How the West Dies

Jon Harrison Sims, American Renaissance, November 28, 2012

A novel of today’s Britain.

Derek Turner, Sea Changes, Washington Summit Publishers, 2012, 436 pp., $22.95.

This is a political novel about immigration and the forces of political betrayal that make it a threat to the West.

There have been some very good political novels over the past 200 years, and they fall into four broad categories: Novels about revolution and the wars that often follow them (Joseph Conrad, Boris Pasternak, Graham Greene, Stendahl). Novels about terrorism (Fyodor Dostoevsky, Conrad again, G.K. Chesterton). Novels of a dystopian future (Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, Ray Bradbury, Anthony Burgess, Jean Raspail). And fourth, novels about the political present, usually seen as demented or deranged in some way (Nathaniel Hawthorne, Henry James, Wyndham Lewis). To this last category belongs Derek Turner’s excellent book about the multicultural degeneracy of the West.

I draw these distinctions only because many readers will compare Sea Changes to Jean Raspail’s Camp of the Saints (1973) because of the similarity of the theme: desperate Third-World refugees coming ashore in a Europe that lacks the will to throw them back. The difference is that Mr. Raspail’s tale of ships overloaded with South Asians arriving off the southern coast of France is set in the future, while Mr. Turner’s tale about migrants washing up dead on an East Anglian beach is set in the present. In other words, the events in Sea Changes did not happen, but similar things happen all the time. Mr. Raspail’s future dystopia has become our reality.

One reviewer, John Derbyshire, said the novel is about “one incident—imagined, but all too believable—in the slow suicide of the English nation.” It is suicide rather than murder because it is the English rulers and their media allies who are offering themselves up—or rather their people up—as a sacrifice to the gods of multiculturalism. The traitors themselves are sacrificing nothing, at least in the short term. They continue to enjoy power, celebrity, privileges, high salaries, a luxurious lifestyle, and of course the plaudits of the Left.

Mr. Turner tells his story on two separate tracks that slowly converge and meet. It opens on a summer morning when a local farmer, Dan Gowt, discovers dead bodies, all of them non-white, washed up on a beach near his home. Many have been shot as well as drowned. This instantly becomes a major media event and an occasion for leftwing posturing. When Gowt makes an “insensitive” comment to a television reporter about the migrants being “aliens,” “trying to sneak into the country illegally,” and that the English are in no way to blame for it, he becomes a target of leftwing abuse and a sort of celebrity ogre. His ordeal forms one story within the larger narrative.

A second English story unfolds as two columnists spar over the meaning of the incident and Gowt’s traditionalist views. One columnist defends him and the other attacks him, and Gowt’s only friend in the press also becomes a target of leftwing persecution.

The other track begins outside the city of Basra in southern Iraq, where a young Iraqi man, Ibraham Nassouf, has decided to go to England where he imagines his life will be better. Saddam is still in power, the sanctions are pressing, and British jets are patrolling the southern no-fly zone. A bored Nassouf looks up at the “foreign jets hurtling over, like falcons flashing from fantastic realms.” He is not angry at the white pilots flying over and bombing his land. He is awed by them, and wants to live in their country. He also longs for a pretty, fair-skinned, English wife. Ibraham, in short, has no national or racial pride, nor is he very religious. He may be Muslim, but his dreams are altogether carnal.

Mr. Turner has here brilliantly captured the psychology of many, perhaps most,Third World immigrants. It is not freedom that drives them but envy and greed. They want what the white people of the West have.

Derek Turner speaking at the 2006 American Renaissance conference.

What’s worse, they think they are entitled to it. Why? For decades, they have seen or heard of educated people from their nation moving to the West, and enjoying the good life. They have also heard of poor people, perhaps members of their family, making it to the West, where they are housed and get medical treatment paid for by charities or the government. Some have been deported, but many more have stayed. Nassouf is told over and over that if he manages to get to the West his chances of being deported are slim.

The second story thus begins: the westward journey of Mr. Nassouf. Mr. Turner has clearly researched how Third-World migrants sneak into Europe. It is remarkably easy—if sometimes dangerous. All the migrant needs are dollars or Euros. He will find people all along the way willing—for a bribe or a fee—to help him get to the promised land. There is a virtual underground railroad by sea and by land for smuggling Africans, Arabs, and South Asians into Europe.

Nassouf, for example, begins by walking west across the desert into Jordan, where he jumps a northbound train for Turkey. Reaching a Turkish port, he pays a ship captain who, for $1,500, will land him on the shore of a Greek island. Greece, because it is close to Turkey and has thousands of miles of shoreline and hundreds of islands, is a major entry point for illegals.

The Greek government is obligated under international law to house and feed Nassouf, and to process his application for asylum. He has no grounds to request asylum, and he knows it. He had a job in Iraq, and was never persecuted. However, he is prepared to lie about his past, and he throws away his identity papers so as to make his lies harder to detect. This is standard procedure for illegal immigrants.

Nassouf is flown to an asylum centre on the Greek mainland, close to Athens, where hundreds of migrants from Africa and Asia wait for their asylum applications to be processed. After a few weeks of unrelieved boredom, the detainees riot. Nassouf takes advantage of the chaos to escape to the nearby town of Lavrion and its foreign ghetto, where he finds an Iraqi shop keeper who puts him in touch with Albanian human traffickers. They handle two types of cargo: white sex slaves and Third-World immigrants.

For $1,700, the Albanians will drive Nassouf and 11 others north in a truck to Rotterdam and put them on a boat to England. Nassouf and 41 others are to be put ashore on a quiet part of the English coast. The plan is foiled by a British fishery patrol vessel which spots them well offshore. The Albanians order the migrants into the sea. When they hesitate, the Albanians shoot them and throw the bodies overboard. Nassouf is the only survivor.

In England, the incident becomes a progressive cause célèbre. The multi-cultural Left says this tragedy would never have happened if England had open borders. The drownings prove “the evils of exclusion.” Lefties even accuse locals of shooting “the immigrants” on the beach, and they target Gowt as a symbol of “rural racism.”

A London reporter and columnist, John Leyden, visits Gowt and pretends to be understanding. He coaxes out more “anti-immigrant” comments, such as Gowt’s belief that foreign migrants should be repatriated. He then writes a column showcasing Gowt as an example of the kind of regressive and exclusionary ethnic attitudes typical of rural England. Gowt begins receiving threatening phone calls, and the harassment culminates in a terrifying incident in which a group of leftwing thugs smash his front windows in the middle of the night and paint “RACIST SCUM LIVES HERE” on his front door.

As Mr. Turner knows, the multi-ethnic Left in England is far more intolerant and far more violent than the nativists and “fascists” they claim to be fighting. Mr. Turner also knows that if a Muslim family in rural England had been the target of nativist vandalism, the press would have made it a national story, and the government would have sent in Scotland Yard.

But Gowt is on his own. The police respond to his wife’s call for help, but tell him that the chances of catching the perpetrators are next to nil, and seem generally unconcerned. When Gowt presses them for action, they warn him that he’s lucky that his “provocative comments have not been made the subject of a formal investigation.” As he tries to smother his rage, he wonders what has happened to his country.

Gowt has only two public supporters. One is James Fulford, chairman of the National Union, the political vehicle of English patriotism, but Gowt foolishly declines his offer of help, claiming that “he has no interest in politics.” Mr. Turner here has made a brilliant point, which is the reluctance of most whites to understand that they need to organize to defend themselves. They do not understand that a growing, anti-white coalition is dedicated to the dispossession of their people.

Gowt’s other defender is the venerable and iconoclastic columnist for the Sentinel newspaper, Albert Norman, whose regular Broadside column is one of the most popular features of the paper. Norman is one of Mr. Turner’s most brilliant characters, and reminds this reviewer of the late Joe Sobran. Norman is well-read in the classics and despises all forms of cant. He also seems to be the only journalist in the country with the courage and clout to challenge the dominant leftwing view of the “tragedy.” He writes a column blaming the drowings on the government for encouraging illegal entry by its lax immigration policies and reluctance to deport. He writes a second column defending Gowt’s traditional views, as well as his right to privacy. He notes that Gowt is just a farmer. He did not thrust himself into public view; he was pulled in by journalists.

The “anti-racism” crusade immediately sets about trying to get Albert Norman fired, and that becomes Mr. Turner’s third story line. The leftist columnist Leyden begins an editorial duel with Norman. Although Norman is a favorite among longtime readers, the Sentinel’s young editor—whom we know as only “Dougie”—begins pressuring him to tone down his columns. When Norman refuses, his column is buried in the back of the paper, and he is reassigned to a small office near the noisy advertising department.

To demonstrate its sensitivity, the Sentinel starts publishing a Nigerian-born ethnic activist, and prints a bright multi-racial advertisement featuring an attractive young blonde woman staring rapturously into the eyes of a grinning black man as they stand in a sunny field of flowers. The caption reads, “Isn’t it time you got together with someone spesh?”

An organization called No Borders Now! is planning a noisy demonstration with whistles and drums outside the offices of the Sentinel in downtown London. They advertise it as a mass protest “against media racism.” This is an insightful point by Mr. Turner about the organized Left’s image of itself as an embattled minority fighting a racist establishment. Norman does not represent the establishment at all. He is the only journalist in the country willing to defend Gowt and call for Mr. Nassouf’s deportation. Yet, for leftists, even one dissenter is too many; they are determined to silence him. The Left, as Paul Gottfried has observed, whether socialistic or multicultural, is always totalitarian. That is its nature. It is liberal only when it is out of power.

The Sentinel is owned by a politically correct conglomerate that fears controversy and will certainly replace the editor if he doesn’t take the heat off the paper. So when Dougie hears that a violent, militant group called “Freedom from Fascism” may join the demonstration, he begins to fear for his job. He panics completely when he learns that the National Union is planning a counter-demonstration to support Albert Norman and freedom of the press. It would be intolerable for the paper to appear to be on the same side as the right-wing National Union, so he delivers an ultimatum to Norman: write a placating column or be fired.

Norman reluctantly agrees, but it makes no difference. The demonstration takes place anyway, and Freedom from Fascism lives up to its thuggish reputation. It outwits the police and breaks into the offices of the Sentinel, while others attack and critically injure a hapless journalist whom they mistake for Norman. Albert Norman resigns the next day. The Left has won.

The Left’s other goal is to “keep Ibraham in England.” By law, Nassouf should be deported, as even the leftist Prime Minister thinks privately, but the government does not have the courage to do it, even after a television team investigates his story of persecution in Iraq discovers that it’s all a lie. The Left wins again. The Left’s third victory comes when the English Parliament votes to ban the anti-immigration National Union from holding political office at any level.

Our last glimpse of Nassouf is of a dejected and lonely man. He has no job, no English girlfriend, and is living in an overcrowded refugee apartment building in London’s grey slums. He begins to resent the English for not having met his desires. This reviewer suspects Nassouf might rediscover his Islamic faith as a vehicle for expressing his frustration, and become a terrorist.

Is Sea Changes a success or a failure? This reviewer was depressed by its emphasis on the masochism and meekness of Western peoples today. It leaves the reader with no hope that whites can ever recover their pride and courage.

That is not to say that it is a not a good novel or that it serves no purpose. It is a painfully acute diagnosis of Western cowardice and treason. One reviewer compares it to Stendhal’s best satire. Another praises its realism: “At last. A novel that reflects the world we actually live in!” Of course, the many favorable reviews are by people who agree with Mr. Turner. Everyone else is predictably ignoring it.

Those who read Sea Changes will no doubt be filled with a deep revulsion for the Left and a realization that no dialogue or compromise is possible. The ultimate impression left by Sea Changes is that England needs a new Arthur to drive the invaders and their collaborators into the sea.

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Jon Harrison Sims
Mr. Sims is an historian and a native of Kentucky.
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  • JohnEngelman

    During the civil rights movement segregationists needed a novelist of genius to explain their concerns to whites who had little knowledge of blacks.

    • Jerrybear

      To Kill a Mockingbird comes to mind. That story of the noble negro victim and the evil white society has been recycled over and over again ad nauseum but it’s very effective.

      • JohnEngelman

        Years ago I sat through a showing of “The Birth of a Nation.” This was a movie released in 1915. It presented negative portrayals of blacks and positive portrayals of the Klu Klux Klan.

        The audience laughed through it. The portrayals were not believable.

        A novel or a movie that presented a race realist viewpoint would need to avoid crude stereotypes. Several of the blacks would need to be admirable individuals. At the same time it would need to portray the reality of the black underclass without flinching.

        • TeutonicKnight67

          Actually, I found the depictions of Bantu behavior and BRA to be disturbingly prescient. All I kept thinking was “How little things have changed. They will always be Bantu”.A very prophetic and too-often maligned film classic.

        • eduard

          You should rather watch “Africa Addio” and after sixty years nothing has changed.

      • JohnEngelman

        The fiction of Richard Wright also portrayed Southern segregationists as cruel and violent oppressors of blacks. After “The Birth of a Nation” and before the civil rights movement blacks were either ignored in Hollywood movies, or they were portrayed as harmless children. There was no convincing portrayal of them as frequently violent and criminal.

        • icelandic

          Black Like Me was the best of them all.

    • David Ashton

      Well, here is a novelist of genius who can explain the present situation – better than Raspail, Kendall or Kurtagic, because deeply humanitarian as well as guiltlessly patriotic.

  • Gwynn Ap Nudd

    He’s right: there can be no compromise with either the Left or their Alien Allies. Communism and Multiculuralism are philosophies of hate – which of course they project onto us. Arthur will come if we want Him badly enough – and agree to follow him to victory. But don’t ask him to come and then grow faint of heart. He can’t do it alone and it’s not going to be without blood, sweat, and tears.

    • He’s right: there can be no compromise with either the Left or their Alien Allies.

      Throw sob-sister clergymen in alongside them.

    • bluffcreek1967

      “But don’t ask him to come and then grow faint of heart” – Good Lord, how true that is! This I what I fear though. Many Whites will cry out for a courageous leader(s) and, once he comes and things turn really ugly, the crowds of adoring supporters will turn and run. The only way this won’t happen is if things become unbearable and we are forced to fight because we finally realize that our very survival is at stake.

  • SoCal LoCal

    Amren articles stand head-and-shoulders above most coverage of ANY topic in the MSM.
    This piece is a prime example. Those who choose to ignore Derek Turner and like minded persons at Amren are the worse off for it. They sorely need the clarity provided here.

    • ed91

      it’s a shame there are not more people that read and browse on

      I wish the word would get out a bit faster.

  • William Allingham

    all this liberal nonsense started with activism on their part. We need to stop apologizing and demonstrate our disapproval to the point that whenever someone tries to insult our culture he will know that wont be without consequences and social reprobation.

    the same way we would’n be indifferent to a kid kicking an old lady we should not permit irresponsible anarchists to collectively name call us and despise what to our ancestors took so much trouble to construct.

    little actions and attitudes in everyday life, done by enough people is a good start. On my part i dont let anyone to insult my heritage or tell me that my people are evil because good intended people dont interfere with the free will and sovereignty of others, only opportunists that want to exploit a fabricated guilt.

  • jack ryan

    Sounds very realistic, but also depressing. We need some inspiration.

    Can’t someone write a novel or a popular song, theatrical play, a movie that inspires our people, gives us hope?

    • NYB

      Try Nordic ethno-nationalist music.

      The problem with popular movies is that the producers and distribution networks are liberal-owned. The indie documentary ‘They Come to America’, about illegal Mexicans, ran into a wall of opposition.

      Stories which could be a platform for white nationalism, for example ‘Thor’, ‘Snow White’ or even ‘The Dark Knight’ get the Hollywood p.c. treatment.

    • rightrightright

      Quite a jolly little song, in a bitter way.

    • NorthernWind

      I quite like this video. I realize that it is a bit crude but I still like it. If it could be remade into a more polished and intelligent version that would be great.

  • Juscony

    ” The Left, as Paul Gottfried has observed, whether socialistic or multicultural, is always totalitarian. That is its nature. It is liberal only when it is out of power.”

    The truth of this profound statement was made clear to me after hearing various American leftists beg for a dictatorship and an “enlightened” (read: hateful left-wing nutzi) despot to rule. There have been several calls for this (NY Times’ Thomas Friedman has done it at least once) of late and I suspect they will increase in frequency as time goes on. “If only Obama had more power/a longer term/was president for life…” this sort of thing.

    I also think it is ironic that the left curses Hitler with their mouths, then turns and legislates just like him and calls for dictatorship. I do not think there is any real difference between those socialists and those of our own time.

    Down with the left and their erstwhile right allies!

  • KenelmDigby

    Seems like a very interesting book, a book that I must buy and read.
    As ever, with all the best fiction, the scenario presented is true…just too true. In fact it isn’t fiction, but a just a capture of the spirit and essence of the times, and realities that just didn’t become realities due to accidents of timing and nothing less.
    In all probability, Derek Turner’s dystopia is too mild and tame to describe the present, let alone the future. The British future is likely to be wilder, but in ways and directions we cannot yet see and usefully speculate about. Suffice to say that what is the new ‘British normality’ would have been described as utter, utter, unbelievable barking madness a mere four decades ago.

  • curri

    Some positive advice:
    “Herfurth also writes about the “parallel worlds” created by both Communists and Fascists in the lead-up to the second world war. These groups had their own schools, meeting halls, bookstores, summer camps, rallies, parades, dances, social clubs and more.”
    “Herfurth also suggests that nationalists (his target audience) should go, not only to conservative meetings, but to meetings for liberals, environmentalists, and groups all across the sociopolitical spectrum. I personally recommend going in a group––even a group of two. Going to these meetings will get you out of the house, talking to people, and may give you ideas for new approaches to your own struggle. Best of all, it will make your beliefs more visible to other people––it’s much harder to hate “Nazis” if some show up to various meetings, are polite and well-dressed, and ask insightful questions.

    “The intellectuals” refers to intellectual arguments, inspiring myths, and appeals to smart people (elite or otherwise). Again, this is not just a matter of laying out the facts plain as day and waiting for people to “wake up.” Appealing to intellectuals can involve, among other things:

    -artistic movements. Fascist art and architecture was avant-garde by 1930s standards––one of the reasons it was so popular with intellectuals. Even today people will admit to finding “cultural fascism” appealing.

    -a parallel status system. Every culture and subculture has one. In punk subcultures, for example, you gain status by getting arrested at a protest, hanging out with Henry Rollins, etc. Hipsters have a complicated and never-quite-explained status system, where you can gain status by owning obscure records, working at a nonprofit, etc. Kurtagic discusses this at length here.

    -better web design. VDare and AmRen took this to heart, and both are much more aesthetically pleasing and easier to navigate in consequence.

    -storytelling. People tell themselves stories to help simplify the world. Many of these stories are pieced together from disparate or misleading information, but they make the world simpler. Create a narrative which makes sense, that can compete with egalitarianism.

    -fashion. Herfurth recommends adopting something of the aesthetic of the left. Being visually indistinguishable from leftists fosters confusion, and, as the creator of the Brady Bunch explained, “The confused do not laugh.”

    It would also be good, although he doesn’t say this in so many words in the book, to be always better-dressed than the opposition. Most people don’t pay conscious attention to dress, and as Beau Brummel pointed out, “If people turn to look at you in the street, you are not well-dressed.” Still, dress makes a subconscious impression.”


    • David Ashton

      As suggested elsewhere, all these positive suggestions from AmRen posters should be gathered together, sorted, evaluated and circulated by the NCF for general guidance.

  • NorthernWind

    We need to focus on the future. Offer a credible, inspiring, simple, and uncompromising message to the people. We need to get skilled propagandists (I’m using the proper meaning of the word) who can disseminate this message in a way that will appeal to and by understood by the average person.

    Defeatism is unacceptable.

    • US_Eurolad

      The problem is thusly… for every shrewd and skilled propagandist you will get 10 window-licking bike helmet wearing retards who’s idea of “subtle manipulation and coercion” is Naming the Jew(tm) and chanting White Power. It REALLY helps our cause when you impotently lash out and wail playing into the exact stereotype the left so gleefully loves to portray. It is hard to have hope when moderate whites do not have the wherewithall to distance themselves from this absurd platform that will -never-, let me say it again, never get mainstream traction. Particularly amongst the most important people of all, your mind-controlled white women. Think about that next time you want to heil mein fuhrer idiots. (You know who you are)

      • TeutonicKnight67

        Yes! And don’t you just love how these tough-guy supremacists came rolling down from the mountains to confront the Black Panthers nose to nose on the streets? Or how they formed citizens watch groups to protect humans from Bantu violence, rape and politically correct law enforcement?

      • WardKendall

        You’re correct, US. There is so much untapped potential to reach our fellow whites, if we can move beyond the compulsion for Hitler worship and the drooling awe of Jewish power. This does not mean being ‘nice’, because this is total war. One area we are still weak in is leadership. The white advocacy movement is overflowing with PhD’s and other academics as never before, but real-world leadership is virtually non-existent, at least in the USA.

        They were the last whites on earth…

        500 million Americans by the year 2050…

  • Greg Thomas

    There is absolutely, positively nothing of benefit from hordes of third-world immigrants flooding our shores. One must ask our leaders when is enough enough? When do we finally achieve “diversity?” When every last White woman, man and child is relegated to third-class status in the very countries our ancestors founded.

  • Dan Reardon

    I read the book and Derek Turner is an outstanding writer. I hope to see more publications from him.

    • Jeff

      He’s really an excellent writer. I couldn’t put down my ebook reader. I hope to see more from him and DEREK, YOU GOTTA MAKE THIS INTO A SCREENPLAY! This would make a movie that NEEDS TO BE MADE!

  • icelandic

    This sounds like a depressing read but each to his own. When I read a book I don’t want it to comprise what I read online-I’m not a masochist. I’ll stick with Joesph Conrad who wrote about many of these same subjects over a century ago. I agree that white liberals refuse to question anything that non whites who have no willingness to assimilate will do. Do note that the Left in the UK is closer to dumb raving liberals in the US . A true US radical Commie Left winger hates all religion, wants all religion beaten back and wants immigration and all birth rates curbed due to it’s impact on the environment.

  • deep_enough

    Of course, reasonable people recognize there are two sides to any issue (even if one of them is totally insane)… May I offer you a belated Thanksgiving Turkey from yet another great mind of the MSM (a plan that’s worked so well in California):

    JORDAN WEISSMANN – Jordan Weissmann is an associate editor at The Atlantic. He has written for a number of publications, including The Washington Post and The National Law Journal.

    Here’s an Idea That Could Save America’s Economy: More Americans

    Increasing immigration may be our simplest path to long-term growth.

  • Jeff

    I’m reading the book now, most of the way through it, and here’s my partial review:

    He’s an excellent writer. It’s a joy to read. He uses a sky-high vocab level. 99% of native speakers (including me) will have to reach for a dictionary occasionally. I think that’s cool except that it may turn off some readers, and I hope everyone will read this. However, maybe it helps shut down those who criticize us as being ignorant rednecks. No one can say that the writer of that book is ignorant or uneducated.

    The portrayal of the protagonist, Ibrahim, is wonderful. It truly gets inside his mindset. Who he is, why he wants to move to the UK (girls, free stuff, opportunity to work, in that order), how clueless he is about the pale women he dreams of. He’s bad sometimes, but only in a low-on-the-totem-pole passive way, and he’s sort of good sometimes, but again, only in the most basic ways. You end up having a lot of sympathy for him and what he wants, and at the same time, you end up not wanting him or anyone like him in your neighborhood or country. To me, achieving a portrayal of an illegal immigrant that is at the same time human and sympathetic, while also clearly undesirable, is really amazing, and that’s what is needed. I can’t say enough how amazing it is that the author can make us quite sympathetic while at the same time very clear that we do not want that guy in our country.

    I also love how the author ties Mr. Gowt all the way back in time – his farm was the same farm in Roman times and before.

    All in all an amazing book which I hope is widely read.

    Message to the author: This book should be made into a screenplay! The sympathy and plot are moving, the store is linear and overt enough to make a great movie in my (totally amateur) opinion. When’s the movie coming out!!!!

  • refocus

    Mr. Turner here has made a brilliant point, which is the reluctance of
    most whites to understand that they need to organize to defend
    themselves. They do not understand that a growing, anti-white coalition
    is dedicated to the dispossession of their people.

    Most of the whites I have met do not see dispossession as a problem that they will contend. (As they suffer chronic medical conditions and a falling standard of living.) Perhaps the fluoride in their orange juice and bottled water has hopelessly rotted their brains.