Yes, Krystie, We Know About White Privilege

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, June 27, 2013

And Abigail Fisher probably does, too.

On Tuesday, someone named Krystie Yandoli wrote a condescending open letter to Abigail Fisher, the plaintiff in the recent Supreme Court racial preferences case. From her soapbox at, Miss Yandoli treats Miss Fisher like a cry baby and lectures her on “white privilege” and the “intricacies of systemic racism.” Gregory Hood replies in his own open letter:

Dear Krystie,

As someone who actually did get into all the colleges he applied to, I have to take issue with your letter to Abigail Fisher, the plaintiff in Fisher v. University of Texas.

You seem to think that Miss (oh, this is Jezebel, Ms.) Fisher should simply move on from being rejected by the University because, as you explain to her, “There’s this thing called white privilege. You have it. I have it. Our parents have it. And it lessens the likelihood that we’ll experience any kind of deeply rooted inequalities and discrimination.”

Of course, the heart of Fisher’s case is that she actually did experience discrimination—not an unfalsifiable mystery discrimination found in an “invisible knapsack” but real, explicit discrimination on the basis of her race, as codified in laws and regulations.

When our society made the decision to abolish legal restrictions on non-whites, the expectation was that it would lead to equal performance among racial groups. We were told, after all, that racial differences are only skin deep.

Now, obviously, that equality hasn’t materialized. The racial breakdown of crime, income, education, and other social indicators is pretty much what “racists” always said it would be. We were also right about what the public schools would look like after integration—and what the cities would look like after the end of restrictive covenants.

So the powers that be moved the goalposts and came up with something called white privilege.

Krystie (Krystie with a K and a Y? Adorable.), I went to college too, so trust me, we don’t need to “google” white privilege. From the moment we stepped on campus and went to our first mandatory “diversity seminar,” we learned all about it. In fact, at colleges like the University of Delaware, white students were required to admit they were “racist.”

So, yes, we learned about white privilege. In fact, we didn’t really learn about anything else.

Understand how it works now?

Understand how it works now?

In the comments section of your letter, there are the usual attacks on Miss Fisher for not being smart enough to get into the University of Texas. As I’ve never known anyone more status conscious than egalitarians, I’m going to have to pull rank for a second and confess I attended a university considerably more prestigious than Syracuse University.

But don’t feel bad—my college was a joke. Classes consisted of discussions of what Jon Stewart had said the night before, professors complaining about Republicans, and in one African history class, building a slave ship out of cardboard to learn about the Middle Passage. In the words of Joseph Sobran (google him), “In 100 years we have gone from teaching Latin and Greek in high school to teaching Remedial English in college.”

And even in this infantile playground, we couldn’t help but notice the “affirmative action people” couldn’t, shall we say, keep up. Around the country, they get poorer grades, have higher dropout rates, and more discipline problems. This is despite special programs to hold their hand and phony subjects to buttress their self esteem.

I mean, let’s be honest Krystie, students lie about their ethnicity in order to improve their chances of getting a job or college admissions. Some students even pretend to be homosexual, because that will help. Has there ever been another case of discrimination in history in which people actively try to join the “oppressed” class?

By contrast, students who come from organizations that aren’t exactly popular with the ruling class—such as 4-H or high school ROTC—actually face penalties when applying to college.

So what’s really going on here?

Well, Krystie, we on the Dissident Right recognize that even under a democracy, there are rulers and there are the ruled. James Burnham, a former Trotskyite (google him), developed a theory of the “managerial elite” that took power after the collapse of laissez-faire capitalism. The elite today derives its power from controlling social behavior—breaking down the traditional institutions that stand in its way.

And, well, you’re a part of that process and part of that elite. I realize you might not think it when you look at your “journalist” salary and student-loan debt, but you’re an important foot solider in advancing the ideology that governs the West. I’ll try to explain, and I’ll use small words.

Why is white privilege a lie? It’s because a white person—every white person—has access to wealth and career prospects only insofar as he remains actively anti-white or at least silent about race. Regardless of a person’s accomplishments, achievements, background, intelligence, or wealth, a single comment—even a truthful one—can destroy him overnight. A white person is allowed to be successful—or even allowed to exist without persecution—only insofar as he denounces his racial identity.

Where to begin? “Gender studies” majors and other ignoramuses lectured us on biology when the legendary scientist James Watson stated an unpopular (but true) opinion about the long-term fate of Africa. And let’s look at the policy world, where those “extreme” conservatives caved in almost instantly and fired Jason Richwine (and John Derbyshire, and Kevin Lamb, and Leif Parsell) for saying obviously true things. Or how about Paula Deen, a loyal Obama supporting scalawag who is now being destroyed for giving vent to a racial slur 30 years ago, after she had a gun in her face?

These denunciations of white awareness have become ritualized performances, with predictable language like “loathsome” and “noxious” and of course, hate, hate, hate! It’s all very tiresome.

Yes, whites tend to do better economically than blacks and Hispanics. Mostly it is because as a group, they are  smarter. This biological reality exists regardless of what you think about it, and racial disparities in society are the consequences of that reality. However, I recognize you literally can’t even conceive of that as an explanation and if you could—and wrote about it—all your “white privilege” wouldn’t save your career.

But let’s set aside biological reality for a moment. Let’s concede that whites get some benefit from the actions of their ancestors and from the social systems they set up.

But which whites? The descendents of WASPs? Some of them, yes. We’ve all read How the Irish Became White, but the fact remains that non-founding stock white populations faced obstacles when they came here, many as refugees or penniless. Perhaps the archetypal American story is a family slowly lifting itself up through the generations. We’re all familiar with people who are the “first in their family to go to college.”

To say their accomplishments are because of “white privilege” is not just to say that they didn’t earn it. It’s to say that it is somehow illegitimate for families as a group to improve their station. It’s to say that all advantages from birth or station are wrong, and that government’s job is to eliminate them. This is a recipe for unlimited government. Is this what you want?

Moreover, affirmative action doesn’t punish only whites. Asian families are outperforming whites despite the fact that they have no “white privilege.” They are even outperforming whites on the “culturally biased” standardized tests. Should they be punished too? And what does that tell you about “white privilege”?

But if is only whites who are uniquely privileged and evil, what about poor whites? In recent decades, many Americans are doing worse, and my generation takes for granted that we will not do as well as our parents. Most poor people in this country (by absolute numbers, not per capita) are whites. Perhaps that’s why “white trash,” i.e. white workers, can be publicly insulted and dehumanized without consequence. Even “white privilege” believer Louis CK is with me on this one.

If you really believe that whites are collectively guilty as a people, why can’t you just say so? But then don’t give me any nonsense about equality. And don’t ask the rest of us to share your perverted morality. As I’m sure you’ve seen on the Internet—anti-racism is just another word for anti-white.

Of course, there’s another big problem with the idea of “white privilege.” If “white privilege” says America was set up by and for whites, why can’t whites openly advance their interests in “their” country? Why are WASPs—the onetime “elite”—all but invisible as a group today?

Only white nations are told they have a moral responsibility to allow mass foreign immigration—even countries with no history of non-white immigration, such as Switzerland or Germany. No non-white countries are stupid enough to think they have a similar obligation—their leaders know mass foreign immigration has, in the long term, identical consequences to military conquest. The Tibetans with whom you have at least some familiarity are being dispossessed by a Chinese state-sponsored program of genocide—through mass Han Chinese immigration—and they are doing their best to fight back.

So if we are so privileged, why can’t we have our own country? Just pack us all off into a corner of the country. What’s the downside? Everyone else will be free from our oppression, patriarchy, and heteronormativity. There will be no non-whites we can exploit or discriminate against. After all, whatever white people say, they keep trying to move away to white communities—and non-whites keep following them, presumably because they have some kind of inner compulsion to be oppressed.

A country for whites isn’t that radical an idea. Your friends over at Gawker don’t have a problem with the idea that Jews get to have their own country.

But we know that won’t happen here. America isn’t a “white” country – it’s not even a country, really, just a market. And who benefits from that? Look at the amnesty issue: The National Council of La Raza and “civil rights” squawk about it, but it’s corporate America that really pushes it.

Just like on a college campus, the multicultural mascots are pampered pets of the administration, or in a larger sense, they are the clients of the government and are the ideal consumers and workers. It’s about cheap labor, driving down wages, and trampling any institution that gets in the way between consumer and exploiter, be that family, nation, or union. And the results are all around you, in the decline of living standards, the collapse of public infrastructure, the end of social trust, and the dispossession of American workers.

Lefties like to pretend that capitalism is responsible for perpetuating ethnic divisions to hold down the working class, but it’s the other way around. Multiculturalism is the ultimate path to making sure our rulers don’t have a national community—and don’t have to worry about social solidarity, class justice, or traditional institutions that could get in the way of making a quick buck. Even Noam Chomsky said as much.

Come on, Krystie—you majored in ethnic and gender studies. Why does that major exist? Because there’s an industry behind it, funded by the powerful. Why is it funded by the powerful? Because it breaks down the institutions—especially the family—that stand in the way of greater social control for the managerial elite. You’re as much a part of the system as Dick Cheney or Goldman Sachs—just much farther down on the totem poll. “White privilege” isn’t some ideological weapon against the system—it’s one of its slogans.

If you really want to fight the “One Percent,” take a look at the Dissident Right’s critique of the financial elite. Otherwise, you’re just another SWPL pretending to suffer from white guilt as a way to prove your social status while gleefully participating in the system.

Look, I feel for you. You’ve been brought up in a country that deliberately left you uneducated. Your whole life you’ve wanted to be a good person and so you defend happy words like “equality” and “freedom.” But they are lies—marketing slogans. I don’t blame you for your contempt of conservatives. The Beltway Right are just low paid corporate lobbyists.

But, Krystie, when all is said and done, so are you.

I hope you become something other than another hipster leftie. After all, the worst part of the last men (and women, got to be gender inclusive) is not that they are wrong—it’s that they are boring.


Gregory Hood

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Gregory Hood
Mr. Hood has been active in conservative youth movements in the US.
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  • Truthseeker

    The current “younger generation” has been brainwashed so badly it makes me sick. With women especially susceptible to this emotion-based brainwashing, you have to wonder how many white women will be left to perpetuate our culture by the time these people are done with them. Is there any counter-brainwashing movement out there to nip this problem in the bud? Our survival may depend on it.

    • newscomments70

      My nephew is at the genius level. He was always an exceptional kid. He is a good athlete and is now on his way to college. He has become fascinated with Nelson Mandela and he wants to have “invictus” tattooted on his neck or some f’d up thing like that. His liberal mother is horrified. None of us know what to do. If I tell him about Amren and race realism, I would probably never be allowed to talk with him again. Furthermore, the kid would probably hate me. You’re right, the brainwashing is really bad. It’s not just the girls though.

      • KevinPhillipsBong

        Tell him the “Invictus” would look so much cooler with the word “Sol” tattooed just before it.

        • Anonymous White

          They’re not a nationalist band.

      • The “good athlete” part was the touch that gave it away. He’s “on his way to college,” so he’s probably somewhere in the 17-19 age range. Which means he’s still obsessed with sports. That means he’s going to love him some Africanus Americanus Bellcurvius, because you just can’t be successful in the most important things in life, those being football, basketball and track, without them. Don’t forget to import some East Africans so the cross country team and the distance events track team can win, too.

      • jane johnson

        Maybe you can ease him in to reality with look at Takimag.

      • King Klansman Of PA

        The kid is a dumb ass for looking up to him

      • Lop_Eared_Galoot

        I take the attitude that if you show your people your true nature you cannot be called a coward whereas ‘polite conversation’ (and hurried retreat) from racism as a defense of your genetics against outside attack can only make it look like you are a frustrated white who is angry at a perception of already lost privilege as fear of losing what is left.
        Nobody likes pathetic drips.
        In this, it is best not to focus on heroes as your nephew has likely ‘already made up his mind’ on Mandella and will only change it if he sees that the black run society that man demanded as replacement for the white one already in place, has in fact been the worst possible thing that could have ever happened in ZA.
        As indeed, blacks on their own have made ZA one of the most hellish of modern societies on the planet.
        They are now number one on the rape list and number seven on the murder list. All of their infrastructure is failing because blacks won’t work for blacks when the black run government drowns in constant charges of corruption and influence peddling if not outright murder.
        No argument about how whites created the problem applies because Apartheid ended in 1994 when most of the blacks now causing problems were not even born. Indeed, while black townships were always high crime because they were never actively intervened in by whites (contrary to popular belief), Apartheid white society had almost no crime.

        Whites in ZA now exist as Greek Slaves once did in Rome: valued only as backroom problem solvers while the ‘Large and In Charge’ blacks out front pretend to run things. This means that they have no way up in life as entry to managerial classes but will forever be underpaid to do what blacks with an average 84 IQ _among college students_ are not able to.
        Unlike the military where incompetence is promoted into isolation, this reality will destroy South African whites social contract justification for upholding or improving a black run state.
        As if even level of insult is not enough, the technically brilliant and beautiful Boers are hunted by death squads with random acts of serial murder, torture and ‘kill the Boer’ irrational hysteria being used to justify the theft of large scale farms and industry that once made white South Africa second only to Rhodesia as the bread basket of the southern third of the country.
        To the extent that they can white flight has resulted in renewal of separate communities albeit in only a fraction of their former territories, locked like animals inside laagered enclaves of barbed wire topped walls and walking security patrols around apartment complexes.

        With the increasing use of Indians as replacement technical specialists, it is only a matter of time before the raging rivalries between Xhosa and Zulu gangs are ‘resolved’ the only way Africans know how. And then Whites will be next on the list to be butchered to the last as they never were at Blauwkrans.
        If you won’t do it yourself, tell your nephew this as a joke. From some horrible white racist who dared to say something that was utterly contrary to your expectations of what ZA was like.
        Dare him to prove me wrong.
        _IF_ he is as smart as you say he is, his research for counters to my points will cause something to begin to tick away in him as a clock that cannot be stopped. And his love of other races more than his own will begin to be challenged as a simple (white) insistence for the answer to the question: “Why?”
        If they are this violent and aggressive and backward, why does he admire them or enjoy their company?
        Is there something wrong with him? Or is it simply that he has been very badly misled and needs only step into the truth?
        Small steps begun late may never lead anywhere. But bold assertions which challenge a young person to question the assumptions of their teachers often leads to incredibly powerful conversions.

        • newscomments70

          Thanks for your response. it was inspirational. I will bring up those points when I see him in a few weeks. He is probably going into the military and he will be attending college in a mostly black city. It won’t be hard to convince him after he experiences that.

      • curri

        Blogger Moldbug is probably a good start for the high IQ brainwashed. It helps that he’s half-Jewish and grew up as an anti-American Red Diaper Baby. It’s best to read his posts from their beginning in 2007.

      • Greg_Deane

        Doesn’t sound like a genius to me.

      • WR_the_realist

        Just give your nephew a copy of The Bell Curve and let him move on from there.

    • Andy

      Yeah, I’ve been thinking realists/ traditionalists/ reactionaries need to try recruiting more women. People stick to what they learn from their mothers (female) and teachers (mostly female) and fathers (male, but currently often absent). Most far righters are male, and so their writings tend to appeal more to males. And they say much more about women’s failings than about what women could be and should be aiming for. Maybe that would make men think, “Wow, we need to do better”, but my first reaction is “Ouch!” and I suspect many women don’t make it any further.

      • Sick of it

        We cannot appeal to anyone who believes in feminism, ultimately. It’s why the powers that be pushed it so hard in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. We have, basically, become the enemies of women, as defined by said movement and “all other oppressed groups” have become their friends.

        • Andy

          This movement cannot be the enemy of women in the long term. Men and women need each other. We need to work on deprogramming feminists-lite. If we have sites that present an attractive alternative to feminism – what it really means to be female – at least some women might turn from it. Women, in my experience, and in the observations of many more knowledgeable, tend to react more emotionally than men. Constant degradation of our current state, however accurate, will not draw women in on a large scale, but those that express admiration for our *natural* state might.

          • Sick of it

            Women would have to come up with a way to do it…the only women I know who feel similar to us are pretty traditional…others have not reacted so well. Good Lord, others have reacted badly when I mention how big government has ruined our lives…getting to other matters wasn’t even an option.

    • Alexandra1973

      I’m 40 years old and I was subjected to this claptrap in school (I was born and raised in the Detroit area). Fortunately the friends I made later on turned out to be race realists. My husband is a race realist. I’m able to pretty well think outside the box, and I’ve learned to not accept something just because the gubmit and the alphabet-soup news agencies say so. That’s really helped. Don’t let anyone else do your thinking for you. You watch people, you learn, you make your observations.

    • vladdy1

      That’s SINGLE white women. Married white women usually have a very dufferent outlook. I imagine the same goes for immature and mature males.

  • JackKrak

    Brilliant – well done, Mr. Hood.

  • I could never “reason” with a kook who spews this “white privilege” bilge. That’s because I have never and will never take LSD.

    • WR_the_realist

      I think you’re being unfair to LSD. While it creates profound temporary changes in perception and consciousness it does not usually create a permanent psychotic impairment, which is necessary to believe the “white privilege” nonsense.

  • JohnEngelman

    If “It’s hard to see racism when you’re white,” it is easy to see why white racism persists if you see blacks up close every day, on terms of approximate equality, when they are in the vast majority.

    • SLCain

      All those who voted up John Engelman’s comment – know this: He is an enthusiastic supporter of Barack Obama and the Democratic party. He bragged about voting for Barack Obama.

      • JohnEngelman

        Actually, I am a reluctant supporter of President Obama. I wish he had the ability to out think and out maneuver the Republicans the way Franklin Roosevelt did.

        • David Ashton

          You still support him, even after his grandstanding in South Africa?

          • JohnEngelman

            Of course. I am not a defender of apartheid. Nor am I an opponent. I think a country with a large black population lacks desirable alternatives.

            On a purely visceral level I like the President Obama, just as I like Bill Clinton.

            Also, I am not so much in favor of Obama as I am against his Republican opponents. The Republican Party exists in order to advance the economic interests of the richest ten percent of the American people. That is all Republican politicians really care about. That is all they really accomplish. Anything else they talk about is an effort to win the support of whites who are not rich.

          • MerlinV

            Seems consistent coming from someone who could not care less about the survival of the white race or white racial solidarity. Yet, you still insist on inflicting your views on us at a forum designed for us? Maybe it wasn’t designed for us.

          • JohnEngelman

            As a race realist I believe that racial differences are significant and genetic. I do not believe that Nordics are the most superior race. I believe that Ashkenazi Jews are, followed by Orientals.

          • Jefferson

            Most Scandinavian Nordics believe that their countries need more Islamic 3rd world immigration.

            So the intelligence of the average Nordic is overrated, because as a people they are so easily brainwashed by left wing propaganda.

            People with extremely high I.Q’s do not get brainwashed so easily like that.

            Very few Nordic Scandinavians think for themselves and vocally question their government’s liberal immigration policies. They just go along with everything their government does, like good little brainwashed slaves.

            I do not see mass protests in the streets of Stockholm and Copenhagen demanding that their government to put an end to liberal immigration policies.

            Scandinavia has become a society of brainwashed hipster betamales.

          • WR_the_realist

            I think you are confusing “most Scandinavian Nordics” with their political overlords. In Scandinavia as in the United States politicians are owned by the same super rich people John Engleman complains about and wants to tax more. Good luck with that.

          • JohnEngelman

            Those who express fear over “the survival of the white race” are probably fearful of their economic survival in an economy where being a white man does not matter any more. What matters is a genius level IQ and fancy college degrees. Whites with those do not lose sleep in fear of “genocide” and “race displacement.”

          • David Ashton

            But don’t these “richest ten percent” include a disproportionate number of the people you consider of superior race and honest achievement to the rest of us? (Ashkenzai Jews)

          • JohnEngelman

            Of course it does. I do not hate the richest ten percent. I just want them to pay higher taxes.

          • Jefferson

            Are you in the richest ten percent ?

          • WR_the_realist

            Obama is just about as much of a war monger as George W. Bush. He got his Nobel Peace Prize for being America’s first mulatto president. Hillary Clinton is also a war monger, eager to jump into a war with Iran. If the Democrats really cared about working and middle class blacks and whites they would not have passed a bill giving 11 million illegal immigrants citizenship and creating 30 million green cards over the next 10 years, vastly increasing the labor force and so increasing unemployment and reducing wages. Who, aside from the ethnic activists like La Raza supported the bill? Billionaires wanting cheap labor — heads of Microsoft, Google, and Facebook, and agribusiness, meat packing, and construction business moguls. This vast increase in our population is also not good for our environment, so the Democrats prove to be no better for the environment than the Republicans. Democrats have also stuck a knife into the backs of the white working class every chance they had — with forced busing, section 8 housing, affirmative action, and gun grabbing. This is what created the “Reagan Democrats” although in reality the white working class has no place to go. Anybody who thinks Democrats are the pro-peace, pro-labor, pro-environment party is about 40 years behind the times. We now have one party, with two make believe divisions purely for show, owned by individuals each of whom has more money than every Amren reader put together.

        • WR_the_realist

          The House Republicans are the only ones who might be able to stop that horrid immigration bill the senate passed. Do you really want Obama to out maneuver them on that?

          • JohnEngelman

            No. Immigration is one issue where I side with Republicans. However, many Congressional Republicans desire to increase the immigration rate in order to lower wages and raise profits.

          • WR_the_realist

            Unfortunately you are right on Republicans and legal immigration. Those Republicans who actually want to reduce immigration, like Pat Buchanan, were cast into the outer darkness by the neocons.

      • WhiteGayMale

        So what? Are you such a narrow-minded fascist that you’re unable to see any value in a comment made by someone who voted for Obama? And how do you know what you think you know? Do you know John? Apparently, you don’t. Why should I trust someone who can’t even bother to register on this forum?

        • MerlinV

          Thanks for sharing your gayness. The truth is that neither you or John are of much help to the white race.

          • Vonhauer

            Mr. Engleman has said in the past that he has no problem with massive non-white immigration so long as they have high IQs. He has also said that he does not consider white people “his people.”

            I consider folks like Mr. Engleman to be the most dangerous of all to our cause. They are the “enemy within.” They look like us, comment on white racial interest websites, and admit to a few racial truths, but they are not like us.

            The vast majority of commenters here want to protect, advance, and ensure the survival of the white race specifically. They want white grandchildren not a mixed race grandchild. They want a white homeland for their white descendants.

            Mr. Engleman has other designs.

          • John Liu

            Mr Engleman, I am sure, does not have any control over who your children wlll marry and procreate with.

            I’m also in a interracial relationship with a beautiful white woman. That is our business only. If you want your children to not marry outside of their race, it is your job to educate them towards such an outcome.

          • David Ashton

            True, but it is also incumbent upon those of us who wish to preserve our primary racial group, as well as that of your own ancestors, to make a public as well as private case against large-scale miscegenation, which is not a problem except in our own hitherto developed western world

      • John Liu

        Voting up a comment means you agree with the comment only. Not necessarily the writers entire world view and views on every single issue under the sun.

  • JohnEngelman

    The racial breakdown of crime, income, education, and other social indicators is pretty much what “racists” always said it would be. We were also right about what the public schools would look like after integration—and what the cities would look like after the end of restrictive covenants.

    – Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, June 27, 2013

    Because racial egalitarians cannot prove that this is false, they have made it dangerous to explain why it is true.

    • Sick of it

      And their handlers told the FBI to stop maintaining crime statistics by race.

  • Remember the Sailer Correlation, that traditional nuclear white families with children are basically the Republican Party voter base and everyone else is the Democrat voter base. “Womyn” (aka feminists aka lesbians) will sign on to the anti-white agenda even if race isn’t their overarching concern because breaking the traditional nuclear white family is how you break all opposition to the leftist Dumb-o-Crat Rain-BLOW coalition agenda, and quite frankly, forever bury any chance of white nationalism flowering back to life.

    • pcmustgo

      Just trendy bs

    • Jefferson

      Most feminists only hate White males, they seem to have absolutely no problem with Bantu males. They do not even hate Bantu rappers who degrade women in their rap songs, they stay silent on that issue.

      • That’s because blacks are above womyn on the progressive stack.

        • Jefferson

          That would explain why the progressive movement love Hussein Obama more than they love Hilary Clinton.

          The progressive movement always bets on Black.

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        Yep. I love seeing white feminists gushing about how “wonderful and beautiful” Islam is, while castigating anyone who thinks Muslim men are not very good to their women.

        They seem completely incapable of recognizing that if black and Arab Muslim men were in charge, their lives would be a thousand times worse than they are now.

        • WR_the_realist

          While I do not favor a war with Iran (these Middle Eastern wars just make everything worse) it is a very repressive state. Women get stoned to death there. I suspect the real reason feminists are silent about Islamic treatment of women is because they know that if they did they’d likely get their throat slit. You can demonize Christianity all you want and never reap any consequences.

      • Sick of it

        They want to f*** a thug…per the song.

        Edit – I’ve heard a white girl singing those lyrics and it disturbed me.

  • JohnEngelman

    Come on, Krystie—you majored in ethnic and gender studies. Why does that major exist? Because there’s an industry behind it, funded by the powerful. Why is it funded by the powerful? Because it breaks down the institutions—especially the family—that stand in the way of greater social control for the managerial elite.

    – Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, June 27, 2013

    Don’t worry about people who get majors in ethnic and gender studies. They are worse than useless on the job market. They tell prospective employers that the person with the degree is likely to have a chip on his or her shoulder, and that the person will interpret any criticism of his or her performance as being racially or sexually motivated.

    • dukem1

      I can’t even imagine what an interview for a real, productive job would go like when the applicant states they majored in race or gender studies..How can any lucid adult take that for anything other than the BS (pun intended) such an education would indicate.

      • IstvanIN

        I have interviewed people who have majored in African-American and Women’s Studies. They usually have very low low grade averages and can barely read or write.

        • Anonymous White

          So I’m guessing you own a Starbucks? lol

        • Non Humans

          I have as well. The best (and funniest from the interviewer’s chair) questions for those morons is, “What about your particular majors will benefit the company, and how will they influence your business decisions?” Also a good one, “Why did you pick that particular course of study?” “How do you feel it prepared you for X position?”
          Invariably they usually give some flowering libtarded response rubbing upon anti-white sentiments. Then I would usually follow up with, ” It sounds like you have an inherent bias against white people and their pursuits..” Oh and then they scramble and backpedal.
          When I used to assist my ex-wife with these interviews is when it became crystal clear that the libtards, even the ones with libtard degrees, don’t understand their own arguments and beliefs. Libtardism is truly a blinding disease.

          • GeneticsareDestiny

            “it became crystal clear that the libtards, even the ones with libtard degrees, don’t understand their own arguments and beliefs.”

            This is very true. I love seeing them being incapable of following their beliefs to their logical conclusion.

            Such as: if whites are so horribly oppressive, and if whites oppress non-whites without even realizing it, then wouldn’t the best course of action be to completely separate whites from non-whites? Then non-whites wouldn’t have to be oppressed!

            Whenever you say something along those lines to one of them they start calling you a segregationist and raving about Jim Crow, completely refusing to actually think about the very simple line of reasoning behind the idea, which stems from their own ideas about the oppressiveness of whites!

    • DiversityIsDeath

      Haven’t ya heard? There is a booming industry in monitoring and ensuring diversity all over the place. It’s the wave of the future. (It pays well too!)

    • David Ashton

      On the real job market yes, but they have a downward indoctrination effect on the attitudes of students and school-children.

    • WR_the_realist

      You are correct that the people with gender and ethnic studies majors are absolutely useless in the job market. At least in the market for jobs that should be done. But I suspect they get snapped up at institutions like the Ford Foundation where they can do immeasurable damage to the rest of us.

  • JohnEngelman

    Asian families are outperforming whites despite the fact that they have no “white privilege.” They are even outperforming whites on the “culturally biased” standardized tests.

    – Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, June 27, 2013

    Yes, of course.

    • Bossman

      Asians appear to be good at abstract thinking and symbol manipulation. It may have to do with the fact that their written languages are made up of thousands of symbols that they are required to learn. Still Asians are very boring. When last did you hear a really nice song from East Asia or see a big exciting movie or read an exciting novel coming from East Asia? If they are intelligent, it appears to be of a one-dimensional kind.

      • MikeofAges

        Asians are boring? What is more boring that a middle aged black man with a legitimately earned MBA working somewhere in the corporate hierarchy and waiting for the day he can start collecting his golden pension and cashing out his 401K? Mostly, successful middle class and upper middle class people in professional, management and technical occupations are exceedingly boring. Get with it, poor whites and Asians have a lot of vibrancy too. They use drugs and end up in prison at high rate. They have high rates of alcoholism and domestic violence against spouses, cohabitants and children. Possibly, the women have high rates of having the wrong guy’s child. One thing I am not sure of is if East Asian have a high rate of out-of-wedlock births. That much I doubt. But white girls in their late teens just love to have out-of-wedlock babies. Doesn’t seem to matter if the father is black, Hispanic or white. Just as long as he a lot vibrancy! Vibrancy (in the male) is a “catch all” for mentally unstable with violent tendencies and a “take matters into your own hands” mentality, combined with an affection for one or more idioms of interesting vernacular (popular) music.

        Did I nail it, or what?

      • Non Humans

        Op Op Oppa Gangnam Style!
        That’s the most recent one I remember. 8 months give or take…

        • Bossman

          Yeah, we’ll have to wait another fifty years before we hear anything that people can sing or dance to.

      • Jefferson

        Hey Bossman why do Hispanics on average have a lower I.Q than Asians ? Why are Hispanics underrepresented in America’s most prestigious universities like Harvard and Stanford ?

        • Bossman

          You will need to properly define what a “Hispanic” is. Any Indian from Mexico or Central America is called a “Hispanic” once they enter the USA. If you’re talking about indigenous people, then they do appear to be very simple people.

          • Angrytomato

            He’s talking about mestizos, mulattos and indigenous obviously.

      • WR_the_realist

        I read a book titled, “How is Quantum Theory Possible?” by an Asian woman. She is a physicist. I did not think it was boring. But I’m weird that way.

        But then, I like peace and quiet, listen to chamber music, read a lot of books, work in a geeky job, and have a very low tolerance for noise. (Spare me the “vibrancy” of those black and Hispanic ghetto neighborhoods, please.) So by most people’s standards I’m boring too.

  • William Allingham

    Im aware that this is not much to do with the article but I wanted to share this with you:

    The oath that the Athenians took before the battle of Plataiai in 479 B.C.E (…) is inscribed as follows: “If I remain faithful to the inscribed oath, may women give birth to children who resemble their parents. If I do not, may they give birth to monsters” (Daily life of the ancient Greeks p.212, Robert Garland)

    I think that oath still apply to us today in our fight for our freedom but unfortunately theres more at stake than our childrens appearance and the Greeks knew it.

    • jane johnson

      That oath is positively chilling.

      • IstvanIN

        Considering the number of mudsharks and their monster off-spring, both chilling and prophetic.

    • Jotun Hunter

      in ancient greece if you took an oath – you kept it

    • dukem1

      Nice sentiment, but why so many monsters today?
      Perhaps we should start creating our own.

  • Do you have a link showing that Mandela invented necklacing? He was in prison at the time it started being done (1985). Apparently Winnie approved of it, though.

    • Spartacus


  • gemjunior

    Amazing article. She won’t even answer because she will know that as much as she hates them, these are rock solid arguments. I still wish she would write an answer……

  • sbuffalonative

    When someone brings up white privilege, ask them to define it. After they do, ask them if majority black nations practice black privilege, if it’s ok, and what the manifestation of black privilege is. You might even want to ask if they would want to live in a majority black nation that practices black privilege.

    • dukem1

      I have one answer to every “white privilege” argument.
      I owe them nothing.

    • gemjunior

      I’ve tried that – asking them to define white privilege. The answer is always – “we live in a society that was built for us” and then I say “because it was built BY us, and it’s normal that when people build a community, they usually build it for themselves. Allowing other different peoples to share it doesn’t mean we must change our own ways to suit them”. Liberal: “Yes, it does. We should change to suit them” Me: “sigh, and eyes to heaven”.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      I’ve found that there’s no point in even bothering to discuss white privilege with people who believe in it. Regular, average liberals can be convinced, but those who believe in white privilege are too far gone to be reached.

  • je suis paganisme

    “There’s this thing called white self-loathing. You don’t have it. I have it. Our parents did not have it–they were not enlightened, and worked way too hard. . And it lessens the likelihood that we’ll experience any kind of deeply rooted excellence and achievement. But it makes us feel good about ourselves without having to do a damn thing.”

  • NorthernWind

    Well, basically all feminists are anti-White so it’s not very surprising.

    • ncpride

      Apparently you are correct. The comments on the original article about Miss Fisher are some of the most hateful, nasty, vindictive, vicious attacks I’ve ever read, and most of them start like this….:I’m a White woman and… I’ll never understand their hatred of their own. Never.

      • ms_anthro

        I’m a White woman and those ghastly creatures don’t speak for me. Further, I enjoy being a thorn in their side by celebrating the achievements of White men and embracing my natural femininity. It gives me great pleasure to realize that I have never met an anti-White nor a feminist who was a happy, well-adjusted person. These people are bitterly miserable and want to drag the rest of us down into their mentally ill sewers. When it comes to dealing with them, living well really is the best revenge.

        I am a White woman and eternally grateful to be born one, and forever proud of the incredible things the men of my race have given to the rest of the ungrateful world. We are a beautiful people through the grace of God and our own strength of will, courage, and hard work. I refuse to be ashamed of our heritage and urge everyone who feels likewise to say it out loud, in mixed company, whenever and however you please.

        White people have gifted the planet with technologies that elevate the human standard of living to heights unimaginable even to the richest kings of other contemporary cultures. We generously share these technologies with others, despite their ingratitude and inability to maintain them without our sweat and treasure. Don’t let anyone shame you for this! We have nothing to be ashamed of.

        • DiversityIsDeath

          Yaaay! Right on sister! I am an anti-feminist, White woman too, and I agree with all you said.

  • dukem1

    I would say a majority. I’ve got quite a few knee-jerk liberal friends, and I’d say that at one time or another they’ve all said, when the topic comes up, something along the lines of, ” But I’ve told her, don’t ever think of bringing one of them home.”
    They know…

  • Spartacus

    Feminism isn’t about women, it’s a jewish ideology whose purpose is to drive a wedge between white men and white women, in order to reduce both our reproduction, as well as our solidarity against the aggression of the lesser races .

  • Spartacus

    Excellent article. Bookmarked and sent to pretty much everyone I know.

  • storibund

    Whoa. Outstanding.

  • storibund

    *waving hand*

  • Eagle_Eyed

    At least me that I know of.

  • Eagle_Eyed

    Jared Taylor also had a great retort to the concept of “white privilege.” The only way a singular race can continuously discriminate and hold people of all other races back despite laws and movements against discrimination would be if that singular race truly were superior. This an argument asserting “white privilege” exists becomes no different from one which says white superiority exists.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      This! This argument here is why I love seeing non-whites, usually non-white women, who believe in white privilege. When they talk about it, you can tell that they believe whites to be capable of almost mystical, supernatural things.

      And yet if you point out to them that they’re practically admitting whites are superior, they start raging and attempting to reason their way out of it, at which they typically fail.

  • pcmustgo

    Colorlines is a similar blog for Women of Color…

  • King Klansman Of PA

    Black people need to stop blaming people for their problems. nig gers

  • Bo_Sears

    Wow! JohnC is exactly on target. By framing the issue as wholesome, healthy diverse white Americans versus loathsome corrupted, deeply disturbed diverse white Americans, he has the winning formula for all manner of vicious attackbacks from the left on the white power people who manipulate others like puppets.

    And there is no John Derbyshire problem. Win-win.

  • Days of Broken Arrows

    The very phrase “white privilege” is an unwitting admission that it was whites who built the society. How do they think the “privilege” got there to begin with? It’s because this was a society created by white innovation and ideas (and yes some minorities helped, but it was led by whites). But don’t worry too much. One day most people wake up and realize this. It’s usually the day they have to decide where to send their first kid to school.

  • Non Humans


  • Non Humans

    Probably close to the same percentage as the demographic that is responsible for 90% of all of the rapes, robberies, and murders nationwide.

  • Jefferson

    I would say my family is financially privileged because my father makes a very good living, but we are not racially privileged, as in benefiting from so-called “White Privilege”.

    My father worked very hard to get where he is at today in his private sector job. He is not an unqualified affirmative action case who was just handed a high paying gubmint job in order to fill the “vibrant diversity” quota.

    My father never got a job simply due to the color of his skin. Every job he has ever gotten was based on his merit and hard work ethnic.

  • Camielle Belle Poole

    The notion of White Privilege is more of a CLASS thing than a race thing these days. Having gone to private schools, I met a lot of rich white kids who clearly were at an advantage. Having been in the Gifted Program in a multicultural public school before that, I knew a lot of poor white (black, latino, and asian) kids who were at a disadvantage and deserved better. My opinion is the same as it is about AA. It’s a half truth that does more harm than good. As soon as a white person does well it’s because they’re white. As soon as a POC does well it’s because of AA.

  • Charles Martel

    Absolutely wonderfully said, however I do wonder if the average young high school or even college student get read and understand such an excellently written work.

  • David Ashton

    This excellent essay provides us with a good working script for argument.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    I’d guess at least over 50%. Probably more like 60-75%. My family has no idea I believe in racial differences. They’re almost all SWPL-style liberals and the few conservatives there are are Conservatism Inc.-types. It would horrify them.

    The sad thing is, we’re a mostly working class family and almost all of us went to school with and have worked with many blacks and Hispanics. You’d think that would be enough to teach them the reality of racial differences, but it wasn’t.

    • Sick of it

      I doubt they’ve been exposed to what these groups do to white people all over the world. My initial reaction to that information was extraordinarily negative, to say the least, being a fair minded person who believes in justice.

    • Joseph Bryant

      I know how you feel, I have to be quiet as well.

      Cognitive dissonance can be very powerful. As another example, my sister teaches in an all-black high school, and she’s very SWPL liberal. But as soon as her oldest kid was ready for Kindergarten, it’s off to the suburbs her family goes! The elementary school in her town is as about diverse as Iceland. Her actions are totally at odds with her professed professed ideology.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    This happens because of the idea of “intersectionality”. Most feminist websites talk about this sometimes; it’s the new trendy thing among them. Basically it’s the idea that all the different “oppressions” are interrelated, and so if you want to be a “good feminist,” you must also be anti-racist, pro-homosexuality, anti-religious (unless it’s the religion of ‘people of color,’ like Islam, in which case you must respect it and think it’s wonderful), etc.

    Any white feminist who just wants to ‘fight the patriarchy’ and not be an anti-racist crusader will eventually get lectured and browbeaten by her fellow feminists until she converts to their way of thinking and begins hating her race.

    • jane johnson

      I thought that the idea of intersectionality meant belonging to more than one supposedly oppressed group (a gay, black woman, for example), rather than just supporting their causes.

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        I think that’s also a part of it. Not all feminists/racial activists use the word the same way.

        • jane johnson

          I read an article on the subject over at takimag. Seems the oppressed are now competing for “most oppressed” status. Do they give out medals for this stuff, or what?

    • WR_the_realist

      I belong to an oppressed group, one the major institutions not only want to discriminate against but will engage in expensive court battles to maintain their right to discriminate against — heterosexual white males. So does Jezebel care about me? Methinks not.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    “Anybody who is under 30 and female is on their side.”

    I am under 30 and female. I am not on their side.

    That being said, most white women my age are, and you’re right about emotional pleas. Women, especially white women, have a hard time restricting their empathy.

    I believe Amren had an article about this once, with a study that showed that men stop feeling empathy for criminals once they’re proven guilty, but women keep feeling empathy for them.

    • Sick of it

      Despite being a male, I’d still sympathize with them if they were sentenced to death..watching their family suffer…but why would that stop a just punishment? That’s what truly confounds me…why do the decent people suffer so much without pity nor remorse being shown to them, but the worst scum of the earth have everyone’s sympathy? As always, I think of what children have to deal with in this sick modern world.

    • AllSeeingEyeSpy

      I would have to disagree with that. Women are knuckling under to authority and peer pressure, perhaps more correctly, being aggressive. Preferring to be the abuser rather than the abused. If women truly were more ’empathetic’, in most places, they would have feelings for white men.

  • ViktorNN

    The concept of “white privilege” is bogus, contrived nonsense in its very inception and design. It has no objective existence that can’t be explained in other ways.

    For example, just the words “white privilege” are politically-motivated hyperbole.

    The phenomena the words are supposed to describe could just as easily, and more accurately, use the words “majority privilege,” that is, the same phenomena that “white privilege” are supposed to describe exist in many if not all countries where there are significant majority-minority dynamics within a country’s population. There’s nothing special about how white majorities express their “privilege” other than that there is a class of whites within white countries which are so hostile to fellow whites that they feel they must design this term in the harshest sense possible. Apparently it’s more important to browbeat and guilt trip whites than it is to come up with a sober, more objective term to account for phenomena that have existed in all societies, throughout history.

    Next, it’s important to realize that this term really took off in 60s and 70s left wing academia. Whatever phenomena leftists were describing back then have changed dramatically since then. It’s been 50 years after all.

    Thus, when someone throws around the term vaguely, it’s worthwhile (for the benefit of bystanders at least) to challenge what exactly they mean. The verifiable examples of real discrimination that non-whites suffer has gone down dramatically, and the benefits that whites get by virtue of skin color alone are very few indeed. And the examples of discrimination that whites face that they didn’t 50 years ago are increasing rapidly. Arguing any of these points will put “white privilege” believers on the run – the facts just don’t support much, if any, real existence of their cherished article of faith.

    Last, I would just add that the concept of “white privilege” is a pernicious bit of left wing anti-white propaganda that we should really tackle, tear down, and destroy with whatever effort we can muster. It’s a poisonous and toxic term that our white children are getting exposed to from day one in our public schools. It’s got to go. A big thank you to Gregory Hood for tackling this abominable bit of anti-white dogma.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    “I believe most White kids at their core are in fact race realists.”

    I believe most kids period are basically race realist. Children of all races understand from an extremely young age that people who look different from them generally are different from them.

    Sanity is the natural state of mankind. Racial egalitarianism is insanity, and thus it has to be taught to children, over and over, for their entire childhood, to get them to believe it.

  • Andy

    You forgot people could be transgendered! That’s cisgender privilege!

  • Andy

    Yeah me too, and my sisters. 🙂 But the state of affairs is unfortunate.

  • Camielle Belle Poole

    I suppose now all the ugly people are going to start moaning that there is a Pretty Privilege and that good looking people get better treatment just based on looks. Oh wait…

    • David Ashton

      This may explain why the lesbian sisterhood hates beauty queen competitons.

  • DiversityIsDeath

    I know. Claiming “blacks built America” is like declaring “oxen and mules built America”. Slaves and beasts of burden supplied the physical labor– period. It’s stupid to pretend they were the creative engine of America.

  • Sick of it

    One man’s terrorist is another man’s idol apparently.

  • Sick of it

    Under 30 is being positive. Under 50 is more realistic, but as stated by others, does not include all women…just most.

  • Sick of it

    We cannot appeal to anyone who believes in feminism, ultimately. It’s
    why the powers that be pushed it so hard in the late nineteenth and
    early twentieth centuries. We have, basically, become the enemies of
    women, as defined by said movement and “all other oppressed groups” have
    become their friends.

  • SLCain

    Good article. An excellent response, Mr. Hood.

  • SLCain

    “John Engelman wrote: If “It’s hard to see racism when
    you’re white,” it is easy to see why white racism persists if you see
    blacks up close every day, on terms of approximate equality, when they
    are in the vast majority.”

    To all those who voted up Engelman’s comment, know this: He bragged about voting for Barack Obama. He supports Obama, the Democratic party, and their agenda. He is an enthusiastic advocate of white disenfranchisement.

  • SLCain

    So, in an article about deluded whites who take up sides against their own race and actively promote the disenfranchisement of whites, my post warning others that John Engelman is exactly that – a white who takes sides against his own race and promotes the disenfranchisement of whites – is suppressed by Amren’s editors?

  • Wethepeople

    It’s not as good a thing as you might think. Our white brothers and sisters are the ones truly entering hell once the communist pig dies.

  • MadMike

    Probably further in the closet after watching Paula Dean get crucified.

  • Texan357

    I’m ashamed for my race. We seem to want to destroy ourselves.

  • Andy

    Ho! I hear they’re selling for one dollar in Flint (I think). But race realists ought to start colonizing Detroit. At prices like that we can buy extra houses and set up our own schools.

  • Andy

    Most people think he was a peaceful protester against terrible crimes against his people who was unjustly imprisoned for twenty years and came out ready to forgive and forget. That’s the story the media gives, the story the schools give, and the story this nephew has probably heard.

  • AllSeeingEyeSpy

    the meek shall inherit the earth

  • ricpic

    I agree with your post. In my case the internal overthrow of “correct thinking” wasn’t completed until my mid-thirties. But that’s not why I’m replying. I believe that a truly horrific economic implosion is coming. Possibly by 2014, certainly by 2016. Which leads me to ask you (if you agree about the implosion) how you think the imprinted youth will react? I’m not at all sure they will side with the state or the institutions they see as their protectors. That’s where you would think the brainwashing would lead them. I’m not certain that will happen. I can’t really make a rational argument for my doubts. It’s just that the internal contradictions of the regime will become so glaring and the immiseration of the brainwashed will be so intense that I think there is a possibility that the smog will finally break for them.

  • Epiminondas

    Brilliant. We now have our marching orders.

  • Alexandra1973

    I think it’s tacitly acknowledged that if you’re driving around somewhere and you see only blacks walking around, it’s best to make sure your doors are locked–and get out of that part of town ASAP. And you can count on seeing security doors on houses in that area, not to mention the bars on the windows on just about all the local shops.

    I live in what’s basically a small village in NE Ohio. The number of blacks I’ve seen around here I can count on one hand. I feel okay with walking around this town. But as a Detroit native, I still lock my doors, because it only takes one person and a window of opportunity.

  • Alexandra1973

    All I have to do is see the name “Jezebel”….

  • John Liu

    There is such a thing called ‘white privilege’ and most whites know it in their bones, regardless of how hard they try and deny it.

    If blacks commit a crime, or any other minority, they are stigmatised as a race.
    A white man commits an atrocity, and no one thinks of the criminals race —but just the crime.

    Just one example of white privilege.

    • WR_the_realist

      If a black commits a crime, it is local news. If you live in Massachusetts you won’t here about a black man murdering a white person in Alabama. If a white person murders a black person it is national news and there is a constant cry for stronger hate crime laws. No white privilege here. Blacks are stigmatized as a group, not because of a few crimes here or there, but because from bitter personal experience as well as FBI crime statistics we know that blacks commit crime way out of proportion to whites. If you really doubt this, move into a black neighborhood.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      I’m with you. White privilege obviously exists. No other society even comes close to the achievements in technology, philosophy, science, mathematics, culture, arts, music, or language that Occidental cultures have. The only success the Orient has is in copying (stealing) our technology and losing wars to us (thus begetting a Westernization of its society).

    • David Ashton

      The “stigmatisation” of blacks arises because of their comparative propensity to violent crime. Whites are “stigmatised” when race hate crimes occur and the MSM suggests that they are predominantly one way – white perpetrators, non-white victims. It is true that “normal” whites inherit a sense of racial self-identity just like “normal” members of the Han population inside and outside the Middle Kingdom. The installation of white self-hatred and racial guilt in our younger generation is largely the result of cultural marxist indoctrination and one-sided modern movies, aided and abetted of course by oriental leftist immigrants.

  • John Liu

    So if we are so privileged, why can’t we have our own country?

    You do. Whites are the most spread out race in the world.

    And Europe is still, perhaps the most homogeneous continent (Africa is far more diverse).

    The UK is only 10% non-white, which is a surprisingly low percentage.

    Most of Eastern Europe is vastly majority white, and Russia (the largest country in the world) is 80 to 85% white) —the non-white parts not through immigration but brought in by conquest.

    You see, your attitude Mr Hood bespeaks a privileged mindset—-you still have much more than others and are better of than others but perhaps is a slight erosion of your previous privileged position, and you consider yourself more hard done by than everyone else in the world.

    • WR_the_realist

      In the U.S., whites will be a minority among school children within a few years. They are already a minority among children born. Within a few decades, whites will be a minority among the population overall. The same demographic is occurring in all previously white countries, with some a few decades behind others. There are likely to be only a few tiny countries, at most, that are majority white by the end of this century. China will still be majority Chinese, Japan will still be majority Japanese. Every sub-Saharan country will still be majority black. So cry me a river about white privilege.

      • John Liu

        Come on, you can’t be serious.

        Chinese and Japanese are basically in the same place they have been for over a thousand years.

        A useful analogy would be this —–if whites only lived in Europe and had never moved over to America and Australia and South America, then yes, no one would complain about quaint little England remaining quaint little England.

        And what do you mean all white countries —-most ‘white’ countries are still overwhelmingly white, and less diverse than most African and Asian countries.

        Sorry, I’m concerned about truly threatened races —such as Native Americans, New Zealand Maori, Australian aborigines etc, and many more.

        • IstvanIN

          Those primitive races are more threatened by Indians, Chinese and Africans than by whites.

        • WR_the_realist

          I did not say all white countries are now minority white. I did say that most of them will be minority white by the end of the century, which is a fact. Which we whites are required to celebrate. Great Britain was nearly all white from 1960 back as far as historical records go. By 2070, if not sooner, whites will be a minority there. Thank you, Tony Blair. Similar demographic trends apply to France, Germany, the Netherlands, etc,

        • David Ashton

          Chinese have spread out throughout southeast Asia, providing for example the backbone of the communist terrorism in Malaya, are now migrating around the more attractive western cities, and are now replacing British and other Europeans as the colonial exploiters of Africa. China has been flexing its muscles again in northern India and in contested island areas.

          The world wide white settlement from 1500-1950 occurred partly because of western superiority in maritime technology and application. Chinese imperial expansion had occurred “inland” – in the 7th century T’ang rule reached Annam, Korea and west of theTarim Basin. “The two thousand year history of Vietnam is largely a history of fierce resistance to Chinese aggression…a thousand years of hated Chinese rule” (Jeffrey Record). China and Japan were at war 1894-5 over Korea.

          As for Japanese staying where they are, this was not the case between 1937 and 1945. I shall not try to count the number of countries they invaded. There were many faults in British imperial policy but many in the populations of most Commnwealth ex-colonies have better memories of our government and legacy than is the case of those who survived the Japanese Co-Prosperity Sphere.

    • ArturoPendriago

      White privilege is another word for minority envy. It is used to try to shame Whites into subjugation to said minority. The hysterical White loons that shriek “white privilege” also do so out of envy for their wealthier, smarter, thinner and more beautiful racial brothers and sisters. The politics of envy has become the de facto modus operandi of the Left.

    • Randall Ward

      You seem to have left out the USA? Reason?

    • Bossman

      You’re correct about this. Whites have been able to spread themselves all over the globe more so than any other group. They are not found much in tropical Africa because they could not stand the heat and the insects and the germs.

    • David Ashton

      The UK (mainly England) has gone from near-zero to 10 % (official estimates) in six decades, and numbers are still rising, with your fellow-Chinese making the latest addition, typically to our garden city and market town rather than inner-urban areas. We have at least a million black Africans here in our densely populated country – how would they fare in Beijing or even Shanghai? Would they even be allowed in along with Islamists from south Asia? At long last a Home Office research report has just admitted various adverse impacts of immigration on some 127 local authority areas covering about half our total population.

  • Eagle_Eyed

    Welcome back.

  • ms_anthro

    Please find me the female equivalents of the greatest White male composers, inventors, scientists, artists, engineers, generals, writers, designers, chefs, and other innovators and I’ll agree that women have given as much to the world. Until then, it sounds like a politically correct lie to me. We women have our place alongside our men, but we are alongside them. We are not the same. We are not equals, but designed to complement each other perfectly.

    As for college, what I gained from that was the knowledge that college is, for most people who attend it nowadays, a complete and utter waste of time. I am self-taught and yes, White men did give me access to that education, by inventing the English language, the scientific method, higher mathematics, the printing press, electricity, computers, the internet, the refractive lenses that correct my vision enough to enable me to read, the agricultural techniques that enable me to eat virtually any food I want in abundance whether it’s in season or not, the medical techniques and tools that have saved my life once or twice, the antibiotics that destroyed childhood infections that would have killed me even 100 years ago, etc.

    What White men have given to the rest of this ungrateful world simply cannot be overstated. The vast majority of us exist because of White male largesse. It is time we recognized that fact once and for all. Without White men, there is no White Western civilization.

    • WR_the_realist

      I wouldn’t credit men alone for the development of the English language, or of any human language. Human languages evolve over time and are a collective creation of all the people who use it or have used it. And unless women were very different in past times than they are now, I’m sure they did more than their share of the talking.

  • John Liu

    The fact is whites are overprivileged in being shielded and denying their own crimes, and I’m probably referring to Anglo Saxons more, not whites in general.

    As Vladimir Putin said in an interview a couple of weeks ago, white Americans committed an unprecedented act of ethnic cleansing in all of human history, wiping out the Native Americans. He also rightly said that dropping an A-bomb on already defeated Japan is something that separates Americans from Russians. Even Joseph Stalin, whom he admitted was a dictator, would not have been so ruthless as to do the same to Germany.

    Yet Americans just shrug these atrocities off and get on and enjoy life.

    There is something unique about the Anglo Saxon mindset.

    • David Ashton

      Is your last sentence racist?

    • kjh64

      “The fact is whites are overprivileged in being shielded and denying their own crimes, and I’m probably referring to Anglo Saxons more, not whites in general.”

      Stop with the “White privilege” nonsense because nobody here buys it, ok? Whites are the ONLY ones who go around feeling guilty for a past they had nothing to do with. Whites in past history didn’t do anything non-Whites didn’t do. Non-Whites, all over the globe since the beginning of time, invaded, slaughtered, stole, raped and savaged. Sadly, that is HUMAN history.

      “As Vladimir Putin said in an interview a couple of weeks ago, white Americans committed an unprecedented act of ethnic cleansing in all of human history, wiping out the Native Americans. He also rightly said that dropping an A-bomb on already defeated Japan is something that separates Americans from Russians. Even Joseph Stalin, whom he admitted was a dictator, would not have been so ruthless as to do the same to Germany.”

      I burst out laughing when I read this nonsense. While some American Indians were killed, it was hardly unprecedented. They were not “wiped out”, the ones that did die, mostly died from contagious diseases and most intermarried with Whites(see diversity kills groups).

      Putin is a massive hypocrite and in no position to point fingers at America. Far more people died under communism in Russia than American Indians were killed. As far as dropping the A-bomb, Japan and the US were still at war. It was a choice between millions of American soldiers getting killed or Japanese, so we rightly dropped the A-bomb, Japan and Russia would have done the same thing. Stalin was utterly ruthless towards a defeated Germany and murdered millions of his own people.

      “Yet Americans just shrug these atrocities off and get on and enjoy life.”

      No, Americans and Whites are the only ones who try to atone for the past, non-Whites don’t.

      “There is something unique about the Anglo Saxon mindset”

      Yes there is. Anglo-Saxons are the only ones today who put other races ahead of their own.

      • John Liu

        In fact communism saved more lives in history than perhaps any other ideology, although all of the foregoing requires a more rigorous definition, I would agree—but that is for another day.

        In terms of rapid increases in life expectancy, literacy, and rate of industrialisation, both the Soviet Union and China were the star performers of the 20th Century

        Go and do some homework, before you blather that old nonsense about the ‘millions’ (or is it hundreds of millions) killed by communism.

        No in fact it was the Western imperialists who killed somewhere in the region of 50 to 100 million —refer ot the work of Rudy Rummel.

        • WR_the_realist

          You are laughable. Communism remains the most murderous ideology in human history. When we consider how murderous some of the competition was, that says a lot.

        • David Ashton

          Readers should indeed refer to the work of Dr Rudolf Rummel on democide, though I personally feel that some of his statistics err on the high side because of his commitment to “liberal democratic” government.
          For the Soviet Union alone he estimates over 61 million deaths.
          For the PRC 1949-87, 35 million was his original figure, but he has added to it with man-made famine estimates (cf. Frank Dikotter, &c)
          In the war between West and East Pakistan, he suggests 1.5 milion.
          In Beijing-supported Cambodia, 2.4 million.
          So Rummel is a nonsense-blatherer over life-saving “communism” but right about western imperialists. Consider the comment of Steven Rosefield in “Red Holocaust” on this quoted in the Wikipedia article on communist mass murder.

          • John Liu

            Yes Rummel is right about Western imperialism, but way off base about socialism.
            We can’t all be right about everything. Being wrong on one thing does not mean you can be right about another thing.

            You mention Dikotter’s book—it is laughable —-he arrives at some massive death toll by comparing to a ‘normal’ mortality of 1% (yes its there right inside his book).

            Problem? Well 1% was the normal mortality of the US and Britain at the time. For a typical developing nation of 1960 it was around 2 to 2.7%. Based on Dikotter’s numbers there was then no excess deaths from the famine, relative to a typical developing country (because China’s mortality during the GLF was around 2.45 %).

            Just lies after lies, easily debunked.

            I remember reading something of Rummel’s once where he claimed the nutritional intake of Chinese had gone down under communism. He came up with some supposed daily calorie intake before 1949, or pre-revolutionary China —-the figure provided was higher than that of the average American today! I’ll dig it up sometime if you are interested.

            However give credit where credit is due. Rummel is right about Western imperialism

          • David Ashton

            Many “easily debunked lies after lies” in Dikotter’s book come from PRC documents themselves, and his statements are scrupulously annotated.
            I have myself questioned Rummel’s figures on both Soviet and Nazi concentration camps, but massive slaughter in the USSR under “socialism” is beyond dispute. It was not a necessary requirement for literacy or industrialization.

          • John Liu

            Oh for heavens sake, Dikotter’s book is sensationalistic clap trap, and has been panned by Cormac O’Grada the world’s foremost famine expert.

            DIkotter claims to have trawled PRC documents. He comes up with a total number of deaths, or death rate. That is what he gets from the documents.

            He then claims 1% would have been the ‘normal’ mortality had the GLF not happened.

            The actual death rate – 1% x base population gives you the so called ;’excess’ deaths. He multiplies this figure by 4.

            Now you go away and do some homework and tell me that 1% was a ‘normal’ mortality for a developing country in the 1950s.

            Then come back.

          • David Ashton

            I have noted the 1% statement towards the end of a book that has innumerable quotations from PRC sources, official and personal, which could occupy your homework for quite some time. I have other interests in life but will look out what Cormac O’Grada has to say. No doubt you will dismiss the comments by Hilton, Mirsky and Fenby &c as clap trap.

          • David Ashton

            Readers please note that these are replies to comments from Mr John Liu, a left-wing Chinese, which have been removed, and therefore do not make much sense in his absence.

      • John Liu

        Yes there is. Anglo-Saxons are the only ones today who put other races ahead of their own.

        Absolutely laughable. China;s affirmative action policies for one, make the US;s look positively miserly.

    • WR_the_realist

      First, I am not one to defend the use of atomic bombs on Japan or the deliberate creation of firestorms via incendiaries in Dresden and Hamburg. Both sides committed war crimes in World War II. As usual the victors wrote the history books. But as for Stalin and his predecessor Lenin, their worst war crimes were committed against their own people. Millions of people in Russia and Ukraine were deliberately starved to death, worked to death as slave labor, or simply shot. And it isn’t just white people — Mao caused the death by murder or starvation of 18 – 30 million Chinese in his “Great Leap Forward”, In Cambodia the Khmer Rouge murdered between one and three million people, in a population of eight million. Communists murdered more people in the middle 70 years of the 20th century than white Anglo Saxons did in three centuries.

      I’ve noticed that most Chinese today just shrug off the murders done by the Communist regime in that country. There is something unique about the Chinese mindset.

  • John Liu

    Mandela was nowhere near the terrorist that the US government was —-how many civilians did they kill in Vietnam alone?

    • David Ashton

      I was opposed to US intervention in Vietnam but there is plenty of evidence of communist killing of civilians before and during it.

  • IstvanIN

    If the Chinese are so wonderful then why don’t they give the Tibetans what they want: a Han-free, independent Tibet with the Dali-Lama back on his throne? It was the Red Chinese who invaded Tibet.

  • David Ashton

    There are not only the three you mention (two somewhat mystical) but others who could make up a good reading list for an education in rational race realism, etc.

  • David Ashton

    Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was the brain-rotting message of 1960s “Marxism-Lennonism”.

  • David Ashton

    I have met Tibetans who disagree with your starry-eyed “colonialist” view of them.

  • Pat Kittle

    What’s with this…

    “ENTITLEMENT: (Christian, white, heterosexual)”

    Jews are VASTLY more “privileged” by per capita admission standards than Christians. Who keeps leaving them out of the “privileged”??

    (Will stating this obvious fact result in this comment being banned? If so, that pretty well makes my case.)

  • WR_the_realist

    You don’t have to be a lesbian to be a feminist but it sure helps. It’s hard to hate men when you’re sexually attracted to them. While the average self described feminist American female is not a lesbian, I believe you will find that the leadership positions of NOW and other “professional feminists” have a very high percentage of lesbians.

  • WR_the_realist

    Okay dokey. I work for a small company that produces software for a specialized niche market. Imagine you’re sitting in the interviewee chair applying for a job. My question is, “What can you do for our company?”

  • WR_the_realist

    I am certainly not very open about my race realism. My sister still thinks that blacks commit crime and do poorly in school because they are poor. She doesn’t understand that blacks are poor because they do poorly in school and are crime prone, so nobody wants to hire them.

    • vladdy1

      Tell her about the depression.

  • obxpatriot

    thats how I heard it also…it was Winnie, but, I’m sure he approved

  • becky21k

    Liberalism, where the end justifies the means and we will lie and deny the obvious reality until it all comes crashing down in our face as some minority group shoots us because we’re white.

    • jane johnson

      I’ve posted this before, but it’s one of my favorite quotes.

      Particularly on the Left, political thought is a sort of masturbation fantasy in which the world of facts hardly matters.

      George Orwell

  • Philo Vaihinger

    Strange notion, anyway, that NOT being unjustly victimized by others is a “privilege.”

    So, is that sort of like encouraging survivor guilt?

    Or just a way of blaming whites for racism without even having to prove that they ever did or said or even thought anything racist in their lives?


  • WR_the_realist

    California did not really get rid of affirmative action. As soon as the law was passed forbidding explicit racial preferences university administrators devised changes to the standards and admission process that enabled them to sneak affirmative action in through the back door.

  • 301

    De Tourettes.

  • jane johnson

    Excellent analysis by Kirkpatrick! Thank you for the link.

  • Paleoconn

    The Jezebel jezebel mocks Miss Fisher, referring to her average mental ability and physicality, as if superior physical appearance is a criterion for college admission. She contradicts herself on the mental criticism, as she elsewhere points out that Miss Fisher has a very exceptional 3.59 GPA.

    The journalistic hack decides to admit that she too was rejected from her dream college (but she’s such a good sport that she doesn’t bitch about it like Miss Fisher) but she neither a) states which college she was rejected by nor b) indicates whether it was, like in the case of Miss Fisher, due to racial preferences. The fact that she doesn’t state AA as the reason for her rejection makes it clear that she got rejected simply because she wasn’t up to snuff, ie. not at all the same as the injustice Miss Fisher had to endure.

    Yandoli intuits a look of smugness in the photo of Miss Fisher, and even goes into her crystal ball and assumes this is inherited from her mother.

    Finally, she fawns over the black camera worker, and even hopes the latter is not taking orders from her reporter boss, cause, you know, that would be slavery.

    Now I will proceed to gouge out my eyes for having visited that vile site.

  • Paleoconn

    Also, Louis CK needs to not wait for some distant future when the Whites will be sodomized by the others as he puts it (or more politely than he put it, rather) and he needs to volunteer to start this reckoning he seems to think is overdue, given that every White in the history of mankind has had it good at the expense of others.

  • vladdy1

    or maybe just a genuine education

  • MBlanc46

    I work in scholarly publishing. I read the works in the field before you do. It can be boiled down to “race and gender and class, oh my!” Constant assertion, little argument. Endless citation of each others’ books and articles. Rarely any connection to the lives of ordinary people.

  • Jacobite2

    I don’t think Leftists are salvageable. In the mid-80s, there was a movie called “Fuzz” with a scene about setting somebody on fire. In some NE city, blackamoors set a white woman on fire, copying the movie. The woman’s white husband (a social worker) was interviewed, begging everybody to take it easy, as the ‘youths’ were from an oppressed minority, and not really responsible. I guess it’s something that the lady didn’t have to live to see her husband sink so low, but he’s a good example of invincible ignorance. I look at societal recovery as the Eskimo scrimshaw artist described sculpture — to carve a walrus, you take a piece of ivory and cut away everything that isn’t a walrus.

  • John R

    WOW! I can’t believe he SAID THOSE THINGS! I always respected Muhammad Ali. But I always thought of him as an enemy of my race. But what he says makes so much sense, he could be an honorary member of American Renaissance. “No man in his right mind wants kids that don’t look like him…” Right on. You ARE the greatest!

    • Jeroniomus

      I know, I remember in the 1970’s seeing Ali as a representative of the black power movement and rather menacing to ordinary whites. But that’s just how he was portrayed by the mass media.

      He was right to say no to Vietnam and it’s too bad more Americans didn’t. I give them credit for wanting to be courageous and do their duty, but they gave life and limb for traitorous scum.

      And Ali’s stance against race mixing was certainly not publicized. Had it been, the ordinary White American would have had a much different opinion of Ali.

      Blacks often go off the script. Always be ready for that. THey are a “loose cannon” for the liberals. Remember that the people controlling the blacks are the real enemies. Sometimes you can take advantage of the fact that the blacks have wills that can be independent of their would-be controllers, especially when those controllers cannot offer them immediate benefits.

  • laughnow

    I doubt Yandoli would want us to speak up about racism when its blacks that are being racist! The truth is such a downer for liberals.

  • Kate


  • ThomasER916

    I wonder when Amren will quit pretending that European Jews don’t overwhelmingly support and propagate this anti-white ideology.

  • Ernie Boomer

    You are 100% right, I don’t hire a single paki or black person for that reason, they are bringing our once great nation to the same level as the countries they came from.

  • Angrytomato

    Please leave your misandric trolling BS at Jezebel. White men have invented most things and anyone who is honest with themselves knows it.
    Can’t believe how easy people went on you.

  • Angrytomato

    You’re a politically correct misandric who’s in the wrong community. Feminism is an anti-male lie and you fall for it. If you’re not just trolling this community then you should be mighty ashamed. Other feminists would want nothing to do with you anyway.

  • Sheik Yerbouti

    This subject does not deserve discussion in the context it is thrown out by racist blacks. The privilege we have in being white is cultural. Our culture has superior tenets and traditions. Anyone stupid enough to say “check your privilege” to me get a quick “check your racism assshole” from me.

    It’s time to be rude, back.