Group Says California Immigration Policies Contributed to Drought

Kate Linthicum, Los Angeles Times, May 24, 2015

In a television commercial that has aired across the state, a young boy asks: “If Californians are having fewer children, why isn’t there enough water?”

The ad is part of a wider media campaign blaming California’s historic drought on the state’s large number of immigrants. The group that paid for it, Californians for Population Stabilization, has long called for stricter enforcement of immigration laws, arguing that the state’s natural resources cannot sustain high levels of population growth.

The group has used the recent spotlight on California’s dwindling water reserves to try to gain support for its many favored causes, which include ending the right to citizenship for every child born on U.S. soil and opposing state efforts to give immigrants in the country illegally access to Medicaid.


In an article in the National Review, Stanford academic Victor Davis Hanson argued that while California’s current dry spell is not novel, “What is new is that the state has never had 40 million residents during a drought–well over 10 million more than during the last dry spell in the early 1990s.”

Hanson and others point to the recent pattern of population growth in California, where census data show that 1 in 4 residents was born outside the country.


The state continues to add about 3 million to 4 million people each decade, census data show. A large percentage of them are immigrants or their children.

“Essentially all of California’s rapid population growth has been due to people from other countries and the children of immigrants,” said Ben Zuckerman, an astrophysics professor at UCLA who sits on the board of CAPS. “The larger the population of California, the more difficult it will be to deal with the effects of the drought.”


Groups such as CAPS say recent conservation efforts, including Gov. Jerry Brown’s mandate of a 25% reduction in urban water usage, are shortsighted and hypocritical, especially given recent immigrant-friendly measures backed by Brown and the Democratic-controlled Legislature.

“You can’t have that proclamation at the same time you’re inviting everybody from everywhere to come here,” said Jo Wideman, executive director of CAPS.


The group, whose motto is “save some California for tomorrow,” was founded in 1986 by conservationists who felt that mainstream environmental groups weren’t advocating enough for population controls.


Immigrant advocates say population control arguments are racist and neglect California’s immigrant past. “It’s too soaked with irony for the colonizers to be making this argument,” said Chris Newman, an attorney with the National Day Laborers Organizing Network.



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  • LHathaway

    “Save California for Tomorrow” may have been an important idea 40 years ago.

    ‘Save Whites for Tomorrow’ is a more applicable slogan today.

  • listenupbub

    Remember, it is not just hispanics, but the “model minorities” that have flooded California. Important to keep in mind.

    Amiright, Bossman?

    • LHathaway

      Bossman hates Asians. Or at least he’s not afraid to speak up against Asian immigration.

      • listenupbub

        I wonder if hispanics hate asians… A hispanic coworker of mine showed me some spanish youtubes of an angry hispanic talking about how Asians eat dogs. He said Asians are going to Hell for eating their dogs.

        • John Smith

          He might be right on that one. Any Asian caught trying to eat my dog will be sent to Hell, posthaste.

        • The “kogoki” dogs some Koreans eat are raised for the purpose, just like pigs, cattle and poultry. Nobody except the Hmong roam suburban neighborhoods trying to catch and eat people’s stray pets.

    • Bo_Sears

      If you think there is a generalized dislike coming from Latin American migrants toward the diverse Asian Americans, just wait until the lawsuit filed a few days ago by 60 Asian American groups to stop some of the aspects of affirmative action arrives to general knowledge. It is an action aimed sharply against all the rising Latinos and African Americans to benefit Asian Americans. It is a good example of a lose-lose proposition that will sour the relations between Asian Americans and the other peoples of color.

      What the suit will do to or for the diverse white Americans is not clear as of yet. but it represents the first tribal-based attack on affirmative action, as opposed to a lawsuit by an individual.

      As for us, we lack the ingenuity to even follow the lead of Asian Americans and Jewish Americans in creating specific pro-white American legal claims (instead of claims based on anything but our being a tribe). Still, the lawsuit by Asian Americans marks a major event in the history of white American relations with Asian Americans, as well as a related major event in the history of the fabled multiracialist society designed to form a uniform front against the health, safety, and education of young diverse white Americans.

      • Yeah, the Asians are suing because they are being discriminated against via affirmative action. “We get into college because we work hard and earn it and because our culture values school and earned achievement…”

        Uhhhh….isn’t that what us White people have been trying to say for years now?

      • listenupbub

        Do hispanics care about universities?

    • Chinese have not gone from two or three percent to 17% of the population in only a few years. And China does not lie right next to our border. I haven’t seen an ATM that said “press one for English, two for Mandarin.” Don’t get me wrong, Asians are an issue, but one we can deal with in due time. The Mexican invasion and the out of control Negroes are the two biggest threats right now.

      • listenupbub

        Asians are about 17% of the population in California, which is what I meant. I wonder if Bossman is a hispanic in California, looking at how “his people’s” land is being invaded by Asian foreigners.

        And I wonder if this fear has reached the hispanic community, as some of them have experienced the horrors of a foreign invasion in one of “their” ancestral homelands.

  • MekongDelta69

    Chris Newman, an attorney with the National Day Laborers Organizing Network.

    Now there’s an ‘authentic’ Messican name, if I’ve ever heard one.

    • phillyguy

      he’s Amish

  • jambi19

    It’s funny how Chris Newman calls white people “colonizers”. I am sure he thinks every third worlder “looking for a better life” are not “colonizers” !

    • dmxinc

      Yes, we are “colonizers” of the country our ancestors founded almost 250 years ago.

      These “lawyers” are always ready to pronounce how we have no right to our country, but everybody else does.

      • Irish

        The Blacks in South Africa reserve “Settlers” as their most vicious anti-White slur..The intent is the same naked lie..The Whites stole the land..As if creating a 1st world society from nothing just happened by virtue of us showing up.

    • John Smith

      And thus, “builders.” If minorities had built anything, they wouldn’t need to be coming here to take our stuff.

  • Little rain plus lots of people equals navy showers.

    • Weisheit77

      In San Fran I hear it’s golden showers.

      • Irish

        Was that really nessasary…lol…Ewww!

  • TruthBeTold

    In its natural state, the area of southern California could never support the population it currently has. It’s an artificial man-made ‘ecosystem’ that was made by diverting water from other sources.

    Without the technology and innovations of Whites, southern California couldn’t exist.

    How long can southern California continue to grow in population?

    Even if they built massive desalination plants how long can the growth be sustained?

    And when everyone wants to live in paradise, is it paradise anymore?

    • George Moriarty

      This is something that all the open boarder advocates need to remember and realize and that is overpopulation puts enormous pressure on natural resources especially water, the source of all life.
      I also understand that Southern California has always had water problems, just like most of Australia. At present most of our water supply dams are full, but drought always strikes, and again we will need to resort to sea water desalination to keep going. Yet the greens still advocate open borders immigration and presumably at the same time as telling Australians to limit the size of their families. (Citing pressure on natural resources)

      • Susannah

        And it’s especially ironic that the so-called Greens are so supportive of open borders, considering that third word immigrants rarely have any interest in conservation and “green” practices. That’s very much a White thing, the very demographic they are so foolishly working to destroy.

        • dmxinc

          It’s part of the Left’s religion. In their minds, they must support all Third World immigration or go to “Hell.”

        • carriewhite64

          Any so-called environmental group that does not have population control as a major factor in its mission is a complete bogus and has sold out to political correctness.

          • George Soros bought off the Sierra Club, forcing them to ignore the effects of immigration on the environment. The US population would actually decline if it were not for illegal aliens coming here.

          • carriewhite64

            Yes, and now we have a group that owns a lot of land bought by donations from people who were promised that the land would never be developed. I just don’t trust the Sierra Club anymore, quit them five years ago.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            It was David Gelbaum that bought off the Sierra Club for $100 – back in 2001:

            Sierra Club member calls for director’s resignation over immigration debate

            A Sierra Club member staged a small protest Monday calling for the resignation of the environmental group’s executive director, accusing him of accepting money from a donor in exchange for halting the group’s discussion of immigration policy.

            James McDonald, a 60-year-old Springfield attorney, said Carl Pope accepted more than $100 million from California donor David Gelbaum in 2001 only after promising Gelbaum the club would stay out of the immigration debate…..

            The Sierra Club took the money and hasn’t said a peep about immigration since – never mind that illegal immigrants are destroying the extremely fragile riparian desert ecosystem along California’s southern border – the Sierra Club looks the other way.

        • Rossbach

          These folks may look green on the outside, but they are red on the inside. Most of these organizations have been new-left captives for decades.

      • Australia is as big in area as the US lower-48, but is basically a desert with a thin green ring around it. More immigration Down Under means more development, and thus accelerated habitat loss for animals that are found nowhere else.

        • George Moriarty

          I should also mention that land here which is under Aboriginal control. (As in “gentle custodians of nature”, ha ha) is often sold off for residential subdivision or is often just neglected as a weed infested rubbish dump.
          Also you mentioned that water desalination is very expensive, that is also correct, it is also very controversial here for that same reason. And we will need more and more desalination plants as cities like Sydney attract more and more Asian immigrants. (They don’t water their gardens but they do flush the loo – I hope)

    • Charles Martel

      For most of history CA was mostly desert. When they stopped seeding the clouds they should have stopped illegals.

    • Reverse-osmosis desalinization is energy-intensive, which means either burning coal or building more nuclear reactors, and AL GORE WOULDN’T LIKE THAT!

  • Caesar Avgvstvs

    The people of California are being ethnically recolonized by third world parasites. These parasites are looking for a free ride in a white man’s country they could never build themselves.

    As California and other states become overpopulated third world hells, there will be water, food, land and job shortages all across the USA. Since whites are genetically programmed to prefer their own race and culture, they will flee to whiter areas of the country.

    Whites will eventually get their very own white ethnostate because massive third world immigration will ensure its creation and survival.

    • Irish

      You are a far bigger optimist than I..I think Brazil a far more likely future. Particularly with the current freedom of association laws that we have now, and are extremely unlikely to change as the nation becomes more “diverse”.

      • Bo_Sears

        But southern states in Brazil have retained their German and Italian majority heritages. In a way, south Brazil is a white ethnostate.

  • WR_the_realist

    Anybody who wants to cut immigration for any reason will be called racist. It is long past time environmentalists ceased to be afraid of that scare word.

    • carriewhite64

      I have absolutely no respect for any environment group that does not address overpopulation as a major problem.

  • Chip Carver

    The influx of stone-age people into CA has exacerbated the negative effects of a lot more things than the drought. Never fear, the drought will be blamed on racism at some point, with evil Whites being accused of withholding water from vibrant but thirsty third world hunter gatherers who need it to keep up their gangbanging, spray-painting on walls, and hunting squirrels and pigeons with blow-guns in the public parks of So Cal.

    • Bossman

      Stone-age people? When I was there, I didn’t see anyone walking around naked with a bone through his nose.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      The Obama regime blames global warming (surprise surprise, right?):

      Obama attributed the growing frequency of such conditions to climate change…the president will use his trip to Fresno, Calif. to urge leaders to do more to fight climate change. The president will call for a $1 billion “climate resilience fund” in his budget next month, according to the White House.

      In 2009, the Obama administration required the diversion of water away from farmers and residents to help ensure enough water for salmon and a three-inch fish called the Delta smelt. The Obama administration justified this under the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

      The current overlords also believe fish should have more rights than people – but that fits right in with Agenda 21 that they wish to implement – a plan that includes a massive depopulating of the earth to “sustainable levels.”

      And, they get to define what “sustainable” means: you can be sure it means a world without us Whites in it.

  • Deacon Blue

    OK. I admit it. I caused the drought. Its my fault. I am a White, heterosexual male.
    So obviously I have the power to cause drought, make rain, shift tectonic plate in the
    earth, bring volcanoes to life in magma and sulfur spewing awe. Its true. As a White
    man there is nothing I can not do. I just realized something. A moment of clarity if you
    will. I am calling AMEX and canceling my Black Card tonight. They can either cut
    me a new one in stark White or they can lose me as a customer. I want a White
    Card. One that reads “PRIVILEGED” across the top of it too.

    • John Smith

      Bad news, but most of the major rappers have black cards now.

      • Deacon Blue

        Most rappers also have gold teef and their moufs move when they
        read, if they can read. Their knuckles tend to scrape the pavement when
        they shuffle along too. Yet another reason why I am shifting away
        from AMEX to one of those stainless steel cards from other banks.

        Serious. I don’t want a “Black anything” in my wallet…in my life…
        not anymore.

        • John Smith

          Visa Palladium

          • Deacon Blue

            Chase has a steel card I might apply for. I am sick of paying the $2500 annual fee for the AMEX Centurian anyhow although I admit the perqs rock and I use it for all my business travel.

            I am addicted to the concierge aspect of it.

            But I am putting my money where my mouth is now. I do not want a Black colored card in my wallet. Its a symbolic step but a powerful one. If AMEX can get me any color but Black I will stay with them. If not? They lose a customer who charges all his business expenses on AMEX.

            I have a BOA credit card I have had since 1988 which now has a 6 figure limit. The terms kinda suck. Maybe if I call them and negotiate with them I can get some extra bennies?

            I am going to look into the JP Morgan Palladium tomorrow for sure.

  • Charles Martel

    When people say “If illegals took one less shower a week for a decade the reservoirs would be full” they mistakenly think illegals take showers.

  • JohnEngelman

    Immigration interferes with nearly everything else liberals are trying to achieve, including a better ecology.

    • John Smith

      Yes, overpopulation is the worst possible problem for the planet and even if we halve our consumption, more than doubling the population renders that null. The truth is that whites aren’t part of the problem on that front and that we are being forced to sacrifice so non-whites can pillage the planet’s resources.

      • Doubling the population while halving our consumption of commercial products would still be a net environmental loss. Twice the population would still result in twice the amount of food consumption, which means irrigation and thus salinization of the soil, and twice the amount of sewage, which means more eutrophication offshore.

      • carriewhite64

        Liberals are stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to environmental issues. Any environmental group that is legitimate and scientifically based should address overpopulation as THE major factor in resource use and misuse. Yet the facts of overpopulation land them in the middle of the immigration issue, since immigrants are the source of population growth. So they end up calling any legitimate concern about immigration a racist sentiment. That is a betrayal of environmentally concerned populations which have responsibly limited their growth. Not to mention a perfect example of liberal hypocrisy.

  • John Smith

    Logic is now racist.

    • robinbishop34

      The primary goal of critical theory is to politicize logic itself. It worked.

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    The biggest threat to our way of life is overpopulation yet nobody in power will touch that topic with a ten foot pole. It is more taboo than race. If humans do not reduce the world’s population, nature is going to do it for us and when that happens things are going to get real ugly. It would be much better if we did it on our own terms but no species in the history of the planet has ever limited its own population and unfortunately I don’t have much hope that humans will be the first.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      The UN plans to reduce the population as part of its Agenda 21:

      “Initiative for the United Nations, Eco 92 Earth Charter.”

      The present vast overpopulation, now far beyond the world carrying capacity cannot be answered by future reductions in the birth rate due to contraception, sterilization and abortion, but must be met in the present by the reduction in the numbers presently existing. This must be done by whatever means necessary.

      Even Bill Gates is onboard with this agenda:

      The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent!” (About 1 Billion People!)

      www whale to/c/22 html

      • Cindy

        If the UN wants to reduce population, a good start would be to stop sending aid to Africa.

        • American Tax Payer

          The UN is talking about white people. They have plans and we’re in the way.

    • carriewhite64

      I am so glad to see this addressed here. Back in the Zero Population Growth days, it was assumed that overpopulation was THE major factor in resource use and misuse, including pollution and loss of wildlife habitats. But when it was noticed which populations were not responsibly limiting birthrates, all of a sudden it became completely prohibited as a topic under discussion, since it was racist to notice, and was actually genocidal to talk about solutions. So now we talk about rationing water, turning off lights, recycling, etc. But, guess what? Overpopulation is STILL the biggest problem. It didn’t fix itself just because it is politically incorrect to talk about it. You are absolutely correct that no one will touch the topic. I stopped donating to so-called environmental groups years ago because of this. And I have no respect for these groups that do not have overpopulation as a major plank in their mission. They are completely hypocritical and total sell-outs.

      • Susannah

        I also used to donate to environmental groups and I was a Sierra Club member long ago – no more. I am thoroughly disgusted by their refusal to address population issues and the detrimental effects of immigration. Since they refuse to do so, all of their efforts will be in vain.

        • An environmentalist who doesn’t address population pressure is like a bottle of water which has neither hydrogen nor oxygen.

        • carriewhite64

          I dropped them too for that reason. I’m not sure that their efforts will be in vain, since I’m not sure what their ultimate goals are. But I am not throwing my money at saving land from development just to have it overrun by people.

      • Ella

        Overpopulation involves nonwhites so it touches a deep nerve for the Lefties. Zero-population growth worked on whites who now have 1.5 birth rate for all white western countries combined, I think it was a weapon against us more than to really address environmental issues and exploding 3rd world problems. I also once donated monies to environmental groups until the mid 90’s.

  • libertarian1234

    This is just the beginning of California’s problems with resources. Remember the rolling black outs? Well they’re still having problems with their power grid.

    And their many other problems are increasing as well.

    In years past California was always on the cutting age of everything new that was duplicated in the rest of the country.

    I wonder if the politicians there have enough sense to understand that being the first to go bankrupt with out-of-control riots is not something to be desired by any state.

    But I’m pretty sure they’ll be number one. And Jerry Brown won’t have enough money in his treasury to buy that synthetic toupee he’s always wanted. You know, the purple one. With the pink moustache, as a freebie?

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    The drought in California is real – but blame must be placed squarely on politicians who have encouraged unfettered 3rd world immigration AND blocked efforts to build water storage systems:

    The environmentalist movement, starting in the 1970s, did its malign work in court. Alleging that any new dam construction or river diversion projects would do irreparable harm to the environment, particularly the Delta Smelt baitfish, as well as newly-introduced salmon spawn, in the last four decades, judges have basically frozen California’s water storage at 1970s levels.

    Environmentalists have since stopped the construction of water storage and delivery systems through legal and political actions. They have also fought to ensure that captured water is released into streams and the ocean — rather than the water delivery system — in order to boost fish populations and dilute the salinity of the delta.

    Immigrant advocates say population control arguments are racist and neglect California’s immigrant past.

    These fools don’t realize that the drought in California – and over-population – hurt them the most:

    This man-made drought cost thousands of farm workers their jobs, inflicted up to 40 percent unemployment in certain communities, and fallowed hundreds of thousands of acres of fertile farmland.

    The state will have to confront its poor Mexican immigrants having ever fewer agricultural jobs available, and its farmers paving over once-profitable fields of dreams.

    Drought? What drought – better to pass amnesty and build a high speed rail from nowhere to nowhere than desalinization plants, water storage facilities and curtail out-of-control 3rd world immigration.

    In 50 years, the politicians in Sacramento have ruined my state.


      They’re building a de-sal plant for us here on the Monterey Bay. Of course we will have to pay through the nose for it, but Pebble Beach will get plenty of water for the Golf Courses, and the “little people” will be thrown rationed scrapes.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        One is being constructed in Carlsbad too (San Diego area) – but this is what we’re up against from the likes of the LA Times: Desalination plants aren’t a good solution for California drought

        –the same LSM that supports the imminently stupid high speed rail that will cost the state billions and no one will ride. The metro link that was built in the LA area that was supposed to “get people out of their cars” is approximately 70% subsidized by the state. Predictions that no one would ride it were called “scaremongering.” I watch metrolink trains pass by every day 90% empty.

        A new desal plan has been proposed for Huntington Beach as well but must meet the approval of the über lefty Coastal Commision (which means the plant will never be built).

        Meanwhile, Jerry Brown is attacking homeowners’ lawns – and threatening to fine us $10,000/day for watering. This is part of his attack plan aligned with the UN’s Agenda 21 – push the population into high rise apartment buildings built around high speed rail lines to disconnect people from the land (same as what the Bolsheviks did in Russia) then declare the land “public property” and “off limits” to humans. This hard-core, leftist idiot believes (like the Bolsheviks) that he knows how to run humanity and your life better than you do.

        Make no mistake: Water will be used as a weapon against “the people,” especially us Whites.

        David Dees gets it:

        • LAGERTHA

          Wow, frightening image! I hear your frustration, and understand the gravity of the situation here in California. I was raises in SoCal, and have many wonderful memories
          of time spent in San Diego and stopping by in places like Carlsbad.

          You are definitely spot-on in your assessment of our current situation here in California. The audacity of Brown&Crew to socially engineer our existence is still unfathomable to me as a White. Though, you can see the mestizo, black, and asian people following right in suite! Whites are a huge threat to their agenda.

          We actually think for ourselves, and that is how we are going to dig our way out of this nightmare.

  • Weisheit77

    Well as I’ve pointed out time and time again since this became national news, WATER IS BIGOTED, XENOPHOBIC, AND RACIST.

  • De Doc

    Anyone with half a brain saw this one coming years ago. And now that we are there, its racist to suggest backing off on immigration as part of the solution. Many of the most popular environmental groups turned into mute edifices over this issue, because the Liberalism that helped drive their policy interests on nature preservation also drove unchecked immigration. And guess which on won out?

    • Weisheit77

      I’m pretty sure that the first prerequisite to become a leftist, loony is one has to turn in more than half their brain upon admittance to the club. Logic, mixed with loyalty, is a cold mistress.

    • Ella

      Nature always wins and will do it by force.

  • Weisheit77

    I usually clarify by stating “organized Jewry”. I don’t think you are all reading from the same playbook. But I can’t help but wondered if all the people who blurted out that’s racist, are either a)Jewish or b) repeating a mantra which was most effectively pushed by “organized Jewry”.

  • Irish

    That “Colonizers” bit it is only used by the most rabid racial Marxist..Often that kind of talk is coupled with Reconquistadors & Aztalan..As if the White people who built this country conquered a fully formed nation, as opposed to building one from scratch through blood & toil.

    • archer

      The good news, no one is believing their tripe anymore. California was once the golden state, now thanks to the huge influx of third worlder’s no one wants to live there anymore. From what I understand they’ve also made some bad choices when it comes to water retention, dismantling damns etc. for the sake of the enviro nazis and their pet fish. A lot of snow melt and rain run off goes out to sea now.

      • Ella

        How much tourism do they now lose to third world and congestion? I remember in the 70’s California was the place to live or travel!

  • AndrewInterrupted

    The same lack of immigration enforcement has lead to massive traffic jams in Mass-achusetts. The road system was designed for an anticipated LEGAL rise in births and immigration, not the Marxist, gerrymandering mess created by Chicago.

  • carriewhite64

    The fact is that California is in a drought, and their water use is not sustainable even without a drought. The fact is that higher population density puts more pressure on water supplies. The fact is that the highest growth in California population has been in immigrants. OOOPS! All of a sudden, the facts become racist rantings.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Yeah, and that rainbow is attached to a sewer drain.

  • Ella

    You mean that it is NOT ethical to charge a US family of four 20K annually for health insurance costs and then, provide illegals and legal immigrants access to Medicaid for free?????? Gee, I just was not aware of it!

  • So true. And another issue, indirectly tied to race. But, putting that aside, this country does not need more people. Yeah, more people, same rainfall. Do the math. More mouths to feed, more thirsts to quench…..Soylent Green anyone?
    (“Help! The meat in these tacos is made out of Mexicans…..!!!”)

  • Bo_Sears

    We want the same thing you have, namely a plethora of groups, conferences, and congresses with the word “white American” or “Euro-American” in the names. We want an organization like any one of the 60 Asian American groups who just brought suit in their tribal aspect against affirmative action.

    Can you show us even one white American group that could sue some agency in our own name? If we are so privileged, how is that so?

    Can you name even one Jewish American group or leader who would resist the campaign of calumny against such a group and smear the founders? We have Resisting Defamation, but that is just a barely surviving seed of an institution in the future like ADL and SPLC.

  • American Tax Payer

    “colonizers”. That’s rich. “America” was nothing but untamed and unclaimed land until The White Man came along and tamed and claimed it.

    They will never stop using the race card until white people learn to ignore it.

  • Rossbach

    “It’s too soaked with irony for the colonizers to be making this argument.” If the colonizers to which he refers are illegal aliens, then I would agree.

    Is it wrong for the survivors in a lifeboat to warn that it is sinking? Or are they just hypocrites unless they wait until after it actually sinks?