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Race in Brazil, Part II


The complex dynamic of race in Brazil today.


Census may disaggregate Arabs, Hispanics, and whites.

Black director wants actor to be judged “by the content of [his] character.”

Probably to avoid charges of racial profiling.

But she identifies as black.

75 percent of Nigerian women regularly use skin-lightening products.

She could be another “pretendian.”

I am Black–and a Race Realist


Why I changed and what it means for me.


Non-white children becoming as nervous about race as white children.

It perpetuates Japanese stereotypes.

White privilege didn’t help him.

Researchers try to disrupt how children categorize races.

He was awarded a scholarship intended for black men, but his parents are white.

It helps them get racial preferences.

“I love light skin,” says Fatou. “I can’t stop.”

No Afros for white girls. No violins for black people?

Ta-Nehisi Coates: The New Messiah


His new book is even worse than you think.


Computer easily detects race and sex based on Facebook “likes.”

It didn’t work.

Illegal immigrant journalist helps white people discover their “privilege.”

58 percent of white-Asian adults think being multi-racial is an advantage.

Another woman voluntarily gives up white privilege.

Race is not a mere “social construct.”

Woman decided not to have children because that would only propagate white privilege.

A white man ran as a black for the Stockton city council in 1983.

Respondents will simply choose a category.

Before she pretended to be black she sued Howard University for anti-white discrimination.

She says her racial identity is a distraction from important things like #BlackLivesMatter.

She’s passed herself off as black for eight years.

Some Hispanics say “no.”

Many Japanese think that someone who is half-black cannot be Japanese.

Group wants more non-whites in Google images search results.

Our Biased Brains, New York Times

Nicholas Kristof says only black Americans don’t have in-group bias.

Blacks want doctors who look like them.

Many Japanese don’t think a half-black person can represent Japan.

ATF says race information is useful for tracking guns used in crimes.

20-year-old video shows Obama struggling with black identity.

White people just can’t get it right.

Al Cardenas: “He’s totally bilingual and bicultural in every sense.”

“If people say they are Japanese, that’s enough to make them Japanese in my opinion.”

“The blacker one’s features . . . the lower that person generally is on the economic and social totem pole.”

What Explains the Black-White Divide?


A black conservative’s diagnosis.

Review by Jared Taylor

New poll also has interesting statistics about racial identity.

Hispanic criminal pretends to be a black criminal.

Indoctrination starts in third grade.

Study: Students of all races benefit from teachers of same race.

These Paints Can Teach Us a Lot About Labeling


Color categories are obsolete.


White Advocate Has Genes Crunched


Gets (mild) surprise.


Novel explores racial identity through a mixed-race relationship.

They want their share of the ethnic pie.