Forty Years that Unmade France

F. Roger Devlin, American Renaissance, November 14, 2014

French bestseller chronicles decline of La Grande Nation.

Eric Zemmour, Le Suicide Français, Editions Albin Michel, 2014, 527 pp. (softcover only, in French), €22.90.

Eric Zemmour is a well-known French author and television personality. Of Algerian-Jewish origin, he may seem an unlikely spokesman for French tradition, but he has emerged in recent years as a prominent scourge of ideological orthodoxy. He is unquestionably the most prominent mainstream French commentator who speaks candidly about race.

This role comes with a price. In 2011 he was convicted of “incitement to racial hatred” for pointing out that most drug dealers in France are blacks and Arabs. He was again convicted of the same offense for maintaining that employers should be able to hire as they see fit (i.e., to “discriminate”). This year, he has been prosecuted for remarks about the criminal behavior of ethnic gangs.

His latest book, The Suicide of France, was released on October 1st and immediately became the top seller in France, displacing a tell-all memoir by President François Hollande’s former mistress. The book is a year-by-year chronicle of France’s dissolution–everything from harmful legislation to pop songs and movies that reflect or promote decline.

One of Mr. Zemmour’s principle themes is the role of free markets in promoting a present-oriented consumerist mentality that has squandered France’s moral capital. However, he also laments the loss of will by native Frenchmen and their displacement by mostly-Muslim immigrants. He has clearly struck a chord among those who are angry at the psychological capitulation of the past 40 years.

The beginning of the end

Mr. Zemmour argues that four quite different developments in the 1970-1972 period set the stage for ongoing France’s suicide. The first was a 1970 law that abolished paternal authority within the family in favor of “parental authority” shared between spouses. Fathers, in Mr. Zemmour’s words:

incarnate the law and the reality principle as against the pleasure principle. They channel and curb children’s impulses in order to sublimate them. [But] fathers are an artificial, cultural creation who need society’s support to overcome natural maternal power.

In 1970, they lost that support. Mr. Zemour also believes that giving the mother equal power in the household pushed France decisively away from saving and towards consumption.

The second crucial development was a 1971 decision by the Constitutional Council, which has the power to declare laws unconstitutional. This was a complex case, but was the first time the Council went beyond checking laws for conformity with a higher legal norm and censured a law politically because of its content. Thus did France, in Mr. Zemmour’s words, “unknowingly abandon the shores of the Republic and enter with eyes closed upon the bumpy road of government by judges.” Americans are all too familiar with judges who seize legislative authority.

The third blow came in 1971 when President Nixon abolished the gold standard. This effectively nullified the Bretton Woods Agreement to which France was a signatory, and ushered in our current era of free-floating fiat currencies. Freed from the constraints of the gold standard, governments no longer worry about deficits. France has not had a balanced budget since 1981.

The fourth and final blow of this period was the so-called Pleven Law of 1972 (Socialists pushed it, but it is named after the Gaullist minister who adopted it), prohibiting “provocation to discrimination, hatred or violence” against persons or groups “on the grounds of their origin or their membership or non-membership in a particular ethnic group, nation, race or religion.” Passed unanimously amid much self-congratulation, this law, in Mr. Zemmour’s words, “introduces subjectivity where objectivity had prevailed; it condemns intentions and not acts; it gives judges the right and the duty to probe into people’s hearts and souls, to dig up thoughts and ulterior motives.”

The author emphasizes the significance of including “nation” among the protected categories. President Georges Pompidou was at that time bringing literally millions of foreign workers into France at the behest of the construction and automobile industries, and the Pleven law meant that no one could criticize their presence.

As Mr. Zemmour points out, the very concept of a nation requires discrimination–a determination that some people are “us,” while the rest are “not us.” Taken literally, a prohibition against making this distinction is incompatible with the continued existence of France, and in practice, the law is used to silence criticism of demographic displacement. As Mr. Zemmour has discovered, even citing verifiable facts can lead to a conviction.

The government made matters much worse by subcontracting the authority to prosecute under the Pleven law to private “anti-racist” organizations such as LICRA (French acronym of the International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism) and MRAP (Movement Against Racism and for the Friendship between Peoples). “By authorizing them to take legal action against any unguarded opinion,” notes the author, “the State has given them the right of political and financial life or death over all dissidents.” Americans can imagine the consequences of giving the Southern Poverty Law Center the power to prosecute someone for any remark it did not like.

The Pleven law has been followed by other laws in the same spirit: the Gayssot law of 1990 against “Holocaust denial,” the Taubira law of 2001 defining the African slave trade as a “crime against humanity” and the Lellouche law of 2002 stiffening the penalties for “racist and anti-Semitic offenses.” As Mr. Zemmour notes:

Beginning with the Pleven Law, a whole new field of sacred objects has arisen: immigration, Islam, homosexuality, the history of slavery, colonialism and the Second World War, the Nazi genocide of the Jews. A vast and varied domain that continues to grow, in order to satisfy all the minorities that consider themselves discriminated against.

For future historians, notes Mr. Zemmour, “freedom to think, write and express oneself will have been no more than a historical parenthesis of less than a century.”

Demographic displacement

One year after the Pleven law was passed, the oil crisis of 1973 dried up the demand for foreign workers:

Logic would have dictated that a reverse flow be initiated. This is how the republic had acted during each economic crisis in order to protect “national” employment. Nothing was done by either right or left. This was the first essential break with the past, supposedly for humanitarian reasons.

And the French government went further, passing a “family reunification” law to bring the wives and children of North African workers to France. The result was that “hundreds of thousands of women and children were pulled up from their villages and their modest but peaceful lives to rejoin husbands and fathers they hardly knew.” Housing construction could not keep up, and shantytowns began to appear. Schools were overwhelmed and the quality of instruction for native French children sank as overworked teachers tried to teach Arabs to use toothbrushes and not to slaughter sheep in bathtubs.

In 1959, De Gaulle had warned his countrymen: “The French are French. The Arabs are Arabs. Those who believe in integration have the brains of hummingbirds.” Some politicians still understood this. In 1976, Prime Minister Raymond Barre tried to abolish family reunification, but was overruled by the State Council, which acts as the supreme court for administrative decisions. He then offered “return aid” of 10,000 francs to immigrants who agreed to go home. Spanish and Portuguese who were causing no problems took up the offer, while the North Africans at whom it was aimed stayed put. Barre then negotiated an agreement with the Algerian government for the repatriation of Algerians. Before its terms could be carried out, the Socialist François Mitterand was elected president and repudiated the agreement.

Charles De Gaulle

Charles De Gaulle

Pop culture as sign of the times

Popular culture quickly took up the immigrants’ cause. The movie Dupont-Lajoie (1975; English title The Common Man) featured hard-working Algerians consigned to ramshackle barracks as they build vacation homes for rich Frenchmen. Vacationers bully the workmen, suspecting them of having intentions on their daughters. A fight breaks out between the two groups, and the police arrest only the Algerians. Later, one particularly “racist” Frenchman murders a woman and tries to blame the Algerian workmen by depositing her corpse near their barracks. The movie’s final scene shows one of the Algerians tracking down the principle French “racist” at a Paris bar and shooting him dead in righteous revenge.

The music business took up the cause of “anti-racism” with Lily, a song about a Somali girl who comes to France to empty trashcans. She is tormented by racists. She is turned away from a hotel in the rue Secrétan that “only accepts whites.” She falls in love with a French boy, but the family objects. She moves to America where she meets the great Angela Davis, but learns that blacks are not allowed to ride on buses. She marries and has a baby “the color of love.”

Lily was issued as a B-side, but French disc jockeys made it a hit. Mr. Zemmour reports that journalists actually hurried to the rue Secrétan in search of the hotelier who turned away blacks; he was, of course, as fictional as the American buses restricted to whites. The lyrics of Lily are now “studied” as literature in French classrooms; questions about the song are sometimes even included in final exams at French secondary schools.

The hunt for fascists

On October 3, 1980, a bomb exploded outside a synagogue in the rue Copernic in Paris. The explosion had been timed to kill worshipers as they left the building, but the service ran late that day. Four bystanders were killed instead.

The attack was carried out by an Arab holding a forged Cypriot passport. He was sponsored by East European communists and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine–but it took years to establish this.

In the meantime, the entire French left was convinced that the attack could only have been the work of the native French “extreme right.” A tiny group called the Federation for National and European Action actually claimed responsibility; only much later was it discovered that the message had come from an infiltrator. The police went in search of Spanish Francoists, but that trail lead nowhere. Jewish youth demonstrated in the streets and sacked the offices of one nationalist organization. Mr. Zemmour explains their mindset:

Since the Six Day War of June 1967, a fraction of French Jewish youth had enrolled in Zionist defense movements. They struck out against imaginary Nazis in the streets and universities … pretending they were in the underground with Jean Moulin [the famous Resistance fighter] or in the Warsaw ghetto.

Shots were fired at the Paris headquarters of Oeuvre Française, another nationalist organization. Right-wing think-tanks such as GRECE and the Club d’Horloge were denounced for “contributing to the atmosphere” in which such a crime could take place. Socialists screamed that the Gaullist President Giscard d’Estaing was an “accomplice of the murderers.” Prime Minster Raymond Barre’s statement that “this odious attack was aimed at Jews attending synagogue, but struck four innocent Frenchmen who were crossing the rue Copernic” was unaccountably held up as proof he was an anti-Semite.

The hue and cry may have contributed to Socialist President François Mitterand’s victory the following year. The truth came out only after the collapse of communism and the opening of the East German secret police files.

The bombing in the rue Copernic provided the standard script for responding to any future anti-Jewish attacks by Arabs:

More than thirty years later, during the presidential campaign of 2012, [three] Jewish children were murdered in front of a religious school. Everyone denounced the fascist-racist-anti-Semite … The media looked for a tall, blond Nazi with a Kalashnikov.

The killer was soon discovered to be an Arab with French citizenship but Mr. Zemmour notes that without missing a beat, the French media then started assuring the country that the crime in no way implicated the Muslims of France or their peaceful religion.

Immigrant insurrection

Unrest in immigrant neighborhoods began in a small way during the 1970s, but the election of François Mitterand, a Socialist, emboldened rioters. Certain they would not be sent home, young North Africans in the Minguettes neighborhood south of Lyon threw a Molotov cocktail at the automobile of the last policeman who lived in the area, shouting “no more cops in the neighborhood!” The officer moved out. This was the first widely reported example of the torching of automobiles, which became a standard form of immigrant “protest.” The government responded by creating recreation programs to serve the “youth.” The lesson was not lost on them: Violence was rewarded.

Following further riots in 1990, Mitterand established a formal Ministry for Urban Affairs in an attempt to buy social peace. Much money was also spent tearing down old buildings in immigrant neighborhoods and erecting new ones, or moving immigrants around from place to place. The very ineffectiveness of these policies was not the least of their attractions to France’s bureaucrats, since it meant disbursements would never end.

Young immigrants have made a New Year’s Eve tradition out of torching cars, though the total for every December 31 has come down to just over 1,000.

SOS Racism

The anti-racist firmament of France received a new star in October 1984 with the establishment of SOS Racism.

It was at the Elysée Palace [residence of the French President] in great secrecy that the association was formed. Political advisors and presidential spokesmen were involved, and Mitterand was at the helm. The misadventure of a young Black man, Diego, accused of theft in a subway train, was invented out of whole cloth and broadcast by all the media.

SOS Racism went from triumph to triumph, attracting the endorsement of many popular entertainers and repeatedly stressing the alleged historical continuity between French distaste for African immigration and the Nazi persecution of the Jews. SOS Racism at one time hoped to displace older anti-racist groups such as LICRA and MRAP, but Mr. Zemmour believes that Arab suspicion of its heavily-Jewish leadership kept it from ever getting popular support.

Without ground troops or any hold on the ‘street,’ the directors of SOS Racism fell back on their core activity, collecting [state] subsidies. They developed a form of media activism, using their incomparable Trotskyist savoir-faire to manipulate minds, becoming inquisitors of the anti-racist religion, preaching and catechizing on television, performing excommunications, privatizing the justice system for their own benefit like latter-day Torquemadas.

The directors of SOS Racism have a well-earned reputation for living well, dining in the best Paris restaurants, and sporting high-priced designer watches and briefcases. Since most of their money comes from subsidies, the authorities have looked into some of this behavior, but so far there have been no convictions.

The symbol of SOS Racisme: "Leave my pal alone."

The symbol of SOS Racisme: “Leave my pal alone.”

The veil

As ongoing demographic displacement of the native French became a taboo subject in the media, a comparatively trivial side issue occupied the headlines.

On September 18, 1989, three teenage girls were sent home from school for refusing to take off their Islamic veils in class. The case made international headlines, and 1,000 people demonstrated in Paris in support of the girls. The government avoided making any decision: The Minister of Education asked the Constitutional Council for a ruling, but this august body left the matter to the discretion of school teachers. The debate raged for 15 years.

In 2004, President Jacques Chirac finally summoned the nerve to ban the veil in French classrooms. But a lot had happened in the meantime.

As the Republic laboriously won the battle of the veil, it failed to notice that it had lost the battle of halal [ritual Muslim slaughter]. In neighborhoods where the Muslim population was becoming the majority, it imposed its cultural and religious dominion. The multiplication of halal butcher shops was the symptom of an Islamization from below which went far beyond mere culinary habits to affect every domain of existence: dress, language, sex, marriage, education, family …

The Republic had no sooner succeeded at great cost in limiting the fire at one spot when it immediately caught on in another. The veil, prohibited at school, was worn at work, in nursery schools; veiled mothers came to pick up their daughters at school; they demanded more or less violently that their children be served halal meat in the cafeteria, sometimes going so far as to demand tables separate from the “infidels;” pupils refused to learn certain subjects: Darwinism that rejects the sacred teaching of the Koran, the history of the Crusades, the unbelieving Voltaire, the unfaithful wife Mme Bovary, the Holocaust of the Jews who are murderers of Palestinians, etc. Girls could not take gym class; boys dropped out en masse; the rare good students were mocked as ‘Jews’ or ‘dirty Frenchmen.’

All of this happens with the blessing of the French left, which continues to imagine that Muslim immigrants will one day give up Islam to join them in worshiping the goddess Reason.

The “undocumented”

In June 1996, 300 illegal immigrants–mostly black Africans–occupied the Church of Saint Bernard in Paris to demand “regularization.” In their eyes, they were not at fault for entering France illegally; it was France that was at fault for not giving them permission. They set up sleeping pallets, urinated and defecated inside the church, and created a great deal of disorder.

French movie starlets and highly-placed administrators showed up to be photographed lending support to the protest–but preferred to go home at night to their own homes. Mr. Zemmour notes that for the crowds supporting them, the Africans variously represented latter-day Jews being persecuted by French successors to the Nazis, formerly colonized persons to whom reparations were due, persecuted Christ figures, noble savages innocent of the moral and ecological contamination for which civilization is responsible, or exploited proletarians who had become agents of revolution. For the captains of industry, meanwhile, they represented low-wage replacements for French workers.

Eight weeks later, on August 23, the security police cleared out the church and shipped at least some of the Africans home. They became martyrs and the anniversary of the raid has been commemorated by French “anti-racists” ever since.

Le Pen makes the second round

Between 1997 and 2002, France was governed by Gaullist (conservative) President Jacques Chirac, but parliamentary elections had resulted in a left-leaning legislature with a Socialist Prime Minister, Lionel Jospin. This arrangement, which the French call “cohabitation,” pleased nobody. In the Presidential election of 2002, president and prime minster ran against each another. Neither man was popular. President Chirac, embroiled in a financial scandal, received less than twenty percent of the vote–a humiliation for an incumbent. His prime minster, opposed by half a dozen other leftist parties, picked up just sixteen percent of the vote.

The result was that with 17 percent, Jean Marie Le Pen of the National Front came in ahead of all leftist candidates and faced President Chirac in the second round of the election. That election was scheduled for two weeks later. As Mr. Zemmour explains:

Each evening, televisions broadcast archive images retracing the Nazis’ rise to power, the extermination of the Jews, and the Second World War. Schoolchildren poured into the streets, encouraged when not obligated by their teachers, [shouting] ‘Le Pen must be burned.’ The propaganda apparatus worked at full tilt. The entire political class called for a vote for Chirac ‘in order to set a roadblock to fascism.’ Every union, every company, every authority appealed to save the Republic: bishops, rabbis, imams, professional athletes, actors, magistrates, attorneys, free masons, the anti-racist leagues, the homosexual movement, even Judge Halphen [who was investigating President Chirac for financial misdeeds] added his little appeal!

The only man to retain his sanity was France’s outgoing Socialist prime minster, who later acknowledged that the country had never experienced any fascist threat, that the National Front was not a fascist party, and that the whole pretence had been nothing but political theater.

On May 5, left-wing voters showed up at polling stations with clothespins on their noses to choose the merely conservative Gaullist candidate over the supposed fascist. Crook or not, Jacques Chirac was reconfirmed as President of the Republic with 82 percent of the vote. The propaganda onslaught had succeeded.

The suburbs burn

On October 27, 2005, two teenagers in Clichy-sous-bois, a suburb of Paris populated almost entirely by African immigrants, fled from a police car making its usual rounds. It is unknown whether they had something to hide or simply wanted to avoid a possibly time-consuming encounter with the police. They hid in a large electrical transformer, where they were electrocuted.

The usual riots broke out. Cars, buses, schools, and gyms were torched. But this time the violence did not stop after a few nights. “Molotov cocktails, manhole covers and washing machines were thrown from the tops of apartment buildings,” writes the author, since “all means were fair for chasing away the helmeted enemy–the French police.” Televised images of the riots became models for immigrants in other suburbs, and the violence spread to more than 274 French towns. “There were no organizers, no representatives, no slogans, no demands, no ideology or party: only the joy of destruction and fighting.” It was an impressive record: 8,973 cars burned, 2,888 arrests, 126 police and firefighters injured, two people killed. Mr. Zemmour reports that the damage was estimated to have cost €200 million.

French Minister of the Interior Nicolas Sarkozy had coincidentally chosen the day before the teenagers were electrocuted to speak to the French inhabitants of another Paris suburb plagued by immigrant lawlessness: “You’ve had enough of this riffraff (racaille) haven’t you? We’re going to get rid of them for you.” The French political establishment, especially his own party, panicked and denounced him. Yet the celebrated riffraff remark–quietly supported by millions of ordinary Frenchmen–may have been responsible for Mr. Sarkozy’s election to the French presidency in 2007. President Sarkozy had five years to deliver on his promise, but when he stepped down the riffraff were still there.

Today and tomorrow

They are there to this day, warns Mr. Zemmour, and growing in number. The suburbs where they live are governed not by French officials but by Islamic caïds (leaders) who apply sharia law–including the death penalty. The only limits to caïd power are set by powerful drug lords no one can afford to offend.

The media report that hundreds of “Frenchmen” have gone to Syria to fight for the Islamic State.

Opposition to the present French regime and the demographic replacement it has promoted is agonizingly slow to gather–but it is gathering. In 2012, Marine Le Pen did slightly better in the presidential elections than her father had ever done, and her popularity continues to increase: In the late summer of 2014, polls showed that if elections were held today, she would be elected president of France.

The success of Mr. Zemmour’s book is itself a sign of hope; at the French Amazon site, it has slipped to number two, but only behind a silly €3.00 pamphlet that makes fun of motherhood. It is miles ahead of anything else that even remotely resembles thoughtful non-fiction. The Suicide of France can be seen as a French counterpart to Thilo Sarrazin’s bestselling 2010 book, Germany Abolishes Itself.

Mr. Zemmour himself makes no predictions and offers no solutions. The question remains whether patriotic opposition can overthrow the current establishment in time to save the historic French nation–or even to head off a bloody civil war.

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F. Roger Devlin
Dr. Devlin is a contributing editor to The Occidental Quarterly and the author of Sexual Utopia in Power.
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  • We all know that there is no democratically republican path to solving this mess, don’t we?

    My advice to Marine Le Pen is to learn to be adept with the pen and phone.

    Otherwise, give us this day our daily car-b-que.

    • propagandaoftruth

      One big thing she could do if in power – push to promote freedom of expression and end censorship. Give the FRENCH the right to express their beliefs without fear of governmental oppression.

      • anony

        We all have the inalienable right to free speech; the problem is that institutions, governments included, “punish” those who speak freely.

        How does one prevent that?

        • Hy Alldredge

          Is there really such a thing as an inalienable right? If there were, you would think that denial of those rights would be the exception rather than the norm in human history. The only rights we have are the ones we’re willing and able to defend.

          • anony

            Good question; I think the idea of an inalienable right is one which is inherent in being human. True enough, governments and tyrants, among other entities, can deny those rights, but that does not negate their existence. Also true that we must individually and collectively, through righteous government, defend those rights.

            The defense of these unalienable rights was the very core of the concept of the founding of the American government, the right to life, liberty, and the “pursuit of happiness”. The “pursuit of happiness” was originally included as “property”, which shows the importance that the founders put on the “right” to own property.

            “…endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights…”.

      • M&S



        One big thing she could do if in power – push to promote freedom of expression and end censorship. Give the FRENCH the right to express their beliefs without fear of governmental oppression.


        Silly rabbit. ‘Inclusivism’ is the means by which a government reduces everyone to group labels as an attempt to own them. As soon as you expand the group to individuals able to claim their own choice of agency, you have no control over anyone.

        Democracies have happened that way. :-]

        Can’t have that.


        The fourth and final blow of this period was the so-called Pleven Law of 1972 (Socialists pushed it, but it is named after the Gaullist minister who adopted it), prohibiting “provocation to discrimination, hatred or violence” against persons or groups “on the grounds of their origin or their membership or non-membership in a particular ethnic group, nation, race or religion.”


        In 1972, what the French did to themselves was illegal because the only group not protected under ‘anti-nationalist defamation’ law was the French themselves. White. European. Smart. Civil. Natives of their own homeland.

        Overturning Pleven now means nothing because ‘to be French’ is no longer a matter of culture that increasingly looks impossible for blacks and Southwest Asians to assimilate into.

        It is about a legal piece of paper.

        This should have been obvious when the Muslims began setting up micro-Stans in French Arrondissements whose laws were not those of the nation of France but of Sharia.

        Note how this revolution began.

        First we seed (or is that cede?) rule making to an obscure ‘rules and procedures’ group. (YKW throughout btw. The Rothschild quote “I don’t care who writes the laws…” is a fabrication, Jews _always_ exert their pernicious influence through bureaucratic access).


        Next came the endorsement if not outright creation of victim groups (note, by 1970s the French had long since recovered from their WWII population depletions [which were never as severe as Germany or Britain’s anyway] so importing foreign factory workers becomes about empowering white French cutouts to do the wrong thing ‘for economic reasons’ rather than any real need for EEC productivity expansion) and the creation of a privatized shadow government which could winnow out and punish the evil racists.


        Nobody ever having asked if racism served a useful evolutionary psychology purpose.


        Next we have the degeneration of those victim groups, probably with coaching, certainly with importation of known agitators and bad apples, into conditions where they act like Barbary Pirates, commiting crime until paid not to in the third oldest industry: the Protection Racket.


        Atop the AntiRa legislation, this forces ‘negotiation with a known threat to the state’ and tires out the victim population, doing the wrong thing for the wrong reasons.


        All the while ‘Lilly’ plays along to make people think it’s all real.


        Finally, as the third generation of welfare dependents with no natural role in society and no reason to respect the French for simply letting them be born, come into their own, you have ‘nameless riots’ without ANY association by organization or attempt by governance, to stop the assault on society itself.


        And so arises a savior, as an ideal. Whose first emissary is denounced only to be proven Martyred Right (as opposed to Loony Left). And their successor becomes the convenient throwaway totem for all that will come to be seen as horrific and/or artificial when they are ‘Normalized’ out of existence, like the Romanovs (Marine Le Pen has a lousy and short future, in all likelihood).


        And thus you are positioned for a globalist revolution as the ‘only choice remaining, however delusional, must be true’.


        Watch this video-


        Yuri Bezmenov On The Theory Of Subversion



        And see if you don’t agree.


        First you Demoralize (which is easy to do in France as a country left out of the chivalric bloodfest of WWII as an occupied state, leading to radicalism by youth as the departure point from all the tradition which made them look bad).


        Then you Destabilize (Remember, French problems began with Labor Relations issues as the opening of a breach of trust between the governed and the governors over who had their best interests at heart).


        Then you push for a Crisis (Initially by pandering to the enemy group’s occupational disruption, then by ignoring everyone as you let their predatory overrun go unanswered. Then by designating a ‘Hero’ to save the masses from their trust in the Old Guard.)


        Finally, by Normalization. (In which the heroes get shot and the people really responsible for the subversion effort step forth with the real agenda of their initial actions as group control mechanisms so tight they are all but undefeatable because they are based on Machiavellian Divide Et Empera tactics that leave balkanized ethnic and class micro populations who have no choice but to accept their own piece of the pie. Because they hate each other too much to overthrow their new conquerors.)

        Please, TELL ME this isn’t what is happening. Here and in France. Tell me that this isn’t a massive effort to overturn our societies in favor of barbaric primitivism so that the ‘salvation’ which is offered can be seen as a ‘Better Red Than Dead’ alternative?

        Because I think that’s exactly what is happening. With remote control by far away globalist design the intended outcome. And the Banks and the Church letting it happen so that they can step in to have their piece of the pie when it all comes tumbling down. And feudalism is reborn as the caring of the many by a self-elected few.

        This is what the Elites plan for us. And the YKW are at their head. It is evil beyond comprehension because it rolls back the first true democratic ideal of control BY the governed in over 2,000 years. We are just throwing it all away.

      • Veritas

        We get censorship from our own leftist media here in the U.S. when it comes to reporting on France. How many times has the desecration of a synagogue or Jewish cemetery been reported, with descriptions of Swastikas drawn by “French youths,” intentionally leaving the impression, of course, that evil white neo-Nazis are at work. When said youths are arrested, they invariably have names like Mahmoud and Abdul, but that part is never reported here.

        • Jacobite2

          Jews lie. Jews lie about Christians. This is news?

  • KenelmDigby

    France will be a majority non European non White state sometime between the years 2050 and 2100. Of this there can be no doubt, if anyone tries to convince you otherwise then they are either as fool or a liar.
    Of course France will also become an Islamic state at an indterminate date somewhat later than that.
    It is astonishing to note that in 1945, France hardly had a third world origin population to speak of.
    The moral to be drawn is that the cowardice and incompetence of politicians, when they deliberately ignore impending danger, to give themselves an easy life, or when they pursue insane policies based on insane political/economic dogma, has very, very heavy consequences.
    Another sad fact is that the European nations that have not, yet, embarked on this immigration madness, but which undoubtedly soon will, have learned absolutely damned nothing from the ongoing French disaster.

    • Garrett Brown

      So you believe Le Pen’s possible election victory and subsequent policies won’t change anything?

      • Sick of it

        Looking at all of the numbers, Sarkozy will likely win in the second round thanks to Socialist support. She may be the most popular, but she is not nearly popular enough.

        • Garrett Brown

          What numbers? If the is the most popular she has to be the favored candidate.

          • Sick of it

            Check the last article on Le Pen. They have a 2 round system. At this point, it is a given that she will make it to the second round, but she will not win in the second round until she garners a lot more support. Socialists ensured her father’s loss by voting for the other candidate in the second round. Think Thad Cochran.

          • Garrett Brown

            On Amren?

          • Sick of it

            Yep. Looking at the original article again, we’re talking 28% of the vote vs. Sarkozy’s 25%. Hollande isn’t going to make it past the first round.

          • Garrett Brown

            The most recent I found was August, and it stated nothing about which way the Socialist vote would go.

        • Anna Tree

          I don’t think Sarkozy will win (I hope he doesn’t!) I think Marine is very popular and becoming even popular with some (real) French communists and socialists, “les Français de souche”, the populist voters, the employees and workers. They didn’t like Sarkozy and still don’t. Will they make the same mistake than the previous generation and chose any one but not a Le Pen? I don’t think so!

          The media, like back then, is trying is best to trash her and her party. But since then, France has changed. The youth are being harrassed by the immigrants and now this happens even in the little towns and villages. Towns with 5’000 inhabitants have no-go zones!!! Immigrants are not only in the big cities anymore… Beside the worsening of the economic problems that is forcing more and more French to emigrate.

          Also between the two, only Marine addresses straightforward messages to the French workers they can understand and rely to now (unlike those of her father) and her plans are simple: French should get what they need before everyone else, French should get back to the way it was etc (It’s almost if not exactly the messages of George Marchais, the French communist by excellence, before they communists went we-are-the-world bs) Melancholy works better when the situation is so dire, and that for so long.

          She presents herself like Jeanne D’Arc and France needs one. The French are always ready to give a chance to the underdog, for their torment. But the underdog in France, this time, is a French blue eyed blond woman. Again.

          At last.

          Go Marine! Aux Armes Citoyens!

          • Sick of it

            If she’s gotten so popular, why do so few polled say they would vote for her? Someone with her family background couldn’t get elected HERE. In France, well, good luck with that.

          • Anna Tree

            Sorry I answer you only now.
            The polls I know of, show she would win at the next presidential election. I don’t know if to trust the polls too: I do fear we all, including the French don’t think it’s bad enough yet. Unfortunately, it seems French need more disasters, especially to their pocket, before striking back; Europeans… French always do…

      • KenelmDigby

        Sorry, but it’s just gone too far.
        Even if all third world immigration into France was to cease absolutely and permanently from tomorrow, then the enormous numbers already inside France, and their prodigious fertility will ensure the certainty of a non White majority France by 2100 at the very latest.
        Possibly only compulsory race based repatriation might just save France. But not even Mme Le Pen advocates this, and it is exceedingly unlikely to happen under any conceivable circumstances.

        • Garrett Brown

          France is still 85% White, I’d argue they have a much better chance in succeeding than for example the US.

          • KenelmDigby

            That is what is called ‘damning with faint praise’. As we all know White America is a train wreck write off right from this minute.
            Most newborns in today’s USA are not White, as are most school students. White America is on borrowed time – and the sand is slipping through the hour glass very quickly.

            As I’ve said before, France is also another write off, but with perhaps an extra generation’s worth of White rule compared to the USA.
            The very best thing that can be salvaged from this disaster is this – France should, if intelligent politicians actually existed – be regarded as a physical concrete moral object lesson the danger of political cowardice and stupidity. And object lessons don’t getter bigger than that, France was, of course, *the* quintessential European nation.
            My only hope is that the leaders of central and eastern European states, states that have not as yet been polluted with third world immigration, actually take heed of this lesson. That is before that filthy monster of the EU forces and foists third world immigration upon them.

          • Sick of it

            We have a few things going for us in America. First of all, Obama’s banana republic presidency has been pushing white people further and further to the right. Second, the South could exist as a full fledged nation entirely on its own and we to this day consider ourselves different from Yankees, Californians, etc. And, of course, Southern white men are the backbone of the United States military. So we have wildcard potential. Don’t write us off yet.

          • Virus, Smiley

            What to do with Atlanta and all the other cities with large Yankee populations?

            The South isn’t going to rise again. The natives like the GOP and the GOP likes cheap labor and globalism. Southerners are not going to hold the GOP to any kind of high standard vis a vis an ethnostate; the Yankees would oppose it and they live there now, with money and means to put down any kind of upstart, atavistic movement for independence.

            And to be fair to Yankees: They’ve done a lot to lift the South up economically, but I worry they will return to their backsliding ways. More traditionally Southern states are looking purplish.

          • none of your business

            It is even worse if France surrenders to 15 percent uncivilized low intelligence Algerians.

          • KenelmDigby

            However ‘low intelligence’ you describe the Algerians, they are a fan sight more intelligent than the French political class.

          • none of your business

            It’s my understanding that the E. European nations including Poland which is the best are so destroyed by the communist occupation that they will not recover for centuries. I hope I’m wrong.

          • Itooktheredpill

            centuries? In the last 25 years of capitalism Poland most other central european countries have closed the economic gap considerably. They still have a ways to go certainly but most economic predictions I have read put economic convergence between eastern/central Europe and western Europe at about 2040-2050.

            To give you some idea. In 1991 when Poland implement a free market economy its average GDP per capita (PPP) when compared with western Europe was about 33%. 25 years down the line its about 70% or so. This is the case for most of the former communist countries such as the Czech republic, Slovakia, the baltic states etc. Ukraine and Belarus are the exceptions but their fate has been quite different then ours since the fall of communism.

            Having said all this predicting future economics is always very difficult as so many things can happen.

            For example a war with Russia breaks out and economic progress is stalled considerably.

          • KenelmDigby

            Perhaps they did not benefit economically from communism, but they emerged from the period 1945 to 1990 racially and nationally intact.
            They same cannot be said for western Europe.

          • Bubba Dirt

            True, and that’s why Eastern Europeans tend to be more patriotic and traditional than we supposedly enlightened Westerners. They know all too well what it means to be stripped of your culture, a situation which we are only starting to understand now under the tutelage of our multiculturistic Cultural Marxist betters and the hordes of third-world immigrants they’ve invited into our countries.

            I would imagine that capitalism (globalism) also plays a substantial role in eroding national consciousness and tradition but that’s an argument for another day.

            Who knows, maybe being stuck behind the Iron Curtain and isolated from capitalism all those years will ultimately be a positive for Eastern Europe? They’re in the fortunate position of still possessing national consciousness and pride we can only dream of, while being able to fully evaluate the more negative aspects of our current worship of globalizing capitalism.

          • Bubba Dirt

            Hmm.. so you’re saying Communism was a kind of time capsule that kept them racially and culturally viable, while my view had been that Communism mandated the stripping out of much of those countries’ native culture. But then for better or for worse Capitalism also stripped away much that was important culturally / socially in the Western nations that adopted it. IOW this is a complex question I should have thought more about before posting my two cents’.

          • Hy Alldredge

            The Eastern European nations also lived through full-on, Stalinist communism. Gulags, famines, kangaroo courts, the whole nine yards. They had more than a half century of brutal totalitarianism to deal with and they recognize their tricks. With all of that in their recent history, they see the end game of the globalists much more clearly than the western nations which were taken over stealthily and benignly (at first). We in the west tend to think that we’ll never end up in a gulag for saying the wrong thing because that just doesn’t happen here. It happened there though, and they’re wary of it happening again.

          • Bubba Dirt

            Poland wasn’t exactly a font of prosperity and innovation prior to communism, either. They’ve been stagnating since the 1600s.

          • kjh64

            The USA has a far larger amount of White people however than any other so-called White nation and many of the non-Whites in America are either there illegally or are foreign residents living in the USA. A lot of things can change as the world is very unpredictable, so it is impossible to write the USA or France or any “White” nation off yet, though if things continue as is, it won’t be good.

          • TheGothFather412

            1.) France actually has a Nationalist Party: The National Front. We don’t have anything like this in America.

            2.) They actually have Think Tanks like GRECE and people like Alain de Benoist who are are serious intellectuals who are looking into this problem. Yes in America we do have some serious intellectuals looking into the current White Dispossession but they are nowhere near the caliber that France has.

            3.) France has a long History of being an intact White European Nation which can be appealed to. The United States was founded with Black slavery as an albatross around its neck.

            White Nationalists in America are starting much further back behind the starting line then French Nationalists. (Hopefully we can catch up though)

          • Sick of it

            Which is why Southern Nationalism is more likely to triumph in America than something nebulous like white nationalism. We have our own people.

          • TheGothFather412

            I fully endorse Southern Nationalism.

            However I don’t see why someone can’t endorse that, while still being a White Nationalist when it comes to the other Regions of the USA.

            (Personally myself I live in the Pacific Northwest and there is a small movement here to have a ‘Northwest Republic’. While I do not fully endorse their movement, I think they have some good ideas.)

          • Sick of it

            Obviously, I would like for other regions to create various pro-white movements of their own. It’s just that the people will find themselves outnumbered by leftist nutjobs.

          • TheGothFather412

            Well I think there are still some areas that are potential secessionist zones. Montana and Wyoming don’t have THAT many liberals.

            Still this kind of thing is very far off in my mind.

          • LACountyRedneck

            Having visited Wyoming this past summer, not one day goes by that I don’t think about moving there. I hope the people that live there don’t take what they have for granted.

            Surely some don’t know what they are missing, or realize how fortunate they are for now.

          • Hy Alldredge

            But doesn’t the south have the largest concentration of blacks in the country as well? How would that work out?

          • Hy Alldredge

            Americans have always been rash though. Massive changes have occurred very suddenly. Things have gone from summer to boil in the blink of an eye. I think it could happen here. The main obstacle, I think, is the utter control of higher education by the cultural Marxist elite, who churn out thoroughly brainwashed leaders. K-12 education is bad too, but it’s of such poor quality it’s pretty easy to undo.

          • kjh64

            It’s lower than 85%. Muslims are now 20% of the populace in France and growing very quickly. Other non-Whites, such as Blacks, I don’t know what percentage they are in France but the percentages of Whites are rapidly dropping throughout the West.

          • Garrett Brown

            The last time France was allowed to do racial demographic studies was in 2011, in that year they were still 85% White. I doubt that has significantly changed in three years.

          • Bubba Dirt

            That’s incorrect. The real figure was much less than 85% White even then.

          • Garrett Brown

            Oh? Prove it.

          • Bubba Dirt

            No it isn’t. That was 10 years ago, and those numbers were fudged and didn’t include illegal aliens. It’s probably more like 70-75% in reality.

    • none of your business

      I wouldn’t say the politicians were incompetent. I would say they were more than competent, expert at destroying France. I remember some of his. In the 1960’s and 70’s the French railroads were revamped and improved. It was the heyday of well paid blue collar workers but they were not hired. The work was given out to contractors who recruited workers in Algeria. The railroad improvement was probably the major motivation for the Pleven law. And of course more and more high rise projects and roads, sewers, utilities, schools, shopping centers and government offices had to be built to server the inhabitants of the projects. It was a bonanza for the building industry but a disaster for French construction workers because Pleven Algerians were hired.

    • One good outcome of this is Muslims will kick Jewish and homo ass.

      • Sick of it

        Watch what they do, not what they say. Islam might as well be the religion of pederasts.

        • silviosilver

          Sadly, that’s a secret only well-informed insiders like ‘Sick of it’ are aware of. How it has eluded the gay lobby – who are ever on the lookout for developments that might bolster their appeal – I’ll never know.

      • Bubba Dirt

        Actually, Jews will move to Israel enmasse, from which base they will proceed to kick your loony antisemitic asses, causing and your impoverished third-world ice cap to become even more of an irrelevant joke than it has already been for centuries. Enjoy!

      • Bubba Dirt

        Hmm that’s not a real Russian name anyway. Thanks for the laugh, though.

    • Peter Connor

      Remember that the Catholic French right waged a ruthless war against the communists in the late 1940s and prevailed.

      • none of your business

        Started in Southern France in the summer of 1944 and killed ten thousand at least. All during the war communist groups were organized in the occupied countries ready to take over when Germany was defeated. So were anti communist groups. The French catholics won this one

  • DaveMed

    I’m actually in a pretty good mood today.

    A couple of classmates and I had a very frank discussion about race and “Western” culture right in the middle of the hospital cafeteria today.

    I’ve found that the amnesty issue is a terrific trigger for conversations that tend to kindle the barely-smoldering sense of racial awareness in other Whites.

  • pcmustgo

    Here’s to Jewish (and half-Jewish! Race Realists) Amen!

    • The Dude

      Eric Zemmour is fully Jewish. “Jewish-Algerian” here meant Jewish of Algerian descent, not half-half. But he doesn’t give in to identity politics and victim-playing despite it being very tempting nowadays.

      The French leftists have hated his guts ever since he said, “there is a white race and there is a black race.”

      • TwanC

        Not of Algerian descent, since imo that would imply a north african origin. Jewish “north Africans” are very recent migrants to the Maghreb and northeast Africa. Their auDNA results seem to suggest that they likely encouraged and practiced a great deal of endogamy after settling the region. There’s a reason they cluster with other Jewish populations, rather than neighboring (north African) populations.

        • The Dude

          I don’t know. His surname is a Berber one. Most of the North African Jews came in the Middle Ages, following the Spanish Inquisition specificially. So it’s not that recent.

          As for clustering with other Jewish populations rather than the other north African that surround, that wouldn’t be very surprising, since the Jews, until recently, have always married in, whether in Europe or elsewhere. So it’s possible he’s tenth- or fifteenth- generation North African and closer to, say, Ashkenazi Jews. He does look like a (slightly darker) typical European Jew.

          • Anna Tree

            Berber can be Carthagians, who were migrant Phoenicians and therefore Levantine whites. The Sepharadic Jews from Spanish and Italian ancestry are (Southern) Europeans in my opinion. See my post to Luis, below.

            During my journey in Race realism, I wondered if the IQs of the Ashkanaz Jews could be linked with the IQs of the Ancient Romans, i.e. that the people are related. This seems to me more logic than to think their IQs has be boosted because of a tiny minority of bankers, moreover in such a short time.

            My speculation seems backed by Wade’s article and Razib Khan’s article “Genetics & the Jews” in DiscoverMagazine:

            “During Greco-Roman times, recorded mass conversions led to 6 million people practicing Judaism in Roman times or up to 10% of the population of the Roman Empire. Thus, the genetic proximity of these European/Syrian Jewish populations, including Ashkenazi Jews, to each other and to French, Northern Italian, and Sardinian populations favors the idea of non-Semitic Mediterranean ancestry in the formation of the European/ Syrian Jewish groups and is incompatible with theories that Ashkenazi Jews are for the most part the direct lineal descendants of converted Khazars or Slavs. The genetic proximity of Ashkenazi Jews to southern European populations has been observed in several other recent studies. Early history matters, and what these findings point to is that a division between western and eastern Jews which falls along the lines of Roman-Persian political division exists today even after 2,000 years. In terms of both culture and genetics there is “first mover” advantage. […]

            So after 500 A.D. it seems that what may have occurred was that a Jewish Diaspora characterized by geographically determined genetic diversity, despite some common original Levantine origin, was genetically isolated from surrounding populations. This explains why there seems relatively little influx of Slavic genes into the Ashkenazim despite their long sojourn within Poland-Lithuania and later the Russian, Empire. In contrast, the Roman Jewish community was already large in the days of Julius Caesar, and presumably intermarried with the urban proletariat of diverse origins.In an ironic twist these data suggest that modern Jews, in particular the Ashkenazim, but to a lesser extent the Sephardim as well, share common ancestry with gentile Europeans due to the unconstrained character of the pagan Greco-Roman world which Jews were to a great extent strident critics of. Contra Tertullian Athens had much to do with Jerusalem.”

          • Garrett Brown

            Berbers are Caucasoid. They are of Phoenicians decent.

          • none of your business

            Despite the eternal victims propaganda, most Algerian Jews were Jews who never left the middle east, not refugees from Spain. Remember, at the time of Cleopatra there were as many Jews in Egypt as Israel and Judea. Middle easterners who stayed separate from the muslim arabs of the 7th century such as the Alawites, Mandeans,Berbers, Druids and Christians and Jews still look more European than Arab.
            But we are not here to discuss his looks or DNA are we?

    • bilderbuster

      Jewish race realists belong in the Jewish State of Israel.
      German and other European race realists knew and encouraged this during the 1930’s back when the only non-Whites in Europe were Jewish.

      • Trevor Pilsbury

        How many thousands of years of genetic intermixing with Europeans would make them white in your estimation? Nevermind, I can guess your answer.

        • bilderbuster

          Two thousand years is more than enough time to assimilate and they have never shown any interest in that. Maybe you should ask Tay Sachs.

      • none of your business

        Jews are White from the dark ones from the Arab countries to the blue eyed Russians and Poles. Why are we discussing this? One Frenchman who happens to be a Jew of Algerian rather than European descent wrote the book we are discussing. Who cares about the exact shade of his brown eyes.
        They were plenty of very dark Indians in England at the time, not immigrants but visitors. There were also a fair number of American black entertainers Josephine Baker, Brick top I don’t know her real name and a famous jazz musician named Hutchinson I believe. There were usually several thousand black Americans in Europe in the 1930’s, mostly entertainers but students and expats happy to be away from segregation.
        Over the years I remember many posters claimed that French people are not White either as well as the Italians and Spanish.

      • adplatt126

        The Jews are definitely white. They’re Levantine/European hybrids. They’re white. Near Eastern/Southern European white, but white.

        • bilderbuster

          They are as Semitic people and don’t consider themselves a European race or people and neither do Europeans.

          • adplatt126

            Well, as a group they don’t identify as Westerners and Europeans, generally speaking. They identify as a people apart, essentially. But they’re still white whether they like it or not.

          • bilderbuster

            But we all know there is more to race than skin color and there are obvious non-European facial features in the stereotypical Jew.

          • silviosilver

            But that’s also true of some ‘Europeans’ themselves, especially as you move east and south, which is why among some WNs there is a lingering (but fast fading, for pragmatic purposes) desire to exclude them.

          • bilderbuster

            That’s always proved fatal.

    • Trevor Pilsbury

      Well said. Many of us agree. It would be no surprise to me if an American Jew becomes a Mr. Zemmour.

      • Bonny Alba

        I’m half and half. Also 1/4 Celtic, 1/4 Teutonic (more Celtic and Teutonic than the full-blood, you would think), grew up with Teutonic and Celtic people mostly, identify with whites, agree with Mr. Zemmour, sick of Multiculturalism and especially political correctness witch-hunts and thought-crime and displacement of whites, loath negrocentrism.

      • TheGothFather412

        David Horowitz has come very close with his tome ‘Hating Whitey’

      • Anna Tree

        The American Ashakanaz Jew is often liberal leftist. And like other liberal leftist like in Academia, Media. Politics, Business etc, atheist or Christians churches, they are often sadly anti-white.
        Could it be that the Ashakanaz Jews are more Northern European and the Sepharadic Jews more Southern European?

        It seems nowadays Southern Europeans are more nationalistic, family and ethnic oriented. Maybe also they know what miscegenation has done to their DNA, when they mixed with their slaves (Ancient Romans/Greeks/Spanish/Portuguese) or were raped during the centuries of jihadi occupations.

        • none of your business

          It’s more of a language and cooking thing.

        • none of your business

          The author is a Mizrahi jew, of the group that never left the middle east.

          • Anna Tree

            I just knew he was Jewish and that he was an anti-liberal journalist. Since my awakening, I agree with his warnings against the threats of pro-diversity/mass-immigration/islam and also against gender theory that is weakening France as a white country as well, re. white birth, feminism etc.
            So I checked and it seems he is a Sepharadic Jew. Do you have a source that he is a Mizrahi jew?
            Mizrahi jews are for sure not whites. He looks Italian to me but as usual I say let’s the DNA decides. Obviously I wish Whites would think like him.

  • Massif1

    Jews in Europe are treated as whites by Arabs and Africans. France is still offering money for Africans and Arabs if they choose to leave. Stop paying them to make babies, stop paying for their food and apartments, and make them get a job. See how fast they’ll stick around in France or anywhere else in Europe.

  • LHathaway

    This article in an embodiment of the phrase ‘anarcho-tyranny’ coined by late Samuel Francis: The more depraved non-whites become the more the authorities are forced to crack down, on Whites. That they do. That’s been the real message of ‘anti-colonialism’: Whites are cause of all evil, past, present, and on into the future. Everyone else is not only innocent but a victim (in the USA victim status grants one a kind of power, at least currently). While describing a French anti-colonialist in his autobiography, even Black Panther Eldridge Cleaver wrote, “I felt there was something blind and indiscriminate in his total condemnation of the white race and total absolution of people of color”.

    They’ve found the problem here (and the authorities have condemned it): not the bad behavior but someone White noticing. Or someone White.

    But wait till immigrants team up with conservatives in the home countries.

    In the words of our own John PM: God let it be so.

    • rosa

      French people (intellectuals, but even some “man of the street”) have a strange “penchant” for Africans “pour la négritude”, how they say. I think they have concocted in their minds this beautiful concept of “négritude”, that is completely unreal. Perhaps a reflex of Rousseaus’s “le bon sauvage”. Or better: the “négritude” was perfect when Negroes/and Arabs stayed home, seen as far as possible. Now they roam French streets, so that “la négritude” is a quite different thing.
      Rosa, Italy

      • je suis paganisme

        Yes, sometimes I think that God created negroes to give the White race a good dose of reality. God knows we need it, particularly most intellectuals.

        I am glad that the French are having “la négritude” crammed into their faces. Beliefs have consequences.

        • je suis paganisme

          PS–I just saw a story on the news about a big pussycat roaming about some part of France and the inhabitants were afraid of it, thinking it was a tiger.

          The national guard, with helicopters, was called in.

          Does not help the stereotype of Frenchmen as being, shall we say, non-fighters.

          • The Dude

            This stereotype is still alive and well: http://youtu(dot)be/wpi0AgkeMUI?t=31s

          • je suis paganisme

            Couldn’t get it to play, Dude. Would like to see it.

          • The Dude

            I didn’t write correctly because it would pre-require approval from the moderators for the comment to show up. Just write a dot (.) instead of (“dot”) and the video should appear.

          • Jerrybear

            They were excellent fighters up until the rise of Bismark and the unification of Germany. Not sure what changed them into ninnies.

          • Bonny Alba

            Some of that is due to propaganda and unfair jumping to conclusions. When the U.S. entered WWI, the French had already fought tooth and nail with the Germans and huge numbers of young French men were killed. They had fought valiantly but lost most of the flower of their youth, as they say. My grandpa was in all of the major battles in France and had a military map with a caricature cartoon figure of a Frenchman running away from the enemy on it. That was unfair and they had already fought bravely but had been thrashed. In WWII they were outmaneuvered and relied on an outdated static defense and were overrun by Germans, just like the Poles, Soviets, Czechs, and many other Europeans. In WWII the British were brave but had to retreat and barely got back to Dover with their lives early in the war. They initially got thrashed, too.

          • Garrett Brown

            Everyone was thrashed by the Germans until they adopted their strategy and outnumbered them. No one could beat Germany one versus one.

          • bilderbuster

            The same was true in WW1.

          • nativist

            I asked the Marine colonel whose recon outfit had led the retaking of Fallujah which other military he had respect for coming out of the war and he told me it was the French.

          • bilderbuster

            The stereotype of the non-fighter Frenchman is a fairly recent phenomenon. From the days of the Roman wars of Vercingetorix, to Charles Martel, to Napoleon, the Frenchman was a force to be feared in battle.
            Until 1940 France was the second largest empire in the world.

          • Sick of it

            Apparently, we can be fined for shooting wildcats around here (Louisiana) these days. That bit of news shocked the hell out of me. In France, they might be imprisoned.

      • none of your business

        Negritude has lessened since the French are exposed not to James Baldwin
        and musicians but Africans who behave even worse than American blacks.

  • JP Rushton

    This was a great article. For whatever reason the articles at the top tend to get less comments than the news stories, so I just wanted to let you know that I appreciated the article.

    • LHathaway

      Are you really JP Rushton?

      • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

        JP Rushton passed away in 2012, so I’m guessing no. Not unless there’s internet access from the beyond.

        • WR_the_realist

          At Amren we can channel J. P. Rushton!

      • Garrett Brown

        Come on man…

  • The Dude

    The native French are being displaced, and yet I still encounter some of them quarreling about the legacy of Robespierre and the Republic.

    The late Assassin’s Creed game on the French Revolution* sparked outrage recently among leftists and far-leftists in France over its supposed inaccurately bloodthirty depiction of the French Revolutionaries. And now the Royalists and the Republicans are at each others’ throats on YouTube and elsewhere over the Reign of Terror and the War in the Vendée.

    I’m not suggesting they forget their history, but Europeans should put their past differences aside for a while and focus on the much greater threats coming from the other side of the pond if they wish to survive in the centuries to come. Otherwise these quibbles will become moot as there won’t be enough indigenous people descended from that era to care about them anyway.


    • Sick of it

      Sounds like the usual Commie propaganda to me. If anything, it downplays how monstrous the revolutionaries were.

    • Garrett Brown

      Incredibly fun game. I love the AC series, this has been my favorite so far.

      • The Dude

        I haven’t played that one yet. Planning on buying.

        The one on the Civil War was bad either.

        • Garrett Brown

          Maybe I like it much more than others because of the setting and I love the French language/culture but it’s even getting very positive reviews from gaming sites and fans of the series alike. I highly recommend it. It reminded me of the first two and that’s a good thing.

    • none of your business

      I wrote some articles about Renee Bordereau. There has been a Vendean heritage movement around for about 40 years now.

    • none of your business

      We are being displaced and the southern heritage people are still going strong.

  • Bonny Alba

    The immigration situation here in America is even more schizophrenic in some ways. It is somewhat similar to Obama’s Libya and Syria policy, if you can call it that. Obama was allied with Al Qaeda in Libya. The same Al Qaeda and other Muslim extremists (sorry for the redundancy) that Obama supported in Libya killed our emabassy staff as Obama arrested and otherwise prevented admirals and generals from sending aid and watching the killing live via surveillance drone. These terrorists also went to Syria to attack the Assad regime which Obama opposes. Obama supplied them with weapons and low and behold, they gassed civilians and committed other atrocities. Then they took Obamas weapons gifts and formed ISIS/ISIL. Suprise, suprise. Now Obama opposes the enemies of ISIS, the Syrian regime and also Iran. But he opposes ISIS. But maybe the other Islamists will fight them? No. Now they have a truce. To make matters worse, NATO “ally” and European Union member Turkey supports ISIS. Obama can’t make appropriate alliances because he opposes Iran and Syria but made a pact with the devil to oppose them. Now the fact that Obama supported and armed these “extremists” (actully mainstream Muslims following the stated dogma of Islam), prevented rescue of the embassy staff, and empowered ISIS in Syria is off limits and is almost never mentioned in the mainstream press.

    The “anti-racists'” stance of immigration is just irrational and insane. They are obsessed with blacks and yet they import millions of illegal and legal aliens who displace blacks in the workforce and who hate blacks with a passion (in the case of many, many Mexicans, at least). The supposed supporters of blacks are displacing them and claiming to support them. The blacks seem to barely notice and still support the leftist socialists and communists who patronize them. Meanwhile the Mexicans vote for Obama even though they mainly hate blacks. Now, the people who shall not be named support blacks no matter what, even when they commit pogroms against them (Crown Heights). Those same people militantly demand massive immigration, even of people who will, and do, violently attack them, Muslims. In addition, TV talking heads, University Professors, people who shall not be named, and white “anti-racist deny what is easily verified as mainstream Islam which is in black and white right in front of anyone with the intellectual integrity to read it, The Koran and The Haditha. To confound the problem, the people who shall not be named and the white “anti-racists” put through draconian legislation which essentially creates thought-crimes. That is to say, they put through “hate crime” legislation making the wrong thoughts while committing a crime an added crime.

  • Bonny Alba

    PS There is another parallel between the leftist insanity in the Middle East and here in America: Even though Middle Eastern nations were artificially formed with the fall of the Ottoman Empire and the British and French Sykes-Picot agreement cobbling together incompatible and hostile ethnicities and religious groups, the liberals stubbornly cling to the absurd and insane notion that these groups will live together in peace and harmony if only an artificially created plan to keep a tally and dole out “positions of power” in the government is enacted! History teaches us that these ethnic hodgepodge countries only “work” under the iron fist of totalitarianism.

    The underlying themes of the above two posts of this writer are 1) jealousy,hatred and the wish to undermine whites (by all of the groups mentioned above) trumps even other intergroup antagonisms and 2) forcing incompatible groups together is a good way to make it essential to rule with an iron fist and therefore makes it possible to seize such power, which by any measure is not to be desired by any but psychopathic tyrants.

    • Bonny Alba

      It’s problem/reaction/solution with the predetermined goal the seizure of absolute power and the destruction of whites. It also has what I call the “two birds with one stone rule.” The power hungry tyrants always kill at least two birds with one stone.

  • JohnEngelman

    In 2011 he was convicted of “incitement to racial hatred” for pointing out that most drug dealers in France are blacks and Arabs…This year, he has been prosecuted for remarks about the criminal behavior of ethnic gangs.

    – F. Roger Devlin, American Renaissance, November 6, 2014

    It does not matter that what he said is true. Truth increased the severity of his offense.

    • John

      In the “Holocaust denial” trial of Ernst Zundel, Sylvia Stolz, his lawyer, was informed by the court that “truth is no defense” and they put her in jail too. Now that’s what I call tyranny.

  • JohnEngelman

    pupils refused to learn certain subjects: Darwinism that rejects the sacred teaching of the Koran, the history of the Crusades, the unbelieving Voltaire, the unfaithful wife Mme Bovary, the Holocaust of the Jews who are murderers of Palestinians, etc. Girls could not take gym class; boys dropped out en masse; the rare good students were mocked as ‘Jews’ or ‘dirty Frenchmen.’

    All of this happens with the blessing of the French left, which continues to imagine that Muslim immigrants will one day give up Islam to join them in worshiping the goddess Reason.

    – F. Roger Devlin, American Renaissance, November 6, 2014

    Muslims present the secular left with an existential dilemma. Muslims threaten every value of the secular left. Unfortunately, the secular left sympathizes with them because secular leftists are used to blaming Western civilization for all the evils of the world.

    Actually, Western civilization nurtured the secular left. Karl Marx is ensconced in the Western intellectual tradition.

    • Bonny Alba

      “Muslims threaten every value of the secular left. Unfortunately, the secular left sympathizes with them because secular leftists are used to blaming Western civilization for all the evils of the world.”
      That is true but I might add the important point that both leftist Democrats and politically correct Republicans refuse to admit the evil side of Islam and they insist on the idiotic claim that there are just a few extremists while refusing to see what is right in front of them in the Koran. To make matters worse, education increases the problem. When one takes courses on the middle east, the more palatable aspects of Islam are stressed while the negative aspects (which were written later and therefore supersede the more reasonable teachings, according to their doctrine), all without reading the Koran or the Haditha!

    • Orion_Blue

      Strictly speaking, the Left cynically see the Angry Mob as an instrument they think they can control. This can be whatever disgruntled mob of the moment that happens to be nursing a grievance, suitable wedge to drive the glorious revolution forward. Far from it. Left meddling with Islam has often meant the Left comming off the worse. The iranian revolution was not a success story for the left. Once the old order had toppled, the Islamic forces were swift to dispatch their erstwhile secular allies, with their inconveniently decadent notions.

  • dmxinc

    “President Georges Pompidou was at that time bringing literally millions
    of foreign workers into France at the behest of the construction and
    automobile industries, and the Pleven law meant that no one could
    criticize their presence.”

    There it is again. The unmaking of a country because of the profit motive.

    We face the same dilemma. Construction, housing, and government all want to sell our children’s birthright for a buck.

    Haiti is the most egregious example of when this plan comes to fruition. South Africa is probably more the US model.

    Imagine if the South Africans had made a point of keeping non Whites out. At one time the White South Africans were only out numbered 2-1. Such a policy would have led to their total domination, but, instead, they valued money now over the future.

    See what the future has become for their descendants.

  • dmxinc

    As seen in this article with the frequent mention of NAZI or fascist, the Left has been able to use most effectively the legacy of Hitler to eliminate Western man and our nations. Hitler has been the most powerful weapon against us.

    When you look at the paragraph on Le Pen’s first election and the entire “establishment” that came out against him including “Schoolchildren poured into the streets, encouraged when not obligated by their teachers, [shouting] ‘Le Pen must be burned.’” who would like to wager that this national outpouring on every bureaucratic level was not orchestrated by non-Eskimos?

  • Trevor Pilsbury

    Excellent piece Dr. Devlin. I must say that Mr. Zemmour deserves a medal for having the courage to speak out and suffer the slings and arrows from the Leftist scourge in France.

    Any American reading this will recognise that they are heading down the same path as France and indeed are already a good way down now. We must not travel an inch further than we have! I see the sleeper cell in the White House chomping at the bit to control and regulate the internet and would love above all else an EU-style “hate speech” law to silence all opposition against foreign colonisation of the West.

    We must now acknowledge that “diversity” being a good thing is a damnable lie. This goes against all natural reason. Every tribe and tounge must have their own nation. The intermixing of alien races is a disaster and will eventually destroy any nation. The task before us now is stopping and reversing this suicidal madness, cost what it may.

  • Dwight

    Jared, if there is any way you could get Mr. Zemmour to speak at the next Amren Conference, please consider doing so. What a story he could tell.

  • jayvbellis

    If Amren readers would like to read about some Frenchmen who most certainly did not surrender to anti racism, cultural Marxism, Arab/Muslim disorder and terror, read “Battle of the Casbah” by Paul Aussaresses the French military officer responsible for counter terrorism in the French City of Algiers. This great French western hero makes Vlad the Impaler count ad radula look like Jimmy Carter.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    F. Roger Devlin. Whenever I see a review by F. Roger Devlin, I know I’m in for a treat. Bonus: The book under review, Le Suicide Francaise, may among the most important books of the decade. I await the English edition.

  • CourtneyfromAlabama

    I enjoyed reading this. It amazes me how liberal historians enjoy referring to “arabs” as this historically enlightened group who “saved Western Civilization” during the Middle Ages and who taught “dumb Europeans how to count”.

    The truth says otherwise. The parts of the Middle East that were advanced before the European Greeks and Romans came on the scene, were confined to the river valley regions of the Middle East. By the time the Greeks and Romans improved civilizational knowledge ten fold, the only major competitor in the area was the Persians, who were possibly just as white as the Romans.

    Then during the “Dark Ages”, Europeans were still represented by the Byzantine Greeks who played a powerful role in the Middle East up until the European Renaissance. And still, during this entire time, the main foe in the Middle East was the Persians, when examining intellect. The arabs and turks posed military threats but did very little with math and science.

    The Arabian Peninsula, which is where these arabs in France originally came from when looking at genetic history, has given very little to the world. Neither has North Africa for that matter. “The uniqueness of Western Civilization” has just been delivered to my door and I can’t wait to open it. It debunks modern day multicultural revisionist history, and actually pays the current lies about China’s achievements, a great deal of visitation.

    • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

      There is a very good two-hour interview with Ricardo Duchesne, author of The Uniqueness of Western Civilization” in the Occidental Observer video archive, also accessed in the Red Ice Radio archives (pay wall/membership for 2nd hour at Red Ice).

    • none of your business

      Another thing, most of the Arabs who did anything were Christians, Jews, and groups like the Druse and Alawites who converted to Islam and then kept their Christianity underground. The propaganda is that Haroun Al Raschid and “the arabs” preserved ancient greek manuscripts. Truth was, it was a monastery of Syrian Catholic monks who did it. They had been doing with for centuries when Haroun became Caliph and approved. The Alhambra and the rest of Moorish Spain were built by Christian slaves from architect to laborers. Even Ishifan in Persia, a sort of Shii Vatican and glorious was built by Christian European slaves.

  • Jeff Traube

    About 1960, there was a sizable number of French pied noir in Algeria, and but few North Africans in European France. The demographic changes since then have been for the worse from West’s standpoint. Arab immigration should have been safe, legal, and rare. Defense of the pied noir a given. Liberalism failed on both counts. The kinsmen of this Jewish guy who typically support Marxism could take a cue.

  • Snardley Butler

    I thought it was bad in America, thank goodness I don’t live in France, tho America is quickly heading that way. I hate to say I pretty much am wishing the dollar would crash anymore, it’s really the boredom of prosperity that has allowed this stuff to gain a voice, I’m not any kind of Christian but the saying “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop” is quite brilliant.

    • anony

      Good thought. I have often thought that the relative “wealth” of the West is one of its biggest problems. We are too comfortable for our own good.

      Having too much to lose does not a revolutionary make. And we need something dramatic to jolt us out of our apathy.

  • Cathy Madera

    Notice that all these leftist anti west political organizations destroying western civilization have been created and controlled by jews? They have created the whole white guilty meme and use the holocaust as a bludgeon to beat down all opposition to their goal of destroying the west. Now I am not saying that all jews agree (the books author is a jew) with this but only a blind fool could not see that marxist, leftists, liberal progressive movements are overwhelmingly controlled by this tribe. connect the dots.

    question: why is anti semitism considered the “oldest hate”? A hate that crosses all cultures and history. Does it just periodically spring from the inherent racism of humanity? Or is there something in jewish culture that bears examination? Russia, Spain, Germany, England and Egypt…. All at one time welcomed the jews and had large jewish communities. What happened? The same thing that is happening today in France and America. The tribe has taken control of the culture, education, media and government (note both political parties at the national level are headed by jews – wasserman schultz and priebus) has destabilized the country. The native populations react and are labeled anti semites.

    • alex

      Priebus is of Greek and German descent.

      • Cathy Madera

        you are correct although I think my point is made.

    • Ike Eichenberg

      I’ve never seen the slightest evidence that Reince Priebus is anything other than a Greek Orthodox Christian.

      Yes Jews are overwhelmingly liberal.
      Most Jews are affluent and educated urbanites and not much different in their politics than gentiles of similar education, economic status, and urban upbringing.

      The difference is that rural and blue collar Jews are few as compared to gentiles.

    • none of your business

      I read al lot of jewish publications. It is my informed opinion that the entire thing is yet another propaganda money grabbing scheme of the government of Israel. They want French Jews and more importantly their money. They also want and are getting tens of millions of dollars from the gullible holocaust haunted American Jews to contribute to Israel and various Zionist organizations to “save” French Jews from all these evil Nazi French. If they have to destroy FRance, not an easy country to destroy in the process; so be it. Israel will get billions of dollars and some Western wealthy people and their property.

  • Rhialto

    This article points out that La Belle France has become as Liberal as America. Many otherwise aware Americans don’t seem to realize that all Western countries are this way: massive Third world immigration, penalizing the middle income/social classes, economic policies designed to benefit “malefactors of great wealth”, subsidizing criminals and parasites, demonizing normal White men, etc. etc.

    • TheGothFather412

      It seems like a coordinated attack doesn’t it.

      As soon as the Warsaw Pact/ USSR model fell (1989), the Left seemed to have come to the conclusion that White Europeans would never accept Marxism, so a new proletariat had to be imported (Arabs in France, Mexicans in the USA)

      • ThomasER916

        The Left you speak of is really Ethnic Marxists. Jews.

  • Garrett Brown

    The articles Amren has been producing lately have been amazing. Well done staff and especially well done Dr. Devlin.

  • Sick of it

    “Americans can imagine the consequences of giving the Southern Poverty
    Law Center the power to prosecute someone for any remark it did not

    Here in America, we have guns. Morris Dees and company wouldn’t last a week if they tried this.

  • Sick of it

    The Foreign Legion I would suspect. They’ve always been tough.

    • Anna Tree

      Nowadays the Foreign Legion are mostly Poles and other whites and South Americans. Blacks and North Africans don’t need the Foreign Legion, they get citizenship and welfare for free nowadays…
      The officers are French, as is the French army mostly.
      I think the Marine colonel was talking about the French.

      • none of your business

        Foreign legion has always been composed of foreigners. It was a way of getting rid of the numerous Germans fleeing Germany in the 1830’s and 40’s. Offer them a job and send them to Algeria to make themselves useful.

      • lordhumungusthegreat

        Can you tell me more about the legion I was honestly interested in joining soon.

  • Strichtplatte

    Mr Zemmour is not a Frenchman, he is a jew. Just like here in the good old USA, Mr Guber is not an American, he is a jew. Beware of jews coming to do good.

  • Ed

    The history of Algerian Jews is an interesting one. They tend to be fierce French patriots due in part to their favored treatment during the colonization of Algeria. They were made French citizens in the 19th century whereas the Muslim Algerians could only be French if they well acted French, few did.

    I hope there’s an English translation available I think I’ll add this to book queue.

    • silviosilver

      The history of Algerian Jews is an interesting one. They tend to be fierce French patriots

      Such touching naivete. If only the price of it were not total racial demise.

      Jews place Jewish interests in first place and anybody else’s interests a very distant second. It is not a technically difficult point to intellectually comprehend, but internalizing it seems beyond most people’s ability.

  • Garrett Brown

    France is still 85% White. They’re in a much better situation than America.

    • ThomasER916

      Better how? White Americans own lots and lots of guns. When America fails, Whites will still have the means to fight. France has nothing. Furthermore, France isn’t producing enough babies.

      • Garrett Brown

        We will have much less whites and much less guns when America does finally collapse.

  • Jon

    Very profound and very true because when 3rd world people flood into your country then sooner or later they will turn that country into a 3rd world nation also. All of points made sense and not just France but most of Western Europe is committing suicide. There is no Freedom of speech or expression in all of Western Europe and they ignore the crime stats. When the facts say that blacks and Arabs are the major crime games then that is not hate speech but the truth. Glad he is fighting for France at least.

  • Anna Tree

    This is if you believe in the Jewish religion. Do you?

    I believe in reason, science and DNA. If Mr. Zemmour’s family has full Spanish or Italian ancestry, then he is (Southern) European. If Carthagian’s ancestry, i.e. Phoenician, he is a Levantine white. If not then he is mixed or North African.
    European Jews are Europeans. But if they don’t think they are white or think being Jewish is above being white, then hop they go to Israel like other non-whites will have to go to their countries. Moreover those anti-white, liberal leftists Jews destroying white countries, those are traitors, like other anti-whites they will be held responsible.

    • none of your business

      Guess you are not aware that the royal families and Christian elites of Spain were goths. Ever seen pictures of Isabella? Natural light blonde hair. Her kids were all redheads or auburn. Before the roman invasion the Spainish were celts and vast northwestern areas are still celtic.

      • Anna Tree

        All the European royal families are indeed Germanic, but not the people they ruled.
        It’s not only the miscegenation with the slaves and the rapes under the jihadi islamic occupation: the difference come from further in history, in the neolithic and last Ice Age: Spaniards like Italians and Southern France, are Southern Europeans: they have darker skins, shorter stature, more lactose intolerance etc

        Northern, Southern and Eastern Europeans are different but of course have also mixed together.
        I still think we are all whites. From different ethnicity. And so we have diversity, don’t need more.

        If I remember well, not all Spain was Celt.
        I checked: only the center and a corridor to the South-West and the SouthWest was. The rest is Pre-Celtic, Proto-Basque, Iberian and Turdetanian.

  • KenelmDigby

    The EU must be regarded as yet another anti-White force. Honestly, I have ‘no dog in the fight’ concerning the current civil war unfolding in Ukraine, but I just wish that the western Ukrainians would understand what sort of monster the EU is. Perhaps western Ukrainians see the EU as some sort of ‘guarantor’ against Russian domination, but they are making a Faustian bargain. Inevitably, the EU will impose non-White immigration upon Ukraine, and it will end up as a non White majority state just like all the rest.

  • LHathaway

    If the Algerians can kick the French out of Algeria, because of their negative influence, and the whole world applaud, why can’t the French kick the Algerians out of France, despite all the good they are doing?

    • Shaquan Jamison

      Because the French are white and whites are not allowed to have nations of their own.

  • The Dude

    Well, that’s what the Jewish religion says. But biologically, it takes two Jewish parents to make a Jew.

  • Garrett Brown

    We’re referring to his race, no religion.

  • Does Zemmour mention the Jewish role in all this?

    • silviosilver

      Yes, he devotes three whole chapters to it: the encouragement of non-white immigration; the silencing of criticism; and the promotion of anti-white race denial.

      Just kidding!

  • shmiggen

    This article packed a one-two punch: it was both vibrant and enriching.

  • shmiggen

    If you want to destroy a race, a nation, a society – simply imbue it with feminism and equality. Children will not be born, and then, my friends, the game is over.

    • KenelmDigby

      The great British geneticist, Sir Ronald Fisher, once remarked, way back in the 1930s, that ‘any nation which habitually uses contraception is eventually doomed to extinction’. He said this at time before contraception was generally in use anywhere.
      Perhaps an apposite modification to his quote is ‘any nation that actually practices feminism is doomed to extinction’.

      • Whitesneedtobebrave

        Yes, the Lambert Conference of 1930 started this contraception nonsense. In that conference, the Anglican Church went against Christian teaching and approved of artificial birth control. Then slowly other Christian denominations caved in. In the 60s there was pressure for the Catholic Church to accept contraception, but Pope Paul VI did not approve and wrote about the dangers of using birth control in ‘Humane Vitate’ in 1968 and how it would lead to destruction of the family, increase in homosexuality, rapes, and treating women like sex objects. Sadly most Catholics do not follow that teaching and contracept. These Catholics that contracept are white, but the non white Catholics like the spics they have kids by the boatload.

        • kjh64

          This is Catholic nonsense. Without contraception, people would breed like rabbits, there would be a lot of poverty and starvation and unwanted kids. Of course, the Catholic church is run by men and if men were the ones who had the kids, they’d be singing quite a different tune.

          • Whitesneedtobebrave

            Obviously you are not a proper Amren supporter. This is not just
            Catholic nonsense, it is Christian truth. Read the above comment by KenelmDigby. If you want, you breed yourself and your stupid family out of existence. I am sure the white race can do without you. Oh you maynot be white but a Jew or a negro.

          • ThomasER916

            You shouldn’t breed. You defend the Culture of Critique and deserve to die out.

      • WR_the_realist

        The only problem with contraception is that the wrong people use it. Only intelligent people with foresight use it. So guess which genes make it into the next generation?

        • Orion_Blue

          One point very true; unfortunately, it is often selfish, short-term careerist padded-shoulder, power-dressing Feminazis who want to have their cake and eat it.

    • Whitesneedtobebrave

      Also add to that white women bedding down or marrying non white men and producing mulattoes and other abominations

      • kjh64

        What about White men bedding down with Asians and Latinas?

        • Whitesneedtobebrave

          They are just as bad. White people have no shame and they are taught that it i uncool to protect their race.

        • ThomasER916

          What about people like you who defend the Culture of Critique 24/7?

      • paul marchand

        And the Muslim “law” that Muslim men mating with non-Muz women is *halal*, but the opposite is *non-halal*.

    • kjh64

      Nonsense. Men and women can have equal rights aka “feminism” but still have more than enough kids. Societies today in the West are mostly not agricultural so people don’t need to have as many kids as they did in the past. Also, Whites don’t want to have kids they can’t afford to feed. A lot of non-Whites don’t care if they can’t afford to feed their kids. It would not be a problem if non-Whites hadn’t been allowed in Western nations.

      • paul marchand

        ref: * why should Whites be expected to outbreed non-Whites in White countries …? *
        If there were not 100% welfare, and there was sulf-sufficiency, there would be a smaller, or no, gap.

      • Orion_Blue

        And with Family Law being what it is, what kind of man wants to be chumped by a court-mandated subvention on future earnings to pay for a calculating harpy with a child that may not even be his?

    • ThomasER916

      Or convince Useful Idiots that Democrats are good for Whites.

      • shmiggen

        It’s called Entryism. Check it out.

    • paul marchand

      Would feminists and blacks not put FDR and Truman in, the Soviets would have not gotten 1/2 of Europe and nuclear weapons. Also the Great Society and the ravages it foisted upon whites would not have occurred. And no Obama as Prez.

  • KenelmDigby

    French colonization of north Africa only lasted from 1830 to around 1960. Their colonization of sub Saharan Africa was even briefer, from around 1890 to 1965. In the scheme of things, these stretches of time amount to nothing, in fact roughly half that time period has passed since post colonial times. As an aside, France only colonized north Africa as some sort of consolation for Napoleon’s European ambitions being thwarted, and for England effectively ejecting France from north America.
    France sent actual colonists to Algeria, with the intention of making this ‘new land’ an integral part of France. However, the Arab nationalist movement gained traction, stood firm and reconquered their native land from the French. The Arabs lost absolutely no time whatsoever in ejecting French colonists and making Algeria Algerian all over again.

    The irony is amazing. The former colonized, in Algeria and elsewhere, have not only succeeding in turning the tables and starting to colonize their colonizers, but in all probability it is very very likely that they will fully succeed and render their prize, France, as an adjunct to the African, Muslim world.

    I must say that history really has no parallel to such an appalling and stunning volte face being executed so speedily and decisively. Remember, we are talking about France, an ancient nation, which can justifiably be described as the world’s premier nation, a nation that has been a major power for hundreds of years.

    The moral is that nothing but nothing can withstand bad politicians.

  • Peter Connor

    Once the left gets the power to criminalize speech, “les jeux sont fait” as Sartre would put it. If Le Pen doesn’t get into power, civil war is inevitable.

  • Whitesneedtobebrave

    Eric Zemmour a arab jew, wow, i am surprised that his fellow jews would put him in prison. I bet he is one of those rare jews that do not support their fellow jews to destroy European nations.

    • ThomasER916

      Once a Jew tells the truth, they silence him. That’s been happening for at least 2,000 years.

  • Roninf9

    What happened to France and the rest of Western Civilization was that the Globalist Banksters won WWII and it was all down hill after that.

    • Whitesneedtobebrave

      yes the jews have destroyed the west

      • kjh64

        Oh, come on. Jews haven’t destroyed the West. I’m not Jewish however this anti-Jewish paranoia Is crazy. Who destroyed the West? Well who runs the West. It’s mostly White, gentile men. Sorry but that is the truth. So many men on here want to wrongly blame the Jews or women or “feminism” or whatever. However, the ones to blame are the elite White men at the top who actually make the decisions about immigration and such.

        • Whitesneedtobebrave

          You are right in one way that there are white gentile traitors. However, if you look closely the Jews are behind almost everything that is bad for the west. Look at NAMBLA and it is headed by a Jew. look at ADL, SPLC, ACLU, NAACP all are Jewish in origin. Betty Friedan the founder of feminism was a Jewess. So please do your research before you comment.

          • Melvin Bonzarelli

            The final impetus to changing American immigration policy came from two prominent and well-known Jewish U.S. Senators – Ted Kennedy and Daniel Patrick Moynihan – both Irish Catholic Jews.
            I’m sure that you uncovered that in your research on the NAMBLA website too.

        • ThomasER916

          There’s always one Useful Idiot still defending foreign races. The sooner you’re murdered by a non-White, the better off we’ll be.

      • ThomasER916

        And the moment you point out the truth there will be idiot Whites rushing out to silence you, which is precisely why it’s still happening. This is no different than the idiot Whites who silenced their race against the Muslim gang-rapists in Rotherham.

      • Roninf9

        Its more of a Judeo-Masonic Cabal.

  • adplatt126

    There is no study I’ve seen which indicates that. Much of their DNA traces back to the Near East and Northern Turkey (not the middle east) generally speaking, but they are not a monolithic group. Different Jews have very different histories and lineages. They show some regional/local admixture from every area they’ve settled and also show some degree of mixing from founding lineages of Jews who settled in particular regions and married locals. Some 20 percent of Eastern European Jews for example are R1a, an almost specifically Slavic haplotype.

  • Sick of it

    And yet they happily flood Southern Europe with the trash of the third world. They put Africans in positions of power over Italians. In other words, they consider themselves a separate tribe and they hate us…so who cares about the rest?

  • silviosilver

    That study seems to be based on genetic markers. These can be misleading because they often claim as “African” or “Middle Eastern” markers which have long been part of the European population. Still, even if the study overstates the non-whiteness of French births by a factor of two, the numbers remain high and the trends are ominous.

    • KenelmDigby

      It was not ‘based on genetic markers’, as you claim.
      It was simply based on the reported geographical origin of the parents.

      • silviosilver

        Oh, okay. Those numbers are simply horrifying then. It was bound to happen eventually, of course, but the speed at which it’s all unfolding has taken me by surprise.

  • ‘The Suicide of France’


    Most native French aren’t given a choice about their fate. It is decided for them and against them, as with Britain and America and the Nederland’s.

    Whites aren’t committing suicide, and yes white leaders can genocide their own.

    If multiculturalism and diversity is racial suicide, not genocide…then a parent poising or starving to death their child is family suicide, not murder.

  • ricpic

    They’ll demonize LePen again. She’ll lose again. People are sheep.

  • Jacobite2

    Okay, this is all good. But for Americans, the most crucial item is the description of “SOS Racism”. Completely ineffective, exists on government subsidies, officers live high on the hog, leadership heavily Jewish. This is an elegant encapsulation of the history of Jews in Europe for the last 500 years.

  • richard_hode

    Why was my post concerning SOS Rasisme in Norway removed? What was in it that violate your guidelines so that it was deleted by moderator?

  • Barbouze

    What insanity. Those responsible should be the ones paying the price for their treachery(in the rest of W Europe as well).