State Rep. Womack Says Robbery Points to ‘Social Problem’ in Detroit

Josh Katzenstein, Detroit News, July 10, 2012


Rep. Jimmy Womack, D-Detroit, went to a convenience store on McNichols Road between Second and Hamilton avenues to buy a bottle of champagne around 8 p.m. Sunday after a day of campaigning and church.

When he returned to his car, three men pulled out guns and asked for his keys. Womack said he refused, so the men told him to start the car.

“I said, ‘I’m not starting the car, and I’m not giving you the car,’ ” said Womack, who admitted his initial reaction may not have been wise. “Your life is worth more than anything material. … That was stupid. That was stupid. I know that.”

Stupid or not, the suspects decided to forgo the car and instead stole nearly $300 from Womack’s shirt pocket, which he said the men likely saw when he paid for the wine.


At least four people witnessed the robbery, Womack said, and he expressed frustration with the idea of men robbing someone in public, saying it’s a sign of a “social problem” in Detroit.

“These people are so brazen they know they can get away with it,” he said. “It is very, very disheartening when people who live in a neighborhood, they see you, you see them, but they have no problem robbing you.”

Jimmy Womack

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  • A ” social ” problem.

    Hmm, you mean a black problem

  • Biff_Maliboo

     Convenience store champagne on a Sunday night?

    Representative Jimmy must have run on an “Imma keep it rills” platform.

    •  Well he was probably thirsty after a hard day “campaigning” (agitating against whitey) and “church” (agitating against whitey).  But we all know the news “classed up” the story by changing the beverage in question to champagne from Mad Dog 20/20

    • Up to my neck in CA

      I will bet you dollars to donuts it was Cooks or a similar cheap Sparkling White Wine. True Champagne only comes from France and it’s not cheap.

      • He did have $300 bucks on him..

        • splitsing

          That’s what he says he had. 

          • refocus

            I caint hardly believe dat.   SMH

        • HenryHolliday

          Maybe he robbed the store and the guys outside were his lookouts getting paid….good cover story in case there were witnesses outside…..

        • Up to my neck in CA
    • It was Ripple ……

  • WhitesRdumb

    Social Problems = Minority Problem = White’s Fault

    Nothing new to see.

  • “Society” did not rob you Mr. Womack, Black males did.  Other Blacks saw what went down and did nothing.

    “These people are so brazen they know they can get away with it,” he
    said. “It is very, very disheartening when people who live in a
    neighborhood, they see you, you see them, but they have no problem
    robbing you.”

    That’s EXACTLY how we feel about your people Mr. Womack and that is why we want NOTHING to do with you and your people.  But hey you got what you always wanted, a 90% + black city run EXCLUSIVELY by blacks.  Why are you still complaining to the White man?

  • JackKrak

    At least Mr. Womack had the opportunity to meet representatives from his core constituency up close & personal.

  • “These people are so brazen they know they can get away with it,

    I wonder why.  Maybe it’s because of idiot black politicians who dismiss violent crime as a mere “social problem.”


  • Hirschibold

    Yes there are “social problems” in Detroit, much as there were “technical problems” at the facility in Chernobyl. There was not much of a description of the four men who attacked him, so I think it is safe to assume they were blunderbuss-toting Pilgrims of one sort or another, on a robbery spree to raise capital for much-needed repairs to the Mayflower.

    • First Chicago and now Detroit? This is why Europe kicked them out, crazy Pilgrims.

  • Seems like the social problem was dealt with a little “social justice” in that these three men were simply trying to redistribute some of Mr. Womack’s wealth.

  • Global Minority

    LOL. A social problem? Not it is not. It is a black problem and always has been. Why is it in the absence of a majority White society, blacks always as a whole (not all) revert backward (from European standards)? It is like they move back into the dark ages. Look at Haiti as a glaring example.

    • Makes you realize how precious and rare White society is. We are civilization and if we die off, there is little hope for the species as a whole. No third worlder would ever admit it, but our doomed experiment with “diversity” has proven this truth. 

      • Up to my neck in CA

        I think about this all the time. What will happen to this planet and all the endangered animals if Whites are gone?

  • ncpride

    If he had been White, they would have beaten him senseless no doubt, so consider yourself lucky, Womack.

  • splitsing

    Really smart to go around with $300 cash in Detroit.  But this guy is probably embellishing that aspect of the story to make himself look more like a pimp and he can write it off his expense report at work anyway, I’m sure.

  • Let’s try to guess what ethnicity the three robbers were: Oh, I know — Mongolian. No, that’s not it; not many of them in Detroit. Uh, how about, Samoan? No — too far north; they don’t like the cold. Oh, I know: It was redneck Appalachian Whites who came to Detroit just so they could rob law-abiding black men who were just peaceably going home from church!

    OK, enough comedy. We all know who they were, and why the Detroit News was oh, so careful not to identify them ethnically — or in this case, racially. The mainstream media think they’re “protecting” one group’s tender sensibilities, and fooling all the rest of us when they do that. Which only proves how clueless the mainstream media really is.

    • I thought they were Lichtensteiners, or Basques.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      Most likely Amish on Rumspringa.

  • Blacks only acknowledge this “social problem” when a gun is stuck in their faces

  • Womack is the type of Bantu pol who thinks that the whites who bailed on Detroit after the 1967 riots are “racists,” for having done so. He didn’t get an epiphany from this episode, instead calling it a “social problem”. It’s like Batus shooting Bantus, and the gun gets the blame.

    It’s like all those civil wars on the African continent – nobody put the blame on the warring factions, but on the (Caucasian) West.

    Pols like Womack will NEVER get it. 

    • I W

      If they didn’t have guns, they’d use machetes and pointy sticks. It Is the Caucasian West’s fault for feeding and medicating people who can’t even be responsible enough to keep their legs shut with the highest levels of stupidity, starvation, disease and poverty on the planet.

    • In his defense, he is paid not to get it.  Can you imagine the reaction if he publicly acted like he got it?  Beyond losing his job, those guys would murder him, and the community would think it justified.  

      • Up to my neck in CA

        The headline would read “Shitavious Jamal Washington aquitted of Murdering Uncle Tom, he was desperate to feed his 10 children and their 8 baby mommas.”

  • HenryHolliday

    :: Henry hangs head in shame as fresh tsunami of white guilt washes over him::

  • “Social problem?” Now there is a euphemism for you!

  • ncpride

    After reading this, I would say Emma West is in some serious trouble when she ‘stands trial’ in a few days.

    Even though I think the woman in this story is a naive fool, it’s a shame the Brits treat their own people this way. Tragic, really.

  • Detroit_WASP

    Bill O’Riley had a black preacher on last night discussing the murders in Chicago.  The black preacher said, “this isn’t about black folk”  and Bill said, “yes it is…it’s all black guys doing this crap.”  I nearly fell out of my chair.  Good stuff!

  • Sloppo

    I wouldn’t describe it as a social problem, but calling it a “socialist problem” would be a little closer to reality.  Those robbers exist because the government paid their mothers to bring them into this world.  

    • Anan7

      Free education not only saps the productive members of society who have few children but encourages this sort of behavior among such dysgenic peoples.

      Abolition of property and income taxes along with black deportation or creation of White-only and black-only areas is the true path to peace and prosperity.

      But then these black-only areas would start to look like Africa and then WE would get blamed for it.

      I try very hard not to hate blacks.  Unfortunately their behavior and invasion of our space makes it very, very difficult not to do so.  It will be something I struggle with my entire life.

  • “These people are so brazen they know they can get away with it,” he said. “It is very, very disheartening when people who live in a neighborhood, they see you, you see them, but they have no problem robbing you.”

    That’s because liberal-progressives have turned criminals into victims. Criminals know they’re unlikely to be caught or prosecuted fully because of liberal-progressive laws dealing with criminals are now work in favor of the criminal.

    In once sense, Rep. Womack is right. It is a social problem. However, he and those like him are the ones who created the conditions for these social problems to flourish.

    These criminals pretty much know they have control of the street and can rob and attack people openly during the day. This is something that only used to happen late at night in the bad parts of towns. Now it happens everywhere even during the day.

    The feral animals are free to hunt their prey anytime, day or night. 

  • mikejones91

    I can’t help but feel had this man been white, his lack of cooperation would have ended in near death physical brutality.

  • joewest666

    Knowledge is the beginning of understanding…

    Welcome to your enlightenment Mr.Womack.

    Don’t waste this manifestation of your brain flipping itself on for once.

  • Well Mr. Representative, we have tried everything. We have given you our treasure by paying for your people’s food, shelter, education, and entertainment. We have forced our brilliant white children to step aside for your dull offspring, we have diluted the most precious of all cultures and over time lost the will to create and innovate, we have taken robberies, beatings, rapes and murders, you have destroyed the innocence of our youth with your language and behavior, and in total you have given us nothing but waste, pain and suffering. I would ask you, if the shoe was on the other foot, what would you negroes do? Never mind, we know what you would do, the question really is, does the white man have the courage to do what is needed to solve this destruction of our homeland and its future?

    • brew730

       Wow. The best post I’ve read all year!

    • Texan1st

      Well said and right on the money!

  • ageofknowledge

    One hundred years ago, the government could have asked the good citizens to take care of it and they would have. But now there aren’t enough good citizens left… just a whole lot of very bad ones.

  • godzillabloggs

    Rep.  Womack has merely experienced an example of institutional wealth redistribution.   He is making too much fuss about it.