The Left’s New Fantasy: Murderous Revenge

Jon Harrison Sims, American Renaissance, January 11, 2013

And the critics love it.

Django Unchained (2012), Written and Directed by Quentin Tarantino, Starring Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio, Christoph Waltz, Samuel L. Jackson, 2 hours, 45 minutes.

American whites have long believed that the price of peace was just one more concession. If anything disabuses them of this naïve notion, the critical acclaim for Quentin Tarantino’s new black-revenge fantasy should do so.

In a December 8 appearance on “Saturday Night Live,” the lead actor, Jamie Foxx, explained what the movie is about:

It’s good to be black. Black is the new white. In my new movie, I play a slave. How black is that? I have to wear chains. How whack is that? I get free. I save my wife, and I kill all the white people in the movie. How great is that? And how black is that?”

The crowd erupted in laughter, whooping, and applause.

In 2009, Mr. Foxx apologized after calling Miley Cyrus, the pop singer, a “little white bitch,” but he has yet to apologize for telling us how much he enjoyed killing whites onscreen.

What this means is clear enough—whites are a problem that must be solved—but first I will turn to a different aspect of this film: it’s falsification of the past.

Rewriting the Past

When I was in graduate school, a professor repeatedly complained about the Right’s efforts to construct a “usable past.” Like most college professors, he was a leftist, and like all leftists, he practiced the very thing he condemned. His lectures were full of “lessons” about how the Republican Party’s view of the American past was fantastical, while the Democratic Party’s view of it—as racist, imperialist, sexist—was completely correct.

Django Unchained’s picture of the American past is as false and distorted as it is clearly “usable” for political purposes. Consider the implausible premise: a German bounty hunter in pre-Civil War Texas happens also to be an anti-slavery fanatic of the John Brown type. He needs the help of a slave, Django (Jamie Foxx), to identify two slave overseers—the Brittle brothers—who are wanted, “dead or alive.” The bounty hunter, Dr. King Schultz (Christopher Walz), prefers to bring them in dead.

Shultz finds Django among a gang of chained slaves being transported by two slave traders. He murders them, frees the slaves, and asks Django to help him find his quarry. After tracking and killing the Brittle brothers, the two strike a deal: If Django helps Schultz bounty-hunt through the winter, Schultz will help Django find and free his wife, who is a slave on a plantation in the Deep South.

One need not be an historian to see how fanciful all this is. First, by murdering the slave traders and freeing the slaves, Dr. Schultz would himself become a wanted man with a bounty on his head. The news of an armed and murderous abolitionist at large would bring out many posses determined to arrest this threat to private property and public order.

Second, how would a slave have acquired the skills (horsemanship, marksmanship, tracking, woodcraft) needed to be a bounty hunter? Schultz would have no reason to be partners with Django. He would be far more likely to sell him back into slavery after the black had helped him identify the two Brittle brothers. After all, Schultz is a bounty hunter.

After a winter of killing white people, Schultz and his protégé find Django’s wife, Broomhilda, enslaved on a Mississippi plantation named Candieland, after the loathsome Calvin J. Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio). Broomhilda has been beaten for trying to escape and—it is strongly suggested—raped as well.

Mr. Tarantino’s Candie is, as one reviewer put it, “the embodiment of racist evil.” He is a sadist, a kind of racist Marquis de Sade. He enjoys watching one of his aging slaves torn to death by a pack of ferocious dogs, but his favorite amusement is “mandingo fighting,” in which two slaves are tethered together by a rope and forced to fight to the death. We get to watch the graphic spectacle on screen.

To infiltrate the plantation, Schultz and Django pose as “mandingo traders.” They then kill all the whites.

“Fuck the facts”

There was no “mandingo fighting” in the Old South, and slave owners did not dispatch old slaves by feeding them to their dogs, yet this matters not at all to Mr. Tarantino or most of the movie reviewers. They seem to regard these fabrications as serving the higher purpose of demonizing white people. Not all the reviewers are as direct as the Rolling Stone’s Peter Travers who says, simply, “Fuck the facts,” but they all take a similar view. Simultaneously and contradictorily, they claim that the movie is really truthful after all. Not one reviewer I am aware of mentioned Mr. Foxx’s remarks on “Saturday Night Live.”

The USA Today’s Claudia Puig calls Tarantino’s “reimagining of history” “dazzling, daring, gruesome, and astonishingly funny.” She also believes it serves the worthy purpose of “driv[ing] home the ugliness of racism.” “Tarantino has something serious to say about American culture, history, and race.” She does not say what that “something” is, nor just what was so “astonishingly funny.”

The New York Times’ A.O. Scott calls the movie “brazenly irresponsible but also ethically serious,” “a wild and bloody live action cartoon,” but “also a troubling and important movie about slavery and racism.” Clearly Mr. Scott likes having it both ways.

NPR’s Stephanie Zacharek calls the movie an “antibigotry neo-Spaghetti Western exploitation comedy.” Murdering white people is great comedy. But the movie is also instructive in that it reminds us that “old ideas of inferiority still linger.” Miss Zacharek tells us that “if it takes significant liberties with history . . . it also faces certain historical truths head-on.” Like what? That the “N-word” used to be in widespread use, even in polite circles. She is wrong. “Nigger” was considered a crude word even in the Old South, and was not acceptable in polite company.

The Washington Post’s Ann Hornaday writes, with no awareness of contradiction, of the film’s “admittedly exaggerated but brutally vivid truths.” “Sure, this is an outrageous distortion,” she admits, but argues that the movie is no less a distortion than Gone with the Wind. As a historian, I know something about Southern plantation life, and I can assure readers that Margaret Mitchell’s Tara, with all its romanticism, is far closer to the real thing than Tarantino’s torture chamber.

In defense of Django Unchained’s falsificaitons, Miss Hornaday goes on to call it “far more prudent in its license taking” than Abraham Lincoln—Vampire Hunter. Abraham Lincoln—Vampire Hunter? It is faint praise, indeed, to say a movie is more realistic than one in which the 16th President puts down a band of vampires who are trying to take over the country.

The pseudo-right-wing Wall Street Journal’s Joe Morgenstern showers the film with florid adjectives, “wildly extravagant, ferociously violent, ludicrously lurid and outrageously entertaining, yet also . . . very much about the pernicious lunacy of racism, and yes, slavery’s singular horrors.”

One reviewer, Richard Corliss of Time, mentions Django’s reply when Schultz ask him to be his partner: “Kill white folks and they pay you for it? What’s not to like?” Mr. Corliss calls this “a tantalizing question.” Let us imagine a movie by Mel Gibson, say, in which someone is offered money to assassinate leftwing media types. Would he still think “What’s not to like?” was a “a tantalizing question?” Or would he wail in print about the murderous hatreds of the American Right?

A few critics understood exactly what the movie is about—and loved it. Mike Lasalle of the San Franciso Chronicle titled his review “Sweet Revenge,” and exults that “there’s a place for violence onscreen, and this is the place.” Claudia Puigg of USA Today tells us Mr. Tarantino “offers an empowering alternate vision” of American history. Empowering to whom? Blacks who hate whites. Richard Corliss of Time says that Tarantino “frees a black man to take revenge for two centuries of racial humiliation.” And A.O. Scott of the New York Times notes that Mr. Tarantino “takes homicidal vengeance as the highest, if not the only, form of justice.”

Joe Williams of the St. Louis Post Dispatch has the mildest view of “the purpose” of the movie: It is “about cleansing the stain on the American soul.” I thought we had already done that with over 600,000 almost exclusively white fatalities during the Civil War, Martin Luther King Day, Black History Month, a black president . . . but never mind.

Perhaps most irritating are people like the Washington Post’s Ann Hornaday who say the movie is “meaningfully engaging the history it’s repurposing.” First of all, “repurposing” history means creating a usable past. But it is certainly not “engaging history.” Mr. Tarantino’s film is not about history and it is not about slavery. It is about racial revenge. That is its only subject, and the reviewers welcome it.

There had been some worry in movie industry circles that constant talk of “niggers”—someone reported that the word was used 110 times—would offend blacks and keep them out of theaters. Spike Lee urged a boycott.

But blacks are lapping up Django. According to The Hollywood Reporter, 42 percent of the opening day audience was black, and since then 30 percent of the viewers have been black. As Steve Sailor has noted, a black posted a comment about the movie:

While whites are busy getting offended on our behalf, they miss completely why we are going to see this film. It’s a black man killing white people in masses. I will pay to see that every time.

I’ve seen this film 3 times so far and am going again Saturday night. It’s an awesome movie.

“Awesome” is another way of saying “inspiring.”, which tracks twitter messages, found this sort of thing:

“After watching Django, all I wanna do is shoot white people.”

“Still hype off Django. I’m gonna kill some white people today.”

“Django got me wanting to kill white people!”

“Django made me wanna kill so many white people.”

Mr. Tarantino appears to have gotten his wish. In a recent interview, he said he made the movie because he wanted “to give black American males a western hero, give them a cool, folkloric hero that could actually be empowering and pay back blood for blood.” He seems to find no irony in the idea of a white director giving blacks a hero, nor any harm in encouraging revenge fantasies.

Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam said he thought the movie was “preparation for race war.”

Only one movie critic, Dana Stevens of Slate, expressed uneasiness about the film’s “unleashing of gleefully gory racial retribution:” “Tarantino’s intent may have been to showcase the horrors of slavery, but there is something about his directorial delectation in all these acts of racial violence that left me not just physically but morally queasy.” Miss Stevens is the only reviewer I’ve read who appears to have a conscience.

Another reviewer with some reservations is the New Yorker’s Anthony Lane who admits that he was “disturbed by their [Tarantino’s fans] yelps of triumphant laughter, at the screening I attended, as a white woman was blown away by Django’s guns.” Mr. Lane does not mention the race of the viewers.

To the other reviewers, I have this to say: Whites have grievances too, not the least of which is being turned into a minority in our own country by trickery and coercion, forced racial busing, as well as non-white quotas, refugee resettlement, affirmative action for immigrants, blacklists of paleoconservatives, and 30 years of censorship of those who oppose the Left’s anti-white policies. Two can play the game of revenge. Richard Corliss and A.O. Scott would do well to reflect on these things.

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Jon Harrison Sims
Mr. Sims is an historian and a native of Kentucky.
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  • David Ashton

    “Pay back BLOOD FOR BLOOD”. A clear statement of intent? Hate speech, ADL?

  • I damn sure will not be going to see this movie. Furthermore, Mr Tarantino lost many fans over this, myself included.

  • veritas_lux_mea

    I’m told Tarantino himself is in the movie, and his character gets blown to pieces with dynamite, and that the white-hating kraut gets blown away too. So it’s not ALL bad.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      Another person who uses racially derogatory names for Germans, so Amren has another sociopathic jewish pedophile.

      Yes I know my post will get deleted, but I am doing it for a reason.

  • Consider the implausible premise: a German bounty hunter in pre-Civil
    War Texas happens also to be an anti-slavery fanatic of the John Brown
    type. He needs the help of a slave, Django (Jamie Foxx), to identify two
    slave overseers—the Brittle brothers—who are wanted, “dead or alive.”

    Ironically, the largest cotton plantation in Texas antebellum used black slaves and was German-American-run, even though most German-Americans were opposed to slavery.

    Another reason this premise in DU is implausible is because while most German-Americans were against slavery, they weren’t against slavery because they loved blacks, they were against slavery because they despised blacks, and thought that any economic or social system that relied on them was doomed to fail. So why would German-Americans team up with blacks to kill other white people? When Krauts spilled out of the Pennsylvania Dutch Country southward into the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, they found that English settlers then Scots-Irish got there first and therefore got the better land, so the Krauts had to settle for less fertile hillside land. But, they made the most of it, and were surprisingly productive with it. Because of that, there came to be a strain of paranoia among the English-speaking land/slave owners that the Krauts would conspire with the blacks to kill them, the Krauts would take the land, then free the slaves. But there’s no way the Krauts would have ever trusted a black any further than he could throw one, and certainly not to conspire against other white people.

    • Robert Pinkerton

      A useful question that is very politically incorrect: How many opponents of slavery, opposed slavery because they disliked Blacks?

      • Here’s something really politically incorrect about American history.

        If you pick up the pre-WBTS anti-slavery movement and put it in a time machine and bring it here to 2013, it will feel far more comfortable and far more at home with PETA than it would at a meeting of CORE (Congress of Racial Equality).

        I’ll let you figure out what I mean by that.

      • Jimmy Paul

        Even more politically incorrect, how many opponents of illegal immigration, oppose illegal immigration because they dislike Mexicans?

        • gemjunior

          I wish we were being flooded with German illegal aliens rather than mexicans. I wouldn’t have one negative word to say about it. They do nothing but produce incessantly, where the mexicans do nothing. Germans would restart this country and get it back on track. That’s why they aren’t allowed in.

          • snickle

            We could not get enough of that kind of immigrant!

    • Kblankenship7

      Germans were better farmers. I wonder if it is genetic? Look at all the Germans who went to Eastern Europe to farm, i.e. Rumanien, Russia, and did so successfully.

      This film is hateful, unrealistic and trashy. The US is filled with idiots who pay money to be threatened, insulted and degraded. When will the blinders come off?

      • pcmustgo

        Yeah, was surprised to learn of German farmers in Romania…

    • TeutonicKnight67

      Indeed. It seems IMO that the only Germans who actually like blacks are the modern-day leftist libtards that we created through our post war occupation and reconstruction.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      you used a racially derogatory name for Germans 5 times in your post and Amren mods have not removed it. You must be a sociopathic jewish pedophile.

      Lets see. Amren hates Germans, but loves jews and Asians. I guess they are not for whites.

      • Kraut is the largest part of my ethnic constitution.

        • snickle

          Kraut, Danish, and just enough Scots-Irish to make me mean.

  • ArmenianWN

    The Left is always about fantasy rather than reality.

    • pcmustgo


    • shara

      actually liberalism is a mental disease. those people are insane.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    Imagine if someone tweeted, “I saw Django and it makes me want to kill Black people” there would probably be outrage. These cretins would try to play the offended card.

    • eavesmac

      Well yeah. They’re entitled to a little payback don’t you think; I wake up every day just torn up over something that happened 150 yrs ago.

      • Gerónimo Anónimo

        And for which, most likely, none of your forebears had any responsibility. We are judging 16th to 19th century morality by 20th & 21st Century standards. That’s almost funny given the “effed up” standards that we have today.
        Abortion Good. “N” word plenty bad Kemo Sabe!

      • MikeofAges

        The problem, as I like to point out, is that it will always be true that there was Black African chattel slavery in the Americas. Nothing given to the descendants of the victims of slavery can obviate that fact. No matter what is done, it will still always be true. The point is, people just have to get over it somehow because, really, they have no choice but to get over it. Either that or stew. No human agency can change that.

        • Karl Keefer

          Not “get over it”, but Praise Jesus and the Lord for the sacrifices of our ancestors in putting us in the best country on Earth. Blacks could be stuck in some hellhole like Nigeria or Zimbabwe, half-starved/parasite-infested, illiterate, watching our children grow up brain-damaged from not enough fat and protein. Old age at 37, death pretty-soon-now.

      • Dave Trader

        If they want payback. They can go get from the african tribes that sold us the faulty farm equipment.

      • shara

        really?? do you wake up torn up about the slavery in africa today??? i mean blacks are still making slaves of each other and you are torn up about something here that’s been over for 150 years??? try being torn up about things going on today.

    • TeutonicKnight67

      I would tweet that if I could stomach even watching that piece of filth.

    • gemjunior

      That’s a great idea actually. LOL. Someone should try it. I haven’t, and will not, see the movie. One thing is strange, and is an illustration of how stupid blacks are – looking forward to a race war they would lose. All the nonsense about killing white people en masse, and race wars — do they really think they have a chance? They are absolutely going to get wiped off the face of America in a real race war (dare one hope?) so what are they looking forward to? They can’t organize a small bake sale without someone getting shot. It’s not like they have the discipline and brains to become Leonidas and his 300 Spartans. (That is such a comical thought) Once it becomes clear to the present DENSE whites that blacks are targeting them for murder due specifically to the influence of Django they WILL react, even though they don’t now. They find it hard to face that the constant rapes and murders of whites right now are part of a race war. I think that this movie might wake white people up and if it does, that is a small unintended blessing. Thanks Quentin, you scumbaggy traitor.

      • [Sarge]

        >>>One thing is strange, and is an illustration of how stupid blacks are – looking forward to a race war they would lose.

        So far in the U.S. the race wars have been raging for approximately 50 years, with blacks, browns, and “scumbaggy traitors” having won just about every battle.

        • You are seriously mistaken. We are being disarmed and our military is being disarmed. Blacks are being armed and trained how to use their weapons by the Government. Whites are buy guns and then hiding them in the closet. Whites are afraid to lean how to use their guns.

      • Matt West

        I highly doubt many modern, femized white men would have what it takes to be Leonidas and his 300 Spartans. Especially in the liberal areas. Imagine if rioters attacked Hollywood. Maybe that’s what it takes to wake America up.

    • acc

      In case a lot of people would tweet Django the movie makes them want kill black people the movie would be taken off from theaters and labelled as a racist one inciting racism and lethal violence against the blacks.

    • Gary

      You need to go to the Stormfront website. Yo will see such rhetoric 24/7

  • Steve5589

    The fact that white people flocked to this movie in droves tells me that we are finished as a race. I’ll bet many of them were alleged “Conservatives” and Republicans aswell.

    • 1stworlder

      Just like teach for america contact with savages can reverse years of brainwashing, seeing this in a dieverse crowd would force open their lying eyes

    • longing4abetterworld

      May I suggest that any white person who really wants to see this movie, buy a tkt for some other flick then walk into this theatre. Don’t give your dime to Tarantino.

      • LaSantaHermandad

        Tarantino needs to have a Polar Bear hunting experience. I can see him rolling around trying to cover his face while getting the boot put to him while screaming “DUDES WAIT, I’M QUENTIN TARANTINO FOR CHRIST’S SAKE!!!!!!!”

    • Angry White Woman

      It is just remotely possible that some of them saw the hype about this movie and went to see it out of curiosity, not approval. That still doesn’t justify giving the makers of this piece of trash your hard-earned money, but does somewhat explain it. (OTOH I haven’t been interested enough in any movie to bother to go see one in about 4 years.)

      • OlderWoman

        One liberal white artist female I know saw it and raved about it. She’s an oddity. She’s was impressed with the black biker parade held here last year. She sucks off Catholic Charities, has an obamaphone and loves obama, though she can’t tell you why. Leftists are a curious bunch.

        • Exiled White

          THey have been “groomed” by the leftists to accept their fate, the message is they/we are inherently “unclean” as whites, we are all racists and therefore need to be “managed” by the benevolent state so we don’t become rabid nazis again and kill non-whites.

        • doug sheley

          She is one of those people who would have been sucked in by Hitler’s cult of personality. Liberals have this overwhelming desire to show how different they are and end up all looking and acting the same. Something in their mentality makes them desperate for a leader to tell them what to think and what causes to fallow as well. It’s really kind of sad to watch their herd mentality, then they turn around and act like we are the herd that can’t think for ourselves.

      • pcmustgo


        Besides, it does feature “The Good White” character, Schultz, so perhaps these white liberals say it’s not so bad because the good white lives? And helps?

    • Gerónimo Anónimo

      God I hope that’s not true. If it is we’re going to have to shoot faster.

    • Dave4088

      It’s very disturbing and the same conclusion popped into my mind when a couple of my Facebook friends (white) were raving about the movie. They have no idea that they are lambs being led to the slaughter and that goes for at least 75% of whites.

      • pcmustgo

        WHITE TEENS/20-SOMETHINGS JUST LOVE TARANTINO, THAT’S ALL… He’s been a hip, cult icon for years…

    • I think they are still unwilling to accept, despite their acknowledgement of Hollywood’s “liberal agenda”, that a movie with such a vile and disgusting message could be produced. They might yet though, when they realize the comfort one gains when he finally accepts the fact that the liberal and leftist is simply the enemy.

    • Tucker

      I think I’ve been to a movie theater to see a movie about 3 times in the last 8 or 9 years, so I am obviously not equipped to know for sure, but something tells me that the only white people who might be flocking to see this “hate-and-lets-kill-whitey flick” are the white Obama voters, who pretty much hate the fact that they were born white.

      I think I can say with a certain degree of certainty, however, that no White man or woman who is even moderately racially aware would voluntarily put themselves into a movie theater auditorium, or anywhere else – where huge numbers of blacks would be likely to congregate. Even those whites who are too timid to admit to themselves, or to anyone else, that their survival instincts go on high alert whenever they are surrounded by blacks, will automatically begin to feel extremely uneasy in such environments.

      After all, rich White liberals who are constantly boasting about how deeply they love blacks and other minorities always refuse to live in neighborhoods that are heavily infested with their minority pets,. right?

      • Garrett brown

        You nailed it 100%. Self loathing teens are the majority of whites that saw this film. Mostly women that dragged their white boyfriends with them… Or a black boy with his mud shark.

  • tremendouscoast

    The average white liberal would be absolutely shocked to discover that blacks hate them too. And no, they won’t get a “pass” when the s**t hits the fan.

    • pcmustgo

      That’s right. I was a white liberal, I would know… with many black “friends”.

      • eavesmac

        Roger that; the moment the head count tips in their favor, the atmosphere of the gathering changes.

      • OlderWoman

        I tried having a black girlfriend. In short time I withdrew and never looked back.

        • pcmustgo

          You are a a lesbian? Older “woman” with a black girlfriend?

          • OlderWoman

            No, I am most certainly NOT a lesbian. I’m a heterosexual. I didn’t think the term girlfriend had changed meaning in the last twenty years. I need to think first before posting. Thanks for calling this to my attention.

          • An Open Lesbian

            Freudian slip hey?

    • George White

      Your point is all too accurate. I read a study that indicates that race realism is caused by proximity. In other words, it’s just the opposite of what the libs claim. They say that race aversion is caused by people not having any exposure to minorities; when in fact the aversion is generally caused BECAUSE of exposure to minorities. Again, liberals are just one rape or robbery away from becoming conservatives.

      • 1stworlder

        Thats due to reality not being like the magic negros on TV

        • newscomments70

          The blacks on TV are so wonderful, even I want to love them. The remedy for that is to observe “where they are now”. Even “Urkel” was arrested for assaulting his baby Momma.

          • The Worlds Scapegoat

            The scientist in Terminator 2 was black, and so was the scientist in Batman The Dark Knight, but I have never met one of these scientists in person.

          • The Final Solution

            Samuel L Jackson played a scientist in some movie about an underwater discovery. He talked the same way he did in Shaft. I was really convinced.

          • Strider73

            Jackson also played the head of operations in Jurassic Park. If the velociraptors hadn’t gotten him, his chain-smoking would have.

            And in a race-realist galaxy far, far away, he would have been Count Dooku. He is definitely consumed by the dark side.

          • OlderWoman

            That picture of Jackson with white hair and white eyebrows looks unreal. This movie, the character names, the plot, the dolls are ridiculous. Jamie Foxx looks out of his league as a gunslinger. It only makes me want to laugh, especially when I think of his lovers name…BROOMhilda. That’s the black version of “Brunhilda”. Hahahaha. A violent CARTOON.

          • Jefferson

            If there were such a large number of high I.Q Black scientists in the world, Sub Saharian African countries would not be such a dump.

            After all, a high I.Q race creates prosperous societies that are far more advanced than Kenya and Haiti for example.

          • Peter

            In cas you were unaware of this fact, Black scientists do exist in real life.

          • Frank the Limerick Rake

            Well Jeez, if you’ve never met one that must mean there are no black scientists!!! Because undoubtedly someone as smart as you hangs out around a lot of scientists all the time, right? What’s it like to be stupid AND angry?

          • Djangotamer

            What’s it like to be stupid AND angry? You tell us.

          • kai

            Oh damn, beat me to it! I was too stupid and angry to scroll down a little and see your response before I posted mine!

          • unadorned

            In reality there are very, very few black scientist. Try to find a list of them on-line. The most prominant black scientist is George Washington Carver who did extremely difficult and highly intellectual work on the discovery of different uses for —ta-da the peanut.

            The number of black scientists is miniscule, dwarfted by those of white scientists. I know, I know, truth can be painful. That’s why liberals avoid it at all costs.

          • François

            Let’s not forget the fact that Blacks benefit form affirmative action, too.

          • kai

            Why don’t you tell us? Your childish insults aren’t helping you look like the sane, calm, intelligent one here.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            …who was in fact a “diversity” lover. I wonder how she liked the “culture” Urkel dished out to her.

      • Jerrybear

        That’s exactly how I was awoken. I grew up as Los Angeles was transformed into Mexico. I was fed all the leftist nonsense throughout school and started to believe their dogmas about equality myself. My upbringing fortunately taught me conservative principles and pride of my heritage. Though my father wasn’t particularly a race realist, we both came to these conclusions on our own due to the ‘diversity’ of Los Angeles. Watching a vibrant metropolis turn into a third world ghetto tends to do that. Thankfully I got out and fled north. My father is in the process of doing the same.

        • George White

          Your story is my story, but I’m still stuck in this third world cesspool. Congratulations for getting out.

          • OlderWoman

            I escaped Los Angeles in 2009 and fled to Tennessee. We could be aiming for problems as we have a demographic of 28.6 blacks in our city. They’re in my apartment building, acting black, and shaking down whites for money in my neighborhood. You should see the 40oz beer bottles thrown down on the sidewalk throughout my village.

          • 48224

            28.6% black is about 28.6% too much. I lived in Pueblo CO for a few years and the Mexicans there were pretty decent people. Many owned businesses, owned farms. No real gang problem that I read about in Chicago and LA.

          • OlderWoman

            Many Mexicans I have met are decent people. They have two parent families, are hard workers, are moral people and are law abiding. I even met a more recent immigrant in L.A. who told me his family were returning to Mexico as they couldn’t buy property without credit. He had hoped they could realize the American Dream immediately on moving to California.

          • Anonymous

            I think that the Christian/Newsom atrocity was enough proof of Tennessee’s future. Most likely one of the most heinous crimes committed in this Hell Hole of a country. My wife says that I’m obsessing over this case. She’s right! This is many others. I wish I had the power and the resources to avenge them. Then I’d sight in on the Reginald and Jonathon in Wichita.
            What we need is another Son of Sam who will go after Black thugs instead of young White girls with long dark hair.

          • Anonymous

            This AND many others,

        • 48224

          Jerrybear, Same story for us in Detroit. We were run out of every neighborhood we lived in. I realized later that blacks MUST follow whites for the shelter because blacks cannot build their own. Black folks follow whites so they can occupy the houses and apartment buildings that whites built. Blacks folks destroy the buildings and then must move on and keep following whites.

          • Exiled White

            Here is a story never told: decent open-minded whites being intentionally preyed upon by blacks and hispanics in order to TAKE OVER decent white neighborhoods. This has happened to my grandparents, who in 1972 welcomed the first black neighbors onto the block, and now are living in an 85% black majority town, with chaos, violence and overt anti-white hatred.
            This is the majority-reality, and everyone knows it.

          • 48224

            Exiled, funny how what we see on TV and experience in real life are many times the exact opposite.

          • OlderWoman

            They’re like a virus aren’t they?

        • Frank the Limerick Rake

          I keep seeing people going on about how they had to ‘run’ or ‘fled’ some neighborhood. How chickensh*t are you people? Just going out on a limb here but maybe if you sh*tkickers had a little pride in your community and didn’t have a streak of people-who-look-different cowardice a mile wide, those not exactly like you wouldn’t be so terrifying.
          I mean, it’s America, so if living around black or Hispanic dudes has you guys sh*tting your pants and you need to run away, more power to you. I just don’t think moaning about it in these Group Coward Therapy sessions, nice and safe on the internet, is the best response necessarily. Then again I wouldn’t really know because, as my African-American brethren would say, I’m not a bitch. Happy MLK day, Billy Bob and Cletus! Say hi to your sister-ma and brother-pa for me. Good luck with the banjo lessons!

          • Jerrybear

            White people enjoy safe friendly clean neighborhoods. Blacks and Hispanics in general don’t share this cultural trait. It’s the same thing that happens with the type of nations we build. Even the most self righteous wealthy white liberals move to lily white neighborhoods all the while proclaiming the wonders of diversity. I’ve seen first hand affluent neighborhoods turning into the ghetto and I’m not interested in living in a third world cesspool anymore. Our leaders cater to and coddle these invaders so the only option is white flight. I wish we could stand up but that would turn into a media demonization campaign about how evil white people are who try to save their community.

          • Djangotamer

            Pride in the community? What kind of pride? The kind that causes gangbangers to shoot each other over property that neither side owns, or for imagined slights? Statistics don’t lie; so don’t kid yourself. Perhaps if the “people who look different” weren’t the harbingers of societal decay and degeneracy we wouldn’t “run” and “flee”. Everyone here is nice and safe on the internet, including yourself; making you just as much of a so-called “coward”. Project much? Say hi to Shaquetha and Jaronious for me, before they get ventilated over an ebt-purchased Hot Pocket. Good luck with the leased SUV with $4000 spinners and rims!

          • kai

            Put your money where your mouth is and move into a majority “minority” neighborhood and see how long you last. Funny how your ilk can only insult those of us who live in the real world from the safety of your all white gated community. I see that you are all outraged against racism towards non-whites but you have no problem slinging racist anti-white insults, doesn’t seem too progressive and tolerant does it? Why not just admit that you hate whites?

      • longing4abetterworld

        But again, the true liberal will still say “crime has no color.”

      • OlderWoman

        ‘Again, liberals are just one rape or robbery away from becoming conservatives.’

        I’m not certain of that. What they would do is the usual. Blame education, blame whites, blame, blame,blame and all the smarmy sentiment for the ‘poor black people’.

        • newscomments70

          One of my favorite quotes is: “We have failed them”. Some liberals wake up, but some are so brain dead they will never learn…like Amy Biehl’s mother.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            We have failed OURSELVES, our forebears and our children by telling ourselves “They’re just like us” for far too long.

        • gemjunior

          I agree. Liberals are sick, in a tenacious sort of way. And they are also very slow learners.

          • Jeremy Camp

            If liberals are so dumb than explain why the most high IQ intellectuals, scientists & pioneering minds in modern times tend to be liberal? Albert Einstein ( member of the American communist party), Nicola Tesla, Neil Bohr (both of whom were deeply influenced by Hindu Indian culture), Michio Kaku, Mark Twain, Jules Oppenheimer, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs etc – liberals who embraced ideas & influences from Asian cultures & were liberals.

            Where as, when one thinks of conservatives & racists, you think of low IQ welfare dependent lazy hillbillies, red truck, gun toting, bible thumping, low IQ redneck savages, people who work generally blue collared jobs or other insignificant resentful types. Heck, even the most educated & most powerful conservatives LOST in 2012 to their liberal peers. Whether in academia, science-tech, business or even entertainment/ media and politics – people with a liberal mindset rule. The odd resentful conservative is at best the sidekick.

          • MikeofAges

            Lack of realism. Autism. “Broad brush” thinking. Social and peer pressure. Delusional and non-reality based thinking about people in other walks of life. Manipulation by politically more astute, but hidden forces and people (i.e. Communists. NWO and international elites.)

            You need to have a serious talk to someone who knows how to stay on message. And your writing is atrocious. No cure for that, sad to say.

          • Jeremy Camp

            Again, you have not addressed my points which are facts. Instead, all I get is some illogical banter about the supposed NWO & communists! What next the “protocols of the elders of Zion” ? As for sounding atrocious, your post depicts that quality quite well, I dare say!

          • Ron

            You asked a great question. The answer is because most people in academia are by culture or nature, “r-selected” rather than “K selected”

            To quickly sum up, r vs K selection refers to survival and mating strategies. Bluntly, one group has its strategies based on resource scarcity (K selected), the other bases its strategies on resource over abundance (r selection)

            Your typical r selected bunny rabbit focuses heavily on social dominance games, backstabbing, out grouping, etc. typical K selected focuses on independance, self reliance. I could go on, but look it up, its interesting.

            Anyway, the point is, one of the r selected strategies is to turn vars members of the group against themselves and then sit back and clean up after the carnage. Its not conscious, it just works out that way.

          • unadorned

            We are living for the first time in history in a society
            dominated by the insane liberal belief that we should give our wealth to support
            the welfare of groups that are unrelated to or even hostile to ourselves.
            Naturally, the most successful, and therefore the most intelligent, people in
            this insane liberal society will be people who espouse and enforce its beliefs,
            i.e., liberals. In the same way, the people at the top in a Communist society,
            and therefore the most intelligent, will be Communists. The people at the top in
            a Nazi society, and therefore the most intelligent, will be Nazis.

          • kai

            Have you read the Protocols? I doubt it, because if you had, you would notice that everything in there has happened, or is in the process of happening. But I suppose it’s more fun to insult others than it is to read a book that isn’t approved by your elite masters, you don’t want to be a thought criminal thinking doubleunplusgood thoughts! Are you capable of posting a comment that doesn’t contain an insult? You can hate on the “resentful conservatives” all you like but at least they have a modicum of civility and don’t resort to insulting those who disagree with them.

            What do you have against blue collar workers? I don’t think you’d dare be so dismissive of the minority blue collar workers, or call them stupid or trash, so why do it to whites? Nothing is more disgusting than a self-loathing white (I’m assuming you’re white) and I’m sorry for you. That’s probably why you hate racially aware, conservative whites, because we pity you and you cannot stand it. You think you’re superior because you have a college degree (something any stupid person can buy nowadays) but deep down inside you know you are inferior. Hence the insults. Someone who is morally sure of their position on an issue does not need to fling insults and spew vitriol the way you do. I hope you get help, you really need it. Bless your heart.

          • Frank the Limerick Rake

            Mike- you need to have a serious talk with a shrink’s script pad, a stadium’s worth of historical evidence and perspective and an English professor. Writing can be improved; Stupid though? No cure for that, sad to say. Not that Jeremy Camp’s writing, far better than your own, needs improvement.

          • tarczan

            They obviusly were so busy studying in their given fields that they never saw the school test scores or the military or police and fire test scores.

          • Sun


          • bluffcreek1967

            There are plenty of people throughout the world who possess high IQs and have advanced degrees, yet are naive or downright ignorant when it comes to matters of immigration, the black undertow and human nature. Much of their education, in fact, keeps them from seeing the world as it really is (e.g., modern liberalism). Having a lot of formal education is no guarantee that one will be wise, perceptive of life’s deeper issues, and grounded in reality. Quite the contrary in far too many instances.

            Moreover, many high-achieving white liberals have never had to live among blacks and the so-called ‘minorities’ they champion. If they did, it’s likely their entire tune would change. It’s easy to live in the safety of one’s white, upper-class and gated community and pontificate on what should be done to ‘help those poor blacks.’ It’s quite another when you are forced to live among them and be on your guard at every moment of the day.

          • Jeremy Camp

            We are talking trends and patterns here not exceptions. For example, based on intelligence and the wealth of nations, it is fair to argue that white societies outscore African ones, just like how Asians outscore whites. Thus it can be generalized that certain groups of people have excelled at a certain attribute whether physical or mental over others.

            There have been numerous studies & stats showing that liberal blue states in America have the highest IQ scores, whereas conservative red states possess the lowest IQ scores.

            It is thus fair to state ( not just including most of our greatest scientists, thinkers, academicians, writers, artists, musicians, entertainment pioneers & media moguls who just happen to be liberal) that liberals in general are smarter than conservatives. Also one only has to view Fox news ( a network filled with insane clowns who try to pass of as a news channel) or listen to any conservative talk show host or politician to see how incredibly stupid they sound!



          • snickle

            Cite a reputable study that shows red state inhabitants score lower than blue red state inhabitants.

            Many of the liberals “go along to get along”. In private, they will say what they really think and would sound like a regular on this site.

            BTW, some of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard have been by msnbc commentators.

          • We’ve been through this perhaps a thousand times. A lot of red states are full of black people. That’s why a lot of the social metrics of red states rate poorly.

          • Sam

            It’s easy to have idealistic opinions about blacks if you’re Bill Gates (or the other guys in your list). How many ordinary blacks has Mr. Gates encountered in his entire life? Has a Section 8 family ever moved in to his block? Has he ever had to call the police about some kind of TNB? Has he ever had to compete with blacks for a government job where they have an affirmative action program and all the HR staff are black? When was the last time he was groped by a black TSA “officer”? (Never, he has not been on a commercial flight since before the TSA existed probably.)

            The only blacks he has ever met have been the top 1% brightest, most educated and most docile blacks in the world, who are presented to him by various organization seeking his money. I would think highly of blacks also if that’s the only kind I’d met.

          • OlderWoman

            Or maybe his servants.

          • vladdy1

            “…when you think of…”
            Ah, another blind case of the last acceptable prejudice.Feel better now? (PS. Most people do NOT think of your bigoted stereotypes when they think of conservatives…and when most of us think of racists these days, we see Holder and Dear Leader in our minds. Your post is soooo 1970’s.)

          • Jeremy Camp

            Those “most” people only tend to include the racist wing nut conservatives like you, who thankfully are a small insignificant minority.

            And as for evidence, I have already provided ample links & sources. Instead of wasting your money on useless guns, maybe you right wing nut jobs could invest on good boos to read and enlighten yourselves. At least then your IQ would increase by some points.

          • OlderWoman

            Apparently you not done your homework.

          • Sheik Yerbouti

            “Apparently you not done your homework.”


          • Frank the Limerick Rake

            It’s not just perception either. The metadata compiled from every study done on the subject finds that liberals are consistently more likely to be smarter and more educated than conservatives. As much as the sister-smangers in here feel compelled to remind each other of their superiority (based on their apparent melanin content- which does make a lot of sense, Cletus); I’m afraid science, facts, evidence and all of my experience all over the country tells me a considerably different story. Step away from the keyboards and get back to your banjos, geniuses.

          • Dan Reardon

            Camp, You’re wrong, Mark Twain was definitely a race realist – read what he had to say about the noble red man. As far as Jobs and Gates go they were raised in upper middle class families and sheltered from the harsh realities of everyday life. It’s easy to preach rainbows and lollipops when you don’t have live among the beasts you champion.

          • unadorned

            Glad to see you admit that the communist party was/is liberal.

            The Liberal Communist (Russians and Asians) have murdered somewhere in the neighborhood of 110,000,000, or near two-thirds of all those killed by all governments, quasi-governments, and guerrillas from 1900 to 1987.
            Guess it takes a high IQ to have the mind-set of a filthy, evil, murdering criminal.

          • unadorned

            There was an article last year in Psychology Today, “Why Liberals
            Are More Intelligent than Conservatives,” by Satoshi Kanazawa, an evolutionary biologist. The author starts off with his definition of
            liberalism as a willingness to pay taxes for the welfare of genetically
            unrelated groups—a tendency, he says, that conflicts with the behavior of all previous human cultures. He ends with the crudest Darwinian triumphalism: we liberals are smarter than you conservatives, we are genetically superior to you conservatives.
            Here’s a response to Kanazawa by psychologist Shawn Smith :
            It happens like clockwork. Every few years, researchers contrive yet another study to prove that conservatives are mentally deficient….

            Dr. Kanazawa seems like a decent man, and it is admirable that he is unconstrained by the hypersensitivity of others. Unfortunately, he appears to have recklessly exacerbated a serious problem in the field of psychology: our transparent and irrational animosity toward conservatives.

            Psychology, which is unquestionably dominated by liberals, has developed an ugly habit of falsely maligning the political right. Through respectable-looking “research” we sling mud with flawed data and tendentious methodology. These bogus studies build on each other to
            create an inbred, incoherent body of literature that will be cited with
            unquestioning faith by the next conservative-bashing researcher.

          • François

            Being a liberal used to mean that you believed people should have much individual freedom (and individual responsibility); that society should be built with little government intervention in citizen’s lives; that you thought that competition was a good thing, improved productivity and encouraged creativity; and that you were tolerant of people with different ideas and points of view.

            In American politics, it seems to have been turned upside down. So-called American liberals seem to want more government. They often are in favor of affirmative action not only for American Black people, but for all non-White immigrants living in the States (what happened to the concept of competition?). They quickly dismiss ideas and opinions contrary to their own as racism, ignorance, etc. And don’t even get me started on the practices of Bill Gates and Microsoft!

            Who are the real “liberals”, really? The term has been hijacked. Or in American politics, at least.

            I really liked the fact you mentionned Tesla. He was exceptionnal, even among other geniuses! Unfortunately, he is not as well not as he should be, his genius not having been totally recognized for waht it was… But I would ask you a question, though: would Nicola Tesla be considered a liberal, according to 2013 Democrat criteria?

          • Nick Asatourian

            “If liberals are so dumb than explain why the most high IQ intellectuals, “

            Strange. It seems that those high I.Q’s come with a vice: self-destruction through a lack of common sense. Look at your Liberal ruled Metro areas! Riddled with every sort of crime imaginable. Albert Einstein was a plagiarist that has stood on the shoulders of European master minds far smarter than he. Nicola Tesla was far from a Liberal. His thoughts could only be classified as exclusively odd. Bill Gates was an inherent thief that used clever monopolization to force substandard products down everyones throat. He also supports border jumping amnesty and paved the way for corporate outsourcing. Steve Jobs was nothing more than a clever marketing tool that has stood on the shoulders of the technical geniuses that have pioneered his hardware and software. Few if any know the political beliefs of those working in dark rooms that have made Apple what it is today. Steve Jobs typed with two fingers and even I could school him on the use of OSX. He knew nothing of hardware engineering of software development. I give you Henry Ford and thousands upon thousands of other anti-semitic, planet changing White conservatives in place of your pseudo-intellectual Liberals. These LIberals you speak of were products of a Liberal education and media. Today, the institutions that created these Liberals are now producing the most brain-dead lemmings the planet has ever seen. California and New York educational institutions are a laughing stock.

          • shara

            thats because the american government has forced racism on all institutions so that white people cannot be educated or advanced unless they are self-haters and/or zionists.

      • Frank the Limerick Rake

        Unfortunately, conservatives are about 110 IQ points, 12 pounds of personal character, a barrel-full of courage, 150-200 books and 4 dick-inches away from being a liberal.

        • DjangoTamer

          Had to end it with the “muh dik” huh, Frank? No surprise there. TNB to the extreme.

          • Sheik Yerbouti

            Except for the 150-200 books bit. Clearly porn counts in that total.

    • Gerónimo Anónimo

      Never write off a willing ally who has “seen the light”. WE can’t be sure of how many we’ll have on our side. Lots of White have been so beaten down that they’ve totally lost their fight mechanism. Think of the poor victims in Wichita.

      • Eric Blair

        F the poor victims in Wichita. I have always stood up to these clowns from childhood on. My parents would have beat me bloody if I didn’t.. Have a steel plate in my leg and other damage.Never leave the house unarmed now. These swine always run when confronted, but you better be for real.

    • newscomments70

      They would be shocked, but they learn how to block it out. They do this in the same way that a mother does when she realizes her adult son is a pedophile…”He was always a good boy. He would never do such an awful thing. This is all a mistake.”

    • Frank the Limerick Rake

      I’m a liberal and blacks don’t hate me. At the risk of cliche- I have a number of black friends and have lived in culturally-diverse neighborhoods in California and New York and have never had a problem or issue with anyone black (or Hispanic or whatever). In fact, we’ve all gotten along great.
      Don’t project the appropriate dislike, mistrust and disgust black people have with lily-white, scared-to-leave-their-white-neighborhoods, chickensh*t, inbred redneck bigots onto ‘liberals’. There is going to be no Race War. Those people saying they want to kill white people after watching Django Unchained may be white- it’s the internet you simps. They’re kidding; and if not they’ll unstable regardless of race, Einstein.
      Christ, what must it be like to go through life frightened, hateful and stupid? I’m never sure whether to pity or be repulsed by backwoods geniuses like all you people. Why is it that the people most obsessed with the ‘White Race’ and ‘White Pride’ and ‘Reverse Racism’ fantasies and the ‘White Race’ and ‘White Pride’ are always the slowest and most middling-to-freakish looking whites you’d ever hope to see. Check it out- watch a Klan rally or white supremacist meeting some time. It’s like a buffet of The Dumbest Freaks to Have Been Spawned by European Ancestors.

  • Mark

    Imagine if Hollywood made a film like this involving Palestinians and Jews. Ha!

    But don’t you worry, I rather doubt that will scenario will ever be depicted in a Hollywood film as it would be denounced as hate speech by the same people who are now lauding ‘Django’.

    Some people are more equal than others.

    • Nathanwartooth

      All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

      Four legs good, two legs better!

  • Morris Thecat

    Tarantino has always been nothing but an idiot with a camera

    • Pelayo

      And lately a very dangerous idiot!

    • OlderWoman

      A video store nudnik.

  • pcmustgo

    “According to The Hollywood Reporter, 42 percent of the opening day audience was black, and since then 30 percent of the viewers have been black”.


    Blacks are always way over-represented at the theater I go to , and sometimes they even go to see very “white” films, like even arthouse white films, especially if they are comedies.

    Quentin Tarantino is so obviously gay. How can he not be gay the way he talks? Little bastard raised in a single parent home, he is the epitome of hipster metrosexualization of white men.

    White liberals are really, really into this sick, sado-masochistic stuff. They also love to make America squirm, as do Blacks. They love the race stuff because it makes people “uncomfortable” and they love to bash America.

    But I used to be one, and yes, I used to say really far out things too, like “it’s ok for blacks to get revenge on whites”- before I knew/experienced blacks and before I tasted their vengeance.

    Sheltered white liberals, living out “fantasies” once again. Fantasies, pure fantasies.

    “I have this to say: Whites have grievances too, not the least of which is being turned into a minority in our own country by trickery and coercion, forced racial busing, as well as non-white quotas, refugee resettlement, affirmative action for immigrants, blacklists of paleoconservatives, and 30 years of censorship of those who oppose the Left’s anti-white policies. Two can play the game of revenge. Richard Corliss and A.O. Scott would do well to reflect on these things.”


    You left out those greivances…

    Ridiculous most of us are even associated with slave-owners…..

    • longing4abetterworld

      Well played, my friend. Well played. I would add that theaters with that many blacks are very noisy. They think they’re at home, talking, shouting, whooping it up. I can’t see a movie with that many blacks in the theatre. I start getting pissed off, using one of their lines under my breath, “shut da fuk up, nigga!”

      • Gerónimo Anónimo

        I remember in a college English class the professor was talking about the Globe Theatre of Shakespeare’s time and the raucous, crude behavior of the “Groundlings”. One of the members of the class started a total outburst of laughter when he said audibly, “They must have been the Blacks”.

        There were no Blacks in the class. The instructor ignored it. IT was a Catholic College in the mid sixties.

      • TeutonicKnight67

        I no longer go to theaters at all. Nothing from hollywood (with the exception of big screen epics like Lord of The Rings, Braveheart, Saving Private Ryan etc.) is worth paying an exorbitant price to be annoyed by chattering Bantus.Note: The films I mentioned have one thing in common: NO BANTU .

        • Alexander from Flanders

          Saving Private Ryan???

          Are you crazy? That movie has NOTHING to do with World War 2. It’s a fantasy, just like Django Unchained.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            I didn’t say it was a factual account. My point was that certain films should be experienced on the big screen. All three films I mentioned are mythological or non-historical. They are also devoid of Uruk Hai in their casting. Another of the many thousands of things that irk me about “diversity” is the insistence on “blacking up” a role that was clearly intended to be white or makes no sense. Like the “black” vulcan on Star Trek. The wise black in Shawshank Redemption, TV and film are replete with clumsily inserted black characters and white characters given over to black actors.

          • pcmustgo

            LIBERALS HATED FORREST GUMP because it depicted America in a good light, made a veteran/conservative (Forrest), dumb guy look good, and the hippie free-wheeling girlfriend who died of AIDS look… well , irresponsible and foolish.

          • I’ve heard libs with my own mouth at the time Gump came out tell me straight up the reason why they hated it:

            It was because it marginalized and shoved into the background all the political liberals actually putting in the effort to “change things,” and it also put into the background real world events, to put “this dumb white cracker Alabama redneck” into the foreground who”accidentally” bounced from event to event, thing to thing, almost all of those things wound up working out well for him, and he wound up getting rich and having to worry about or want for really nothing in life after it was all through, and on top of that, the retard had a smart kid.

          • OlderWoman

            In other words, they would have wanted Forrest Gump to be aborted.

          • Djangotamer

            Leave it to liberals to be jealous of a fictional retard.

        • Pelayo

          Any movie that’s on the shall we say, Cerebral side, will not be an attraction for the Tambulas. I can’t imagine them flocking to see The Age of Innocence. or Wuthering Heights.

      • pcmustgo

        The blacks at the theater I go to behave well… perhaps they are the middle class, classier blacks…but there was, OF COURSE, one highly dramatic racial incident when an Angry Black Woman flipped out and started fighting this tiny white girl, verbally screaming at her for no reason- AND GUESS WHAT? That white girl stood up to her for minutes on end and didn’t take her s—t.. ., didn’t back down. The black girl was much, much bigger than her too, tall. And no, the other blacks did NOT take the Out of Control Angry Black Woman’s side- they viewed it, I’m assuming, as just another embarassment for them as a group. Another Black who, like Chris Rock said, has to go and ruin public events for everyone.

        • pcmustgo

          I only go to this particular theater that is almost always full of blacks because I get free tickets there… funny, the white liberals seem to avoid it.

    • Gerónimo Anónimo

      They patronize movies that are violent, anti- White and that don’t have too many polysyllabic words.

    • whiteunclerukus

      Sure slavery was bad, but honestly, I think freeing them turned out to be even worse. The White Man’s conscience is his greatest weakness.

      • LaSantaHermandad

        But again it was legal all over the world. Whites didn’t invent slavery but Whites, after some soul searching, ended it. The Arabs sure didn’t. The Arab Sudanese are still raiding Animist Christian Villages in the South Sudan and enslaving them.
        Should we still be killing Germans most of whom weren’t here during the Nazi era. Should Germans feel guilty for the Genocide? Did your ancestors play a part in the ethnic cleansing of the “Indians”? The introduction of Historical Guilt has been the downfall of this country.

        • pcmustgo


          • snickle

            Now there’s a pipe dream!

      • The white man is in a great grave slumber right now. He denies the reality that is right in front of his dumb face. He pretends that everyone loves him when in reality everyone just hates him because of his existence. When whites realize this fact there will be a bloodlust that will make dark age europe look tame by comparison.

        • Nate Miller

          Sorry, won’t happen!

          • Anonymous


            It’s got to happen!! Or we should just commit Seppuku right now. We don’t need pitched battles in the streets. It has to be organized and terrifying just as we’re forced to live today.

        • snickle

          Now there’s a pipe dream for you.

    • OlderWoman

      Tyler Perry is their hero.

      Quentin Tarantino appears to be to be a geek. He has the attitude of a bratty teenager. He seems far from being a mature man. His characters seem cartoonish. I’ve seen nothing of his films that impressed me enough to view it even on Netflix.

      • Pat

        He is over here in the UK at the moment doing a lot of interviews. I draw the same conclusions as you.

      • LaSantaHermandad

        At one point he was dating Mira Sorvino. I read the Papa Paul wasn’t really pleased with that relationship. Tarantino is a horses A$$.

        • snickle

          Was she his “beard”?

          • LaSantaHermandad

            You know I never thought of that. HMMMM. So maybe he IS a fegele!

      • TeutonicKnight67

        He is a complete wimp; the epitome of how we are viewed by the Uruks. Sniveling, servile, physically weak and most importantly, positively religious in his worship of all things black.

        • OlderWoman

          Like mudsharks, when white men are like Quentin Tarantino, they are race traitors.

        • snickle

          Perchance a coal burner?

      • pcmustgo

        Bratty, snooty, hipster obssessed with hipness. Attitude of a gay male.

        • pcmustgo

          I’ve only seen Pulp Fiction. As a teen, I was impressed with it’s “funkiness”- but hey, I was only 19. Haven’t watched it since.

      • gemjunior

        Indeed he is a geek. It’s too nice to call him that even; he is sick in the head. I can’t stand the sight of his ugly pushed in face. There’s definitely something wrong with it – it’s like a warning sign. He looks like someone smashed his face in. I hope it was a white person.

      • Private Danza

        Quentin Tarantino = Gollum from “Lord of the Rings”.

      • snickle

        Your instincts are superb.

    • Gerónimo Anónimo

      One of my grievances is the wanton murder of White people. I could gladly go and torture Letalvus Cobbons and Lemaricaus Davidson for hours until they beg for death. Every time I think about Channon and Christopher I want to kill those two. I’d like to roast them alive with a hand held Bernzomatic propane torch and I could do it while eating cannoli. Same for the Karr bruthuaaaaas. To paraphrase Steven Seagal in Hard To Kill ” I want to kill them so badly that I can hardly contain myself.

      • Gerónimo Anónimo

        Damn ,I misspelled the two bastards’ names. Cobbins & Lemaricus.

    • David Ashton

      Significant the liberal profession of humanitarian compassion and the liberal infatuation with sadistic entertainment.

  • pcmustgo

    Also, you sure all the reviewers loved this movie? I quickly looked up I think either rotten tomatoes or ebert’s review of Django and it said something like “too violent”.

  • JohnEngelman

    The only whites who could enjoy a movie like this are whites who have never been victims of black criminals.

    • pcmustgo

      Or Black Racists… or Black Jerks…

      • pcmustgo

        It isn’t just ghetto blacks or black criminals that are the problem. Middle class blacks and other non-whites pumped up on get revenge on whites nastiness are even worse to me… ok, not violent, but still… full of hate.

        • Exiled White

          The white-hating whites are the BIGGEST problem. It is natural for blacks to hate us, it is unnatural for whites to hate themselves. Ethno-masochism is the result of the schools grooming white kids for sublimation by teaching them that whites are only oppressors of the brown/blacks. I had to re-educate my own children against the state schools conditioning: they had no idea that white culture/Western Culture was responsible for nearly every important scientific and technological advancement we enjoy today, as well as the ethical/legal basis for a racially diverse society. THey also understand that blacks are intellectually inferior to whites, and in their own state are basically illiterate hunter gatherers and have PROVEN incapable of even sustaining an advanced society, let alone create one.

        • snickle

          Doesn’t this give you pause when you enter that movie theatre?

      • Garrett brown

        He’s specifically talking about whites.

    • 1stworlder

      With luck that will change in the theater parking lot

    • Anders

      May I be crude Moderator?
      Who gives the briefest of inconsequential fucks about this goddam fools latest movie.
      This muppet is upping the ante due to fear of being made redundant. What better way to gain the notoriety that he craves endlessly that to go to an extreme that will get negroes and liberals going crazy, and regular White Americans feeling bewildered and uncomfortable.

      Oh, and just remember that this was based on history…just like everything else that you see on television.

      • JohnEngelman

        Moderator: I do not believe obscene words belong here.

        • Tucker

          I do not believe obscenities such as these kinds of virulently anti-white movies (or TV programs), which are financed, written, produced and heavily marketed and then vindictively showered with glowing praise by the hate filled aliens in Hollywood who share genes with John Engelman have any place in our society.

          These kinds of movies are meant to do one thing – and that is to fan the flames of hatred and to incite murderous violence by blacks and other minorities against men, women, and children of White European descent.

          I say it is past time to bring back the Hays committee and reinstitute and STRENGTHEN the old Hollywood Production Code – and let’s make absolutely certain that not one position on that committee will ever be filled by anyone belonging to Mr. Engelman’s tribe.

          After all, the Fox is not a good candidate to keep an eye on the hen house.

          • razorrare

            darn Tucker,well stated and i second that!!

          • JohnEngelman

            I would welcome a return to the Motion Picture Code.

      • LaSantaHermandad

        I respect AMREN’s policy of maintaining a higher standard vis a vis the use of assorted Billingsgate on this site but I also understand your frustration. We as White Amercans have been degraded, marginalized and guilt tripped for the last 60 +years. Now we are fair game for violence from the simianoid community with the tacit approval of what masquerades as our “government”; aided and abetted by the movie industry whose standards cannot possible get any lower. Tarantino should be arrested for inciting to riot and violence. His motives are most likely financial since he’s attracting an audience of individuals who are like very dangerous children who will react violently to any stimulus. (There was a movie called The Show that dealt with RAP. Blacks rioted and vandalized theaters in several cities while attacking the employees.) He has violated the First Amendment. He has literally shouted “fire” ( in all of its nuances) in a crowded theater.

        Any Whites who patronize this abomination of a film deserve no sympathy for any consequences that they suffer while in the theater parking lot.

        Imagine the outcry should a movie be made whose subject were the Knoxville murders where nothing is sanitized and in which the murderers are portrayed with total reality. I pray that nothing like that will come to pass since I can’t imagine any White actor/actress who would agree to play the parts of the two victims. No doubt that perverted, sick bastards like Jamie Foxx, Kanye West, Samuel L. Jackson et. al. would have no problem playing murderous Blacks especially when the victims are White and when they’re getting payed handsomely.

        • pcmustgo


          • LaSantaHermandad

            Yea you’re right. Starring Danny Trejo who if i’m not mistaken was a gang banger himself. Ah. The beauty of Redemption! I didn’t see it nor would I ever again patronize any movie or event that degrades Whites.

    • OlderWoman

      Or whites who have never lived or worked among them. You know the kind…liberals who live in gated communities. Or those who hate Caucasians.

      • Nate Miller

        Caucasians is the wrong term to use. Technically according to Human anthropology, the term Caucasian refers to humans from Europe, the middle east -Arabs, Semites/ Jews (yes even “those who hate Caucasians” are Caucasians themselves!), India, Iran & Central Asia. Be specific and use the term white European!

    • Michael K.

      I disagree. As a Jewish Democrat myself, the reason I loved this brilliant movie was it’s plot, direction and terrific sense of comedy! Tarantino is a genius & Jamie Foxx is a pretty talented sod himself.

      • JohnEngelman

        I am a Democrat and a Christian Zionist. I hope you post more often on American Renaissance.

        • David Ashton

          Michael K tells us a lot about himself, if not other “Jewish Democrats”. It is going to be a bit tedious having him posting and others having to reply to this sort of comment.

          • snickle

            Better to just ignore him.

      • Son of Sambo


  • Opie

    A “German” bounty hunter named Shultz? Anyone catch that?

    • Giuseppe Verdi

      I know what you’re point is, of course, but Schultz is a very common German name. It is more common among Germans than Jews. I do wish more on the racialist right (because of a certain obsessiveness over Jews) would quit trying to conflate anything that sounds German with Jews.

      This is fiction. Do you really think white-hating Taratino would make a Jewish villain? Come on, folks, not everything on earth has to do with Jews! This website’s comments sections have really become fixated on Jews here lately even when the stories in question are on totally different topics. I think the level of discourse was higher on this site the way it used to be before so many of the Stormfronters came here.

      • OlderWoman

        My former brother-in-law is a Klein, but he isn’t a Hebrew.

    • razorrare

      Dutch Schultz (born Arthur Flegenheimer; August 6, 1901 – October 24, 1935) was a New York City-area German-Jewish American mobster of the 1920s and 1930s who made his fortune in organized crime-related activities

      • TeutonicKnight67

        “Dutch” as used in America is a variation on the word “Deutsch” – the German word for themselves. A German was often referred to as a “Dutchman” in the early to mid 1900’s. The Pennsylvania “Dutch” are actually German Mennonites.

      • David Ashton

        Jonah Goldberg calls the Frankfurt School crowd who came west “Germans”. The notorious rent racketeer Peter Rachman in Britain was usually described as a “Pole”. Yet Einstein was called a “Jew”.

  • razorrare

    Was that White people Django was killing or was it jews? If its the latter the movie would of been closer to historical reality…Tarantino for accuracy sake should of had Calvin Candie wearing a huge golden Star of David on his person and all the other Hollywood Star of David actors targeted for slaughter by Django…then we Whites could have a big laugh…

    • OlderWoman

      A black gunslinger during slavery…ridiculous. Jamie Foxx looks like an idiot in that get-up. Unbelievable. . I still haven’t gotten used to the fact that blacks are smelling up the oval office and white house.

      • There’s another stupid anachronism: Brooks Brothers didn’t exactly outfit the bounty hunters of 1850s America.

        Interestingly, though Abercrombie & Fitch started out in the horse saddle making business.

  • pcmustgo

    PRIORITY #1 FOR AMRENERS: CHANGE THE WAY THE HISTORY OF SLAVERY IS TAUGHT IN SCHOOLS/BOOKS TO CHILDREN… Only 1% of whites owned slaves, african/muslim involvement. etc

    PRIORITY #2: Make/fund a film , a graphic film, about Muslim Moors enslaving and raping white people. How’s that for controversy?

    SOOOOOOOOOOO annoying that we even have to explain to people over and over and over again only 1% of whites owned slaves.

    • robinbishop34

      “So annoying that we even have to explain to people over and over and over again only 1% of whites owned slaves.”

      I do it everyday.

  • Nearly every movie (and most plays) turn reality on it’s head. They don’t portray life as it is but as they would like to see it. That’s one reason you see blacks showing up in lead roles when the real person was actually white.

    Mr Tarantino wants to give blacks a fictional hero. Why? Because there aren’t many black heroes. Again, fantasy has to replace reality.

    • IstvanIN

      Why does “Mr.” Tranatino want to give blacks a white-killing hero? Why not a black do that?

      • HamletsGhost

        They did. The blaxploitation movies of the 70s were full of righteous brothers giving payback to the man. They were terrible movies, with lousy acting, boring scripts, and nickel-and-dime production values. No matter, blacks loved them.

      • longing4abetterworld

        I wonder if Spike Lee still recommends not seeing this movie?

        • OlderWoman

          He’s jealous a black man didn’t make this “C” movie.

      • NYB

        Google ‘Fred Williamson’. In 1975, he starred as the black bounty hunter in ‘Boss Ni***r’, the original ‘Django’.

    • 5n4k33y35

      You should call him Quentin Tarantino, not Mr. Tarantino. He is trapped in permanent adolescence.

      • newscomments70

        I used to know an actress who auditioned for his films. She told me he was a disgusting pervert as well. Young women had to do unspeakable things to be given even the smallest roles in his films. Tarantino truly is the scum of the earth.

        • IstvanIN

          My previous post was deleted so I will try to be more delicate this time: a mother is the most important person in a child’s development, and if that women is not very “virtuous”, such as Tarantino, Obama and Clinton, as well as most blacks, you get less than moral children.

          • Faith Cathren Cougill

            Well if that is the case, I’m sure those mothers are really proud because they created sons ( Obama, Clinton & Tarantino) who are brilliant, accomplished and highly successful & powerful pioneers in their respective fields quite unlike conservative epic losers like you!

          • David Ashton

            This is a ridiculously hyperbolic description of these three “pioneers”, particularly in comparison with real statesmen and cinema innovators.

          • Faith Cathren Cougill

            Really? What have you pioneered or achieved in your life as compared to epic successful & well reputed famous great men like President Obama & former President Clinton? NOTHING!

            Like him or hate the man, President Obama HAS made drastic changes : affordable health care for all citizens, bailing out GM ( America’s most successful automobile giant, which thanks to the bail out has now emerged as a successful company making a whooping > 10% annual profit), killing Osama bin Laden & other terrorists which brings criminals to justice, a protectionist policy where more jobs return to America as opposed to outsourcing ( something that the rich fat cat conservative GOP excels at) and most of all winning over almost all his obstacles, despite fierce resistance from his detractors in the past 4 years. I look forward to see tha handsome, suave charming smile when he will be sworn in on Jan 21st 2012.
            People like you who moan & whine all day about folks more successful than themselves is one of the reasons I have stopped listening to conservative nut jobs on radio, be it lesser educated unqualified men like Glenn Beck, Alex Jones or even the morbidly obese whinny pig named Rush Limbaugh! I used vote Republican & was home schooled by my white evangelical conservative parents , but life in college has opened my eyes.
            I see many members of other racial groups who are better or as good as members of my race. I particularly seem to admire the high intelligence & charm of some of my Asian & Jewish friends. My boyfriend, by the way is a very intelligent, handsome & humorous Asian Indian pre medical student. I love America because of her diversity! I have now learned to look past race & religious association of people & instead choose to look at the content of their persona. Now if you desire to detest people different from you, that is fine & personally I am no one to stop you from believing what you seem to believe. But, don’t you dare give others like me a moral justification for your odious beliefs!

            Life is too short, stop being so bitter, instead, try & adopt to change. Enjoy & make the best of it.

          • IstvanIN

            “Epic loser”…thanks, that is quite a complement coming from you. Being a “good’ man and being a “highly successful and powerful” are not necessarily one and the same. Not all of us aspire to be another Stalin, Pol Pot, Castro, or Obama, for that matter.

          • OlderWoman

            Rumor has it that Clinton’s mother was involved with Gov. Rockefeller. It has been said that Bill is his son. Hillary has been heard calling him a “J– b—–d”.

        • snickle

          He’s not the first movie director who has required special “things” to be cast in their films. Seems to be business as usual among “certain” directors.

        • Pelayo

          May he be set upon by a gang of “toddlers”.

      • TeutonicKnight67

        How about just “Tarantino”?

    • Gerónimo Anónimo

      WAIT A MINUTE!!!! Wasn’t OJ SImpson a football hero?

      • David Ashton

        And a man with an amazing hand that could change size at will?

    • NYB

      As the hype around this movie builds, there is a rather large silent elephant in the room which the cinemaphiles refuse to speak of.
      ‘Django’, the vengeful black cowboy, is not an original idea. It is a rip-off of the ‘Ni**** Charlie’ Blaxploitation franchise of the 1970’s starring Fred Williamson.
      The series prominently used the ‘N’ word in the movie titles: Boss NI***r, The Legend of Ni***r Charlie, The Soul of Ni***r Charlie. In the 1970’s, the ‘N’ word was impolite, but was not yet a taboo for whites.
      It is a absurd that Tarantino gives no credit to his inspiration, and movie critics likewise play along.

      • OlderWoman

        Perhaps the writer of the 70’s movie will wait until all the box office receipts are in, dvds sold, dolls sold…then SUE TARANTINO INTO THE STRATOSPHERE! That would be interesting.

  • WmarkW

    This isn’t the left’s new fantasy; it’s their old one — diversity.

    Here’s a map I came across today of the most diverse counties in America:

    Here’s an unrelated map of county homicide rates:

  • newscomments70

    ” I save my wife, and I kill all the white people in the movie. And how black is that?” He has the second part right. First part doesn’t happen though. That’s another Hollywood fantasy.

    • Pelayo

      I they had really killed ALL the Whites they would have extincted themselves. When the cat or dog dies, the fleas look for another host.

      • Pelayo


    • pcmustgo

      YEAH, maybe he was poking a little fun at fellow blacks there… perhaps it was meant to be a neutral racial joke.

    • Gerónimo Anónimo

      Wife? Doze Mayates? Dey doan need no steenking Wife!!!
      They turn their women out.

  • eavesmac

    i live in new orleans and had a 1981 cutlass stolen three times. each time the perp was black.

    • IstvanIN

      That was a very popular car when new and very popular now among the “hooptie” crowd.

    • TeutonicKnight67

      I for one am shocked, shocked!

  • Aelfgar

    One race colonized the Earth. One race has walked on the moon. I look forward to the day whites take their revenge, the day of the rope.

  • Lygeia

    “repurposing” history to create a usable past is . . . lying.

  • Tom in MI

    Julius Streicher had nothing on these guys, yet he ended up being hanged as a war criminal.

  • Anony Mous

    A very good article.

  • Jaego

    Inglorious Bastards was the same thing. James Kunstler called it an immensely enjoyable romp. When are we going to get our own movie where we can get our hate on? It would be a Blockbuster but there is no sign of any in sight. Obviously Hollywood has other considerations beyond the financial.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      Instead of 10 minutes of hate like George Orwell expressed in 1984, we have 2 hours of hate.

    • A Swain

      “When are we going to get our own movie where we can get our hate on? It would be a Blockbuster”

      Well, we certainly have enough material to make a 20 hour long movie nevermind a 2.5 hour long effort, based on factual events about Black-on-White race hate crime and not Marxist Liberal revisionist nonsense along with its savage manifestations across the whole of the planet, examples to be found, of course, in most of Canada, Europe, Zim and SA besides the U.S.

  • Blender

    My concern was that the movie would prompt White neo-nazis and klansmen to go on a terrror campaign against Blacks and other non-Whites.

    • Dear Moderator

      These type of troll remarks is part of the reason why I am increasingly avoiding the comments section of any American Renaissance article.

      In my view, the comments section should be a community of like-minded people like any other partisan website. I suppose once in a rare while I wouldn’t mind a thoughtful response from the other side, but not a cheap provocation. “Blender” has PLENTY of other left-wing sites to spew his views on. This is OUR space. That is what makes it a community.

      Like other people have suggested in the past, perhaps there should be more editing on the part of the moderators to FILTER OUT trolls, third-rate comments and commentators, and the increasing infiltration of comments from agents of “anti-racist” “watchdog” groups. These agents often appear agreeable to a certain extent, then start making odd statements, splitting hairs, picking fights, and start to get defensive about comments concerning their co-religionists. Astute editing and filtering will decrease the quantity, but increase the quality of the comments section. The bad drives out the good. If standards continue to be lax, it will attract more poor quality commentators, trolls, and sleazy “watchdog” agents whose presence tends to drive away more thoughtful people who have something to say.

      • Tucker

        I suspect that the Moderator decides to allow a few of these kinds of comments by leftists like Blender to seep through as a means of helping to show just how evil, dysfunctional, and ideologically dangerous our enemies are – and despite the fact that most of the AmRen regulars already grasp this fact, there remains a few fence sitters who have yet to reach this conclusion.

        It is increasingly clear that the divisions that exist within this nation are so deep, so wide, and so irreversible – that we are heading for a cataclysmic sized breakup.

        Therefore, we in the pro-White, White race realist, White Nationalist community must be ready to move when the window of opportunity presents itself – and make our White Ethnostate a reality.

        This also means preparing ourselves emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, and intellectually. This preparation phase is especially important for Whites who have race mixers in their family or in their circle of friends. Get used to the idea that these racially disloyal individuals will not be permitted to take up residency within our exclusively White Ethnostate.

        • First off, I think the original “troll” wasn’t really a leftist, but one of our people being sarcastic.

          Second, we’ll let non-hostile trolls in (for awhile) just as sort of a vaccine, so we can formulate white blood cells (counter-arguments) to combat them to have ready when we get into the real world.

          • razorrare

            Any explanation why these comments “seemingly” have been deleted?

            JohnEngelman Anders•6 hours ago

            Moderator: I do not believe obscene words belong here.11

            Tucker JohnEngelman•4 hours ago

            I do not believe obscenities such as these kinds of virulently anti-white movies (or TV programs), which are financed, written, produced and heavily marketed and then vindictively showered with glowing praise by the hate filled aliens in Hollywood who share genes with John Engelman have any place in our society.

            These kinds of movies are meant to do one thing – and that is to fan the flames of hatred and to incite murderous violence by blacks and other minorities against men, women, and children of White European descent.

            I say it is past time to bring back the Hays committee and reinstitute and STRENGTHEN the old Hollywood Production Code – and let’s make absolutely certain that not one position on that committee will ever be filled by anyone belonging to Mr. Engelman’s tribe.

            After all, the Fox is not a good candidate to keep an eye on the hen house.61

            JohnEngelman Tucker•an hour ago

            I would welcome a return to the Motion Picture Code.00

            razorrare Tucker•an hour a

            darn Tucker,well stated and i second that!!

          • Dear Moderator

            We are already in the real world. As far as sharpening ourselves for combat with the right counter-arguments, that can be done by simply reading the excellent criticisms concerning our cultural, social, and political state of affairs that appear in so many AR articles. Jared Taylor especially cuts through so much absurd dogma in his writings. It’s truly inspiring.

            The last time someone complained about the comments section, I think it was a few months ago (no, it wasn’t me), you offered the same vaccine/white blood cells argument if I recall correctly. My argument is that the bad drives out the good. Thoughtful people will be less inclined to bother to write up quality comments when they think the audience contains too many half-witted Stormfront types on one hand, or sleazebag agents employed by “anti-racist” or “watchdog” organizations on the other. The latter group of people are not impossible to detect. Eventually their odd stances or names or comments give themselves and their motives away. Please filter them out. If the comments section is too open and loose, standards will fall, and the bad people will drive the good ones away.

          • Bad won’t drive out the good if there’s only a little bit of the bad. We try to make sure of that.

          • Dear Moderator

            You deleted my reply. Why? Perhaps it would expose what’s going on here?

          • razorrare

            This question was deleted as well—Any explanation why these comments have “seemingly” been deleted?…..
            Engleman–I do not believe obscene words belong here.
            Tucker to Engelman–I do not believe obcenities such as these kinds of virulently anti-White movies(or TV programs) which are financed,written,profuced and heavily marketed and then vindictively showered with glowing praise by the hate filled aliens in Hollywood who share genes with Engleman have any place in our society.These kind of movies are meant to do one thing–and that is to fan the flame of hatred and to incite murderous violence by blacks and other minorities against men,women and children of White European descent.I say its past time to bring back the Hays committee and reinstitute and strengthen the old Hollyood Production Code–and lets make absolutely certain that not one position on the committee will ever be filled by anyone belonging to mr.englemans tribe.After all,the foxx is not a good candidate to keep an eye on the hen house.
            razorrare to Tucker–darn tucker,well stated and I second that!!

          • razorrare

            This question was deleted as well—Any explanation why these comments have “seemingly” been deleted?…..
            Engleman–I do not believe obscene words belong here.
            Tucker to Engelman–I do not believe obcenities such as these kinds of virulently anti-White movies(or TV programs) which are financed,written,profuced and heavily marketed and then vindictively showered with glowing praise by the hate filled aliens in Hollywood who share genes with Engleman have any place in our society.These kind of movies are meant to do one thing–and that is to fan the flame of hatred and to incite murderous violence by blacks and other minorities against men,women and children of White European descent.I say its past time to bring back the Hays committee and reinstitute and strengthen the old Hollyood Production Code–and lets make absolutely certain that not one position on the committee will ever be filled by anyone belonging to mr.englemans tribe.After all,the foxx is not a good candidate to keep an eye on the hen house.
            razorrare to Tucker–darn tucker,well stated and I second that!!

      • razorrare

        Not a bad idea..start making a list of these literary perps and paste them with your comments…you can start by putting Engelman at the top of your list ;)…..
        is an ignore button to much to ask for?

    • gemjunior

      You should be concerned. That Whites will eventually rampage out of self-defense but it will be put across of course that they did it because they “are just inherently evil”. As for White “neo-nazis and klansmen”, there are probably not even 500 people combined in the whole USA but they are the most hyped by the liberal media. Sounds to me like someone doesn’t really know what’s up – that would be you. Also when you mention “terror campaign,” I would advise you to take a look at the USDOJ statistics on rape, assault, and murder. It would amaze you. But like most leftards, I’m sure the truth is the last thing you’re interested in because liberals know their is a chance they may be disabused of their fantasy and they don’t want to take that chance. But I have a feeling, like the author of the article, that liberals and minorities should be concerned that the continuous poking might actually yield the results they will not like. I look forward to that and to the truth being out.

      • ImTellinYa

        Absolutely. The Left not only isn’t interested in the truth, they are actually hostile to it. Everything the Left believes is a lie or false assumption. They are so far removed from reality that even when it’s proved they are wrong, the Left just shrugs its collective shoulders and moves on to the next lie. A good example is the fraud of Global Warming. The Left was using that to impose its evil tyranny. Then when it was demonstrated that there had been no global warming since 1997, they moved on to the next lie which was “Climate Change.” Too many government-paid scientists have now been caught lying, and the science has proved to be junk. So now we don’t hear that much about Global Warming any more.

        But the Left still reaches out its greedy hand to grab more power and more of our money using other excuses. For instance ObamaCare has nothing to do with health care. Quite the opposite. ObamaCare is a tactic to destroy the health care system so the government will have an excuse to impose their own system; a system that will be staffed with affirmative-action parasites and which will dispense health care with the same brisk efficiency and concern for the patient as a typical DMV office staffed by corrupt nonWhite placeholders.

        • David Ashton

          This is a problem. However, carefully and logically presented, and fully supported by incontrovertible evidence, arguments often produce rage in the liberal-left brain, despite protestations of objectivity and rationality, which supports the thesis that “liberalism” is itself a cult-ideology reinforced by peer-group fashion and constant propaganda reinforcements.
          Nevertheless, it is essential to sustain our counter-arguments to strengthen our own convictions and persuade the uncommitted, and also to weaken the less brainwashed leftists with a sense of shame about dishonesty.

  • Brady

    I don’t know why the word “new” is used here. The Reign of Terror was over 200 years ago.

  • Joseph

    “I save my wife, and I kill all the white people in the movie. How great is that? And how black is that?”


    “I sodomize and mutilate some white girls, smoke some opium, and I kill all the white people in the movie. How great is that? And how black is that?”

  • LHathaway

    “Let us imagine a movie by Mel Gibson, say, in which someone is offered money to assassinate leftwing media types. Would he still think “What’s not to like?””

    In all fairness, movies do contain Mel Gibson types doing just those kinds of violent things. Of course it’s not likely to be outrageously praised. It (violence in movies) wont be condemned, either. Only wimps say ‘no’.

    • Tucker

      I put Mel Gibson’s latest flick ‘Get the Gringo’ on my NetFlix list, primarily out of loyalty to him for his past outstanding, pro-White, pro-American movies.

      When it arrived, I tried to watch it – and had to bail out after about 20 minutes. It was a real stinker.

      I’d like to see Mel Gibson use some of his talents to make a movie out of Harold Covington’s outstanding novel ‘The Brigade’.

      For anyone who hasn’t read that book, I highly recommend that you get a copy. It would be a blockbuster of a movie.

      • gemjunior

        “The Brigade” would be the most excellent movie in a decade. It would have everything needed for a total blockbuster that deserves 10 oscars. However we both know there’s no chance in hell due to the content. Hollywood would be completely outraged which would be funny though. I wish a pro-white with moviemaking skills would try to do this.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Don’t do that; make the move “Unintended Consequences”.

    • newscomments70

      “Let us imagine a movie by Mel Gibson, say, in which someone is offered money to assassinate leftwing media types. Would he still think “What’s not to like?”

      That is an amazing idea. If any screenwriter has a ten year writing block, you just gave them the idea of the century.

  • JackKrak

    This is easy.
    Tarantino is easily the most comically overrated film maker of our age.
    Any reviewer who fails to to praise his work enough is endangering his credibility as being hip and cool enough to keep up with something so pop culture-oriented as Hollywood.

  • KenelmDigby

    Quentin Tarantino has got a very big chin – and a very small brain.

  • Fire Eater

    Is this 2013’s version of the infamous 1970’s anti-White film “Farewell Uncle Tom” where White devils get hacked up in vengeance for slavery?

  • HamletsGhost

    Blacks hate whites for what they ARE, not for anything they or their ancestors DID. They rarely admit this, even to themselves, so they concoct a version of history that justifies any feeling or deed of violent hatred toward whites.

    As most people here know, blacks are not in the least bit concerned with facts or logic. They act on pure emotion, mostly bad, and there are plenty of people ready to ride that wave to the Presidency or an Oscar.

    • pcmustgo

      yes, if you discuss race realist statistics with blacks, even in a nice way, expect sexually degrading retorts about white’s anatomy, etc… impossible. Childish. How can they respond to these stats though?

    • Ronald Musgrave

      This is true. They are not interested in facts. Like that free blacks owned slaves, that their own racial brethren sold them into slavery in Africa and without this, there would have never been black slavery in the Western hemisphere, and that regardless, there would still be slavery in black Africa.

      The colonial powers (who in no way represented the best interests of the common White man on the street) would have been just as happy to totally rely on Indian slaves (if they had proven useful) or White indentured servants from the debtor class of Europe. Blacks were simply a readily available commodity because it was big business for the African chiefs, Arab and Jewish slave traders. As Rolling Stone stated though, F**K the facts. Facts are not important in the Black and anti-White, anti-American narrative. They want the narrative to be that evil Whites singularly went to Africa and brutally ripped poor innocent blacks from their happy mother continent because of evil White racism. You will even find one from time to time that will admit the realities of African slavery, but in the same context will try to excuse it and claim it was not an “institution” before Whites “persecuted blacks”. As if it matters to the slave if he is dragged off over a sea or to the next village to be treated as chattel. Or whether the difference in slavery consisting of being owned by a fellow “brother” or a “stranger”. Only someone with a slave masters mentality would think such distinctions were relevant. The modus is clear. People with that mentality are essentially saying, it is our business if we want to keep our brethren as slaves. I might want to own a slave myself and it would be right if I did it within my custom and culture, which is in and of itself ironically and institution.

      Facts are not important. The narrative is what is important. It is all about singularly placing anti-White guilt onto useful idiot Whites, and promoting a sense of grievance into retribution into non-Whites and using that creation to hammer White people with anti-White power block. it is about hating, displacing and eventually committing genocide against White people. Blacks are readily open to hate Whites, not because of something that happened to their ancestors over 150 years, but because Black civilization exists on a rung lower than any other, and without any contact with any other cultures or races, would still exist on that lower rung. It is a way to explain the lack of “equality”, even after decades of affirmative action and preferential treatment. It is why the black historians feel the need to cabbage on to the myth of the fantastical black kingdoms of antiquity where all learning and knowledge originated and was stolen by wicked White devils. If you really are a black supremacist (as are the so-called black historians), then these little facts to the contrary that you are great kings and queens while Whites are cave monkeys, must be an incredibly painful thorn in the side that inspires much rage and resentment.

      Farrakhan is right. Blacks are ready for a race war. They have been engaging in a low intensity race war for decades now and it has very little to do with slavery. White people will either wake up to the truth or they will be butchered en masse. This can only be held back so long before it explodes in a large flashpoint. We might already be seeing the first signs of the powder igniting with the black flash mobs.

      • snickle

        “White people will either wake up to the truth or they will be butchered en masse. ”

        As in Haiti in the 19th century.

  • Timtom

    Just remember this.. the blacks in our society are being prevolked into action as if they needed any prevolking. This while our illustrious black president ponders an executive order that would seriously undermine whites ability to defend themselves.
    This is no accident it’s too pat. That’s why I never tut tut our friend Alex Jones. Our government is our enemy and never ever forget it.

    • But most of us have beefs with Alex Jones because he’s only half reliable for one, and he’s a race denier for another. Well, sometimes he shows hints of really grokking race, but it’s clear he’s no white nationalist or ethnonationalist of any sort. Things would get a lot more clear in his eyes if he would only start getting race.

      Which is why it’s such a mystery to me that the Chicago based blogger formerly known as Detective Shaved Long****, now known as True News USA, called Alex Jones “the best show on talk radio.” Seems to me he should be more of a James Edwards guy.

  • IstvanIN

    Just goes to show how important a mother is to child’s development and how bad it is to be raised by an unmarried, slutty, drunken, no morals, lowlife, race mixing, legs open whore. I bet we can name several living, prominent men who had mothers who fir at least three of the aforementioned categories.

  • Not too long after Columbine, the news came out that the two killers were arguing over who should direct the movie about themselves (proving what they did at Columbine was purely publicity seeking behavior, in turn demonstrating the need not to name them or give them the publicity they want). One of the two wanted Quentin Tarantino.

  • jackryanvb

    I encourage all American Renaissance readers to do simple, local activism against this terrible hate whitey, sadistic snuff film.

    Find out where Django Unchained is playing near where you live. Go to the theater in business hours, ask to talk to the manager. Introduce yourself as respected member of the community. Express your displeasure that the theater is showing extremely violent, hateful movies like Django Unchained that incites Black Americans to hate and want to murder White Americans, in this case White Southern Americans. Ask if the theater would show movies inciting people to hate/kill Muslims, Asians, Gays, Blacks. Also note that this terrible movie opened nationally on Christmas Day and is deeply offensive to Christian Americans. Get names, make the calls, make the e-mails. We have to stand up against the defamation of our people the same as other groups. Someone put up anti Muslim video on Youtube – very obscure and Muslim used group pressure, power to take it down and the American government apologized, pandered to Muslims. Please do not whine or try to find common cause with anti White Hollywood, pretend that if you aren’t Southern never had a family member who owned a slave that this doesn’t offend you. It’s our people being defamed and threatened. Tarrantino and everyone else associated with this hate whitey, violent snuff film – they are enemies of our people and must be outed, marginalized.

    • OlderWoman

      They care more about money than principle. Box office receipts don’t keep them afloat, concessions do. They’ll take any film, propaganda or not, that will bring the crowds, black or white.

    • Gerónimo Anónimo

      “Also note that this terrible movie opened nationally on Christmas Day and is deeply offensive to Christian Americans. ”

      Aw c’mon now! That was purely coincidental. Wink!i Wink!

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

    I disagree only on one point: it’s not about “racial revenge,” though the film’s proponents may honestly believe it is. It’s about the senseless rage & hatred of envious, intellectually inferior primitives.

    Admittedly though, I do recall feeling a similar desire to do massive indiscriminate violence against another race after watching the cowardly primate at the end of “American History X” shooting the White kid who wasn’t afraid of him & his thug buddies.

    • Pelayo

      Of course. Racial revenge for what? We have much more reason for taking revenge against Blacks for violence in which THEY personally and PRESENTLY are participating. Up to this point no Whites have taken up arms against Blacks however they with the support of the Progressive Cheerleaders are definitely pushing the envelope. Post racial period, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! Imbecile Whites stupidly went to the polls and elected BHO in the hope that the Blacks would stop raping and murdering us. Well it didn’t work did it? Then they stupidly went to the polls a SECOND TIME and voted for him still hoping that the Black would stop raping and murdering us. They really thought that the Blacks would be “touched” by our gesture. Well THEY WEREN.T WERE THEY!!!!!!!!!!???

      If any Whites live in an area where there are no Blacks; in my wildest imagination I can’t imagine were THAT would be, I suggest that you watch Hard Core Pawn. It’s all filmed in a Pawn Shop in Detroit. If you’ve never seen the worst side of the Black personality and their sense of entitlement, and their inability to comprehend logical reasoning, this is the show to watch. They come in the store with e.g, an outdated electrical appliance that has no power cord and they want to sell it for an absolutely ridiculous high price. When they don’t get what they want they go totally nuts accompanied by a tirade of obscenities of course including their favorite one with the “maternal” prefix, until they are escorted out of the store by these gigantic “bouncers”.

      • gemjunior

        Oh you are so right. That’s a great example of the richness of the black experience and the enrichment provided by their diversity. Hardcore Pawn really shows them in the most honest light in their true habitat. I love when they bring in rusty, busted garbage and get belligerent when whitey at the counter doesn’t act like he’s being showered with jewels.

  • OlderWoman

    I read the film cost $100m to make but has only made $109m. If so, it hasn’t done very well in domestic box office receipts. I hope it dies a slow death. Judging by my one hour viewing of another of his movies, they are only blood and gore movies with cartoon characters and very little intelligent plot.

    • “Cost $100m to make…has only made $109m.”

      Take Hollywood accounting with a grain of salt.

      It probably didn’t really take $100m to make, and while the $109m revenue might be accurate at the moment, Columbia/Sony will find a way to nuance (lie) that figure as far down as possible. Mark me, before it’s all over, DU will have “lost” money.

      • DudeWheresMyCountry?

        I doubt it. After the international box office and DVD / Blue Ray sales and pay per view rarely do films lose money in the long term, even bad ones.

        • Of course. That’s my point. Even before they hit DVD/BR/PPV/streaming, these movies that are said to have “lost” money really did make money, and the only reason we think they “lost” money is because the studios engage in sham accounting to dodge taxes. Is Washington, D.C. interested? Hollywood bundles for Democrats, so Democrats won’t do anything about it, and they know that if any Republican starts asking questions, out comes the “anti-Semitic” card.

  • Mike Lane

    Well I’m surprised. I didn’t think anything could be as explicit as Inglorious Basterds.

    • Gerónimo Anónimo

      I found ” The Dirty Dozen” equally offensive.

  • DelmarJackson

    I used to love going to the movies, now I just watch YouTube or make my own.

  • IstvanIN

    A mother is the most important person in a child’s development, and if
    that women is not very “virtuous”, such as Tarantino, Obama and Clinton,
    as well as most blacks, you get less than moral children.

  • newscomments70

    Violent black cretins cannot to decipher between fiction and reality. It’s possible that Leonardo Dicaprio will be brutally attacked by blacks who believe he really is an evil slave owner. If that happens, I will laugh my ass off. Maybe if Leo raps for them, they won’t bash his skull in. Imagine that…a spineless, middle-aged, white-liberal celebrity, rapping for his life. I would pay to see that…I would not pay to see the movie, however.

  • I’ll say it again.

    Jamie Foxx hates white people, but loves George Strait. (See attached video). Ironically, Strait has a fair amount of German ancestry in him. Surprisingly, a lot of (white) Texans do, strange for a state whose heritage is south-by-southwest. Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson sang a song called “Luckenback, Texas.” Luckenbach is German for “lucky brook.”

    Foxx is also running around whining about how he was called the n-word and racially abused and taunted constantly as a young man. Yet, as you can see in this video, he wanted to get into a country music bar when he was 14 years old to see George Strait sing. That’s funny behavior for a young man who was the constant victim of racial abuse, trying to get into a bar full of stereotypical white people who are thought to use anti-black racial slurs often and with ease.

    • Strider73

      At the risk of sounding like Cliff Clavin, it’s a little-known fact that central Texas was heavily settled by Germans after independence from Mexico. That German heritage is strongest in and around New Braunfels (German for “brown rock”), just north of San Antonio. The town has a “Wurstfest” every year, and its newspaper’s name includes the German word for “newspaper.” Though as a native Texan I’ve never been there, those who have say it’s a great place.

  • jay11

    I personally know leftist whites who hate everything white and western. If you use logic in a conversation and point out their hypocrisy, they turn into rabid dogs foaming at the mouth about ‘racism’ and ‘oppression’. I mean that literally, I have seen liberals turn into blithering idiots.
    If we really want to teach them a lesson WE should identify their lily white lala lands and work OVERTIME to get section 8 and all the rest into their neighborhoods. When they object, we can call THEM racists! A weapon (in this case forced integration) can be turned both ways.

    • TeutonicKnight67

      You are SO right jay. They certainly should be forced to endure the “diversity” that they seek to inflict on everyone else. Banishment from Whitopia should be mandatory for Libtarded morons.

    • Why not leave these sell-hating white leftists on their own at midnight in such bad urban areas as North Philadelphia, Harlem, NYC, or Detroit, MIchigan? Maybe that would get them to change their minds!

      Sad, but true, if abolitionists like William Lloyd Garrison and John Brown were put into a time machine in these urban areas I mention in the year 2013, the blacks there would still attack them and call them “honkies”!

      • OlderWoman

        There is a think called ‘slum’ tourism. They should put Detroit and Chicago on the itinerary. Bus tours would be enlightening.

  • I’m at the point where I won’t even pay to see the decent movies coming out of Hollywood. If some of the profits from the good movies finds its way to those who make the bad ones, it’s reason enough to avoid them altogether.

    • Dear Moderator

      I would like to thank Reuben (jewamongyou) H for illustrating my point about certain things I complained about above. Moderator, the fact that this character is not filtered out of the comments on this site is the reason why I won’t waste my time reading or writing any more comments on American Renaissance. The bad drove out this good person. The only people who will be left to comment will be the three groups of people I complained about above.

    • OlderWoman

      I don’t go to movies. I watch British films on netflix. They are amazingly white. I was watching a Poirot film with David Suchet when all of the sudden a black was portrayed in a role a black would never have filled. I immediately turned it off and sent the movie back. I gave it a lower rating than others. British/Scottish films are better than Hollywood.

  • wakeup

    n i g g e r s h i t

    • a multiracial individual

      You’re a clever one.

    • a multiracial individual

      I think there is an inverse correlation between higher IQ, and frequent use of racial slurs.

  • The Final Solution

    When I heard DiCaprio plays the plantation owner I thought he was supposed to be the hero in the film.

  • The Final Solution

    Quentin Tarantino is a childish idiot and one of the worst film directors in history. He’s down there with Michael Bay and George Lucas. Kill Bill was so impossibly stupid I think I lost about 20 IQ points after seeing it. “Did you think it was gonna be that easy? Yeah I kinda did.” OMG what brilliant dialogue. Hostel was unwatchable. Just rock bottom stuff.
    I heard part of an recent interview Tarantino did on the radio and the guy asked him about the effects of violent movies on people and Tarantino just blew up at him and refused to answer the question. The interviewer asked why he wouldn’t answer and he says “Cuz I’m not a slave and you’re not my master!” What a freakin moron! Sounds like something a middle school student would say.

    • David Ashton

      Ironically the interviewer was a literate and perceptive broadcaster of Indian heritage. Tarantino is the De Sade for the educationally subnormal.

  • MikeofAges

    Tarantino’s intent was to make a Tarantio movie. I doesn’t need to be any more real than, say, Journey to the Center of the Earth or Total Recall. In Tarantino a twisted kind of good triumphs over twisted evil amid a landscape of psychological aberration, fantastic violence and extremes of relative morality. Maybe you could take Django as a fable or morality play, but don’t expect it to be real.

    You could also take it as just a cathartic violent movie, and not even give a thought to who was in it or what it was about.

    • Gerónimo Anónimo

      Blacks think that it’s real. Louis Farrakhan has been making hay with the Black willingness to believe anything e.g six hundred million Blacks died during the Atlantic Slave trade. Were there that many Blacks in all of Africa? How about that mad black scientist Yakub who mistakenly invented White people 6,000 years ago. Also Bush blew up the levees in NOLA in preparation for Katrina. If Farrakhan had told them the Bush did it so that Katrina wouldn’t trip over them I wonder if they would have accepted that.

  • Bobbala

    The real history is that no race has done more to stop slavery in the world than the white people. That’s why they’re rule couldn’t be tolerated in places like India. They were a threat to the caste system. Ghandi is the one nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Go figure.

    • MartelC

      ever read Ghandi’s opinions of africans?

      • OlderWoman

        He called them Kaffirs.

  • FranWebber

    Let them have their fantasy. Only white losers believe/patronize this garbage with their foodstamp money.r

  • bigone4u

    Film critics, graduates of left-wing film schools and English departments, are taught the Derrida technique of deconstructing the text (the film) in order to find meaning where there may very well be no meaning or at least no hidden meaning. Thus, the praise for this film by such people is not surprising. What I find interesting and disturbing is the large white audience. I assume these would be brainwashed white youth who just have to see the latest cool movie or die. The logical followup would be to get their take on the morality of the movie, in particular whether blacks today are morally justified in randomly killing and torturing whites.
    If the purpose of the film is to enrage blacks to deadly violence, the particular storyline would be unnecessary. The storyline as it stands appears to provide moral cover for black violence.

    • David Ashton

      A most appropriate comment. Cultural Marxism + Commercial Sadism.

  • GeorgeRA

    There is a race war going on in this country at this very moment, in every way including politically. There are one hundred White women raped every day in this country by blacks. Whites are attacked, raped, murdered, robbed, and beaten, by blacks every day in this country and it all goes unreported by the media. The media, that’s TV, newspapers, magazines, and left wing liberal blogs never report on the black crime against Whites that sweeps this nation every day. The race war started long ago.

  • MartelC

    after years of egging on by the left, when the real violence begins becomes more widespread, lets make sure people like Tarantino are forced to go over to their ‘buddies’.

    It’s easy to see the pattern here- first it was ‘nazis’ then german POWs, now its southern slave owners next it will be confederates /southerners in general, then WASPs in general, after all didn’t they keep uncle irv out of harvard?

  • ImTellinYa

    The Left has always been enamored of the violent revenge of the loser. The Left tells losers; Blacks, Hispanics, social misfits, deviants, the lazy, the stupid, etc. that because they are losers it is not their fault; it is the fault of the winners. The Left’s favorite winners/villains are Whites. I know, it’s insane because most Leftist ideologues are White, but they consider themselves to be victims by some tortuous rationalization and therefore are entitled to lash out verbally or physically.

    This victim mentality has permeated the mainstream since the 1950s and that is why we have so many misfits and losers going on mass killing sprees. The recent school massacre was directly caused by the Leftist message to losers that they have no responsibility for what they are and that the winners who oppress them deserve to die.

    In the wake of the Lanza school shooting there has been a lot of embarrassing, overwrought posturing by the usual Leftist candle burners and finger pointers. Given the immoral and rather brutal nature of the Left, I would be tempted to think that they are striking false poses. Some might be. Their leaders perhaps. Certainly someone like Obama, who is quite comfortable with the Fast and Furious style of murder, wouldn’t really feel anything at all except eagerness for an opportunity for crocodile tears and a power grab.

    But I don’t think most Leftists are knowingly striking false poses. As sanctimonious twits, they are doing something that makes them feel good and that’s all it takes to validate, to themselves, whatever hogwash they care to project. If they like doing something, Leftists will always rationalize it so that they can present it as a morally-superior stance when really their rationalization is a lie. What they actually are doing is using the deaths of these kids as a weapon to attack their political and social enemies; Christian White people who insist on having the means to defend themselves from violent attack.

    And, as we all know, most violent attacks against Whites are by lively, vibrant, diverse savages, so the Leftist twit is also striking a blow for our enemies by insisting that Whites disarm.

    Because of one mad man, Leftists would persecute legal, responsible gun owners. This is another crime that the Leftists will have no problem rationalizing.

    From what I’ve read, the Left is to blame for the shooting in several ways. The shooter was an extreme misfit. He was just the kind of loser that the Left has redefined into a transcendently superior being: (Alienated, sullen, afraid, resentful).

    These losers and misfits are told all their lives that the winners are to blame for their own misery. That they are losers is not even a little bit their fault.

    They are taught by the Left and its ally, the entertainment/media industry, that to lash out at their perceived oppressors is heroic and fine. What this Lanza was doing was probably just what it appears to be. He was killing his mother (she’s to blame) and all the kids who used to laugh at him because THEY are to blame for his misery. The Left tells him so every day.

    But whatever his personal motives, you will notice that ALL of these school shootings by Whites are done by the losers and misfits who are striking back just as the Left has told them to do. And even insane people are strongly influenced by what goes on around them.

    And then the Left blames the winners among White people.

    The Left also essentially ignores the daily massacres among nonWhite kids. It doesn’t fit the Leftist narrative, so it is redefined as just a slightly high homicide rate among those who have been damaged by White racism. Another lie. Another rationalization.

    • razorrare

      Well stated…if Lanzo had a healthy White identity the shooting never would of happened.The left certainly shares the blame for this tragic shooting.

  • Private Danza

    Blacks have wanted to be judged by the “content of their character” rather than “the color of their skin”.
    Well, they have been judged to be the offspring of thousands of generations of moronic violent rapist thieving cannibals, genetically-psychopathic and a lethal danger to themselves and EVERYONE ELSE.

  • MartelC

    “The crowd erupted in laughter, whooping, and applause”
    the mostly white audience, I assume.

    Even without the racial angle, the fact that this movie with it’s dehumanization of violence and third rate comic book level storytelling is praised by ‘critics’ as ‘brilliant’ shows just how low our culture has sunk -and its not done sinking, as we all know.

    However, the left I think, is sensing their power is almost as absolute as it is in the big cities and their true nature is beginning to show. They don’t want equality, they don’t want harmony, they don’t want a society where people can have different beliefs : they want revenge, even on people who never harmed them, they want to impose their views and wipe out others, they want to destroy any vestige of western civilization.

    We all know that the left has been indifferent or in fact, supportive of the violence, mass murder and destruction wrought by communists, now they are on the brink of making the red terror a reality here. and they will. they will.

    Now it’s rather easy to understand their push to disarm the populace.

  • Jefferson

    Quentin Tarantino looks like one of them pedophiles that you see on “To Catch A Predator”. There is just an overall creepy factor about him.

  • NoMore

    Yes, and imagine the popularity in my country, South Africa, where the whites are 10% of the population…and the national sport is already killing whites!

  • Charles

    Whites who say this is “comedy” I suspect scared and are turning a blind eye to underlining truths. I’m sure the million violent acts towards white from blacks are just “comical”.Disgusting film offensive for both whites and blacks.

  • racewar distracts from real problems

    • IstvanIN

      Race war is the real problem and we are losing.

      • Anonymous

        Way back in the 80s, Bob Grant used to say on his daily WABC talk show. “War has been declared on us (Whites) but we just haven’t figured it out yet”. He was later fired from the station. He was an astute interpreter of the times then,

        I think that some of us have “figured it out”. Start posting articles dealing with Black on White violence. Don’t make personal comments but rather just use provocative attention getters like “Interesting article” or “How many of you knew about this”.
        Most people might be afraid to comment but they’ll read them. If using articles from AMREN , use the “Original article” so they can’t write it off as “racism” .

  • Timothy D. Manzione

    Modern Hollywood is writhing with movies that have an anti-white sentiment within, though before this movie we had ones like The Help, Remember The Titans, and last but certainly least Lincoln. Perhaps though this movie will herald a new generation of anti-white entertainment. It is quite possible that the future of this kind of “entertainment might become much blatant and violent towards whites. Instead of the overly sappy and melancholy movies about “White Bigotry” that all happen to use the same soundtrack and follow a laughably predictable and historically inaccurate plot. This will certainly not be the last we hear of this despicable genre of cinema.

    • Gerónimo Anónimo

      The guy who made the video about Muhammad that was blamed for sparking the uprising in the Arab countries and ending with the attack and murder at the American Consulate in Benghazi is for all I know still in jail. Hillary condemned the movie vehemently.

      Maybe we Whites should have rioted and attacked the Black Caucus meeting room in DC and killed a few of the “Caucus members”. DO you think that Hillary or Chrissy Matthews would have called for the incarceration of Quentin Tarantino? Wouldn’t Django have been an excuse or at the very least, a reason for outrage and violence in “The White Street”?

  • Albertosaurus

    Slavery, of course, was ancient when Columbus sailed. Most anthropologists trace slavery to the Neolithic Revolution. All agricultural societies had slavery – some more than others. Rome for example had more slavery than China. But both had the institution.

    There were only a few who opposed slavery. The most important being – Wang Mang in Han China and Patrick in medieval Ireland. But Christ, Azura Mazda, Mohammad and Buddha accepted it as the natural order of things. It wasn’t until white men in nineteenth century England (Quakers and Episcopalians) opposed slavery that it began to be seen as bad. Blacks in Africa and Amerindian tribes opposed the white man’s attempts at abolishing this ancient way of organizing society.

    No doubt a black man at the time would have enjoyed killing white people – just as they do today. But that probably has more to do with the MAOA-2R gene, or melanocortin synthesis than any revenge motive.

  • During the time our nation had slavery, free blacks themselves owned slaves. I wonder how the public, both black and white would react, if a major filmmaker like Oliver Stone or Steven Spielberg, made a mainstream Hollywood movie about the slavery period in America, in which the “Massa” himself, would be a free black slaveowner!?

  • jam

    Doesn’t Foxx know that Miley Cyrus is mixed-race American Indian, not a White person?

  • schmenz

    In a sane world, one that did once exist, a swine like Mr Tarantino,assuming he would ever have risen that far, which is unlikely, would have been publicly hanged. That such a turd should be considered a movie maker is an insult to the real movie makers of the world, most of whom are long retired or deceased.

    But he will have his comeuppance one day, either in this world or the next.

    • Pelayo

      I sat down the other day and watched Casa Blanca all the way through for the very first time in my life. What a movie! I know that this is a corny cliché but they really DON’T make them like that anymore. Sam, the piano player wasn’t portrayed in a demeaning way as the race hucksters would have you believe was the case in those days.

  • WakeupAmerica!

    It’s just a movie!!!

    • Frans

      Yes, but unfortunately dumb people are brainwashed by movies. Too many believe that what they’re seeing is real. Blacks believe all the crap presented in the Roots series, for example. You don’t realize how dumb these people are and how easily brainwashed they are.

  • cecilhenry

    I really wish someone would make a movie from the great book “Camp of the Saints’ and tell it like it is.

    If done faithfully and well it would be a spectacular movie both politically, culturally and spiritually for white people around the world.

  • Anonymous

    “The USA Today’s Claudia Puig calls Tarantino’s “reimagining of history” “dazzling, daring, gruesome, and astonishingly funny.” She also believes it serves the worthy purpose of “driv[ing] home the ugliness of racism.” “Tarantino has something serious to say about American culture, history, and race.” She does not say what that “something” is, nor just what was so “astonishingly funny.””

    “Ugliness of Racism”. Would that bastard Tarantino make a film about Knoxville? There would be Blacks jumping up and down and cheering! Now they’re going to try to disarm us. THis is the battle that we have to win. IF they make this hurdle we are doomed for sure. Are they going to turn our own military loose on us? Are our White troops going to be willing to shoot us?

  • “After watching Django, all I wanna do is shoot white people.”
    “Still hype off Django. I’m gonna kill some white people today.”
    “Django got me wanting to kill white people!”
    “Django made me wanna kill so many white people.”
    Time to sue Tarrantino.

  • Xanthippe2

    Actually, two CAN’T play this game — at least with media approval as opposed to “hate crime” charges.

  • ErikErikAndersson

    Haha, the article makes the author look retarded on so many levels. Jez.

    • M.

      How so?

  • shara

    hollywood now puts out at least one holocaust movie a year and now at least one kill whitie/slavery movie a year. it’s become the new standard of movie entertainment.

  • Funruffian

    Tarantino is a Race-traiting maggot. To give him the title of Film Maker only tarnishes that title for the genius Hollywood craftsman of yesteryear. It’s really unfortunate that Tarantino sold out to the Blacks only to line his pockets. He is reprehensible and hasn’t a shred of moral character or integrity. He has sold out against his own race to launch a hate campaign which of course may work to ways: it will alert Whites that they are being targeted for animosity and it will help clearly define our underlying racial sentiments for Whites, Blacks, hispanics and even Asians. The pendulum may swing in the opposite direction. The problem is that we have an Anti-White leftist media who are nothing but amoral scum. The odds are against the silent majority, or should i say ‘silent minority’?
    Let’s not forget that this vitriolic exercise in cinematic diarrhea was also backed financially by the equally reprehensible (Weinstein Brothers). I am suspicious that Tarantino, and many directors, are bribed or manipulated to create such films.
    “Make this film the way we want you to or else your career is over.” That reminds of of poor James Caveziel who played Jesus Christ in “The Passion”. Since then his career hasn’t rebounded and he has fallen into obscurity.

  • Andrew isaacs

    I would love to see a movie were blacks are murdered in the same manner as Django , worst Movie ever along side inglorious bastards , it seems he likes to portray white people in the most negative way, y is it that whites have to be constantly reminded about slavery and the holocaust ? When whites were also the same ones who ended both.