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They’re obsessed with American hip-hop.

White babies prefer other white babies.

Most whites and Hispanics consider him “mixed-race.”

. . . once they move out to the white suburbs.

Blacks don’t like blacks who have white friends.

Study says when whites play violent games as blacks they view blacks as more violent.

More black self-absorption.

Mulatto and quadroon are definitely out.

Online marketplace hopes to help blacks buy from other blacks.

The AmRen “Race Card Project”


What can you say about race in just six words?


Salon editor says 2013 was the year of “white grievance mongering.”

More than half of respondents prefer “nigga” to “African-American.”

Blacks prefer a black Santa.

She was responding to the view that Santa Claus “should not be a white man anymore.”

The solution is more black judges.

A Meaningless “Hate Crimes” Report


DOJ report for 2012 is utterly unreliable.


Registered Sex Offenders, Special to AR News

Public records get one detail wrong.

“We Are at the End of Something”


A conversation with Alain de Benoist.

Interview with Alain de Benoist

It’s unlikely: few white Americans have black ancestry and the ones who do have very little.

“The man with the black wife” got 96 percent of the black vote.

There are many ways to play the race game.

“Can you run a corporation or fly a plane with this?”

Teaching Hispanics racial pride boosted high school graduation rates.

77 percent of Nigerian women use risky skin bleaching cosmetics.

“Non-Nordic” was a “diagnosis.”

Some claim it is because her skin is too dark.

He says “we are going to have to kill a lot of whites.”

Indians spend over $400 million on skin-whitening cream.

You must become a better white person so blacks will want to be your friends.

There is probably more to it than this article suggests.

Black woman doesn’t agonize over having no white friends.

“Latino” reality show star is too white for critics.

They think they have to give up their “blackness” to fit in.

Some blacks see it as white intrusion into a black conversation.

Says the case’s outcome could have been different if Trayvon was white.

She’s better on TV than on the witness stand.

“This is the new Jim Crow realized.”

Is this unhinged columnist calling for violence?

Apparently Zimmerman was infected by “the logic of white supremacy.”

Even if charges are not filed, he says it’s another opportunity for “honest” dialogue.

Blackness Trumps Fairness, American Thinker

Even if charges are not filed, he says it’s another opportunity for “honest” dialogue.

The “white mans [sic] justice system” lets them down.

Regardless of what the jury decides, the media has found Zimmerman guilty.

Should it go the way of “Mongoloid” and “Negroid”?

Long overdue. Let’s hope they track Hispanic hate crimes as well.

There’s a “racial empathy gap.”

White child: $35,000. Mulatto: $25,000. Black child: $18,000.

Blacks never regret expressing racial solidarity.

“Thomas will forever be remembered for his role in setting civil rights back.”

His lawyer says he was doing “charity work.”