Posted on May 19, 2022

The Post-Truth Era

D.F. Mulder, American Renaissance, May 19, 2022

America has reached Soviet levels of delusion and absurdity. The official lines on the most important subjects of our time are not just inconsistent with reality, they are complete inversions.

Last week, NPR published an article called “Has Tucker Carlson created the most racist show in the history of cable news?” It is almost funny in its mendacity. Tucker Carlson carefully avoids anything racist. He denounces racism and insists that he judges individuals by their character.

But can we say the same about America’s ruling class? It tells white elementary-school children to hate themselves, their race, and their own history. Its members believe racial discrimination is necessary and good — is in fact “anti-racist.” They believe white people are ineluctably racist, ensnared in a culture of whiteness. They want whites to kneel before non-whites for the crime of existing. Whites must denounce themselves or they are doing violence to black and brown bodies through silence. They call themselves “anti-racists,” but are anti-white zealots. And they claim Tucker Carlson’s non-racism is racism.

A George Floyd protest in East Lansing, MI White Silence is White Violence

A George Floyd protest in East Lansing, MI. (Credit Image: Guettarda via Wikimedia)

The regime opposes Mr. Carlson, not because he is a “racist,” but because he thwarts their plans. It cannot show that he has said anything probably untrue. Truth doesn’t matter to them. Many in the media call “replacement theory” a conspiracy theory, even as they acknowledge it and celebrate replacement of whites.

The power structure’s opposition to Mr. Carlson is not about truth. It is about the effects of his words, which might inspire young whites to resist replacement rather than disappearing quietly.

Something else we often hear is that critical race theory is “just teaching American history.” Like all “critical theories,” it tells American history through the lens of the relentless exploitation of non-whites by white oppressors. It is a myth, but a popular one, on the Left. White people are uniquely evil and continue to oppress us all. That is not “just teaching history.”

CRT is not taught in all of America’s schools, but the Left claims it is not taught anywhere. It makes this claim even as it complains that legislatures are banning the theory. Why oppose a ban on something you are not doing?

Whenever it even acknowledges black-on-white racial violence, the Left considers it mostly, if not fully, justified. If white people oppress you, rage is justified. But white people are not oppressing anyone. White supremacy was a spent force a century ago. The power structure is not only not white supremacist today, it is anti-white.

White victims of black violence never get the sympathy black victims of white violence get. Black perpetrators never get the infamy or odium white perpetrators get. Media and police ignore or downplay the racial motivation of black criminals. A truly “white supremacist” nation would do the opposite.

In America, either you believe brazen nonsense, or you are a dangerous radical. The ruling class peddles a complete inversion of the truth, and silences anyone who props the truth back up.

Anyone with any virtue will resist. Some will protest with money, others with pens, and still others — alas, but inevitably — with guns. Resistance is inevitable. Just reading this article is an act of resistance. Every intelligent person seems to know something is horribly wrong. How much nonsense and abuse can a people tolerate?

But change will be slow. If you can convince persecuted people that they are actually on top, they will not try to rise up. Domestic abusers often say ridiculous things to manipulate their victims — because it works. The masses will not save us. It’s up to us.