Posted on April 22, 2022

Verified Hate: Woe to the Conquered

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, April 22, 2022

Not long ago, I wrote about the Washington Post’s plan to treat America like a conquered nation. The precedent would be Germany after World War II. The current regime in Germany (I refuse to call it a German regime) teaches its people to be ashamed, spies on the Alternative for Germany party, and regulates political speech. Instead of a warning, many see this as an inspiration.

This is how you treat a conquered country. And America? With Critical Race Theory taught in many government schools, I’d suggest abandoning American triumphalism about “these colors don’t run.” They already did.

This is a very sad story.

An American dying while trying to save invaders is an uncomfortably apt metaphor for the last few decades.

This interview with an Iranian general has gained attention on Twitter. It is from an interview translated last month.

Whether the Islamic Republic of Iran endures or collapses, in 100 years, there will still be an Iranian people. The same may not be true of Western peoples.

You probably won’t be surprised: David French is telling conservatives that their principles prevent them from acting in their interests.

Unless Mr. French supports repealing the Civil Rights Act of 1965, which abolished freedom of association and destroyed constitutional rights, you can ignore his appeals to our freedoms.

There’s a new push to control information.

Here are two delicious tweets from Hillary Clinton.

The Digital Services Act would give “trusted flaggers” new powers and help governments censor their people. The most widespread and destructive misinformation may be modern racial orthodoxy.

More black violence:

It’s the story of “John and Jane,” a couple who want to remain anonymous. John set up a basketball hoop for neighborhood children to use. He let them use it until it was bedtime for his children. When he asked them to stop, several “attacked the husband and left him knocked out in the alley with a broken jaw, missing teeth and more injuries.” One recorded the attack and then calmly walked away. We don’t find out the race of the attackers until Jane says, “The last thing we wanted to do was to call the police on four Black kids playing basketball in an alley.” She was right to be cautious, and to stay anonymous. She could be considered racist. The police — who have no leads — told the couple they “shouldn’t have spoken to the teens.”

A new rationalization for reparations just dropped:

Get ready to pay $500,000 to every black family.

I’m not sure about these tattoos, but the meme that whites didn’t know how to bathe until non-whites showed them is still powerful:

One man dares to ask.

Maybe they just want to help. Blacks have mixed feelings about it.

Just another day in America.

He also allegedly bit and punched police. If they had shot him, he might be a new civil rights hero.

An interesting choice by the Associated Press to portray people fleeing Ukraine in February.

Speaking of Ukraine, here’s one view of a black former MSNBC contributor who joined Ukraine’s “Foreign Legion.”

The penny is racist:

What white people would agree to be cast in this?

Yes, it’s a real ad.

A verified account (with an OnlyFans, God help us) is confused:

Knowledge is good, not “gross.”

It doesn’t take much to be a Nazi or, at least, a “quasi-Nazi.”

As you know, even math is racist:

Equity will lead to bad results for whites:

Here is a message for whites:

Welcome to the party, everyone. Those “racialized” people can sure be annoying.

Let us end on a sign of hope.

And remember, all sides can tear down monuments.