Thousands Protest Asylum Policy in Dresden

The Local, December 2, 2014

More than 7,000 opponents of Germany’s policy towards asylum seekers marched in the eastern city on Monday evening.

Five hundred police officers were deployed to control the march, which drew a counter-demonstration by around 1,000 people. Police closed off key streets to keep the groups separate and avoid potentially violent clashes.

The situation was “markedly more heated than in recent weeks,” a police spokesman told news agency dpa.

Dresden has seen successive demonstrations over what participants regard as excessive influence of Islam in Germany and Europe. Marches were called by the so-called Pegida Alliance, an abbreviation of the German for “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West”.

The issues of asylum seekers and Islam have fueled tensions in a number of cities this autumn. Numerous demonstrations took place against what participants regard as excessive influence on society by Islamic communities.

Some protests specifically targeted the Salafist branch of Islam and bids by some members to introduce aspects of Sharia law in German cities.

Forty-five people, including 44 police officers, were injured last month in Cologne during clashes with right-wing groups marching under the banner “Hooligans against Salafists”.

Growing activism against Islam has also translated into hostility towards asylum seekers in Germany, many of whom come from Islamic countries.

In a recent survey, researchers at the Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES) in Berlin found that 42 percent of respondents believed that most asylum seekers arriving in Germany were not persecuted in their homeland.


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  • dd121


  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    Maybe former German central Banker Thilo Sarrazin’s 2010 run-away best-seller “Germany Does Itself In” is waking Germans up. Excerpt from a 2010 report on the book. Quoting:

    In the book, Sarrazin says Europe’s top economy is being undermined, overwhelmed and made “more stupid” by poorly educated, fast-breeding, badly integrated and unproductive Muslim immigrants and their offspring.

    “If I want to hear the muezzin’s call to prayer, then I’ll go to the Orient,” he says, saying that allowing in millions of “guest workers” in the 1960s and 1970s was a “gigantic error.”

    • Oil Can Harry

      The German establishment in recent decades has been one of the most p.c. in Europe, so any activism of this kind is a huge step in the right direction.

      • rightrightright

        Dresden is in the East of Germany. The East escaped the debilitating infection of political correctness which has so weakened Europeans in the Western world.

  • [Guest]

    >>>…demonstrations over what participants regard as excessive influence of Islam in Germany and Europe….

    Any amount of influence of Islam in Europe (and the U.S.) is too much.

  • Mary

    The rebuilding of Dresden after being fire-bombed during World War II was a great success story. Far easier to recover from that type of catastrophe than it will the impending demographic disaster facing Germany and all of the West.

    • dmxinc

      My thoughts exactly.

      It’s interesting to see the fates of these historic “war towns.”

      Is this Islamic takeover really what the Allies had in mind during WWII.

      The consequences of killing your brothers in mass numbers during wars are looming before us.

      • Jaggers

        It’s definitely not what Churchill had in mind.

        • bilderbuster

          Churchill did as he was told.

      • Sick of it

        Turkish “guest workers” flooded Germany not too long after the war. So yes.

        • SentryattheGate

          And Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan while visiting fellow Turks in Germany in 1995 said
          “Mosques are our barracks, minarets our bayonets, domes our helmets, the believers our soldiers.” I say “Them’s fightin’ words!”

    • SentryattheGate

      Great point! By the way, my mother was one of the few survivors of the Dresden firebombing; she and her mother got on the last train out of town, headed for the American sector, with the Russian soldiers pouring in with a venegeance. She was 16.

      • Mary

        Wow, they were very lucky! I’ve read several accounts and it sounded absolutely horrific. It must have been terrifying.

    • Charles Martel

      Contrast with Haiti after the earthquake several years ago!

  • Yves Vannes

    If we had stayed out of WWII, things would have probably been for the better. The Nazi’s would have pulled back once they had won their war. A decade later they would have apologized about the Jews and today there would probably be a large jewish community in Germany and Eastern Europe. France would still be 99% white as would the low countries. The UK would be whining about German atrocities while being Germany’s #1 trading partner. The Scandinavian countries would be full of only Scandinavians and southern Europe would be paradise.

    Here in the USA, without having incurred the drain on blood and treasure that the war and our role as world policeman have forced upon us – we’d have a lunar research station, a mining operation in the asteroid belt and be terraforming Mars. We’d have coast to coast maglev trains and so much opportunity that even Al Sharpton could get a decent job earning an honest living.

    Hope the Germans save Europe. This time we promise not to interfere.

    • Sick of it

      The most likely outcome would have been a dead Hitler, an overthrow of his regime, and a German nationalist government under the regular military. Not sure whether it would have been a multinational empire, but I would assume Germany would have at least included its original territories.

    • bilderbuster

      There wouldn’t have been any apology and the other White nations would have followed Germany’s fine example.

    • LeonNJ

      Good comment, but right now the Germans are too worried about evil coal being used as energy than saving their own people.

    • JSS

      Why would the Germans have apologized about the chosenites? It’s not like they were wrong about them. It’s the koshers championing Islamic immigration into Europe today.

      • NoMosqueHere

        Which jews exactly are “championing’ islamic immigration into Europe? Very few jews live in Europe anymore. Almost all were killed by the Germans and their allies. The ones that remain are almost completely assimilated. The intermarriage rate for european jews is around 80%.

        • JSS

          Look up the names Karl Wolfgang Deutch, Jean Monnet, Altierio Spinelli and Ernst Bernard Hass. While all have died fairly recently they are considered to be the architects of the EU. Who writes EU nations immigration laws? Those men were all Jews. Pure coincidence surely. Look up groups like CEJI and the Jerwish European congress. Look at the good work being done by the council of European rabbis and European Jewish congress. Just look. Of course if your a jew yourself then I’m wasting my time.

          I know you have a few anti Islam pro immigration Jews in Europe. But that’s all smoke mirrors. The point is they are still pro immigration like our neocons. The truth is Israel exists in a Muslim swamp. They fear us more. Your comment about Hitler lamp shading all the Jews in Europe so now they don’t have any is so retarded I won’t bother with it.

        • Fr. John+

          Which Jews? Everyone in the Western Media, that’s who! They don’t have to live in a continent to wreak their terror. Satan’s minions are everywhere, but especially concentrated in Occupied Palestine.

          “Ye are of your father the Devil, and the deeds of your father, ye will do.” – Jesus Christ

    • Magician

      Nazi army also murdered a lot of white Christians simply because they said Nazi should stop the massacre. A German pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer was martyred in the hands of Nazi because he publicly reprimanded the Nazi for the senseless massacre.

  • The only time Whites in America rally in significant numbers are during pro-gay rallies.

  • RHG

    Once upon a time the counter demonstrators would have out numbered the anti-asylum demonstrators, that dynamic is starting to change.

    • Corpus_Innominata

      Thats what happened last week in Dresden. While we can’t honestly say they were all NPD supporters we can say that the PEGIDA supporters outnumbered the counter-protesters. Oh wait, I see it’s Monday again. Let’s see what happens today. 😉

  • Paleoconn

    Fitting that this takes place in a city that we criminally firebombed, while killing tens of thousands of our brothers and sisters. Germany awakens from its multicult nightmare.

    • newscomments70

      I hear you, but “we” did not fire bomb them. They were attacked by the progressive elite, at that time. Everytime i see a photo of FDR I cringe in disgust.

  • Sounds and looks like a pretty good number, particularly when in comparison to the opposing protesters.

    I have never really been a fan of street activism unless the message is sound and clear and there are guaranteed significant numbers present, i.e at least in their many hundreds or thousands.

    The message is pretty clear and the numbers are significant enough to jolt Germans / the political Germany / the press. Well done to the Germans.

  • Realist

    “More than 7,000 opponents of Germany’s policy towards asylum seekers marched in the eastern city on Monday evening.

    Five hundred police officers were deployed to control the march, which drew a counter-demonstration by around 1,000 people. Police closed off key streets to keep the groups separate and avoid potentially violent clashes.”

    More are for asylum than against, just like here…..dumb bastards.

    • Corpus_Innominata

      I depends on which city. PEGIDA was weak in the western cities. In Dresden they are strongest.

  • adplatt126

    Not enough hostility.

  • Corpus_Innominata

    Back when Thilo Sarrazin published his book Deutschland Schafft Sich Ab,
    it was the most sold book in over half a century, with almost half the population in agreement with Sarrazins positions. However, it is my belief that he could have had even better sales if he would have titled the book Islamification for Dhimmis.