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Never NeverTrump, National Review

National Review says its favored Republican candidates were “cuckolded.”

An Interview with Decius, American Greatness

The author of “The Flight 93 Election” gets a lot of things right.

There is a 37-point gap between Republicans and Democrats on the issue.

The press has decided that Trump is unfit even to be covered objectively.

British TV cannot face facts.

Hillary Clinton and the Alt Right


Hillary Clinton tries to tie the “Alt Right” to Donald Trump.


Trump and the Campaign of Hate


Never have the media so openly paraded their biases.


Former NYT staffer says the media’s standards and reputation may never recover.

CNN can’t handle the truth.

Trump and the “Atmosphere of Hate”


How liberals might yet save democracy.


Coverage of the Trump campaign has become “inseparable . . . from attempts to tear it down.”

The Media Deceive Us. Should We Deceive Them?


The more foolish they look, the less power they have.


They claim the censorship is to prevent “posthumous glorification.”

Surprisingly straight talk from National Review.

Even 51 percent of blacks understand that.

Who’s Pulling the Trigger?, Special to AR News

Chicago thinks it has “gun problem” rather than a race problem.

VICE finally reports on the AR conference.

BBC labels the positions “trainee schemes” to avoid discrimination laws.

When called out, the response is always, “Glitch. Mistake. Sorry.”

Program is run by a government-funded charity.

Media have yet to issue corrections.

Katie Hopkins on the anti-immigration protests in Brussels and anarcho-tyranny.

Super Tuesday Preview–#MAGA vs. #NeverTrump


Will a media onslaught stump Trump?


No matter how carefully you explain things to the Times, you are always a “white supremacist.”

Facebook must “clean up this quagmire of sexism [and] racism.”

Jared Taylor interviewed on CNN.

News must be “to Ms. Merkel’s liking.”

He made up the idea that Dylann Roof acted out of revenge for a losing a girlfriend to a black man.

No more comments at The Guardian on articles about race, immigration, or Islam.

“When it comes to immigration, Fox News is indistinguishable from George Soros.”

Jared Taylor tries to explain basic concepts to a liberal journalist.

NPR never talks about black crime–even when it hits close to home.

Heather Mac Donald shows that the “Ferguson effect” is real.

The important thing is to rely on one “expert” with shoddy research.

“The media use their own lack of coverage as proof that mass murder by non-whites almost never happens.”

On some Eskimo stories, the CBC deletes over 50 percent of comments.

Report neglects to mention that blacks attacked the white shooters first.

They used old data to draw conclusions about current trends.

Seven percent of journalists identify as Republicans; 28 percent say they’re Democrats.

Invincible Ignorance at NBC, Special to AR News

African journalists are much more open-minded.

A Whiter Shade of Candidate, Slate Star Codex

Media fail to notice Bernie Sanders’ monochromatic support.

Newspaper wants Facebook comments prosecuted.

Europeans close their eyes to “migrant” sex crimes.​

The media refuse to mention mass shooters’ mental illnesses.

The reality is much different.

Media Lies About the “Refugee” Crisis


Polish media slanted reports on “migrant” demonstrations.


Media appear to have gotten it all wrong.

Jared Taylor’s reply to the magazine’s article on Trump and white nationalism.

Hispanic media care only about the 11 million illegals.

‘Black and Unarmed’, National Review

Washington Post continues to slant the news.