Posted on September 21, 2016

Survey Results By the Numbers

Chris Roberts, American Renaissance, September 21, 2016

Dear American Renaissance Readers,

As promised, here are the results of our survey.


question-threeThe overwhelming majority who selected the “other” category wrote something to the affect of, “You have a great balance.”
chart_q4_160919Again, the “other” category was largely filled with responses such as, “Your current mix is excellent.” I will say, though, that the results to this question are confusing. The top three categories respondents wanted less of: crime, science, and politics, tend to be very popular. Four of our ten most popular posts this month are strictly about crime: “New DOJ Statistics on Race and Violent Crime,” “The Color of Crime,” “The Color of Crime, 2016 Revised Edition,” and “Horrific Fate of South Carolina Teen Who Vanished Seven Years Ago: 17-Year-Old ‘Was Gang-Raped, Shot, and Fed to Alligators.” Another post in the top ten was strictly political: “The Flight 93 Election,” and another was the strictly scientific “Race and Physical Differences.” This is say that 60 percent of AR’s most popular posts from this month fell into one of the three categories that almost 50 percent of our survey respondents want less of.



As I noted in my initial summary of the results last week, there were many responses to the question: “Is there any specific topic you would like American Renaissance to document or write about?” We plan to take all of your suggestions into consideration, but for now, here are some stories we have already published on subjects in which you showed particular interest.

Thanks again to everyone who took the survey!