Posted on November 17, 2023

‘Fact Check’ Is Political Bias

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, November 17, 2023

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American Renaissance sticks to the facts: reason, evidence, and logic. Sometimes, it can be difficult to avoid indignation or even anger; we’re in a fight for our people. Nonetheless, our role is to convince, not to berate.

A moderate tone doesn’t seem to do us much good — it may even do the opposite. Perhaps no other organization is deplatformed so systematically. Even though Elon Musk is making headlines for challenging anti-white hatred, both Jared Taylor and American Renaissance are banned from X despite repeated appeals.

The explanation may simply be that we are openly pro-white. If a New York times columnist says the same thing I do, it will be taken seriously, whereas what I say can’t be presented in polite company. Part of the problem is “fact checkers” who claim to expose “misinformation.” “Experts” decide what we are allowed to say, see, and hear.

One such group is “Media Bias/Fact Check,” which calls itself “the most comprehensive media bias resource on the internet” and tells its readers “don’t be fooled by questionable sources.” It boasts of its independence and says its mission is merely to “educate the public.” It “employs a series of objective indicators to approximate” an objective analysis of bias.

It calls American Renaissance a “questionable source” because of “Extreme Right-Wing Bias, promotion of propaganda and conspiracy theories, and being labeled a hate group by numerous sources.” The ADL is no doubt one such source, even though American Renaissance (seemingly alone) has shown its “extremist-linked violence” reports to be tendentious rubbish. Almost all of the stories posted on our website each day are links to mainstream media stories, which means that if we are promoting “fake news,” it must be big media’s fault.

“Media Bias/Fact Check,” includes a “detailed report” that claims the association between race and IQ has been “debunked.” It says we believe in the “Replacement conspiracy.” We also use “emotional language that portrays African Americans negatively.” (No. We use facts.)

Naturally, other publications get much more lenient treatment. Despite Rolling Stone’s disgrace when it published a discredited story about a supposed rape at the University of Virginia, it is rated “high” for “factual reporting.” The ADL is merely “center-left” with “high credibility.” The SPLC also has “high” factual reporting and the report says “although they have mischaracterized some groups and individuals, they ultimately apologized, acknowledged their error, and made appropriate corrections.” “Hate groups and the far-right often criticize the SPLC as being extremely left-biased,” Media Bias/Fact Check says. “This is not accurate. The SPLC applies a methodology to their designations that are consistent no matter what side (left or right) the groups are on.”

Media Bias/Fact Check is another example of “experts” laundering bias though supposedly impartial institutions. Anyone can create a subjective “methodology” that declares your political opponents biased and your friends truth-tellers.

The solution is free speech so that reasonable people can make up their own minds. That is exactly what experts in “misinformation” don’t want.