Posted on November 26, 2007

Zimbabwe and the Multiculturalists

Dan Roodt, American Renaissance, November 26, 2007

Thanks to its 15,000 percent inflation rate, which is the current world record, many people on our planet have now heard of Zimbabwe. As it happens, the former leader of the ex-Rhodesia, Ian Smith, just died in Cape Town, South Africa. Smith was betrayed by Britain in the late 1970s so that Robert Mugabe could take over what was once the most successful country in sub-Saharan Africa — apart from South Africa.

It may sound bizarre, but when I read up on Hillary Clinton recently, her life story reminded me of Zimbabwe. A nice, conservative girl from Park Ridge, Illinois, gone wrong and turned into a virago of liberal and multicultural politics. During her freshman year, Hillary Rodham served as president of the Wellesley Young Republicans. At the 1968 Republican National Convention in Miami, however, she developed an intense dislike of Nixon, being a Nelson Rockefeller supporter and she also claims to have discerned “veiled racist messages” at the convention.

The multicultural tide engulfed not only poor Hillary, but also entire regions of the world. In Southern Africa, the “struggle against racism” has led to the most discriminatory systems ever seen — directed against whites, however. The conservative, pro-Western governments previously dominated by whites have been replaced by radical, Africanist regimes intent upon spearheading a worldwide Third World revolution against the West.

In Zimbabwe, economic, educational, transport and healthcare systems are fast collapsing, as the economy slips back into the stone age. Schools have all but ground to a halt and according to a recent report in the London Telegraph, parts of the University of Zimbabwe are being turned into brothels. As one female student put it: “What would you do if you were given a paltry Z$2 million (about $2 at the black market exchange rate) per semester?”

To most Americans or Europeans, Zimbabwe belongs to a vague collection of Third-World countries not easily found on a map. And yet Mr. Mugabe’s rabidly anti-white system is only the more extreme manifestation of the international multicultural movement.

Zimbabwe is to multiculturalism what Cuba is to communism: the purest expression of the faith. The Marxist secular religion reduced Cuba to an ailing Soviet client state. So pure was Fidel Castro’s vision of communism that not even the collapse of the Berlin wall and the liberation of Eastern Europe could shake Cuba.

The Eurocrats of Brussels are laying on an African summit in Lisbon from December 8 to December 9, where Mr. Mugabe will be one of the invited guests, along with a host of other dictators and mass murderers. Surprisingly, the British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has objected to Mr. Mugabe’s presence.

One wonders why. It was Britain that imposed economic and military sanctions on the old Republic of Rhodesia, and dearly wanted to see Comrade Bob run the country. Historian Thomas Pakenham expressed the British consensus in his 1992 book The Scramble for Africa: “In the last ten years, Zimbabwe has continued to confound the croakers. . . . Disciplined by adversity, in prison or in exile, the rulers of the new state have handled their minorities, white and black, with upredicted restraint.”

It is said that in Africa, as in the world of multiculturalism, there are no failures, only varying degrees of success. To loot your state, ruin your economy, practise ethnic cleansing against your white citizens, and reduce your own population to famine and disease is progress, so long as it contributes to the demise of the West.

Many people have by now said that multiculturalism is another form of communism, but recently I have begun to think that multiculturalism might be worse than communism. After all, the East Europeans managed to educate their people, train them in ballet or classical music and in a way, albeit perversely, contributed to the advance of civilization. Multiculturalism tends to relapse into the barbarism we see in Zimbabwe and South Africa right now. Unlike communism, which left us Prokofiev and the pleasing socialist-realist architecture of Nowa Huta in Cracow, Poland, multiculturalism is purely destructive.