Tinley Park Attack: Anarcho-Tyranny in America

James Fulford, VDARE, May 21, 2012

On Saturday, a gang of self-proclaimed “anti-racist” thugs burst into a Tinley Park, Illinois restaurant, where they alleged some “white supremacists” were having a dinner, and attacked them with hammers, iron bars and batons. Several people were injured (including Mike Winston, the   restaurant manager, who tried to defend his patrons). The website antiracistaction.org is openly boasting about this.

When I blogged about this gang attack, I mentioned that this kind of thing can happen to any conservative. But, in what I supposed must be called a reversal of Martin Niemoller’s famous “first they came…” statement, the first targets for this kind of aggression are anyone who’s identified (by the attackers) with Nazis, fascists, racists etc.

The controversial British historian David Irving has been a big target for the anti-fascist crowd. Back in 2000, there was an attack on an appearance by him in the Chicago area:


Anti-Fa Info Bulletin, Number 268, September 2000

ON Tuesday, September 19, [2000] the internationally despised Holocaust denier and historical revisionist David Irving was scheduled to speak at a secret meeting in Chicago regarding “Truth in History.”

At the same time, a group of masked anti-fascists stormed into the restaurant through the rear kitchen entrance. This militant action further disrupted Irving’s presentation, as tables were knocked over, food was thrown and Irving’s literature ripped and scattered. Irving himself was struck with a chair!  [More]

Apparently, no one was arrested.

On November 23, 2009 a similar gang tried invading another Chicago-area David Irving dinner. But this time Irving’s friends had anticipated an attack, laid a police trap, and had five of them arrested. Irving’s website reported:

Eight masked thugs dressed in black invaded the restaurant on November 24, 2009, and ran slap into a police ambush prepared by Mr Irving’s staff. Five were captured and held all night at Norridge Police station, where they refused initially to provide identity details — it now becomes apparent why.

[December 8, 2009]

Jeremy Hammond, aside from his hobby of assaulting people with whom he disagrees, is a criminal hacker.  He subsequently went to jail for hacking into the private intelligence service Stratfor. And he’s done a lot of other hacking—including, according to Irving, wrecking Irving’s own website.

From Wikipedia’s entry on Hammond:

On March 25, 2010, Hammond was sentenced to four days in the Cook County Department of Corrections, for taking part in a confrontation with the controversial Holocaust writerDavid Irving. Five Chicago residents, Hammond included, pleaded guilty to one count each of disorderly conduct on March 24, 2010 at Rolling Meadows Court House before Judge Edward Pietrucha.[28][31] Wearing black masks, the five had stormed the Edelweiss restaurant in Norridge, Illinoisand “threw glasses and kicked over chairs” to drive out Irving’s guests[32] during which another restaurant patron was struck by a bottle.[33]

So Hammond was not in the flashmob at Tinley Park because he’s physically in jail, but for hacking—not for his multiple physical attacks. [Chicago man in Anonymous hacking case biding time in jail by reading – Chicago Sun-Times, May 14, 2012]

Irving noted on March 24, 2010 (scroll down) that the attackers had been “let off with slaps on the wrist.”

The slaps amounted to

  • Probation, except for  Hammond was already on “supervised release” at the time of the gang attack, and was sentenced to five actual days in jail
  • Community service, about five days worth.

There is a tactic in law enforcement called “exemplary sentencing.” The idea is that harsh sentences send a message. For example, the British Establishment has long congratulated itself that the long jail terms imposed on whites involved in the 1958 Notting Hill Riotscrushed British working class resistance to Third World immigration. Nothing like that happened in 2011, when a different set of people rioted in England.

“Exemplary sentencing” is not what happened to the Chicago “anti-fascists” who attacked Irving.

That’s why they’ve done it again.

Now look at this:

Source: Group beaten at Tinley Park restaurant were white supremacists 


A law enforcement source Sunday said the group beaten at a Tinley Park restaurant Saturday was made up of white supremacists, and those who assaulted them were protesters attacking their beliefs. [More]

Edith Efron noted as long ago as 1971 in her book The News Twisters the tendency of the media to refer to physical attacks onconservatives as “protests.” “Hecklers Throw Empty Drink Cans At Wallace” was one of the headlines she pointed to, noting thatthrowing things at people is not the same as heckling.

A more impartial headline is this one, from a competitor:

Fox News weighed in with

“Claims credit”?

Five of the Tinley Park attackers have now been charged—and also two of their victims. The victims were not charged with maliciously defending themselves, but with unrelated offences. One was arrested on an outstanding child pornography warrant, another for being a “felon in possession of a weapon.” [Charges filed against seven in Tinley Park restaurant attack, Myfox Chicago, May 21, 2012]

These charges may be true, although if the police really don’t like you, then anything they find in computer is illegal pornography, and anything they find in your pocket is a weapon.

If the Chicagoland police can’t (or wont) protect unpopular people from attacks like this, then we have what the late Sam Francis called “anarcho-tyranny”—the state of affairs where the police can’t possibly do anything about burglary, armed robbery etc., but they can keep homeowners and store clerks from being armed, andcharge them with murder when they defend themselves.

(Instapundit still insists that someone should have shot the attackers in Tinley Park, but I’m pretty sure that would lead to criminal charges against the victims who fought back.)

The Leftist Nicaraguan government  in the Eighties used to have government-controlled youth mobs called turbas divinas that would attack people who resisted the government. The real Fascisti of Italy in the Thirties did this too.

When there was white minority rule in the Jim Crow South, the Ku Klux Klan was unlikely to get in trouble with the authorities.

These anti-racist people are the same thing.

And they’re Obama’s kind of people. Except for their notable pallor (these “anti-fascists” are as white as the Tea Party and their kindred Occupy Wall Street types) they’re exactly the type of “community” that “community” organizers organize.

They’d be as happy, if organized in a sufficiently large community, to tear into a Republican Convention as a Nazi gathering. They really don’t see any difference. Remember all the Bush=Hitler signs?

Canadian blogger Kathy Shaidle points out that being a conservative requires Ann Coulter “to take the stage with bodyguards” and Glenn Beck “to wear a bullet proof vest and carry a handgun.”

Tom Tancredo also has a bullet-proof vest because of manyspecific, serious, threats against his person.

Ann Coulter is not paranoid—she has a well-founded fear that if you’re a conservative speaker, people will mount the stage to attack you physically, liberal pundits will cheer them, and the police will do nothing, because all this has already happened to her. See her articles

If an adorable blonde person like Ann Coulter can’t get justice when she’s attacked, how much chance do neo-Nazis, or anyone who can be called Neo-Nazis, have? (If they’re blonde at all, they’re blonde in entirely the wrong way.)

And if that leads to all dissident meetings being closed down, because restaurants and hotels are afraid of the consequences (as has repeatedly happened to the American Renaissanceconferences, with a mysterious lack of reaction from police and press) then “anti-fascism” will have brought real fascism to America.

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  • Church_of_Jed

    The only reason this story is getting reported is to highlight the ” growning white supremacist threat”.

    • And you can bet it’s all a tie-in to Obama and his re-election. In other words, America is still irredeemlingly “racist”, according to the narrative the news media wants to set up, so we need to give him 4 more years to cleanse our racist souls. If it weren’t an election year with Obama in the White House this story would have been buried.

  • When you look at the photo of the anti racist perpetrators,
    they look like they could actually be Stormfront members themselves, yet no
    doubt they see themselves operating on a higher moral plane. But you know that when
    they went home after this cowardly act of political terrorism and took off
    their masks and put down their bloodied hammers and nun chunks (?), that they obviously
    felt ‘righteous and good’ (certainly enough to brag about it online), and I’m
    guessing that in their anti-racist circles that participating in this event
    will be touted like some sort of badge of honour in that “remember the time we got
    those White supremacists, I was there” type of notoriety, akin to being
    arrested for protesting wall street or a big oil company etc.

    I’m positive though that the true supremacists in this story are
    the ones arrogant enough to have perpetrated this premeditated attack, and likewise
    confusingly the ‘anti’-fascists here are the ones who anonymously and violently
    silenced the political opposition? Huh. And if these ‘anti-racists’ (a term I
    just can’t get used to) are mainly Whites who can only see racism in other
    Whites, erh …isn’t that ummm… racist in itself, because we all here know
    that away from the media’s depiction of racism, Whites are clearly, nowhere near
    the most racist people on earth.

    So maybe these (anti) racist, fascist and supremacists should
    have simply stayed at home and hit themselves on their heads with a hammer(in
    essence that’s all they did anyway), and then give themselves another whack for
    practising ‘positive racism’ for avoiding cleansing non-whites of their racism
    with their ‘hammers of equality’.

    Do these anti’s know that even after a lifetime dedicated to
    fighting racism (or as another poster said yesterday fighting ‘anti-anti-racism’?),
    that they could even go to the extremes of sacrificing their own children to
    this cause (like Amy Biehl’s parents..see pic of mother below). Yet still their legacy’s could still end
    up being one of being one of a vilified racist, for saying something as inane as
    “it’s dark out today” when gazing at the sky on their deathbed. Why? Because
    political correctness is at its core is anti-White and insane, and as much as these anti’s
    try to escape this fact, they were born White and they’ll die White and all the
    bloodshed in the world and sacrifices made will never make them full fledge members
    of the non White world.

    Their cause is anti themselves and suicide would have been a
    more effective approach.

    •  You just said something that was on the tip of my tongue ever since this story became clear.

      Re the five losers in question and all their cohorts — Change just one wee slight little circumstance in their lives, and they’re our crosses to bear, not the left’s.  I don’t know about this “Stormfront” of which you speak, I don’t think anyone can be a member of it, I think it’s just a website.  Therefore, since Stormfront doesn’t have members, I can’t really give you an assessment of the kind of people that read it regularly.  I never much used to like it, but I’m finding more and more that for some of its flaws, its regulars have a keen ability to dig deep into the noise floor and find some really important news stories. 

  • What gets me about these phony, black clad cowards is that if you go to their site they say they are supposedly against “racism” and “anti-semitism”, unless of course that racism comes from non-whites and the anti-semitism comes from muslims. Then it’s no problem.

  • Johnny Reb

    If the press is reporting this it’s because they secretely approve of what the commies did and wish they had known about it so they could take part.

  • No offense was meant to SF site regulars in terms of comparing the appearance of
    the anti’s to your people, you’re right I don’t know squat in that regard, but I assume that you’re just normal upstanding White people like us.

    I can see how comparing these scruffy minded and attired anti’s to anyone would be insulting, I meant that (unfortunately) they are similar in Northern European phenotype only, please accept my apology on that regard.
    Remember that although we disagree on approaches, we’re all on the same side of the political fence.
    Regarding the trolls comment, I always assume that the most the staff at the SPLC (and SPLC wanna be’s down) probably read and post here too, this is a public forum after all.

  • tickyul

    Truly sick…….people minding their own business…..attacked by scum.

    Liberals think this is justified, just go over to DU and read some of the comments. Liberals also think it is FUNNY that violence is committed against these people just the same way they think it is funny that whites are sex slaves for Urban Americans in prison.

  • The white “supremacist” movement needs to keep growing.  We’re going to need people who have actual spines on the white side once the inevitable balkanization begins. 

    Unless we reverse the demographic trends(and it certainly doesn’t look like we will), it’s only a matter of time.

  • These are hardcore communists, not students playing at dissident during the day and heading home to fornicate at night with their girlfriends/boyfriends. These guys know the difference and truly want millions to die to arrive at their socialist state. Many actually believe they will be the commissars with the sumer dochas. They didn’t matter much 50 years ago when the FBI and the police were on the side of traditional America. Now, who knows, maybe we are the enemy that needs investigation and the penal colony.

  • WmarkW

    As has been remarked, the five arrested are all white; were any of the other 13 black?

    As Jared has said, it isn’t (non-hustler) blacks who object to whites peacefully gathering to promote their self-identity.  

  • Whites ARE MARKED FOR eradication and DEATH.

    If you sit back playing videogames and going to MAOBAMA marches – you will die.
    If you do NOTHING to stop it – frankly, you’ll deserve it and get NO sympathy.

  • That Biehl mother photo, I also just can not relate to on any level to the point of revulsion too. It shows that to be a good progressive, that even after non-whites kill and rape your children, that you’re meant to sit there and smile and strive to help and/or forgive the murders/rapists. It’s just not natural.
    Both of them have a look in their eyes of “the lights are on but no ones home”.

    On these anti-racists doing some hard time, the CCofC site listed some of the gangs who inhabit Cook County prison…..

    12th St PlayersAlmighty PopesAmbroseBlack DisciplesBlack Gangster DisciplesBlack P StonesBlack Pistons MCFolks NationGangster DisciplesHells AngelsHobo’s Imperial GangstersInsane DragonsJivers JoustersKrazy Get Down BoysLa RazaLatin CountsLatin KingsLatin SaintsLatin SoulsLeafland Street BoysLatins Out of ControlManiac Latin DisciplesMickey Cobra’sOutlaws MCParty PeoplePeople NationPopesSatan DisciplesSatin DisciplesSimon City RollersSons of SilenceSpanish CobrasSur-13Two SixVice LordsWheels of Soul MC

    These anti racists have donation web page set up to help with legal costs.
    With their collective bail set at $1 million dollars, and with their legal fund goal set at $250k and the actual amount collected now being at $750 (or 0.3 of 1%) so far, it looks like they’re going to be there for a while with their ‘brothers in arms’ (which will be a literal description I’m sure).

    • Celestial_Time

      Leave it to the Marxist crowd to target non-threatening people, and to intentionally commit violent crimes against them, endanger the public, destroy private property…..then ask for donations.

      I’m convinced that these types of people are the rejects from some kind of Manchurian Candidate School that the government is conducting. People just aren’t this twisted and hypocritical without some kind of mind-altering abuse.

      • Re the donations, like with the Zimmerman defence fund the public is talking with
        its wallets and in this case they’re saying that they don’t care. You should
        read the comments left on the donations page too, there’s only one anti-racist sympathizer
        who happens to live outside the States and who is either too young or too anti corporation
        (are these people pro anything?) to actually have a credit card to be able to
        donate to their cause. The SPLC coffers aren’t exactly empty though, Scrooge
        McDees probably has some highfalutin, non conflict of
        interests excuse for being cheap (Marxist’s
        always prefer that other’s pay for their causes afterall).

        On the other Manchurian Candidate School issue that you mentioned, I’ve
        noticed myself a lot of angry young White men in these Occupy Wall St, anti
        (etc) groups, green environmental, left wing protest to terrorist groups likewise
        and when you think about it, as a group they’re born into this world being told
        their demographic is the ‘cancer of humanity’ and the sole oppressor group blah,blah.

        I assume that deep down that we all want to be good people. Yet when their
        friends splinter off in college to go to woman’s studies, black studies (is
        there a LGBT studies college course yet?) etc. Where do these young White men
        get to go? Nowhere.

        It’s of no surprise then that these guys are full of anger and rage and want
        to destroy the very institutions that they perceive to be stopping them from finding
        redemption (see the anti White pride logo below). They certainly are victims of

        I have people in my own family, who are just so diametrically opposed to my
        views, and likewise I to theirs and neither side will budge, it’s frustrating
        to say the least.

    • Dan

      Cook county jail is packed to the brim with felons and rape is a common occurrence at the facility. The three biggest and most powerful gangs there would be the Disciples, Vice lords and latin kings who all have various sub groups and affiliations with other gangs. For instance the latin kings and vice lords are considered allies and both groups often go to war with the disciples. There are virtually no White gangs in the cook county facility.

       If these cowards are sent to an Illinois state prison then they could be targeted by some of the White gangs like the north siders, aryan brotherhood and bikers. Either way it’s going to be an eye opening experience and some of them may have trouble sitting down for a few days. I for one hope they enjoy all the diversity that they so avidly preach about.