Posted on February 20, 2018

There Are Too Many White People in Székesfehérvár

Baron Bodissey, Gates of Vienna, February 16, 2018

A major Hungarian city submitted a brief video about itself to a European competition, only to be rejected at the entry level because the city was too, well, white. And Christian, too — another point against the city.

CrossWare, who translated the article below, includes this prefatory note:

Székesfehérvár is my hometown, a thousand-year-old city, where the original Royal Court resided. Dozens of kings and queens are buried beneath the city’s cathedral, but it is also a modern town. Many high-tech companies set up shop here; the area is sometimes described as the “Hungarian Silicon Valley”.

Back during the Christmas season Gates of Vienna posted a couple of pictures showing the Fair without any Merkel Legos or machine guns…

This was the video submitted for the competition: “Székesfehérvár Full of Life”

The translated article from

EU Jury: In Székesfehérvár there are too many whites and too few migrants

An EU jury decided to recommend the entries by Győr, Debrecen and Veszprém for the finals of the European Capital of Culture (EKF 2023) project. Among the seven submissions to date, the EU’s “unrelated international experts” rejected the submission of Székesfehérvár’s debut film: “There are too many happy white people and crosses, and not enough migrants”.

Dr. András Cser-Palkovics, the Mayor, gave an extraordinary press conference on Wednesday after hearing of the ECF decision in Budapest.

Regarding the work of the jury, as a member of the delegation, he said that in fact no expert hearing was conducted, but was solely based on daily political issues, and accusations were directed at Székesfehérvár and the delegation.

Speaking about Wednesday’s hearing, Sr. András Cser-Palkovics said that when they presented the promotional film “Székesfehérvár Full of Life” — which can be accessed on YouTube, with over 3,000 visitors — one of the European Union’s experts said with astonishment:

“This is the propaganda film for white Christian Europe; everyone is white, happy and dancing in the streets.”

The mayor also recalled the criticisms made by the film committee about Székesfehérvár:

“They left the poor and the migrants out of the film, but at the same time, there were too many crosses, churches, and what was even worse, the attitude of the city, because they regarded this as a value.”

One member of the Commission, a Belgian politician, objected to the fact that the foundation and identity of the entry was determined by the Greek, Roman and Christian-Jewish cultures.

“Yet this value system provides the European diversity, which makes us proud of Europe, and because of which I say that this hearing was not a European-style hearing. Neither his style nor the content was about what we launched as a movement of the European Capital of Culture,” noted the Mayor, and he announced that he would ask the city’s General Assembly to reject the hearing and to inform the government about the work of the committee.