Posted on April 22, 2022

Black Crime: Why Our Rulers Hide it.

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, April 22, 2022

The absurd excuses the media give for not telling you the perp was black.

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The week began with this headline: “More than 90 shots were fired at a party in Pittsburgh, killing two teens and injuring several others. Here’s what we know.”

What did we know? Besides two dead 17-year-old boys, eight other people were shot but survived. About 200 people were at the party, most of them underage. They were on the second floor, and five people got hurt jumping out the windows. Some broke bones.

What didn’t we know? Apparently, we had no idea of the race of anyone involved. But there were hints. More than 90 rounds fired and only 10 people hit sounds like a mass shooting by blacks. Also, a photo taken the next day, shows a shoe left behind when a party-goer hot-footed it out of there.

I don’t think many white people wear shoes like that to a party.

Another clue. The party was at an Airbnb rental. It is well known that people who rent Airbnbs, throw huge parties, and wreck the joint are likely to be black.

I read just about every article on this shooting — which has already faded from the news — and not one mentioned race. I found an advertisement for the party.

And here is a photo of one of the boys who was killed.

It’s pretty clear that this little drama had an all-black cast, and the suspects — still are large — are black, but the media aren’t telling. This is an official rule for journalists, as the Cleveland Plain Dealer explained in an article called “The complex issue of identifying suspects by race.”

The author did admit that most people want to the know race of the perp, including, as he noted, a black lady friend whose first reaction to news of a violent crime is, “Please don’t let the person who did it be black.” The author writes that newspapers used to mention race all the time. He cited a 1970 headline, “Policeman Slain Arresting a Negro,” but quickly added, “Nobody I want to be associated with” wants that kind of reporting. But what about the black lady? She wants to know.

Too bad. The Cleveland Plain Dealer follows a rule that is nearly universal: Mention race only if it “is relevant to the news, an integral part of the story, and necessary to the reader’s understanding.”

And so, there was an Airbnb party for 200 people, with guests leaping out of second-floor windows as they were sprayed with nearly 100 rounds, but race is not relevant, not integral, and not necessary to understand the story. We’re supposed to believe that this party could just as easily have been a Young Republicans clam bake or the Wong family reunion. No. Without race, without black people, this story is incomprehensible. Race is the central element; without it, nothing makes sense.

And that’s why the papers leave it out. They don’t want to embarrass the black lady. Or, to use official parlance, to “perpetuate stereotypes.”

Here’s the explanation. “Why the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch doesn’t always identify suspects by race.”

The answer? It can contribute to “stereotypes about one group or another.” I wonder which group. That’s why the Illinois “News-Gazette stopped publishing mugshots through its online portal.”

As it explained, they “can lead to negative stereotypes and discrimination.”

In California, it’s illegal. “New state law prohibits law enforcement from posting mugshots on social media.”

Mugshots might “perpetuate racial stereotypes, overstating the propensity of communities of color to commit crimes.” Mugshots doesn’t overstate anything. They reflect reality. And reality is what our rulers want to hide.

The crowning absurdity is refusing to mention the race of dangerous suspects on the loose. Back to the article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. It says it has to decide whether including race will really help identify the perp or will only “feed racial fear or hatred.” It says it once got this description from the police: “Two black males, 17-21 years of age, one wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and black pants, the other wearing all black.” It says that’s not enough to ID the perps. I think it might be all you need. But the paper says mentioning race will just “feed racial fear and hatred,” so it published the description but left race out! Why even publish that? Everyone knows they’re just covering up race.

The University of Illinois, Chicago, puts out a safety advisory if there is a criminal on the loose on campus. It’s to warn the students. But last year it announced it would stop mentioning race. As it explained, “The decision is a proactive progressive measure balancing public safety with the potential negative perpetuation of stereotypes.” That means there could be a deranged killer roaming the halls, but we’re not going to tell you he’s black, because we have to balance public safety with perpetuating stereotypes, so to hell with public safety. The notice concluded: “Our goal is to make everyone feel welcomed and safe on the UIC campus.”

Even deranged killers, I guess, so long as they’re black.

Believe it or not, some people are so determined not to mention race that they insist it doesn’t help identify people. Back to the Post-Dispatch. It says “designating a person as white or black, or some other racial classification, does not provide information, necessarily, on what the person looks like.”

How can they believe that?

If they do, they are only following the science. Here’s a fancy publication called Personnel Assessment and Decisions. The article is called “The Impact of Suspect Descriptions in University Crime Reports on Racial Bias.”

Uh, oh. Racial bias. This article says, “racial descriptors may lead individuals to unnecessarily focus on race, missing other descriptors that would help identify the suspect.”

It adds that “it is important to consider what other identifiers can be included instead of race. Race is a socially constructed category . . . .”

And that is why saying that this guy is black would not help us identify him at all and would just provoke fear and bias.

People spout the craziest stuff to justify not reporting the race of criminals. They just want to hide the truth.

The Washington Free Beacon looked into this. “Yes, the Media Bury the Race of Murderers — If They’re Not White.”

It starts with Frank James, who recently shot 10 people in a subway car in Brooklyn. The article notes that although this guy is an open black supremacist, the New York Times’s 2,000-word article about him said nothing about race. Reuters never mentioned race either.

The Free Beacon did a study of 1,100 articles about murder cases from the prestige press between 2019 and 2021. As you can see from this graph, articles mentioned a white murderer’s race 23 percent of the time, a Hispanic’s ethnicity 3 percent of the time, and a black murderer’s race 6 percent of the time.

Furthermore, when an article included the race of perp, in half the articles about whites, race came up within the first 15 percent of the article, whereas when a black murder’s race comes it, it is overwhelmingly toward the end.

This graph gives the details.

The red bars show when the article used the word “black.” The most common point was 70 percent into the article, and often even later. Look at the blue lines. The word “white” shows up in the first 10 or 20 percent of the article.

So, the papers mention a white murderer’s race four times more often than a black murderer’s race, and put it in lights early in the article.

Our rulers clearly don’t want you to know about black crime. They would slit their wrists before they told you that blacks are 13 percent of the population but commit nearly 60 percent of the murders. Or that in New York City, blacks are 30.9 times more likely than whites to be arrested for murder or that, over on the right, they are 98.4 times more likely to be arrested for a shooting offense. You can see that Hispanic crime rates are high, too.

Why do they hide the truth? They would probably say they don’t want to fuel white racism. Facts aren’t racism. Men commit more crime than women. That’s not “sexism,” and no one hides the facts.

But race is different. Race is always different. Our rulers constantly hide the truth — about IQ, crime, mental illness, drug addiction, genetic differences.

Hiding the truth is an essential part of this colossal fraud of pretending that this multi-racial society is going to work and — worst of all — that if it isn’t working it’s *our* fault. We’re supposed to believe that blacks and Guatemalans and Muslims would be just like us if only we would be nice to them.

You can’t build a nation by hiding the truth. You destroy a nation by hiding the truth. And that is exactly what’s happening to the United States.