Posted on May 18, 2018

Ron Perlman: Trump’s ‘Dismantling of the Obama Legacy’ Proves He’s Racist

Warner Todd Huston, Breitbart, May 17, 2018

Hollywood actor and Hellboy star Ron Perlman has announced a “break” from Twitter and hinted that he feels like the lone anti-President Donald Trump voice speaking “in the wilderness.”

Appearing on Russia Today’s broadcast of the Larry King show this week, Perlman said he feels like a “voice in the wilderness” lately and feels exhausted by Twitter.


“I think that he fundamentally has always been a racist,” Perlman proclaimed. Like many extreme liberals, the actor then insisted that there is “no debate” over his contentions. “I think that his racism is not up for debate. I think that he is using his power to finally unmask all the things that he needed to do in order to be successful in business. Which was his only goal in life was to make money at the expense of anybody that got in his way. There’s no morality to his voracious need to create wealth.”

Neither King nor Perlman, though, noted that as president, Donald Trump has donated every cent of his presidential salary to charity or other governmental initiatives.


“This dismantling of the Obama legacy is so deliberate and so unmasked, and so mean-spirited — no matter how good an idea it was, no matter how bad an idea it was, whether it was a Republican idea, a Democratic idea, a centrist idea — he’s out to make sure that we forgot the first black president, that he never existed,” he exclaimed.


“But most of all,” Perlman said during a Twitter rant on May 5, “I am sick and tired of being a voice in the wilderness; abandoned by our so-called guardians of the constitution who sit by and watch it all burn. Who display cowardice in the face of assault, knowing that all that is sacred is being burned and still do nothing.”

King was somewhat incredulous over the actor’s claim of feeling “alone” in his anti-Trump rage — especially on Twitter. “There’s many voices like yours. Where were you alone?” King asked.

The actor went on to explain that his overwrought emotional state was starting to wear on him. “I began to feel like a drone,” he said of his near hourly anti-Trump tirades. He also felt that his constant stream of hate-filled tweets were having little impact and that he now wants to “keep his powder dry” and only speak when his voice can affect meaningful change.

Perlman concluded his comments about Twitter saying that he can’t “fix this stuff” and noted that all he can do is “point it out, but that’s as far as it can go.” And he also insisted that Twitter itself is just a “self-indulgent” waste of time.


Still, despite the claim that he is taking a break from the social media service, Perlman has continued to tweet and attack Trump and Republicans on the social media platform.


Perlman ended his interview with King saying that he loves to play bad characters that have redeeming qualities and wants roles that have “complexity, nuance, and layers.” But he added that he would not want to play Trump because the president is just flat out evil.