The National Field Marshal for the New Black Panther Party (NBPP), King Samir Shabazz, engaged in multiple vicious tirades on his national radio show this weekend, calling for broad violence against whites.

Shabazz, you may remember, made national news in 2008 when the Department of Justice brought a voter intimidation suit against him and a NBPP accomplice. {snip}

But on May 29, 2009, against the advice of prosecutors who had worked on the case, the Department of Justice ordered the suit dropped, even though Shabazz and the other defendants in the case refused to appear in federal court.

Hear what DOJ-protected Shabazz now has to say:


Key Shabazz Quotes:


  •  “I love black people, and I hate the g*ddamn white man, woman, and child, grandma, aunt, uncle, Pappa Billy Bob, and whoever else. Redneck Tom and Blueneck Robert, and whoever else you wanna name. I hate the white man. I hate the very look of white people. I hate the sound of white people. G*ddamnit, I hate the smell of white people. I hate the oppression of white people, I hate the murder and the rape and the torture and the taking away of our names, our culture, our God, our music and damn, I hate this cracker for everything he has done to us.”
  • “You should be thankful we’re not running around here hanging crackers by nooses and all that kind of stuff, yetyet, yet.”
  • “Some of us, some of y’all—are even scared to have a wet dream about killing the g*ddamn cracker.”


  •  “Just imagine everybody listening right now, you walk outside on your block in your hood, and everybody on your block is now revolutionary. Everybody on your block is ready to bang on this cracker. Can you imagine what kind of community that would be? … That is the kind of community our ancestors would be proud of.”


  •  “You can fight this white man—and I’m not telling you to go out there and attack nobody—but in self-defense it’s okay to fight back.  We’re taught to send this cracker to the cemetery; when he put his hand on us, we send him to the cemetery in self defense.  Again, I’m not telling you to attack anyone, but if they put their hands on you and if you are a [unintelligble], and in the name of your creator, and the name of our ancestors, we’re to kiss them goodbye, kiss ‘em goodbye, kiss ‘em goodbye.”

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  • Eric Holder, on the NBPP members who obstructed voting in Philadelphia:

    “My people.”

    • The Federal Government plans to arm Blacks and Tans for the final take over.  Whites are so paralyzed by white guilt and fear of loosing what they have that they are acting like the Jews in Germany.  White Americans must be destroyed, we are too much of a threat to the Communists today and even in the future.  Communists fear that off in the future whites may rise up again and genocide is the only sure way to prevent it.  

      • mikejones91

        Who are the communists? We are we as whites the only threat? Not objecting, just curious.

    • Orion_Blue

      Well, they are his people and the sentiments sentiments expressed by spazshabazz are entirely consistent with that.

  • Conan

    These are the same idiots who were chased out a neighborhood by whites revving motorbikes at them and went strangely silent in Sanford,Florida when pro white groups started doing armed patrols of the area.

    • mikejones91

      s*** I never heard of those patrols. Do you have a link, or was it not reported?

  • TomIron361

    Nothing wrong with this guys thinking. He knows exactly what he’s about – hate. As a White man, I oppose him but, he’s not fooled by what is going to happen. At some level of understanding, he knows this is going to come down to them killing, or trying to kill every last one of us.

    On our own end, we must always remember we’re the keepers of the flame of western civilization and must not stoop to his level. Yes, we must defend ourselves, but when this get’s going, we must do only enough to stop these poor beings and send those of them who survive safely back to africa and south of our border. If we go on a bloodthirsty killing spree, then we become no better than they are.

    • RockyBass

       Your proposing some sort of “animal control” project then.

    •  I wish there were more like him.

      Blacks aren’t really dangerous until they start dressing up in business suits and yammering about civil rights and fairness.  The NBPP can kill your body, but the NAACP can ruin our race’s collective will to live.

    • Kurt Plummer


      On our own end, we must always remember we’re the keepers of the flame of western civilization and must not stoop to his level. Yes, we must defend ourselves, but when this get’s going, we must do only enough to stop these poor beings and send those of them who survive safely back to africa and south of our border. If we go on a bloodthirsty killing spree, then we become no better than they are.

      Unfortunately, it is your attitude of ‘let there be another way’ belief in delaying the inevitable until it -does- come down to them or us which will, ultimately, result in this nation, as a people, falling into darkness.

      It is when you lose all inhibitions and refuse to believe that there is an ‘after’ of reconciliation surrender as-victory to moderate your actions towards, that you find the strength to do what is necessary.

      Since whites no longer have that moral certainty, thanks to the Reductio Ad Hitlerum scheme which has been foisted upon us as ‘white guilt’, (this is what we do when we stop being ‘better than them’) we must instead look to a way to make sure that Africa-in-America doesn’t come to us.

      At least while we redefine our outlook as to who deserves to be considered a ‘worthy enemy’.

      And this can only happen from within the borders of white ethnostates, after the fall.  Much like Ravenna and Venice became fortress states as the Goths ‘Romed’ the countryside.

      We can only get there by preparing BEFORE our numbers are through crashing from elderly to sub-40% population totals.  And the first step in doing so is being willing to admit and accept defeat and organize a retreat.

      Which, as everyone who has studied military strategy knows: is the hardest piece of generalship possible.  Because all of a moment, you must instantly and irrevocably change your attitude from one of how we are inevitably going to win this thing.  To how much you can save as much as possible from the loss.

      Unfortunately, I don’t see anyone here reaching that acknowledgment of the facts of modern technology (smart bombs and total surveillance = no rear areas) as well as demographics as the precursors of what -must- happen as the utter abdication of what we once were to enable us to survive in the successor microstates which can no longer maintain modern overhead + standoff capabilities on their own.

      It saddens me to think that, in remembering who we are, we actually harm our chances of being able to realistically appraise what is coming next.  Our past achievements will not carry us forwards.

  • El_Magyar

    I think this over-amped, dreadlocked crack baby will be damned surprise what hapenns to him and his brothers and sisters if they try such nonsense. Thats a lot of big talk for someone who lacks breadth and depth.

    • gang bangers that cant hit a target on the other side of the street vs 8yo white girls that already have tight shot groups with rifles.

  • In a way, he’s kinda funny. But really, the more he rants and raves, the closer we come to the endgame. And it IS coming. Maybe not in my lifetime, but it is coming. If he truly thinks his segment of the population will be the victors, he’s seriously demented.  For every black he draws to his sermons, it opens the eyes of 5 Whites.. I see it more and more every day. Every story of black crime and aberrant behavior gets a flood of hostile comments from people tired of the endless stream of violence, the never ending “gibbsme” mentality, the continuous lowering of the bar and affirmative action.  Basically the whole menu of black dysfunction. I’m sure every incident wakes up at least ONE White person to the reality of America in the 21st century.  When the tipping point will be reached, I can’t predict. But, it’s coming. And when it does, I have a feeling that he’ll be the first to cut and run.

    • Global Minority

      ” If he truly thinks his segment of the population will be the victors, he’s seriously demented. ” You have to remember the government of BRA and Eric “My people” Holder will take their side in this matter. I do think that is why the NBP leader is getting bolder by the second. After all they were NEVER procesuted for voter intimidation of White people.

  • who will feed the monkeys.  Blacks will starve before working especially for anthing that involves planning. If white taxes didnt feed them they would die off.

  • IstvanIN

    What everyone forgets is that the non-whites will intially side with the blacks.  Not because they love blacks but because they want what we built.  They want our living space.  Get rid of us and then get rid of them.  The Hispanics, obviously.  The Asians you all love, yup!  The Jews have never been on our side.  And of course our own race traitors, why I see plenty of Obama 2012 bumper stickers on “white” peoples cars already.  Nope, we are serioulsy out numbered.  We move and soon or it is all over.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    “..Goddamnit I hate the smell of white people”

    Yeah well, I hate the smell (stench) of Black people too.

    So we have something in common; except I have a triple digit IQ and an innate moral conscience.

    To all black people: Go Forth And Copulate!

  • IstvanIN

    The clowns are not out numbered, we are. The non-whites will side against us, not because they love blacks but because they want what we have built and our living space. The Hispanics will attack. So will your beloved Asians. The Jews were never on our side. And the white race traitors, well, that goes without saying. It is pretty much over unless we move, move soon and move decisively, which means a lot of ugliness.

  • So will black clad cowards who claim to be fighting “racism” show up wherever the NBPP meets and start administering “justice at the end of a hammer” for these bigots?

  • Anonymous

    What are Hispanics and Asians going to do to stop these black bigots? However, I’m glad there are nonwhites like you who despise bigotry from the nonwhites like La Raza and Black Panthers.  The black panthers hate whites, hispanics, asians and are jealous of us.

  • ljot

    Overt race war is unlikely.  Slow, steady escalation of the low-grade, semi-guerrilla, surreptitious race attacks is what’s happening; we have to deal with that.  The “We” who has the administrative powers to act effectively and strategically  won’t do anything until White blood is pooling in the streets, and European journalists are describing a “genocide of Whites by Blacks in America.” Harold Covington’s scenarios are useful in contemplating this prospect.

    • mikejones91

      You know something is wrong when in a hypothetical, you accept/know that European journalist will be the only ones covering this. America journalist will cower in contemplation of being called the “R” word.

  • Basketball courts and hunting blinds!  Thanks, not much to smile about these days.

  • Johnny Reb

    Blacks always engage in “magical thinking.”  That’s why you won’t catch a negro walking through a cemetery . . . and why you won’t catch one in a physics lab.  Their simple brains only allow for the most rudimentary explanations.  When they get to a place they don’t understand . . . they invoke magic.

    Little Shabazz is unable to understand how to make things better for “his people.”  The result is Magical Thinking and suddenly he’s visualizing whites dangling from nooses . . . even though blacks are too lazy and incompetent to tie a decent Hangman’s Knot.

    There’s no logic or explanation as to how the whites are going to end up on the wrong end of the rope.  Magic will make it happen!

  • ageofknowledge

    In the meanwhile, they continue doing the following:

    •  Watched the clip.  Someone here said the media always assign a black reporter to the few black-on-nonblack crime stories they cover as a lame attempt to neutralize the race PR industry.  They do it again here.

      • Francis Galton

         Yes, the “Compensatory Black Reporter” (CBR) strikes again!

        • Mentious

           It’s also to keep Whites from feeling solidarity with a White reporter and getting any sense of “us.” An element of the strategy they’re working is: “There shall be no ‘us’ for Whites.” That is, they want to keep the White Community from thinking they have a White Community.

      • mikejones91

        That’s what they do for natural disaster coverage, like tornadoes and such. In the midwest, texas, they ALWAYS send out a black reporter to talk to people. 

  • Dave4088

    Sure, if the bullets really started to fly this black big mouth would be the first to go into hiding and seek government protection from Holder and Obama.  

  • Mutant_Swarm

    I think it’s about time for the FCC to yank his station’s license, don’t you?

    I know, I’m being naive…

  • There is already a “race war” (one sided against Whites) going on and has been going on for the past 40 years. It is being waged in the name of diversity, affirmative action, and the 1965 hart-Cellar Act. Whites have yet to wage a resistance against this vicious assault against our people. We had better mount a defense soon or it may be too late.

  • sbuffalonative

    Here’s the difference between me and them.

    I know how violent and dangerous blacks are so I do everything I can to avoid them, especially living with them. All I want is for them to leave me alone in my own lily-white community and I’ll leave them alone. However, they won’t. The won’t leave me alone.

    Blacks, on the other hand, say that whites are the ones who are violent and dangerous BUT they do everything they can to be around me. They DEMAND to live in my neighborhood. They  DEMAND federal laws to ensure they can live next to me.

    This alone should tell you which group is more intelligent.

  • Bring it on you feral chimp.

  • IstvanIN

    Hispanic”: We are the ones who are out numbered.  The non-whites will all side with the blacks when the SHTF.  They want our living space.  They want what we built.  The Hispanics.  The Asians.  They will fight against us. We are the clowns.  We are surrounded.

    • Blacks and Hispanics hate each other, they will never fight side by side. Even in prison it’s not unheard of for hispanics to fight alongside whites against blacks

    • StivD

      Or, in certain circumstances, they could be surrounded by us. 

      I have no love of Asians but I have real doubts they will us violence against whites. For one thing they don’t have to. They can get the things they want out of this country by being aggressive citizens, not in a rebellion or whatever,

      There are Hispanics that may not be allies but are friendly or at least peaceful with whites. I think I can judge pretty well and there isn’t the same intensity of hostility or resentment from them. I have felt it from blacks like it’s thick enough to slice. 

      This doesn’t mean I’m taking up the defense of Hispanics. 

      • anarchyst

        In a certain section of Detroit, there is a thriving Hmong community.  Blacks are afraid to walk through their neighborhood because these Hmong do not take crap from blacks.

  • Francis Galton

     Thank you.  I just watched the video and it did my heart good!  Now if only Whites would do that sort of thing EVERY TIME a black committed a vicious hate crime against a White; it would restore the rightful order of things. 

    Blacks are “tough” until they’re confronted by angry Whites who are not afraid to be White; then they shrink away like the cowards they really are!

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    here is a link, this town has cancelled their yearly fair because last year blacks went in hundreds attacked whites and behaved like typical degenerate garbage

    • xxxtonygunsxxx

      blacks and their culture degrade society and everybody has to suffer due to their low intelligence and lack of values. they have destroyed the economy of every city in the us and now are working on lowering quality of life for metro and surrounding counties it is a bloody disgrace. everything they do reaches for the lowest common denominator they will not be happy until we are all living in dirt floor huts like in africa eating grass and carrying buckets of water on our heads that is their dream society hunter gatherers. typical. makes me puke in their ugly faces 

  • It is happening. A great many whites are moving from even suburbs to the relative safety of the country. One look at country real estate will prove that out. The prices for farmland, maybe for other reasons also, has gone up 1000% in ten years in many places. States that are crammed with blacks, like many Southern states, have found larger walled communities way out from an urban area to be the trick.

  • Right you are, in time even the most timid of us will admit it.

  • Mentious

     White towns and black towns. Enforced by the gun. And the federal government is already illegitimate. If they don’t like it and want to take our guns, then let the games begin.

  • IKantunderstand

    Wow ,  a militant black man is declaring war on Whites. Hey guess what? I don’t even know what the hell he’s talking about. We took away their names, their culture, their god, their music. Seriously? They actually had all that in Africa? By the way,  freed slaves in America were given the oppurtunity to go back to Africa with bribes. We paid for the country of Liberia for them to go home. Oddly, the vast majority chose to stay here. Obviously, living in America  is the best thing to ever happen to African slaves and theie progeny.  This guy is talking about killing crackers? He should  be down on his knees everyday thanking God his ancestors were slaves  and he got the opportunity to be a pain in the ass.

  • TomIron361

    Anon12, Sir, I assure you I’m fully aware of what has to be done, and we’ll be up to our waists in blood, but that doesn’t mean we have to go any further than is reasonable. Then we must send those of our enemies who survive this bloodletting back to where they came from.

    • Guest

      “..we’ll be up to our waists in blood, but that doesn’t mean we have to go any further than is reasonable…

      I nominate this as the quote of the year.

  • blight14

     Joe Horn is my hero, that video was priceless!

  • blight14

    Unless you’re 85 years old, you WILL get to laugh in their not-so-bright faces……I have to think the confrontation is not far off….

  • The D.O.J. will not make a move on these clowns because I suspect they are actually backed by the government.  Remember Hal Turner?  FBI informant that got played.  This King Shalalala is just another puppet.  I think he is bait to bring out white aggressors to show the country that it is rampant with white racist.  Actually I am surprised he hasn’t really been attacked or confronted yet.  I mean, where are all those skin head neo-nazi’s at?  You know the ones we see in the movies all the time?  To bad they aren’t as rampant as in the movies….this fool would be boot-stomped by now.  

  • White people – YOU ARE under attack. This is the calm before the storm.

    THEY WILL COME for  you.
    They will have destroyed EVERYTHING as they did Detroit and have NOTHING LEFT but WHAT YOU HAVE now.

  •  Ya, it’s a win, win for the government.  They get racial discord and a police state to be in place if such conclusions where to be drawn.  The infighting keeps the sheep’s eye off the ball, hence the government. 

  • Djinn42

     ” the taking away of our names, our culture, our God, our music”

    Even they have to admit, it’s much easier to say a name than to have to pop, click and grunt at someone to single them out for each individual, and they are VERY LUCKY any of us chose to lower our own I.Q.  to be able to enjoy their “culture” and music, otherwise NONE of these idiotic so-called rapper/musicians would have ever made it out of the ghetto, save for sports. They should be thanking us for giving them the know how to be able to compose the simple structures they call “their music” or it would still be chaotic drum beats, chants and insane screams from overcharged women.
    Gods? Did they have Gods?
    I believe not, unless you count tying a couple of sticks and some blades of grass to a chunk of dried elephant poop and pop/click/scream a chant for some kind of spirit to come and do their dirty work for them. I believe the concept of Gods had escaped them until we came along so I’m thinking that maybe a little more gratitude on their parts is what he should be preaching but just like rotten little kids they will be forever ungrateful.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    “Some of us, some of y’all—are even scared to have a wet dream about killing the g*ddamn cracker.”

    Even when they are violent all they can think of is “muh dick”. Just watching them walk down the street grabbing at it is so disgusting. No wonder rape stats are so high, poor impulse control, low IQ with sex on the brain 24/7. Izza got urges!!

  • sbuffalonative

    I know a guy who attended an AR conference which Mr. Turner attended. He sat with Mr. Turner, not knowing who he was, and was very taken by his outspoken views.

    Word to the wise. If you ever attend a white rally and some guy says something like, ‘wouldn’t it be great to lynch a few n*****s’, THAT’S your FBI informant.

    •  Another word to the wise.  Shut down the political part of your brain when you start drinking.

  • Pandemonium

    I was having a discussion with a relative this past week-end about hate/hostility/violence and the fact that these emotions are exactly what a warrior needs to be successful. 

    these emotions are to be found in most men especially, and most men are able to control these emotions and to use them when they need to. Without these emotions, a warrior is going to be ineffective (read dead).

    So, far from finding these emotions as evil, I see these emotions as absolutely necessary to our survival, and part of being a mature man is to learn to use these emotions effectively when needed. “Controlled burn” is a phrase that comes to mind, but the flame is White hot.

    • Mutant_Swarm

       ” ‘Controlled burn’ is a phrase that comes to mind, but the flame is White hot.”

      Yes.  The image of a welder firing up his torch comes to mind.

  • Pandemonium

    Yes, Appalachia!! The Great White Mountains, and they’re not just in New Hampshire. Cheers for the Appalachian Republic!!

    • mikejones91

      Charity events that afflict people OTHER THAN BLACKS. I was going to say volunteering at a food pantry but I do that, and most of our “clients” are black. Micro-Breweries. 

  • StivD

    Blacks like this are only mouthy and big, posturing buffoons. When they bark so much, like the New Blak PanFer Party has been doing, you can tell they have little intention of doing anything. They’re constantly trying to psyche themselves out to be as brave as their words.

    The blacks to worry about are the ones who just go out and DO things without talking about it. The flash-mobs and the blacks who always seem on a razors edge. Many of them don’t spout off much and you tell by their faces they’ re dangerous. But, I can ‘t work up any worry over this chest thumping fool. It’s unlikely they’ll ever do anything on their own and they talk about wanting to do it so much BECAUSE they’re afraid of consequences still.

    Pay attention to the difference in blacks you can tell who is real trouble.

  • StivD

    I’ll never understand why people like saying the ‘doomed’ thing. No offense my friend, but I’m not doomed and my family in the present extending into the future are not doomed.  

  •  The tactic is called “eliminationism.”

    What it means is that you don’t openly advocate violence, and you certainly don’t overtly command others to do so.  But you do apply the right amount of coded dog whistling vituperative knowing full well that, and in the hopes of, some hothead listener or follower or sympathist of yours “getting the message” and then he or she will assassinate your intended target.

    The “beauty” of this tactic is that it gives the eliminationists plausible deniability.  And it’s impossible to prosecute.

    Here is Sam Francis writing in “Chronicles” in August 2002:

    The most obvious glimmer, of course, is in France, where Jean Marie Le Pen, after three decades of crusading against immigration, placed second in the French presidential primary in April, only to fall victim to a globally orchestrated campaign of vilification and demonization that clearly made it impossible for him to win more than 18 percent of the vote in the general election in May.  Nevertheless, the major consequence of the Le Pen balloon was not what happened in France but what occurred in the Netherlands.  There the result of the vilification of Le Pen was the outright murder of the man who was more or less the closest analogue to the French political leader, Pim Fortuyn, one day after the French vote.

    The Fortuyn murder, by a left-wing crackpot, tends to make conspiracy theories obsolete.  No one need speculate any longer that some secret cabal of the ruling classes orders assassins to eliminate troublesome political figures who just won’t shut up or go away.  All the ruling classes now have to do is launch precisely the kind of vilification against such figures that the entire European and American press vomited at Le Pen (or earlier against his counterpart in Austria, Jorge Haider, or around the same time and to a somewhat lesser degree against Fortuyn himself).  It is now well known to everyone that there are so many free-floating nuts allowed to roam at large through European and American society that the proper sort of vilification campaign can be relied upon sooner or later to trigger one or more of them into eliminating the designated figure.  Some friends of Pat Buchanan wondered in 1999 when he was being vilified in the American press in much the same way if that was the real purpose; whether it consciously was or not, it remains a small miracle that Mr. Buchanan — or indeed, Mr. Le Pen, or Mr. Haider, or any such leaders in Europe or America — remains alive today.

    Other examples of ruling class or quasi-ruling class eliminationist tactics, IMHO:

    *  The attempted assassination of George Wallace by Arthur Bremer.

    *  Mark Levin trying to “take out” Ron Paul.

  • Orion_Blue

    All this from 1964; could nobody really see where it was going?

    The antipathy and loathing they feel for us is not manufactured entirely, however misplaced. It is their instincts coming to the fore. I wonder, though, will we wake up in time to nip this in the bud?

  • Orion_Blue

    I think it is far likelier that he is baiting any possible reaction from Whites. The government are probably itching for excuses for clamping down on free speech and the only free speech that is being challenged is that of contrarian and dissident Whites.

    Besides, black racism is never seen as such; there being too much of it. Any evidence of black racism is seen as ‘retaliation’ for ‘past injustices’.

    When the former professor who openly called for ‘exterminating whites off (sic) the face of the Earth’, the black panther spokesman would not outright condemn the professor, preferring instead to position blacks as being ‘in the hot seat’.

  • mikejones91

    Do you have a link for that video?

  • mikejones91

    I say it like this to those who question my “reservations”. If you had a daughter walking home from school and she had to go one of two ways–on one street, there was a group of young blacks listening to rap—the other way, a group of Hispanics listening to Mariachi—which would you choose? They ask why–For starters, 95% of rap music is violent, Mariachi can be beautiful. Case closed. That and their black.

  • mikejones91

    It’s the opposite where I live. Blacks are moving in everywhere. But people STILL choose to be among themselves. I am on Facebook and graduated HS in 2009. Obviously, I still know people in HS. Prom was last month so Facebook is still flooding with prom picture. I can’t count the number of inter-racial prom dates with one hand. To be exact, 3. I don’t live in a rural area either. Suburban Philadelphia, so there is A LOT of people. Very high population density with tons of “diversity”. I work at the largest mall (in terms of leasable rental space) in America. The place is infested with blacks. I counted 2 black on white relationships. Both white men, with black women. Blacks seem to think ALL white women have a secret desire for them HAHAHHAHAHAHA. It’s an ego booster I suppose. In this day and age, if interracial relationships aren’t soaring/rapidly increasing now, they never will. The liberals and blacks DESPISE this. I will be honest though–There is a private catholic school near my old HS and there is quite a few white girls with black guys. Why is this? Seeing as how there is literally like 3 blacks in that school, it’s just under-exposure/ignorance. Their perception of black is what they see on TV/Movies. Now come to my school, the diverse public school, people stay with their own for the most part. If you know blacks, you HATE blacks. If you don’t know blacks, you LOVE them. Very backwards, I know.-_Sorry for my sentence structure, I am on a mobile phone!

  • mikejones91

    Why are black racists so violent? I have never heard/at least recently, a white realist screaming for violence against blacks. You ever see a “reformed” black racist? Nope/ What does that tell you about the one way attack on the construct of racism? I see “reformed” white racists often. 

  • mikejones91

    I think we’ll be fine, that is if we act soon enough. Lets say ALL out race war does break out.(not saying it will) We have the majority of service men/women. I am almost positive like 99% of NAVY SEALS are white. Heck, that’s all we need. The SEALS could probably take over Somalia BY THEMSELVES. The majority of gun owners are white. The vast majority of MULTIPLE gun owners are definitely white. Whites account for most of the rural population so that’s another advantage. Farming/ect. We could just lure them up Wisconsin and let them freeze to death. It’s a win/win, they freeze, we get to enjoy Wisconsin in the winter. I hear it’s lovely  that time of year! Here’s another solution. Offer up are most beautiful women (preferably red-heads, the black mans kryptonite) to them. Tell them ” Surrender now, and you will be rewarded with a white virgin. (the worlds most valuable commodity ) Obviously, its a trick! We trap them like the stupid animals MOST of them are, and send them to Liberia. Yet another, WIN/WIN. WINNING!!!!!!!

  • mikejones91

    I go on wikipedia and look at the racial demographics of towns. ANYTIME a town/city is more than 50% black, there is a SEPARATE tab for crime. A tab that emphasizes on how dangerous that town/city is. I have been to Hispanic majority towns and some have been quite nice/peaceful. There are Hispanic majority towns ALL over CA that seem to be nice places to live. Low crime/clean/high standard of living. I was in California and stayed in the town on the way down to L.A that was like 90% Hispanic. Everyone was friendly with me, courteous and respectful. However, I was in a Denny’s and a black walked in to use the bathroom (he looked like a drug addict) and these 3 Mexican guys followed him into the bathroom and kicked him out haha. 

  • mikejones91

    Yeah I hear L.A is getting much nicer as the black population gets smaller, as it any city does. 

  • jlord37

    And contrary to what the pro palestinian Propagandists would have you believe, they actually give preference to the Muslims than their own coreligionists. Sound familiar?