Ukip Hit ‘Unacceptable Low’ with Rotherham Child Abuse Poster Campaign

Ewan Palmer, International Business Times, October 27, 2014

Ukip have been accused of exploiting the trauma felt by victims of the Rotherham child sex abusescandal to help their campaign in winning an upcoming police commissioner election.

The party is running neck and neck with Labour in the vote to decide who will become the next South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner.

The election was called following the resignation of Shaun Wright, the former head of child services in Rotherham from 2005 to 2010, who finally stepped down following a damming report detailing how 1,400 children were abused in the town for years.

As part of Ukip’s campaign for its candidate Jack Clarkson to win its first police crime commissioner post, the party unveiled its new “hard hitting” ‘1400 reasons to vote’ poster campaignin Rotherham.


The posters, which will be displayed across South Yorkshire until the PCC election on 30 October, accuses Labour of failing the victims of the child sex abuse scandal in the area and suggests there are “1,400 reasons why you should not trust Labour again”.

Speaking at the unveiling of the campaign, Clarkson said: “It is a sad fact that the people have been let down by the Labour Party across South Yorkshire. Politicians, both at the town halls and in uniform for years were more worried about fashionable ideas than about protecting our young in their own towns and streets”.

However, the campaign has been criticised as “despicable” by members of the Labour party.

Simon Danczuk, the Labour MP for Rochdale, said: “Ukip are clearly more interested in trying to use victims’ suffering to win votes than in coming up with solutions. They have never contributed to discussions in terms of child sex abuse. They have decided to create a bandwagon which they are now jumping on.”

The shadow justice minister, Dan Jarvis, a South Yorkshire MP, added: “The cynical and deliberate exploitation of victims by Ukip in this poster marks a new and unacceptable low in their recentcampaign activity.”

Ukip defended the posters saying they are merely reflecting the “absolute rage” residents of Rotherham are feeling following the child sex abuse scandal.

Ukip candidate for Rotherham, Jane Collins, added: “These posters are certainly hard hitting, but they bring home a simple truth, a truth that is spoken in far harsher terms than this in the shops, bars, and clubs across the region.

“You just cannot trust Labour to do its duty. Jack Clarkson will be a force to be reckoned with in bringing the communities together and rebuilding the trust so desperately needed between our police and our citizens”.

Ukip’s leader Nigel Farage previously accused the left wing of being more outraged at former Radio1 DJ Mike Read’s Ukip Calypso than they were over the Rotherham sex scandal.

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  • Frank_DeScushin

    So covering up Muslims systematically raping English girls is perfectly acceptable to Labour, but UKIP pointing out that Labour allowed Muslims to systematically rape English girls is beyond the pale to Labour? Yep, that pretty much sums it up. Labour in the UK, Democrats in the US, and Liberals in general care far more about their own power and the feelings of minorities than they do the actual pain and anguish of the native whites they are supposed to represent.

    • John

      Sweet Jesus, did you ever take the words right out of my mouth. Thank you.

    • Franklin_Ryckaert

      Yes, that about sums up the “moral values” of Liberals, and if you point at it they even pretend to be “morally outraged”. Absolutely despicable people!

    • Whiteplight sees the Emperor N

      It’s worse than that; liberals promote a libertine society. For example, in my area, women and even female children dress like pole dancers in public. Portland, OR has an event every year, called “The Naked Bike Ride.” Yep, people get on bikes naked and ride a circuit through Portland neighborhoods. The Women’s Shelter decries the amount of sex grooming and recruiting that goes on here, yet, they fail to recognize that the very culture that they promote actually attracts (and maybe even creates) predators.

  • There’s a partisan angle that jumps out at me here. Until now, UKIP mainly targeted and got disaffected Tory voters. Now at least with this one election, they’re going head to head with Labour.

    • Sick of it

      Technically all they have to do is take over the Tory base. Everything else is icing on the cake. Obviously the Tories are as unconservative and anti-British as the Labour Party.

      • Franklin_Ryckaert

        Well, they could find a huge power base in the disenchanted white working class, those who are affected by the “blessings” of diversity most.

        • Sick of it

          Very true, I’m just pointing out that the Tory leadership has 100% betrayed their base and their base is the one most likely to support a group like UKIP. People across the board are against immigration. We’ve certainly seen that here in America.

      • watling

        Tory appeal is low in the Labour heartlands, where mass welfare dependency has created a loyal client voter base for the overtax, overborrow and overspend party. Effectively, the Labour voters are welfare junkies for whom going cold turkey is not an option.

    • propagandaoftruth

      However, the campaign has been criticised as “despicable” by members of the Labour party.
      Translation for “despicable” – “effective”. HA HA!

      UKIP has the potential to destroy Labour. Conservatives too.

      • me

        In the madness of the current zeitgeist, telling the truth is ‘despicable’. I hope these swine all catch ebola.

  • MekongDelta69

    Truth ticks off socialists to no end.

    They’d rather have everybody DIE, than ‘offend’ their favorite ‘oppressed groups of the month.’

  • B.A_2014

    I don’t like the poster to be honest. It’s hard to look at. It might backfire.

    • Chris Granzow XI

      I don’t like what happened, but I think it’s a point that needs to be driven home. The girl on the poster was a real victim, too. Now people can put a real face with the horrific stories they’ve been reading. The labor party and liberals should be forced to look at a face like that and realize that they are the ones responsible for her pain. They strongly believe in their own moral superiority, yet ignore all of the innocent white people whose lives they’ve ruined. Something like this is needed to show them all of the harm they’ve caused. It needs to be brought to the light.

    • me

      I think that poster is too tame. They should have gone full assault on this issue alone.

  • TruthBeTold

    Ukip have been accused of exploiting the trauma felt by victims of the Rotherham child sex

    They should check out our American south-west and see how our government and the media exploit criminal aliens as ‘victims’ of racism and hate.

  • superlloyd

    The BNP and UKIP are the only parties with the honesty to call out theses despicable racist muslim abusers. The mainstream parties buried their heads in the sand and tried to sweep these appalling revelations under the carpet in the fear of being called racist for stating the objective facts of the matter.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    NYT columnist Ross Douthat had a very good column on Rotherham (analyzed by Steve Sailer). Among the takeaway quotes:

    “Show me what a culture values, prizes, puts on a pedestal, and I’ll tell you who is likely to get away with rape.”

    In white Western countries, the culture “values, prizes, puts on a pedestal” above all else “diversity,” non-whites — their culture, their genes — everything about them. That is why for Pakistani savages in Rotherham, raping 1400 young white girls was child’s play (forgive the pun).

  • Guest

    Go ahead, ask him if he CARES.

  • Julius Caesar

    Does this look like the face of a man who cares what leftist pansies have to say?

    • jane johnson

      I once had an Airedale named Nigel. Same smile, and definitely did not care what ANYONE thought. We need a USIP!

  • Luca

    Feigning outrage is a specialty tactic that the Left likes to drag out when they are desperately wrong or are responsible for a monumental scandal.

  • “You just cannot trust Labour to do its duty.”


    In one sentence you have the problem with liberal/progressives/Marxists worldwide. Raped children, murdered children bussed children, brainwashed children, sexually confused transgendered children–children are viewed by lefties as sacrifices, just as the Aztecs took children and cut their hearts out in sacrificial rituals.

    The modern sacrificial ritual is diversity training, forced integration, etc. Doing their duty to protect childhood innocence is beyond liberals. They can’t be trusted. For children to have a future, liberalism must be destroyed.

  • John Smith

    Name just one african, m eastern, or asian country that would tolerate a tiny group of white men to terrorize their women like this FOR YEARS, while their media, law enforcement and politicians fall all over themselves denying the racial aspect of the atrocities.

    In this regard, I had to do it, but I must commend non-whites for being light years ahead of us.

    • Luca

      The credit is due to their Liberal enablers in politics and the media.

      • newscomments70

        Liberal enablers should not be allowed to walk away from what they’ve done.

      • John Smith

        Focus on the forest, not just liberal trees. It is something else more encompassing than a liberal thing.

        ALL of our problems/issues fall under the umbrella of control of the anti-white media cabal.

        It is the most destructive force our people face today – even more destructive than the stories they slant coverage on or worse, black out from the masses of white lemmings.

    • watling

      Political correctness has yet to take a hold in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. There they dare to call a spade a spade, and it’s the liberals (if any) who have to sit back and take it.


    “The cynical and deliberate exploitation of victims by Ukip in this poster marks a new and unacceptable low in their recent campaign activity.” <- Wow! What Stones They Have! )

    Reminding the people of Britain about the cynical and deliberate exploitation of little kids turned into sex slaves, is "UNACCEPTABLE" to Britain's liberal labor party. However, the CYNICAL and DELIBERATE exploitation of little kids who were turned into sex slaves to be raped over, and over, and over again? Well hey, as long as the children who are being raped are White children, and the EVIL child raping DEMONS doing the raping are Muslim Immigrants. That, is absolutely 100% ACCEPTABLE by Britain's liberal Labor party. Or at least until people find out that they ( Liberal/Labor ) were standing by, and even worse. Were actually assisting these child raping DEMONS by punishing the very victims themselves, the children, when they sought help. Then all of a sudden Muslim Immigrants raping British children is "unacceptable"!

    • newscomments70

      Well I heard on Fox news that most Muslims are law-abiding, hard-working folks that just want to make a better life for their familes. Its only a very small percentage that commit awful crimes. I also heard on BBC program that gangs of psychotic white men go around the UK raping Muslim girls. He couldn’t cite any examples, but it must be true. How could the BBC lie?

      • me

        Because the BBC is full of child rapists as well….

        • newscomments70

          I saw an article about that on the BNP website. There was a pedophile scandal/cover-up in the BBC. I have mentioned that before in BBC comments sections. They hate me and promptly delete me. I HATE the BBC equally.

      • Sick of it

        “How could the BBC lie?”

        Easy – Their news presenters open their mouths.

        • newscomments70

          well it’s up to us to send them hate mail laced with facts and statistics.

  • Jaggers

    Let’s see, liberals are up in arms about the poster. Guess that means they know it’s… EFFECTIVE.


      Yup! It’s just too bad they couldn’t have been “up in arms” about the whole, you know, systematic RAPE of Britain’s children over and over and over again thing. But hey, at least the labor party, you know, the people who deliberately covered it up for years and years. Weren’t forced to endure the horrendous cruelty of being called racist though, you know? I mean after all, that’s what’s truly important here, right? Plus, I’m sure the children who were raped every day of their lives for years and years on end, will totally understand. However, if they don’t. That will just show their lack of empathy and failure to understand the life long misery, heart ache and utter pain. That unbearably haunts those subjected to the cruelty of being called a racist.

    • Ike Eichenberg

      If you want to offend a leftist, tell them the truth.

  • newscomments70

    It seems as though liberals want white children to be raped by Africans. Liberal politicians need to be brought to justice. It’s not enough to simply vote against them. Liberal politicians / judges are accessories, to murder, rape and white genocide.

    • Sick of it

      They also steal everything that isn’t nailed down and yet do not lose “their” precious property to pay any of it back.

    • They want *YOUR* children raped, but not their own.

      • newscomments70

        The looniest ones even sacrifice their own children; that’s not common though.

  • It was completely acceptable for Labor to hid the truth about years of rapes of minor girls, but not OK for UKIP to criticize the Pakistani rapists’ enablers for having allowed it to continue? Perhaps Justice Minister Dan Jarvis needs a long, thorough raping; I wonder if he would be so blase about rape, afterword. “Cynical”, indeed!

  • WR_the_realist

    UKIP tells the truth, Labour squeals like a pig, the only pig that Muslims love. I hope the Brits have enough sense to replace every Labour politician with a UKIP politician, if they can’t quite pull the lever for the BNP.

  • Sick of it

    If they REALLY wanted to be despicable, they could go over the crime statistics regarding homosexuals and child rape. And then point folks to LGBT Labour.

  • Chris Granzow XI

    When liberals criticize conservatives, it’s no holds barred: they can say whatever they want no matter how ridiculous or how “low” it is. But then when conservatives find real problems that are the result of liberal policies and confront liberals about it, then all of the sudden it becomes a “low blow.” Give me a break. If you want to tell conservatives they’re evil, racist, white supremacist Hitler-reincarnates because they want to limit immigration–then bringing up the fact that labor policies resulted in the rape of hundreds of young girls isn’t out of bounds in the slightest sense. I even wish UKIP would’ve made that point sooner.

  • IKUredux

    The Labour Party in England, is even more despicable than the Democrats.Yeah, I know, quite an “accomplishment”. You see, it doesn’t matter who you vote for: they are all slithery, slimy liars. I mean vote, definitely vote. Just pick your own means.

  • Fall and Decline of Man

    Britain will continue its steep decline unless there is a reaction-revolution

  • M&S

    I actually agree that the ‘Fad of Bad’ is a transient thing and if you don’t have wider views, you tend to be elected on a focus point which dates itself with the years in office you may face and the far less black and white issues that need a moderated response.
    That said-
    Simon Danczuk, the Labour MP for Rochdale, said: “Ukip are clearly more interested in trying to use victims’ suffering to win votes than in coming up with solutions. They have never contributed to discussions in terms of child sex abuse. They have decided to create a bandwagon which they are now jumping on.”
    See, this is not about ‘discussions in terms of’, this is about once bitten, never again to trust.
    And that is where Labor derails itself (as other leftist entities do in Denmark, Norway and Sweden) because you _have to_ have the stones to call a spade a spade. If ONE group, recently arrived, is causing all the problems, then it’s time to stop pretending that race is a social construct when it’s clear that the ethnic/racial group -created- the social-cultural condition by which such activities are permitted.
    Something that could easily be yay/nay proven by visits to the home countries of these groups and discussions about what Koran, Sirra and Hadith have to say about women who are not protected by their adult male relatives and/or are ‘fields to be plowed and planted’ because they are Kaffir.
    None of which, Labor has done because it would truly spike the ball in UKIPs favor.
    Which brings us to the real truth: Unfortunately, this is not something that a Police Commissioner can do more than take an indirect hand in with things like profiling, no-go isolation zones and more active patrolling in high threat areas. All of which are treating the symptoms, not the sickness.
    If Britain wants to survive as a European Nation (Nascere`, Latin ‘to be born’, blood not dirt), it has to begin, _right now_, the repatriation of non Europeans from it’s soil. Including those who are nominally innocent of anything but a viciously high TFR and shorter generational interval.
    If they do not, just on the people they have already within their borders, England will be subsumed by the invading culture, like a viral mass gone contagion, and the UK will be a Sharia state within 50 years, regardless.
    These people have literally set themselves up in a scenario where Hitler’s ‘To The East!’ solution is the only practical method for our culture base and genetics to survive.
    It is a crying shame that nobody saw /that/ coming…

  • Max

    Displaying factual data contrary to the liberal mission of diversity is “exploiting”.
    What a sickening bunch of whites who SHOULD be displaced.

  • DiversityIsDeath

    “Simon Danczuk, the Labour MP for Rochdale, said: “Ukip are clearly more
    interested in trying to use victims’ suffering to win votes than in
    coming up with solutions. They have never contributed to discussions in
    terms of child sex abuse. They have decided to create a bandwagon which
    they are now jumping on.”’ [QUOTE]

    That’s a lie. UKIP did offer solutions, and did contribute to discussions on child sex abuse. Labour just didn’t LIKE what UKIP had to say about the issue. Labour reacted like they always do– running and screaming about racism. So they cannot now say that UKIP wasn’t aware and didn’t offer solutions about this very problem. UKIP has every reason now to exploit this issue for all it’s worth, and to highlight Labour’s failure to take action with this Muslim-on-White child abuse sex scandal.

  • Bill_der_Berg

    “They have never contributed to discussions in terms of child sex abuse”.

    When Nick Griffin of the BNP spoke about the scandalous situation, his words were used in evidence against him when he was prosecuted for ‘inciting racial hatred’.

  • LaughsAtHumans

    If it was Native Brits doing it, you’d never hear the end of it.

    But it’s Pakistanis doing it, so it must be swept under the rug.

    “Reverse racism”, ftw.

  • TK

    Funny—I thought raping children was unacceptably low.

  • RandomChaos111

    ahaha UKIP hit a new low not Labours. I see the truth now.