Posted on May 17, 2019

The Racial Crime Double Standard That Refuses to Go Away

Edward Saunders, Republic Standard, May 15, 2019

A few weeks ago in Britain, we had to endure the first ever ‘Stephen Lawrence Day’, which commemorates the murder of the black man who was murdered by a gang of whites in 1993. The crime has become somewhat of a meme in my country, which the political establishment has used to push anti-white narratives onto the native white British population. The fact that Stephen was a well-known school bully and drug dealer is of course not allowed to be mentioned in the media, nor is the fact that his mother gained a peerage in the Houses of Parliament despite having no qualification for public office.

Repeated inquiries into his death and into alleged institutionalized racism in the police have been in and out of the TV news schedules for two decades now, and the newspapers have responded to these reports by tripping over themselves to prove how not racist they are. The entire Stephen Lawrence saga has been absolutely baffling, especially when considering the reality of what is actually going on in Britain right now. The actual scandal in my country is the plague of non-white crime which is steadily turning our cities into no-go areas. There is no special day for the victims of these crimes because the victims are white.

Consider the Asian grooming gang scandals for example, where thousands of white girls were raped, tortured and pimped out right across the country. The figures are simply staggering, and I have listed (some!) of the towns and the estimated number of victims below:

Rotherham: 1500 girls         Oxford: 300 girls

Telford: 1000 girls               Rochdale: 350 girls

Newcastle: 250 girls

Sources: Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Daily Telegraph, The Sun, The Guardian

Was there a national day for these victims? Of course not — they were white — and the complete opposite happened. Not only did the mainstream media cover up the abuse for over a decade, but the police actually arrested a father of one of the victims when he tried to rescue his own daughter.

Then there are the individual cases which are so horrific that it is hard to believe such evil could occur. I’ve listed several below:

Charlene Downes — the white girl who was raped, murdered, decapitated and turned into kebab meat at an Asian takeaway. Source: Manchester Evening News

Kriss Donald – the white boy who was kidnapped and stabbed multiple times before being doused in petrol. He was slowly burned alive as he bled to death from his injuries. His murderers were a local Pakistani gang. Source: Evening Times

Lucy Lowe – a blonde Telford grooming gang victim who was burned alive in her own home alongside her sister and mother. Lucy had fallen pregnant with her Asian rapist’s baby, and the rapist decided to get rid of it along with anybody who could reveal his abuse of the girl by setting Lucy’s house on fire.  Sources: Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Birmingham Mail

Now imagine if the victims had been non-white and the perpetrators had been white, the mainstream media would never stop writing and talking about it. The state broadcaster, the BBC, has even admitted on multiple occasions that such a double standard exists, and yet continues to practice this double standard anyway. The power of political correctness – the power to invert reality and make non-whites the primary receiver of protection and undeserved sympathy – is endemic in Britain.

London’s knife crime epidemic, primarily caused by black men murdering each other in gang wars, is another example. Have the black men been blamed for their ruthless, barbaric actions? No, of course not! Instead, local charities have blamed poverty caused by white politicians (even though white areas at the same poverty level rarely experience such violent crimes); whilst the police have blamed white middle-class families for buying drugs from the gangs. The authorities will do anything to avoid blaming the non-white perpetrators because the religion of political correctness simply does not allow it.

What is clear is that wherever there is a non-white minority population in the modern world, the governments are too weak to protect their own people (the white majority), and instead side with the vocal non-white minority, who benefit from ‘hate speech’ legislation, which is designed to protect them from whites complaining about their criminal actions.

With populist-nationalist governments coming to power in Europe, there is a sign of things beginning to change, though the long fight to erase the anti-white double standard surrounding law and order has only just begun. The only way this can be achieved is with the repeal of hate speech laws and the remigration of non-white populations back to their continents of origin. But most importantly, in the future, it must be made certain that the mainstream media, and especially the state broadcaster, do not have the far-left bias that they have had for decades.

If these changes are not implemented, Britain and Europe as a whole face a dark future.