What Will a White-Minority US Look Like?

Daniel Nasaw, BBC News, May 18, 2012

The US has reached a demographic tipping point, with most babies born now belonging to minority groups.

According to the US Census bureau, black, Hispanic, Asian and mixed-race births made up 50.4% of new arrivals in the year ending in July 2011.

Much of the change is driven by high birth rates among the Hispanic population.

The official notice foreshadows the day, expected in the 2040s, when non-Hispanic whites – like the group that founded America – will be in the minority.

In the new US, what will change – and what might remain the same?

More inclusive America?

The vast majority of young Americans have no qualms about marrying outside their racial and ethnic groups, says Jeffrey Passel, a senior demographer at the Pew Hispanic Center, so a growing proportion of Americans will be biracial.

“The new generation does not see colour, they don’t see race,” says Ken Gronbach, a demographer and futurist who writes and lectures on marketing and generational change.

“The whole complexion of the US is going to get darker – we’re going to look like [bi-racial baseball player] Derek Jeter.”

The shift is already apparent in advertising and will become more so, says Howard Buford, president of Prime Access, a multicultural marketing agency in New York.

“A large part of advertising is showing relatable portrayals – ‘people like me’,” he says. “The hair is becoming darker, the skin is becoming darker. That idea of ‘too ethnic’ is going away.”

The baby on the Downy fabric softener logo for decades was blond-haired and blue-eyed, he notes. Now, the child has dark hair and eyes and olive skin.

Growing Hispanic influence

Spanish slang and rhythm could seep into American English the way African-American speech has already been incorporated through television, film and pop music.

Raul Lopez, president of multicultural marketing research company Phoenix Multicultural, recalls a recent focus group in heavily Hispanic Miami where a group of white girls were speaking – presumably unconsciously – with Spanish vocal inflection and rhythm.

American popular music at least as far back as the early 20th Century has been deeply influenced by African-American music – from jazz and blues through rock’n’roll and hip-hop.

Hispanic tunes – from Caribbean salsa and meringue to Mexico banda and tejano are already heard on urban radio across the country – and could crossover into the suburbs.

For evidence of the Mexican cultural influence on America, see the national popularity of tacos and burritos.

Hispanic culture evolves

Hispanic children born in the US to US-born Hispanic parents could lose their Spanish fluency, reflecting the way, say, the descendents of 20th Century Eastern European Jewish immigrants speak no Yiddish today.

“But they will retain a lot of their culture even if they exercise that culture in English,” says Lopez, like lavish “Quinceanera” 15th birthday parties for girls.

Young Hispanic Americans already have pop-cultural programming directed at them.

Mun2 (pronounced “mundos”, as in Spanish for “worlds”) is a cable television network aimed at young “bicultural” Hispanics, broadcast in both English and Spanish.

Internet radio website Batanga broadcasts Latin genres alongside English-language hip-hop and classic rock.

“They can do both,” Lopez says of the new generation of Hispanic Americans. “These people live seamlessly in two worlds – the Hispanic world and the ‘general market’ US world. They go back and forth and it’s not like a switch.”

Democratic vote dividend

Young minorities who are coming of age and who vote overwhelmingly Democratic are displacing older white Republican voters in the electorate, says Ruy Teixeira, a demographer at the Center for American Progress.

“In a crude political way you could argue it helps the Democrats, but it puts pressure on the Republicans to make changes,” he says. “They cannot cede the minority vote as they have been doing for the last few years.”

Struggle for resources

A major proportion of American political debate focuses on social security and health programmes for the elderly, because older voters dominate the electorate.

But like all young people, young minority voters want access to education for themselves and their children, affordable housing, and transportation.

“We’re going to be strapped for resources,” says Mr Frey.

“The older population has very little personal connection or empathy with this younger, more diverse population.”

First Hispanic president?

“I would be amazed if another couple of decades went by and we didn’t have a Hispanic president,” says Teixeira. “It could be way sooner that that. Who would have guessed the first black president would be as early as 2008?”

A thriving America

Americans should have little fear of widespread racial and ethnic tension, especially true if America’s political and community leaders do a good job of reminding people of the country’s history as a diverse haven for immigrants, demographers say.

And the population shift is the result of the healthy fertility rates needed to sustain a market economy, says Gronbach. Compare America’s 2.06 babies born per women with Italy’s (1.4) and Japan’s (1.39).

“The best days for America are ahead, not behind us,” he says. “Demographics precipitates economics, and the demographics of the US and the demographics of the continent of the Americas is very good.”

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  • What Will a White-Minority US Look Like?


    • Francis Galton

       I agree.  But I also believe that for the Real Americans (us), the political endgame is Zimbabwe.  I’ll give it until the year 2100 or so. 

    • bubo

      It’s going to be much worst than Brazil.   Tension among races in America are probably 10 fold what they ever where in Brazil.   Blacks know where they rank in society there.  They aren’t fed a daily dose of anti-white propaganda that keeps them in a homicidal rage  by the media like they are here.  

  • nodak

    Meantime, school test scores drop, despite an ever increasing amount of resources.  Our rulers pretend they don’t know the reasons, but nobody can possibly be that foolish.  As our schools continue to turn blacker and browner, our ranking in international educational rankings will continue to decline.  And at some point it will have dire consequenses for the country.

    • alastairabbacle

      It frustrated me at no end how the US, if you take out nonwhites, ranks near the top in so many performance catagories.

      Yet countless news articles and social science “studies” completely ignore this.  The whole USA is impugned for the nonperformance of our minorities.

      I would like to see more ranking placements of USA whites alone.  

  • Hirschibold

    Once America is minority white, it will be a paradise, like Haiti or Mexico. I for one think electricity, paved roads, and the rule of law are overrated, anyway.

    • Fredrik_H

      Yeah, who needs all that stuff when you have diversity.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Hirschibold, didn’t you read the end of the article where they announce that in the future “Americans should have little fear of racial and ethnic tension”? So there.

      Clearly the Black vs Hispanic race riots in our prisons and in California and New York high schools are just a temporary thing. Same with the flash mob attacks on whites.    

  • Robert11110

    “The best days for America are ahead, not behind us,” he says. “Demographics precipitates economics, and the demographics of the US and the demographics of the continent of the Americas is very good.”

    Compare America in the 1950’s to today.  Was it better then or now?  Our schools?  The economy?  The middle class?  Our currency?  Our industrial base?  Our cities?  Fast forward one decade at a time to the 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s, etc.  Are we getting better or getting worse?  If you see it with the same eyes that I have you can see an unmistakable decline taking place.  You should also be able to see that the 1980’s was the last gasp of white culture in America. 

    • You make two excellent points. One about the decline and how the ‘best days’ are indeed behind us all as the non-white creep takes over our landmasses, and also about the 1980’s being quite a pivotal point in many people’s sense of ‘change’.

      It was not only America where the past was much better in many ways or where the 1980’s saw a massive shift in many aspects of society.

      We have a TV channel over here called ITV4 – which regularly shows 80’s TV programmes both American and British, but mostly British. Think of “Minder”, “Shoestring”, “The Saint”, etc. Society, attitudes and culture was evidently different, and still vastly white (street shots, background views).

      In fact, it gets a bit hard to watch because it fills me with so much sorrow and nostalgia.  Yup, I think there was a major shift in the late end of the 80’s throughout many European nations when compared to the early to mid 1990’s. The projected ‘curvature’ has ramped up to insane and alienating levels since then.

      I was even watching a film the other month from the mid 1950’s, where there had been some kind of armed kidnap for ransom (or other such crime) and the police initially ruled it all to be “simply out of the question” when it was suggested to them, because “there are no such crimes in this country”.  I know TV is fantasy, but why would they have a line like that if it was not largely true?

      A far cry from now, where we swim amongst the scum of the earth, traffickers, drug dealers, wanted genocide suspects, rapists, killers……. But according the liberals, we are so much “better” and have “progressed” from those ‘stuffy, bland and prejudiced’ old days…….

      • Dan

        Yeah we finally got away from that stuffy old “protestant work ethic” and those outdated “Judeo-Christian” principles that held us back as a nation. Isn’t the new, progressive, liberal utopia a wonderful thing?

  • dougjnn J

    The Hispanic vote is way way smaller than their percentage of the population (16%) because a lot of that percentage is either illegal or non citizen and a lot is too young to vote, and because Hispanics have hstorically been pretty apathetic voters.  IIRC in the last presidential election they made up 6% of the vote.  

    • You think they only vote legally. Hundreds of voter frauds where found in FL by a TV newstation that compared jury duty slips that said they couldnt serve due to not being citizens to the voter rolls.

  • This stuff is so sickening it makes my blood boil, and ignites the verbal napalm in my gut  The only thing that gives me solace is the logical conclusion that this current state of affairs CANNOT go on for much longer.  There is NO WAY there will be a “United States” of America in 2042 that is majority NON WHITE.  Oh the land will still be here but the nation and its institutions will have been destroyed long before that time.  There is just no way to support all of these non whites, it will all come crashing down.  There is only so much money you can create out of thin air, there is only a finite amount of room in which you can push our backs up against the wall.

  • Global Minority

    What Will a White-Minority US Look Like? SA

    See for yourself. It’s not pretty a picture.


    Where the White race is being gencoided in the most horrible of ways while the entire International community looks the other way as if it is NOT happening or takes the position that they deserve it becasue of their “racism”!

    • Church_of_Jed

      A rare and passing moment of White privilege, soon to be



      The band aid commercial has beautiful blonde White
      children showing off their band aids. Then the graphic shows an ordinary band
      aid next to the new and improved band aid uses by the glowing bring White
      children: the ordinary was darker and the improved was lighter.


      “My heart jumped for joy, then it sank in sadness
      when I looked around and saw overwhelming Diversity and remembered just how unsustainable
      our White privilege has become.”



      -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “My reaction to seeing a
      group of laughing, happy, beautiful 100% Whites only girls at the bar,”

      • Who is this Rev. Jed you are always quoting? I did a search for him on the internet and found nothing at all.

        My reaction to seeing a group of laughing, happy, beautiful 100% Whites only girls at the bar,” 2008 – is that an article or publication or something?

        • MikeofAges

           I have the same question. I think Rev. Jed must be fictional character, concept or construct.  Maybe the creation of the person who does the posts.

          • alastairabbacle

            There have got to be actual books and sermons enfolded in  this “state of mind”, ready to unfurl.

        • loyalwhitebriton

          From what I’ve seen, it’s a state of mind; a sort of paradigm which is given a persona. I’ve seen one or two other commenters quote the Rev, though obviously Church of Jed specialises in it.

          “..I told the diversity cop that institutional racism was necessary for the survival of white people – that’s when his fist crashed into my jaw, and I blacked out; momentary relief from the torture…”

          Rev Jed DeValleyism “Chronicles of the British Resistance” 2020.
          Book IV Chapter III ‘The Capture’.

          That’s my small contribution from the good reverend.  

          • Jason

            I saw a Philly Cream Cheese commercial just this morning.  It had a pretty white woman waking up in bed with a big black guy.  They were snuggling and sensuously eating bagels and cream cheese. 

            I mean they really spent some time showing all their intimate  innuendo and and sensual attraction for each other as the medium for selling the cream cheese.

            I was shocked.  Black male/white female couples are still not all that common that a major brand should be blatantly pushing that angle.  I also imagine they would not have done that commercial that way if it were a white guy in the bed.

            Diversity is killing the nation, its culture and its way of life.  

  • Global Minority

    It will be more than our White kids going to school and getting pickedon and harrassed. It will be gencoide. Look the SA as proof postive of that.

    • MikeofAges


  • RockyBass

    Come on everyone, join me in another verse of “koombayah”

  • Church_of_Jed

    He’s saying that tensions are avoidable if the govt. pumps out enough Diversity propaganda.

  • While we will face two enemies of our race,  the biggest threat to our survival will come from those of our own race who are more than happy to see the white race disappear.  Traitors are the invisible enemy, and because they are equal to us, they are more dangerous than our lessor enemies

  • What will it look like go to DetRIOT or down to a mexican border town where they have male donkey and woman shows.

  • Diamond_Lil

    The U.S. will be balkanized.  Eventually, we’ll take it back and boot all of them out permanently.  But whites need to begin evacuating the cities that are majority non-white. 

  • loyalwhitebriton

    This whole concept of white people, black people, brown people, yellow people, Christians, muslims, jews, sikhs, etc, all standing around in a circle, holding hands, singing “We are the World” is the stuff of nonsence.
    It is naught but the imaginings of a certain political class who, every time another of their liberal ideas fail (as they invariably do), simply look to the horizon, where their ‘utopia’ hangs there, tantalisingly close, but just out of grasp.
    So they try again, and again, and again…..
    In the meantime, white victims increase; and if you don’t accept this as being necessary ‘collateral damage’, well, then, you’re just a racist.

    • alastairabbacle

      Take a look at this:  All nationalities joined together, by the communist fist growing from the earth.

      There are mural like this all over. They want Diversity to be the new Proletariat.

  • hmmm….I won’t be buying any Downy fabric softener.

    Let this be a warning to get out of America now if you can. The future of the USA is going to look like Bartertown in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, except without the law and without the thunderdome.

    Little fear of ethic tensions? They can’t be serious. This article makes an awful lot of assumptions. In fact, it’s a lot of totally unproven nonsense that is not at all informed by current economic theories regarding human capital. The comments on demographics and population increases are completely false.

    “And the population shift is the result of the healthy fertility rates needed to sustain a market economy, says Gronbach. The best days for America are ahead, not behind us,” he says. “Demographics precipitates economics, and the demographics of the US and the demographics of the continent of the Americas is very good.”

    The best days are ahead of us? Based on what? Changing demographics? If that were true, then why is California one of the worst states in America right now? Population increase is not equivalent to economic growth – many countries have a much higher standard of living with a fraction of America’s population, like Lichtenstein and Iceland, while China and India have the most people in the world yet the average citizen lives on a dollar a day. Increasing native birthrates is a better option to achieve the same growth since homegrown talent cannot be replaced by immigration. Utah is a pefect example of a state with very high native white birth rates and also happens to be number one in the nation for doing business and has one of the lowest unemployment rates in America. California is in the top 3 for unemployment and is the worst state for doing business, so that right there totally disproves everything this total idiot Gronbach is saying.

    And as for a Hispanic president, nothing could be worse. We’ve seen how blacks manage things at the top – now imagine a Latino president. I’m picturing something like Hugo Chavez. That would cause a massive exodus in this country.

  • “The new generation does not see colour, they don’t see race,” says Ken Gronbach, a demographer and futurist who writes and lectures on marketing and generational change.

    What absolute rubbish, maybe whites have been told race doesn’t matter and a lot of them have bought into this baloney. But, non-whites certainly see color and race and they are expected to adhere to racial solidarity and “group thought”.

    •  How does the great “futurist” (snake oil salesman) who lectures on “generational change” (snake oil) know that “the new generation does not see color or race?”

      Has he done any polling?  If that’s it, then that’s problematic because most young people or any age people will give a pollster the PC party line.

      Has he done any sociological studies with rock solid methodology?  I doubt this “futurist”  is much interested in that.

      My theory:  He says it because he thinks it sounds so cute and tolerant coming out of his mouth, and he thinks other people want to hear him say it, and others will think him tolerant for saying it.  In reality, he doesn’t know what it means.  Then again, that’s the motivation for almost all egalitarian idiocy in the Western world today:  Mindless idiots spewing mindless mantras in front of mindless audiences because it makes everyone involved feel good about themselves.

      • alastairabbacle

        The Culture of Self-Esteem.

        Imaginary Rising Tides Lifting Whole-Y Boats Since 1967


        •  Oh boy.  We need more people thinking more highly of themselves like we need holes in our heads.

          • alastairabbacle

            We need people who are comfortable with negative feedback, and use it to improve.

            “Hey particular ethnic group! Yes, you lot. Many people in your group are really violent and uneducatable! We want this to change so you can be more civilized.”

            Particular ethnic group: “Wow really? I didn’t know you all were that upset about it. We don’t want you thinking we are all like that, so we are really going to crack down on the people in our group who act this way. We admit that we will still be imperfect and crime-prone, but we will sure do our best.”

  • Francis Galton

    Notice the subtle slap in the face inserted in the fourth paragraph: “…–like the group that founded America–…”  This is the old Redefining-Whiteness canard that the diversityites love to mention whenever someone has the slightest doubt about the benefits of the coming non-White majority.  They argue that the particular nationalities that founded America have long since become minorities and nothing bad happened, and so it follows that if ANY racial or ethnic group becomes a minority there will still be no detrimental effects on America.  QED.

    How wrong they are.  What they refuse to acknowledge is that the Founding Stock (English, German, Dutch, etc.) share a common pan-European, Occidental cultural identity and outlook with the European groups that came over in droves during the Ellis Island era (Irish, Italians, Poles, etc.).  This is to say nothing of the genetic similarities between these groups.

    The hordes of mestizos pouring in over the border today DO NOT share this same outlook or genetic background.  Most mestizos have a large amount of Amerindian blood coursing through their veins, and as near as I can tell, the Amerindians tend to have “Black” levels of social pathology, which means that mestizos must necessarily have high levels of pathology as well (although they are tempered somewhat by European admixture).  The idea that mestizos will be absorbed into the pan-European-American melting pot (whose original popular conception ONLY included European stock, I might add) is laughable at best.

    No, I’m sorry to say that America’s best days are long gone, and absent Balkanization or another War of Secession, the White American experience will evolve from America to Brazil to South Africa to Zimbabwe.  Who Wants to Be a Starving Billionaire? Or a dead one? 

  • Francis Galton

     Your last paragraph is spot-on, and it’s a very disturbing subject that has not been sufficiently fleshed out, even in racial realist circles. 

    Whenever I’m out and about in my “Rainbow” city (or another place that meets that description), I can’t help but notice all the older, dignified, civilized White people looking askance at the loud, crude, ghetto hordes of blacks and mestizos (with 5 or more spawn in tow, naturally); I can only imagine what must be going through their minds, as they’ve seen the precipitous decline in White American civilization first-hand (most are probably old enough to have come of age during the 1940s and 1950s, the zenith of American civility and civilization, IMHO).  I don’t doubt if some of them long for the halcyon days of Jim Crow, where this ghetto behavior was severely punished by White social ostracism and the attendant wrath of the then-awakened Saxon.

    I also have little doubt that elderly White people are seen by younger minorities as the last living vestiges of Officially Racist America–they are artifacts of times past, and who knows, some of those old “crackas” may themselves actually be in a textbook photo somewhere, dumping ketchup on a poor minority sit-in participant!  What better way for a disgruntled black nurse to lash out at White privilege and racism than to abuse a helpless old White man who may have personally water-hosed her grandpappy on the mean streets of 1950s Birmingham! (Don’t make me gag!)  

    Yes, the genocide of Whites is not only a “macro” genocide of commission (demographic displacement and lax immigration policies), but also a “micro” genocide of omission (nurse Shaniqua Washington “forgot” to change Bob Smith’s bedpan, “forgot” to give Mr. Smith his medicine, “forgot” to change his feeding tube).  Look for preventable nursing home deaths to rise ominously in the coming decades. 

  • Johnny Reb

    Hate to rain on the liberal kum-ba-ya moment, but as minorities grow, whites will be the LARGEST of the racial groups and the only ones who have sufficient IQ and culture to make things work.  As non-whites grow in size and the whole rotten  system collapses on their heads, whites will benefit.

    We’re getting STRONGER folks . . . not weaker.

    America is not South Africa.  South Africa is 80% black and around 9% white.   Haiti is 85% black and the last I checked . . . officially 0% white.

    America is 73% white.  (64% non-hispanic/9% hispanic). 

    Blacks are only 12.6% . . .  (even though you’d think they were 99% . . .)

    Of the 16% of Americans calling themselves Hispanic . . . half of the 16% are white . . . about a third are mestizos and the rest are black or more than one race.

    Blacks and Hispanics despise each other.  Blacks and Asians despise each other.  That’s all good for us.

    So even with declining birth rates, whites aren’t going anywhere any time soon.  We’ll be sharing the country with more and more minorities, but we’ll still be the dominant of all racial groups.

    Now . . . race mixing is a potential problem . . . but I think my fellow racialists are helping convince this new generation of whites to look beyond the propaganda and trust their instincts.

    • StivD

      That’s true. We will still be the .single. largest race. The black percentage of the population has been pretty stagnant for a while now.

    •  jews, arabs, persians, and north africans are considered white by the census so the number of white is less than what they say plus most hispanic whites are not actually white

    • Robert11110

      Just because the Census Bureau reports half of Hispanics being White doesn’t make it so.  It’s based on self identification and therefore it’s meaningless.  Also, since 60 percent of Hispanics are Mexican alone and many others are Guatemalans, Salvadoreans, Peruvians, etc.  it couldn’t possibly be half.  I’ve been to Spain and Spaniards don’t look like Mexicans.  I think the truth is about 1/3 of Hispanics here are of Spanish ancestry.

      • StivD

        Uh, most people in Central and South America are also mestizo. So, most of them have Spanish genes. Black admixture, etc, is nearly a wash-out, except in Brazil, for one.

        • Robert11110

          Not exactly true.  Mestizos are the majority of Hispanics but there are large numbers of European ancestors living in South America.  In Argentina, Uruguay and Costa Rica they make up the overwhelming majority of the population.  However, these are not the kind of people who would want to move to the US because they live comfortable lives.

  • Athling

    All civilizations rise and fall according to their racial homogeneity and nothing else. Racial dissolution must necessarily lead to an end of the civilization created by our caucasian ancestors.

    The younger white generation coming up today has been so thoroughly de-racialized that they now freely interbreed with Africans and other races. All barriers put in place to keep our race alive have now been broken down. The expected results will follow.

    How very sad it is that perhaps only two or three of the long time Amren posters here can make reasonable arguments against miscegenation.

  • GM (Australia)

    This is just the sort of tripe one can expect to come out of today’s BBC. Also known as the Biased Broadcasting Corporation. Some of the critic of the BBC stylise the “C” in the logo, with a Muslim Crescent or the Hammer & Sickle!

     The BBC is funded by the British Taxpayer and compulsory licence fees, it does not have to pay its way, that is why the BBC, once the world’s most respected broadcaster is now reduced to spitting out this sort of P.C. garbage, namely we will all be so so happy in the harmonious diverse multicultural world of tomorrow.

    A white minority America? I suppose it will be a bit like Detroit now. It may be like South Africa, the momentum of the past keeps it going – for a while. It will be the productive whites living in more and more isolated gated communities until (Black) central government sends in the troops to destroy the whites, Nazi style, blaming them (the whites) for all the nation’s problems. In the mean time poor whites will be living in fear and poverty and charity South African and Rhodesian style.

    I do not want my white blue eyed children/grandchildren to be ruled by Blacks , Asians, Mexicans , Indians or Muslims, its as simple as that. 

  • Skipper

    This BBC article is basically a psych-ops against whites …. “resistance is futile, you are doomed!”.  After reading this propaganda the inclination of many whites would be to jump off a cliff, or buy a one way ticket out of America.

    “The new generation does not see colour, they don’t see race,” says Ken
    Gronbach, a demographer and futurist who writes and lectures on marketing and
    generational change.”

    Really, that contradicts empirical evidence of dating preferences and white flight that shows no signs of petering off with young whites.  Ken Gronbach obviously does not want whites to be aware of their race, culture, and heritage and therefore to just extinguish their lineage.

    “Americans should have little fear of widespread racial and ethnic tension,
    especially true if America’s political and community leaders do a good job of
    reminding people of the country’s history as a diverse haven for immigrants,
    demographers say.”

    Have these people even read the major news stories in the past few years (decades)??  What about the violent turf wars between hispanics and blacks and the massive increase in gang activity.  Or the increasing assaults against whites in America??  I suppose these facts do not fit into the propaganda line so they are ignored.

    The article exceeds the status of just being propaganda; it is in fact genocidal in nature.

    • Xanthippe2

      “This BBC article is basically a psych-ops against whites …. ‘resistance is futile, you are doomed!’.”

      You are totally correct!  “This can’t be stopped.”  Combined with “but it won’t be so bad, in fact it will be great!”  Not logical or fact-based at all, but that doesn’t matter as the only goal is to prevent Whites from opposing their disposition.  Psych-ops all the way!!!!!

  • Athling

    The seeds planted in “Brown vs Board of Education” have finally produced ripened fruit. Forced integration directly leads to miscegenation.

    Statistical studies show that most people will mate with and/or marry someone within a fifty mile radius of where they live. Even a cat confined in a small geographic space with a rabbit will eventually attempt to breed with the rabbit.

    Any race must have its own geographic boundaries to survive as a distinct race. The notion that we can allow all manner of racial aliens within our geographic boundaries to the point that their births now outnumber ours and not be affected by it is predicated on illogical folly. We must have our own geographic space to survive as a distinct race.

  • ncpride

    I was in High School as well in the 80’s. Back then, we had never heard of a school resource officer or metal detectors because we would never dream of bringing anything dangerous to school. We didn’t dare back talk, sass or attack our teachers, and if we had a ‘beef’ with someone else, we had a good old fashion one on one fist fight to work it out. If we didn’t have our homework, or failed a test, the teacher did NOT coddle us to avoid ‘hurting our feelings’ nor did they make excuses for us.

    But then again, I went to a High School that was 95% White. Looking at mass illegal immigration and legal third world immigration, it’s not hard to make the connection as to why our schools are practically war zones these days with grades K-12 being taught at the same level as a special needs class. Heartbreaking.


    Haiti is inclusive and everyone holds hands there.

    • Church_of_Jed

      The are holding hands to hold each other up from laughing so hard at Whitey who sends them money and and his White daughters on outreach mission trips.

  • StivD

    There is one ray of light, among a few others, that people may not have thought of whenever numbers are brought up: whites are waiting much longer to have children. Whites in their twenties and early thirties put off having children, and, when they mature a little more, decide they want them after all.  My sister is an example of this and she now has three. Whites still usually decide to have children at some point in their lives and they usually want them with other whites, even if they play around with the other idea for awhile. It’s one thing to date and have sex outside your race; it’s another to have a child with a black, or anybody these days, when you’re very young, and most don’t marry or have children anymore when they’re so young. 

    What we may be seeing now is the gap between the enormous aging Boomer generation, with small Generation X in-between and the next generation that will have to grow up a lot to have children. From all I’ve heard they are a pretty large gen. and when they get ready many of them won’t have children with blacks, hispanics, etc, as much as with whites.  

    White people, especially women, are living much longer and staying in their prime longer. Older women these days can have healthier children than in the past; better yet, they can still have children longer, even if it’s with the aid of new technology in fertility, etc, they can still have them and often do want them. My mother gave birth to me when she was 43 years old and that was well before this trend. There have been some of the most feminist and driven women who have still have wanted children later in their lives. It’s not the same as young girls having children in their late teens, but it’s also not an idea that should be written off completely.

  • StivD

    This is definitely done to persuade the gullible to go with the flow. Give it a try yourself.

  • If Mexicans were such a blessing then Mexico would not be a toilet bowl!

  • Mastermind88

    Is the white American population stable, growing or in decline?  is this just a matter of minority population groups collectively growing faster than the white population to the point of surpassing our birth rates?

    They need to deport all illegal immigrants including their offspring that were born in the US since they should never have been there in the first place.  I don’t know the extent of the economic implications this will have but the US is soon to go through some very tough times and this might be a good opportunity to drop a lot of dead weight from the (illegal) population.

    There’s a lot more drastic changes that need to take place but I won’t waste my time typing them because it resembles more a fairy tale or a science fiction story given the way the country will be run for some time yet.

  • “The new generation does not see colour, they don’t see race,” says Ken Gronbach”

    This made me laugh pretty hard, I won’t lie.  I’m in my early 20s and my older parents are constantly amazed by how “racist” I am.  Yet they never disagree with me, it’s quite amusing.  It’s like the older generations have a mental disconnect between what they see with their own two eyes and what they’re willing to admit in public.

    I haven’t seen any indication that the younger whites are any less racist than the older ones.  If anything we’re more open about it.  If younger whites really were less racist and more ‘colorblind’ then interracial marriage rates would be skyrocketing.  Instead, the same is true now as has been true in the past – only the trashier whites marry blacks.  Sure you’ll have the occasional brain damaged middle/upper class white leftist out marrying to make some sort of statement, but for the most part all the interracial couples you can find at your local ghetto walmart. 

    •  Now, a question: what percentage of Whites of your generation – add or subtract 2 yrs – perceive racial realities like you ? Is there a division along gender or class lines ? Something else ?

  • sbuffalonative

    I just watched PBS series by Niall Ferguson,  “Civilization: The West and the Rest”


    The first part was a plea to Muslims to give up their Islamic driven isolation and adopt western way. Mr. Ferguson sees Islam not as an enemy but a market to be tapped that is only hampered by their insistence to hold on to archaic versions of Islam.  

    The second part dealt with how different versions of property rights shaped North and South America. First it was land as property. Then it was people as property.

    Mr. Ferguson cringed at the notions of segregation and envisions a truly greater America when whites, blacks, browns, and yellows will freely breed into one race, eliminating any and all barriers to prosperity.

    It’s the kind of feel-good-PBS-liberalism that makes PBS so easy to revile (though PBS is only the vehicle while Mr. Ferguson is source of this race-free, free market Utopia). 

    •  PBS never runs this kind of stuff when they’re begging you for money.  It’s pure bred lily white Americana during pledge weeks.

  • I’m a young White and this article depressed me to no end.

  • Xanthippe2

    Rush Limbaugh implied it would be like Brazil — which is totally okay because they have super models.

    Not said: and I can afford them (and I can afford my fortified house with personal security guards). 

  • Here is an all too common headline  these days.

    This is our future, and that you can find similar headlines everyday, I guess you can say our future is now. All thanks to white guilt Liberal Permissives

  •  “The new generation does not see colour, they don’t see race,” says Ken Gronbach”
    yes, and this new generation has a name, “Victim”

  • xxxtonygunsxxx


    negro shoots retarded man no charges

  • I’m wondering what the changes in demographics in the USA compared to the standings  in academic  achievement worldwide over the past 50 years looks like on a graph. Without any research at all I bet I can see it in my head.

  • IstvanIN
  • IKantunderstand

    To think, for even one second, that the “best days for America are ahead, not behind us.” is  sophistry of the worst kind.How on earth can a country populated by a majority of loser races/and or ethnicities who fled their loser countries because they did not not have the guts, brains or the fortitude to change their native countries,  help America to be her best? I understand that the first people who came from England to these shores , did so to avoid religous persecution, and one could say that perhaps they could have stayed and fought. They could not have stayed and fought, things weren’t done that way back then. This country is about courage, fortitude, guts, loyalty, never say die, fight to the death patriotism. Our country was founded by White people, and would never have existed without White people.  If we had  needed the people of the Congo to invent electricity, well then, we would all still be in the dark. Hell. we would be screwed if we depended on the people of Africa to have discovered the wheel. But apparently, the epogee of American civilization is the taco and burrito.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Sophistry.   Is that the same thing as ignorant, suicidal stupidity?

      • Sophistry was Socrates’ word for rhetoric. Socrates talked a great deal about the nature of rhetoric and how people in public roles like politicians easily spoke convincingly about things that they didn’t really believe. He is basically saying there’s no way anyone could possibly say with a straight face the “best days for America are ahead, not behind us”.

  • This propaganda is just a front, I work with a lot of Mexican mestizos and blacks. First off most of the black people I talk to are not happy with this as the media portrays. They know that biting the hand that feeds you is never good and they know if the invasion happens, they are in trouble. Second I have a feeling that with the economy getting worse and our Mexican friends birthrates dropping, this trend wont last. Unlike european immigrants its not hard for them to go back to Mexico with the money they saved. Third the number one most important fact is, we have no money all white Euro nations are broke. States in the US are broke, welfare will be changed since we the taxpayers still control most everything. You will see a change in what funding goes to by state and see who leaves and who stays. Texas has cut so much from its welfare and schools Mexicans dont stay, Everyone stay positive I have seen it not only where I live but in Houston, Dallas and even San Antiono. We are buying in to the lies they created

    • MikeofAges

       Good point. Any black with shred of sense has to know that the federal government is their great protector. Without it black Americans easily could be headed for hard times. Anything that threatens the majesty, functionality or continued existence of the federal  union is  something rightly to be feared by black Americans. The day white Americans give up on the federal  union will be a dark day for the black minority. Contrary to what one might think, there are black Americans with  more than a shred of sense. But they are not the ones attacking people in the drive-thru line or the ones cheering the attackers on.

  • Both Byron Roth and Dambisa Moyo have noted that despite the massive “healthy fertility rates needed to sustain a market economy” that has caused the populations in Africa, Asia, and South America to explode in the last several decades, economic growth has been very limited, especially in Africa and South America. So Ken Gronbach is flat-out wrong. It is human capital, country of origin, and IQ levels that mainly determine economic growth and GDP.

  • JackKrak

    Two things –

    -this article sounds like it was written by the SPLC or NPR

    -why is it necessary to speculate as to what a white-minority America “would” look like? Just look at what Oakland, Atlanta, Birmingham, Miami, Detroit, Newark, Los Angeles, Memphis, Charlotte, Philadelphia, etc. ACTUALLY DO look like

    • Church_of_Jed

      New Orleans, Haiti, Zimbabwe

    • Robert11110

      That’s a good point.  I consider myself well traveled in this country but I had never been to California before until I attended a job related seminar in San Diego.  I was there for several days and decided to drive up to Santa Monica on I-5.  I drove past several inspection points where dozens of vehicles were parked and hundreds of Mexicans were lined up against a wall spread eagle in what I assumed was a border bust.  I finally got into downtown Los Angeles and I got lost.  I remember seeing a building shaped like a castle and I got off an exit near there and ended up in the nastiest, squalid looking neighborhood you could ever imagine.  It was unreal.  It didn’t look like anything you’d expect to find in this country.  I never saw a single American and people I asked for directions didn’t speak English.  Are these people revigorating neighborhoods like the media tells us or are they destroying them?  Once upon a time, Los Angeles was a prime destination for people from all over the country to move to but now it’s nothing but a filthy third world sewer.  I also used to live in Dallas more than 20 years ago and it was a decent city to live in and going back recently the change was astonishing.  There weren’t that many Mexicans in Dallas back then but now the city is packed with them and formerly nice areas are rundown and sprawl is everywhere.

  • Church_of_Jed

    This story has it all: asocial, uncivilized, vibrant TDB (Typical Diversity Behaviou) that outrages White sense of decency, sudden violence, vicious use of those primate teeth that serve well for survival in the jungle. This is where we are when Whites are still a majority:

    “I witnessed this young lady throwing trash out of her car and all I said was that it wasn’t cool,” Shannon said.

    A few choice words later, Shannon thought the argument was over.

    “All of a sudden I was being attacked,” Shannon said.

    Two women jumped out of the car in front of her.

    “She was right in my window just punching me in my face, pulling my hair,” Shannon said. “She started biting on my hands so severely. I thought she was gonna bite ’em off, actually.”


  • sbuffalonative

    “But like all young people, young minority voters want access to education for themselves and their children, affordable housing, and transportation.”
    Apparently, we CAN create a racial Utopia IF  we can find enough money to pay for it.

  • America NOW WILL LOOK LIKE Rome – before it fell

    You have Whites – you get Britain & the USA.
    mexicans give you mexico.
    With hispanics you get banana republics.

    With blacks – you GET AFRICA

    VIOLENT 3rd WORLD hellholes.

  • Global Minority

    Remember: Tryants NEVER give up their power willingly either. History is a good measuring stick of that. Most people deep down know this also and this is WHY the abuses have grown out of control in our countries becasue our people NO this to be true and are trying to escape the reality of the outcome if they really did “challenge” the tryants in any serious manner. Total enslavement is next.

  • Greg West

    Eventually Haiti.

  •  He’s a composite reverend, just like what’s-her-face was Obama’s composite girlfriend.

  • Robert11110

    If trends continue, I doubt the population will be 50% percent white in the 2040’s.  Countries are like neighborhoods and when they reach a certain tipping point, people flee.  I absolutely hope America is able to set things straight over the next 30 years but if the demographics keep changing the way they are, I’m seriously considering moving to Argentina.

  • Race is destiny, no question about it. Intra-racial groups may be diverse, but they will somehow get along & intermarry in so high percentage that the very concept becomes absurd (what’s the rate of intermarriage with other Whites for Italian -Americans ? Absurd). Look at Australia, Argentina, Chile, ..No one cares if your grandparents were Portuguese, Germans, Italians, Poles, Ukrainians,..

    And look at Singapore or Malaysia or Indonesia or Pakistan. Chinese stay apart, Malays stay apart, Punjabis stay apart, …..

    As a rule, races don’t tend to mix.

  • alastairabbacle

    YAY! Happy days are here!

  • alastairabbacle

    You said this:  ‘”I was with a few others, if I recall and I dared not make a comment for fear of being called racist.”

    This is key.  We need to figure out who conditioned people to be so afraid to be racist.   The current malaise of PC is due to the older generation, who truly are afraid to offend anyone.

    Could it be that once old people were all taken care of by the Social Security, there was no reason by be grouchy, and yell stupid ideas out of the heads of the young?

    That is my theory.  Government cradle to grave care led to the old people valuing non-offense over their normally essential role of guiding young people.

    When the old no longer directly relied on the young for support, they let the young do as they pleased.  Racism, an advanced concept inaccessible to many young brains, was tossed out the window. 

    In sum, the reduction in grouchiness of the elderly led to our current predicament.   

    At root, the fear of giving “offense” led to our mess.

  • alastairabbacle

    Where have all the racists gone?
    Long time passing
    Where have all the racists gone?
    Long time ago
    Where have all the racists gone?
    The state has silenced them, every one.
    When will they ever learn?
    When will they ever learn?


  • alastairabbacle

    There is an opportunity in profit here for Nursing Homes who use coded racial realism to market themselves. 

    It already happens.

    •  A lot of motels use “American owned” or (in the South) fly the CBF to dog whistle around “white owned.”

  • alastairabbacle

    I think he needs to be enriched.

  • alastairabbacle

     Well, let’s just do this.

    “La Raza” and other organization are enemy organisations, committing treason against the USA.

    All sympathizers with “La Raza” and organizers are to be deported.  All illegals are to be deported.

    That is a start, because most of the nonwhite growth is low-class Mexicans.

  • StivD

    Very stupid. White Americans haven’t had a say in any war or military action the U.S. has been in for the past 40 years or so.  We never get the whole story and we don’t get a vote.

  • When, not if, the economy tanks the gravy train will end.  When that happens immigrants will scurry back to their countries of origin like cockroaches and Darwinism will run its course for the natives.

  • Looks like everyone is is happy to see all of us Whites gone instead of finding ways to reverse our demise. Why we have to allow few people in the U.S. Congress to destroy an entire race and civilization? This is not right. I believe that we have to rise up and fight back and defend what almighty God had ordained to be.

  • Jason

    It is so rare now to find an advertising circular with all white folks in it.  Target?  Forget it.  Kohls is still mostly okay. 

    But forget advertising.  The April issue of Highlights, that kids activity magazine, had about 70% non-white faces in it.  The back cover had a beach theme with tons of kids doing silly things.  I counted 9 blacks, 8 whites, 1 latino and 1 Asian.  In addition, all the black kids were either swimming, skating or flying the kites, while the white kids were mostly standing around, watching or laying there.

    You don’t think someone is skewing the reality for impressionable young kids do ya?

  • NM156

    Higher birth rates are not the proximate cause. Immigration and the births originating with illegals are. STOP IMMIGRATION. Mitt will be just as much of an immigration douche*ag as Obama and Bush. At least he’ll have a fair chance of cutting off funding for the baby machine.

  •  No, No, we cannot disappear as a distinct race and civilization.

  • No_Sheep

    America is on the fast track to becoming a failed nation state. 

  • Jefferson

    Like when the first black kids where introduced into schools…..hmmm karma’s a bitch.

  • dsfds

    It really is too bad we can’t live in peace. It’s just not possible in this world. As I continue to grow up I realize this. Hard fact. There’s always going to be someone to ruin it for everyone else, causing a massive chain reaction because most humans are so primitive. This includes all races.

    Like my pops says,

    “human nature hasn’t changed since the beginning of (human civilization)”


    Anyone want to create a special group which fights for the advancement and evolution of human behaviour? Meaning abstinence, not easily persuaded by sexual imagery and sex in general (I’ve become so desensitized by sexual imagery it doesn’t even occur to me to become excited), stoicism, science, knowledge, keeping breeding in control, harmony. Things like that. The first way to evolve is to defeat our behaviour similar to animals.

  • WIllWallace12

    If the best days are ahead, why do all the countries the immigrants come from resemble 3rd world hell holes? Their little enclaves here look the same way. If these are indicators of “better days ahead”, we have a different definition of better days.

  • FlamingLimousineLiberal

    Once the white population is eradicated, what will government do when blacks and browns still demand, and rightly expect, all their free stuff, yet there are whites to take from to feed this mentality?

    That’s the issue. Once the feeding trough runs empty, America will be a vast, ghastly wasteland after the blacks and browns leave in search of heavily white populated areas to feed their insatiable need for free stuff. Want an example? Detroit.

    The sad thing is, the whites that are still left will still vote Democrat and continue on with the far left thinking that pushed them out in the first place.