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Novel explores racial identity through a mixed-race relationship.

They want their share of the ethnic pie.

“NBCBLK covers stories by, for and about the black community.”

Young whites who think they are “really” something else.

Ethiopian wore a latex mask that made him look white.

Charlie Rangel was indifferent to dead white soldiers.

Now, an “Annie” who isn’t black is an insult.

But Sony thinks he should be.

Researchers claim virtual reality can reduce racial bias.

Japanese were getting epicanthic fold surgery in the 1800s.

The One-Way Conversation


The Whiteness Project and the silent minority.


People want to see their race in their emoticons.

“Marry out; stay out.”

Why Do We Vote as We Do?


“Conservative” and “liberal” explain very little.

Review by Thomas Jackson

Insightful reflections on a 30-year friendship with a black man.

“My heart beats with the African and Caribbean blood of my ancestors.”

This is true for Hispanics and Asians.

Before diversity, there were no gangs.

No legislation requires this.

Blacks want to stop thinking of Jesus as white.

Victim is picked on for being light skinned.

He calls black Highway Patrol Captain “my brother.”

Columnist says black students need black teachers.

Ferguson Forever


Diversity set Ferguson on fire.


Dark-skinned Nigerian defends skin lightening.

Department to receive diversity training.

Plastic surgery for non-whites increasing much more rapidly than for whites.

The Central Park Jogger: The Trayvon Martin of Her Time


Blacks and whites were divided then, divided now.


Only non-whites can teach non-whites about being non-white.

Doctors at fertility clinic say mixed-race children will have trouble with racial identity.

Nelson Mandela Park Public School enjoy stories like Chocolate Me and I Like Myself.

Brave New Dead World


Identity is our destiny.


America in 2034


The Howard Beale theory of history.


Researchers say resource scarcity influences our views on race.

“Kenya’s Kim Kardashian” has spent $170,000 on skin-lightening treatments.

“The whole point of ethnic studies is American at its core.”

He is happy with his new, slanted eyes and black hair.

It’s Asians, not whites, who are over-represented at Google.

13 of the past 17 winners have been Indians.

Company cannot adjust its product lineup without being accused of racism.

Preferring your own kind is not “hate.”

Hispanics account for most of the switches.

He said Thomas “doesn’t like black people, he doesn’t like being black.”

And their most common “race” is “Mexican.”

Teach your children about diversity in Roman Britain.

They’re obsessed with American hip-hop.

White babies prefer other white babies.

Most whites and Hispanics consider him “mixed-race.”

. . . once they move out to the white suburbs.

Blacks don’t like blacks who have white friends.