Posted on May 6, 2021

Stirrings in the ‘White Community’?

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, May 6, 2021

What it takes to wake up ordinary whites.

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There are stirrings in the white community. The white community? Yes, we finally seem to have one, as ordinary folks begin to wake up to just what race means in this country. The spark has been Critical Race Theory. This is the idea that all white people – and especially white men – are inherent oppressors, and that we make life miserable for everyone else, whether we want to or not. Our ancestors set up an implacably white supremacist system that lathers us with privilege from the moment we are born. Therefore, it is our moral duty to spend our lives tearing down this system. But no matter how hard we try, we will never be innocent of racism because – we’re white.

People didn’t pay much attention while this nonsense was cooked up in universities, but people get annoyed when it gets pumped into their children’s classrooms. In Cupertino, California, third graders had to rank themselves on “which parts of their identities held power and privilege.” At the top, of course was the trump card – being white – but being “cisgendered” is right up there. Third graders are supposed to know that you are an oppressor if you were born a boy and still think you’re one.

Last year, TV personality Megyn Kelly helped get the ball rolling when she pulled her sons from a “woke” Upper West Side school after it posted an anti-white letter to parents. It said things like: “There is a killer cop sitting in every school where white children learn.” It also said, “I am tired of white people reveling in their state-sanctioned depravity, snuffing out black life with no consequences.” This was at the Collegiate School in Manhattan, which charges $56,000 a year.

There is now a “growing underground network of parents fighting “anti-racism” in New York City. This guy, Harvey Goldman, was shelling out $43,000 a year to the Heschel School in Manhattan until he learned it was teaching his daughter that *all white people* have “white privilege.” As he wrote: “Suggesting I do is insulting. Suggesting to my 9-year-old child she does is child abuse, not education.”

Parents at the Brearley School in Manhattan – $54,000 a year – went into revolt when they learned you had to sign an anti-racism pledge just to apply. They had to agree to take anti-racist training and spend their days in “ongoing reflection” if their child were admitted.

Even lefties are sick of this. Maud Maron is a public defender with children in New York public schools. She says, Critical Race theory is “a really divisive, ugly orthodoxy and it’s a multi-million-dollar industry as well.” She adds, “It’s also very insidious because on the face of it, who wouldn’t want to sign up to be less racist?”

But the biggest victory on this front was just last Saturday in Southlake, Texas, where whites won a clean sweep in local elections on a single issue: fighting Critical Race Theory. Southlake, just northwest of Dallas, has a school district that got caught up in hysteria over George Floyd, and issued what it called a “Cultural Competence Action Plan.” It was 34 pages of the usual waffle. It used the word “diversity 104 times, Parents immediately set up the Southlake Families PAC to fight it. They poured into school board meetings to denounce “diversity police” and discrimination against white children. Even more important, they ran candidates for two open school board seats, two city council seats, and the mayor’s office.

Of course, they got the usual treatment. Some pop tart named Demi Lovato, whose opinions apparently matter to someone, raged that “Parents in Southlake, TX are literally fighting to uphold white supremacy.” The local Democrat Party called all five candidates “racists.” Well, every one of the racists won, with a crushing 70 percent or so of the vote. That was the end of the road for Critical Race Theory at Southlake – and it shows what “the community” can do with a little organization.

There has been a similar fight in Loudoun County, Virginia, which is the richest county in the country, with a median household income of $142,000 a year. Parents got angry when schools starting warning that Dr. Seuss books had dangerous racial messages and when they learned that the district had dropped half a million dollars on a diversity consulting bunch called “Equity Collaborative.” It claims it can “create educational equity and social justice by addressing bias and oppression.” Parents – and teachers – didn’t think there was half a million dollars worth of bias and oppression in the schools. Monica Hill, who teachers AP Government said, “We’re told that we’re living in a county that’s suffering from systemic racism and I think that that whole notion has done nothing but damage our community and our school.” But some teachers were all for anti-racist propaganda. Last month, Andrea Weiskopf, attended a meeting wearing a Black Students Matter shirt, and complained that parents who don’t want Critical Race Theory have “put their racism on display.” She was talking about a group called PACT, or Parents Against Critical Theory, which has started a recall campaign against anyone who supports CRT.

The anti-racism fanatics drew up an enemies list and promised to “silence the opposition” – that is, parents who don’t want their children indoctrinated. The CRT boosters put out a call for hackers to shut down the PACT website, expose the people behind it, and drag them through the mud. The people who oppose Critical Race Theory call these maniacs the Chardonnay Antifa – a pretty good name – and have officially complained to the Loudoun County Sheriff’s office.

The Battle of Loudoun is not yet over, but whites are putting up a terrific fight.

State legislatures are battling this nonsense. Idaho has passed a law to ban Critical Race Theory in public schools, and prospects look good for similar laws in Iowa, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, and West Virginia. On May 5th, the Tennessee statehouse voted to ban public schools from teaching Critical Race Theory. Every black voted against the ban. They want anti-white propaganda in schools.

I have always said that as the left made ever-more outrageous demands on whites, it would wake people up. Critical Race Theory is finally pushing ordinary whites over the edge. And what happens when they object to being called inherently racist? They’re called inherently white supremacist. This should wake them up even more – and send them our way.

But whites can’t stop at defensive action. We have to assert *our* rights, make *our* demands, defend *our* heritage. There is no compromise with people who want to abolish whiteness. Angry whites may beat them down for now, but they’ll be back. There is only one solution. To be separate from, beyond the reach, and fortified against these people.

Only then, can we be sure our people have a future.