Posted on June 21, 2021

NYC’s Spence School Showed Video That ‘Tarred and Feathered’ White Women: Ex-Trustee

Kate Sheehy, New York Post, June 15, 2021

An ex-top trustee of Manhattan’s elite Spence School says she yanked her daughter out over her growing disgust with its racial indoctrination — capped by a class video that “tarred and feathered’’ white women.

Hispanic tech exec Gabriela Baron fired off a scorched-earth letter to the prestigious Upper East Side institution last week seething that the video — shown to her eighth-grade daughter and classmates on graduation day — “openly derides, humiliates and ridicules white women.

“They sat there in their graduation dresses while the white mothers of the white students – many of whom volunteer, donate, call, email and do whatever the school asks of them – were tarred and feathered in a video their teacher showed them. While their white female teachers were mocked,’’ Baron raged in the missive, a copy of which was obtained by The Post.

Baron said the footage, featuring racially charged comedian Ziwe Fumudoh, was just another indication of what she and her husband “see happening at Spence (and many other schools in NYC).

“Over the last several years my husband and I have grown increasingly concerned about certain trends at Spence, including what we believe is a de-emphasis of academic rigor and a single-minded focus on race, diversity and inclusion that is now driving the School and everything that goes on within its walls,’’ wrote Baron, the daughter of Cuban immigrants.


“The blatantly racist video,’’ shown during her daughter’s last middle-school history class was of Fumudoh’s premiere episode of her Showtime talk series “Ziwe,’’ which aired last month, Baron said.

It featured sit-downs with writer Fran Lebowitz, women’s rights icon Gloria Steinem — and four white women named Karen.

The caption to introduce Lebowitz read, “Author, Public Speaker, White Woman.’’ At one point, Fumudoh remarked to her, “I believe that you are not concerned with how annoying white women can be.’’

The host also said, “What percentage of white women do you hate? And there is a right answer.”


Before the “Karens” took the stage, Fumudoh read what she said was an Urban Dictionary meaning for their name, which included “obnoxious, angry and entitled, often racist, white women.’’

At the end of the segment, Fumudoh gave the women temporary tattoos that said, “Karen & Proud.’’


“In fact, had a similar video been shown making fun of ANY OTHER racial group, Spence, its faculty, the Board and the entire community would be whipped into a frenzy,’’ Baron said. “Is Ziwe’s video somehow not racist and acceptable to Spence because it attacks whites?”


Baron said Spence’s showing of the video to its middle-school students on their special day earlier this month was only the final straw for her and her husband at the PC-obsessed all-girls institution — which has a task force to make sure it is “the anti-racist institution it aspires to be.”


In 2019, a Manhattan couple sued the school for allegedly buying into a “Mean Girls” scheme in which two students branded their daughter a racist over an innocent Instagram post.