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Perhaps they’re catering to their audience.

News site commenters in Louisville give the information journalists won’t.

Perp description: “Red hair” doesn’t make you a redhead.

Not likely.

A self-examination that would be unlikely in the US.

Author manages a few glimmers of insight.

The firebrand host once had the gall to praise Jared Taylor.

Former exec admits BBC censored the debate for fear of provoking “racism.”

The frame-up of George Zimmerman tops the list.

Will new anti-anonymity policies intimidate commenters?

Bring along a white to throw off the security guards.

Statistics and Other Taboos, Wall Street Journal

Liberals want to limit the “conversations” about race in comments sections.

Liberals and the Knockout Game


For once, they’re right.


The ad was full of statistics about immigration.

Liberals actually admit that blacks are violent.

Black author: New York Times acts as a PR firm for blacks.

Heroic efforts to deny reality.

A few commentators are even noticing race.

A Somali journalist exposed Al-Shabab affiliates in Sweden and was hounded by her colleagues.

Psychologists say just owning a gun may make someone more “racist.”

Black advertising employee says he was treated in a demeaning manner.

Says “Sharpton was never really held accountable for what he did.”

Big media is silent on black nationalist takeover.

AFP labels Golden Dawn “neo-Nazi.”

The media won’t press Obama on the failure of federal preschool programs.

Black columnist points out the color of violent crime.

Those Who Must Not Be Named


Erasing the race of criminals.


Glenn Beck reports on the murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.

Jason Richwine explains experts’ consensus on IQ–and why the media ignore it.

BBC tries to explain away Islamist motives.

Reporter asks how the club will be different from the Ku Klux Klan.

ABC edited non-white juror’s comments.

Unsung Black People, Ann Coulter

There are blacks who tell the truth, but the media never tell us about them.

“Racist” white woman was actually a Martin supporter.

No evidence was found of Zimmerman’s supposed racial animus.

The company edited the 911 call to make him sound “racist.”

Rev. Al has a talent for mobilizing over farcical cases.

Zimmerman Not Guilty


Plenty of reasons not to celebrate.


What would have happened if Martin and Zimmerman’s races were reversed? We have some idea . . .

Regardless of what the jury decides, the media has found Zimmerman guilty.

Chris Weidman Knocks Out Anderson Silva


Underdog becomes middleweight champion.


Nicholas Stix has watched the whole trial so far. This is his report.

The leading name in news is afraid of offending immigrants.

Whites aren’t supposed to enjoy the company of their own.

Sensible liberal; crazy conservative.

He isn’t the “white supremacist” the media hoped for.

When it comes to illegal immigration, we’re supposed to sympathize with criminals.

It defended false hate crimes and invited black nationalists to speak on campus.

They love that word “supremacist.”

The Hate List, Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy magazine discovers the SPLC’s biases.