Archive: Jon Harrison Sims

Why Men Fight, AR Classic Article

A look at Zack Snyder’s “300.”

The Indo-European expansion.

Who’s White; Who’s Not?, AR Classic Article

Census data vs reality.

Whiting Out White People, AR Classic Article

A black woman tells us what we must think in her book, “A History of White People.”

Tales of survival from Zimbabwe.

‘This Century is Ours’, AR Classic Article

The triumphalism of Jorge Ramos.

The evidence is clear — but often ignored.

The George Kennan Diaries

The testament of one of the last great WASPs.


‘Rivers of Blood’

The legacy of Enoch Powell.


The Hour of Decision

Oswald Spengler’s last great book.

Review by Jon Harrison Sims

The Left’s New Fantasy: Murderous Revenge

And the critics love it.

Review by Jon Harrison Sims

How the West Dies

A novel of today’s Britain.

Review by Jon Harrison Sims

Shaking Hands with the Devil

The perverse consequences of foreign aid.

Reviewed by Jon Harrison Sims

Racial Unity and the American Republic

What the Founders really wanted.


Let the Non-Whites Take Over, Special to AR News

Frank Rich’s prescription for America.

A Chronicle of Capitulation, AR Classic Article

How we let in millions of non-whites–and then gave them preferences.