those visas hadn’t even been applied for yet. Get the picture?

The Sierra Leonean government was taking bribes to let the children out of the country, and Miss Polman found organizations were either bribing or tricking the parents into giving up their children. She heard one American tell a woman that in America her child’s missing limbs would be magically regenerated. It is clear that despite humanitarian pretentions, these allegedly Christian groups were stealing children for naive whites who wanted to adopt a black baby from Africa.

Miss Polman writes that veteran aid workers harbor few illusions about their business. Over drinks, they admit that development aid is a racket, that aid merely perpetuates  poverty and corruption, and even that the recipients of aid are hardly worth saving. So why do they stay? Miss Polman explains that “the salaries, and per-diems, and danger and discomfort bonuses . . . make working in the established aid sector highly attractive.” Even in the most hellish countries, there is a secure capital with swimming pools, tennis courts, golf courses, discos, five-star restaurants, and prostitutes. Aid workers live like colonial administrators of old, perhaps even better.

Miss Polman leaves no doubt that the entire business of aid is morally, as well as politically and intellectual corrupt, but that’s what it is: a business.

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Jon Harrison Sims
Mr. Sims is an historian and a native of Kentucky.
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  • There is “no access to war zones without payment, whatever form it may take,” writes Miss Polman, “especially if you’re a humanitarian.”

    I suspect the word “humanitarian” is a euphemism for White!

  • haroldcrews

    You have to wonder if the same or similar dynamic doesn’t apply to any entrenched interest.  I’ve heard many people say that the NRA is the last organization that wants an end to gun control because it would mean an end to the need for the NRA.  I’ve heard the same about different pro-life organizations.

    • Hirschibold

       I suspect that Rush Limbaugh secretly wants Obama to stay in office, as well. The blowhard celebrity Right (like Rush & Glen) love to froth to their audiences about Obama. Without him around, they won’t be able to scare as many people into reading their books.

      • El_Magyar

        You better believe it, Hirschibold. Limbaugh is nothing more than a White Al Sharpton. A profiting carnival-barker.

    • I doubt that, HC, because NRA fairly recently got into the political fray over gun rights, circa 1975. Prior to that, it was mostly concerned with maintaining the shooting sports, and our hunting heritage.

      If all 22,000 or so gun laws on federal state and local books would disappear overnight, NRA would still be there, safeguarding our Second Amendment rights, against any and all would-be usurpers.

      Now, one might think that – thanks to SCOTUS’ decisions –  because the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to own and operate a firearm (District of Columbia v. Heller), and it applies to all cities, states, counties, parishes and boroughs, or is “Incorporated” (McDonald v. Chicago) in the U.S., the battle is over.

      Wrong! Both SCOTUS decisions were by 5-4, a precarious margin indeed. The Obama regime wants to sign on to a U.N. treaty that will attempt to gut our Second Amendment rights. It tried to pave the way for more gun control via “Operation Fast and Furious”, until that blew up in the regime’s face.

      I think it was Thomas Paine or Patrick Henry, who said something about men having to endure the constant fatigue of supporting liberty.  That’s why NRA is tireless in its support of the Second Amendment.

  • she answers that that would be better than what we are doing now.

    It would.  And it would eventually result in a black sub-Saharan population that is sustainable with its natural environment.

    General Lamin confirmed the rumor Miss Polman had heard: The sole
    purpose of the amputations was to attract media attention and aid.

    That also explains the “slavery” in Africa, or much of it:  Because they know some white do-gooder dork will come along about “buy” the “slaves'” “freedom.”

    It is clear that despite humanitarian pretentions, these allegedly
    Christian groups were stealing children for naive whites who wanted to
    adopt a black baby from Africa.

    Remember that when you see those TV commercials.

    Miss Polman leaves no doubt that the entire business of aid is morally,
    as well as politically and intellectual corrupt, but that’s what it is: a

    They came to do good, and wound up doing very well indeed.

    •  “They came to do good, and wound up doing very well indeed.”

      That sentence sums up the entire situation. Bravissimo, signore!

    • El_Magyar

      For the worthless, brain-dead Hollywood types, an adopted baby from Africa is nothing more than the most desired handbag. Merely an accessory. Sometimes, when I look around this country and see some of the behaviors, “cultures” and trends, I can see why Al-Qaiada would want to bomb the hell out of us.

  • Denise

    This is why I no longer support Christian organizations. I never gave a penny to Haiti. Cold hearted? No. I expect accountability. I still wonder what happened to the billions of dollars pledged and given to this failed state. I know a person who goes on Mission trips to Haiti and has given me first hand accounts about what goes on. It starts at the airport. Guys with guns go through the luggage and take whatever they want. Valuables have to be hidden in the linings of suitcases for a chance to get through. Sometimes they’ll let you keep your valuables if you pay them. Travel checklist for Haiti: toothpaste, clean undies, and a wad of cash for bribes.

  • D. H. Andrews

    My God. I knew there was corruption along the way for the U.S.’s endless African aid programs, but I had no idea it was this bad. The Western media has done an excellent job of concealing it and keeping even people like us – with full Internet access and who follow things the media refuses to cover -especially those from a racialist viewpoint, in the dark. 
    I knew about the amputations but wasn’t really sure WHY they were done and had no idea that most of the rest of it was going on. I knew the governments of the African countries were extremely corrupt and morally bankrupt – and were stealing and profiting from our aid in some way but wasn’t clear on HOW it was done.
    Great and informative article. Thanks.

  • “There’s a reason the third world came in third.” — Jim Goad

  • SarahConnor

    Wow! Just wow! I will pass this around as much as possible!

  • Pandemonium

    It has always interested me why so many congregants from the many churches in my county go on “mission” trips to South and Central America as well as Africa. Their claim is to build houses and “do good things” for the native populations! 

    My thinking is to save the money spent on air fares and hotels and spend it in the local communities where much “good” needs to be done. 

    • El_Magyar

      90% of the churches in this country should be razed and the congregation incarcerated.

  • Kevin W. Cornell

    Great article. It seems to me that while Amren has in the past explicitly advocated securing the border and ending government sponsored affirmative action, they should also continue, in the mode of the present article, to advocate an end to all government sponsored foreign aid. The fact that our  government is not only profligate but often definitively counterproductive is downright criminal. There is no excuse for shipping billions of tapayer dollars overseas in such a reckless and realistically un”humanitarian” manner when the middle class is struggling and this country’s infrastructure is literally falling apart.

    • Eagle_Eyed

       Exactly.  While there is no doubt corruption with any organization, the true crime is the fact Americans are being taxed to help warlords, dictators, and European DWLs get rich. 

  • Kevin W. Cornell

    I should add that if private citizens want to be suckers with their own money that is their perogative, but the bottom line is that the government itself should not be involved AT ALL with foreign aid. Private aid might actually have a chance of working to some degree insofar as strictly private organizations may be held to proper accountability by their donors, but when big business and big government are involved in “humanitarian aid,” the capital spent is properly considered neither “humanitarian” nor “aid”; it’s more or less just idiotic wealth redistribution. The reason we have disasters like the one depicted in this article is widespread weak-mindedness amongst western peoples that needs to be rooted out completely.

  • The West has given $ 1 Trillion dollars to Africa and what have we got to show for it ?

    Famine, disease is Gods way ( or call it natural law ) of population control, by giving money to Africa we’re  interfering in Gods plans. Whitey is helping blacks have more and more and more black babies which will lead ultimately to the destruction of the Western Civilization.

  • Why do blacks have  6 or 7 babies each ?  You would think that living in Africa, with famine, disease, civil wars, poverty, it’s not wise to start a family . Blacks are highly irresponsible to have so many children when they don’t have the money to look after them. Breeding is the only thing they do well.

    We should be sending doctors to Africa to perform vasectomy’s , sterilize the whole population.

    • LostHearts

       That is the only type of aid I would support.  It would strike at the root cause of all the misery.  However, to mention it is taboo.  And no use trying to provide contraception.  That’s been attempted, but the people think it is bad magic or other such nonsense.  Or they are too stupid to understand the concept.

    • Ni123

       “You would think that living in Africa, with famine, disease, civil wars, poverty, it’s not wise to start a family .”

      No, it is not. But in order to understand this one has to be intelligent and future oriented enough, which is not the case with Africa.

  • Christians who give money to Africa give Christianity a bad name, they’re useful idiots. Jesus said ” the poor will always be with us but I will be here for a short time.”

    I don’t understand whites adopting little African babies, it must be a mental sickness. don’t they know these black babies will grow up ?

  • Hirschibold

    Bono, Angelina Jolie, Bob Geldof (Live Aid creator), and Sting don’t really care. This is more of that ‘pathological altruism.’  They would step over one-hundred dying white babies to get to that one black baby. It goes better with Prada shoes and Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses.

    • ZeitTrash

      Adopted black babies have become the new little-dog-in-a-purse for white Hollywood women. Sandra Bullock, Charlize Theron, Mariska Hargitay, Jillian Michaels, Madonna, Angelina Jolie – they’re all doing it. And women love to do whatever the crowd is doing so there’s going to be more.

  • ncpride

    This article was really an eye opener for me. I knew that the aid sent to these countries probably never made it to the intended due to corruption of their governments, but I had no idea it ran so deep, far and wide. I’ll have to save this article for when those bleeding heart liberals start howling we’re not doing nearly enough.

  • TheTruthHurts4

    The main import of sub Saharan Africa is foreign aid. The main export are intrinsically inferior, inherently violent and criminal sub humans who carry with them the savagery of the African jungle.  

  • bluffcreek1967

    This was great article and I hope to some day read Miss Polman’s book. I have thought for a long time now that Americans do more harm than good when they give to the various humanitarian relief organizations. Aside from their lack of financial accountability (in spite of what they claim), there is the bigger issue of making entire countries dependent upon the charity and compassion of Western nations (i.e., White people). I would venture to say that most Blacks on the African continent are born with their hands out, always dependent upon others for their basic sustenance. They are like little children, always on the receiving end and in utter need of others to feed and clothe them. This is what Westerners have produced and encouraged throughout the world in their misguided compassion.

    Remember when both President’s Clinton and Bush united to urge Americans to give of their financial resources to provide aid to Haiti? Such fools they were, and such fools we were to allow ourselves to be suckered by it!

    On this same note, it both sadens and angers me when I see able-bodied White males begging for a handout within many of our American cities. I expect Blacks to do this – after all, it’s their nature and entire history. But this should not be the practice of Whites! I understand some have reached their lowest depths, and thus they feel compelled to publically beg in order to meet their basic needs. I don’t condemn those very few Whites who feel they must do this. But what I frequently see are able-bodied young men (often hippies, drunks and drug addicts) standing on some street corner with their hand out begging for money. This is absolutely disgraceful! It also shows how low Whites have descended within the past generation.

    Interestingly, I never see Asians begging for money or anything for that matter. I also rarely see Mexicans engaging in this kind of thing. Perhaps it’s because such conduct is considered disgraceful? Or maybe it’s because their families are closer and they would not be inclined to allow one of their members to live on the street asking strangers for money? I’m not sure as to the reasons and, admittedly, this is only my personal observations.   

  • Kevin Vail

    The Sierra Leonean government was taking bribes to let the children out of the country, and Miss Polman found organizations were either bribing or tricking the parents into giving up their children.”

    A similar thing happens with Chinese “orphans”. The corrupt local officials in China that enforce their “one child” policy kidnap the children, place them with “Adoption agencies” that are really baby selling operations then middle-class and wealthy Americans come in and “adopt” (i.e. buy) these “orphans” and the whole system turns an enormous profit. Don’t ever consider an overseas adoption… I doubt hardly any of them are legit.

  • Church_of_Jed

    We approve of massive White aid to the turdworld.

    Whites who give are lightening their own load of unearned White privilege.  Those who don’t deserve it should divest themselves of it as wastefully as possible.

    • ed91

       this has increased africa’s population by billions since the early 1900’s, just in time for massive droughts and famines and lutheran invasions to the west and jihadic insanity.

      the path to hell, meet good intentions

      • Church_of_Jed

        We need to reexamine the myth that the path to Hell is paved with good intentions. Good never leads to Evil.

        • ed91

           unintended consequences…………   can come from good intentions, though they may not be well thought out

          liberals do it with most everything they touch or think about

  • gemjunior

    That is so unbelievably savage.

  • Sheila Dinehart

    *Everything was broken and you people weren’t here to fix it.*

    When the white becomes fully awake s/he beomes authentic.

    The Authentic White knows he owes nothing, but wants what is owed to him, now. 

    Nice review.  This book should disturb the sleepy.

  • Our foreign aid program is a joke and Ron Paul is absolutely right in his position to do away with it for everyone. Including Israel. Which receives more foreign aid money than all the other countries in the world combined. As usual, it’s a big congressional racket where they can cast their vote to the highest bidder and so on. One of the biggest mistakes our Founding Fathers made was in not writing term limits into the Constitution in as well as writing them in such a way as to make their elimination or modification impossible. Had they done this, we wouldn’t have a lot of current problems; career politicians would go away and maybe we’d have statesmen instead.

  • ZeitTrash

     Here’s another one! LOLOL –

    “Single mum on the run: American Horror Story’s Connie Britton totes son Yoby in sling as she dashes through airport”

    Yeah, who needs a yapping chihuahua in purse when you can have the even trendier Hollywood “social justice” status of your very own infant black boy.  These biatches make me sick.

  • ZeitTrash

     Here’s another one! LOLOL –

    “Single mum on the run: American Horror Story’s Connie Britton totes son Yoby in sling as she dashes through airport”

    Yeah, who needs a yapping chihuahua in purse when you can have the even trendier Hollywood “social justice” status of your very own infant black boy.  These women make me sick.

  • bluffcreek1967

    Yes, many Africans do work hard and the conditions they live in is extremely harsh. I empathize with them. Yet, this does not negate that much of the money given in foreign aid to help impoverished countries like Africa and Haiti goes to their tribal warlords. It often ends up in the hands of corrupt govenment officials and not to the people whom it was intended. Moreover, it makes these countries continually dependent upon Western aid (i.e., Whites). The time to end such nonsense and horrific waste of money is now – particularly in America and Europe where we are almost completely bankrupt!

  • jeffaral

    Christian churches should be held accountable for their criminal acts flooding Europe and the USA with millions of “refugees”.     The adoption racket, providing black children to white couples is a multi-billion business enriching a few greedy Christians under the pretence of saving those children.

  • ed91

     you will see more of this.  Another place you will see thousands if not millions of white men is on the sex offender lists…………
    I’m not completely sure what I think of that………  there could be many 18 yr old men on there for messing with a 16 yr old girl or a 15 yr old girl………..  I’m not up on the different age levels vs the law in different states…….but I have seen the sex offender lists loaded with white men………..  being on there marginalizes the person and is an easy start down the slippery slope to giving up……..  also the domestic violence charges are stacked against men, along with the courts………
    I don’t know the answer but I suspect the pendulum has swung too far in one direction………

    • My take is this:  The registered sex offender list is disproportionately white while the universe of American sex offenders is disproportionately black and Hispanic, because the criminal justice system in black and Hispanic areas doesn’t have enough time to deal with all the sex offenses, for all the murders and other serious violent crimes.  An 18-year old doing a 15-year old is a big deal and prosecuted as such in lily white suburbia, and therefore it appears on the books and the 18-yo is a RSO for life.  The official criminal justice system will ignore an 18-yo doing a 15-yo in the ghetto.

      • bluffcreek1967

        This is actually quite true. In White areas where crime is much lower, both serious and most seemingly minor crimes will be pursued and vigorously prosecuted. White communities expect this, and they are outraged when such things happen in the very places they live. However, in Black areas where crime is rampant, many crimes are not as hotly pursued or even taken as serious. Aside from cops being overwhelmed by Black crime, they know the community by and large does not really care (in spite of what some ‘activists’ claim).  

  • Kurt Plummer

    Codex Alimentarius, ironically a trade based initiative, has the potential to starve Africa into submission by first letting them breed to unsustainable levels while becoming dependent on foreign aid and then lowering the boom on ‘unsafe’ proteins and vegetables which fail to meet spec for required doses of growth hormones and antibiotics whose true nature (similar to that seen in the West) is one of dulling if not drowning testosterones urges in a flood of synthetic female hormone equivalent (in effect) substances.
    Don’t want to play?  Meet Mr. Malthus.
    The problem with all of this is that it’s dependent on everyone being willing to play the game, by the rules.  Which is where you -really- wish you were fly on the wall at a G8 or Bilderberger conference.  Because Africa _cannot_ be just ‘left alone’.  Too many critical resources come from there exclusively or in great competition from other sources (cough, Russia) to abandon the Dark Continent.  Diamonds, oil. titanium, coffee, wood.  You name it.
    And in many ways, Africa has the best chance of fighting off the effects of Malthusian deficit far more than over developed Europe and increasingly, the U.S..
    Kill off the wild game which are incredible walking contagion complexes for all manner of man:animal transparent transmission vector diseases and shift people away from the -highly- contaminated rivers.  Setting them up in small towns to which everything is brought in by rail and pipeline (Coastal desalinization water + modern sewage treatment is the equivalent to what was done to the Thames almost two centuries ago) and hey-bam you can DDT the residual plants and small animals before burning it off and bringing in, fenced enclosure by fenced enclosure _clean agro_ as both pastoral grazing and specialist crops.
    Africa is a pathogenic hell right now because so much of it -is- so close to the virgin old-growth conditions of 50,000 years ago.  When we escaped.
    I also disagree with the concept of privatization.  Unless you go towards something like the East India Company approach of semi-nationalized companies with the ability to draw on MAIN FORCE elements to keep the corruption down, you will never get anywhere with private commercial (Blackwater Security type) protective interests.
    You need the ability to control large areas of land, concurrently while controlling the sprawl of urban settlements with large scale (10 men for every African) policing forces.
    Fail in this and you will indeed fail to change a single state in Africa.  _Succeed_ in this and you will be putting the world on notice that the era of profiting from misery is on a clock.  One state at a time.
    The Peace Corps was a good idea.  But it’s biggest problem is that it is spread too thin, has no serious (as in do as we say or we will ruin your currency and replace you) diplomatic firepower and lacks the heavy engineering to tackle the problem.  We could do better, if we just kept ourselves focussed on the reality of ONE AT A TIME.
    And here is why we should:
    1.  The system of systems which built American infrastructure is centered around 19th Century techbase.  We cannot afford to renew it, even if the resources were available, and they are not.  Having been diverted (millions of tons of concrete, thousands of tons of steel, for a burgeoning automotive culture’s cars and highways) to China.  It is possible that, in figuring out how to do things like bring electricity to Back Of Beyond environments (house-masted turbines with allocation:day electrical generation that each family can use as they like) we will also save ourselves by getting off the grid system and into min-community based environments.
    2.  These people _cannot_ take care of themselves and, if we don’t invest in true exogenic genomics, they likely never will be able to.  Mankind has always lived with so-called missing link populations of fellow hominids and Africans may well be the new Austrolopithicenes.  That doesn’t mean we don’t have to respect their level of achievable existence while recognizing that they want the goodies of 21st century living.  Which means, with a 70 mean population IQ, you have to create a childs world where infinite but limited (electronic) entertainment can do whatever is achievable with stimulus and nutrition.  But not make expectations of focussed attention and memory sufficient to sustain a real society.  i.e.  ‘Jobs Africans Won’t Do’.  And that means robotics. 
    3.  Robotics change everything.  Not just for Africa but for all of us.  You can multiply your work capacity to a level where payment becomes realistically possible at a 10:1 level of basic waypoint following and teleo-operational (i.e. no brains) execution levels.  As a slave population that never needs be whipped.  And has no mind to feel constrained by servitude.  American Capitalism argues against the creation of a labor force which works for free because American Capitalism depends on people willing to support ‘The System’ by buying the goods which they make.  But third world development is not practical without independent labor as the means to push a bowwave through the corruption.  If you want to get Americans off their dead asses and back into the lower/middle class game of basic manufacturing and construction and infrastructure maintenance as _laborers_ you need to give them a step up from where their grandparents were in terms of work quantity and work payment for quantity.  Save the bible, spare a tree, PUSH HARD for robotics.  There are some 2.25 million people incarcerated in the U.S.  At 40,000 dollars per man, per year, to keep them there, that’s 90 billion dollars that goes to waste.  ONE YEAR of 90 billion dollars would push robotics ten years closer to productionization.
    4.  Genetics.  Genetics are the key to everything we are.  And want to be.  Anyone who denies, not just their own but -all- kids a chance to take 2-5 MSD leap in intelligence is denying their society two things:  First, the ability to say no to political manipulations like Iraq and Afghanistan, currently soaking 800 billion and change to help lever up another bunch of hopeless fools living in a barren wasteland as much as the 7th century.  Given you cannot inform a stupid person, only buy them off with goodies and given we cannot -afford- to buy everyone off to the level that they perceive whites living, the alternative is to begin to set up a new society wherein people have a common threshold IQ and so can see for themselves, sans the racial paranoia, that they are getting exactly what they need.

    This video-

    Informs us that an Africa which just crossed the 1 billion threshold will be at 2.7 billion by _2060_.  That is unsustainable.  For them, and for us, if we ‘invite them all across’.  India will be at 3.2 billion.  China will be at 1.6 billion.  Why?  Why is it that ONLY whites have the ability to control that most basic of urges in retaining the open space which lets us see a distant outcome and conserve for a future generation the living room to make it achievable?


    It’s the same as playing chess vs. playing go.  In go (chinese game, like checkers except you surround and envelope the other guy’s colors, changing them to your own, instead of removing them from the board) the point is to dominate all areas of the board and so control the totality of the available resources by making sure your extended side/race/family has it all.  Pakistan, with 170 million people jammed, cheek by jowl, into an area the size of Texas, is another good example of this.

    And while the ‘go instinct’ is a good choice when you are living at a primitive level, it is ultimately one doomed to failure in a world where you are short of genocidal means of displacement of multi-million populations.

    Yet that is the world which the black, asian and hispanic communities continue to rush towards.  And which will _overrun_ us.  If we don’t solve the third world’s problems, in the third world.

    We cannot back off engagement now.  It’s too late for the ‘let them figure it out on their own’ solution.  Because too many other nations will happily step in to gain access to the resources we give up by doing so.

    But it is not too late, just, to start a cascade effect with JUST ONE COUNTRY.  At a time.  As an investment in stabilizing the planet.  And making our own cultural survival method (fewer of better) survivable in the face of an onrushing tide of mediocrity.

    A stupid fool once said:  “We will bury you!”  And he meant it.  And it works.  When you feed mediocrity, you grow monsters.  What I propose is setting a backfire that turns mediocrity into something else.  By making the third world liveable.  And removing the driving impetus to come here.

    It won’t work by itself.  We _still need_ an absolute ending of non-white immigration and border controls for instance.  But for ourselves and our posterity (that’s white kids) we cannot step away from the table now.

    We just have to buy into it at an absolute level of renovation, developing the tech base as the solutions, one nation at at time.  Preferrably someplace where we are not also spending massive amounts of money to enforce a military occupation.

  • Kurt Plummer


    Given that (in the U.S., mean IQ of 87), only about 2.3% of blacks in fact have the 115-120 IQ as entry level intelligence with which to make use of higher education-

    The reality is that (in Africa, mean IQ of 70) a combination of low driving mass from fellow intellects as competitors and low social resources as expectations of ‘winning’ act to create an environmental equilibrium which doesn’t reward (as a selective sweep) the propagation of intelligence ‘through the ranks’ of African society.

    In this, Africans, in their own way, practice the ultimate in elitism because success in Africa is more about intimidation and charisma than it is intellectual prowess but those who gain such success often marry well and gain the resources to have especially intelligent children (for Africa) who do their level best to get out of there.

    This is the reason there are no ‘talented tenths’ among blacks as a whole and Africa in particular.  This is also the reason white society is failing when our own 16% in-range intelligence factor is both inhibited by racial quotas and forced to carry -huge- numbers of effective non-players.

    According to this-

    There are now 8,753,935 non-workers in the U.S. on disability.  More than the individual populations of 39 states.

    We are creating our own mass inertia equilibrium effect in abandoning the pursuit of excellence to support a culture of metastasis in hispanics and blacks.

    We are -creating- the problem to be solved as a function of mass indolence and requiring yet more ‘carrying capacity’ as a function of yet larger population numbers.

    What is ignored is that, within 2-3 generations at most, everyone, of every ethnicity, is sufficiently acclimatized to their new culture that the immigrant drive is lost and all are playing the same game.  Capitalism as a means to induce slavery through the false sense of social mobility (something Marx and Engels predicted -long- ago) has burned out and betrayed an entire generation of whites whose grandparents were promised a better tomorrow for their children.  And we are being replaced by a new generation of hopeless buffoons.

    Robotics and the removal of the ‘profit motive’ could help with this.  But it won’t happen if we continue a retrogressive spiral back toward the cultural means described by places like Kibera and the Colonias (Slums of Mexico City).  Because that -is- the African and Mestizo equivalent of white cultural achievement, on their own.

    That we can do better than this is proven by the racial composition of troubled areas of Detroit, Chicage, East St. Louis, Atlanta, Philly and other ethnic wonderlands.


  • Hirene

    These people don’t need aid.  They need a brutal strongman to bring law and order.  Next time, let’s leave the “dictator” where he is.  The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.

  • Peg Dunwood

    wonderfull informative piece..