Mitt Romney faced the most sustained booing of his presidential campaign – more than 15 seconds – when he told the NAACP that would ‘eliminate…Obamacare’.

The presumptive Republican nominee knew he would be facing a potentially hostile crowd at the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People conference in Houston – 95 per cent of blacks voted for President Barack Obama four years ago.

But he seemed briefly stunned by the booing and catcalling from the audience and departed from his prepared remarks to argue that Obama’s healthcare reform would cause businesses to shed jobs.

Romney’s reception was initially polite, even warm at times. But that changed when he said: ‘I’m going to eliminate every non-essential expensive programme I can find, that includes Obamacare.’

Abandoning his script, he quelled the boos by saying: ‘You know, there was a survey of the Chamber of Commerce, they carried out a survey of their members, about 1500 were surveyed.

‘And they asked them what effect that Obamacare would have on their plans and three-quarters of them said it would make them less likely to hire people.

‘So I say again if our priority is jobs and that’s my priority that’s something I’d change and I will replace with something that provides people something they need in healthcare, which is lower cost, good quality , a capacity to deal with people who have pre-existing conditions and I’ll put that in place.’

Donna Brazile, a Democratic strategist, told CNN that the crowd was ‘right to boo’ because ‘Obamacare’ was ‘derogatory terminology used by an intolerant group of Americans’.

Back in March, however, the Obama campaign fully embraced the term Obamacare, formerly mainly the preserve of conservative critics of Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

David Axelrod, Obama’s chief strategist, sent out an email saying: ‘I like Obamacare. I’m proud of it — and you should be, too. Here’s why: Because it works. So if you’re with me, say it: “I like Obamacare.”’

Romney was also booed when he promised to ‘open up energy, expand trade, cut the growth of government, focus on better educating tomorrow’s workers today and restore economic freedom’ and added that Obama would not do this.

‘And I know the President will say he’s going to do those things, but he has not, he will not, he cannot, and his last four years in the White House prove it definitively.’

Romney, who was branded in a liberal video previewing the NAACP speech in Houston as ‘so white’ that he makes ‘Wonder Bread look like pumpernickel’, pushed his message that black unemployment has risen to 14.4 per cent under Obama, way above the 8.2 per cent national rate.

The former Massachusetts governor also highlighted school choice, favored by many blacks and which he has described as the ‘civil rights issue of our era’.

By comparison, former President George W. Bush highlighted education in his 2000 speech to the NAACP and won 11 per cent of the black vote.

Obama currently has an 87 per cent approval rating among blacks but if Romney can improve his standing among blacks it could prove crucial in swing states like North Carolina, where Obama eked out a narrow win in 2008, and Virginia.

Some leading black figures have grown disillusioned with Obama. Cornel West, the Harvard professor and a key 2008 supporter, recently described him as the ‘black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a black puppet of corporate plutocrats’.

A number of more centrist Democrats have also been critical. Artur (CORR) Davis, a former Alabama congressman and a prominent ally in 2008, has left the Democratic party, is supporting Romney and says that ‘candidate Obama has been a very different person than President Obama’.

Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts, Mayor Cory Booker of Newark and former congressman Harold Ford of Tennessee all indicated they were uncomfortable with Obama’s attacks on private equity and Romney’s record at Bain Capital.

Former president Bill Clinton, famously described as the ‘first black president’ by the writer Toni Morrison, angered the Obama campaign by saying that Romney had a ‘sterling’ business record and his work at Bain had been ‘good work’.

This year, Obama is not going to the NAACP conference and is instead sending Vice President Joe Biden – a move that could lead to accusations he is taking black voters for granted.

In 2008, Obama overcame doubts that his mixed parentage and lack of slave ancestors meant that he would not be embraced fully by blacks. But some people still highlight his white mother, suggesting that he is not really black.

His half-brother George Obama’s says in a new documentary that the President is ‘some half white guy’ while actor Morgan Freeman told NPR this week that people ‘forget that Barack had a mama, and she was white’.

He added: ‘America’s first black president hasn’t arisen yet. He is not America’s first black president – he’s America’s first mixed-race president.’

Romney also highlighted his family history. His father George spoke out against segregation in the 1960s and while governor of Michigan toured urban areas as race riots hit Detroit. As head of the Housing and Urban Development Department, he pushed for housing reforms to help blacks.

He said: ‘For every one of us a particular person comes to mind, someone who set a standard of conduct and made us better by their example.  For me, that man is my father, George Romney.

‘It wasn’t just that my Dad helped write the civil rights provision for the Michigan Constitution, though he did.  It wasn’t just that he helped create Michigan’s first civil rights commission, or that as governor he marched for civil rights in Detroit – though he did those things, too. 

‘More than these public acts, it was the kind of man he was, and the way he dealt with every person, black or white.  He was a man of the fairest instincts, and a man of faith who knew that every person was a child of God.’

But this was not enough for most of the NAACP members at the conference.

Attorney general Eric Holder, who is black, received a rousing reception this week when he told the conference that Republicans wanted to disenfranchise them by introducing tough new voter ID laws in a number of states.

Holder said that that 25 per cent of eligible black voters lack a photo ID but only eight per cent of whites do.

‘In our efforts to protect voting rights and to prevent voting fraud, we will be vigilant and strong,” he said. ‘But let me be clear: we will not allow political pretexts to disenfranchise American citizens of their most precious right.’

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  • JackKrak

    What did he expect, indeed.

    Going to a black audience – even an “educated”, comparatively upscale black audience like the one at an NAACP meeting – and even talking about even maybe possibly beginning to kinda sorta discuss tiny cosmetic rollbacks in the gubbamint gravy train is not going to get a warm reception. These are people who are literally handed everything in their lives (except the bill) and still manage to make a shocking mess of it all.

    You want blacks to abandon Obamacare or any other govt program? Start rumors that it’s funded by the KKK and the secret plan is to sterilize black men. Works every time.

  • He should be glad he didn’t say he would get jobs for blacks.

  • WhitesRdumb

    Why is it called Obamacare?

    Obama isn’t paying for it.

    I AM!!!

    but I do not get any of the benefits.

  • Sloppo

    Blacks choose marxism at a rate of over 90% at every elective opportunity.  They don’t necessarily understand that voting for the candidate who promises to redistribute wealth confiscated from people who earned it is “marxism”, but they know what they want.  Obamacare includes all the elements necessary to transform the US into a full blown USSA and any threat to the marxist agenda is highly offensive to blacks.  If Romney actually thought that a black audience would be happy about the prospect of more available jobs and less free money … then he is not playing with a full deck.

    • BY going there and having them behave badly  he shows what they are.

      • Sloppo

        True.  He is not may favorite candidate, but he is not an idiot.

        • mikejones91

          Your either voting for Obama, or against Obama.

  • Francis Galton

    Why does Romney even bother talking to hostile groups of people like this?  I’ll bet you money nearly every black in that audience was snickering to themselves about Romney’s overly “White bread” demeanor–he makes the Brady Bunch look like the Black Panthers by comparison (not that that’s a bad thing, just saying).  Do any of you all personally know ANY blacks who are going to vote for Romney?
    Also, the fact that blacks booed when he mentioned cutting government (yeah, right) and expanding economic freedom reveals something else–blacks as a group are far more socialistic and authoritarian than are Whites as a group.  Blacks KNOW they can’t compete with Whites in a regime of true economic freedom and liberty, and they KNOW the only way they will approach (but still never reach) White levels of economic prosperity is if the State has a generous redistribution mechanism in place–whether that’s redistribution of income (welfare, food stamps, WIC), tangible assets (section 8, public housing), or jobs (Affirmative Action).
    Romney, you wasted your time.  My respect for you would have increased immensely if you had used the opportunity to lambast blacks for their myriad pathologies.  You would have been drowned in boos and raked over the coals by the Lamestreams, but you would have increased the White voter turnout rate (in your favor) by several percentage points.

    • No he didnt, by going there and having them chimpout he shows that they are about.

    • Joe whatever

       Sorry bro, Yeah WE think that way but the majority of Americans, (whites included) don’t and
      if he did what you are implying, he would have lost more than he would gain….  The Country is so liberally indoctrinated that they would have been appalled.. The ” diversity is strength” mantra, has been drilled into unsuspecting white peoples heads for so long, that they are infact teaching it to their kids, and the liberals probably don’t even have to do much anymore but sit back and laugh at us.. Sad, Because although I and everyone here agrees with you fact is, we lost this thing years ago, and are too stupid or not willing to fight to get it back… I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am..
      We need more Mr. Jared Taylors in the country..

  • you can almost hear the conventioneers whispering to their neighbor when Mitt takes the stage; “Damn, he white”.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      It makes me wonder underneath all the booing how many racist slurs were said? How many times was Romney called a honkey or cracker…or worse?

    • The__Bobster
  • I hope no white Republican ever goes to the NAACP convention again after this, and just cites 2012 if they call him racist.

  • Robert11110

    It saddens me deeply that Mitt Romney is the best the GOP can do after four years of the worst president in my lifetime.  His past support of big government healthcare, gay rights issues and abortion turn off a great deal of the Republican base and the fact he’s a Mormon is a double whammy.  He needs the far right and the Christian vote to win and I just don’t see that happening.

  • AR asks, ‘What did he expect?’

    He likely believed he could explain his positions on various issues and they would respond in a reasonable manner.

    Mr. Romney, like far too many whites, doesn’t understand the basic, visceral nature of blacks; ‘It’s US against whitey’. 

    You can’t have a dialog with irrational, hot-headed people who HATE you because of THE COLOR OF YOUR SKIN.  

    • Maybe he went there to have them chimpout to show people what they are about.

    • The last sentence of your post ought to be displayed on 10,000 billboards all across this great land of ours. Of course, blacks would immediately start defacing or tearing down the billboards, thus proving your point quite nicely.

      • Shawn_thefemale

         No, the blacks would start whooping it up because they would just KNOW you had to be talking about Whites hating THEM. Never in a million years would they entertain the thought it was actually meaning the reverse.

    • ncpride

      In an interesting interview with James Earl Jones today, he called the Tea Party racists, and he would know because his grandmother taught her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to hate all White people. Priceless.

  • Imagine the response if he recited the Pledge of Allegiance!

  • Hirschibold

    For black people, voting is much like the behavior of a hamster in a modified version of one of psychologist B.F. Skinner’s boxes. The hamster knows that if it pushes one button, it will receive a treat. If the hamster pushes the other, it will receive nothing. Naturally the hamster will continue to depress the button that yields a positive stimulus.

    For black people in the voting booth (our proverbial Skinner box) they have discovered that if you mash the “D” button, you get far more free stuff than if you press the “R” one.

    • Shawn_thefemale

       You must be Southern – only Southerners ‘mash’ buttons. That was a strange one for me to learn when I relocated to Georgia. Even after most of my life here,  the only thing I mash is potatoes – I PRESS buttons.  Thanks, you gave me a chuckle. And you’re totally right about black voting, too.

      • Hirschibold

         My mother was born in Dixie and passed some of the slang on to me. Naturally, people here up north look at me like I’m crazy when I call a woman’s purse a “handbag” or  “pocketbook.” The South Carolina Alphabet of course includes the letters Q-R-S-and Sweet Tea.

  • If he and his handlers were trying to highlight the racial divide, then I give them credit for formulating such a strategy. If that wasn’t the plan but it was the result, I agree that it could be a plus for getting through to whites by showing them how big the divide is.  
    We’ll have to wait and see how this plays out.

    • refocus

       Romney is for Obamacare, he allegedly wrote it and stated recently that the Supremes validated it. A done deal.  Only the stupid can consider Romney any different than Obamaush.

  • Imagine the media coverage if Obama had been booed at a Tea Party or townhall meeting. It would have made bigger headlines then the 1969 moon landing.

    •  Joe Wilson.  All he did was yell “You Lie” at an intemperate point.  And as it turns out, he was right about Obama lying about (coming full circle here) ObamaCare not covering illegal aliens.  Almost by the week, we get news of more and more goodies (“no documentation required”) for the undocumented crowd.

      A few years ago, at a big national Boy Scout jamboree, Obama delivered a recorded address, and a lot of the Scouts booed him.  That didn’t get much media play.  But this is the same Obama, as honorary leader of the BSA, (all Presidents are), who is cavorting with the LGBTQMIALOLPLPLTH crowd, who in turn despise the BSA’s “no LGBTQMIALOLPLPLTH” policy.

  • Global Minority

    If anyone thinks Romney is really going to end ObamaCare they need to take their rosey colored glasses off. Romney passed something very simliar in the socialist state of MA! He is a one worlder. There is NO difference really between both parties. And voting for the lesser of two evils is still evil. The darker this country becomes the more it slips back into the dark ages. So keep chanting and thinking we are equal!

    • I like to think more positively than you do. If we adopt the attitude that a White friend of mine has, to wit: “Boys, they’ve got us whipped, so we might just as well lie down and let them walk all over us” — well then, they’ll walk all over us. But it doesn’t have to be that way, if enough White people come to their senses.

  • Yes, the initial reaction might be, “What did he expect?” But as the writer suggested, what might at first glance seem to be a political blunder — voluntarily speaking before a group who despise Republicans in general and anyone who is trying to unseat their Mulatto Messiah in particular — could have been a carefully planned, canny political move.

     I know that many, many of my fellow White Americans will look with more favor on a White politician with the cojones to stand up and tell blacks, not what they WANT to hear, as I’m sure Joe Biden will; but what they NEED to hear. Good on ya, Governor Romney! Hopefully you’ll reap dividends from this courageous move.

    • Larssonenar

       Any extra favor Romney would have gained from me personally he lost (and then some) for going on and on about his civil rights war hero dad. And what’s that about school choice being the great civil rights battle of our time? How is that supposed to make me think more favorably of Romney? If he had gone in there and denounced black crime, black welfare ethos, and black racism then I would have gained respect for him.

      •  What most people miss is that Romney was cheered more than he was booed.  You might think this was a Machiavellian move on his part to get the NAACP to boo him to pander to us.  Okay, so then why would he say things that he knew the NAACP would cheer?

        And what’s that about school choice being the great civil rights battle of our time?

        Translation:  You pay big money to get your kids into good white private schools because the publics are blackboard jungles, and the little Bellcurviuses will get vouchers so they can go to your school for free.

  • mobilebay

    Well, now he’s “done” the NAACP, next will be LA RAZA – maybe he’s already done that. I’m waiting for him to ask for OUR vote. It’s sickening to see these groups pandered to when they have no intention of voting Republican. How about pandering to us for a change, Governor, or do you take us for granted?

  • Absolute exercise in futility, you could have video of Obama drowning kittens and he would still get 95% of the black vote. Heck, look at the way they support Michael Vick.

    • mikejones91

      they don’t like animals as much as whites.

  • shawnmer

    Looks like we aren’t the only ones who speculated that might be the case.

  • WardKendall

    If Obama had gotten the Oswald Treatment during his first run at the presidency, white America would be firmly planted on the pathway to recovery. Whites failed to draw that particular line in the sand, however, and so we only have until 2050 AD before non-whites become the majority in the USA. After that, no Republican will likely win the White House again, and raging liberalism will rev-up into high gear. At that point we’ll either implode into a bloody Covingtonpocalypse or hordes of face-eating blacks will swarm out of Miami and finish us off.
    Hold Back This Day: new edition @ $12.95
    The Towers of Eden: new edition @ $14.88

  • Shawn_thefemale

    ‘By comparison, former President George W. Bush highlighted
    education in his 2000 speech to the NAACP and won 11 per cent of the
    black vote

    Hardly a comparison – W wasn’t running against a black God

    •  And I’ll never believe that Bush got 11% of the black vote in 2000.  The only way you can massage the black vote for a Republican that “high” is if you assume every voter in a black precinct is black, which is not always the case.  Even some of the worst ghettos in North St. Louis, for example, have a few whites in them.  I doubt they’re voting Democrat, Patterson’s First Axiom and all.

    • tickyul

      B. Hussein will be swept back into office with the greatest of ease.

  • While Mitt Romney’s father George, preached integration, he lived in an exclusive white neighborhood in a Detroit suburb. Who does Mitt Romney think he’s kidding?

    George Romney was ineligible to be president of the United States, because he was actually born in Mexico. As Casey Stengel would say, “Look it up”. Yet, this was never brought up in the 1968 presidential campaign. Then again, George Romney made that remark about being “brainwashed” about the Vietnam War, and that did him in.

    • You are misinformed. George Romney was born of Amercican parents while they were in a mormon mission in Mexico. They quickly returned to the US and Romney was granted US citizenship. If my wife and I are in Paris on vacation and she gives birth, that does not make our child a french citizen nor does the child lose American citizenship status.

      Most of the American Public in 1965 were lead to believe that Viet Nam was a just war. It was not. They were lied to by Lyndon Johnson and his cronies and perhaps “brainwash” was too strong a word but that one word should not have ended his political aspirations.  Too bad it was sensatioalized by the liberal media to suit their needs.

      • LaSantaHermandad

        Bravo Luca,
        LBJ had to be one of the most evil people to ever occupy the White House. The whole Gulf of Tonkin incident was a phony and when McNamara came clean about it some years ago, he should’ve been arrested and tried.   JFK had no intention of expanding the conflict there. 
        The only thing that was gained from the war were 50+ thousand dead Americans, thousands of more either physically or mentally ruined, hundreds of thousands of dead Vietnamese and God knows how many more died in the bombings of Hanoi, Haifong  and other Northern Cities. 
        Those guys who went there thought they were fighting for freedom.  God bless them!

    • LaSantaHermandad

      If you’re not an Obama fan then whom would YOU select?
      Does México have a rule that if you’re born there, you’re a citizen?
      ¿ Cualquier persona nacida en México tiene la ciudadanía automática?

  • The NAACP in general, and the NAACP-LDF (Legal Defense Fund) in particular, makes a lot of its money from civil rights lawsuits.  The Civil Rights Act allows for the Feds to pay the plaintiffs’ lawyers in civil rights lawsuits.

  • fabius

     Our country was founded on the proposition that “Taxation without representation is tyranny.” It makes sense: if you pay taxes, you should vote on how those taxes are spent. The problem today is that many who do not pay taxes are voting, and they are voting for ever-expanding programs to subsidize their own comfort and reproduction.

  • `White is beautiful, White is right, and we live in a White Western European World.  This makes non-whites angry and Blacks insane with hate.

  • tickyul

    Romney just does not have it. The right does not like him……..and…well, the left hates him.

    No way Romney can beat Mr Hussein…..a man with a cultlike following.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

       Oromney was chosen to lose the election just like the two boobs that lost 4 years ago in the last election.

      • tickyul

        Yes, I think you are right.

        The Gluehorse and Moose Mama really stunk things up in 2008, no wonder Obamaosama cruised to victory.  I suspect we will see a repeat for the upcoming quadrennial farce.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    As if any of those bigots would ever vote for Romney!!  

    Romney stepped into the maw of the beast, most likely invited just so they could boo him.

    This is a damned if you do damned if you don’t situation.  If he speaks to the racist bigots, he’s likely to get booed, if he doesn’t, the headlines will read:  “Racist Romney Refuses to Speak to NAACP!”

    Booed for mentioning 0bamaCare?  Wait until blacks find out they’re screwed by the new rationed, 0bamaCare — they’re going to be waiting  in long lines behind 30 million illegals for health care!!

  • erin2326

    I love the irony that there is a Confederate battle flag behind Romney to his right [albeit in the canton {upper corner} of the Mississippi flag]

  • TonyWestfield

    Romney should have told the crowd that President Obama’s contribution to job-creation was NIGGARDLY.

    The squealing would have risen quickly to crescendo as they tore off their clothes and started dancing in circles.

    “Sorry, Ann — the NAACP had Mitt for dinner.”

    • LaSantaHermandad

       A la Hannibal Lector .
      LOL!!! Thanks, We NEEDED a bit of humor.

  • Shawn_thefemale

     True, but with Obama you get the crap sandwich loaded.  Romney will only put certain crap on it.

  • joewest666

    As crazy as Piglosi is I kind of agreed with her on the Romney campaign wanting him to be booed in front of the NAACP.

    Now you have framed a black organization booing a white candiate who will run for president against the great black dope.

    I think Obummer just lost a sh!t ton of white votes with that chorus of boos being televised.

    Politics is not a short game.

    Things always become clearer in the final acts of any play.

    • mikejones91

      Do really think that is the case? I’m sure If I see Romney actually doing that. Don’t get me wrong, if he did do it intentionally it was a VERY smart move.

      • joewest666

        Well planned or not.. it definitely got some attention and the narrative will be.

        White man wanting real change and accountability booed by black people wanting more entitlements and “gimme dats”

        Very powerful.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

         Just like Palin writing stuff on her hand. All the tea party right wing nut cases claimed it was intentional to make her look smart. So, what ever happened to that boob with boobs from Alaska?

  • jackryanvb

    OK, it was bad, but it could have been a lot worse. Romney was pandering, but at least he didn’t break down and cry that he and his family and his church and his/our country were terribly RACIST and he would do everything in his power including marrying off his beautiful White daughters to Black African American gang members to atone for the terrible Racist sins of America.

  • LaSantaHermandad

    YES, Please folks! Ron Paul’s chances of getting pregnant are better than winning the election.
    No disrespect meant. I like Ron but he just doesn’t have the “GRAVITAS”. With the exception of Reagan I can’t think of anyone in recent history who did. 

  • What is the NAACP’s interest in ObamaCare such that they booed the generic Republican for saying that he wants to repeal it?

    Between Medicare, Medicaid, and the health benefits at their affirmative action jobs, I bet the percentage of uninsured blacks relative to all blacks is lower than the same figure for whites.

    There must be some special goodies in ObamaCare, from which the NAACP stands to benefit.  After all, Pelosi said we had to pass it before we can fully understand all the junk that’s in it.  Maybe there is so much affirmative action in ObamaCare and so many new grounds for civil rights lawsuits that ObamaCare will be a boon to NAACP lawyers.  A lot of ObamaCare is left up to the whimsical interpretation of the HHS Secretary and his or her minions and bureaucrats that extra benefits for the civil rights vultures can always be jimmied from one cubby hole or another.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    “Unperson wrote: As for Romney and his non-successful speech to the NAACP, the man really
    must be some sort of out-of-touch buffoon to think that an
    anti-Obamacare message would go over well in a roomful of professional

    Next week Oromney will talk to La Raza about stopping illegal immigration.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat


    Was Obama’s mother a US citizen?

    • You’re making a better point than probably even you know.  If this “birther” business ever got to SCOTUS, they would probably declare that Obama is a natural born citizen because his mother was an American citizen, no matter where in the world he was born.

      We really don’t have any “natural born citizen” jurisprudence.

    • nettle

      I would have to say obama was really born here.  A lot of fuss over nothing.  Although, in obama’s case, they were trying to push that his mother was underage when giving birth to be able to grant him citizenship, if he was born in Kenya.
      Then they tried to hedge their case by saying that even if obama was a citizen, his mother had rescinded it by moving to Indonesia.  Do they have absolute proof that would hold up in a court of law, no.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat


    Sorry, I will vote for who I want in office, or who I think will do the best job, and neither a Republican or Democrat will do the best job. Last election I voted for Ralph Nader.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat


    Neither will any of the Republican’ts.  I think they are trying it in the House right now, but of course it is just for display , and without substance.

  • I don’t even know why Romney reached out to the NAACP.  Waste of time, effort, and words.

    White America owes blacks nothing.

  • ncpride

    He says he was taught that racism by his grandmother. Therefore, he called the Tea Party racists because it takes one to know one apparently. I just thought that was hilarious.

  • Dr Al

    Why is Romney wasting his time there?  This is a RACIST organization that hates whites and none of them are going to vote for Romney because his SKIN is WHITE.

    What a fool.

    OH, can anybody tell me when he’ll be speaking at the  NAAWP convention. You know, the National Association of White People convention?  Or, when is he speaking at THE RACE, another community organization representing the white voters?

    Now that Romney has addressed the concerns of the African Americans, the Asian Americans, the Hispanic Americans, I surely hope he has the time to address the concerns of the European Americans, or is he a racists and hates Europeans?

  • Dr Al

    We don’t spend 15% on  health care. We spend it on paper shuffling,  coding,  huge monster rooms full of people filing claims and other horrendous PAPER WORK.

    The ONLY people who provide health care are the nurses and doctors who speak to you. Everything else is NOT health care but office work.

    Why do we have so much paper work? Insurance. Imgaine if we had auto insurance and you used it for oil changes, tire rotations, new tires,  air filers.  GEt it?

    WE insure things that SHOULD NOT BE INSURED. You insure you house for real accidents, not to pay the water bill or replace the water heater or micro-wave.  The “health insurnce” we have is for you to fix your dishwasher or buy a new toaster.

    Imagine how much we would spend on HOME INSURANCE if the companies paid everytime you needed a new garbage disposal. 

    Change health insurance to pay for ACCIDENTS and not “office visits” etc, and watch how prices will drop immediately and drastically.

  • Agreed, but we cannot even begin to fix it unless we get immigration and population dynamics addressed. We can’t have a million “citizens” enter the country every year and expect medical costs not to increase. We also can’t have non-white “citizens” giving birth at a rate of 4 children per woman without the means to care for 4 children. I boggles my mind that people would have children they don’t have the means to feed. 

  • It’s creepy, but I actually felt my diversity programming collapse. I’ve always known about the crime statistics and have kept my distance from minorities. After the Zimmerman fiasco, I did some in-depth research into black-white crime. I found the Bell Curve, Amren and SBPDL. For 2 days I read every race-realist article I could find, I felt like Alice in Wonderland. Once I processed everything I was fully deprogrammed. The truth shall set you free…

  • A “lone assassin,” a loser from the (what used to be) white loser part of Milwaukee who eked out an existence doing menial and odd jobs…Yet, somehow had the money to follow George Wallace around from one city to another, and also could afford a night at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York when he followed Wallace there.

    Yeah, really a “lone nut.”