Posted on June 20, 2021

Three Uneven Racial Films

Hubert Collins, American Renaissance, June 20, 2021

Since the first Covid lockdown, I have recommended many kinds of films: foreign, non-fiction, and others. Here are three that depict race relations with far greater honesty than typical Hollywood mush, but are not without serious flaws.

The Long Island Railroad Massacre 20 Years Later

A documentary about Jamaican Colin Ferguson’s anti-white rampage. The film does not shy away from the racial dynamic of the crime and highlights the black murderer’s psychopathic delusions. Unfortunately, the final third focuses on the supposed need for gun control. Available for free on Tubi.

Tomorrow, When the War Began

Frequent commenter Jack Ryanod recently lamented that conservatives often praise films that are more anti-Communist than pro-white. One example he cited was the original Red Dawn, in which American high schoolers turn to guerrilla warfare after the USSR invades. Tomorrow, When the War Began is essentially a racial, Australian, remake of Red Dawn. An unnamed Asian nation(s) invades white Australia, and plucky teens take up arms to fight back. Even though the group includes one token Asian, the racial dynamic of the film is undeniable. Unfortunately, the acting and script are bad. Available for free on Tubi.

Jungle Fever

Yes, the Spike Lee film about a black man and a white woman. The director is no friend of whites, and the movie has plenty of hackneyed depictions of white men as bigoted rubes — with special ire for police officers and Italian-Americans. However, Jungle Fever is filled with honest depictions of black failure that a white director could never get away with. Samuel L. Jackson plays a pathetic, violent crackhead.

Ossie Davis plays a kooky and mean-spirited preacher who serves as a reminder that black Christianity and white might as well be considered different religions. Black pathology is on display, as is the resentment black women have for white women.

Moreover, the adulterous interracial relationship fails.