My Racial Awakening

Jason Daugherty, American Renaissance, July 19, 2012

How two black men helped me see the light.

The following account is entirely factual, but I have left out names and places so as to protect identities.

The Trauma

I am not Christopher Newsome. I am not Stephen Pitcairn. I am not Kevin Kless. But I came just inches from ending up just like all three of them—whites killed by blacks because of the color of our skin. This is the story of my racial awakening.

In the fall of 2006 I was about one week into my junior year of college. I was returning home from a fraternity party with two of my white friends at about 1:45 in the morning. We were heading through the largely white, “safer” part of town that bordered campus. After walking about eight blocks, we were less than a block from my apartment, and exactly one block from school grounds, when I noticed a car idling in the street.

Before I could process what was going on, a young black man hopped out and headed towards the three of us. A larger, darker-skinned man hung back by the idling vehicle. The approaching stranger brandished a gun in our faces while demanding our “(expletive) money.” One of my two friends immediately sprinted down the street and got away unscathed. My other friend emptied his pockets, and I pulled out my new $200 cell phone and handed it to the gunman. I opened up my wallet, and forked over twenty dollars cash, the only currency I had. “Give me your whole (expletive) wallet,” the robber demanded. I complied. The young black guy, gun in hand, turned around and walked briskly back to the car and got in. I was shocked, but thought I was safe. I was wrong.

As his accomplice got into the driver’s seat, the gunman opened the passenger side door and fired four successive shots from about fifteen to twenty feet away before the car sped off. Three of them missed.

I felt a sharp burn rip through my midsection, and as I slumped to the ground all I remember was hearing my friend shriek in a high-pitched voice: “Oh my God! Oh my God! He got shot!” I lost consciousness.

About nine hours later I woke up in a hospital with doctors, my parents, and my sister at my bedside. I was doped up on morphine, and was not in much pain. As I came to, the doctors explained to me that I had undergone surgery to repair the bullet wound. The bullet had ripped through my bladder, but missed all my vital organs. I would survive. The only permanent damage would be a ten-inch surgical scar down the center of my stomach, and a button-sized scar where the bullet had entered. The surgeon had decided to leave the bullet, which was lodged in my left femur, inside my body. It would have been a major risk to attempt extraction, the doctors explained. The bullet remains there to this day.

I spent one week in the hospital, where my parents, sister, cousins, then-girlfriend, and various classmates visited frequently. It rained every day I was there. The school president stopped by several times, as did various detectives from the police department. After some light physical therapy I was released from the hospital with a catheter inside my body.

During my time in the hospital and shortly after my release, the school president, my father, and others put a lot of pressure on me to stay at the college. I agreed to do so, but continued the fall 2006 semester with two courses instead of the usual four. The rest of my junior year was typical of an irresponsible college student—though it had a different purpose for me. I smoked marijuana almost daily, drank heavily a couple times per week, and had sex often. This dulled my emotions, clouded my mind, and delayed my confrontation with the difficult realities I would eventually face.

As the weeks and months rolled by, there was no word of my attackers. A cash reward, which was eventually raised to $25,000, was offered for information leading to an arrest. A couple of leads surfaced, but they hit dead ends. The college and the police seemed to be pursuing the case aggressively, as it was not typical drug-dealer-on-drug-dealer violence. As far as anybody knew, mine was the first known shooting of a student in the two-century history of the university.

I didn’t develop a perspective on race for the first year and a half after I was attacked. Though of course I was aware of the color of the man who shot me, if I thought about it at all I adopted the mentality that my assailant “just happened to be black.” There was only one incident where I seemed to notice race, albeit briefly, and it occurred sometime during the spring of 2007. There was a black student who had shown some interest in the girl I was dating, and that didn’t sit well with me. Driving in the car with her, I noticed him walking across one of the streets onto campus. Struck by a bit of rage, I blurted out a certain racial profanity, and my then-girlfriend quickly let me know that my comment was unacceptable. On reflection, I see that as one minor isolated incident. I still didn’t understand race at all.

In the fall of 2007, I began my senior year with a semester abroad in Paris, France. It was in the City of Lights where I started to take baby-steps toward the truth. In Paris, I didn’t use marijuana frequently. I took frequent walks around the city to see its different sections. One of the last arrondissements (city wards) I explored in Paris was the 20th. I noticed darker faces in this district, and I realized that I certainly didn’t feel as comfortable as I did elsewhere in the city. The 20th was represented in the 1980s by Jean-Marie Le Pen of the Front National, whom I had made the focus of a large research project for one of my classes that semester.

I came back from Paris in December with by far the best GPA of any I had in four years of college. I was shocked when I landed in New York and saw so many obese and overweight people. It occurred to me that I had seen maybe three or four fat people during my entire four-month stay in Western Europe. In America, they were everywhere. While this was not a racial observation, it was a sign that I was beginning to see the world in different ways.

The Awakening

In January of 2008, I plunged back into life on campus for my final semester, and reverted to my old bad habits. Toward the end of the semester, I started carrying a knife when I was on the city streets. But the defining moment that shook my life and led to my racial awakening came from an unlikely source: Michael Moore.

During the 18 months between the shooting and my awakening, I was convinced that the problem was firearms. I grew up in a deep-Blue state where guns were very rare. My family never owned a gun, and I had seen a gun only once in my life before the night I was shot. In the months immediately following the incident, I looked up statistics on gun violence in the U.S., and compared them to the lower rates in Europe. Guns were the problem, I concluded, and if America could just rid itself of these awful weapons, many horror stories like mine could have been avoided.

It was during the first or second week of spring when my then-girlfriend and I ordered the critically-acclaimed Michael Moore documentary Bowling for Columbine on Netflix. I had seen Mr. Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 and since I was a Bush supporter at the time, I gave the movie low marks.

Bowling for Columbine purports to examine the reasons for high levels of American gun violence, and puts much blame on the National Rifle Association. Mr. Moore frequently uses our neighbor Canada for the purpose of comparison.

Canadians own firearms but have rates of gun crime that are substantially lower than ours. Mr. Moore can’t seem to figure out why. He asks various New Yorkers why they think Canada is so safe compared to the USA. One astute young lady replies, “I think there are mostly white people in Canada.” Mr. Moore scoffs at this and claims that he sees “black people everywhere” when he’s in Canada. He proceeds to point out that “13 percent of the country is non-white, so the Canadians are pretty much just like us.”

After the movie, I decided to do some research, and was startled by what I found. Mr. Moore had lied, or had certainly misled his audience. I found out that Canada was 2.6 percent black, while the United States was 12.5 percent black. I found that America was over 30 percent non-white, compared to Canada’s 13 percent. I began to connect the dots.

By the end of that evening, and as a result of some Google searches, I found my way to a website called I read a handful of the articles near the top of the page, as well as some of the comments. I quickly became hooked. My eyes had been opened to a wealth of hidden information, stories, and statistics. But more than that, my entire perspective on life changed that night. With one major jolt, I had completed the transformation into the realm of race realism. Indeed, my life has never been the same since.

My Life as a Race Realist

In the final stages of my racial awakening, a little-known black Senator from Illinois announced he would  run for US President. As Barack Obama’s association with his pastor Jeremiah Wright became national news, I called my father in a panic. He is a devout Republican, and said I shouldn’t worry that Mr. Obama might become president, since his poll numbers had plummeted in the wake of the Jeremiah Wright revelations. We know how that turned out.

For various reasons I spent 2009 in South America. Although I was living in a country with few blacks and a much lower homicide rate than the United States, I was robbed three times and severely beaten once. I was clearly singled out because of my white skin and because of the assumption that I was from the United States. Needless to say, this only strengthened my views on the importance of race. I became certain that race would inform virtually every decision I make in life going forward.

I now live a calculated, careful life because of my beliefs. I am cautious about what I say and who I say it to. At work, I mute my observations in order to keep my job. This is all the more necessary because I work in the same office as a black man. On the streets, I am always on guard.

In my first months as a race realist, I started investigating which US cities were the most dangerous, and which had the highest percentage of blacks. Now, I look at the racial breakdowns of census tracts, and avoid black and Hispanic neighborhoods whenever possible. I pore over homicide maps, police alerts, and city body counts. I work in a city that is half black, and I never go into that part of town. I have a concealed carry permit and I carry my pistol wherever and whenever I can.

I have met and become friends with like-minded white men and women, with whom I can speak my mind. I have learned that everybody has his own story on how he became conscious of race. I met one man who started down the road to race realism because he was beaten by a group of blacks, but he and I are exceptions. The overwhelming majority came to their conclusions through observation, because they were raised that way, or through a combination of both. Though I haven’t met another white racialist who was converted by a black-on-white shooting, I’m sure there are people like that out there, and I would love to find them.

I am fortunate to have a girlfriend who understands my outlook, and though she is not as committed or outspoken as I am, she supports me and rarely takes issue with what I have to say. I also discuss race with my parents, and though I sometimes make them a bit uncomfortable, they are willing to listen.

Like most race realists, I live a life not very different from that of Winston in George Orwell’s 1984. I try to help others see the light. I worry about the safety of my brothers, sister, cousins, parents, grandparents, and friends. I try to use my experience to help them avoid what happened to me. I wonder if they will ever understand, and see the world as I do.

I am not John Sanderson. I am not Marley Lion. I am not Jason Befort. You probably do not know those names, but they were all killed by blacks. I am fortunate to be alive. My white racial identity will always play a major role in my life, and the preservation of the white race is my ultimate goal.

None of this would have happened, had it not been for those two black men who helped me see the truth back in 2006.

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Jason Daugherty
Mr. Daugherty studied history at the University of Cincinnati. He lives in Baltimore County, Maryland, and enjoys golf and hiking.
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  • The Buffalo News ran the following story showing only a photo of the victim and not the assailant. The BN is well known for hiding such racial facts. You have to watch the local news for video of the suspect.

    With sentence for brutal assault, forgiveness from the victim

    Video of suspect:

  • I understand that the University of Cincinnati is in such a bad black part of the city that students at the school can’t even get a pizza delivered to their dorms.

    • Pandemonium

      Perhaps those facts will cause U. of. Cincinnati to become a “hotbed” of White racial awakenings!!  On the other hand,  there may not be  too many White students left at that school. Let’s hope the Whites are gone from that place.

      • Bob

        You should try going to the zoo which is adjacent to U.C’s campus it’s like a war zone, quite the tragedy because it’s a wonderful zoo, I’m always packing on a trip to the zoo.

    • Detroit_WASP

      The University of Detroit is the same way.  Fenced in, guards, lights, and kids still get robbed. 

  • Gereng

    In 1980 while spending a work week at my org’s HQ in New York city, I was returning  from a movie to my hotel  (Tudor Arms) on 42nd street, and I had crossed over from 40th by one of those narrow ally-like cross streets when I noticed am idling car parked across from my side of the street and two black heads inside. They were obviously blacks. Then as walked I also saw that the car was slowly rolling backward along the direction I was walking..then I saw something else the rear car door was not closed. Immediatly, I knew I was being set up for a mugging and I turned and sprinted back the way I came. At once the idling car sped off in the opposite dirction.  I thus escaped them and got safely to the hotel. It was about 10.30 at night.

    A year earlier on the borders of Catholic University in DC my eldest daughter was mugged outside a 7-11 at about 9 PM when she came out of the story carrying a purchase. She was attacked by a black as she unlocked her car. The black was cheered on by a mixed  chorus of blacks at the corner  shouting “kill the white bitch”.  She was saved by a car load of white male students who saw the attack and piled out of thire car and rushed her car and frightened off the black. He stole her watch, a ring and tore her ear lobe getting an earring. It could have been much, much worse if the attacker had not been driven off. 

    These are the only criminal acts every attempted or executed against me and my family in the states.  In all three African countries I worked in in the 80s, I narrowly escaped being murdered by blacks. But those are other tales for another time.

    • Rocky Bass,

       You and I could swap “war stories” for sure. You know, it’s the loved ones I worry most about, as I am not so easy a target. Family, that’s is where these people will hurt us the most, it’s raping the unattended grandmother or careless daughter. My grandmother warned me before her death, many moons ago, that “blacks will shoot you just to see you fall”.

  • pc must go

    Blacks and other non-whites DO NOT HAVE TO BE VIOLENT TO LET THEIR HOSTILITY TOWARDS WHITES/EUROPEANS SHOW…. I have never experienced violence from them (well, some menacing), but loads and loads of UNWARRANTED, UNPROVOKED  hostile comments, disrespectful glares and attitudes and drama-starting, “only whites can be racist” /”whites don’t have a culture”/”blacks invented everything in ancient egypt” and phoney/distorted/left-wing versions of history, double standards galore, a frustrating inability to understand how whites and I personally felt about certain issues, a frustrating inability to admit their cultural group short-comings and statistical realities (despite me throwing them bones on their group’s strength, for example blacks and music, blacks are in such DENIAL  about the stats on race/crime/etc, even most of the bright/decent ones, which is sickening in and of itself), inability to be fair-minded and give whites/europeans credit where credit it do, their general learned and taught creepy jealousy and enmity towards whites. This after I tried to be kind, friendly, tolerant, understanding and go out of my way to respect and understand and befriend them.

    It’s even worse when “friends” of other races behave this way than strangers. Imagine?

    It’s horrifying psychologically waking up and realizing your “friend” (to a lesser or greater extent) views you as THE ENEMY because you are some form of “white”.

    Blacks are generally too dumb to sort through and understand the real history of slavery, america, different white ethnic groups, etc. This is yet another weakness that makes them susceptible to dumbed down/simplistic “whites killed the native americans and enslaved blacks therefore I have a right to hate them/get revenge on them” etc thinking.

    “White liberal”, “I grew up poor too”, different white ethnic group histories and struggles, or even their own self-induced problems like single parenting and out of wedlocking consequences, all of that is lost on blacks…

    They know about “white people’. That’s it.

    • bluffcreek1967

      I think that about sums up Black and White relations in modern America: Whites trying to be kind and respectful toward Blacks, and Blacks (and other ‘minorities’) showing their contempt for Whites every chance they get.

    • Rocky Bass,

      I am NOT RICH, because the honky crackers kept me down.

      Summary modern black thought.

  • pc must go

    I also try to show others the light. I feel I’ve lead this incredible life with so many racial experiences with all of the racial groups to share with others that have made me wise beyond belief, and understand and shed light on things in ways most people can’t. I feel like some sort of reverse anthropologist.  I suffered for those experiences, so they might as well get put to good use… other people might as well learn of them, no matter how un-pretty they may be or sound.

     Because I earn my bread outside the corporate world, I have the luxury of doing so, which impels me even more.

    I see it as my MORAL OBLIGATION not to LIE about my experiences with race in life, unless like at a job or such. 

    I also feel with the impending downfall of Europe and the US, there is no more stalling time left. We have no choice but to stand up and act and work for change NOW. What is more important than the downfall of Western Civilization? What is more important than Europe, our real homeland (like I said, America is indeed up for debate and harder to defend as being euro-based, although I do understand and promote those arguments) being submerged in hostile muslims?

    What’s more important than us being turned into a minority group?


    Oh wait, the economy is already collapsing due to this very demographic  “change”…

    • Sheila Dinehart

      what’s your real name?  I use mine…don’t be afraid… that is the reason the left laughs at so called conservatives or as I now call myself a *racial realist*…actually I am a libereal, always have been…consertives are too slow on their feet…too dull, but the authentic white in this world has a reason for living…IT IS WHAT WE ARE BORN FOR…to stand up and not to defend for I as a race realistI know for a fact I have nothing to defend and resent the notion that someone might think that I need or should defend myself and my heritage…no I don’t defend it nor do I see a need to…I simply stand up for it…I don’t hide behind a phony online name…if your company or boss doesn’t like what you say and dares to intimidate you…sue them…I did.  It was great.

      • MrGJG

         Sorry, but you cannot be a modern liberal and a race realist. Slow and dull indeed.

      • Detroit_WASP

        Opps.  I clicked “like” by mistake.  So subtract one.

        Do you mean to suggest that the average Democrat (union member) has a higher IQ than the average Republician (business owner)?   LOL   Shirley… jest.   I mean, Sheila….you jest. 

        You just exposed yourself as a pseudo intellectual. 

      • bluffcreek1967

        You might be a ‘liberal’ and a ‘race realist’ at the same time, but you need to work on putting your thoughts in a more coherent fashion. Conservatives ‘are too slow on their feet’? Excuse me? We are to ‘stand up and not to defend’? Why shouldn’t we defend our race? Shouldn’t we intellectually answer the multi-cultural agenda and defend our position as race realists?

        Also, AR readers might want to consider that perhaps Sheila,” by urging us to use our real names, is doing so in order to expose individuals for harrassment or reporting purposes, etc. I’m not sure about this, but I would be very cautious. If one wishes to use their real name, that’s their right and I admire their willingness to be open about it. But not all of us can do it yet for personal and professional reasons.  

  • I became racially aware, threw off my programming and became who I am today after reading the link I’m about to post. This is the transcript from the only living survivor of the Wichita Massacre. I stumbled across it purely by accident years ago, because I had never heard of a Wichita Massacre. I wondered why the media would hide such an atrocity. Now, I don’t wonder. In this transcript, the survivor, as she is being raped, tells how one of the attackers’ guns was sitting on the floor by her hand. She did not pick it up. We have become so programmed, that we have given up our instinct to survive. That’s what this is about. It is about power, about programming the mind through manipulation to deaden even the most basic of natural instincts. Here is the link:

    and here is some information on the Wichita Massacre if you have not heard of it:

    Years ago, as I was trying to research information on this crime,  I found myself browsing through forbidden, “racist”, “nazi” sites. I was ashamed at first, and then I came to realize that these sites were the only place to find certain race-related stories. That is how the powers that be want us to feel. They bury stories, and force us to feel ashamed if we try to look where they do not want us to look. Now, I don’t care. I get my news from these “dirty” sites as effortlessly as I read the other news sites. I came across Amren and agreed with what I read and I have been a loyal follower ever since. Before, I was a mild-mannered guy, just trying to get through life. Now, I’m pretty much like Bane.×938.jpg

    such is life


  • alltoohuman

    This guy is only half awake.  He’s gotten wise to racial differences but nowhere does he mention THE REASON why things are the way they are.  The current state of American and the West in general is due to the merciless political agitations of a certain group of people.  Until he realizes this, he’ll still be lost.

  • I would like to read more ‘coming out’ articles.

    I believe many people share our racial views but are often to afraid to share them lest they be condemned by others. These types of personal experiences let people know they’re not crazy and they’re not alone in their views and observations.

    I believe AR would benefit in increased readership by including more of these types of personal stories.    

    • haroldcrews

      Conversion stories are a common and very popular genre of literature in Christian apologetics.  Simply stated it works because it allows people in similar circumstances to relate.  By being able to relate the reader can identify with the storyteller and thus becomes open to the arguments made by the storytelling race realist.

    • Sheila Dinehart

      I think the coming out stories should contain people’s proper name and authentic info…other wise it is just a story isn’t it?  I could tell my story and use all kinds of names and places…if I can find time I think I might.

      • I hope you do. Under “Contact Us” there’s a link to “Send Us a Story”.

        Before you write the story, you may want to contact AR to see if they’re interested.

    • At a meeting, which is not political or race based, I was asked to tell my story. Part of the story was my introduction to Black People, in this case Black Panthers. I was attacked several times and cut only once. I came out of the Army absolutly hating all black people. After the meeting one guy approached me and told me that “I used to hang out with blacks listening to Jazz and never had any problems and some of my friends are black.”  He’d never encountered any of the crazies so “some of my friends are black” means there is no problem and I should be just like him and ignore such things as my brothers black “friend” attempting to rape my sister.  He’s in prison last I heard.
      Many people just don’t want to know the truth.

  • “Not once did I imagine myself becoming a receptacle for a Black man’s rage at the white world… Although I take issue with my brother’s behavior, I am grateful for the experience… this in hand, I feel comfortable speaking for Haitian women…”

    • Actually, I doubt the veracity of the whole story.

      • JohnEngelman

        It matches my own life. I wrote something similar. Jared Taylor considered printing it, but did not. 

  • Den

    My racial awakening was much easier. I got a job as a city bus driver. Within a few weeks I was cured!

    • I use the bus and light rail to commute to work. I too have to experience the ‘joys of diversity’.

      While I’ve never felt threatened by blacks, their boorish behavior in a confined space is maddening.

      Black women on cell phones; the ‘cell yell’. Even with all the posted notices to keep your voice down while on the phone, black women don’t seem to read them or think they apply to them.

      Another pet peeve is blacks opening windows on air conditioned buses. Regardless of how hot it is out side and how cool it is on the bus, blacks will walk through the bus opening windows. One memorable experience involved a black couple who got on the bus. The woman sat down in the air conditioned bus after escaping from the oppressive heat and humidity and announced to all that she was hot so her male companion opened the window for her.

      Blacks sitting seats apart and shouting conversations to each other.

      As I said, I’ve never felt personally threatened by blacks, but when blacks are the majority riders, it’s a chaotic mix of shouting and escalating horse play. Once on a bus, out of nowhere, a fight broke out. I didn’t even see how it started. It just happened spontaneously. One of the guys opened an emergency window and hopped out.

      And regarding Hispanic women. Are they all deaf? The way they shout their conversations in Spanish leads me to believe they are.

      When I see white ‘talking heads’ chiding whites for being intolerant of blacks I know they don’t ride public transportation.

    • EMTs and other first resonders get their eyes opened quick

    • mikejones91

      I think we all have a few “stories” to tell from public transportation

  • David

    I was in a third-world dump when I was called a “white pig” and threatened to be murdered.  So much for learning about “deep cultural and artistic traditions.”

  • BernieGoetzFan

    Excellent article. The greatest service AR provides is letting people describe how they came to reject racial orthodoxy and accept forbidden racial realities.

  • WmarkW

    My awakening was being involved with the employee’s association at work.  This is the organization through which things like Black History Month, Employee Assistance, and the Diversity  program were organized.  Naturally, it attracted a lot of the people who thought their careers had been held back by racism.  It was clear after a little while that racism was the least of their barriers to advancement.

    I also found Bowling for Columbine a seminal experience, in that the mere ability to have an intelligent discussion about race issues was not possible.  (I posted about this a couple of days ago.)

    One caveat:  my wife and I live in a neighborhood of small homes, popular with young families just starting out.  Many of our neighbors are blacks that moved out of dangerous neighborhoods when they had kids.  They have ZERO tolerance for drugs or other ghetto pathologies, and appreciate living among stable whites and Asians whose values they want to emulate instead of deprecate.  I do wish AmRen and AmRenners would devote SOME effort to discussing how race denialism hurts blacks themselves.   Some might appreciate that we at least care about unwed parenthood, STDs, alcoholism, workforce non-participation and drug violence.

    • Who cares how it hurts blacks. Enough white time, resources, and effort are put forth into feeding, housing, medicating, and placating blacks in every way shape and form. From South Africa to London England, from Detroit Michigan to Haiti.

      The differences between them and us is in the DNA. Due to this, their will never be equal outcome in regards to the races while dwelling in the same environment. There are individual blacks that can adapt to European/Asian norms. However they are in the minority. As far as groups are concerned, they evolved in a different region of the world that selected for different traits.

    • anarchyst

      The blacks that move into your neighborhood may be “nice”, but when their ghetto thug relatives come to “visit”, that will be the “beginning of the end”.  Before my racial “awakening”, I had friendly black neighbors.  When their ghetto thug “cousins” visited and vandalized MY property, upon complaining to my friendly black “neighbors, they told me” that “boys will be boys” and to “let it go”. . .That was the last straw . . .
      IT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU . . . The big question is WHEN?

      Best regards,

    • Carney3

      The problem with “nice” blacks is that they are crushingly outnumbered, and are basically irrelevant.  Whites seize upon them with gratitude and relief, but for each “nice” black there are hordes of orcs.

      • Carney3

        Eh, I overstated my case here.  I don’t necessarily think that among US blacks at least that “orcs” out-number nice-seeming ones.  Perhaps the ratio is even as high as two nices to one bad one, since two-thirds of blacks are out of the ghetto and in the middle class, as variously calculated.   But the nices tolerate the bads, have them in their families, bristle at white complaints about or even attempts to avoid them, mobilize for them if they are in the dock “my little Demetrius would never have done this, it’s profiling”, vote for them for office, etc.

        • Blaak Obongo

           “I don’t necessarily think that among US blacks at least that “orcs”
          out-number nice-seeming ones.  Perhaps the ratio is even as high as two
          nices to one bad…”

          You’re still learning.

          W.E.B. Dubois said there was a “talented tenth” of intelligent Africans, who should be appointed to lead the rest.  My experience has taught me that DuBois was wildly optimistic.

  • Vil

     My racial awaking began when I was around 1 year old and I nearly died after being poisoned by a certain brown-skinned group in former Yugoslavia…
    I think that´s why I have always been a race realist and arrogant.
    I also had a lot of other encounters (which I can rememver) which would have also triggered my awakening. Those were mainly with Arabs and Turks though, when I was younger and living as an immigrant in Germany.

  • HadEnough

    An interesting article, but I wonder about a couple of things. If Daugherty lives in Baltimore County, then the “half black” city he is talking about is probably Baltimore City, which in fact is nearly two-thirds black. The only alternative is Washington, DC, which is 60 percent black. In neither city is there the remotest possibility of being allowed a concealed-carry permit, and even in Baltimore County it is virtually impossible. (Baltimore City is not part of Baltimore County.) Odd inconsistencies in an otherwise excellent article.

    • Strider73

      After re-reading the article, I can find no clue at all as to what region of the country Mr. Daugherty now lives in, much less the state, county or city. He only mentions former residence in Paris and South America. Nor is the town where he was shot even hinted at. To paraphrase the old Dragnet disclaimer, the places have been obscured to protect the innocent. The fact that he has a CCW card and carries whenever possible strongly indicates he lives in one of the 38 “shall issue” states.

  • According to the Dept of Justice, 52.2% of homicides are committed by blacks; most by black males ages 18-49 who comprise about 3 percent of the population.

  • JohnEngelman

    My epiphany began at the age of 28 when I was robbed at gun point by two “teens.” Since then I have been mugged several times. I grew up reading that whites are more likely to be the victims of white criminals than blacks. Nevertheless, friends, relatives, and I have been mugged and robbed at gun point. Every time blacks did it. I even have a black friend who has been mugged by blacks. 
    A black man once told me, “I am more afraid of other black men than I am of the Klu Klux Klan.”
    That makes sense. I do not much care for the KKK, but what have they done recently that was so terrible? 

  • Spartan24708

    It was a long road for me. My parents were education junkies who got me into a magnet school in a marginal neighborhood. My prior experiences with blacks were with children of professionals and business owners. I was shocked at the intellectual level and behavior, not to mention the sexual maturity of these 10 and 11 year old kids. As I went further in school and college I realized that blacks really didn’t like or want to be friends with blacks- other than the black men who wanted to date white girls. After an abusive marriage to a middle eastern man who constantly berated and insulted me about being both white and American I realized that whites were singled out for special abuse no matter how accommodating and kind they were to minorities.

  • AmRem

    That story sounds like myself, except for the almost dying part 

    I always knew racial-equality was nothing more but Marxist propaganda

    But I only truly KNEW that living in a multi-racial society was impossible when the black Chief of  my Navy division got me kicked out because he thought I was using mind tricks on him, (like on star wars.) He honestly though I was trying to warp his mind with mental tricks, and hated me to a point of making up fake incidents and infractions of the bootcamp rules so I could be kicked out. It was his authorial decision to get me kicked out, so it was the last time I would respect a black who had a position of “authority.” 

    Blacks with authority are like a horse who rides a human– stupidly impossible and foolish. 

    • AmRem

      I would have been a Navy Nuke if it wasn’t for him 

      • DJ Einsamkeit

        Your awakening really struck a chord with me. I was a Navy man myself so I always feel a brotherhood for a Sailor.
        I had several dealings with blacks in the military. In boot camp in Great Lakes the blacks in my division were forgettable except one. There was one angry 18 yr old black who was assigned to the rack above me for about 2 weeks. He was a disgusting kid who picked his nose and butt in front of others. He drew the ire of the RDC’s quickly because he was lazy and stupid.  He got recycled because of behavior and performance problems.
        I did not work with any blacks after that in the Navy.  I worked with plenty of great Hispanics, Asians, and other Whites but no blacks. 

        AmRem I hope things worked out right for you in your life and I am glad to see that people here are able to come together and be realistic about race. Sure liberals and angry blacks will lie about us and rage on with their inane hate filled rants, but we shall  triumph in the end using our superior minds.

    • MrGJG


      “Blacks with authority are like a horse who rides a human– stupidly impossible and foolish.”

      Great analogy.  You should trademark it.

  • I work for an entertainment company that is hired by colleges all over the USA. Of course, when I started, I was the usual brain washed American when it comes to race. Most people are when they start and everyones beliefs follow the same trajectory. The thing is, we get heavy, one on one exposure to black people. This exposure, over time, undoes all of the brainwashing. If you’ve seen the video of the black flash/rob mobs in the Walmart and 7’11s then you know  EXACTLY what we experience at some colleges. These can be colleges where a small percentage of the student population is black, but when we go there, it seems like ALL of the college is black. The black students hear there is “free stuff” being provided by student activities so they take over the event, they aggressively cut in front of the lines, and they walk out with five to ten of each item when there are supposed to be only one per person.
       On many occasions I have witnessed a line of thirty people that had only one black person in it near the front. That black person then has their friends come up to talk to them and then all of a sudden after a few minutes they pretend they are now in line, then this happens again and again until the same twenty or so white people stand there for up to a couple hours sometimes.None of them are willing to speak up and back me if I ask them if people are cutting in line, they are afraid of retribution later.
          After awhile at some schools the white people don’t bother to go to the “student activities” programs anymore. THAT is when things get REALLY bad because the behavior of the blacks doesn’t change in this regard, but they do start fighting amongst themselves. It is absolutely AMAZING that a simple student activity day, where people wait in line for silly items, has to turn into a melee . It is amazing that some people have to get as many of these silly dust collectors as they can possibly scam. It also amazes me that when they are told they already were in line and ordered one that they have to try to scam me with “dat was fo mah fehhn, dat wasn’t fo me!” To which I reply, “you already ordered one, you are only allowed to get one” and they come back again with “but dat wasn’t fo me!, dat was fo my frehn!” 
         Then of course there is always the issue of the event ending, and it is time for us to leave. White people seem to be able to figure out that if there is one guy doing a program and there is only an hour left, then it’s probably not a good idea to get into a line that is already 30 people deep. Not blacks though. I have seen events where there was ONE novelty artist with only a half hour left to go and that is when fifty black people decide to try to get into a line that they didn’t cut into before. Then I have seen all hell break lose when they are told that the line is cut off. I am talking major chimpouts, extreme anger and screaming and accusations of racism even though everyone before them in line that had been served was black. 
        It doesn’t take long for a reasonably intelligent person to notice the IMMENSE difference of our job experience depending on the color of the crowd. It also doesn’t take long to despise the stupidity and the greed of these people . One sees that even if one is dealing with the “nice” black person, they STILL try to pull the same scams. They ALWAYS try to micromanage the creation of their item and get as much ridiculous crap as possible. If it is an airbrushed “t-shirt” where they are just supposed to get one word, then they ask for five, and then they wait until their order is up and then bother the artist by telling them exactly which word goes where, diagonal, across, down up, etc, and then asking for images, even their portrait. The purpose of limiting what each person gets is to serve as many people as possible. This is not possible though when each person tries to maximize what they get on their item. And when they ALL do it the even becomes unmanageable.There is though ONE instance when things get even WORSE STILL! That is when the person running the program is black and tries to pull the same scams. They pretend they don’t know that the contract explicitly states that what the artist does is limited to one word on each item. I have had one such administrator come to me at the beginning of the program and demand I do several celebrity portrait t-shirts for all of her friends. This would require a good portion of the time we are there at the job and would mean we would not be able to serve many, if any, students. In other words, she was jacking the program for her own personal use. Then, when the students started chimping out in a 7-11 flash rob fashion, she went and hid.
       It never fails though, every new person that comes in has the same old lame excuses for such behavior, but after a short time, all of that falls away and they have to face a reality that they had tried desperately not to face. To face that reality means that they would have to jettison their brainwashing, and their brainwashing has taught them that anyone who isn’t brainwashed is “BAD”.  It doesn’t matter, reality is stronger than brainwashing every time and they all admit in the end “black people are not ‘just like’ us”, and “I want to be as far away from them as I possibly can”
      oh, BTW there is also the issue simple literacy. We encounter people who can not speak intelligible english, and we find that if they need to fill out an order form that they can not read nor write, yet they are in a COLLEGE, and they are getting a DEGREE, and that degree is absolutely worthless because they were not held to the basic minimum standards to get IN and we know they won’t be held to any standards at all to get out with a degree.

    • For years, the ‘progressive’ left has told us that prejudice is the result of ignorance. It’s not. Prejudice is the result of experience.

      I grew up in a non-racist home where my parents never said anything bad about blacks or used offensive words. I watched the TV shows and thought blacks were either funny clowns in comedies or the tragic victims of racial injustice. I used to feel sad watching the TV shows or movies in which a single, black mother scrubbed long hallways on her hands and knees to earn money to hire a lawyer to defend her innocent son who was railroaded by racist cops and a racist justice system.

      When I was in junior high and high school, I had black friends and acquaintances.

      When I went away to college, I started to see blacks as they really are; many of them shiftless con artists playing a scam. 
      The more contact I had with blacks, the less I saw of the old TV shows and movies and I began to see blacks in the real world.
      My original acceptance of blacks was based on ignorance. My racial awareness is now firmly based in personal experience.

      The more I’m around blacks, the less I want to be around blacks.

      As I said before, any white person who tells me blacks are just like me doesn’t ride the bus.

      • RebelliousTreecko

         It’s not prejudice, but rather postjudice.

        As for me…
        I never really got involved with either side on race, but I did follow along with mainstream i.e. left-wing ideals, and I had pity on illegal Mestizos and wanted to help the Black Africans and “feel important”.

        Around my third year of high school in early 2009, I was looking for stories on illegal immigrants and racism stories for entertainment.  I eventually found out about groups called MEChA, the Mexica Movement, and NCLR.

        I was surprised to learn that the concerns about Mestizos taking over the U.S wasn’t just some false right-wing invented myth.  It was a true conspiracy.

        Things just kinda took off from there.
        I was confused, I had many questions, and I researched different sites and looked for answers.
        I eventually found this place.

        One notable incident was when I found Newsweek’s news issue with the “White babies are racist” article on the front, in my school library.

        I was fuming mad, but I was afraid to try to complain about it. 
        After all, acknowledging anti-White racism is hate speech.

        • Carney3

          “It’s not prejudice, but rather postjudice.”

          The other stupid term is “bias”, implying that if you just had a bigger and more representative statistical sample of blacks you’d conclude differently.

      • I grew up in a home where racist words and attitudes were not allowed. My mother’s father on the other hand would be quite loud and open about his racial attitudes. I remember hearing something like this quite often when we visited “GOD D**N IT! CHANGE THE CHANNEL! A GOD D**N N****R IS ON THE TV!! I am quite sure that my mother and her mother hated my grandfather, and since attitudes were changing they thought they could use this criteria to vilify him. The truth about my grandfather is that he spent years as a salesman and had an abundant amount of exposure to black people. His attitudes were born of brutal experience. His wife and daughter had no exposure to black people, so all they saw was his anger and resentment, and let’s face it, that can turn people off. But his anger was justified, his assessment of black people was dead on the money. I was actually taught to hate him as I was growing up, in subtle ways and in not so subtle ways. I believe now that on some level, many wives hate their husbands, and they transfer that hate to their children, and that is how we have arrived where we are today. Liberalism is in some sense a hatred of white males and the common sense that they possessed a couple of generations ago.  My generation was taught to hate my grandfather and his attitudes, but life experience has shown me that he was a good man, he provided for his family, he was honest, hard working, and he cared deeply about the survival of his people and his values. He rightly saw the threat that black people pose to the things he loved. I see now that he was right, and I love him now more than my own father who was weak and let my mother dictate the rules of the house.

      • Redtailrav

        You are absolutely correct. My tale of racial awakening is much the same. I grew up in a great upstate NY college town where you could count the number of blacks on one hand. I had almost no real contact with blacks until leaving home at 18. After that a steady dose of black bad behavior drove me to where I am today; race realism.
        The liberal notion that people’s dislike of ethnic minorities is the result of ‘ignorance’ is one of the most obviously stupid concepts to ever emerge from sociology. The reason white southerners and white South Africans had laws restricting black civil rights is because they knew all about blacks and their savagery.

    • Joeblow100100

      Great story, but I’m telling you I would pay $20 to see this videotaped and edited into a 1 hour documentary. SHOWING people the reality of race differences is much more effective than writing about it.

  • NotThatGuy

    So did they ever find the scumbag who shot you?

  • The other night, I had to get something for a friend at a store late at night. I had to wait in the parking lot in a bad area while my friend texted me back with what she wanted, so I was alone in a dark parking lot for a few minutes. I kept my motor running, so I could make a quick escape, I locked my doors, and kept scanning the area for any movement, looking out for nonwhites. I even had a plan in my head that if someone blocked my car with theirs, I would just put it in reverse and drive through them–my point being that I feel and act as though I’m living in a combat zone. I live in Southern California and have lived here all my life. My family is in the process of moving from Los Angeles, which is 80% hispanic among other things, to an area that is 97% White. It’s just amazing what we have to do to keep safe, to stay alive. A simple outing to the store shouldn’t have to be a dangerous mission. I wish I lived in a world where I could just enjoy my life. Our barbaric friends make that an impossible dream.

  • MissBonnie123

    I thought much about when I had my racial awakening. While I could never be sure, I rememember the first time I ever met a black. It was when I was between the ages of 6 and 8. I believe this incident really had an effect on me.

    My father had taken my brothers and me to a beach. When we got to the beach, I noticed that there were black kids everywhere. I noticed that my father was looking around and he did not look too comfortable. However, since he drove us to this beach, he decided we should stay.

    I was in the water, by myself (I don’t remember how I got separated from my brothers), when a black boy, around my age, started swimming towards me. I knew from the look on his face I was in trouble.

    At one point he stopped, glared at me, and actually said to me “What are YOU people doing in the same water with us?”. I was terrified but admittedly I honestly did not understand what he meant by “you people.” However, he kept on giving me that stare, that angry black stare that so many White people have received throughout the years since integration. I was terrified.

    Thankfully, my father was yelling at me to get out of the water and this gave me a chance to get away from this anti-White black kid. I sometimes think that if my father did not call me, I would have stood in the water and this black kid would have drowned me. I will never forget the hateful glare he kept giving me.

  • Pandemonium

    I’m surprised she hasn’t been “Zimmermaned”.

  • Jared Pierce

    I am a neighbor of yours. I too live in Baltimore.  And I too have become a race realist over the last few years.  I am not anti anyone.  There are good and bad folk everywhere.  But race does make a difference. It is a key factor when you try to make sense of the world.  A wise man, I think Jared Taylor, once said that once you begin to see things from a racialist view, there is no turning back. You can’t get that genie back into the bottle.  I think now it is needful for both you and I to make wise choices, with civility, and wisdom. Using the information we’ve discovered in a good way.  Thank you for your thoughtful article. 

  •  Great topic.

    I was never left wing on race.  As I was growing up, my mother (*) and various uncles and aunts (remember, one of my uncles was a firefighter often deployed to the Pruitt-Igoes) sat me on their knees and taught me the facts of life about “them.”  And that there were times to tell the truth and times to keep your mouth shut and play dumb.

    For a few years as a young adult, I had kinda sorta neo-connish Rush Limbaugh-style racial politics.  I was hardly a “lover,” (insert the first word on your own), but I had the mentality that blacks could have been better off than they are, even if not equal to whites,  with better and more “conservative” public policy. 

    All those delusions were out of my mind by the age of 20, for various reasons:  One, the power of observation, two, my brain starting to hard-wire properly, and three, my discovering the CofCC thanks to two certain radio shows on WGNU’s old format.

    As the years have passed on, I am getting less intensely ideological in the abstract and more purely racial in the concrete.

    For those of you who missed me, I’m on my way home.  For those of you who don’t, rejoice, because election day is in two weeks and change, and until then, I’ll be burning a two-ended candle at three ends, or firing my V-8 on all ten cylinders, so I’ll still have little time for AR. 

    (*) – Yet, this is the same mother whom I couldn’t talk out of supporting Herman Cain for President, even after the “allegations” came out.  And this mother of mine is someone who puts up with absolutely zero nonsense from any man — There was no way she would have put up with Cain’s shenanigans if she was one of his immediate subordinates.  Yet, when I say this to her, it’s like I’m not there.  My powers of persuasion are poor indeed.

    • Sorry if I didn’t understand properly your last paragraph- before (*)- I’m not quite sure how to interpret it. If it’s personal, ignore this.

  • valeofignorance

    Great article.

  • Tishpar

    Good for you!! Well, you got your wish. My name is Tyron Robert Parsons. I first started to see the light when I served on the Czech border in Germany during the cold war. My infantry unit NCO’s were almost all black. Several were black panthers and black panther sympathizers. They persecuted us white soldiers relentlessly with excessive physical punishments- death threats, stealing our pay topped off with made up charges against us so we could not advance in rank. I was their prime target because I was white and from the “evil” state of Arizona where Evan Mecham tried to get ride of the MLK holiday, something I defended. The persecutions became so bad after a couple years that I was able to obtain an early honorable discharge in exchange for my silence from my CO. I did not remain silent though. Once I got my papers I was protected so another white soldier and I called the IG which precipitated an investigation and trial. At the end of the trial 4 black NCO’s were booted from the military and our Black Platoon Sgt sent to the Berlin Brigade with all the other loonies.

    When I got back to America I was so happy. I decided to hitchhike to Myrtle Beach after completing my outprocessing. When 2 blacks in a small two door car approached to offer me a ride, I accepted because after all “I was no racist” and what happened to me in the military must have simply been a fluke. I quickly learned different. These 2 blacks drove me to a horrible neighborhood, stuck a straight edged razor to my throat and stold half of my seperation pay. They then beat me and kicked me out of the car. After they drove off I could barely catch my breath. I was shaking terribly. An old black man in his 90s sat by me as I awaited a taxi cab. He told me something that forever changed my life. He said “are you insane whie boy? Don’t you know where you are? Black folks will kill you white boy if they sees you in dis neighborhood. You are luck your not dead so I wills protect you. You just sits right here next to me until that cab of your arrives”. Instantly, I was converted to a race realist and saw my experiences for the first time in a truthful light. Thanks to my experiences with blacks in the military I have been diagnosed with PTSD. Your not alone buddy and I applaud your speaking up.

    • geraldmartin

      What you say about your Army experiences track well with mine, and many stories I’ve heard from whites who served, especially in the 70s and into the early 80s. In Germany things were, if anything, worse than stateside, and Korea was a warzone.  Everywhere I was stationed, the commanders would do nothing about simple racial intimidation & beatings of whites by gangs of blacks. OTOH, when drugs were involved, commanders would act under the protective cover of the “war on drugs” to prosecute and break up black drug gangs, who as their main tactic (besides murder) routinely beat up and shook down white soldiers.

      Things got better in the 80s, when the “Reagan recession” of 81 -82 began to bring in a lot of high quality and often highly educated but unemployed whites into the ranks, but the problem of black NCOs – who know they have a good thing, and a position of power over whites – has never been really solved, and won’t be, except in elite units where the mission is too important to allow blacks to run amok.

      A very interesting book could be written about Army race relations, but a truthful one never will be written, because it would be too politically incorrect and “racist” to get published.  Another horror story of black savagery that the American public will never know about.

  • newscomments70

    ” I cannot tell you how deeply entrenched the self-hating brainwash is and the damage it’ s done.  This is my conclusion from the comments and retorts I receive when commenting on other sites. ”

    I have a different experience. Most of the comments I see are race realist. For every braindead white liberal comment, I see 5-10 race realist replies. I even see such comments on British publications.  There used to be more black racist comments, but it seems like those are being filtered…the liberals don’t want us to see what blacks really think of whites. Although it enrages me to read such comments, I wish they would keep them posted. Such comments are what really wakes people up to reality. 

    • alastairabbacle

      I do have to wonder, what it is like to have much of the worlds White population un-brainwashed about racial reality, but to still have to tow the line in public.    
      I also see mostly race realist comments.  There is some thought on population and ideas, that is that if 10 % of the population strongly believes something, they can win over many others at certain point.  

      I believe that the effect of race realism of policy construction ARE slowly going to begin to result in more rational and helpful public policy.  Before this happens though, the current stock of crazy egalitarians will have to run out their last crazy plans  and writings that expose their utter ridiculousness.   The “Un-Fair Campaign” of Duluth MI, and the insane behavior of Eric Holder’s Justice Department are the last manifestations of this bizarre egalitarian idea.  

      Basically, if all ethnic groups are equal in cognitive ability, than it follows that all differences in achievement must be due to discrimination.  This view is certainly not held by most people, and never was.  However, this egalitarian view was held by enough people, that the extremely RELIGIOUS of the egalitarians came to hold power and voice.    

      So when we fight the last battles with the egalitarians, we will be fighting the fundamentalist egalitarians, and the not-so-smarts.  Fundies and dummies, these will be the last egalitarian holdouts.

  • Sheila Dinehart

    Hey I don’t know if you are a real person or not.  After all, you never list your school and so forth…that’s ok because anecdotal subjective reality is part of the frame work of Crital Theory of the radical left…if it works for them it works for me, and you.

    I had an awakening as well.  Sometimes I even think it is the best thing that ever happened to me! 

    • DJ Einsamkeit

       This is the second time you have tried baiting people with the exact same comment trying to get peoples name. Of course you are using a “name” but we all know that it is just a screen name.

      You know that you are not one of us, we know you are not one of us. So I hope you enjoy reading our stories in dealing with you savages from the Congo which we never should have brought over to do our cheap labor in the first place. I hope you enjoy reading how many of us see though your intimidation and the liberal lies. Just know that while you hate whitey in the line with you, he probably does not want you around him.

      So please keep trolling, because all you will see are cold hard facts on how backwards your culture is.

  • Carney3

    Did she wake up about race after being raped and robbed?

  • Greg West

    At the rate Black on white crimes are happening, I will be amazed if every white person does not see the light with in the next few years.

    • Since most are not reported as black on white it will take personal experiance

  • The question is not whether Black-against-White crime is real, but what can we do about it.  Mr. Daugherty writes proudly, and justifiably so, that he has a permit to carry a concealed handgun.  But if he ever uses that gun on a black man, the chances are he will end up in George Zimmerman’s highly unenviable position.  The time was when a man who shot an attacker on the streets would not even be arrested.  Now the chances are that any shooting in self-defense (if interracial, white against black) will be treated as a sensational “hate crime.”  We cannot blame the courts and the lawyers for this—because the courts and lawyers just do what’s “politically correct” and economically beneficial to them, and it’s the population at large which determines such things.  We need a restoration of both politics and justice to the majority, to the people, and one step in that direction would clearly be to increase individual self-reliance and decrease dependence not only on the courts and legal system but on the police as the guarantors of our safety.  The people need to guarantee their own safety.  
    I’m obviously quite a bit older than Mr. Daugherty but I recall in my college days my complete infatuation with a girl who carried a (back then they were all unlicensed….) small handgun (aka “Saturday night special”) in her purse with her on dates and to class and in fact every where she went.  She was an expert markswoman (captain of the Sophie Newcomb Skeet & Trap shooting team in New Orleans in fact).  She was as safe as anyone could be.  She never worried about going anywhere at any time, and she knew how to call a spade a spade…. 
    I suppose I loved her because she reminded me of my grandmother, who died at the age of 101 with her six shooter in her nightstand beside her bed, right next to her Bible and Book of Common Prayer.
    Probably the best solution would be that every adult receive gun-practice and safety training in high school and that every adult be required to carry a gun at all times (unless they are blind, otherwise disabled, or under indictment or on parole or something).   Switzerland has universal gun ownership and the crime rate there is negligible.  I think laws should generally be modified to state that the first responsibility for public safety lies with every individual.  The police should look very askance at the report of crime by any  able-bodied person who was NOT carrying a gun when attacked.  
    Much the same could be said for divorce.  No marriage should be granted nor any divorce entered unless the couple enters into a written contract—and the exclusive role of a divorce court should be to construe and apply the contract—again this harkens back to an ancient tradition, in which there was no “free love” because everybody knew the value of creating a family far exceeded any other contract you could make.
    If everyone could just take responsibility for their own lives, and pride in their own existence, crime would clearly go way down—I suppose it will never completely vanish.  But would Mr. Daugherty really have had the gruesome experiences he had if his attackers had believed he was likely to be armed and dangerous?  I think not.  And if people who are attacked could shoot without fear of prosecution for hate crimes, would people be likely to attack them?  
    The world seems to have gone mad, but up to a point we have only ourselves to blame…. It was not black voters who elected first Dwight Eisenhower, who appointed Earl Warran as Chief Justice, and then Lyndon Johnson, whose “Civil Rights” reforms created the late 1960s explosion in black-against-white crime—back then, the electorate was predominately white, and should have known better.  And in 2008, it was STILL a predominantly white electorate who (if we believe they really count the votes at all these days) elected not only Barack Hussein Obama but also the Senate and House of Representatives who eventually, in December of 2011, all but officially repealed the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments to the Constitution by adding the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act—Senate Bill 1867) to the Patriot Act of 2001 and the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 which effectively abolished the writ of Habeas Corpus.

    • Vil

       I am a lot younger than you and can only agree with everything you say.

      “If everyone could just take responsibility for their own lives, and
      pride in their own existence, crime would clearly go way down”

      People no longer take responsibility for anything. Young women get pregnant and then simply abort, several times sometimes. And the man who impregnated the woman tries to flee from his responsibility any way he can, leaving the woman for good if she decides to keep the baby.

      That´s what liberalism/marxism is all about. They degenerate the youth and nothing more.
      Anyone supporting the liberals/marxists also is sppporting that.
      Those people deserve no kind of respect from anyone.

  • 5 drunk dieversity men that couldnt get my wallet but only give me a black eye after I taped money out of an ATM machine helped open my eyes.

  • The problem as seen in the 28blacks raping an 11yo girl is they can be stupid enough to still be in middle school at 18

  • Some stories have a happy ending…..

  • radical7

    “I smoked marijuana almost daily, drank heavily a couple times per week, and had sex often. This dulled my emotions, clouded my mind, and delayed my confrontation with the difficult realities I would eventually face.

    There was a black student who had shown some interest in the girl I was dating, and that didn’t sit well with me. Driving in the car with her, I noticed him walking across one of the streets onto campus. Struck by a bit of rage, I blurted out a certain racial profanity, and my then-girlfriend quickly let me know that my comment was unacceptable.”

    The incident you endured was very unfortunate. I would not wish such a horrific atrocity on anyone, that being said.  it appears that you were/are a very self indulgent person struggling with many private demons. Hopefully, at some point, you will engage  in some deep reflection and soul searching. Hopefully, at some point, one day, the bullet that is still logded in your body can successfully be removed.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Must you continually go “full retard?”

      This young fellow is lucky to be alive, no thanks to cretins like you.

      • radical7

        Must you always be a complete jerk?

        • Sherman_McCoy

          Oh, touche!  Well argued, as usual.

          • Of course, you know your interlocutor is Black.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            That IS a surprise.  I thought that trolls were green.

          • That figures, who else would not have the intelligence to notice their position is a contradiction -eg “you are the aggressor” and “You are a victim”.

          • American Renaisance Member

            Why do a number of you posters assume that this person  radical 7  (I think that is his name) is Black? I am more inclined to believe that he is White and works for the government or some or some organization like “the people’s project” SPLC etc…

          • American Renaissance Member:

            First off, there’s no such thing as a “member” of AR, because AR is not a membership organization.  I just wanted to get that out of the way for the sake of clarification.

            If MSNBC7 is a government employee or asset, or employed by a far-left witch hunter org, then our task is far easier than we thought.  He sounds like a dippy cornball white.  But that’s just my interpretation.

    • “it appears that you were/are a very self indulgent person struggling with many private demons”  …. wow, so that is the ” it is a fault in you” and “-oh you poor thing , you have suffered and that is the excuse I will make for that fault”. You can’t decide which way to go can you? Your brainwashing puts your mind in a type of shut down when confronted with reality. You don’t know wether to demonize or sympathize. The fact of the matter is that you are trying to desperately maintain your brainwashed state by  assuming the “I am superior to you position” and from that position you get to dole out harsh judgement or benevolent forgiveness. I see now that the brian washed cling to their brainwashing because it is an ego stroke for them. Perhaps someday reality will deal you a blow that your brainwashing can not withstand, until then you will be an insufferable, condescending, ignorant fool.

      • radical7

        You know if you and other posters of your ilk would face reality and rid yourself from your chronic level of denial and resorting to name calling and cheap shots like little children when you disagree with honest comments and learn to start dealing with the truth, you  would at least have some degree of credibility.

  • Strider73

    From what I’ve read and heard over the years the modern KKK is nothing more than groups of FBI informants snitching on each other. Like the fictional Emmanuel Goldstein, it’s a “bogeyman” for the liberal airheads to vent at. If the KKK had never existed, the NAACP, SPLC, ADL, etc. would have invented it.

  • mikejones91

    Trust me on this–_White males are pretty much the same. The only difference is white men can be “sexual aggressive” without being hostile. But then again, aggression is different coming from a black.

  • mikejones91

    Exactly. I love that last line lol. 

  • Experience is often the catalyst that snaps us out of delusion and into the light of reality. 

    It would be interesting to have access to a series of such stories from various individuals. 

  • Victor

    Actually, this has not been my case at all. Many educated Blacks I have argued with about certain issues such as poverty, illegitimacy etc… have different viewpoins and reasons as to why they feel the way they do, but we still manage to end with a “let’s agree to disagree” truce.  

    • bluffcreek1967

      Yes, this will occur at times, but the overwhelming majority (in my opinion) would be shocked and angered by any White who dares to share a view of them that’s not politically-correct. Blacks are not used to Whites being direct and brutally honest with them even when such a discussion is framed in the most gracious manner.

    • DJ Einsamkeit

      When I debate or argue with a wall or table leg I manage to end with a “Let us agree to disagree” truce as well. Oddly enough though I only wasted my time doing this once and realized that I was wasting my time. Kind of like wasting my time replying to someone who holds the view that you do Victor.

  • Walter

    Story sounds suspect, but if she did defend herself than good for her.

  • Danimalius

    I must add my voice to the others in thanking American Renaissance for doing so much to educate and unite our people. We’ve come a long way, and we’ve a long way to go still, but it is worth noting that it takes more than ideas to change people. 

    American Renaissance’s professional and non-militant approach has broadened our message’s appeal beyond yesteryear’s social outcasts. Normal whites, many of whom are intelligent and well-employed, have been reached by us precisely because we adjusted our style. Let us remember this as we move forward.

  • I live in South Africa, welcome to my world. But I have knowledge that you may not have and its summed up in a word. EMPATHY. I have seen what black people are capable of and its only possible if you lack this basic emotion. Imagine dancing around a burning body, or stoning that person as he burns. I have seen this and cant unsee it. That happens EVERY day in South Africa.

    73 children are raped per day here because our brethren believe it cures AIDS.

    By the way the person has to be burned alive the stones and rocks may not be thrown at the head only the legs.

  • Detroit_WASP

    I was in the Marines.  I saw racist NCOs as well.

    I also saw some blacks, so dumb, they had to be discharged.  Someone had obviously taken the ASVAB test for them.   Couldn’t learn the most basic tasks in boot-camp and had to be put out.   

    I THINK the Army actually has a lower standard for the ASVAB than the Marines.   

    BTW, the ASVAB  breaks out almost exactly the same way the SAT does.   Whites and Asians on top, Hispanics in the middle, Blacks on the bottom. 

  • Detroit_WASP

    Lately I have noticed a dramatic increase of young white women with black men.   I blame Kim Kardashian…Heidi Klum.  It actually makes me feel ill. 

    Black men paw at them constantly until they give in.  Then they treat them like garbage.   Usually doesn’t last long.   Hopefully the women escape alive, without a black baby, or VD.

  • Detroit_WASP

    Good story.

    My racial awakening came on the mean streets of Detroit and began around 1967.

    We had to move out of our home in 1967 since the riots were too close.

    Moved farther from blacks, but not far enough. 

    In elementary school, I witnessed a black kid, named Tyrone stab a white kid.

    My dad was robbed at gunpoint by blacks.

    My mom had her purse snatched by blacks.

    Brother assaulted by blacks.

    I was also assaulted by blacks while minding my own business.  

    Busing destroyed my school the my neighborhood.

    Was driven out of every neighborhood I ever lived it.  Blacks ran us out.

    I read reports of  whites murdered by blacks nearly weekly in the metro area. 

    When I retire I am moving to Southeastern Kentucky.  NO blacks for miles and miles.

  • bluffcreek1967

    There’s some definite truth in what you write. Pistols (especially the 40 and 45 calibre) are great for home defense for the reasons you gave.

  • bluffcreek1967

    Several years ago, I had a conversation with a retired police officer for the L.A. Housing Authority Police Department (it’s now been disbanded). I asked how it was working in the various L.A. projects with all the Mexicans and Blacks. He just shook his head and said, “It’s a bean dip.” He essentially described the Blacks as worthless savages, and said the Mexicans had so taken over the city that he felt at times like he was in Central Mexico (which he almost was). He had absolutely nothing good to say about them. He also seemed saddened and defeated by the Mexican invasion he had witnessed for the past 30 years.  

  • DJ Einsamkeit

    I hear so often and from so many different sources that I believe it to be true. Blacks for the most part do NOT serve in combat arms. I served for 6 years in the Navy. I worked in the security of sensitive areas & personnel.  I did not work with blacks and I was happt for the most part, yet I wanted to push myself more. Since I had my degree by then I went into the Marine Corps. I graduated OCS then went through a series of other schools.  When I had nothing left and wanted to quit the thing that got me through was this.
    I did not want to command lazy blacks who hated me, hated their job, and had no pride. Knowing that if I gave up or did not pass is what really pushed me when I had nothing left.

    Of course like a “good American” I have always said it was not giving up on my brothers. Truth I just did not want to work with the Brothers.

  • Yes, in the seventies the media started pumping out n***** propaganda, and yes, soon every show had to either be about them or have one of them in it.I have seen an analysis of this and it’s evolution over time on a different site. It was a very good read. Basically, they started out with somewhat realistic portrayals, as in “Good Times”, “Sanford and Son” and “What’s Happenin”. I say “somewhat” realistic because they portrayed them as existing in  lower economic circumstance and they were shown to be of average and below average intelligence. They were NOT shown to be violent and criminal though, they were made to be cute, funny and likeable. Then came “The Jeffersons” and we were then supposed to believe they were capable entrepreneurs, if still rather ignorant. Then came “the Cosby Show”, which is a total fantasy world where every black person is a genius and every white person is depicted as a fool. Movies followed the same path. today, a black person is the noble hero, genius, while the white person is the criminal, fool, or sexually violent killer. It is so far removed from the everyday reality we all experience and is at complete odds with what everyone can now see on youtube. Do you realize what total control the media used to have? Do you realize that if they still had that control we would never hear stories of these “flash robberies” let alone see the videos? The tide has already turned my friend. The libs have lost this war, it just is not apparent yet.

  • kam

    The most hostile and life threatening situation that I have ever been in, in my life, involved a black aggressor. Coincidence? You decide. I was threatened to be shot by some smug hoodlum (maybe he was a wanabe? I don’t know) apparently just for looking at him the wrong way (while I was on my way home with my white Jewish friend, minding our own business). I didn’t see the gun, as he had his hand in his coat pocket (which was large enough to conceal a small firearm), although I saw a decent sized knife sheathed in his pocket. By the way, I’am Hispanic American. I don’t know if this was race related. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. The main point of my story begs this simple question: was this merely a coincidence?

  • chickensandkittens

    My awakening came in a very subtle and inocuous way.  In the process of moving to a new city—35% black–I was calling to hook up utilities while washing my clothing at the local laundramat.  Whenever a black person walked into the establishment, I would have to either terminate my business call or try to continue it outside, due to the amount and the level of noise that one person would generate. They would enter screaming greetings at the top of their lungs and speaking to each other at a decibel level required to reach someone 100 yards away, instead of the 12 inches they were actually separated. I noticed this did not occur when white, Native American, or a Hispanic person entered. It was such a consistent happening with blacks that I entered the phrase, “Why are black people so loud in public places,” into my search engine. A world of information—not the least of which is black on white violence—was opened up to me.

  • All different races of people kill all different races of people and use all kinds of excuses from race to religion, nationality, etc. You are just another moron who is attaching race to your hatred. Sorry you got shot, but I don’t see many whites trying to improve our racist legal system or fighting for better education, so just STFU.

  • Ghost Wolf

    Marijuana does not cloud the mind towards race realities.   Endlesss propaganda from all sides – especially the entertainment media, where it tends to be so ubiquitous many don’t even see it for what it is.  I smoke regularly (helps with the joint pain better than pills, at least for me, ymmv) and I have no problems seeing through such illusions.   In fact, I saw these things even more clearly after I started smoking the stuff regularly.

    Also, Canada isn’t as violence-free any more as this article may suggest.  Yes, Canadians tend to have long-guns, especially people in rural areas and the north.    But illegal handguns are making their way in like they never have before, and usually wind up in the hands of ETHNIC GANGS, who then proceed to turn our once-quiet cities into battlegrounds.  There was just a truckload of handguns stopped at the border crossing nearest me a couple of weeks ago.  Wonder who they were destined for, hmmm?

    My sympathy, though, to the author for the surgery he was forced to endure.

  • Marmalade

    I’m a white guy. One night, two white guys jumped me and beat me up. That is the night that I came to realize that the greatest threat to me as a white is other whites, as all the data shows.