PD: Garland Man Set Clerk on Fire During Robbery

Matt Goodman, CBS (Dallas), May 20, 2012

A man who robbed a gas station in the 3300 block of Broadway Blvd. Sunday doused the 76 year old attendant in gasoline and set her ablaze, burning more than 40 percent of her body.

At about 7 a.m., Garland Police spokesman Joe Harn said two officers were responding to an alarm call nearby and saw “a flash of fire” inside a Fina station at the intersection of Broadway and Colonel Dr.

The two quickly found the burning woman and put the flames out using an extinguisher. {snip}

Garland Fire Paramedics took the woman to Parkland Memorial Hospital in critical condition. Doctors would tell investigators that burns covered 40 percent of her body.

After the fire, dispatchers got a report that a man was trying to break into houses located in a residential area behind the Fina station. {snip}

Matthew Lee Johnson, 36, of Garland, was charged with robbery of an individual at his home. Police believe he’s the person who set the clerk aflame and charged him with criminal attempt—capital murder.


[Editor’s Note: The victim has been identified as Nancy Harris. Her picture is below.]


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  • whiteuncleruckus

    anytime white people cross paths with blacks they are in danger.

    • RockyBass

       Only if they are breathing.

  • Welcome to African-America.

    • RockyBass

      We truly becoming the Boer in our own land. Let’s not forget how effective the Boer were at dispatching blacks when required. The Boer were defeated by Jewish internationalists, never by blacks.

    • Johnny Reb

      Welcome to Africa.

  • Johnny Reb

    What is it with these arrogant, stupid negroes?  They’re arrested and they go to booking and instead of looking contrite, they tilt their heads up and give you the “hard” look.   Whites need to look no further than this creature’s mug shot to see how evil, depraved and hate-filled negroes are.

    We are on the verge of total chaos and hundreds, maybe thousands, of innocent whites are going to die or be maimed because Americans, as a whole, refuse to recognize that 12.6% of our population is cruel and animalistic beyond belief.

    I hope this poor woman recovers quickly and I hope this brutish varmint gets a dose of justice equal to the pain it inflicted.

    • xxxtonygunsxxx

       its because prison, arrest,   etc are ” stripes” to a black the prisons are 85 percent black and its a total holiday and free ride for them on your dime

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    why is it that pieces of garbage like bill gates with 50 billion dollars gives all of his money to africans? when he could be helping white people. same for buffet and the facebook crowd. all leftist pieces of garbage supporting everyone who is against whites.   morgan harrington 20 yr old white vt student abducted raped and beaten to death literally every bone in her body was broken and her physician parents establish a school in africa to help africans  IT MAKES ME VOMIT

  • The__Bobster

    They don’t treat animals well either.


    Body Of Dog Found Set On Fire In Fairmount Park
    May 22, 2012 1:40 PM

    PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Officials with the Pennsylvania SPCA are investigating the discovery of a dog that had been set on fire.

    The gruesome discovery was made Tuesday at 33rd Street and Cecil B. Moore Avenue in Fairmount Park.

    According to PSPCA officials, a Humane Law Enforcement officer arrived on the scene and found what appears to be a male pit-bull type dog wrapped in a blanket and set on fire.

    •  And also:


      The suspect is 31 years old.  That’s a hard looking 31.  D-R-U-G-S will do that to you.

      • Xanthippe2

        I’m anti-drugs, but frankly I think it would be a rare White druggie who would do this.

    • xxxtonygunsxxx

       two blacks YOUTH in baltimore just were acquitted for setting a pitbull female puppy on fire witnesses refused to talk at trial all black jury acquitted… even though it was on video… IN BALTIMORE BURNING DOGS AND CATS LEAVING THEM hanging by rope to die and torturing them to death or fighting them is a major pasttime in the black ” COMMUNITY”

      • And it has been proven by the psychiatric community that torturing animals is merely one step away to doing the same to humans. Particularly either animals or humans that are defenseless.

        • Then, your white kids WILL die at the hands of blacks willing to kill.


        I know a Mexican kid who hung a cat by its tail from a bar and hit it with a baseball bat until its head come off.   These are the same people whow dump 50 headless and tortoured victims on the roads of Mexico in a single day.  Our new American citizens.

    • I worked at an animal hospital for 3 years. Blacks and Latinos are the worse, most neglectful and abusive animal owners. They never neuter and always want to breed their animals too, which of course increases the number of unwanted animals in shelters.

  • Greg West

    I’m getting real tired of typing “Looks like Obama’s son”
    so I’ll start #LLOSer

  • ageofknowledge

    Garland Burning? When does the movie come out?

    • When Ron Howard and Speilberg’s daughters get
      “Channon Christianed”

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    His bail was set at $500,000.

    BAIL?  How about NO bail for this animal

    Yeah, just another sadistic “random” black-on-White crime where race had ‘absolutely nothing to do with it’ — vicious crimes the media will ignore or cover up because, according to the media, White lives are worthless.

    It seems not a week goes by that I’m not reading about the most vile, heinous crimes committed by violent blacks against defenseless White children and elderly, often in their own homes, just for fun and kicks — what kind of sick, depraved POS scum does this?

    Compare the wall-to-wall coverage of the Trayvon Skittles case with any of the following from 2012: 


    A student who was just 13-years-old when he sexually assaulted and strangled his teacher to death has been sentenced to 85 years in jail.

    Brian Wonsom, now 15, killed Hannah Wheeling, 65, after she had given him a test at Cheltenham Youth Facility, Maryland.

    The teacher’s naked body was found in the snow after Wonsom crushed her skull with a cinder block and choked her with a cord.


     13-year-old White kid set on fire on his front porch by black teens who followed him home.


      A 14-year old [black] boy was charged with raping a 90-year old woman last summer.  The boy, 13 at the time broke into the woman’s home and sexually assaulted her.  

    A gang of blacks broke into the home of Bob and Nancy Strait of Tulsa, OK, viciously beat both and raped the 85 year old woman  The poor woman died at the hospital soon after. 



    82 year-old Nancy Newton was woken around 4:30 am by a sound in her house. When she went to investigate she encountered a burglar who had previously broken one of her windows a few days before and robbed her of some money. The animal punched her face in and beat her up some more. She died three days later in the hospital. 


    Nancy Harris.  Black perp doused the 76 year old attendant in gasoline and set her ablaze, burning more than 40 percent of her body.

    I’d like to volunteer for the firing squad.


  • ACE2X

    Winnie Mandela preeferred the burning tire necklace.
    Such wonderful people. The country would be better off without them.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     based on this evidence i believe that i have decided that i am not fond  of blacks


      You should never use facts, evidence, data, or logic to make decisions. 

      Instead base your opionions on Television!   — those happy, emmotional, multicultural TV programs that show the wonderful multicultural paradise that awaits us — with similing-laughing Black, Hispanics, Asians, and Whites forever holding hands, dancing, and singing together as they fight racismm sexism, and homophobia etc.  

  • My local tv station just did a “rememberance” of a black woman that was lynched in 1912 in South Georgia. Supposedly a tale of a white employer hits a black employee and said employee kills white business owner. Town gets mad and people die. I simply asked that they pay attention to what horrors are happening today, to those of us that never owned slaves and in fact, were not citizens of this country when these”incidents” have happened. I have yet to see my comment.

    Really, the MSM are owned by either folks that have been totally brainwashed or are complicit with this propaganda that the black man is so put upon. Whatever the case, we must try to get the word out to as many people as possible about the current racial attacks.

    • Xanthippe2

      Complicit, at least at the top.  There are certainly plenty of brainwashed Whites further down.


      In reply to Ran Kelvin:

      The media is controlled by a group of people who desire to reduce the power and influence of European’s everywhere.  They see European people as a threat, and so they want to flood all European nations with dumber Third-Worlders.  This will destroy homogeneity, forever fractinating European nations — sort of a “Divide and Conquer” strategy.   The idea is that the resulting diversity will cause eternal division, conflict, class, religious, ethnic, and racial warfare, inside each country.  Meanwhile, the new, low-IQ population will destroy education, technological innovation, and the economy, thus forever weaking the “enemy” — i.e., Whites.  It’s working quite well, as seen in the economic and social decline in the UK, America, France, etc.

  • In black culture, the notion of a fair fight is as foreign as calculus or physics. The notion of a “fair fight” is a wholly White Western idea. A large group of black males takes on a single, unarmed white male. A lone black male takes on a 76 year old white woman with a fire bomb. And the beat goes on.

    will never admire black football afletes
    ever again

    Let’s hope
    HER FAMILY remembers…


    Setting fire to people is an African thing (as in Sub-Sahara Africa).  One of the most horrific videos I ever watched was that of a group of young African men and women burning to death a couple of older “witches.”  This old lady kept trying to crawl out of the fire, but the villagers kept kicking her back in.  She was obviously in incredible pain.  The villagers were laughing and dancing, with giant grins on their faces, clearly enjoying the suffering of the old people being burned.  

     In South Africa and Zimbabwe, they”necklace” — they tie the victim’s hands, place a car tire filled with gasoline around the neck, and light it on fire.  No matter which way the victim sqirms and twists in agony, the tire keeps burning, the hot burning melting rubber dripping down the body, while most of the fire consumes the vicitms face.  Again, in photos and videos, one can see the happy crowd of Africans dancing and laughing around the victim, as if they are watching a sporting event or at a birthday party.


    In South Africa, White farmers are attacked, tied up, and then raped and burned for hours using hot clothes irons.   Some vicitms have 80% of their body covered with the triangular burn marks from the irons.  I cannot tell you what else happens, because it is simply to sexually perverted and horrific. 

    In some cases, these White farmers took pity on the Africans and hired them or let them squat on their land.   And this is how they were paid back.   Now, for you Leftist out there who will argue that “The land originally belonged to the Blacks.”   This is not true.  First of all, the land was very sparsely populated, and many of the endemic African tribes kept their own Homelands.”  The majority of Blacks living in South Africa today are decendents of Africans from nearby countgries who immigrated into South Africa after Whites developed the land.   The Blacks fled the poverty of their own villages and came to South Africa, because the Europeans had made it a better place. 

  • refocus

    Many of you posters need to look in your hearts and ask if you have enough love for humanity to overlook the actions of this poor mixed race person.  After all his entire life, 24/7/365.25  has been filled with reminders of the fact that whitey invented and is responsible for every item and every system this poor person of color has ever seen, used or heard about.  What else can he do but lash out at whitey?   This is a natural response on his part and your whining and crying and lamenting is unnatural.

    •  Actually, he probably thinks, because he’s been told, that blacks invented half of everything that’s useful to him, but some white bigot stole his patent rights.

  • Michael C. Scott

    Nauseating enough, but when one considers that convenience stores keep less than $200 in the cash register it’s even worse.