Posted on May 3, 2020

Five Thought-Provoking Films for Identitarians

Hubert Collins, American Renaissance, May 3, 2020

Not necessarily happy, sad, good, or bad, here are five films certain to give whites something to chew on as we continue to languish in quarantine.

Nashville (1975)

The exact “point” of Nashville has never been clear to me, but its wandering style and multiple story lines has always struck me as a love letter to Americana in general, and the South in particular. It captures a particular time and place of the white world masterfully; a time and place that doesn’t exist anymore.

Blue Collar (1978)

Directed by the great Paul Schrader (best known for writing Taxi Driver), this movie is meant to be a leftist tragedy. However, I find that it accidentally teaches valuable lessons: unions won’t save us, crime doesn’t pay, race is more important that class, and not even white criminals gain from paling around with black thugs.

Gang in Blue (1997)

Directed by a black man, Gang in Blue is a glimpse into one of black America’s foremost paranoid myths: That within police departments, there are secret cabals of white racists.

Arlington Road (1998)

In this movie, an absurd conspiracy theory turns out to be real. Does knowing the truth set the protagonist free? You’ll have to watch it to be sure.

Assassination Nation (2018)

Though a bit over the top and liberal, Assassination Nation is worth watching because it is the first normie movie entirely about the horrors of getting doxxed.

All of these movies can be rented from YouTube except for Gang in Blue, which you’ll have to find used on Amazon or Ebay.