Baltimore Leaders Increase Security at Inner Harbor

Mike Hellgren, CBS Baltimore, May 21, 2012

Even the rain couldn’t keep throngs of tourists away from the Inner Harbor. But a string of violence downtown, including a beating caught on tape, groups of fighting teenagers and several stabbings during the St. Patrick’s Day weekend, have police beefing up their presence, including 50 more officers on the streets, new school police patrols to control youth causing problems and better camera technology including clearer, high-definition lenses in the network of 100 cameras with their eyes downtown.

“I wouldn’t sit here and try to get everybody alarmed. All those issues were managed appropriately by the central district and responding officers. They’re going to continue to be managed,” said Anthony Guglielmi, Baltimore City Police spokesperson.


It comes as Baltimore prepares for major events, including Memorial Day weekend, the War of 1812 bicentennial celebration and the Grand Prix.




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  • Conan

    A police state is required to prevent black mob violence.”

    Now you know why black crime has been encouraged and abetted for all these years.

    •  There’s even more to it.  Black people require lots of government–to feed them, doctor them, school them, police them, incarcerate them. 
      Oh, and employ them.

    • Xanthippe2

      “A police state is required to prevent black mob violence”

      But we seem to be moving towards a police state that supports Black violence.  “They” haven’t used the power of the state to protect Whites yet, there is no reason to think that they will in the future.

      This is not a call for despair, just a call to distrust the Powers That Be.

  • I thought Delegate McDonough was wrong when he said that the Inner Harbor was so dangerous.

    Of course he was right.  But the civic elite in Baltimore literally can’t afford the Inner Harbor to become a ghost town.  So by their words they’ll say it’s hunky dorey, buy their actions (approving HD security cams) they admit it’s not.

  • libertarian1234

    “I wouldn’t sit here and try to get everybody alarmed. All those issues were managed appropriately by the central district and responding officers. They’re going to continue to be managed,” said Anthony Guglielmi, Baltimore City Police spokesperson.”

    Baltimore, like almost every large city in the country,  is having  problems meeting its budget and each year it gets even worse.

    What are they going to do when they have to lay off about half their police force like Camden and Newark and several other US cities?

    They might WANT to initiate a police state, but will they have the money….and will the thugs control the streets whereby even the police will be afraid to go into “no go” zones?

    • If only there was a federal goverment that could gain more powers and print more money. That would take money from whites who flee black vioilence so they can still pay no matter how far away.

  • RockyBass

    Why is it the white man’s Sisyphian task to uplift the un-liftable?

    • Because we let even more 3rd worlders in than we already had.

  • Church_of_Jed

    “A police state is required to prevent White privilege. You are under a racial Bill of Attainders, and your cruel and unusual punish includes Diversity enrichment.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism,”The end of Whiteness,” 2008

  • El_Magyar

    The batons would be vibrating if I were police chief. This type of behavior is utterly unacceptable in civilized society, regardless of race.

    • Pandemonium

      But civilized society doesn’t exist where blacks do. So I guess our solution is to try to stay as far away from blacks as possible. They should be banned from the Inner Harbor if “Baltimore” wants the I H to succeed. But of course that will not happen.

  • little Jamaal and Shaniqua can barely read, after all europeans had calculus before blacks had writing

    • Pandemonium

      Blacks have never “had” writing.

    • RockyBass

       “Writing” is such a white concept, who but those hell bent on civilizational advancment would have need of such frivolities?

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    black sub-IQ shoots into crowd celebrate basketball

    • xxxtonygunsxxx

       Seven of the nine people who were injured are female, and five of them
      are minors, according to a news release from the police. Eight had
      gunshot wounds, including one in critical condition. A pregnant woman,
      who was not shot, suffered a blunt force trauma. all because of basketball.

  • RockyBass

    Hey, what’s long and hard on a brotha?

    Third GRADE!

    See how long this one survives. (I been having a poor post to retention record today)

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    throngs of 60 tourists are running from mobs to hide in the hyett regency, police commanders are ordering police to stay in their cars, dont confront the mob and have an escape route , whites are being suckerpunched and stripped naked by a black mob in front of the court house BUT!!!!!  its an isolated incident. no cause for alarm. the police are in control. there is no connection to the incidents. crime statistics are down. its not racial. i ASSURE  you its safe. dont worry! if you are attacked rest assured it will be captured on film we have 100 cameras to film you being stripped so it can go viral on youtube. we also have cameras at the red lights so that if you panic when 100 black kids start pounding on your car and run the light you will get a 60 dollar ticket in the mail. 

    • Forget all that. Pack heat, use it if you’re attacked, leave them lying dead. Self defense; problem solved.

  • Johnny Reb

    Cameras?  High-def lenses?  More cops?  (Naturally, for PC purposes, a large number will be black, fat and female.) 

    Where are the German Sheperds?

    Anyone who’s ever owned a dog and lived near blacks knows two things:

    1)  Dogs don’t like blacks
    2)  Blacks will skitter away when a dog comes near . . . the bigger the dog, the faster the black will move out of its way.

    Get rid of the cameras.  Put ten German Sheperds on the Inner Harbor beat.  When you know you have a large crowd or are anticipating black mob action . . . don’t feed the dogs for 10-12 hours before deploying them.  Make them good and hungry so they’ll have a real nasty disposition  . . .

    • Mutant_Swarm

      My 60 year old lady friend was out walking when a “diversity” pulled over near her. He started in with the “hey mama, what it is?” nonsense. He was so intent on his target that he didn’t see the 85 lb. Schutzhund trained German Shepherd at her side. That dog has never gone after a person on the street; most of the time, she ignores people. My friend said that this dog did a lip-lift and snarl, then let loose with a bellowing roar of a bark when she gave the “bark” hand signal. He responded with a “F—you!” and left in a hurry.

      No evil intent on his part, right?  Good dog.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      It’s recommend that you have all of the following at home do to diversity.
      1. Dogs
      2. Lot’s of porch lights
      3. A gun, more than one better
      4. Alarm systems

      Tell me again why segregation and Jim Crow laws were wrong?

    • I don’t know what it is but our Golden Retriever, the sweetest dog ever, would just look out the front window and see the black yardmen or garbagemen and she would go nuts, show her teeth like a rabid animal. We always knew when blacks or darker mexicans came up the walk.

      Dogs and horses are great examples of crowd control animals, blacks hate em.

  • I’m sure everyone noticed that nowhere was there any mention that these mobs were almost entirely black. Do the mainstream media really believe their readers don’t notice this? Do they think that people are assuming, “Probably them damn blond-haired Swedes again”?

     As a retired newspaperman, I cannot fathom who the media think they are fooling, and why they don’t see how foolish and head-in-the-sand they make themselves look by this pig-headed refusal to call a spade a spade.

     I guess it’s a combination of fear of their newspaper offices or TV studios being attacked by black mobs, and of an ideological refusal to face the fact that urban blacks tend to be violent, to hate Whites (while accusing us constantly of hating them!), and to take advantage of every opportunity to gang up on, beat and rob White people.

     As the two halves of the combination tend to cancel each other out, I guess you could say that the media are pschizoid. 

    • Kurt Plummer

      Wayne Leon Engle,

      As a retired newspaperman, I cannot fathom who the media think they are fooling, and why they don’t see how foolish and head-in-the-sand they make themselves look by this pig-headed refusal to call a spade a spade.

      That’s the whole point sir.

      The media are a poster child for what will not happen and that is an open acknowledgment of the truth.  “See this?  This is my ostrich immitation.  There will be no reporting of black crime to give you a leg to stand on if you fail to support our program of white disenfranchisement.  If you act defensively, always shunning conflict, maybe things will get better.  If you proact, by saying or doing the wrong things that support your position as a racial one, nobody will listen.”

      If something as big and powerful as the 4th Estate, nominally set up to keep the Elites Honest is no longer reporting the truth of our condition.  What chance do you or any other middle class person have of bucking the system?

      It is a symbol of the powerlessness of America.

  • Whites aren’t “foolish” for congregating in public areas to celebrate major anniversaries, etc. But they ARE foolish, in this day and age, if they don’t carry an equalizer concealed about their person, and if they don’t know how to use it, if necessary.

  •  An AR regular who was a juvenile probation officer demonstrated that recreation centers cause black juvenile crime, not prevent it.  Anything that brings black children together, be it recreation centers, school, sports programs (even the Police Athletic League), breeds black juvenile crime.  If you want to prevent black juvenile crime, you keep black children disconnected from each other as much as possible, meaning video games, idiot box.

    Knockout Martin Luther King in St. Louis had as its genesis the boxing program in a…

    …everybody in unison now…

    …Recreation center.


  • ncpride

    Sounds like NASCAR’s Speed Street coming up this weekend. There were shootings and a murder AFTER last years event, but the media tried to lead the public to believe it was those rowdy, country rednecks even when the video clearly showed otherwise. According to CMPD, no time off or vaction for those guys and gals in blue. Nope, they must ALL report to work to keep from having a repeat of last year. They have to keep Charlotte’s majority black population under control so as not to embarrass Obama and the DNC coming to town this year. I’m sure their double homicide rate so far this year is a bit off putting too.

  • sarah stein

    I don’t care how many more police they put on the streets, if they’re not cracking heads it’s not going to be safe.  Bring back the water cannons and the dogs.

  • Does it matter to anyone else but folks like us that we can’t safely attend the Bicentenial of the bombardment of Fort McHenry? My God, how far have we fallen.

    A conservative friend has written to me from Hollywood about this and other vagaries, “I cry no longer, instead a steady glow of rage and hate is building deep inside”

  • Detroit_WASP

    They are talking about black on white crime in Baltimore on WJR radio in Michigan right now.  WJR is the biggest station in the state.  

    They are talking about the liberial media covering up black on white crime…..I can’t believe it!!!!!!! 

    •  Perhaps, since there have been a few incidents of reporters being attacked by blacks, some portions of the media are starting to break the rules and actually report black on white crime. We can hope.

  • blight14

    Wow, it looked like ‘our’ side was well represented in the comments following the original article……

  • WbuMongo

    If you are planning  a trip to the Inner Harbor I have some advice. Don’t. I live 50 miles from Baltimore in a neighboring state and I can tell you that unless your favorite place to visit is the zoo, don’t go to Baltimore. If you want to see for yourself if I speak the truth, drive through Baltimore ( in the daytime ) following US. Route 1. But if you do I suggest you take out an insurance policy like mine. Policy # 357. And keep it close.

  • BLACKS HAVE taken Baltimore

    THEY WILL come for the suburbs
    because Baltimore WAS SO EASY TO CONQUER

  • jack ryan

    Here in Chicago, our beautiful lakefront parks are cleaner, safer than they have ever been.

    Chicago tore down many all Black south Lakefront projects and ripped out most concrete basketabll courts, replacing them with “prairie restoration” environmental green zones. Lower class Black thugs have been ethnically, culturally cleansed by us White Liberals.

    Go green… green and White.

    Black thugs just can’t do environmentalism – ….

    It’s a White thing, they wouldn’t understand.

  •  Just their daughters?  Why not their sons?

    And won’t a daughter get a mixed message when daddy tells her to stay away from black men on Saturday and then on Sunday daddy perches himself in front of the TV for a dozen hours to watch black men chase after a ball?