Teen’s Jaw, Teeth Broken in Brutal Attack in Philadelphia

ABC 6, December 03, 2014

A 17-year-old boy had just left a friend’s house when three unknown men approached him on a narrow street. A surveillance camera captured the horrific moments that followed.


Video shows one of the suspects, seemingly out of nowhere, deliver a violent blow to the victim’s head. The teen was then punched repeatedly, before being thrown to the ground.

Seconds after hitting the street, one of the suspects lifts his leg and kicks the boy in the face.

The victim sustained a broken jaw and teeth during the attack.



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  • dd121

    Ouch! They must have been celebrating diversity and it got out of hand.

  • [Guest]

    What would happen if teens—who would not be described as “teens” by media—answered every such attack with a few “random” attacks of their own?

    • connorhus

      Eventually you would think the White Teens will get the hint and start staying together more. Of course what we could be seeing are just those who are so brainwashed they haven’t gotten the hint yet.

      • Jacobite2

        Anybody see the South African guy with the flame-thrower car? Better get your order in. The cops aren’t gonna be arresting d*rkies much longer; you’re on your own.

      • Cid Campeador

        Those kids in the park In Wisconsin (?) didn’t defend themselves from a beat down due to their fear of being perceived as racists. The education system has done a superb job of rendering our kids vulnerable through the systematic instilling of guilt in our children. They have become characters in a Franz Kafka novel.

    • Jacobite2

      It would be what we know as American history before WW II. Or, what we don’t know as American history, but in fact was.

    • US navy personnel did that in SoCal to the Mexican “zoot-suiters” during World War Two. The city cops explained that greaseritos in zoot suits all looked alike, and they couldn’t arrest them all, so navy enlisted sailors in uniform proceeded to boot some greasy heads. The original point was not lost on the white sailors, as in uniform, they all looked alike, too.

    • Cid Campeador

      I would hate to see that. I’d much rather see an attack in which the intended White victim(s) turn(s) the tables on the Black attackers and “by any means necessary”, render them incapable of ever attacking another person of any race.

  • Greek Fire

    Could this type of activity be the reason blacks are arrested more often than any other group?

    • Luca

      No, they are allowed to do this. if you resist and stand your ground you are racist.

      • DonReynolds

        A trembling defense has never worked.
        Seek out and engage the enemy.
        Is that racist too?

        • BillMillerTime

          “Racist” in the same way that calling a thug a thug is “racist,
          telling people not to loot is “racist,” and asking them to be quiet in a movie theater during the film is “racist.”

  • SolStans

    The 900 block of N. 4th St? You couldn’t pay me to live there. Generally, anything further north than Vine is a setting where you take your life (and jaw, apparently) into your own hands.

    • Luca

      When taking your life in your hands, your other hand should be full of Glock.

    • Brian Jr.

      That particular area of our fair city has seen a large amount of hipster yuppies move in over the past decade, angering the native savages. What bothers me the most about this video and the million videos just like, is the fact that these cowardly welfare recipients always go after a single white person. If this kid was walking with two friends, the blacks would have kept walking.

      • SolStans

        You’re 100% correct. The scavengers only pick off the weak and lonely.

      • barry irving

        ..hurts huh?…um, did they get his wallet?


    • Cid Campeador

      I grew up in the North Penn area AKA Swampoodle. It stretched roughly from East to West from Broad Street to 30th street and South to North from Cumberland Street to Allegheny ave, It went from a nice Italian/ Irish neighborhood to a fearsome Hell Hole.
      Is anyone old enough to remember Connie Mack Stadium AKA Shibe Park, Woodside Park and Willow Grove Park?

      • SolStans

        I only got here in ’07, so I’m not too familiar with all that history. Thanks for the historical outlook, though!

  • anony

    All Whites need to maintain a condition of constant vigilance.

    Learn systems of self protection, practice, and prepare.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      DEFCON 2 whenever two or more young black males is within 100 yards.

      • DonReynolds

        He He…..within 50 yards, take the safety off and look around for a good position.

        • Hands in pockets at 100, “click” goes the box-cutter at 50, rotating it inside the pocket so the cutting edge is near the thumb. It doesn’t matter how heavy the jackets the perps are wearing if one ducks under the first swing and goes for the inner thighs. You’ll get the femoral artery every time that way, and it doesn’t take very long at all. That’s one who won’t be going anywhere that day except the county morgue, so you are immediately short an attacker. We’re down to two at that point. If you are grabbed from behind (let’s assume a bear hug that immobilizes your arms), scrape your shoe downward along his shin and then stomp the instep of his foot. You’ll strip the thin skin right off the shin and those instep bones are little and break easily.

          This is not complicated subject matter.

          • Dascotmk

            That’s why I wear hard-soled work boots. Similarly, a soccer style pass kick to the shin causes unreal pain when done with serious force. It’s also quicker than a martial arts style kick where you cock or chamber your leg. I enjoy your posts, MSC; a lot of practical advice.

  • No situational awareness, no pepper-spray and no box-cutter, it appears.

    • none of your business

      3 is the standard black attack team. One in front, one in back and one lookout or general purpose assaulter. It is hard to defend oneself against 3 when they “come out of nowhere” It takes time to get the pepper spray out of a pocket or purse, same with a box cutter or revolver. I have known a few people who have been attacked like this. They didn’t see or hear the predators until they were cut or knocked to the ground. My son once wiped out a 3 OFE mugging team. They were behind them but he was warned in time. People at a gas station saw them rushing behind him and yelled “hey kid look out” Had he not been warned he would have had his throat slit or been stabbed before he saw them. As it was he did so well one of the witnesses who was a boxing promotor tried to recruit him to train as a boxer..

      There is also size. I always laugh at those feminazi self defense against a man classes. “Stick you keys in his eyes” A lot of women are 5ft 2 and a lot of men are 6ft2. Another thing to remember is that the OFE predators are experienced and skilled at what they do.

      • I am experienced, as well.

        “Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other.”
        –Benjamin Franklin

        Sadly, I was once very foolish.

      • DD-762


        • none of your business

          Obsolete Farm Equipment.

      • eldoradocreekskipper

        Nonetheless, I think that whites should endeavor to learn the skills of Special Forces soldiers. We also need to look out for each other. Nothing is foolproof but you can improve your chances and make yourself a costly target.

        • DonReynolds

          You ask for too much. Everyone cannot be a soldier of any kind.

          1) Make an area safe with the usual sanitation.
          2) Send the youngest half of available forces to keep the unfriendly sorts at a distance. Seek out and engage.
          3) Keep the oldest half to defend the safe area.
          4) There is no Geneva Convention.

      • DonReynolds

        They are mostly experienced with each other.
        They have little useful experience dealing with Scot-Irish rednecks.
        Such encounters are actually rare.

      • saxonsun

        All we “feminazis” need do is kick you in your nuts–and no one has to teach us that.

  • John Barleycorn

    Should of had a finger on the pedal and, one in the pipe.

  • MekongDelta69

    For the one billionth time:
    Do you see the word black (or brown) in this article?

    Nah. Me neither…

    • phillyguy

      I pretty sure the perpetrators and the victim were all Puerto Rican, judging by the neighborhood in that section of town the news reported ,no white person in his right mind liberal or conservative will be seen in that neighborhood at night or day.

    • Scott Rosen

      Yeah, who owns this blatantly anti-white media? Who refuses to tell whites about the pervasive attacks by africans on us? Who constantly riles these africans up against us? That’s right. It’s Voldemort. He who must not be named on AMREN.

      The Wandering Who. The Red Sea Pedestrians. The Tribe of Chosenites. They truly are our misfortune. Without them, these africans would be irrelevant. We constantly worry about the symptoms here, and ignore the disease.

      • Whiteplight Sees the Emperor N

        Well, if you’re going to play that card, realize that we created them as our problem.

  • dmxinc

    Hard to express the anger I had watching this video.

    Wish I could have been there.

    Any White kid that hasn’t had a thorough briefing from his parents on this reality of life is a victim of child abuse.

    The truth hurts, but a kick to the face hurts far worse.

    • DD-762

      In other words his parents should have given him “the talk”.

    • Reynardine

      We should refuse to talk about “black lives matter” until we talk about “white lives matter.”

  • Yves Vannes

    Near Temple University. Colin Flaherty has a whole chapter in his book about this neighborhood.

    • Frank_DeScushin

      That’s also the area of Philadelphia that Philly Magazine published an article about the high black crime rate. That truth, if you’ll remember, caused blacks to flip out and Mayor Nutter to call for an investigation not of the crime, but of how Philly Magazine could dear print such “racism” (i.e. the truth).

      Always remember at times like these when Obama is calling on white America to look at policing from the black perspective that when a white author called on black Philadelphia to look at crime from a white perspective the black lynch mob quickly formed to end the conversation.

      • Yves Vannes

        Wasn’t that article in reaction to the beating death of some student from Temple? I remember the story that the mayor was more interested in going after the writer of the article than in catching the murderer. Crime fighting from the black perspective: “Kill a white man – no big deal; Insult black men – we need to arrest you.”

        • Cid Campeador

          It’s unfortunate that Temple is a fine institution whose Officials decided years ago that they should stay in North Philadelphia rather than move the University to its Ambler Campus.
          I did some graduate work at Temple in the Masters program but left after the first year after a close call in the Susquehanna Ave. subway station one evening toward the end of the second semester.
          Temple would not be a choice that I would recommend to any High School graduate and only because of the danger presented to the students. During my time there in the mid 60s there was a young law student shot and killed while getting into his car and several coeds raped in the old Sullivan library. It was an old mansion on the campus and the various room in the structure were used as the “Stacks” . The Rapist a Mau Mau, would enter the library and conceal himself in one of the rooms to wait for a female student to come in for a book at which time he would restrain the girl and sexually assault her. If a male student came in he would merely pretend to be looking for a book.

          At that time, anyone could enter the campus right off the street. There were no gates nor any useful security guards, Most of them were scary as well.
          About three years ago some students were sitting on the steps of one of the houses in the area that served as dorms, when a group of Afros approached them and brandished a gun, One of the students produced his legal CC gun and shot and wounded one of the Blacks; a poetic turn of justice.

          • Yves Vannes

            Your post should be required reading for all parents considering an “urban” campus for their son or daughter.

          • Cid Campeador

            The problem is that so many more “bucolic” campuses are recruiting inner city thug athletes.

  • Magician

    We can see that from 1:03 to the end of the video clip, the attackers search the victim’s pockets…

    The victim would have been chosen randomly but the motive was not “random” or “out of nowhere” at all.

  • Jaggers

    The victim of these savages is walking very casually towards his assailants, as if to say, “hey, I’m not racist, not the least bit nervous here.” Poor SOB would have been better advised to drop the niceties and run for cover.

  • Michael Whalen

    Future Michael Browns and Trayvon Martins.

  • Roninf9

    Around blacxs never relax!

    • Magician

      My rule – Try not to be around any black male who is strong enough to attack you.

      • Cheri Rodriguez

        I was in a bank yesterday when a “youth” (black, maybe 19) cut in front of an older White guy (maybe 70). The older White guy told the “teen” to get back in line and there was an ongoing verbal altercation that eventually carried out into the parking lot 10 minutes later. I was going to tell the older guy I had his back but never got a chance. Yes, be ready to defend yourself…and other Whites as well.

        • Before I was married, I once called out a greaserito from the public library who complained to me that I was “typing too loudly”. He followed me as far as the parking lot until he figured out what was going to happen, and then ran straight back inside. “Let’s go get it done,” I suggested, but it seems he didn’t like the idea after all.

          We don’t have to be afraid of them.

      • Roninf9

        That’s right. Situational awareness is 90% of self defense. Watch that video again and it was so obvious that black thug was going to throw a punch. It was like a flashing neon sign. The fact is that kid let those goons attack him.

        People must have the attitude that everything that happens to them is their own responsibility otherwise they will never be in control of their situation and instead will be a victim.

        • Reynardine

          The sad fact is, most whites are about as situationally aware as a cardboard box, especially the more intelligent ones of the bunch. They’re off in their own la-la land fantasy worlds of peace and love and “good vibes” from “vibrant minorities.”

          I work with the engineering set, and they’re most definitely the most blind of the whites. One of my friends moved into an apartment behind a grocery store because it was “so cheap!” He ended up moving within a few months because the hispanics and blacks in the neighborhood would constantly eye him like a piece of meat. I hope it woke him up a little.

        • I learned situational awareness backwards and forwards. Birds flying off a grove of trees meant the Chetniks were moving. A glint or flash in low sun meant I might have been seen. Cigarette butts or the smell of human urine meant they had spent some minutes in the area, which meant land mines.

          The whole point to SA is that it must be all the time.

          • Roninf9

            Chetniks were some tough hombres. You fought in Yugoslavia during WWII?

  • eldoradocreekskipper
    • Scott Rosen

      That actually looked like an accident.

      • Apparently the driver had some sort of medical emergency behind the wheel. As little as I like Denver, this one does not seem to have been deliberate.

  • Magician

    In the same page I clicked on the link where it read



    I looked up for the victim named Aisha Abdur-Rahma and the victim is a muslim girl.

    Stupidity ruin people’s lives… if he at least kept himself from committing any fatal or felony

    Those two men would have been able to enjoy the greatest life a man can experience, while getting paid millions by NFL teams and dating cream of the crop women

  • MartelsGhost

    Let me guess…”it was a random attack”…….the White kid was “in the wrong place at the wrong time”…………………………or some such other lie to cover up the fact that black savages attacked another White person for no other reason than the color of his skin?

    The War when it comes will be brutal and swift, nothing about our retaliation will be “random” however and it will be shown that the entire black race is in the wrong place at the wrong time, I mean the rest of us moved on from our stone-age beginnings. They are an entire race of primitives who should never have been brought out of the sub-saharan area.

  • RacialRay

    Never once in my life have I seen a black engage in a fair fight. Its overwhelming numerical superiority or its cut and run.

    It would seem that they shy away from pain.

    • alex

      “Its overwhelming numerical superiority or its cut and run.”

      It’s efficient. It gets the job done.
      We don’t condemn lions, hyenas and wolves for underhanded tactics when they kill zebras, gazelles and deer.

    • eldoradocreekskipper

      You hit the nail on the head! They have less pain tolerance than whites or Asians. They also sink like rocks when they are in the water.

    • anony

      In the kind of war we find ourselves, there is no such thing as a “fair fight”. That’s for sports. The object is to obliterate the enemy.

    • badlass

      Just between you and me, I’m a small, blond, acrytic nailed, high heeled, business suit wearing banchee who looks like a cream puff. There is not room here for me to tell you how many times blacks and browns have underestimated the outer packages and found the unafraid, crazy white girl underneath.

      It all started at 9 yrs old and a group of about 10 or 12 had me surrounded in a circle. Made me so mad and I got so furious that not one of them had the guts to step into their own circle and actually tangle with me. They scattered like cockroaches when my older sister came running around a corner about 2 blocks away.

      I believe this story fits both of your scenarios – overwhelming numerical superior and cut and run when the odds went from 10:1 to 10:2.

      I call them cowards and they do not scare me.

      Nice talking with you:-)

      • RacialRay

        You earned your moniker. Good on yer, badlass. We could use a few more badlasses in these trying times.

  • DonReynolds

    The sins they commit two by two, they must pay for….one by one.
    Every white victim of senseless violence by black savages, whether they survive or not, has friends and relatives that wildly outnumber the attackers.
    One of these days, the feral street thugs will attack the wrong kid or the wrong woman and then it will begin and there will be no end to it.

    • anony

      by Rudyard Kipling

      It was not part of their blood,
      It came to them very late,
      With long arrears to make good,
      When the Saxon began to hate.

      They were not easily moved,
      They were icy — willing to wait
      Till every count should be proved,
      Ere the Saxon began to hate.

      Their voices were even and low.
      Their eyes were level and straight.
      There was neither sign nor show
      When the Saxon began to hate.

      It was not preached to the crowd.
      It was not taught by the state.
      No man spoke it aloud
      When the Saxon began to hate.

      It was not suddently bred.
      It will not swiftly abate.
      Through the chilled years ahead,
      When Time shall count from the date
      That the Saxon began to hate.

  • DonReynolds

    Forget scuffling.
    A box of matches costs about a dime and includes 32 matches.
    Gasoline is getting cheaper by the day.
    Get extra gasoline cans in the 5 gallon size. Easy to carry.

  • Paleoconn

    This kid is a victim of his parents’ anti-racist teaching. If the vic was older, I’d say another liberal gets what he deserves, but I feel for this teen who may not have know better.

    Finally, what cowards these animals are ganging up three to one.

  • Evette Coutier

    It’s open season on whites. The MSM supports this and so does our government. This is the reason why the Italian mafia started. Government became so corrupt that they had to for the organization for self defense. It’s also how the Klan got started. By being corrupt government is causing underground organizations to crop up. Things are going to get ugly in America, far worse then they are now. Protect yourselves.

  • JohnEngelman

    They accuse us of being racists for avoiding them.

    • anony

      And I am racist, and racism is a most natural state of mind. My belief is that all people are racist. Those who say they are not are not being truthful.

      How is it possible to not “see” the differences among the different races of people?

  • JohnEngelman

    Avoid the approach of young black men you do not know. Do not worry about hurting their feelings. Worry about being killed.

  • Robbie Cheney

    Hoping the negroes receive ‘immediate justice’ with their families served with bills for their extermination and carcass disposal. Hoping local news crews go along with the police who serve the bills to record the true nature of the ‘african in america’.

  • anony

    Get some powerful pepper spray also; I like Bearguard.

  • mike j

    From the video, I’m unable to discern the race of either attackers or victim. They’re all just dark shapes. Needless to say, the story says nothing about race.

  • Roninf9

    It hard to tell for certain but it looks like the victim was using a cell phone. It also looked like he came to a complete stop to interact with the approaching black thug. Big mistake. The kid was waylaid and waltzed right into it. I hope he learned a lesson because he paid a high cost.

  • Roninf9

    The primary architects don’t consider themselves white. To learn who they are just find out who you are not allowed to criticize.