Who Are These Losers?

Alex Kurtagic, American Renaissance, November 8, 2013

The origins of Anti-Racist Action.

Many readers of American Renaissance are aware of “anti-racist” activist networks, but very little has been written about them. These networks are the most militant proponents of political correctness and are ideologically very much with the grain of mainstream social trends. They have many chapters throughout the country. And yet they are notoriously shady and obscure—most members of the public are unaware of them. Indeed, they operate in near secrecy, and their members often wear masks at public events. Worse still, they are violent; they proclaim this proudly in their literature. In this article I would like to examine what is probably the best-known of these networks in the United States: Anti-Racist Action.


The anti-racist movement in the United States has antecedents in Britain, and was first organized by the Socialist Workers’ Party (SWP), which in turn traces its intellectual roots all the way back to the Trotsky’s Fourth International of 1938. The SWP’s anti-racist activity was in response to the success in Britain of the National Front.

With up to 14,000 members, John Tyndall and Martin Webster’s National Front was at the height of its success in the mid-1970s, performing well—for a nationalist party—in local and parliamentary by-elections. Though the NF won no seats, in the Greater London Council election of 1977, for example, it got nearly 120,000 votes, and polled better than the Liberals in 33 of 92 constituencies.

The SWP’s original anti-fa group was the Anti-Nazi League (ANL, though some prefer ANaL), organized in 1977. ANL had sponsors who were either prominent or went on to prominence. One was the anti-Apartheid campaigner and former Youth Liberals president Peter Hain, who later joined the Labour Party and remains a prominent supporter of Unite Against Fascism. Until he was forced to resign for failing to declare campaign donations, Mr. Hain held cabinet positions under Gordon Brown’s and Tony Blair’s Labour administrations, and was Leader of the House of Commons during half of Mr. Blair’s second term.

Another Anti-Nazi League sponsor was Neil Kinnock, who was later Labour Party leader, member of the European Parliament, and Vice-President of the European Commission. He now sits in the House of Lords, having accepted a peerage despite previously refusing (allegedly out of principle) even to set foot in the upper chamber. The ANL also enjoyed the support of many trade unions.

The ANL was linked to the Rock Against Racism campaign, started in 1976 by Sunday Times photographer Red Saunders, after Eric Clapton declared support for Enoch Powell and shouted the NF slogan—“Keep Britain White”—at a concert in Birmingham. Another impetus to Rock Against Racism was David Bowie’s “racist” and “pro-Nazi” declarations (“Adolf Hitler was one of the first rock stars”) in 1976. Mr. Bowie later blamed these comments on drug use and an obsession with occultism and Nietzsche.

Rock Against Racism enjoyed support from pop, rock, and reggae, but it overlapped with the punk movement to a significant degree, and its “Carnival Against the Nazis,” organized jointly with the ANL in 1978, included groups such as The Clash, Buzzcocks, Sham 69, X-Ray Spex, and Generation X. Other punk groups supported later festivals.

The Anti-Nazi League targeted the National Front and Colin Jordan’s British Movement, though the league was primarily anti-police, and became known for its violent street-fighting gangs, referred to as “squads.” These were formed first in Manchester and then elsewhere, with the aim of assaulting National Front members—and the police, whom they saw as instruments of fascism—on every possible occasion. (Manchester remains the capital of militant anti-fascism.) This was not the only tactic used by ANL squadists: One of them, Steven Tizley, was imprisoned for kidnapping a young skinhead in his efforts to discover the address a family of NF activists then living in Lancashire.

Yet it was not the Anti-Nazi League that eventually stopped the National Front, but Margaret Thatcher, who by 1979 had moved the Conservative Party to the Right, offering a “respectable” alternative after five years of miserable Labour governments. Many former Conservatives, who had defected to the NF, rejoined the Conservative Party, and the NF, afflicted by internal problems, went into sharp decline. By 1981, the ANL had thoroughly discredited itself because of its violent squadism, and was finally disbanded by the Socialist Workers’ Party, which expelled ANL members from the party.

This was not the end of anti-fa terrorism, however. Former ANL members quickly formed an equally violent working-class group, Red Action, grouped around a newspaper of the same name that was sold in Left-wing bookshops. Red Action was mostly Irish, pro-IRA, and anti-police. One of Red Action’s leading members, Patrick Hayes, who was English, was involved in street fights against NF members from the beginning, and would later run an IRA bombing campaign. When he was finally arrested in 1993, the police found Semtex, handguns, ammunition, and electronic detonators in his basement flat, plus keys to a north-London garage filled with home-made explosives.

Red Action provided leaders for Anti-Fascist Action (AFA), a group formed in 1985. Violence was at the center of the AFA’s strategy and it even criticized the ANL for not having been confrontational enough with the National Front and for having cooperated with “bourgeois” (i.e., “conservative”) groups linked to the state. These included the Labour Party and even such “anti-racist” but non-violent publications as Searchlight.

In 1988, Red Action developed a musical arm called Cable Street Beat, which organized concerts and published an occasional magazine. The bands had a strong DIY (“do it yourself,” meaning independently produced and marketed)/punk flavour and included The Men They Couldn’t Hang (folk punk), The Neurotics (punk rock/post-punk), Attila the Stockbroker (folk punk), The Blaggers (Oi!/punk rock), Angelic Upstarts (Oi!/punk rock).

Origins of Anti-Racist Action

Anti-Racist Action was founded in 1988 by a Minneapolis-based group of Left-wing skinheads, who had adopted the name “Baldies” in 1986. According to Minnesota journalist Matt Snyders:

The Baldies began as a small, insular group of friends hanging out, drawn together by a shared love of oi! music—working-class punk rock with unpretentious, street level lyrics. Many were straight-edge—no drugs or drink—and all harbored a disdain for racists, particularly neo-Nazis.

Their main target was the White Knights, a Klan group, whom they would attack (give a “boot party”) on sight.

By 1987 they tried to widen their influence and introduce a more explicitly political approach to their brand of anti-racism. They approached student groups, including the University of Minnesota Black Law Student Association, of which now-Congressman Keith Ellison was then an officer. The name Anti-Racist Action was a variant on Anti-Fascist Action, the British group founded two years earlier. ARA copied the “no platform” (i.e., no debate with opponents) policy of the AFA. Mr. Snyders continues:

That summer, two carloads of Baldies followed Blind Approach on their tour to New York City. For two weeks, the crew acted as the Johnny Appleseeds of the ARA, planting the seeds of what would become a national movement. They cruised the streets of Chicago; Milwaukee; Allentown, Pennsylvania; and Rochester, New York, shouting the international skinhead greeting to any Doc Martens-wearing, close-cropped chap they passed: “Oi!”

Many of the groups they came across were scattered, unorganized, and nameless. Upon learning about the activities of Anti-Racist Action, some simply decided to adopt the name “ARA” and operate as a chapter. ARA affiliates sprang up in Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland, Vancouver, and Front Range, Colorado. The first gathering of the national network was held in Portland, Oregon, in 1988.

Ideological roots

As with their antecedents in Britain, ARA’s ideology mixes anarchism and Trotskyism. The Love and Rage Anarchist Federation, a revolutionary organization, played a key role building the ARA network during the 1990s.

Love and Rage was launched at a conference in 1989. Its predecessors were the Minnesota-based Revolutionary Anarchist Bowling League (RABL), and a faction of the Revolutionary Socialist League (RSL), an orthodox Trotskyist group, from which Love and Rage obtained the Aspect Foundation, its tax-exempt, non-profit organization.

The RABL had been founded by members of the Back Room Anarchist Books collective who wanted more militant, explicitly revolutionary anarchist politics. The group gained notoriety during a protest of Ronald Reagan’s invasion of Nicaragua in 1988, when someone who was probably a member of the Revolutionary Anarchist Bowling League threw a bowling ball through the window of a military recruiting center. Some of the Baldies/ARA were involved with RABL, and it is probably through this group that anarchist politics became integral to the ARA program.

Love and Rage members had scant regard for anarchist orthodoxies, and from the beginning were influenced by several varieties of Marxism, most notably support for national liberation struggles and the embrace of a white-privilege analysis of racism in the US. They claimed that white workers received material and psychological benefits at the expense of non-white—especially black—workers, and since white privilege undermined multi-racial working class unity, it had to be confronted directly.

These ideas were reinforced by prison-solidarity work, which forged personal relationships between Love and Rage members and former members of groups such as the Black Panther Party, the Black Liberation Army, the Weather Underground Organization, and the George Jackson Brigade.

Noel Ignatiev, now a history professor at the Massachusetts College of Art, was one of the writers who was influential in linking black nationalism and American Communism. In the late 1950s, Prof. Ignatiev had been a member of the Provisional Organizing Committee, a proto-Maoist breakaway from the Communist Party USA. Prof. Ignatiev then became active in the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and played a leading role in the Sojourner Truth Organisation, which blended Maoism and Italian Autonomist Marxism. Prof. Ignatiev briefly joined Love and Rage when it was founded, and is now probably best known for his book, How the Irish Became White. He also edited a journal, Race Traitor, which was notorious for its motto, “treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity,” and for its calls to “abolish” the white race. He is frequently cited as an authority by ARA activists.

One of the most important contributions to the ARA mindset may have been the ideology of the Weather Underground Organisation. Indeed, it is similar to the ARA: clandestine, militant, confrontational, violent, conspiratorial, and attracts young, mostly white members with its egalitarian-universalist moral idealism. Originating from the Revolutionary Youth Movement (RYM) faction of the SDS, members of the Weather Underground were dissatisfied with the previous strategy of non-violent resistance and opted for domestic terrorism.

The Weathermen issued a declaration of war against the United States, and from 1969 until the mid-1970s, conducted a violent anti-government campaign, included bombings and arson, targeting, in particular, the police and the FBI. The Weathermen hoped that urban guerrilla warfare would catalyze a revolutionary uprising that would support a Marxist-Leninist Party in the United States, overthrow the government, and support national liberation movements in the Third World. The Weathermen had contacts with the governments of Cuba and North Vietnam, but also with the Chinese government, then three years into the Cultural Revolution. (Up to 20 million people were killed in the violence of the Cultural Revolution, according to Daniel Chirot.) The FBI soon put the Weathermen on its ten-most-wanted list.


Citing Lenin in Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism (1916), the Weathermen thought that “the main struggle going on in the world today is between US imperialism and the national liberation struggles against it.” Like Marx, the group claimed that oppressed people were the rightful owners of the wealth of empire, because they created it. The Weathermen saw their goal as “the destruction of US imperialism and the achievement of a classless world: world communism.” Their 1969 founding document, You Don’t Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows, takes its title from a verse of a song by Bob Dylan.

Most importantly for our purposes, the Weathermen were vociferous advocates of the theory of “white privilege,” against which they supported non-white identity politics. Bernardine Dohrn, a leading theorist of the terrorist group (and now, ironically—without ever having served a prison sentence, due to a judge’s error—an associate professor of law at the Northwestern University School of Law), stated, “White youth must choose sides now. They must either fight on the side of the oppressed, or be on the side of the oppressor.” This has since become textbook ARA language.

Historians sympathetic to these groups conceive them as part of a tradition of American anti-racist white organising that goes back to the 19th century, beginning with the radical wing of the abolitionist movement, which sought both an end to slavery and racial equality. These efforts continued with the white anarchists and socialists of the labour movement, including the Industrial Workers of the World and the Congress of Industrial Organizations. This led into the 1960s and the Civil Rights Movement. For Chris Crass, author of Towards Collective Liberation: Anti-Racist Organizing, Feminist Praxis, and Movement Building Strategy, ARA was part of a continuation of this tradition into the 1990s that also included Earth First!, Food Not Bombs, Anarchist Black Cross, Books to Prisoners, Homes Not Jails, Lesbian Avengers, Anarchist Youth Federation, and Art and Revolution.

The Anti-Racist Action network’s national structure was finally formalized in 1994 at the Midwest Anti-Fascist Network meeting in Columbus, Ohio. The network is decentralized, with chapters spread throughout the United States. It has a logo, but no central office—although it has released a compilation CD giving an address in California, which may simply be a chapter. It does have four points of unity, upon which every chapter must agree:

  1. We go where they go. Whenever fascists are organizing or active in public, we’re there. We don’t believe in ignoring them or staying away from them. Never let the Nazis have the street!
  2. We don’t rely on the cops or courts to do our work for us. This doesn’t mean we never go to court, but the cops uphold white supremacy and the status quo. They attack us and everyone who resists oppression. We must rely on ourselves to protect ourselves and stop the fascists.
  3. Non-sectarian defense of other anti-fascists. In ARA, we have a lot of different groups and individuals. We don’t agree about everything and we have a right to differ openly. But in this movement an attack on one is an attack on us all. We stand behind each other.
  4. We support abortion rights and reproductive freedom. ARA intends to do the hard work necessary to build a broad, strong movement against racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, discrimination against the disabled, the oldest, the youngest, and the most oppressed people. We want a classless, free society. We intend to win!

The main ARA website now lists only a few chapters in the United States and Canada: Los Angeles, Arch City (Columbus), Calgary, Central Florida, Central Texas, Lafayette (Indiana), Circle City (Indiana), Rose City (Portland), South Side Chicago, and Minneapolis.


I have already noted that the “anti-racist” movement has links to the punk subculture, and that ARA is proud of its ethos of violence. This is evident in all its propaganda, which is crude, hastily thrown together, and designed for maximum visual aggression. White, black, and red are the dominant colors; faces in masks, hoodies, and balaclavas are common. The archetypal “anti-racist” activist is always depicted as angry, in aggressive postures, about to commit or committing an assault against an unseen victim, who is sometimes the viewer. Indeed, the main theme is intimidation and bodily assault. The most common weapons depicted are fists, slings, and baseball bats.


ARA literature delights in displaying smashed swastikas and bleeding skinheads and neo-Nazis, surrounded by blocky, screaming slogans, and humorous, triumphalist copy. In style and content, their prose suggests little reading or education; any knowledge they have was most likely acquired second-hand from their comrades, and in their minds it is reduced to slogans. In look and feel it is like the do-it-yourself ethos of the 1970s punk scene, only updated with personal computers and simple publishing software.

Compared to the bravado of their graphics, ARA activists are unimpressive: scrawny, unkempt, wearing informal, worn-out clothes from charity shops. Far from the image they cultivate of tough street warriors clad in black and wearing Doc Marten’s boots, they wear soft cotton clothing and comfortable shoes. There is no evidence of involvement in sports. The women, who are always a minority, are consistently unglamorous.



Despite the romanticized conception given to them by people like Mr. Crass, it seems that the main appeal of ARA is that it lets activists engage in anti-social acts of violence and vandalism against private people and property under the cloak of moral idealism. It seems improbable that a person with high self-esteem, talent, and good prospects in life would choose ARA activism as a lifestyle or as the most meaningful way to improve the world. These young activists seem to have concluded early that their prospects in life were minimal, and that ARA terror was the only way to give their lives meaning. They find significance in lashing out.

Their choice of targets is instructive. In their war against privilege and racial supremacy, they target the most marginalized, disprivileged, and powerless: Klansmen and Neo-Nazis. This suggests cowardice because they are dishonest about their simple desire for cathartic violence, and because they choose unpopular, ridiculous, weird, or powerless targets from the far reaches of society. Their choice of enemies also shows a lack of ambition. They keep their sights low by targeting people who are, in essence, just like them, only at the opposite extreme of their race-based worldview.

This worldview is so intensely polarized, exaggerated, and stripped of nuance that they end up—comically—applying incongruous labels to middle-class proponents of Euro-American identity politics. Indeed, they are baffled when confronted with ideas or people who defy their system of classification. American Renaissance, the National Policy Institute, and Arktos Media, whose editor John Morgan lived for many years in India, are perplexing to them. For the ARA, these must necessarily be Nazis and Klansmen who have disguised themselves in suits and ties in order to deceive a credulous public; indeed, an ARA activist recently complained on Internet radio that Richard Spencer was intelligent.

Anti-fa protest of the 2013 AmRen conference.

Anti-fa protest of the 2013 AmRen conference.

Ultimately, ARA activism represents a psychopathological mindset, a form of militant masochism. In it we have a group of near- or self-disenfranchised white youths assaulting whites who campaign—in a variety of guises—for what is essentially in their interest. The pathological nature of this mindset is obscured by the fact that many of the groups they target are unserious, unpopular, and considered immoral. In a society in which egalitarianism was considered immoral, ARA activism would be incomprehensible, comical, and would deserve clinical study.

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Alex Kurtagic
Alex Kurtagic is a publisher, cultural commentator, novelist, musician, and artist. He is the author of the dystopian novel, Mister (Iron Sky Publishing, 2009), the founder and director of Supernal Music, and editor-in-chief of Wermod and Wermod Publishing Group.
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  • “Who are these losers?”

    Answer: Communists.

    Their choice of targets is instructive. In their war against privilege and racial supremacy, they target the most marginalized, disprivileged, and powerless: Klansmen and Neo-Nazis. This suggests cowardice because they are dishonest about their simple desire for cathartic violence, and because they choose unpopular, ridiculous, weird, or powerless targets from the far reaches of society. Their choice of enemies also shows a lack of ambition. They keep their sights low by targeting people who are, in essence, just like them, only at the opposite extreme of their race-based worldview.

    When the Tinley Park Five violence happened, I saw mugs of the suspects. At first, I thought the far left Marxist anarchist suspects were the “right wing extremists” that were the targets of their violence. From then on, I came to the conclusion, that Alex Kurtagic has, that the other side’s wacko extremists and our side’s wacko extremists are basically the same kind of people, only a matter of those metaphorical millimeters in their lives’ narratives and circumstances was the determinant between far left and far right.

    • Oil Can Harry

      And these demented dorks are ALL WHITE! At no time do they wonder why their black and brown comrades couldn’t be bothered to join their (bowel) movement.

      • Erasmus

        I’m always amused to see the elderly among the protestors. The most likely motive for their involvement is an intense desire to relive the heady days of their youths and no more.

      • ye ol’ swampyankee

        And It doesn’t matter to them one bit. It’s all about them acting on their psychological mindset for personal gratification.

      • Jenny Star

        No, no, they do wonder why, and have encounter sessions and group meetings in which they blame themselves for not having done enough to attract them to “the movement”. It’s clearly their fault, they always reason, for not having been welcoming enough. They must root out their own subconscious racism that they have hiding somewhere deep inside of them that other races can mysteriously sense. No really, they say this.

    • Jesse James

      It is always easier to get people who are at the bottom of the social order out into the streets, they have little to nothing to lose. I am not aware of many middle class people mixing it up in the streets since the American Legion used to brawl with the Wobblies out in the Pacific Northwest. There were some middle class whites involved in the Klan, but it has been a long, long time since they enforced any order.

      • puffdaddy

        But you can say the same thing about right wing groups – the Traditionalist Youth Group could be described as a group that attracts people, young white men with conservative tendencies, as feeling they are on the bottom of the social order and in fact in many ways they are in today’s State which celebrates the secular Religion of Multiculturalism. If that’s true, and I believe it is, both kinds of groups present a danger to regular Americans and Europeans who would prefer not to live under that State religion.

        • Jesse James

          Yes I agree that radicals willing to participate in street violence, as QD was saying, are more alike than different. I am not aware of any nation state currently where anyone is in any danger of being forced to live under a fundamentalist Christian government.

          It does strike me that the type of people found in the ARA camp are very similar to the group of mostly young men who followed John Brown in 1859 on his failed raid to seize the federal armory at Harper’s Ferry in Virginia. His purpose was to spark a rebellion by arming the slaves and leading them in the slaughter of their white masters. He utterly failed in this action but his actions proved to the South that the abolitionist were a real danger and that their fanatical element could and would promote a race war to destroy white Southern civilization.

          Small groups of radicals have been able to leverage the fears and hatreds of the masses to start a snowballing of events. John Brown could be a prototype of the modern anti-racist left. We also have examples from the right like the Serbian Black Hand that assassinated Arch-duke Ferdinand and sparked the disastrous First World War. Radicals set fire to things but it is the normal, average people just trying to get on with their lives that suffer the most. The problem that we have in the United States is that left wing radicals are in firm control of the government and they are starting fires all over the place.

      • DonnaTxx

        Useful idiots of the NWO.

  • Oil Can Harry

    Good piece. However there was an inaccurate reference to “a protest against Ronald Reagan’s invasion of Nicaragua in 1988”.

    The US never formally invaded Nicaragua though our tax dollars were dubiously spent supporting the Contra rebels in their insurrection down there.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    The video of the antifa swine manhandling Jared Taylor in Halifax infuriates me no end. Wish I and a select few 240+ pound peckerwood friends had been there.

    As much as I’d hate to ape idiots, JT needs a few body guards and we could use some “masked men” to oppose these degenerates. When they attack, we defend – vigorously if needed.

    • Jack Burton

      I agree, let that Neanderthal DNA out!

      Reminds me of when one of Nick Griffin’s bodyguards moved some dumb black woman out of the way because she wouldn’t move, didn’t hurt her, just moved her. She cried about how they assaulted her or some such nonsense.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Those who messed with JT assaulted and battered him. At least someone with a cell phone should have been around to call the cops.

        Of course I’d prefer to go ALL neanderthal on those obnoxious parasites, yes indeed.

    • Kevin_OKeeffe

      Would that really work, though? Sure, it’d be fun and doubtless cathartic, but I think one of the reasons that a lawless band like ARA is tolerated by the powers that be is precisely because they wish to goad us into creating various security contingents, so they can claim that we’re engaged in paramilitary training, and use that as a way to go after us (as well as to discredit us in the minds of law-abiding, middle-class conservatives who might otherwise be willing to listen to what we have to say…until they start hearing a bunch of “paramilitary” malarkey from the dominant press). This isn’t Weimar Germany, and street battles aren’t a route to power in the USA in 2013.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Sure, part of it is indeed a bloody 5 minute hate fantasy I fully admit, but…

        Cell phones and lawyers. Train for the confrontation, film it, have the cops on call, hire lawyers, press charges and sue in civil court. Take a page from the Scientologists as well as the professional Black.

        But sure, if some antifa poser clocked me I’d thoroughly I’d enjoy defending myself.

        Here’s a good street tactic – place a goon squad screen armed with several air horns each. When antifas chant, air horn them. If they get in your face, pretend like you can’t hear them, then blast them in the face with the air horn. Lot’s of ways to herd sheep.

        • ThomasER916

          This works surprisingly well.

          The problem with most whites is we assume they’re normal and healthy like us. They’re not. They’re suffering from Oikophobia. Think of how messed up someone has to be to hate everything they see in the mirror? They need to feel righteous.

          Laugh at them.
          Interrupt them.
          Throw rotten eggs at them.

          Humiliation against Antifa whites shuts them down quickly. I find this works well on the internet too. When I see an anti-White commenting I’ll try and find their personal info so I can read into it. Find out who they think they are then tear them down. The thing is they’re indoctrinated to constantly be on the attack. When you understand this your goal should be to NEVER answer them. Ever. Never address anything they say. That triggers the next step in their indoctrination.

          The key is to keep attacking and their frail ego will snap. Also, I never lead with saying they’re anti-White. They’re really stupid and wouldn’t understand it. You need to break them down first. Once they’re demoralized then they’re a bit more open to being labeled as an anti-White.

          • ThomasER916

            I guess I should give examples…

            Most Leftists are indoctrinated Cultural Marxists. This means they are:
            self-righteous pseudo scientists

            Since all of the above tend to be true we can see some obvious contradictions. For starters, homosexuals suffer from a mental delusion so great it removes them from the gene pool, making them an evolutionary dead end. Meanwhile, Christian whites tend to have LOTS of children, low crime, and have no problems creating a stable society. The science on homosexuals is an outright lie. Any behavior that results in a rectal prolapse is neither healthy nor is it normal. I typically beat them over the head with this. An example would be:

            Shouldn’t you be getting your rectal prolapse taken care of?

            When they try to moralize with their cries of “homophobia” then I’ll turn up the heat:

            Of course you don’t understand what I’m trying to say. You’re butt-fcking stupid.

            My goal is not to convert them. My goal is to disarm them and demoralize them. Once they lose their self-assurance and discover they’re not facing cowards or that the talking points they’re blathering are a complete contradiction then Demoralization sets in. We have to take this in stages. The first stage is Demoralization.

      • Defiant White

        Yes, it would really work, be completely legal and offer hope to disenfranchised whites. It is pathetic to see a brilliant scholar like Mr. Taylor confronted by this scum and no white rising to his defense. Why should any other white ever speak out?

      • tlk244182

        Seems to me that if law and order collapses (as in Detroit and Chicago, perhaps,) middle class conservatives might be incentivized to take a second look at ‘paramilitary malarkey.’

    • ThomasER916

      This is what happens when the genteel whites like Jared Taylor step out of their Ivory Tower and into the real world.

      Jared actually reminds me of a modern, white Catholic Priest. He’s pie-in-the-sky nice about a brutal, harsh reality that wants him dead. He talks about Salvation and the evils all around us yet doesn’t arm himself to fight evil. More importantly, he avoids anyone who does so and even talks down to them.

      I live in Sacramento CA right now. No one talks about the huge Slavic and Russian population in Sacramento. No one knows about it. I have friends who don’t know anything about these people. They’re actually doing now what we should be doing. They don’t want to be around white Americans because they see us as lazy, wasteful and for the most part miscegenated. They’re right. The Ukrainians and Russians live their culture, language, and religion. You don’t hear about the blacks and Mexicans attacking Russians. Why? They don’t call the police. They take bats to them and leave them. Let the black criminals call the police.

      Whites need to understand some simple rules:
      #1 – The police work for our enemies. Call the police and you’re informing the enemy.
      #2 – We are a people under constant attack and subversion.
      #3 – We guard against all of these through exclusion.

      The only thing Russians are missing is alternative schooling. The Ukrainians are getting pretty good at it.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Good post.

        My advice to call the police is not so much a matter of trust – though I’d trust the Halifax police more than…many US police departments…

        But my concern is documentation. We still have a legal system and it must be used. Film and document, utilize our right to public services such as POLICE enforcing the law to protect us when we are threatened. We can form a Phalanx, a basically defensive formation upon which enemies throw themselves and “die” in droves, so to speak. Speaking on multiple levels here, of course…

        Thank god for the Swampbillies. My theory is that the Slavs hid out for millenia in the Pripyet marshes to emerge in the vacuum left by the Huns, hence “swampbillies”. I understand the Russian mob has pretty much eclipsed the old Italian mob in terms of White organised crime. Interesting.

        They think we’re all mixed with non-Whites? HA HA! They’re more or less right, of course. I’m between 1/128 and 1/512 arguably non-White (NE Amerind and Sephardic Jewess), and I’m pretty White and far more aware of my geneology than even most White Southerners. But if they wanna get too snooty I might point out a few centuries of Tatar toadying and you-know-whating and a few other things as well. Not that I’d point it out to a Russkie Don, (or Don Cossack) HA HA!

        I wish more swampbillies would move down south and get away from Hollywierd land.

    • Garrett Brown

      I would love to apply for the job. Protecting Jared Taylor would be an honor.

  • Greg_Johnson

    These “losers” are of course the militant arm of history’s winners, the people who in fact rule over us. I see no reason to keep up the Right-wing farce of pretending that we represent the “winners” in society when that is obviously not the case. It is particularly silly for White Nationalists to adopt this posture, because we are marginalized even within the Right. The people who are most concerned with being on the winning side are on the Left, or if they are nominal Rightists like the Republicans, they are chasing the Left like its shadow.

    • I gave up the Left/Right schism long ago. I consider myself Forward.

      • Alexandra1973

        I consider myself a conservative independent. And a Constitutionalist.

    • It seems apposite to mention here that the title for the article was chosen by the editors of AmRen; I had no input. My original title was something a little more academic: “Anti-Racist Action: Origins and Ideological Roots”, but evidently the editors decided something a little snappier was needed.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Got my attention. Good piece.

      • Jack Burton

        They are losers in the sense that they are advocating for their own dispossession, genetically, culturally, politically and otherwise.

      • a multiracial individual

        I have to agree. Titles like that are not helpful. Name calling is something libs do.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          Hey man, they assaulted and battered Jared Taylor in Halifax. He probably doesn’t like them, lol…

  • ViktorNN

    …it seems that the main appeal of ARA is that it lets activists engage in anti-social acts of violence and vandalism against private people and property under the cloak of moral idealism.

    I more or less agree with this and I’ve made similar points in the past myself. The way I would put it is that antifa are nothing more than an outlet for the most militant males in the white left to have a safe, physical outlet for aggression that has the moral blessing of the dominant culture.

    Sure, if an antifa gets caught assaulting someone, they go to jail just like anyone else, but the difference is that antifa doesn’t have its organizations monitored by groups like the $PLC and the ADL, nor does it have the whole weight of the media bearing down on it at all times (just look at the constant scrutiny that white advocates get from online liberal media like Salon, HuffPost, etc.).

    There’s nothing daring, controversial, revolutionary about adopting the hardcore antifa pose. And that’s exactly what it is – a pose. As Kurtagic points out, many of these so-called revolutionaries will grow up and become establishment stalwarts. There will be no “glorious” revolutions thanks to this lot, and perhaps we should be thankful that they’re essentially too lazy and comfortable to fully re-enact the killing fields of their heroes.

    In this sense, antifa aren’t opponents of the system – they are more like rent-a-cops, or more precisely, unpaid interns. They think they’re out on the far reaches of leftist ideology, when in reality they are just the unpaid thugs meant to enforce this system’s race replacing, anti-white working class ideology on the street level.

    This leads me to my last point which is that I suggest as much as possible we stop using antifa to describe them. For one thing, as a white man with with white racial awareness and strong pro white ideas and sentiments, I am not a fascist. And yet these “antifa” would hate me as much as any nazi skinhead.

    They specifically use the term “anti-fascist” to demonize white people with pro-white racial awareness, because fascism is considered to be a negative, discredited, defeated ideology associated with totalitarian Nazi Germany and fascist Italy.

    Many of us contemporary pro-white folk are not fascists, we’re not totalitarians, we’re not authoritarians, and so we reject their labeling us. There is no necessary link between racial awareness and authoritarian forms of governments. The fact that they continue to label us when all we are are pro-white gets to the heart of what they are – which is anti-white.

    Antifa aren’t antifascist – they’re anti-white. This is what they are, and this is what we should call them.

    • Sick of it

      Actually, if these jokers had launched a violent revolution in this country rather than a quiet, multi-generational revolution, they would have been destroyed root and branch. Incremental change could well be the death of the West.

    • Anna Tree

      Great post VictorNN.

      antifa are anti-white, kings of the Reductio ad Hitlerum fallacy (playing the Nazi card) – comparing an opponent or their argument to Hitler or Nazism in an attempt to associate a position with one that is universally reviled. (See also – Godwin’s law)

    • ThomasER916

      Great post! Wow! This is the kind of stuff that brings me back to Amren. I have to point out there is one small point I’d like to disagree on:

      “There will be no “glorious” revolutions thanks to this lot, and perhaps we should be thankful that they’re essentially too lazy and comfortable to fully re-enact the killing fields of their heroes.”

      This is not exactly true. These anti-Whites will not do the killing directly this time. What they’re doing is creating the conditions through mass immigration, anti-white propaganda, and anti-white laws to make the mass execution inevitable. These Antifa idiots are hoping to be the Proletariat. They want to be the Hostile Elite, not just the henchmen.

      When it comes to accurately categorizing Antifa you’re correct – they are anti-White. This is their raison d’être. I want to take this further because it’s needed so we will know precisely what we’re up against. They call us Racists for the same reason they call us Fascists because they’re anti-White. If Fascism is “evil” then all Whites are “Fascist” when they’re not also anti-White. They hate Western Civilization because it was created by Whites. They’re not anti-religion because they don’t hate Muslims or black Christians. Why would they oppose Rev. Jeremiah Wright? He believes what they believe. They’re both anti-White. If a black preacher makes a public statement that he needs to “Look out for the Black Community” or he’s “Concerned for the welfare of the Black Community” they will say nothing because they’re not anti-religion, they’re anti-White. If a White preacher says anything that isn’t anti-White the Antifa will attack. They never attack Jim Wallis or his anti-White “Sojourners” telling us that it’s perfectly acceptable to be a White Christian, just so long as you’re anti-White.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    It’s the height of irony and hypocrisy that these stooges actually use anti-fascism as part of their platform, given that the Obama administration is classic, picture in the dictionary, Fascism.

    “Oh, the Constitution is in your way? I will just write a little Executive Order. All set.”

  • JohnEngelman

    It seems improbable that a person with high self-esteem, talent, and good prospects in life would choose ARA activism as a lifestyle or as the most meaningful way to improve the world. These young activists seem to have concluded early that their prospects in life were minimal, and that ARA terror was the only way to give their lives meaning. They find significance in lashing out.

    – Alex Kurtagic, American Renaissance, November 8, 2013

    This is true of all extremist movements. Eric Hoffer wrote a book about the phenomenon entitled, “The True Believer.”

    This is what he wrote, “The less justified a man is in claiming excellence for his own self, the more ready he is to claim all excellence for his nation, his religion, his race or his holy cause.”

    • David Ashton

      Mr Engelman, you have quoted this one sentence from Hoffer at least three times on AmRen threads. May I suggest to readers that they read the whole book, along with Kurtagic’s novel “Mister”?

      • JohnEngelman

        I read “The True Believer” just in time. I was about to jump off the deep end into Trotskyism. That sort of thing was fashionable at the time, but I think it would have been bad for me psychologically. For several years afterwards I felt like a Trotskyist, but I was never able to think like one.

        When I moved to the San Francisco Bay area I would sometimes visit the San Francisco Main Library, hoping to meet Eric Hoffer, but I never did.

        • David Ashton

          An honest confession – the vagaries of personal fortune!

          If I hadn’t accidentally come across David Dallin’s “Real Soviet Russia” as a boy I too might have been more susceptible to fashionable postwar communist propaganda. I have always tried to look at more than one side of issues that have interested me, from Christian origins and political ideologies, to space travel and biological anthropology, though my directed reading, which I defend against sarcasm and ridicule, has been sharply curtailed for some years by a serious family illness.

          • JohnEngelman

            An appeal of Trotskyism is that Leon Trotsky was expelled from the Soviet Union before things really turned bad under Joseph Stalin. A Trotskyist can convince himself that if only Trotsky had won the power struggle after the death of Lenin things would have worked out better.

            I doubt it. Trotsky led the crushing of the Kronstadt Uprising. The forced collectivization of the peasants was his idea.

            Trotsky was the military leader of the Red Army during the Russian Civil War. He turned out to be a military genius, despite no formal military training.

            Nevertheless, he took the theories of Marx more seriously than Stalin did. I think that if he had been in charge of the Soviet Union during World War II he would have kept expecting the German working class to revolt against the Nazi government.

          • David Ashton

            The first edition of Dallin’s book had a chapter entitled “The Devil’s Name is Trotsky”.

        • Jefferson

          Speaking of San Francisco, you should move here or one of it’s nearby suburbs like San Bruno or Daly City since you are very attracted to Asian women.

          It would be like you have died and gone to heaven, because Asian women are EVERYWHERE here. Plenty of Asian women here for you to try to romantically court.

          I am sure you where you live right now there are not a ton of Asian women. Don’t you live in Ohio or Pennsylvania ?

          • JohnEngelman

            I used to live in the San Francisco Bay area. It is beautiful. I enjoyed the ethnic diversity.

            I dated three Oriental women there.

  • David Ashton

    Good account, completely accurate so far as I could check. Point 4 quoted is the street version of the Cultural Marxist alliance of communities from the 1960s. The neomarxist argument is the capitalists seek to divide the working class by racism, and that demands for immigration restriction are mere scapegoating and simply creating false fears for political gain. The latter argument was used by a Conservative government defense minister (!) against UKIP’s Farage on BBC Question Time last night; it took a European immigrant who had learned English alone to raise the issue of protecting “British IDENTITY” above the “economic” arguments. Look out for the telltale “Socialist Worker” labels on protest placards in the USA too.

  • Spartacus


  • No, Forward is a word in the English language. Is there a patent I should know about?

    I’ve heard the label Progressive thrown around to describe(or self-describe) Marxist/Leftist ideologies and views. Then again, Henry Ford was very progressive, as was Thomas Jefferson and the other Founders who were at least somewhat progressive and most certainly forward-thinking.

    You can be Reverse or even Neutral if you like. I won’t judge.

    • Jesse James

      No Forward is most definitely a communist slogan. It has been on their banners since the early 1900s and can be found in hundreds of languages, in different forms scattered across the globe for over a hundred years. So despite your disingenuous if somewhat cute reply, “Forward” shouldn’t be used by anyone who is either conservative, a radical traditionalist or in anyway historically aware. Perhaps you are very young, still it should be hard to miss literally tens of thousands of communist propaganda images on the internet that in some way incorporates the slogan, “Forward”. Be nice and let the reds have their words and symbols, think up something new for yourself.

      • You check under your bed for Communists at night, don’t you? I don’t think I’ve ever taken advice or strategy tips from someone who could be so easily neutered by a word. I sure wouldn’t start now. Like I said, Progressive has become synonymous with the Left. It is still a WORD.

        Since the question has been asked thousands of times, and with what I can assume to be only deaf mutes being asked the question, I would like to ask you something. Can you tell me at what point a conservative stops being a conservative or a liberal stops being a liberal?

        I’m certainly not “too young.” Perhaps you are too old and set in your ways?

        I’m not a conservative and I certainly wouldn’t call myself a radical traditionalist. I AM A RACE-IST. RACIST. RACIST. Do you understand? I don’t try and sugarcoat things to make myself appear to be more docile and politically correct. I leave that to people like you. My views, both fiscally and socially, are all over the place. They do, however, revolve to the greatest degree around Race. I am not Left. I am not Right. I move forward. Kind of like evolution.

        • Jesse James

          Look I can’t account for why you seem to have no understanding of the history of communism in the 20th Century, a malevolent ideology that killed hundreds of millions of people and wrecked the nations who were governed under its regimes. So skip on down the road in a forward direction, just don’t expect those of us who do know history to give your muddled thinking a pass.

          • I have a pretty good understanding of Communism and the 20th Century. I just refuse to neuter myself.

            Are you another deaf mute or are you just not capable of stringing together a few sentences to show me how your labels and self-anointed titles should mean anything to me? I guess you are a “conservative” or a “radical traditionalist,” so tell me at what point you stop being those.

          • Jesse James

            How you leap from being forced to admit that “Forward” is, was and will be a communist slogan to accusing others of being “neutered” is illogical. I stated a point of fact that is undeniable. I am not interested in discussing my personal political philosophy with you because that is not the issue on the table. You made a silly and unsupportable claim that “Forward” wasn’t a communist slogan. Don’t try to muddy the water by expanding the conversation to God, the Universe and everything in it. Either provide your proof that “Forward” is not a communist slogan as Dogbone stated or admit that you are wrong.

          • How could I be forced to agree with something that I never denied? You contend that a slogan using a single two-syllable word is somehow forever tied to Communism. I say that I can use the word in whatever way I choose. I’m not your family, your friend, your coworker, or anything else that would have me shape my views to fit your little myopic view of the world.

            Deaf mute. Trust me, just go with that, because it makes you look a tad moronic when you pretend to talk so methodically about slogans and labels, but somehow find it too much of a divergence to talk about personal political philosophy as it relates to your own self-anointed title and political labels.

          • Jesse James

            Again I was only addressing your denial of Dogbone’s statement that “Forward” is a communist slogan. You thrash around because you know you are wrong, but instead of acting like a responsible human and conceding the point , which you know you can’t defend, you want to try and change the subject. I don’t think that you should find yourself forced to see the world in a left-right framework and I didn’t suggest that you should. Slogans are just propaganda or advertising, would Arby’s roll out a new sandwich using McDonald’s slogan? “Try the New Hot Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich, I’m loving it!” I accept that you are neither left nor right but not that you think the word “Forward” has no historical and emotional association with the left.

            Now on my part after re-reading my first statement will admit that I made an assumption that was incorrect. There is no particular reason to believe that you are or should be conservative, radical traditionalist or historically aware. I looked up and re-read the “About Us” section on AMREN’s home page and they don’t claim any particular political ideology, their stated central focus is race realism. A race realist could be from most any political or philosophical school of thought, Certainly Che Guevera could wave the “Forward” banner while carping about useless blacks in Angola.

          • More of the denial accusation? Are you denying that Forward is a word in the English language? I guess you’re denying that. Why are you denying it?

            You really need to read things properly, because you seem to have a comprehension gap. I said “I consider myself Forward.” I didn’t necessarily say I call myself that, and I most certainly didn’t say it was going up as my slogan. How on earth you are relating that to a McDonald’s advertisement is beyond me.

            Forward is a word. It is a direction. It is a state of mind if you want it to be. It is somewhere well beyond simple Right/Left politics. If you don’t like it, then stay away from me. I’m not asking for your help, and I guarantee you I don’t need marketing advice. I do extremely well.

          • ThomasER916

            “Forward is a word. It is a direction. It is a state of mind if you want it to be.”

            You’re right about two things and wrong about something else. History has no direction. To be honest, I don’t care if whites live in the Middle Ages, just so long as my people are free of so-called minorities and have their identity intact. When I go to the Slavic Church I see whites being explicitly white and not apologizing for it. It’s clean, safe, and the neighborhood is policed by our own. It’s a pocket of paradise in the black and brown shitstain of Sacramento.

            If History is moving in a direction then I want to go BACKWARDS! I want to go back before 1965 when whites didn’t apologize for who we are. When whites were concerned about getting into space and not the Diversity of NASA. I want to go back to a time when if a black tried this flash mob bullcrap every white adult would shoot them dead on the spot.

          • What exactly was I wrong about? I completely understand the desire for a reality where White people have a backbone and aren’t so politically correct; but going backwards doesn’t sound any different than my idea of moving forward. The difference here is that physicists understand and agree that Time moves forward. The whole backwards time thing they have neither fully confirmed, nor even begun to understand. You move Forward, whether your hands are on the wheel and fully aware of your actions or dragged behind the curve kicking and screaming. It’s Science.

          • ThomasER916

            History has no direction. There is no “forward.” Typically people talk about material accumulation or technological advancement as a “progress.” This ignores biology. All of the Obama phones in America won’t turn Detroit into the St. Peter’s Basilica. Europeans didn’t need or want “The Chosen.” The Renaissance happened after they were all kicked out, along with the Muslims.

            Physicists don’t agree that Time “moves forward”. Physicists agree that Time moves in relation to the observer(s). Time expands and contracts based on the speed of the observer. More importantly, whether people agree or disagree is irrelevant to science.

            Finally, I hate when people use the word “Science” like it holds some mystical power. Saying “it’s Science” tells us nothing. Science always demands an explanation. Why? Because science is both the methodology and the body of knowledge derived from these provable, repeatable methods.

            Should I keep going?

            I’m not a Cultural Marxist. I have no need to lie or hide anything ideological until the anti-Whites make it illegal to think that me and my people have a right to exist without them lording over us. For this reason I don’t mince words and speak clearly. And I could give a crap about Science when it comes to saving my people and Western Civilization. I know how we got here. I know the culture and people it takes to do it again. Right now we have neither the culture nor the people. And that’s not science, that’s just a sober look at history.

          • Yes, you should probably keep going, because you’re not making much sense. You’re arguing something just for the sake of arguing something. If you believe history has no direction(almost like you’re saying history could just as easily be written about the future and it would be just as factual), and there is no “forward,” then there is no BACKWARDS as you said you would like to go. So if I can’t go Forward because there is no Forward, then you most certainly can’t go BACKWARD.

            * Where Does the Time Go? Forward, Physics Shows

            * Time’s quantum arrow has a preferred direction: BaBar experiment confirms time asymmetry

            I understand you don’t care about science. Probably because it negates or contradicts some mythical and mystical views you have about life. To be honest, I have no idea what you are trying to argue other than to say you don’t want non-Whites around. Why do you make things so complicated talking about biology if that’s all you are essentially saying? What in the world does biology have to do with Time flow or Forward vs Backward?

          • ThomasER916

            “I understand you don’t care about science. Probably because it negates or contradicts some mythical and mystical views you have about life. ”

            Now you’re turning into a dim-witted troll.

            I don’t care about science because science is saying that Diversity is a necessary good. Scientists are bilking billions of tax dollars to support their anti-White agendas of Global Warming, environmentalism, and the Socialization of medicine. Science right now is saying that we NEED to give all of our money to foreigners and resident “minorities” so they can become scientists, while our own people work to pay for it.

            If you’re not intelligent enough to understand this then that’s your problem. There’s only so many times I can talk to a troll.

          • And now you’re a typical tool who yelps troll when someone isn’t buying your BS. Real science doesn’t have an agenda outside of find factual evidence and exploring, Thomas. Its only concern should be to draw distinctive lines between what’s provable or possible and what is not.

            Religious leaders, however, represent some of the most malleable forms of “diversity” rhetoric-spewing imbeciles on the planet. We’re all God’s creation, right? Religious leaders go from decrying homosexuals to actively persuading them to join their congregations. They go from passing themselves off as patriotic and All American to gladly welcoming diversity in their congregations and even being at the forefront of pushing for rights for the illegals. Seriously, Tommy, if it’s such an easy task for you to lump the whole of Science into some fish-in-a-barrel generalization, then it’s just as easy for me to attack anti-Science using the same method.

            What exactly is a troll? YOU responded to ME. What exactly was “trolling” about that?

      • David Ashton

        How about “Onward!”?

        I remember a Young Communist League pamphlet in Britain with a miniskirted girl on the cover and the slogan “The Trend is Communism!” Not very much later the Soviet Union crumbled.

      • rightrightright

        The treacherous socialist Tony Blair used the slogan “Forward not back” to aid his election and then unleashed open door third world immigration upon us, millionfold, so that we can never go back and never get back what was ours.

        The word has become so sullied it should only be applied in a pejorative context with which to attack the Left.

  • Larry Klein

    Bunch of confused slacker losers from the pacific northwest who’d change their tune if they ever came across a group of teens wilding. Then again the wilding victim in Minnesota forgave his perps from his physical therapy session

  • Larry Klein

    They look pretty tough in their red dresses. If they get their way their new overlords will make them wear veils instead

  • Larry Klein

    Only white people have large factions that engage in idiotically suicidal movements like this.

    • Pro_Whitey

      True, you can pretty much count on one hand the relatively prominent blacks who don’t toe the line. Similarly with hispanics, I cannot think of one, at least among mestizos, who is anything like a Pat Buchanan.

  • Pro_Whitey

    Agreed. In know this gets commenters on this site into trouble, but much of the deracination impulse comes from a certain subset of influential marxists who know that they cannot allow white solidarity because it will likely lead to their exclusion form those in solidarity because of their determined differentiation from the rest of whites. By contrast, black, brown, yellow etc. ethnic solidarity is perfectly fine, because it conflicts with white solidarity.

  • Spartacus

    Looking at the pictures of those losers – I can’t imagine any of them lasting more than 30 seconds in a fight with me .

  • Alexandra1973

    For any of you ignorant anti-racists out there…I’m against Nazism, socialism, Communism, fascism….

    If Hitler was a Christian then put me in a burqa ’cause I’m Muslim!

    • Sick of it

      They can’t hear you as they are too busy shouting for more government and more benefits to be given to the corporations that they are supposedly against.

    • Johnbraavo

      You do realize the Mussies had Divisions of soldiers in Hitlers army right? History books,open one.

      • Lagerstrom

        I’m quite sure that Mein Kampf was translated into Arabic, and the Arabs aren’t famous for translating books into Arabic.

        • Jackryanvb

          Paki and Afghani Muslims in the tribal border areas don’t spend their time reading Mein kampf translated in to Arabic…

          They don’t read any books , not even the Koran.

          They don’t read.

      • stewball

        Goodness me. How the Muslims supported hitler. Well they are encouraged by their religion to get rid of the Jews as told by the pedophile mohamed. Sheik what’s his name of Jerusalem was fanatic.

    • Sometimes Nice Guy

      Hitler was very anti-Christian. He was actually in favor of German mythology.

      • David Ashton

        Hitler started out from a Catholic upbringing, took an early fashionable interest in some aspects of occultism later abandoned, made noises about “the Lord” and the “Aryan” concept of a idealist life and a postmortem afterlife, but gradually became more obviously a “rationalist”, who committed suicide for complete oblivion.

        He failed to unite the Protestants of Germany in a single organisation, and tried to keep Roman Catholics on side as allies against Bolshevism. Actually he was in key respects a moderniser, with little personal sympathy for the pagan or mythological interests of either Himmler or Rosenberg. He was a Social Darwinist who fitted antisemitism into his worldview, while retaining a lifelong “admiration” for Jesus as the “young man” from Galilee who rebelled against “Jewish finance” in Jerusalem.

        Objective study of this matter has been skewed by efforts to smear the Catholic Church with Holocaust Guilt.

    • Jackryanvb

      You’re still pissed that AH turned against homosexual Socialist Ernst Rohm.

      AH was a straight White man, very good taste in women, art, music.

      Mrs. Eva B. Hitler was a great looking/acting White woman – compare her with hideously ugly, lesbian anti White Eleanor Roosevelt.

      Hillary looks to Eleanor Roosevelt as her model.

      Good God!

  • ViktorNN

    You’re right – I’ve heard that too. It would be interesting to expose those links.

  • Spartacus

    No, they didn’t.

    • stewball

      Hey sparky 🙂

  • Sick of it

    Class consciousness is a lie or these people would support poor Americans rather than illegal immigrants who are taking our jobs. Union members are starting to see the hypocrisy of the left in its entirety.

  • Funruffian

    To be a member of any of these aforementioned groups you are definitely evil. No question. Everything about their ideology to their actions is a sheer indication of deranged and malignant thinking. Their effrontery and hostility to that which is pure and moral cannot possibly have any redeeming qualities. They lack responsibility, accountability, empathy, kindness, understanding and fairness.

    • Lagerstrom

      They are ‘non-people’.

    • Jackryanvb

      Not “evil” so much as not…

      Able to do simple basic positive things in life.

      Bathe, shave, wear a clean shirt, hold a job, pass a school course etc.

      They’re “anti”, anti most everything.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Yeah it did, but some Blacks still did well. Ever think it was just a very imperfect meritocracy in action? When I was a young whippersnapper I thought we’d live in a meritocracy today. A fair meritocracy. This is what we were aiming for. I believed.

    But it’s politically impossible because it would look a lot like the bad old days economically and somewhat socially- without the ugliness and with the remote but real chance of a real Obamoid arising here and there.

    So White people bleed like the new Jews.

    • ThomasER916

      Worse. The Jews never had it so bad. Pogroms were propaganda and investigations into them showed that little was true. We’re getting stories that are so blown out of proportion they very little basis in reality. Remember, these are the same people that pushed the Trayvon Martin Myth, Tawana Brawley and all of this parallels their narrative in Russia with a young hoodlum called Pavlik Morozov.

      The threat of slavery has always existed for whites. The word describes the great multitude of Eastern European whites, the Slavs, that the Jewish Generals murdered by the millions for Lenin and Stalin. There are more mass graves in the Ukraine then in any other place in the world. If it weren’t for the John Englemans of Europe, we wouldn’t be talking about a decline, we’d be casually laughing over our prosperity.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Pogroms happened and they were nasty. Those who really suffered would go to the butcher’s quarters because butchers knew how to cut people and it wasn’t worth it to mess with them despite the yummy kosher meat products that could have been had.

        But I think you are right. They have been overblown. When people mentally google “Jew” and “Russia” and “19th/20th century” they automatically come up with “POGROMS”. They don’t come up with Jewish theological developments or Jewish charities or any number of other very boring and mundane things that constituted the majority of Jewish life in those times and in those places. That’s not exciting nor does it serve ANY political or ideological purpose. Not like “POGROMS” or for the slightly more initiated “BLACK HUNDREDS”.

        Add in the subsequent antics of the Nazis and it further fits into an ominous foreshadowing framing of history that ironically further distorts its importance and pervasiveness.

        • stewball

          Pogroms were not only in Russia. They were all over eastern Europe and western Europe and England and they were atrocious. Hacking and burning and raping females no matter what age. You try getting away from horses when death is imminent.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Yes. I don’t deny the holocaust nor nasty things non-Jewish Whites have done to Jew (-ish Whites I would say, which makes such especially odious to me). I am sick, however, as a non-Jewish White, of having Hitler thrown in my face.

            Not accusing you of doing such, dear, just putting it out there. I, in fact, am probably more “OK with the Hebrews” than the majority of the posters here, certainly the most vociferous…as I suspect you’ve noticed.

            But like I say, when the ENEMY starts puking Hitler in my face, after my gentle ol’ pops got shot at with a submachine gun, almost obliterated by an 88 shell that landed under his 2 and a half ton ammo truck and did not explode (thanks quite possibly to some poor Jewish slave), captured a company of Germans (late war – they just surrendered to him, he had to change his britches, HA HA)…and perhaps effed a hot Italian countess he’d subtly throw up in my mom’s face and vice versa for DECADES…

            Where was I? Oh yeah, I get sick of having that evil incompetent thrown in my face and think sometimes he’s used to beat down Whites, so…

            I engage with those who do not like the Jews here and try not to insult too much. We’re on the same team in a Venn diagram sort of way, but I also feel myself to be on the same team as the Jewish posters here. Complicated, like life, you know?

    • stewball

      Explain the ‘New Jews’ please.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Hey Stewie! Hope all is well.

        Yeah…for centuries the Jews did the best they could in the West. We know the story. Banned from owning land, participating in the military, they naturally gravitated toward certain professions that produced wealth. They were or became very bright and industrious folk who lent lots of money to non-Jews and no matter how they got shaken down always seemed to eventually end up back on their feet and swimming in the money (at least to non Jewish borrowers and such).

        Well, as IQ studies have shown, the European Jews are/were in fact pretty darned bright. Maybe 15 IQ points beyond your average non-Jewish whitey. So…even though all their success may have been attributable to IQ combined with group loyalty (for which I cannot fault them), they became the convenient scapegoats for all the problems and almost ceased to exist.

        Considering our dwindling numbers vis-a-vis others, our relative success, our welfare and affirmative action soaking, not to mention all the horrible lies and hateful propaganda, considering how we are blamed for “all the problems”…

        I say we are the new Jews. Targeted for genocide, hated, reviled, faulted for success and lauded for self destruction.

        Karma for Hitler? My dad almost took a bullet to put that rabid dog down. Understand the notion but do not intend to accept it, you know?

  • Danimalius

    Mr. Kurtagic hints at the end of his article the best method to attack these opponents: undermine their ideology. Every step we take in advancing the sophistication of our ideas and their moral foundation is done so on the faces of these pathetic losers who cannot comprehend us. Our urge to strike back physically is a healthy one, comrades, but an attack on their thinking and their morals devastates them permanently.

  • robinbishop34

    Short video on Psychology of White Self Hatred


  • Spartacus

    You cannot oppress something that has neither a soul nor a brain.

  • Spartacus

    Texe Marrs also wrote on the subject, google “texe marrs columbine” .

  • JohnEngelman

    And the War in Vietnam was tragically futile.

  • MekongDelta69

    On a slightly ‘lighter’ note – One thing these idiots all have had in common since the 60s – they all make really crappy, juvenile, homeless-looking, crayon-on-cardboard protest signs.

    • Jackryanvb

      Agreed. We had great signs and clean, positive dress code at our successful League of the South protests in Tennessee.

  • JohnEngelman

    Their choice of targets is instructive. In their war against privilege and racial supremacy, they target the most marginalized, disprivileged, and powerless: Klansmen and Neo-Nazis. This suggests cowardice because they are dishonest about their simple desire for cathartic violence, and because they choose unpopular, ridiculous, weird, or powerless targets from the far reaches of society. Their choice of enemies also shows a lack of ambition. They keep their sights low by targeting people who are, in essence, just like them, only at the opposite extreme of their race-based worldview.

    – Alex Kurtagic, American Renaissance, November 8, 2013

    What I suspect is that most of these “Klansmen and Neo-Nazis” (who often hang out on Stormfront) are blue collar workers who are frustrated by their inability to rise economically. Many have been victims of black criminals.

    The anti-racist activists are usually college graduates who are angry that their college degrees have not led to middle class careers.

    People in both groups are worse off than their parents were at their age. They are frustrated by an economy of diminishing opportunities and rewards.

  • NoMosqueHere

    So what’s your point exactly? That the two Columbine kids were motivated by a zionist or jewish plot? They had about as much to do with judaism or Israel as Hitler.

  • NoMosqueHere

    Israel and Zionism are the left’s primary targets. As much as they hate so called white privilege, they hate Israel even more.

    • ThomasER916

      No they’re not. WHITES and the West are the Left’s primary targets. Since Israel looks like a white nation and Zionism supports this the Left has a difficult time supporting Israel in their anti-white, anti-Western war.

  • JohnEngelman

    Eric Hoffer’s argument is that people are often attracted to extremist politics when they fail at what is important to them.

    Alex Kurtagic’s article mentions the Socialist Workers’ Party. I am surprised that organization still exists. When I knew it it was largely composed of men who had failed to pass the Bar Exam, who had flunk out of medical school, who were under employed PhD’s in the liberal arts, and so on.

    During the War in Vietnam many young men at elite universities joined organizations like Students for a Democratic Society, and the Progressive Labor Party. They were mainly concerned with the War in Vietnam. When the draft ended they moved back to the center, and entered satisfying and lucrative careers.

    The person who devotes his life to that sort of thing usually has nothing else going on in his life.

    • David Ashton

      The SWP is a Trot organization started in Britain which has spread to the USA. Its chief founder was “Tony Cliff” aka Ygael Gluckstein. He wrote a good book attacking Mao’s China, so he’s not all bad.

      • JohnEngelman

        The Socialist Workers’ Party attracted failed professionals. Very few of them “moved upwards through our institutions as respectable celebrities.”

        • David Ashton

          I was writing about Britain – obviously. Look up SWP/International Socialists on Wiki and then the list of names, two notable recent exceptions being Peter Hitchens, who has graduated into becoming a well-informed and outstanding opponent of Cultural Marxism and Muslim immigration, and Alasdair MacIntyre, a philosopher who has become a sort of Roman Catholic without entirely jettisoning the Marxian baggage.

          As for American academe and politics themselves, you could do worse than to Google David Horowitz’s Freedom Center & Frontpage Mag, which should please you (if not Spartacus et al) because it is a pro-Zionist source of information on left-radical infiltration of key US institutions.

          I have seen UK-style Socialist Worker placards at “race, gender, class” demos in the Land of the Once-Free

          At the touch of your OWN button, much will be revealed.

      • stewball

        Isn’t it strange. You can always find a book or something written by a jew when I’m sure non-Jews have written about the same subject. You’re Jew-obsessed David.

        • David Ashton

          Jewish issues were first brought into these threads by others, including yourself, BUT NOT BY ME. I have simply tried to contribute a balanced, rational and documented comment when you or others have dragged this frequent sidetrack into AmRen discussion, in particular John Engelman’s apparent wish that the superior race of Jews should rule the rest of us. Motes and beams!

  • NeanderthalDNA

    “The leftists threatened to raise hell on campus, and the event was shelved because security costs were deemed to be too expensive.”

    They need to be sued for any number of things. Sued long and hard.

  • Steven Bannister

    Which is more natural, race conflict or class conflict? Jared Taylor put it best: “When was the last time you heard of police being called to a high school to break up a fight between the rich kids and the poor kids?”

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    Indeed, they are going to give us more than enough provocations that will justify using lethal force against them, and not just their street agitators.

  • Bardon Kaldian

    Not many women protesting …

  • silviosilver

    Many practices were harsher (more “oppressive”) than was necessary but the assumption in those days was that whites had a right to their own countries and own communities. Segregation and measures required to enforce it – the biggie that rankles people – was completely justified by this assumption. People opposed to white existence consider this to be “oppression,” so we’re at an impasse.

  • David Ashton

    How many angels can you get on a pin?

  • David Ashton

    I have documented somewhat different statistics on another thread; cf. Benjamin Pinkus, “The Jews of the Soviet Union” (Cambridge UP, 1988), esp. pp.81f.

    The important issue is to evaluate the real reasons WHY non-observant Jews were disproportionately represented in the leadership of certain revolutionary movements at the beginning of the 20th century, not only among Soviet Bolsheviks and their secret police, but no less significantly in the Hungarian regime of Bela Kun and the CPUSA.

    For those mistakenly committed, then and now, to swallowing the “Protocols” as a genuine and seamless record of lectures on achieving a world government by Jewry, there is little to be gained from rational argument. For anyone with more open minds I refer them to the explanations summarised by Bertram D. Wolfe, “Three Who Made a Revolution” (Penguin ed. 1966) pp.211-214.

    See also: Jonathan Frankel (ed) “Dark Times, Dire Decisions: Jews and Communism” (Oxford UP 2004) and especially Andre Gerrits, “The Myth of Jewish Communism” (Peter Lang, Brussels 2009) which gives the data a more balanced analysis than his title suggests.

    • JohnEngelman

      The Marxian image of life in a classless society after the Revolution is similar to the Jewish image of life after the coming of the Messiah. That is one of the reasons secular Jews used to be attracted to Communism.

      Also, the Czarist government provoked pogroms against Russian Jews. This attracted Jews to various revolutionary movements.

      • David Ashton

        I have agreed with these statements before, though there was more to it.

      • Martel

        Yet Jews behaved the same throughout history, from the CPUSA to supporting the Ottoman Empire. Your explanation of secular Jews being influenced by fairy tales is preposterous.

        • JohnEngelman

          I have documented that although Jewish participation in the Soviet Union was slightly higher than their presence in the Soviet population, it was still very much a minority participation.

          Over the centuries Jews have done what they needed to do to survive. They have frequently been the victims of religious persecution. They have rarely practiced it.

          They have not only survived, they have prospered because they are biologically superior. Race realism is not an assertion of Nordic superiority. It requires an acknowledgement of the superiority of the Ashkenazim.

          • Martel

            If by “documented” you mean you have copied state approved contents by wilfully ignored authors, then I agree. What is next?

            Are you going to “document” how the media is not owned by Jews who support Black, Jewish, Hispanic and Asian nationalism while constantly castigating Whites if they attempt to stand up for their interests?

            I don’t understand your perverted infatuation with non-whites, I don’t understand why nearly your entire generation seems to suffer from the same illness, but the Western world would have been fine without you and your pseudo-intellectual contemporaries.

            The only two weaknesses whites have is a culture which these days detests intellectual rigour, again something we owe to you and your ilk, something you could have taken time to improve instead of fawning over your fellow Asian students. Our other weakness is our individualism while Jews and Asians are naturally included to favour ethnic nepotism. To claim other people as superior while its us who have build the West is ridiculous and a symptom of this very illness which got us here in the first place.

          • JohnEngelman

            I admire Jews and Orientals because they are high on the good statistics, and low on the bad statistics.

          • Your Asian fetish gets the best of you once again.

            While the White Western world was bringing about the Industrial Revolution, where were the majority of Asian societies? Were they more evolved then and decided to not participate? Did they magically digress and devolve on purpose?

            While China finally steps into the modern age with their vast resources and large population, they are polluting their rivers and air at levels that haven’t been seen since times when those supposedly not-so-evolved Whites first learned about the negative impacts of industrialization. Yeah, John, those not-so-evolved Gentiles had already been there, done that, and learned to “evolve” the processes to lessen environmental impact. Ironically, John, some of the most advanced and developed societies always seem to be the White countries. Without throwing Japan into the mix, the Asian populations are very sparse in terms of advancements and technology that isn’t “borrowed” from some White country.

            I think you are a perfect example illustrating why AmRen will never truly inspire any real racial awakening. Your arguments and fetishes are stale, and any White man or woman would need their head examined if they believed you to be truly a Racial Nationalist. You’re a Fetish, looking for a Cause.

          • ThomasER916

            Japan proves that you don’t need immigrants or “The Chosen” to advance. The irony that the Japanese advance using our culture while not importing our people only goes to prove “The Other” is not a necessary good. If anything, their lack of “Diversity” is their greatest strength and it should be ours.

          • Their relative isolation and homogeneity is certainly part of their success.

            There is really no logical thought process where Yellow Fever John could argue about Asians or Asian society being more evolved when study after study shows that White nations generally rank higher than other nations.

          • Franklin_Ryckaert

            That should be our slogan : “Lack of diversity is our greatest strength.”

          • JohnEngelman

            I am certainly not a “Racial Nationalist.” I believe in race realism, but I perceive of that as a scientific theory, rather than a cause.

            The basic idea of race realism is that the races differ significantly in average ability levels and behavior. These differences are genetic. They have evolved in response to different population pressures over a period of hundreds and thousands of years.

            Although I am fascinated by politics, and vote Democratic I became disillusioned with causes during the War in Vietnam.

          • I am certainly not a “Racial Nationalist.”

            Precisely why many people are confused as to why you’ve been tolerated for so long. A website and entity that floats the idea of race differences being at the core of societal dysfunction, and all but outright stating the belief in some degree of Racial Nationalism, and yet you’re allowed to spout your fetish agenda, while others have their comments sanitized and pruned for supposedly being off topic or against rules?

            Your affliction is not just consistent, it’s well beyond the cusp of delusional obsession. I could see if you were at a Yellow Fever website, where you spend a great amount of time with people like yourself, but you’re on a website where 95% of the people commenting believe in some form of Racial Nationalism.

            Race Realism is a meaningless concept if not applied to some form of action. What’s the point of it? To understand and learn something? What’s the point of understanding if not to affect change? I know what I would like to change, and unless AmRen would like to state something specific, I have a good idea of what they would like to change. What exactly is it you’re trying to change, John? Our minds on Race as it relates to Nation Building, right?

          • JohnEngelman

            Race realism requires an acknowledgement of the biological superiority of Ashkenazi Jews and Orientals.

            Race realism has political implications. Affirmative action should be eliminated. Race profiling and a stop and frisk policy by the police are preferred methods of proactively reducing the crime rate. We should reduce the immigration rates of Non Asian Minorities (NAM).

            As far as changing minds is concerned, those who refuse to acknowledge facts I have documented using material I have found on this website are beyond reason.

          • You have no real facts. What you have are a set of preferences and a serious fetish. Interpretations of IQ tests don’t hold my attention, and I don’t see how they correlate to “biological superiority” when one could very easily look at EQ(Emotional Intelligence) and declare that most Asian populations tend to not be on par with most European populations.

          • JohnEngelman

            Now you sound like a liberal who does not want to accept the reality of IQ differences because you do not want to acknowledge that the Caucasian race is on the average biologically superior to the Negro race.

          • No, John, I use a broad spectrum when ascertaining(assuming in your case) the “biological superiority” of races and populations. I am liberal. I understand what liberal actually means. Do you?

          • JohnEngelman

            “Liberal” has different meanings. During the early nineteenth century a liberal advocated laizzez faire capitalism. Now a reactionary does.

          • Johnny, Johnny, Johnny…. liberal has an actual definition. It means someone who is open to ideas outside of a traditional orthodoxy, or someone not confined by simple mantras and platitudes. I have no problem whatsoever with accepting an opinion or view contrary to mine, so long as that view or opinion stays within the boundaries of logic, reason, and factual evidence that affords me the same amount divergence. As much as you might try, your “biological superiority” doesn’t fit, logically or reasonably, within my boundaries.

          • JohnEngelman

            As much as you might try, your “biological superiority” doesn’t fit, logically or reasonably, within my boundaries.

            – Celestial Time

            That is because you do not want to believe it. When documenting the biological superiority of Ashkenazi Jews and Orientals I try to restrict myself to information I have found on this website, but that superiority is not in question. IQ matters. They’ve got the IQ power.

          • So am I to assume that IQ does not lend itself to First World status, or should I assume that the idea of what makes a country First World is dictated and controlled by those who are less superior?

          • Brian

            ‘Biological superiority’ has no inherent meaning. You are making a value judgment of what traits must be maximized to determine superiority, and that is a matter of subjective opinion, which is fine. But it has little to do with fact or reason.

          • WR_the_realist

            The problem here is that you are defining “superiority” solely on the basis of average IQ. (Which, in the case of Orientals, is only slightly higher than it is for whites.) IQ is important but it is hardly the be all and end all. Polyphony was invented in Europe. The great bulk of the music I find worth listening to is of European origin. OTOH, the deepest, most beautiful board game I know of is go, and all the top players are Chinese, Japanese, or Korean. So how do you compare go to Renaissance music? You can’t. So absolute claims about superiority are meaningless. What we can safely say is that Europeans and Asians have both proven that they can create, maintain, and advance complex civilizations. Africans have not.

          • stewball

            He’s trying to indoctrinateyou all tthat ALL ashkenazisare brilliant. Well I may be 😉 but by far not all.

          • David Ashton

            People of Nordic ancestry were among the ruling elements of Rome and Greece while the NT was being written in Greek.

          • JohnEngelman

            As the term is usually used, “Nordic” refers to the inhabitants of Scandinavia and Iceland. I would extend it to the people of Germany and Holland. These were the last Europeans to adopt agriculture and urban civilization.

            Nordics are characterized by fair skin. This evolved in Northern Europe. Prior to the use of sun screen lotion fair skin would have made one vulnerable to skin cancer in Rome and Greece.

          • Jefferson

            John Engelman why do you think so many White nationalists like to falsely claim that in ancient in Rome and ancient Greece everybody resembled Norwegians and Swedes ?

            Is it because White nationalists have a hard time believing that a society can be successful without a majority presence of blond hair and blue eyes ?

            Heck White nationalist like to falsely claim that even ancient Egyptians resembled Swedes and Norwegians.

          • JohnEngelman

            The ancient Egyptians resembled Swedes and Norwegians more than Negroes. Nevertheless, they were not Nordics by any definition of “Nordic” that merits respect.

          • Jefferson

            But it still does not change the fact that ancient Egyptians, ancient Romans, and ancient Greeks on average had darker hair and darker eyes and less pale skin than Norwegians and Swedes.

            Someone in ancient Greece could definitely get a darker tan a Norwegian.

          • JohnEngelman

            The belief that Nordics were preeminent in the development of civilization was popularized by Madison Grant. It became part of Nazi ideology. Madison Grant died in 1937. It would be unfair to blame him for the Holocaust and Nazi aggression during World War II.

            Madison Grant’s thesis was a circular argument. In a circular argument one assumes what one needs to prove. Madison Grant’s argument went this way. Nordics were preeminent in the creation of civilization. We know this because the founders of the civilizations of Egypt, Greece, and Rome were Nordics.

          • stewball

            There are plenty of British with blond hair and blue eyes. I wonder where that comes from.

          • Jefferson

            So why don’t the vast majority of Italians and Greeks today resemble Nordic Northern Europeans today ?

            Italian Ralph Macchio from The Karate Kid for example, doesn’t look very Nordic Scandinavian with his very dark brown almost black looking hair and brown eyes.

          • David Ashton

            My answer, in crude brief summary, to both you and Engelman (whose reply seems to have suffered from the all-too annoying Disqus in-and-out posting system) is that there have been historically two main Caucasid “racial” types in western Europe, the Nordids and Mediterranids, closely related biologically, but now fairly interwoven genetically. Their physiognomy was fairly similar, though their hair and eye-colors usually differed (there were raven-haired Vikings). The facial statuary of ancient Roman leaders often looks quite “Germanic”. Achievements of ancient Nordids (e.g. in agriculture, wheeled-transport, artefacts and religion) should not underrated, any more than the cultural achievements of ancient Mediterranids should be arbitrarily ascribed to Nordid invaders. More on this, with documentation, if requested.

          • Brian

            As races, they are more evolved than white Gentiles.

            There is no such thing as ‘more evolved’. Evolution does not have a goal in mind.

          • ThomasER916

            “To claim other people as superior while its us who have build the West is ridiculous and a symptom of this very illness which got us here in the first place.”

            Actually it’s very Jewish. Jews see themselves as “The Other” and therefore always assume “The Other” is a necessary good. When “The Other” is not a necessary good, when “Diversity” isn’t necessary for high achievement and growth of a society then the entire basis for Judaism collapses. It becomes clear that no white society needs a Cartel that functions as a Hostile Elite to thrive. In fact, history proves the opposite is true.

            It wasn’t Jews that translated the Greek Classics. It was white Christians.

            It wasn’t Jews that created the Renaissance. It was white Christians.

            It wasn’t Jews that created America. It was white Christians.

            So the argument of the Jew always must be to justify the movement of their people into a society that flourished and thrived without them. So they lie and spread the propaganda that has become so common place today it’s part of popular opinion. The lies exist to claim that the people, culture, and religion that accomplished greatness, that created this modern world, didn’t actually do it and therefore these “thieves” need “The Other.” So they’ll side with any “Minority” because their Cult identifies with “The Other.” To them, “The Other” is chosen.

            There isn’t one shred of history to prove those statements above are not true. There is a billion shekels spent every moment to make truth a lie.

            Now we hear that “slaves built America.”

            Now we hear that “the Renaissance was Secular atheism.”

            Now we hear that “Italians are African” and “Socrates was Black.”

            We should be at a place where we can say that anti-White, anti-Western Outsiders and their cartel has no place in our world.

          • stewball

            I thought the native Americans built America before you tried to ethnically cleanse the country of said people.
            I’m sorry. Did you mean America built the West? !!!! How stupid are you.
            King John may have banished Jews front Britain but Oliver Cromwell soon brought them back.

          • ThomasER916

            “I thought the native Americans built America…”

            Do you live in a Teepee?

            I have to ask because when you’re completely indoctrinated with Cultural Marxism you end up beyond stupid. You’re so far beyond stupid we have to ask ourselves:

            “Who are these losers?”

          • stewball

            Communism and me don’t go together. I’ve not been indoctrinated by anything. When I vote it’s for what’s good inside my country although our politicians are useless. No I don’t live in a tepee and you didn’t answer my question as to if you lot built the West!

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            Indeed he does have a perverted fascination with non-whites, which is perplexing. When large numbers of whites are afflicted with this perversion, it is very dangerous.

          • David Ashton

            If you include and take as reliable the OT, Jews have practiced religious persecution, and genocide. They were instrumental in attacking early Christians from the Acts of the Apostles onwards. Communists of Jewish heritage were a major element in attacking Christianity in Russia and Hungary, and Catholics in the Spanish civil war.

    • Martel

      I rather see someone mistakenly committed to the protocols then someone like Engelman infatuated with the idea of importing millions of Asians who will undoubtedly support and strive for causes which offend white interests, no different then they do now.

      • David Ashton

        I am against the import of millions of East or South Asians into the “white” world. Whoever shares this view has my support whether or not they imagine the Protocols to be authentic. Neither Muslim mass-immigration nor a Jewish state in the Middle East is advocated therein, however. I have summarised my own view of that document, and of the statement that it “fits the facts”, on an earlier thread.

    • stewball

      I’m sorry David. I didn’t understand what you were saying.

      • David Ashton

        These threads are not helped by Disqus jumping posts up and down, and worse still in and out.

        What I “really feel” about “Jews” (and other people) is that I am against some of them, but not others, especially over support for multiracial immigration and radical leftism. I am not anti-Jewish per se – although I understand why many Jews have been drawn to these causes as a postwar reaction to Hitlerism. We all have to understand how “antisemitism” has developed over the centuries, but seeking a modus vivendi is more urgent than ever as the “white and western world” is under threat, demographically and geostrategically.

        • stewball

          Does that mean ‘I don’t like Jews but you’re alright’ not referring to me of course.

          • David Ashton

            No. Neither a case of personal likes or dislikes, or of loves or hates of entire peoples. Nor is it “anti-Semitic” to disagree strongly with influential Jewish organisations that support Muslim and other third-world immigration, and multiculturalism, as indeed some do in the USA, UK and EU, while agreeing with Jews like my old acquaintances Nathaniel Weyl, Alfred Sherman and Harold Soref, in opposing these threats to western life.

            Of course, one can be accused of antisemitism today precisely by saying “Some of my best friends are Jews”. At primary school one of my best friends was a Jew, while at grammar school I knew an ardent young Jewish communist, who supported Stalin and regurgitated “Daily Worker” propaganda, and with whom I had vigorous debates, while getting on perfectly well with him as a person.

            I shall criticise Jews and anyone else who are doing or saying things I consider harmful to England or the West, whether they “like” it or not.

          • stewball

            Ok. I retract the anti-semitic accusation but you do seem to go on a bit and find all these books etc and even look up names to see if they were Jewish.
            You had a Jewish friend at school. Good for you. ‘A’ Jewish friend.

          • David Ashton

            “Look up their names to see if they were Jewish” – ridiculous! I usually know something about the authors whatever their “race, religion, gender, orientation or whatever”, before I read or buy a book, and judge them on the value of the contents.

            Well, I suppose I might have had more junior friends of the “Mosaic persuasion”, since the local synagogue was in a nearby road. The close friend was called Raymond Fishman but I also invited Cohen to birthday parties. My other two best friends were John Howe, a dearly loved English boy later killed in a road accident, and Peter Klahn, a German lad brought over from the French Zone so his father could work on our military lenses instead of Der Fuehrer’s.
            You see, I am more candid about real names than “stewball”.

            So what? Can we let these private biographies drop, and give readers a rest.

          • David Ashton

            Checking back on November 15 over my replies on the Disqus archive I see that my further reply to this has disappeared, as have others. This is one reason among several why I no longer intend to comment in future.

  • David Ashton

    Briefly, it depends first on the definition of capitalism, distinguishing between an economy based on personal property ownership and the free exchange of goods, and a system of huge conglomerates working with and/or controlling governments. Secondly, the motivations are explained by Antony Sutton in “Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution” (1999) and Charles Levinson in “Vodka-Cola” (1978). The co-operative, if over-estimated, role of some Jews in both camps was explained by their shared internationalism unrestrained by an attachment to Christianity.

  • Martel

    Kevin MacDonald is a better alternative to wikipedia.

  • ThomasER916

    “All Professor MacDonald really seems to be saying is that Jews are better competitors because they are more intelligent. ”

    You’ve only managed to prove time and again MacDonald’s point about you, while missing his argument. So please, keep posting!

    • JohnEngelman

      Explain Professor MacDonald’s argument in your own words.

      • Martel

        Any time two or more ethnic groups occupy the same region, ethnic conflict is on the horizon. This is because people are biologically inclined to trust those with similar DNA, and because of the different needs different ethnic groups have either due to biological differences or due to inherited culture. Its not rocket science, only sixties revolutionaries and the oddballs who share their anti-white sentiment believe you can build a multi-ethnic society without ruining all changes of a peaceful and individualist society. Something Jews nor Asians actually take part in, definitely not on a political level.

        • JohnEngelman

          I have lived and worked with Orientals and Jews. I never had any trouble with them at all. All my life I have admired both groups.

          • David Ashton

            They are “groups” not random collections of clever individuals without a history, or a tradition, or an identity. It is quite possible to admire characteristics of groups other than one’s “own”, and even those of a (temporary) enemy (e.g. German soldiers), but it is no less possible to find adverse features, or to recognise the disruptive effects of multi-group competition within the same “polis”.

          • stewball

            Jolly decent of you John!

      • David Ashton

        Your usual tactic, to demand that people condense in a few of their own words entire books you refuse to look into yourself.

        MacDonald’s “Culture of Critique” is packed with detailed documentation, largely from Jewish sources which cannot be summarised here. I regard his pages on Freudianism as better than those on Bolshevism, but at least I have bothered to read his analysis and viewpoint, as well as Jewish “apologists”.

        You are the “bigot” in these matters.

        • JohnEngelman

          What matters is that Ashkenazi Jews have an average IQ that is nearly a standard deviation above the average for Nordics. This can be easily explained by population pressures during the last two thousand years or so. It alone is sufficient to explain why the Ashkenazim tend to be more prosperous and prominent than Nordics.

          • Why are Scandinavian countries always at the top of Global Index rankings, economically, socially and general quality of life?

          • JohnEngelman

            One reason is that they have Social Democratic economies. That is the closest approximation to democratic socialism.

          • David Ashton

            You miss the obvious point again, so often I suspect it is deliberate.

            The intelligence, wealth and influence of Jews are not the crucial issue, and not disputed by MacDonald or me or anyone else who has studied the question in some depth.

            The question is whether the interests and activities of many ethnic Jews coincide with those of many non-Jews. Two examples: strong support among Jews for foreign immigration into western societies, and strong support among Jews for policies that Arabs consider detrimental to their own interests. You may be for or against, or have different explanations, but these are examples of conflict; and there have been others down the ages and in different countries.

          • JohnEngelman

            Jews tend to be politically liberal, and to vote Democratic. This is because although they are usually prosperous they have a collective memory of the ghetto, the shtetl, and the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

            That is one of the things I admire about Jews.

            Although I am in favor of more immigration restrictions than most Americans, and certainly more than most liberals, I am confident that Gentile businessmen are more supportive of open borders than are Jews.

            I am strongly opposed to the immigration of Arabs. I suspect most Jews are too.

          • stewball

            You forgot the East End of London where my parents actually grew up.
            If the world has it’s way Israel will become a Muslim nation.

          • JohnEngelman

            If Israel becomes a Muslim nation it will resemble other Muslim countries without oil under their sand. Think of Syria and Jordan for example.

          • David Ashton

            The East End has lost many of its Jews and Cockneys. It is largely Asian today, though it still has sweatshops. The battles of Cable Street, Ridley Road and Victoria Park have vanished into distant memory on a Magic Carpet made in Bangladesh.

            I think the Israeli government is continuing as best it can with a policy to fix its eastern border along the Jordan, and to make Jordan
            itself the second of a two-state solution by transferring the Arabs over the River.

          • David Ashton

            Your “confidence” appears to have missed the activity of influential Jewish organisations in pressing for immigration and multiculturalism not only in the USA but in the UK and elsewhere, whatever their motives may be. Many ordinary Jews are opposed to Muslim immigration in the USA and UK, and we need to support such people against their “anti-racist” and “open-door” establishment with its “Hitler Hangover”.

            I have supported individual Jews who oppose third-world mass-immigration (e.g. Alfred Sherman, Melanie Phillips, Harold Soref), respect those who have opposed communism (e.g. David Dallin, Eugene Lyons, Max Beloff), and sympathise with those who have come close to race-realism (e.g. Nathaniel Weyl, John Glad, Paul Gottfried), but there have been too few of them, and others are kept away by “Romaniac” ravings; once bitten, twice shy.

          • stewball

            John. In how many more times you going to go on about
            the ashkenazis in irrelevant posts. It’s getting boring even for this askenazi.

    • David Ashton

      The posts in this section of the thread do not always appear. Is Disqus responsible, Moderator, or you? This happens in other cases with other subjects, without any “deletion”.

  • Martel

    What Kevin MacDonald is saying is Jews prefer ethnic nepotism while us gentile whites prefer individualism. What Kevin MacDonald has proven is that Jews have diametrically opposed interests to whites and have been able to shut down all discourse in defence of white interests.

    Moral equivalency?
    We should not engage in any efforts to defend our interests because jews do as well?

    Your infatuation with non-whites seems to be but one of the ways where you have lost all touch with reality. I understand you are a babyboomer, but this is not an exercise to prove we are morally superior to the Jews, this about surviving as a people, where Jewish intellectuals continually lead efforts which threaten this seemingly benign objective.

    • JohnEngelman

      The Jews enrich every country they live in with their talent.

      • IstvanIN

        Boy, that made me laugh. One of my grandmothers said something similar about them, and I quote, “the Jews have raped every country they have been allowed in”.

      • Franklin_Ryckaert

        Enrich their host or enrich themselves at the cost of their host? Undoubtedly “enrichment” takes place, but what kind of enrichment?

  • Defiant White

    This is why dinosaurs like Bill Linder, Don Black and David Duke need to turn in their pointy white cone hats and retire. Their constant anti-jew mantra hides the very real problem that the TRUE enemy of the white race IS NOT the jew, black, mestizo, asian or other races . . . it is the COMMUNIST.

    • IstvanIN

      You are very correct, WE are our own worst enemy.

    • Communism is simply a branch of Globalism. It’s pretty much a tool. Bankers and the international corporations are not generally Communists, they are hyper-Capitalists. The degrees of separation are very small. Hyper Capitalism is why China was so easily transitioned from a Communist government into a seemingly more capitalist government. Communists tend to be so self-absorbed that they believe their own rhetoric. That makes them more vocal and more blunt in their views and rhetoric. The Globalists simply support any rhetoric that breaks down national borders or social order that would deny them access to a global market.

    • Paul

      you’re deeply confused. Judaism = Communism

      • stewball

        Don’t be stupid.

        • David Ashton

          What does Engelman think about this “equation”?

  • Hal K

    White anti-racists like these people lack a sense of loyalty to their own people. This is not so strange when you realize that liberals and conservatives are two distinct types of people. Conservatives put loyalty above fairness and care, and liberals put fairness and care above loyalty. I recommend “The Righteous Mind” by Jonathan Haidt, which explains how political orientation clusters around these two personality types.

    • ThomasER916

      Liberals don’t care about fairness. Liberals care about non-whites.

      • Hal K

        In a homogeneous society they care about fairness. In the context of group identity politics, white liberals are more concerned about other groups than their own group. Jonathan Haidt’s book does not get into the question of what liberal vs. conservative means in a multi-ethnic society. What appears to happen is that liberals in the dominant group turn against their own group. This is true in the West and also in India.

  • Hal K

    You are expanding the scope of “loyalty” to the point where it loses its meaning. Essentially you are saying that every belief is a manifestation of “loyalty.” Try to get beyond this if you want to understand what I am saying. It would help to read an article or two about Haidt’s book. I think there was one posted on AmRen a while back.

  • David Ashton

    Some militant leftists, Jewish and non-Jewish, became militant anti-communists in the 20th century. Jewish ex-leftists were not able to become racial nationalists, except in their own context as Zionists.

  • stewball

    Actually I think was Shakespeare.

  • stewball

    Strange isn’t it how that happens.
    The world only sees goodness and light coming from the palestianians.


    “Never let the Nazis have the street!”

    This sounds like a continuation of the Nazi/communist battle for the streets of Germany in the 1920s.

    • ThomasER916

      No. This is a continuation of the Sparticist Uprising.

  • Brian


    • ThomasER916

      Well play sir!

      You win the internet.

      ~hands Brian the internet

      • Brian

        Do I have to give half to Al Gore now? 😉

        • ThomasER916


    • The bird could fly backwards or sideways and that wouldn’t make its fate any different.

  • Brian

    ‘White knighting’ will only get these ‘men’ friendzoned.

  • ThomasER916

    Don’t mention the Spartacist Uprising on Amren. They’ll be sure to ban you 😉

  • stewball

    You’ll never get classless. The upper class won’t stand for it. They tried that in England after the 2nd WW and it didn’t work

  • stewball

    Golden Dawn!!!!!!

  • stewball

    The time you did feel for what was being done to the black was the correct feeling.
    The ones you talk about now are a disgrace to their ancestors.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Which ones’ (ancestors)? The ancestors who sold them or the ancestors who got sold, or for many of the best and brightest like young master MRI, the ancestors who bought them?

      MRI has no love for idiot Blacks. He gets it, lives his life. Libertarian. Bright kid.

  • Jackryanvb

    Don’t try to make excuses for Antifa gangs. They’re just another criminal gang, they have no positive purpose in life.

    Enforce anti loitering laws.

    Sentence these gang members to boot camp where they are ordered to bathe, shave, do hard manual labor.

    Nothing to talk about, they have nothing to say.

  • DonnaTxx

    Another great article by Alex Kurtagic!

  • DonnaTxx

    Thank you Mark!

  • David Ashton

    Ethnic identity and economic output are not the same. You always ignore the first (except tangentially in the Afro-American case) and only consider the second. This is like the communist mistake of ignoring the power of cultural nationalism, which you have yourself noted more than once. I do not mind being governed by more intelligent people, so long as they are in harmony with my cultural preferences, ethical values and national loyalty.

    • JohnEngelman

      Ethnic identity is declining in the United States as appreciation, or at least acceptance, of diversity increases. I would rather be governed by Jews and Orientals who share my political values and concerns than by white Gentiles who do not.

      Because white Gentiles usually support the Republican Party, and because Jews and Orientals support the Democratic Party by an even higher margin Jewish and Oriental politicians are more likely to share my political values and concerns than are white Gentiles.

      • David Ashton

        How do you reconcile the “decline” in “ethnic identity” with the “acceptance” of ethnic identities? The Democrats have tended in the post-desegregation era to have much more of a multi-ethnic constituency than till recently “white Gentile” Republicans, but this is probably driven largely by their more welfare-statist attitude. The USA has therefore been moving towards a situation like that in the UK where there is an ethnic competition for political allocations of tax-funded state revenues. So the major parties themselves compete for ethnic votes as such, not simply on the basis of neutral or implictly WASP “values and concerns”.

        Instead of an homogeneous society of similar race, single public language and general religious heritage, you have a collection of ethnocentric communities competing for the public purse, plus the import of incompatible foreign loyalties (e.g. Mexican Raza &
        Muslims v Jews and Hindus).

        • JohnEngelman

          Race realism requires an acknowledgement that Ashkenazi Jews and Orientals tend to be more intelligent than Nordics. The Ashkenazim, Orientals, and white Gentiles of European origins live and work together harmoniously, except for the resentment of a few white Gentiles of European origin, who think that they deserve more in life than Jews and Orientals with more intelligence.

          It is the inferior races that make diversity problematic.

          • David Ashton

            You regard “Nordics” as “inferior” to Ashkenazim and Mongolids. Those “white Gentiles of European origins” who fear that their offspring will be dissolved in a racially mongrelised population under Jewish control or a Jewish-Chinese condominium are accused of mendacious conspiracy fantasy and/or antisemitism and/or racism. You apparently also anticipate, but enthusiastically welcome, such a fatality.

          • JohnEngelman

            I only mention the lower average IQ’s of Nordics when Jews and/or Orientals are criticized. The same kind of people who like to gloat about lower IQ averages for blacks and Hispanics resent being reminded of higher averages for Jews and Orientals. So I remind them.

            I would enjoy living in a city where nearly everyone was a white Gentile of European origins, a Jew, or an Oriental, with just enough Hispanics and Ethiopians to operate a few Hispanic and Ethiopian restaurants. I am confident that quite a few white Gentiles of European origins feel the way I do, especially those with more education.

          • David Ashton

            I no longer intend to comment on any of your posts.

            In fact, I no longer intend to contribute to these AmRen threads again.

            So Mazal Tov to you & “stewball” , Adio to Spartacus, Gott mit uns to various Volksgenossen, and Good Luck, you’ll need it, to Jared Taylor!

          • JohnEngelman

            I will miss you. You are the most intelligent of my adversaries here.

          • ThomasER916

            Head off to The Occidental Observer for your information. There you won’t be assaulted and censored by the anti-white Kosher Cult.

            Seriously! WTF is the point of Amren? Why have a white site that supports anti-whites?

          • WR_the_realist

            Me, I think that whites are entirely capable of learning how to cook Mexican and Ethiopian food. So we can do without the Hispanics and Ethiopians.

          • ThomasER916

            Amren will NEVER censor John “The Chosen” Engelman for being anti-white. Look at all of the deleted posts and here is John being anti-white on a supposedly pro-white site.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Yeah…like when is it supposed to end? How many years of X amount of beat down translate into how many years of reparations and favoritism before…it’s all just a bad dream?

    The experiment is over. The results are in.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    The Jews should run the whole Middle East by that logic, HA HA!

  • Tryst46

    Racism is bad and we should be aware that all races need to live on this earth for better or for worse. However, we must allow those races to develop within their own cultures. When one tries to mix the races into a single country in large numbers, tensions will always arise. There are too many differences in the way we live, the religions we follow and the cultural expectations of each race. It is totally impossible at this point in time, to create laws that envelop all of these differences fairly. For this reason, we have unfair laws that always favour the immigrant over the indigenous and the minority over the majority. When one begins to fight back, it is not because of racism, it is the fear of losing one’s identity. It matters not which country you come from, you are a member of a race, black, white or pink with purple spots, it matters not. However, your identity and that of your kinsfolk is important to you. Your culture and your religion is equally as important and compromising those for the sake of newcomers to the country is a threat to your cultural individuality.

    Africans are removing whites from their country, sometimes violently, they see whites as invaders. Why then is it wrong for us as whites to see them as invaders when they arrive in boatloads in our country? Let’s face it, if aliens came in spaceships, the armed forces would be out in huge numbers ready to shoot them out of the sky. Is there really a difference?

    There will come a time in the distant future when races can be unified, those cultural or religious differences will be so small and insignificant that they will not interfere. This may or may not come about but it will have to do so gradually and naturally. It is not possible to force it as this leads only to trouble and the enforcement of laws in an attempt to quell that trouble only serves to anger and bring the trouble on much quicker than it otherwise would.

    We can still have immigration but not on the scale it has been until now. Small numbers will integrate but large numbers will congregate since everyone naturally prefers the company of their own race. For this reason, large numbers will not integrate as they will be constantly surrounded by their own culture.

  • DonnaTxx

    They have the lemming gene, which i do not have a problem with. Its Darwin’s law. But what i do object to is these useful idiots trying to throw us of the cliff too!

  • Herman

    It is a very easy way to feel noble.

  • Jackryanvb

    These are simply a street gang, anti… Anti e wry thing us. The attraction is the same as joining other gangs. An added benefit is that the powers that be protect , enable this gang.

  • ThomasER916

    John Engleman is lardass holding the “Repeat Dresden” sign.

  • ThomasER916

    anti-racism = hates whites and only whites

  • ThomasER916

    If you’ll notice, Amren deleted the comments.

  • ThomasER916

    Your comments will be deleted by Amren.

    You’ll find this entire site is BS. They posture as a place for whites but they’re as anti-white as any other Kosher Cult.

  • Fenria

    Repeat Dresden??? Really? I honestly can’t believe that the world is taking these people seriously. The fact that someone can hold up a sign like that in public and incur no repercussions just shows how absurd a circus our society has become.