Immigrant Mothers in Britain Could Be Aborting Unwanted Girls, Ministers Admit After Study of Birth Rates

Rosie Taylor, Daily Mail (London), January 11, 2013

Illegal abortion of unwanted girls may be taking place in Britain’s immigrant communities, ministers have admitted for the first time.

Statistics show the ratio between the number of girls and boys born in the UK as a whole is normal, but among mothers of certain nationalities the differences ‘fall outside the range considered possible without intervention’.

The data could be evidence that sex-selection abortions – which are illegal – are happening in Britain.

Boys are considered preferable for cultural, religious or economic reasons in some cultures.

Health minister Earl Howe, who revealed the figures in a parliamentary answer to Lord Alton of Liverpool, said officials would continue to monitor gender ratios.

Earl Howe said: ‘While the overall United Kingdom birth ratio is within normal limits, analysis of birth data for the calendar years from 2007 to 2011 has found the gender ratios at birth vary by mothers’ country of birth.

‘For the majority of groups, this variation is the result of small numbers of births and does not persist between years.

‘However, for a very small number of countries of birth there are  indications that birth ratios may differ from the UK as a whole and potentially fall outside of the range considered possible without intervention.’ But there is a possibility the preliminary data could just show ‘natural variation’, he added.

He rejected a suggestion by Lord Alton, who campaigns against  abortion, for officials to record the sex of aborted foetuses.

He said: ‘Identifying the gender of aborted foetuses over ten weeks’ gestation raises ethical and clinical issues. We have no plans to introduce such a practice.’

Lord Alton, a crossbench peer and former MP, said the fact that abortions had become ‘routine’ in Britain could be behind the emergence of sex-selective abortion.

‘Abortion has become so routine in Britain with 600 taking place every day that people have accepted the mantra that it’s just a matter of choice but that’s not what the law says,’ he told the Daily Telegraph. ‘There is a fundamental debate to take place here.’

Last year the newspaper exposed doctors who offered women abortions based on gender. The Crown Prosecution Service is considering bringing charges against three who were identified.

An Oxford University study previously revealed that Indian women giving birth in the UK between 1990 and 2005 may have been terminating more girl than boy babies.

And a Canadian academic, Dr Rajendra Kale, has called for parents to be banned from finding out the sex of their foetus until the mother is 30 weeks pregnant.

He said a study showed there were male-biased birth ratios among Chinese, Korean and Indian parents living in Canada, saying there was ‘evidence of a clear son preference’.

Many British hospitals have stopped telling parents the gender of their unborn babies until late in pregnancy after a Council of Europe recommendation last year to avoid encouraging sex selection.

But blood tests that reveal the sex are easily obtainable online.

Abortion for non-medical reasons is legal in Britain until the mother is 24 weeks pregnant.

However, termination on the grounds of gender is illegal in any circumstance.

There were nearly 190,000 abortions in England and Wales in 2010, a rise of 8 per cent over ten years.

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  • The mother could tell the doctors that she does not choose to carry the pregnancy to term and get the abortion. She does not have to give any other reason.

  • Tom_in_Miami

    This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. If abortion is legal, how on earth will a doctor know the motivation for killing the (as the Brits spell it) “foetus”? And what difference does motivation make?

  • StillModerated

    Do English women have to fill in a box which states the reason for choosing to commit child sacrifice?

    • I think they do but they could say something like “they are not ready to have a child now” or they just do not want it.

  • Vonhauer

    Increasing the immigrant male population with no future mates? Whatever will they do? Hmmm…

    • The__Bobster

      More “grooming” of the remaining White girls, of course.

      • bigone4u

        Or rape.

        • SintiriNikos

          I think Bobster meant that, hence the “”

    • rightrightright

      They import ignorant, illiterate and humble girls from their own countries which ensures no integration of any kind into British society.

      • Pat

        Agree. This is the pattern now, with no end in sight. The families of the new wife/wives then also have a toe hold to immigrate.

        • Sherman_McCoy

          Preferably a first cousin from the old village back home.

      • That may be the case initially. But they usually assimilate after being in the country for a few years and if they are allowed to work. that usually changes everything.

        • rightrightright

          Muslims don’t assimilate. They ghettoise, creating no-go areas for Whites. The imported peasant brides perpetuate the home culture for another generation. Unless prevented by law in the future, their children will marry spouses also from their homelands. 50% of Muslim males and 75% of Muslim females in England have chosen to be unemployed, living entirely on benefits. They choose to live parallel lives, quite separate from the real population of this country, and despise the mainstream culture, religion, values and traditions.

          • MikeofAges

            Unlike American blacks, by the way, who speak English, are largely Protestant (or, if Muslim converts, not separatist) and more often lower middle class or middle class than anything else. The black underclass is shrinking bit by bit in the expected slow-as-a-molasses-tsunami mode.

          • Pat

            We live in a still largely white part of the U.K. but visit the grandchildren in Manchester in the north. On the way into the city centre there are two suburbs that we pass through which although the architecture is still English the street scene most definitely is not. A white person stands out. The shops are all Muslim. Some even have the name over the front written in native script. A small park has a large ‘Pakistani Community Centre’ (mosque) in one part of it. The name is on the wall. Imagine ‘English Community Centre’ being displayed, it would never be allowed. There is no sign of assimilation at all. You are right they come here because of our ridiculously generous welfare handouts. With the state of the national finances I cannot see how this can continue for much longer.

    • You will see more of so called mail order brides from such countries such as Thailand and Vietnam. The same thing is happening in Taiwan and South Korea where older men are marrying younger women from these countries.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      rape white women.

  • Flytrap

    B b b but I thought abortion was a right? Heavens what will they do when they learn to identify homosexuals in the womb like Down’s syndrome kids? Oh, the horror!!!

  • bigone4u

    Just desserts for the feminists who promote abortion. The girls get aborted and the boys don’t. Poetic justice indeed.

  • Chris

    So, liberals say its between a woman and her doctor and nobody else. Its all about her right to choose. Except when she chooses to abort a female. OK. I get it now.

    • Sometimes they have no choice and will have an abortion to keep peace in the family.

      • HamletsGhost

        That many immigrant women are pressured by their men doesn’t matter to the gliberals.. Female genital mutilation is also ignored by the screeching strident fembots because, well, it’s part of their “vibrant” culture from which we in the West have so much to learn.

    • HamletsGhost

      It’s always a hoot when liberals’ positions collide with themselves.
      Black homophobia, Muslim female genital mutilation, Cuba’s concentration
      camps for HIV positive people, and now sex-selective abortion.

      The usual way for them to resolve these contradictions is to find a way to blame it all on whitey.

      This is what happens when feellings are allowed to run roughshod over facts. Such is the wages of modern liberalism.

      • The only reason their precious coalition doesn’t collapse at all is because they fear the other side (not necessarily us) more than they despise each other.

      • starlight

        “The usual way for them to resolve these contradictions is to find a way to blame it all on whitey.”

        Haha!!! Absolutely!! Somehow, it is white men’s fault in feminists’ eyes that it is white folks’ fault that some muslim females have to suffer genital mutilation in their own homelands!!

        They don’t even care about the safety of women…. their biggest motive is to attack white Christian heterosexual men

    • Morris Thecat

      well, you almost get it, it is when it is a BROWN or BLACK female that they have a problem

  • BAW

    Where, oh, where are the feminists? Oh, I know…they’re busy worrying about swimsuit calendars in offices and country club admission policies!

    • jay11

      I too often wonder at the utter hypocrisy of feminists. It’s like they are hopelessly clueless. Just another reason why it was an unwise thing to destroy the traditional western patriarchy. White men of previous eras (pre 1960) did not allow abortions at all and made those activities crimes. Now white men are so powerless they cannot even protect the borders of their nations from mass colonizers who blatantly gloat about replacing them.

      • gemjunior

        Not only gloat about replacing them, but gloat right into their face. In the most insulting manner, daring them to raise any opposition almost as if they know they won’t. It is so scary.

      • StillModerated

        At least the hillbillies wanted their womenfolk barefoot, home, and pregnant. It was the Eisenhower era that whimpered about the anomie of the suburban housewife.

    • George

      Feminists are generally smart enough to stay out of this one.

      If they say sex-based abortions are wrong, they are (a) expressing a form of cultural relativism that would be called racist by others in the rainbow coalition, and (b) opening a debate on abortion. They would, in effect, be saying that a woman’s ‘right to choose’ is not, in fact, an absolute. And if it’s NOT absolute, well, won’t that just put Roe v. Wade back on the table?

      Long story short, the feminists are sacrificing some of their unborn sisters in the name of political expediency.

      • KenelmDigby

        All ‘feminists’ really care about is dominating White men.

  • Boys are considered preferable for cultural, religious or economic reasons in some cultures.

    Funny, I have this weird notion that the only culture in England should be English.

    • MikeofAges

      You’re so out of it, man.

      • What, did you read me on Twitter just go off on the trillion dollar coin nuttiness?

    • OlderWoman

      Blacks in England are called English even if they’re from Jamaica. The Socialists are ruining their country on purpose to fight Conservatism.

  • I smell a rat. Take this statement:

    “‘However, for a very small number of countries of birth there are
    indications that birth ratios may differ from the UK as a whole.” A “very small number of countries” perhaps , but not a “very small” number of babies. They’re trying to minimize the importance of this phenomenon. The social damage due to such trends will be huge, and the only way to stop it is to deport those Asians back to Asia or to a desolate island where they can live their miserable lives without girls.

    • George

      China has a shortage of women.

      Their one-child policy, combined with cultural norms means that large numbers of girls mysteriously disappear. There are 120 boys for every 100 girls born in China today.

      • David Ashton

        What will they do if the whites snap up the pretty ones as recommended by John Engelman?

        • Doppleganger

          From what I see, lots of whites can’t really tell the difference between good looking Asian women, from the average looking (or even below average) women. So calling them the prettiest ones is wide open to interpretation and probably inaccurate.

    • HamletsGhost

      India and China. A small number of the two biggest countries in the world.

  • jay11

    “He said: ‘Identifying the gender of aborted foetuses over ten weeks’ gestation raises ethical and clinical issues. We have no plans to introduce such a practice.’”
    ——— Hmmmm. In other words, people who are confronted with real gender statistics might begin to realize those ‘growths’ are human beings murdered after all! There is no denying that this is the jist behind what that official was hinting at.

  • Anan7

    Why not just ship them back to whatever third world dump they came from? And prevent your own country from turning into said third world dump? This is asinine. Ship them back!

  • NYB

    Some Asian doctors are advertising their clinics for the express purpose of attracting an Asian clientele who want to have sons. They do both the tests and the abortions.


  • Je suis Paris

    Immigrants can abort all they want. I don’t care if it’s boys or girls. The more we can get rid of the better.

    • Morris Thecat

      doctors in Britain should start telling all immigrant women that all their babies are female, even when they are not

      • starlight

        You can easily become a millionaire while working as a doctor in England dealing with immigrant pregnant women!!

  • LHathaway

    Abortions are illegal. But it’s illegal to abort based on the gender of the child. Let me guess, despite this being ‘illegal’ there’s never been a prosecution. So, since individual rights no longer matter in the West, what will have to be done is that all those from China, India and Korea must be punished and made to toe the line. The difference in outcomes must be ‘discrimination’. And discrimination that multiculturalists don’t like must be punished.

    But of course no one will be held accountable. So on the plus side (at least for the multiculturalists), since no one will really be punished for these selective abortions, multiculturalists, and the non-white hordes, too, can each get what they want. A society consisting only of white women and male victims of color.

  • alas

    On the one hand this seems good, less minorities and possibly less minority children in future (less women to give birth). But I think the fact these are minorities within Britain (and not in their own country) might be doubly bad as it could compel these minority men to engage in interracial marriages with the more plentiful white women.

    • starlight

      And many white women appears to simply love sleeping or marrying black men or West Asian men just so they can send this message to everyone around them “hey look at me! look at me! I am not a racist!” Fortunately, white women seem to think that “marrying East Asian men” is not good enough for them to prove to the rest of the world that they are not racists.

      The smartest white women I personally know, are all dating or marrying within their races. It is mostly women with less education who are dating or marrying interracially.

      • OlderWoman

        I don’t know about that. I live in a city between two major colleges. I see their white female students with black guys, often in nearby restaurants. Of course, the girl pays the tab.

  • KenelmDigby

    Who cares.
    The more they do to reduce their numbers the better.
    I want them gone from the UK, and I have no false sentimentality.

    • MartelC

      it will either lead to importing arranged brides or preying on English women. either way, not good.

      • MikeofAges

        Or just misery. Guys without partners can just hang out at a cafe. Play chess or whatever. Watch porn. Just buy it. Society has, up to as point, ways of dealing with this issue.

    • SintiriNikos

      True, but as others pointed out, if there is an oversupply of boys in these communities, be prepared for increased rates of mongrelization.

  • David Ashton

    Another illustration that a “multicultural society” is an oxymoron.
    This phrase was “sold” in its early days as a tolerant acceptance of a few minorities in small numbers with mother-tongues, faiths and customs different from the English-speaking Christian and western-styled majority; in other words reasonable respect for “other” cultures. But of course the “Cultural Marxists” intended it as the basis for a mass-immigration that would divide society and assist their revolutionary operations. “Diversity” on the basis of “equality” meant the marginalization of the “host” culture as one among many. Early typically English pragmatic exceptions to the general rules included the exemption of Sikhs from motorbike helmets, but the exceptions and contradictions have gradually swollen into a complex mess. “Ethnic” considerations prevent the impartial and color-blind enforcement of existing criminal laws, while objections to the multicultural mess have restrictions put on them by new laws. The English have become Chesterton’s “secret people”.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      It was sold basically as “Oooh, ethnic festivals” and “ooo, different restaurants”.

      THEN it was “ooo, sikhs don’t need helmets, they already have something on their heads”.

      And so forth and so on.

      • David Ashton

        That’s it – precisely.
        It was also a novelty for bored female junior school teachers to add color to their routine with a goody-goody halo thrown in.

  • Hans Schneider

    Third world immigration causes third world problems and the UK elites like it that way !

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    This was already blown open in Canada, by doctors – sex-selective abortion.

    While I have no problem with someone getting rid of a fetus they know they cannot or will not care for, and do not want in the first place, the idea of selecting on the basis of sex alone is disturbing, on several levels.

    It’s just dumb to think that just because we bring people into our societies, they will somehow magically change without being encouraged or forced to. Of course, the leftards that think this also think that making immigrants assimilate is somehow evil.

    Looking back on Star Trek: the Next Generation, I see now how they abused the idea of the Borg. I know how preachy that show was, knew it at the time, even. But the Borg seem to have been created to spread the message that “assimilation is bad” – but they are a lousy analogy. The Borg go to other places and force people to assimilate to them. That’s a lot different than people wanting to come and join the Borg.

    While we may have been guilty of borg-like behaviour in the past (with good intentions, but then the borg think they have good intentions as well), we gave up on that long ago, as both wrong and as a lost cause. Now the Borg are the third world people, coming to us and demanding we assimilate to their ways (what?! Pork in a public caf?! No way! *muslimnerdrage)

    • Cornwallis

      Stop using multicult sci-fi fantasies from Hollywood like “Star Trek” if you really want to be taken seriously. Movies, cartoons and TV shows from the MSM are not real nor valid references to analyze social phenomenon such as sex-selective abortion.

      Come on now !

      • George

        I can see your point, Cornwallis, but at the same time, I’d be compelled to say ‘Yes…and no’.

        Television, movies and other works of fiction can express values or social commentary. Titanic played on class differences. BET expresses a *lack* of values. Django expresses…well…something or other. There’s no disputing the influence they have over people, especially those unwilling or unable to think critically about these issues.

        I think Four-footed does make a valid point. The Borg are portrayed as something evil, and to be feared. Their assimilationist goal is seen by most people as ‘wrong’, for the reasons Four-footed describes. Every time people use the ‘You will be assimilated’ pop culture reference, it helps colour their thinking against a melting pot, and makes them that much more receptive to the idea of ‘diversity’.

        Gene Roddenberry wrote in his screed ‘The StarTrek Philosophy’ that ‘We believed that the often ridiculed mass audience is sick of this world’s petty nationalism and all it’s old ways and old hatreds, and that people are not only willing but anxious to think beyond most petty beliefs that have for so long kept mankind divided’. And ‘For Star Trek proofs(sic)…is that the much-maligned common man and common woman has an enormous hunger for brotherhood. They are ready for the 23rd century now, and they are light-years ahead of their petty governments and their visionless leaders.

        Insidious stuff, aye?

        • The Worlds Scapegoat

          “Gene Roddenberry wrote in his screed ‘The Star Trek Philosophy’ that ‘We
          believed that the often ridiculed mass audience is sick of this world’s
          petty nationalism and all it’s old ways and old hatreds, and that
          people are not only willing but anxious to think beyond most petty
          beliefs that have for so long kept mankind divided’. And ‘For Star Trek
          proofs (sic)…is that the much-maligned common man and common woman
          has an enormous hunger for brotherhood. They are ready for the 23rd
          century now, and they are light-years ahead of their petty governments
          and their visionless leaders.”

          Yes, Fantasy is much more realistic than reality.

          I believe Roddenberry used Star Trek to covertly inject communistic ideas into American’s heads. There was something about that one of the wikipedia webpages for Star trek

      • OlderWoman


  • firefightermed90

    Yea, that’s just what we need, more nonwhite males running around lusting after our daughters. No thank you! I have noticed many of the Third World immigrants/illegal’s in Europe as of late have been young and male, which is even more disturbing. But this is precisely why I personally don’t want daughters myself. I don’t want to run the risk of one of them becoming a tragedy (especially when allot of white girls go through their little ‘rebellious’ stage in the teen years and tend to do the exact opposite of what the parents want, hence the reason you see more than your fair share of chocolate covered Mulattos with young white mothers and no fathers unless she finds a white man willing to take care of them). We as whites, at least in my opinion, tend to have more daughters than sons anyway, which is already a little scary as you have to wonder where some of them are going to turn to for a mate if there aren’t enough white men around. We definitely need to be focusing more on sons so we can counter this trend and give white women appropriate mates to choose from. That and take a strong stand against all forms of Third World immigration, either legal or illegal.

    • starlight

      That is indeed true. Why are most refugees / immigrants in all parts of Europe young males? Sweden used to have more women than men in the past but because of the endless stream of refugee males from all over the world, analysts are predicting that men will outnumber women in Sweden by 2015

      Can someone tell us why most refugees in Europe are male?

  • starlight

    China appears to be experiencing this particular issue and it is becoming more and more common for Chinese men and Russian women to intermarry.

    It appears to be getting better in South Korea.

    • Magician

      “I see another benefit from the sex ratio imbalance: higher male competition for females might boost average IQ because dumber guys will probably lose the competition at higher rates than smarter guys.”

      That gave me a good chuckle. Thanks!

    • Magician

      well, I also expect that it will possibly help make the members of the group become more handsome or beautiful over generations because less attractive ones might not be able to breed?

  • starlight

    “Abortion for non-medical reasons is legal in Britain until the mother is 24 weeks pregnant.”

    Why not make it illegal to have an abortion for gender related reasons regardless of what stage of pregnancy the mommy is at?

  • LHathaway

    “Stop using multicult sci-fi fantasies from Hollywood like “Star Trek” if you really want to be taken seriously”.

    I disagree with you. I believe Everything should be evaluated from the point of view of the world of Star Trek world. Much more so than the AmRen world. But that’s just me.

    • George

      And this has what, exactly, to do with the article about sex-selection abortions?

    • IstvanIN

      Star Trek is a goofy scifi show that far too many white males worship.

  • MartelC

    English girls get groomed and forced into prostitution at age 12, these girls never see the light of day…
    NOTHING will get in the way of overt agenda of our elite: destroy the nation state.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      I don’t consider them “elite.” That word is reserved for special people. I think “deranged self-hating sociopaths” would be a better name for them.

  • MartelC

    “Abortion for non-medical reasons is legal in Britain ”
    Remember when it was first legalized, it was only to save women’s lives…. now its just convenience.

    The next step is to return to pre-Christian infanticide..ooops we’ve already arrived:

    Parents should be allowed to have their newborn babies killed because they are “morally irrelevant” and ending their lives is no different to abortion, a group of medical ethicists linked to Oxford University has argued

    Notice this time they choose not use a ‘diverse’ baby for the lead photo.

  • Tom_in_Miami

    A US view: if a woman decides she wants to kill a child, and it’s legal to kill said child if the woman can get to the abortionist (killer doctor) before the child can get off or out of her property, (i.e. out of her), then what difference does it make what the reason for killing the child is? Here in the States, that child is a goner and never mind what the potential father thinks about it.