Univision Topped English-Language Nets Last Week in Key Demos

Dominic Patten, Deadline Hollywood, July 10, 2012

Univision was the No. 1 television network in America among the coveted adults 18-49 and adults 18-43 demos last week—just the third time that has happened. From July 2-8, the Spanish-language net beat CBS by 42%, ABC by 15%, NBC by 7% and Fox by 1% in 18-49. Among 18-34 the spread was more pronounced, with Univision outdelivering CBS by 150%, NBC by 60%, ABC by 57% and Fox by 16%. Last week, the telenovela La Que No Podia Amar was the top Univision show in both demos and the top broadcast show in America at 10 PM. La Que No Podia Amar actually starts airing at 9:59 each weeknight. The 8:58 PM lead-in, telenovela Abismo De Pasion, was No. 2 overall for the week for the network. It topped Adults 18-34 in the 9 PM slot and was number two among Adults 18-49. {snip}

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  • haroldcrews

    Considering that there are what one or two Spanish channels as opposed to dozens of English channels it isn’t surprising that Univision is one of the most watched channels.

    • Xanthippe2

      I don’t know about TV as I do not watch it.  But where I live there are about equal
      numbers of Spanish and English radio stations.

  • Xanthippe2

    I do not think this is because young White people have suddenly become enthralled with Mariachi music, Spanish language talk and sports, Mexican hip-hop, or “Amor” tunes.

  • Well of course Univision won, all the obese mamacitas and ALL of their friends, cousins and nephews just sit around the white tax payer subsidized house/apartment/condo all day cooking, and watching T.V.  It’s exactly like being in Mexico for these people, except that ALL of their expenses are being paid for by you and me.  This really is “No Country For Old Men.”

    • Dont forget the part about sqatting out babies

  • JackKrak

    Take a look at the, um, “programming” offered on Univision sometime. It makes the 90’s prime time lineup of “the WB” and UPN look like high-brow public television. Mexicants exclusively watch lowest-common-denominator trash and jaw-droppingly horrible soap operas.

    • ed91

       Si, es verdad, y esa es la futuro (ahora es la presenta)

      adios, gringos

    • bluffcreek1967

      You’re absolutely correct! Mexican comedies and soap operas are insanely childish, overly-dramatic (even for a soap opera!), and on a complete simpleton’s level. The same goes for their mariachi music which is absolutely deplorable! To me, it sounds like the kind of music one hears upon entering a cheap, child’s carnival. Mexican entertainment truly does appeal to their level of intelligence.

  • Let’s face it, in the age of the Internet which is selective and often interactive, passive television watching is O-U-T.  It is only for the supremely lazy and the supremely dumb.

    •  Which is WHY passive television watching is perfectly suited to these peasants.  They really are VERY simple people who lead very simple lives.  They really want NO more out of life than to be able to comfortably eat and watch T.V. with their HUGE families. 

      • I’ll play the devil’s advocate here: what’s so bad about it ? Putting potential family pathologies aside- is white liberal middle class life with its sacred cows (yoga classes, vegans, overwork & ass-kissing to bosses, vacations in Hawaii or somewhere near, obsession about children’s SATs, obsession with youth & exercises, ..)- something happier ?

        It’s more productive, no doubt, but- more fun to live ?

        • Nothing “bad” about it.

          However, they complain they don’t have as nice of a house as whitey. They don’t have the high-paying job like whitey. They aren’t the ones launching satellites into space like whitey does. All these things are denied to them, of course, because of racism. If they would shut-up and admit they have nothing because they do nothing, then everything would be fine and we’d all get along.

  • This happens a lot in the summer months, because not too many gringos are watching summer reruns on the normal networks.  Fit meets shan when Univision tops the prime time ratings during the fall, winter or spring.

  • Strider73

    Every once in awhile I watch a soccer game on Univision. Their commentators are by far the most enthusiastic I’ve heard in any language. I often wonder where they get the energy to call two games back-to-back. After awhile one learns the Spanish equivalent of various words & phrases, such as:

    árbitro — referee
    falta — foul
    tiro de esquina — corner kick
    fuera de lugar — literally “out of place”; here it means offside
    se la perdió — literally “he lost it”; usually used when an attacker barely misses a shot at goal
    amonestado — literally “admonished”; cautioned (yellow card)
    tiro libre — free kick
    golazo — not really a word; slang for spectacular goal

    •  se la perdió — literally “he lost it”; usually used when an attacker barely misses a shot at goal

      An expert on the Spanish language posted here awhile back that as spoken in Latin America, Spanish has a lot of exculpatory words and phrases.  For instance, one would say “it fell away from me” instead of “I dropped it.”  I think that theory is right, because I hear a lot of the same exculpatory weasel language on the part of American Hispanics, especially Chicanos and Mestizos.  They’re translating their pensive Spanish into English.

      • Strider73

        Now that you mention it, that phrase is also used when a player chokes — like when he has the goalkeeper at his mercy, but pushes the shot wide or skies it 20 feet over the crossbar. Dang that evil pelota (ball)!

    • ed91

       gracias por toda—  espanol es mi segunda lingua favorita

  • newscomments70

    Univision is the major network for latin American Spanish speakers. Most of that community concentrates on that network. Blacks have BET and similar. White English speakers are provided with several networks that HATE them. Why would the majority of whites have any major enthusiasm for the big three (and several others)? Yes millions of whites do sit around like drones, getting sloshed in front of the television…but do they really like it? The white community divides itself amongst several low quality networks and therefore the audience is diluted. 

    Something humorous, I just did a computer spell check for the word, “Univision”. The first choice was “Invasion”. 

    • Someone left the TV on at work and I caught 3 min of a show called “Two Broke Girls.” One white girl was pressuring another white girl to go out with a puerto rican. She said “You could use a little salsa on your white rice” I immediately shut the TV off.

      • newscomments70

        I cut the cable a while back out of spite, but the anti-white racism of the media still poisons my life. I was at the gym last week and a movie was playing. It was fictional of course.  Some “white trash” were busting up a black owned cafe in the South. They were bullying and threatening. They even accosted an innocent black child. Of course this rarely happens in real life…reverse the races, and it happens every few seconds.  I wonder how many innocent whites were killed because of this fictional, racist trash. People are stupid; many believe that fictional movies are real. The media knows that. They continue to produce this trash with the motive to attack us.  Their agenda is to normalize anti-white racism. Could you imagine Univision being anti-hispanic, or BET being anti-black? They would be off the air in a few days. Why do whites tolerate this?

      •  I saw about five minutes of that show last fall.  It’s got to do with two ditzes who work menial jobs in New York City in order to maintain a horse.

        The scary part is this:  The half hour starting at 9/8c Mondays has been CBS’s marquee comedy slot going back to the days of “I Love Lucy.”  “Everybody Loves Raymond” and “Two and a Half Men” have occupied that slot recently.  Now that CBS is moving 2.5 to Thursdays, guess what’s going to slide into that time slot.


        Which means that crummy stupid show has high enough ratings to get CBS’s prime comedy slot.  That.  Is.  Scary.

        • newscomments70

          It is scary, but it marks the well deserved demise of CBS.

          • “This show is a stupid crock, and made for the pea brains of low grade morons.”

            If I posted comments to I Meant Dumb Bastard (IMDB), that would be the only thing I post.  Just cut and paste.

            Even this last season of House was unbearable.

          • I barely watch TV, but the golden age of TV series, particularly drama, were 1990s & early 2000s.  Then, a combination of reality rubbish plus unnatural visual effects destroyed most of the TV series.
            I watched a few minutes of Mexican soaps- they’re unwatchable (high pitch melodrama, always passion, passion, passion…about trivial things. Everybody’s screaming & explaining their feelings all the time).

          • newscomments70

            Agreed, but be more specific and you will make a significant impression. Commenting here doesn’t have the same effect (preaching to the choir, etc).

          • I post at IMDB a lot.  it is a good way to get our cultural view point across, because history of movies MTV for the last hundred years provides lots of examples, good and bad.  And I’ve never been censored on IMDB.  and I get censored a lot on a lot of other boards for being non-PC.  Even here!  (-;  The IMDB mods will delete for obscenity, irrelevancy, personal attacks, … But not generally for PC.  Even though they are owned by the evil Amazon.  Amazon doesn’t pay attention to IMDB, I don’t think.

      • The__Bobster

        You should be glad you did. The slender blonde WASP girl had a one night stand with an ugly Shinto right after that.

  • Breaking hot, dot dot dot.


    I should clarify one of my earlier comments in this thread.  There should be so few non-white Hispanics in the United States that there is no way that a Hispanic oriented network could beat even mainstream network summer reruns.  However, it’s not panic time yet, just because new stuff on Hispanic channels that appeals to Hispanic viewers outdraws mainstream network summer reruns.  Mainstream prime time TV is getting so unwatchable that it might hasten the day when Univision beats a mainstream net during even sweeps months.

  • Raglan

    To be fair its not only latinos that watch, I used to watch univisions show rebelde all the time. Loved it!