Posted on October 12, 2020

Journalists’ ‘Security’ Kills a Conservative Demonstrator

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, October 12, 2020

We never stop hearing about Heather Heyer. She was the young woman who died at the Unite the Right protest in Charlottesville in 2017. A jury convicted James Fields of hate crimes and a judge sentenced him to life in prison for ramming his car into demonstrators. They judged it a deliberate action. A man threatened Fields with a rifle not long before the crash, but this evidence didn’t help Mr. Fields.

Charlottesville was disastrous for the Alt Right. Its effects were so damaging that even the term “Alt Right” is barely used anymore, in favor of “Dissident Right.” The coalition that put together the event has fragmented. However, in defense of the organizers, no one could have predicted that the local police would provoke a fight by first forcing demonstrators to walk through antifa and then driving them into antifa again. “Let them fight a little,” then-Police Chief Al Thomas reportedly said, “it will make it easier to declare an unlawful assembly.” I don’t think this had ever happened before, and demonstrators could not have anticipated it.

Journalists have worked hard ever since to make Charlottesville a Sorelian Myth for the Left, a story about “white nationalists” attacking a city. There would have been a peaceful rally if not for antifa. Democratic politicians such as Kamala Harris still accuse President Trump of praising neo-Nazis. He did no such thing, but the accusation is endlessly repeated.

However, even if we accepted the Left’s mythical version about what happened in Charlottesville in 2017, it was nothing compared to what some American cities are going through almost every night. Last night in Portland, leftist demonstrators toppled statues of Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt.

While many reporters fret about white militias, armed blacks have marched by the hundreds in Lafayette, Louisiana and Louisville, Kentucky. In Seattle, anarchists set up an “Autonomous Zone,” which authorities let operate until there were several shootings. The grieving father of victim Horace Lorenzo Anderson Sr. appeared on Sean Hannity’s program for a gut-wrenching segment, but his son’s “Black Life” was ignored by other media. Antifa “security” shot two black teenagers. As of this writing, no one has been arrested for the crime, and few journalists seem to care.

We now get this:

There have also been outright assassinations. Self-described “security contractor” and antifa supporter Michael Reinoehl shot and killed Patriot Prayer supporter Aaron Danielson last month. Vice gave him favorable coverage after the crime. Federal marshals tracked him down soon afterward and killed him.

Aaron Danielson is Dead

August 29, 2020: Trump Rally in Downtown Portland, Oregon ends in violence when Patriot Prayer member Aaron Danielson was shot and killed Saturday night. A suspect 48-year-old Army Veteran Michael Forest Reinoehl was killed by police days later. (Credit Image: © Mark Downey / ZUMA Wire)

On Saturday, a supposed “security guard” for a local news station NBC affiliate 9News, shot and killed Lee Keltner, a veteran who made cowboy hats and who was part of a “patriot muster.” Keltner appears to have been arguing with a demonstrator just before the incident. He then walked away from a potential confrontation. Unfortunately, he is out of frame just before the shooting. Photos seem to suggest he hit his killer, but we can’t see who struck first. We also don’t know why his killer approached him, despite his having walked away. Photographs show Mr. Keltner using bear mace before he was shot, though again it is unclear whether he used it before his killer drew his gun.

The killer was Matthew Dolloff, now held on suspicion of first degree murder. 9News, reporting on its own policies, says it hired Mr. Dolloff to protect reporters covering the protest. It clearly knows such protests aren’t always “peaceful.” 9News says it hired Mr. Dolloff through the security company Pinkerton. However, local authorities say Mr. Dolloff was not a licensed security guard. Licensed guards are also supposed to wear uniforms; Mr. Dolloff did not. 9News also reports that Pinkerton denied Mr. Dolloff was an employee, but called him a “contractor agent.”

The Denver Police reported he had no ties with antifa, though there may be some evidence he did. Mr. Dolloff’s social media show he is not a supporter of President Trump or police.

Kyle Clark works at 9News and tweeted out a report about the shooting.

Mr. Clark is a left-leaning reporter whom the blog The Conservatarian Press has accused of “shielding” antifa. In fairness, Mr. Clark’s Twitter feed is not particularly political or biased. However, a supposed antifa Twitter account called “Saytheirnames6” reportedly claimed Kyle Clark as “one of us.” The account has since locked its posts.

As usual, mainstream media distort the facts. The New York Times ends a recent article by implying right-wingers are responsible for most violence, neglecting to identify the man who hit Summer Taylor and leaving out critical evidence from the Garret Foster and Kyle Rittenhouse cases:

Two men were shot dead in August while protesting the police shooting of a Black man, Jacob Blake, in Kenosha, Wis. A 17-year-old, Kyle Rittenhouse, has been charged in their deaths.

In Austin, Texas, in July, Garrett Foster, a Black Lives Matter supporter, was shot dead while carrying an AK-47 rifle during a protest. A lawyer for the man who shot him said he was acting in self-defense.

There have also been instances of people driving into demonstrators. In July, Summer Taylor, 24, was struck and killed while participating in a march on a closed section of Interstate 5 in Seattle.

On July 30, the Daily Caller reported that 24 people had been killed during protests since George Floyd’s death. There may be other cases linked to the Black Lives Matter movement and the media portrayal of whites as racists. Blacks have killed five-year-old Cannon Hinnant, elderly couple Paul and Lidia Marino, teenager Logan Stacks, and many other whites since these protests began. Black Lives Matter supporters allegedly killed Jessica Doty Whitaker for saying “all lives matter;” police have arrested no suspects, probably because Indianapolis blacks have a “no snitching” rule.

The anti-white message from powerful media, academics, NGOs, and politicians surely drives impulsive blacks and white “allies” to violence against white people. If journalists really think “offensive” speech leads to violence, they should see blood on their own hands.

In their zeal to drive President Trump from office, journalists have lit a racial conflagration. Whites are paying the cost. BLM mobs are destroying our monuments, cities, liberties, and lives.

We don’t know the full story about what happened in Denver. Perhaps Mr. Dolloff’s sole crime was being an unlicensed security guard. If there was anything more sinister, we will probably never hear about it.