Posted on August 8, 2023

Members of Extremist Group Patriot Front Sue Activist Who Infiltrated, Identified Them

Will Carless, USA Today, August 7, 2023

Members of the white supremacist organization Patriot Front have filed a federal lawsuit against a leftist activist, claiming he infiltrated their group and revealed their identities as members.

The activist’s “doxxing” of the four plaintiffs as members of Patriot Front cost them their jobs, incomes and relationships with family members, the lawsuit claims.

Filed in federal court in the Western District of Washington by a Spokane law firm, the case is an unusual new tactic from members of Patriot Front. The Texas-based group has gained notoriety for holding marches with dozens of masked young men wearing chinos, carrying American flags and chanting slogans. {snip}


The lawsuit, filed in late June, seeks damages from David Capito, an activist who they say infiltrated Patriot Front in 2021 and for a time acted as the group’s photographer. But the lawsuit also serves another purpose: “At a deeper level, this complaint seeks to vindicate the rule of law and basic principles of free expression for persons who espouse unpopular opinions,” it says.

The suit claims Capito joined Patriot Front using a false identity and accessed the group’s computer databases to access private information, which he then shared with friendly activists and hackers.

“This confidential information was then widely published and used to harass and threaten the Plaintiffs, with the aim, and result, of doxxing them and other Patriot Front members and causing them serious harm,” the lawsuit says.