Posted on May 27, 2015

Coulter: Some Cultures, Like Mexico’s, ‘Obviously Deficient’

Ian Hanchett, Breitbart, May 26, 2015

Columnist and author of “Adios, America,” Ann Coulter, stated that “there are cultures that are obviously deficient,” such as Mexico’s in an interview set to air on Tuesday’s “America with Jorge Ramos” on Fusion.

Coulter defended her prior argument that Americans “should fear immigrants more than ISIS,” stating, “I have a little tip. If you don’t want to be killed by ISIS, don’t go to Syria. If you don’t want to be killed by a Mexican, there’s nothing I can tell you.”

She said that while people aren’t “biologically predisposed” to commit crimes,

I think there are cultures that are obviously deficient. And if they weren’t deficient, you [interviewer Jorge Ramso] wouldn’t be sitting in America interviewing me, I’d be sitting in Mexico. You fled that culture. Because it is a–there are a lot of problems with that culture. Hopefully, it can be changed. But we can share our culture with other nations without bringing all of their people here. When you bring the people here, you bring those cultures here. That includes honor killings, it includes uncles raping their nieces, it includes dumping litter all over, it includes not paying your taxes, it includes paying bribes to government officials. That isn’t our culture. You can see the successful cultures in the world. They have been studied ad infinitum, America is about–it is the best in the world and we are about to lose it. And everyone who lives here is going to lose that. And the people who are going to suffer the most are the weakest ones. It’s the women. It’s the children. . . . No country has ever had the sort of respect for women that Anglo America does and that is going out the door.