Posted on October 24, 2018

Danish Right-Wingers Want to Stop Immigration from Africa in Hungary’s Footsteps

Mahmud Turkia, AFP, October 22, 2018

The Danish People’s Party wants Denmark out of an agreement it believes undermines the nation’s “social and cultural cohesion.” Denmark’s Immigration Minister, however, defended the agreement, while stressing that the government isn’t in favor of importing more Africans.

The Danish People’s Party (DF) demands that the government suspend Denmark’s participation in the so-called Marrakesh Declaration on immigration from Africa to Europe, Danish Radio reported.

The DF claims the Danish government was far too quick to pull the trigger when, in May of this year, it joined the Marrakesh Declaration, which was signed by 27 EU member states and 28 African countries. The DF is demanding a stop in Denmark’s participation.

Despite the fact that the declaration is not legally binding, the DF demanded a pullout until its exact demands on Denmark’s government are made clear. As part of the resolution, the signatories agreed to work to improve opportunities for young people and children to come to Europe for employment or education. DF foreign rapporteur Martin Henriksen voiced his particular concern over its wording concerning “legal migration and mobility.”

“Firstly, we, the Danish People’s Party don’t really believe this is a fantastic idea. Secondly, this type of immigration affects Denmark’s social and cultural cohesion, and we’re currently having a larger discussion on whether there is any need to further facilitate the import of foreign labor,” Henriksen told Danish Radio.

So far, Hungary has been the only EU country to abstain. As Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijarto put it, the Marrakesh Agreement “can unleash a new wave of immigration.”

By his own admission, Henriksen has no qualms about joining Viktor Orban among the EU dissenters.