Posted on July 21, 2017

Muslims Fear Backlash After Minneapolis Cop Shoots Australian Woman

Jim Treacher, Daily Caller, July 18, 2017

Whenever a police officer shoots a civilian under questionable circumstances, one question looms large: How can our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters frame the narrative to advance liberal agenda items? When a white cop shoots a black person, of course that’s racism. When a black cop shoots a black person, then that’s institutionalized racism. But what if it’s a black Muslim cop shooting a white person?


David Chanen and Faiza Mahamud, Minneapolis Star Tribune:

After changing careers to join the Minneapolis Police Department in 2015, Mohamed Noor was lauded by the mayor and his fellow Somalis as a welcome addition to the force.


Meanwhile, some Somali residents who knew the officer are scrambling to understand what happened. Others chose to remain silent, wary that the incident could shed a negative light on the state’s Somali population.

Ah. Yes, this is a promising narrative avenue: “Muslims Fear Backlash.” Sure, it’s pretty messed up that this cop shot this lady for no apparent reason. But do you really want to keep harping on this, if it means promoting bigotry against the real victims in our society? Do you really want people to think you’re a racist?


P.S. Fast work, WaPo:

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